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Is ZSnes good? Me and my wife were thinking about downloading it so we could play SNES (pronounced "sness") games, such as Shaq Fu, on our LCD TV.

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You should buy ZSnes instead, and support the industry.

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quality memes

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apparently since they went opensource the latest version of zsnes is not that bad. who knew

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ZNES is okay.
But if you want to play classic NES games like Double Dragon or Ultimate Stuntman you should download NESticles.

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Just get the Retron 5

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>(pronounced "sness")

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Tbh I literally hate people who pronounce s-n-e-s as "snehz" irl.

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You should get ZMZ, which uses zSNES' superior UI but SNES9x' emulation engine.

If you plan to play loadse romhacks and/or translations, ZSNES is your only real choice, though.

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I don't give a shit what do mortals think about my godlike pronunciation.

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it's pronounced 'ess ness'

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>me and the wife
Of all the memes we'd create, I suppose this was to be expected from a bunch of old nerds.

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zsnes is the worst snes emulator still in use.
get snes9x or higan.
also read the sticky next time

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You're not supposed to say 'sness'? Everyone I know says sness.

Is this some 4chan autism thing where you have to spell everything out like how /g/ says G.U.I. instead of gooey?

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That's how it's pronounced m80.

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No its not, fuck off. That sounds childish. Computers are serious business. If a researcher where I work said "gooey" he'd probably be fired. It's a pronunciation used exclusively by manchild IT workers

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>phonetically pronouncing acronyms less than 5 letters long

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I've heard 'gooey' in academia and the industry. It's used pretty often by old guys who have been dealing with computers for a while, just not so much by "self-taught" 20-something autist neckbears. If you've seriously never heard it from a "researcher" where you work, you're probably from some backwards shithole that wasn't participating in the computer industry while that pronunciation was popular.

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lol everyone I have ever met pronounces it snez and the previous console nez

>look at me, I'm a yank I say soooper nnn eee eeessss in my drawling retard voice

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>appeal to seniority

Old people can be wrong too, and if they pronounce it "gooey" they are

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You retards it's pronounced "gwee"

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All major emulators (ZSNES, snex9x, RetroArch) are fine these days and have close to 100% compatibility.

For a good TV gaming experience, get a Raspberry Pi 2 and USB Bluetooth dongle and use RetroPie, or get an Ouya. Two PS4 controllers will work best with either of those. nVidia ShieldTV is also good.

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Anon this is a joke thread don't respond to it seriously

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That's stupid. You're stupid. You're supposed to learn to pronounce words from the previous generation. When someone spells out an acronym in real life, I generally assume that it's because they've only ever seen it before on the internet and they've never heard it in real life. Get an education.

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How would you pronounce "UI"?

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you eye

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But you add the g and it becomes "gooey" ? Seems illogical

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Ding ding ding! Acronym pronunciation isn't consistent. This is a feature of spoken language, which you'd use more if you left the house.

If you can't say 'you eye' and 'gooey' because it ruffles your autism, that kind of proves my point.

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Gooey has never been a mutually agreed on pronunciation, people going back to the inception of the term have refused to subscribe to that silly pronunciation. It's never been unanimous, stop acting like it is and your opinion somehow has weight because the people YOU know use the term

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>autism meme

You can't have an actual discussion in this website can you?

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You should know that by now. This place is a lost cause, I only come here to take the possible and not ruin actually good websites I go to for good discussion and community

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>the meme meme

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*take the piss

Why the fuck does this stupid phone correct piss spelled right to fucking possible

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Someone say meme

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Hey. The people I know are great. The people you know are shit. Given the penetration of obsessive fucks in the computer industry, it's not surprising that there have always been people with the compulsion to spell out every three letter acronym when it's easier and they'd still be well understood if they didn't.

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I'm glad I'm enough of a pleb to not see the problem with old games on my LCD tv.

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>all those waterfall and fire heat effects LCD and emufags will never see

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ZSNES crashed on me on several occasions so I can't really recommend unless they changed it since 2009

higan or snes9x is the way to go

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I almost fell time

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Oh boy here comes the retard squad.

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It's obvious OP just wanted to make a "How do you pronounce "SNES""? thread.

I pronounce it "Sness" but "Super Nintendo" is the official abbreviation. I know a lot of people who say "S. NES" or "S.N.E.S."

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why are the old simpsons episodes so great?

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>All major emulators (ZSNES, snex9x, RetroArch) are fine these days and have close to 100% compatibility.

You have no idea what you're talking about.

1.) zsnes has the lowest compatibility of all mainstream SNES emulators. Some games that use special chips will crash. There was a point when zsnes played a lot more games than it does now, but that's because it included game-specific hacks that made those games run in the first place. Those hacks have been dropped from recent versions, so now the compatibility is shit.

2.) RetroArch is not an emulator and never was. It's a front-end that loads third-party emulation cores, such as zsnes or snes9x. It's completely superfluous since those emulators already have their own GUIs, and it's reputedly very unstable.

snes9x is probably the most common choice for moderate to low-end PCs, but some people also use SNESGT. Both of these include game-specific hacks to achieve decent compatibility, as far as I know. That's perfectly fine if your PC is stressed for resources.

bsnes / higan aims for cycle accuracy, assuming you have a powerful enough CPU to handle it.

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>Implying the people who fucking created the graphical user interface didn't call it that because it made for a fun acronym

The other candidate for its name was Windows Icons Menus & Pointers

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I had a teacher once who said earl instead of url

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Ess Enn Eee Ess.

>> No.2552015

Windows was not even close to being the first GUI OS, so I somehow doubt that.

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Everytime I see "me and my wife" on here I immediately think the poster's joking.

Thanks retron.

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"User Interface"

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Come on man, at least try.

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OP, it's pronounced zed-en-e-ess

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"Super Nintendo Entertainment System" You Fucking Retard! S.N.E.S. is what we adults called it in our youth because it was a mouthful. Now nintendo comes out with stupid as fuck names ie: Wii, for simple minded retards like you and your wife. Morons

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Really? 9x felt like shit to me back in the 2000s and it couldn't even run half the roms I found, while ZSnes felt fine and would run roms that 9x would refuse to run properly or at all.

Did 9x just become good over time?

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>or get an Ouya

>> No.2552204

>It's completely superfluous since those emulators already have their own GUIs

Yeah because being forced to store ROMs in an arcane library format in higan or having Snes9x forcibly associate itself with every known SNES ROM extension sure is something everyone wants to deal with

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YYYYESSSSS!!!! ZSNES is the bomb!

My husband and I run it on our Floptron^TM, which handles even an awesome, detailed first grade emulators like ZSNES and RAINE without a hitch, thanks to its lightning fast dual 300 megahertz CPUs built on cutting edge Cyrix technology!

We've use it to play everything together in our living room, den, even our bathroom! It saves us money by being able to use old stock of CDi gamepads. It works with every monitor type, LCD, CRT and plasma! I recomend getting a 27 inch plasma screen for it, the 640x480 resolution is epically well matched for retro games! The whole setup is amazing, side by side, all cozy together in the armchair or hottub. FAR better than being all alone hunched over at some keyboard, UGH!

Of course the emulator isn't that big a deal, I mean, between the Geode and Coldfire chips, the real question is, what could such a beast NOT handle?

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ZSNES is a broken piece of shit

Some hax only work on that because the devs are incompetent and were only hacking for the piece of shit that is ZSNES.

They should have made the hax universal and preferably work with actual hardware which then is attempted to be emulated by ANY snes emulator

Not to mention that on a real man's OS which is amd64 there is no ZSNES because that shit is x86. (There are some roundabout, but easy ways to run it natively as long as you don't mind adding a bunch of bloated libs into your setup)

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You mean niche forums?
Any bigger forum/board is filled with shitposters.

>> No.2552278

>in the 2000s

What year, exactly? A decade is a long time.

Last time I checked up on snes9x was maybe 2010. At that time, the games I tested worked fine, including major offenders like ActRaiser 2 and Kirby's Dream Land 3. zsnes still crashes with multiple titles.

Regardless, I don't personally care for snes9x myself, even though I don't mind recommending it. I've been using SNESGT for the last few years. It seems to be the lightest SNES emulator that still has good compatibility, including Kirby's Dream Land 3 and ActRaiser 2.

The latest (and probably last) English version of GT is here: http://gigo.retrogames.com/bbs/c-board.cgi?cmd=one;no=2205;id=

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> Implying no one called windows "windows" before Microsoft
It was the Xerox people who created both the GUI and WIMP acronyms. Are you really surprised to discover Bill stole that too?

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Can't remember, but I guess it was a pretty long time ago.

I suppose I've just grown attached to the ZSnes, the blue/purple pixely interface, the easy to access and use save states, the relatively easy cheat tools, the rewind and fast forward features.
It's very rarely crashed for me.

What is it with ZSnes that makes it bad today?

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How do you say NASA?

>> No.2552419

>What is it with ZSnes that makes it bad today?

It doesn't work.

Play Kirby's Dream Land 3 and go to any stage where you can enter the water. Layering issues won't actually let you submerge Kirby, and if you try enough, the emulator will just crash. Other games have their own issues.

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The wife was created just as a response to the Retron5-posting.
Please don't use it non- responsivly making the meme spread and turning /vr/ into /v/ 2.0.

>> No.2552432

NSA. implying they're not the same organization

>> No.2552434

Yes I mean niche forums

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>I call it en (as in z"n"es) - ayy (as in ay lmao) - ess (as in zne"s") - ayy (see first ayy)

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I hate M$ as much as the next guy but you can't say some one stole something as broad as the general concept of a graphical user environment that uses natural analogies to real life desktop items.

Also I think he was just taking the piss

>> No.2552441

that's because it's obvious they are

>> No.2552442

Super Ehniess

Only way to say it witthout sounding retarded

>> No.2552446

Any ass?

>> No.2552450


Sounds like an organ

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That floptron thing looks badass, but its LCD panel doesn't seem as satisfying as the old Amiga disk copying programs. Only thing missing was some Xmas music and falling snow flakes. Maybe in a future release...

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This was made just for faggots like OP who suffer from emulation software nostalgia.

>> No.2552516

But, that's the whole point of a retro system with x86 and motorola CPUs!

That, and running the two CPUs together, to re-spark the magic of the commodore 128, the Saturn, and especially the Jaguar!

>> No.2552608

Ha ha, nice try. Obvious troll is obvious.

1/10, made me reply. Also, sage.

>> No.2552617

bump cuz ur a faget :^)

I always just said Super Nintendo and Enn Eee Ess

>> No.2552628

That you for your clarification Mr. Trump

>> No.2552641

It is G.U.I
fuck gooey

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>Did 9x just become good over time?

Pretty much, yeah.

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GUI is for faggets
TUI is much superior

Even google has lots to learn. Their shit should look more like this, and work in Lynx:
[x] je ne suis pas un fagget
Choisir all cafe:
[x] cafe
[ ] not cafe
[ ] dogs everywhere
[ ] something else totally

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Never played that. Seems like they shouls fix it if it's a problem.

What other games have issues?

>> No.2552780

It was actually the Steves that stole the concept (and the mouse) directly from the Xerox people. Then Bill stole it from them. This is no exaggeration.

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nah, our space-spies are NROL, and they have their own space program, and when they don't, they just use the air force's.

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it's inaccurate, among other things. ust compare the triforce in the LoZ:ALttP intro between zsnes and real hardware (or a more accurate emulator)

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"My wife and I"

I'm sorry.

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Get either SNES9X, or SNES9x-next in retroarch. ZNES has very bad audio emulation. If you like the GUI though, there's a build that replaces the engine with an SNES9x retroarch core.

>> No.2554034

That seems like kind of a small thing, but ok.
I already have ALttP on the GBA so I don't really feel the need to emulate the original, as I feel the port is slightly better.

>> No.2554091

>If you like the GUI though, there's a build that replaces the engine with an SNES9x retroarch core.

>> No.2554119

>You can't have an actual discussion in this website can you?

This anon is probably long gone, but there was nothing to discuss apart from people being nitpicky about the usage of an acronym and a bunch of "I'm awesome and everything I say is right, and if you disagree you're wrong, you faggot manchild." just like the rest of 4chan.

>> No.2554129

I'm impressed so many people fell for your textbook obvious trolling styles. it was like watching a guy pitching a slow ball. nice

>> No.2554170

>Me and my wife
>Shaq Fu
how is this not obviously a troll?

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get coinOPS installed on an xbox original, then u get all snes games, all nes, thousands of arcade games and more

>> No.2554276

Yeah it all ads up to troll. Individually most of those can be legit though. I sometimes used zsnes back when I still had a 32-bit machine (which was only a couple years ago). Also there's plenty of dudes with LCD TVs and/or wives.

>> No.2554282

Why not just get Bizhawk and be done with it?

>> No.2554332

Same here.. been using ZSNES (pronounced as each letter at a time) since I started emulating in the early 2000's... only a month ago did I switch to SNES9x.

>> No.2554349


Now shut down this cancerous thread.

>> No.2554361

I just call it "see sness" or "zeta sness" depending on the language.

As I get there's supposed to be some flaws with ZSnes as a software though, why haven't the devs fixed them?

>> No.2554406

>Seems like they shouls fix it if it's a problem.

ZSNES hasn't been updated since 2007.

If you want the ZSNES interface, that's fine, but at least have the decency and common sense to use ZMZ instead.

>> No.2554415

>these people exist

Do you call the psp, "this is my pisspah!"

It's an acronym not a word you fucking autist.

>> No.2554501

"Acronym" used to mean, specifically, "a PRONOUNCEABLE word formed by the beginning letters or pieces of multiple words" (like "SNES"). An initialism was the same thing except it didn't form a pronounceable word (example: "PSP"). Ironically, people like you are what led to the words losing their specific meanings and become interchangeable, so remember--you brought this impotent rage on yourself.

>> No.2554697

better buy winrar

>> No.2554701

CTRL+F "re-tron" -> nothing

I don't see one in any of the images either.

Spotless troll free status confirmed!

>> No.2554783

>WinRAR purchase certificate
Now that was a good LGR episode.

>> No.2554835

I guess people forgets that /vr/ i still on 4chan

>> No.2554851

Hmm I think you might be on to something...

>> No.2556597

I'm not familiar with ZMZ.
What is it, a better emulator with the same interface and features?

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>there are people who actually paid money for winrar

>> No.2556732

Is it Gif or Jif? Is it Jay Peg or Jay Pee Gee?
These are important questions.

>> No.2556765

Gif. The other sounds too much like yiff and nobody wants that.

>> No.2557597

>Only way to say it witthout sounding retarded
>Super Nintendo

>> No.2558214

Gif, hard G.
>b-but the c-creator says..
He's a tool and he doesn't get to dictate what acronym modern society uses for his outdated shit compuserve format.

>> No.2558230

Gif and jpeg. Jpg is just the DOS-friendly extension for files that really should be .jpeg.

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>> No.2558401

>It's an acronym not a word you fucking autist.

So, uh, how do you say NASA

>> No.2559973

Thank you my friend

>> No.2560740

It makes me feel awkward, because I do have a wife and she does play a little viday (not OP). And if I ever mention her, I feel like it looks like I'm just trying to make a joke now.

>> No.2560741

why the FUCK would you mention her. How in the hell is it ever relevant to videogames?
Btw my wife recommends playing mars matrix.

>> No.2560763

Holy shit, just looked this up.
How do people using ZSNES live?

>> No.2560780

most people don't use it anymore

it was the best option back in the day though

>> No.2560790

I mean, now. I used it 15 years ago too.

>> No.2560792

Weird thing is that 1.42 doesn't have this problem. Text still scrolls super fast, though.

>> No.2560836

It has been relevant to topics in the past. Not sure if you've spent any time here, but people discussing life experiences and relationships related to video game playing is not uncommon.

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