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What's the best way to learn moonspeak because some English translated games either cant be reproduced and work well on a everdrive either.

>tfw emulation on pcs can do better than hardware

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when did Miyamoto get his shit fucked up?

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Just screen cap and feed it through an OCR translator.

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This is actually better than you think. You'll learn to pick up Japanese pronunciations, and meaning.

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Did you not see what happened after their E3 show this year?

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>thinking that video games are enough motivation to learn an entire language

Kill yourself, OP.

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>tfw emulation on pcs can do better than hardware

Nope, people just didn't care and made all kinds of fantasy modding to make the translation work on ZSNES, like writing VRAM when the screen is drawing or something. An actual SNES would just tell you to fuck off.

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Actually, no.

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