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>naval battles
>running out of food and dying
>choose your own character

Fuck me this was the best game ever. For once, I felt on my own to do what I wanted.

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Looks bretty cool.

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One of my all time favorie open world games. Pity they never brought over Coasta del Sol.

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Literally infinite replay value. One of the deepest games ever and probably the single deepest console games of the entire 16-bit generation. The fact that they pulled off something like that one the SNES is amazing. KOEI really was the best strategy/sim developer of all time.

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And it was the only cross-platform RPG to have a Sega version that I know of.

There's a couple of open-world games like this on 16-bit like Romancing SaGa, Metal Max Returns, or Rings of Power, but they don't do the same thing.

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>Literally infinite
So fucking redundant. It's not like there's a way to be figuratively infinite. Here, let me fix your whole post for you:
>Literally infinite replay value. Literally one of the deepest games ever and probably the single deepest literal console games of the entire literal 16-bit generation. The literal fact that they pulled off something like that one the literal SNES is literally amazin.g KOEI literally was the best literal strategy/sim developer of all literal time.

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>And it was literally the only cross-latform RPG to have a Sega version that I literally know of.

There's literally a couple of open-world games like this on 16-bit like Romancing SaGa, Metal Max Returns, or Rings of Power, but they literally don't do the same thing.

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Are you autistic

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This is literally the most autistic thing I've ever seen posted on /vr/. Seriously, what the fuck is wrong with you?

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I loved it. Especially playing as Ernst and just exploring.

Were any of the other games as good?

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The first one was the same thing but with less of everything. The online one I've never played. Just stick to New Horizons.

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What really amazes me about this game was that Countries actually had budgets to build and supply ships and hire crew. If you did enough damage, they couldn't build more ships for a long time because they had to raise more money. Also, if you defeated a captain in battle, you could find him in a nearby port and hire him.

The amount of simulation done is so deep and amazing. I think it's a marvel computation, even when all it did was simple number crunching.

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I love how great the story is. Every character had a different quest, but they all ran into each other along the way and sometimes teamed up or fought. And if you wanted to, you could just tell the story to fuck off while you dicked around amassing wealth.

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Coasta del Sol (UW3) had even more freedom in the sense that there was no predetermined story, you kinda just did what you wanted, discovering indigenous tribes, treasures, meeting royalty, ect. There was turn based land battles, a language system, historical character. The graphics were kinda sparse but the ost was the best in the series.

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A miracle of 16 bit programming. This and PTO 2 are still the pinnacle of Koei's sim games. Especially PTO2, I have never played a more encompassing or rewarding Pacific war strategy game.

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>Coasta del Sol (UW3)

Oh wow I never even heard of this before. What system is it for? Google is bringing up nothing.

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Try Costa del Sol uncharted waters. There's a few videos on YT. It's for PC and was released in 96. The graphics are a bit drab, but eh.

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That sounds amazing. Is it in English? Or is there a patch of whatever?

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Only available in Japanese, Chinese and Korean. No English patch as far as I know.

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Stuck on a crappy laptop for a while, figure now is a good time to start emulating SNES games. This a good place to start?

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If you want a game that you can play forever and don't mind that it has a million and one different mechanics that you have to get used to then it's rock solid and I'd argue one of the most well made sims of all time. Just look for Uncharted Waters - New Horizons or possibly just New Horizions. I'm not sure exactly how the rom will be labeled.

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Not gonna lie, it has me interested. Managing my fleet and crew, exploring, doing pirate things. I'll give it a shot and undoubtedly get really confused.

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What ever you do, don't make for the Americas or East Africa when you first start off. Stick to the Med and Western Europe til you get a bigger ship.

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>doing pirate things

The REAL beauty of the game is you get 6 different characters (though it's kind of like 5 actually since two of them are the same class with different stats/gender), each tailored to certain ways of playing and each with a different story. Only one of them is an actual pirate and you can also pick a merchant or a naval captain (my favorite and apparently this guy's: >>2511283 as well) or a couple of "adventurers" (read: jack-of-all-trades) or a dude who's class I can't remember (basically an explorer, but I can't remember what they called it in-game). Each character can basically be played until you're "finished" or, if you just wanna dick around, just whenever you get sick of the game and even then you can just start up a new character.

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Awesome game

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How is the pc version of this? Or should I just play the SNES version?

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I can't play unless there's a zoom button. Your boat moves incredibly slow.

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PC version isn't as vibrant as the Snes game (like Costa del Sol, it's pretty drab). However, the PC version probably has more options and the ports are more expansive.

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I love this game. I listen to the music sometimes to calm down and shit.

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need a full crew, good boat, and set the 3 % to nav

the default is 50. 30 20 i think for nav lookout and battle. if you put nav to 100 you go way faster.

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You sure you have enough crew and tacking into the wind? I've had plenty of ships that blaze through the screens, though admitedly, they were Carracks or smaller. A Venictian Gallese or Fully-rigged ship isn't going to be as responsive.

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Check out Costa del Sol's soundtrack. It's the best in the franchise.


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>Dat Man of War, 17 and 24

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Anyone play Porto Estado?

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Thanks OP

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Don't even know what that is.

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Come on now.
Isn't every town in the world the same layout?

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how do you make money for your exploration?

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No, every town is uniquely laid out with different buildings avaliable. Some towns also have entirely unique items like the Crusader's Armor and Sword.

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You need to contract with a noble to sell your discoveries from villages only to him. You also need to contract with a cartographer to sell your map to him.

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>a dude who's class I can't remember (basically an explorer, but I can't remember what they called it in-game)
The cartographer? Map-maker guy?

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You're thinking about the SNES version and even then, the towns vary abit. It's impressive when you have over 200 cities, port towns and outposts on a single 16 bit cart.

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After you've made contact with a noblemen or guild, head to the Nile river for some easy discoveries.

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Yeah, we're thinking of the same dude.

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You're overselling the game a bit. Yeah, they might have different classes (or job descriptions) but they play pretty much the same. At least after you've played Ali. (because why wouldn't you do your early game between Athens and Istanbul?) It's mostly their stories that vary and their starting ship (which can always be converted to suit your needs)- you can, and should, start with trading and then do the exploring/fightan.

It's good. Works well with dosbox and I've done 2 full playthroughs and had no complaints. Graphically it's subpar for the time and compared to the consoles suffers from lack of color saturation but has better graphics overall.

You should always check the bar. After setting the percentage, the game tell you the ship's speed- so you should just slot everybody in NAV to figure out the max speed and then take sailors out until you have the minimum required for max speed and then just dump the rest wherever you need them (lookout/fight).

Ernst, baby!

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but this thread is literally about the SNES version...

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Cool story?

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>multiplat game
>virtually identical other than graphically
>"we can only discuss one version!"

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That, Costa Del Sol, and Taikou Risshiden series are still begging for a translation. Come on, KOEI, don't just rehash the warriors series.

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You can go right ahead and discuss any version.

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Ernst and Pietro both have the better story compared to the others imo, and Ali is particularly weak on that. Both of them gives you the best sense of achievement once you completed their goals.

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You're right anon, I was out of line. Uncharted Waters threads are about love and adventure, not /v/ tier shenanigans.

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One of the greatest rpgs. The PC version is superior to ports.

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In what ways is PC superior?

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I'm assuming he means graphics and sound. As far as I know it's the same gameplay wise.

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GOod call op, thanks. Downloaded and living it.

Calling attention to this gem, basically the same thing in space. My GOAT

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Since /vr/ was so enthusiastic about this game I downloaded and I must say that despite colossal historical and geographical inaccuracies I'm really enjoying the ride.

Currently playing as Pietro because I'm an italian myself.
The kebabs are giving me a bit of a hard time and it seems to me that the guild's quests aren't a good source of income, should I just go discover stuff and get some dosh until I can assemble a good fleet for pirate shenanigans or should I invest money in the market?

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>Pietro Conti
>tfw almost the same age as him but can't go sailing around the world looking for treasures

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>That part where you go see the Duchess in Lisbon
>Would you please look out for my beloved son?
>Uh, yeah, ok, not like I wanted to do this shit but anyway
>So where are we going to look now Pietro
>Ayyyy Camillo, we'll just make up stories as we explore shit

At least they got Italians quite right.

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Your main source of income would be from trading. Get someone with bookkeeping, which will help you alot in doing this. One favorite route is spoilered above, but there are also others that don't involve the kebabs, I think it's between Lisbon and Amsterdam (not sure, been a while). I don't think you should invest very early on. Maybe after you get your second or third ship for your fleet, and even then not every market benefits from this (you need to do some research first).

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It's been 15 years, but I don't remember any collassal geograpic problems in NH.

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Controls. This is a mouse and keyboard game. Plus looks better, sounds better, and slightly more content.

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>but I don't remember any collassal geographic problems in NH.
North Pole is basically a full enclosure that is connected from what I think is Northern Canada to Northern Russia but I haven't travelled much so I'm not sure and there are a few major commercial harbours missing in the Mediterrenean sea like Cagliari. Some rivers in Africa are also a bit suspicious looking but I haven't checked them yet.

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Someone should replace Italian with Greek and change his name in something more Greek

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to add, if you hire a mate from kebabland you can get in and out kebab ports without much trouble, so you can also consider that as well.

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Probably has more to do with the limitations of a 16 bit cart. The PC version apparently has more content.

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As others have mentioned, get a bookkeeper. Trade will your main source of income for most of the game. Look for specialty goods at marketplaces and sell them in different continents. You'll quickly learn some excellent routes. The best ships for fighting are Tekkousens (steel). They can only be built in Japan when you've heavily invested in the ports.

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Any of you guys heard of this one? Japanese exclusive. Also came out for some computers. As far as I can tell it's a naval exploration sim set in like the 1500s. In-game graphics look pretty sparse, but the menu and title screen and whatnot actually look pretty nice.

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>some computers
lol, The Atlas was a PC-98 game first and foremost. It and the later NeoAtlas games are fairly close, and the visual style's not a consequence of budget/lack of talent, that's just the kind of design choice Yoichi Yamaguchi makes with his games. The goal's different from NH in that you're mapping the world and can make up shit as you go along (since you're writing the map for your client(s)).

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How do I get into places that have these Ottoman guards in front?

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Either you do this >>2519714 or come in at night, though you'll need to spend a night on the port to access the buildings.

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>Ernst sailing music
maximum comfy

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This thread's getting beefy.

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I really like old games with sepia-tone interfaces for some reason.

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sounds like you would enjoy quite a few roguelikes. Check out cataclysm DDA

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nah, I play games to have fun

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Is this the same game as Uncharted Waters New Horizons?

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>PC is broke
>This looks cool

Should I buy it on the VC?

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Just emulate. Make sure you play New Horizons since the original is pretty much the same with less of everything and is basically obsoleted by the sequel.

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Thread got me to download this game and give it a shot.

I've played Koei before, but not this.

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Nearly everything they did in the strategy and simulation genres is rock solid.

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My entire crew keeps abandoning me for no known reason....

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Micromanagement is the key to any KOEI game.

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I've tried:

>Adjusting rations
>Changing what I'm actually doing (trading goods, going on missions, exploring)
>Making sure I'm always moving
>Getting more crew members
>Dismissing crew members

Is this game just hard, or is there something I'm actually missing?

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I'm in the same boat. Oh wait, I don't even own a boat. :(

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Rations should be always at 100%. Game doesn't really tell you this, but you should only drop rations lower than that if you get stuck out in the middle of nowhere and are struggling to move. It's more beneficial to you to have 3 days of full rations and 2 days of nothing on a 5 day voyage than than 5 days at 60% rations.

If you're at a point where the most rations your ship can carry can only feed the crew for a couple of days, it's time to remodel your ship. It's overall a bad idea (even if the ship's not been remodeled) to use a full compliment of sailors since most ships can be sailed with a near skeleton crew. Max crews are only ever useful for fighting and only ever close to ports. Some enemies will chase you to the end of the world but there's no reason you should be fighting in the middle of the pacific ocean.

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Other than >>2523287, I can't remember anything that causes sailors to leave other than having a good first mate (and captain if you have more than 1 ships) and what sometimes happens when you find wonders, in that some of your crew may up and desert. But there's nothing you can do about the latter.

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I figured it out I think. It was partially because I had rations at less than 90%, and I think weather effects were hurting me.

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Well, Sirens technically causes your crew to "leave", but for all intents and purposes it's just casualties like any other disasters.

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Can someone help me not be shit?

I'm trying to hunt down debts, and I can't find the guy. I read the manual and it said to head to a bar to gather info. Which I did. Then I went to the town he was apparently in and can't find him anywhere. I tried to scope the bar here for information, and the guy just talks about how great a captain he is and how [enter town here] has shitty people.

All I'm doing is sailing around, wasting money, and starving.

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I found the guy I was looking for in the hotel.

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>Looks like Han Solo
>Names the ship Falcon

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KOEI games are all like this. They're SO complex that it takes a while to figure out what to do and you spend the beginning of the game just completely fucking up.

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I love old Koei games like this.

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They were one of the best developers of all time. Really underrated.

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Shame the Playstation remake and Gaiden versions were never released in English/Translated.

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Can you post that version's character selection screen?

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And here's Daikoukai Jidai Gaiden, a side story game.

If I remember correctly it features 2 playable characters, one a girl who mistakenly thinks Pietro proposed to her.
and one of Idin Leis' adopted kid or something.


I wish these were available in English..

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>a game that features a portuguese hero

This blew my mind as a kid.

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Holy shit that's fucking gorgeous.

That's who I picked

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For me the biggest joy came from playing the first game first, and then seeing Leon again in part 2, and not just that.. the old sailor Rocco too!

was a very nice reunion. ^_^

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they had so many of these games that never made it over. it was everything i hoped pirates! would be. i've played the snes and pc versions both are great but the dos ui was wonky.

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Another Koei game, Inindo, is open world like this.

>> No.2530601

I always wanted a grand strategy, turn based game set during the Vietnam war, by Koei.

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Step one is to find an American developer that doesn't suck dick.

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New Horizons tip. Trade firearms buy them in central America

>> No.2534045

Actually nvm jut buy firearms in lisbon to trade for ivory in timbuktu africa

>> No.2534153

Playing as Ali right now. Anyone know good trade routes near Japan? I'd like to be making money while my Steel Ships are being built (Fuck yeah Steel)

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Is the "weapon" shop only for weapons? I keep buying shit like brooches or a cat, but I have no idea what to do with them. It appears I can give them to waitresses, but then what? And one item only works for a specific waitress?

I know I can look it up, but I think the community aspect is what makes this game fun.

>> No.2534783

Go to shops after hours( 2am or 3am) to purchase rare items.

>> No.2534949

There are items that helps in your travel.
Cats removes rat infestation, lemon juice cures scurvy, etc.

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Give enough presents and/or stories to waitresses and you can ask them to track the locations of various fleets for you.

Hell yes New Horizons thread. Seriously one of the most overlooked games of the 16-bit era. An open world game with story elements triggered by your rising fame was a fantastic design choice. Very few games capture the spirit of danger and the mystery of the unknown inherent in exploration the way this game does. And six unique characters with their own storylines and even the option to defect to another country should you wish. Holy shit this game.

Anybody ever successfully recruit Pilly Reis? Is it even possible?

>> No.2535651

You can recruit Reis - you just need to have a higher navigation level than him.