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Donkey Kong Country 2 > Super Mario World

Let's review:
>Far more engaging platformer (no capefeather to fly over everything)
>More challenging and actually takes skill to beat
>Prettier game
>Incredible variety of obstacles and level design
>Awesome as fuck music

SMW is great and it has the exploration factor but DKC2 kills it in everything else.

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>No capefeather to fly over everything

Nobody is forcing you to fly over everything, dumb ass.

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its still an option though dickface. eat shit.

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I agree, I think it's vastly better in every way and one of the best games ever.

I don't understand how anyone would prefer SMW. For me SMW is a step back from SMB3 and sometimes barely even good. Agree about the music as well, while with SMW it was bland.

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That doesn't make it any less of an invalid point.

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Gorillas > Italian Men

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>More challenging and actually takes skill to beat

Most of the challenge comes from the small field of view and obstacles that can't be circumvented. There's no variety of obstacles. It's just a different arrangement of the same obstacles repeated for many levels. Whole game feels like you're running through a cramped hallway while being only able to see a few feet ahead.

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I agree with you but I like Yoshi's Island even more.

I just love sprites and the prerendered graphics I feel haven't aged as well. They're still great and the atmosphere is done astonishingly well but game feels a little bit weaker because of what was really just a graphical gimmick. The controls feel a little bit less responsive and I've yet to play a game with prerendered graphics that doesn't have a slightly awkward feeling to it. Don't know if anyone else feels similarly.

That being said, most of your points amount to "better this better that better x x and y" which is more of a list of opinions than an argument.

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I think DKC2 is a better game than World but it's also silly to compare the two. They excel in different areas and both are great games.

Also the pre-rendered graphics still look great to this day. I feel like people who say they haven't aged well are playing them on LCD screens or with filters or some shit.

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Haaaaaaaaaaahahahahahahahahaha.... oh god, what a load of horse shit.

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That is totally false and not the case at all in any sense.

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nah get back to eating shit son

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When did either one of us ever say anything about eating shit?

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Here, I managed to capture the exact moment.

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Not that guy, but eat some shit, namefag.

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Why does this mentally challenged tripfag still post here, he is the shitposter general.

On topic tho, Ho cam you compare a launch title to a late life snes game. They are both different games. Both good in their own ways.

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>You will never play the pre-rendered 3D Mario game that Shiggy Motorola shot down in favor of Yoshi's Island

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>Why isn't Yoshi's Island seen as a better game?

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you can avoid that sound by gitting gud

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Nice meme.

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It still sucks, there's no way to spin that positively. If there were an option to turn off just that sound, it'd be twice as good.

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but you posted a meme you'reself O_รต

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I don't think its bad
then again I enjoy jpop so I'm used to high pitched squealing

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>DKC2 kills it in everything

Except being fair. who the fuck wants to redo a chain of levels 4-5 times every time the fuck up on a jump or lose to a boss?

It should have allowed you to save after every level.

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Acquire skill. Also you CAN save after every level once you beat the first two or three in each world.

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b-but mario world does that too
you only save if you beat a castle, ghost house or switch palace

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More proof that Mario is too generous with lives.

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>thinking this is a legitimate complaint
Could you be any more edgy?

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Donkey Kong Country games are fucking garbage. Thankfully, Rare is kill and were nothing without Nintendo holding there hand. Op can takes his contrarian opinions and shove them up his ass.

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>lel, I might take skill if your abottom feeding retard.
>Ugly as fuck game with chunky, CGI pixelated models. It looked odd in the 90s and it looks absolutely atrocious now.
>Bland, boring level design with sparse secrets and exploration compared to SMW.

Meanwhile, Mario continues to be the king of platformers, while DKC is nearly forgotten. Stay mad.


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Please go back to /v/.

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I'm actually not a fan of Super Mario World. I'm a bit obsessive with games...I have to beat them at the maximum percentage and without using guides.

I wasn't able to do that with Super Mario World because of one stupid secret.

That stupid secret where you have to jump off Yoshi under the first exit gate to find a second one behind it. Who the fuck is going to do that? Waste a Yoshi at every exit gate to look for secrets behind it? That secret really pissed me off. Turned me off the entire game because of it.

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>nearly forgotten
nigga, both dkc returns and tropical freeze were resounding successes

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the intended way was to use a cape to fly underneath it. Also if I recall right there was a block or message speaker right behind the goal post to serve as a hint, and it was a red level with a very linear path and few places to hide an exit, so you knew the secret had to be in there somewhere.

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when was that? I seem to recall two levels that having something like that, cheese bridge and chocolate mountain

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This was a bitch to figure out. The instruction manual alluded to it what with Soda Lake being marked on the map, then there not being any other clear way into Star Road 3.
The fact levels with red markers had more than one exit is also a clue, but that isn't really helpful because the level also has Yoshi wings at the checkpoint.
I did manage to figure it out all on my own without guides and before the internet. None of my pleb friends ever managed to figure it out and had to ask me how to do it.

Definitely the most obtuse part of the game though. Tubular is a close second.

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The Chocolate Mountain secret was the one where the goal post was suspended by a platform and you had to use a cape to fly underneath it.

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>it's also silly to compare the two
This is my favorite meme.

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calling everything a meme is my favorite meme

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that's one of the main reasons DKC2 is great

there's true punishment for error, whereas SMW gives you thousands of lives so you never have fear of death

DKC2 is the best 2D platformer I've ever played, and I played a lot more SMW as a kid. Only returning to it now I've realised just how fucking great it actually is.

DKC1 is also splendid. When I'm done with these, I'm gonna give DKC3 a proper chance, too, since everybody said it's shitty but I never tried it!


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why are you getting so upset about games released 2 decades ago?

>> No.2519340

I found that out myself as a 7 year old kid. Just sayin'.

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I can't believe there are people who gameover on both yoshi's island and dkc2 and still want to act elitistic.

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DKC 2 will be my favorite forever because it's the goddamned Odyssey of Homer with two cute monkeys carrying a boombox and guitar.

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DKC2 is the best 16 bit game ever. The levels are well designed and visually interesting, the soundtrack is superb, the graphics are the prettiest on all 16 bit games, the characters are charming, the boss battles are well paced...
Its the game that comes close to perfection..

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Considering that it's DKC2 - me. I have played through every level many times. "who the fuck"... lol. I think you have no idea about this game.

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Stop being complete garbage.

Mute your television.

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DKC2 is too gimmicky compared to DKC1

>> No.2519953

Come on, I figured that shit out at age 12.
The level is red marked, and is fairly barren. There are only so many times you can replay the level before you start doing crazy shit like that.

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I didn't say it, so you must be the mentally challeneged one that >>2518673 is talking about.
Kidiot. Nobody actually cares about tripcodes or names except for kids trying to fit in. Fact.

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>Nobody actually cares about tripcodes or names except for kids trying to fit in.
you are retarded

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You know what? If you didn't namefag, they wouldn't respond. You have zero need to namefag, it's not like you're contributing anything. Literally half of your posts are replying to people calling you a namefag.

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>If you didn't namefag they wouldn't respond
EXACTLY. Proof that none of you ever actually have read one of my posts. I've mentioned several times I only namefag to get a rise out of you idiots.

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When people say "don't reply to tripfags", they're not kidding around. Don't reply, and we won't need to see this. There is no sense to any of it, who knows and who cares how much of it he is inventing.

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Then just stop forever. Find some other creative way to troll, or better yet, don't troll at all. Contribute something worthwhile to this board.

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Basically, the whole use of any imageboard is to stay anonymous and post your opinion without any restrain or shame.
Being a namefag just means the guy is helplessly seeking attention and giving himself some importance. Just look at any namefags on this board. Most are completely condescending, self indulging pricks forcing their opinions as factual truth. NESfag, the one in this thread... The list goes on. Altough, ecchiweaboofag doesnt seem to be an arrogant buffoon, he is still always seeking attention with his softcore porn chinese cartoons.

Just ignore that guy or any namefag/tripfag and keep discussing the RETRO GAMES.

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Most of these points are misleading are downright stupid.

Mario and Donkey Kong games are both fucking easy. The difficulty difference between them is fucking insignficant. If you wanted to nominate a platformer for it's challenge you could have mentioned Ghosts and Goblins series: not the watered down console versions. I'm talking about the arcade ones.

SMW also looks a lot better when played on a proper screen instead of on a 1920x1080 screen on an emulator.

The sense of exploring in SMW is what made it so good. You could skip all over the world and find tons of secret exits. So much more engaging than just finding a few extra lives.

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Another shitstain on this thread. You're retarded. There was no reason for you to bring up that hard game or emulators.

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