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Great games overshadowed by their sequels?

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Still the best in the main series.

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Star Ocean comes to mind.

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Caesar II

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Oh my god, right? It actually pisses me off when I see people saying "Bioshock is a spiritual successor to System Shock 2" just because they make it sound like System Shock 1 didn't even exist.

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maybe it's because the same director and part of the team worked on both system shock 2 and bioshock, but not system shock 1

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First two Darius games were mindblowing for their time, but shmup fans these days are typically too autistic to appreciate anything that isn't a 2hu/Cave rehash.

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It pisses me off when people say that because it's pretty much completely untrue.

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>Great games overshadowed by their sequels?
I'm assuming you don't realize what a terrible, terrible pun you made.

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Final Fantasy VII

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I can't agree with this post at all.

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Monster Rancher.

2 is pretty much 1 with more stuff.

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Rollcage's PS1 version. 2 didn't get a PC port but it is way better.

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You wouldn't have been able to until FF13 came along. Now it's undeniable.

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Final Fantasy IV
The Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall

And this. I really don't understand the complaints people have about Mega Man's controls. Yes, it's different from the later games, but they're completely fine on their own. Great, even.

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>le /v/ meme, am I doing it rite
fuck off and die.

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FF13 only overshadows FF7 in the sense that everyone gawks at 13 going "Look at THIS piece of shit!"

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FF13 overshadows FF7 in the sense that Lightning has been voted favourite video game character for three years running in Japan - that place where 80% of all FF sales happen.

FF13 overshadows FF7 in Japan in the sense that they were completely disappointed that FF7 is getting a PS4 remaster before FF13 is. And by disappointed, I mean livid.

FF13 is basically the face of the franchise in Japan and has been for years, why do you think there are more main entries for it over every other iteration? They made Lightning the main character for the new content in Dissidia Duodecim.

Plus FF13 isn't shit, you should try actually playing it instead of parroting /v/.

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Why does Nippon have such overwhelmingly bad taste?

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I assume he's referencing some sort of Famitsu poll. Years ago, the "best game ever" was FFX.

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what is up with this recent flood of /v/ morons anyhow? I mean I guess you could blame summer, but that didn't start just the weekend.

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this is /vr/, not /v/, we talk about retro games here

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>because they make it sound like System Shock 1 didn't even exist.
if there was a system shock 2 it would pretty logical that there would be system shock 1 even if it wasn't mentioned, that mentality is pretty flawed.

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People are pretty stupid, man.

There are people out there who thought Final Fantasy 7 was the first game.

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Bioshock was almost, but not quite, entirely unlike System Shock 2.

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I mean in the series of course, not the first game ever.

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>There are people out there who thought Final Fantasy 7 was the first game.
I don't think anyone actually thinks this

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umm... I'm not sure how that is relevant to one being over shadowed by the other...

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Go to youtube. There are morons there that think Fallout 3 was the first game in the series as well.

Agreed. And I see what you did there.

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I can't agree with Darius 1 and 2 being great games but they were certainly overshadowed by their better sequels. It felt like all 1 and 2 had going for it mainly was the multi-monitor gimmick, bring it out of the machine and I feel you lose a lot.

Darius in general always felt lacking mechanically but always had weird, amazing music and cool new gimmicks from game to game that I didn't see other games do before or try to copy later.

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Civ4 is still better

I can play Civ2 Deity in my sleep, it's so barebones in comparison

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>ss1 overshadowed

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There's also the fact that PAL never got the first.

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am I the only person in the whole world who LOVED ss1 and didn't ss2

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Plus FF13 is shit, you should try actually watching it instead of parroting /v/.

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hm, yes, it'd be better to say something like 'largely forgotten when compared to'.

ss2's still on the must-play list. not looking forward to the gameplay changes, though. leveling, thumbs down.

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