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Whats the hardest game you've ever beaten? Finally beat silver surfer after practically burning my house down in pure rage.

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the hardest game is my dick up yor butt.

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Japanese version of Castlevania 3, Alucard path.

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If we're going by the amount of time taken to beat compared with the actual length of the game, Battletoads.

I did reach the second to last stage of Silver Surfer, I just didn't care enough to clear it when you can't practice the last 3 stages like the others.

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Gradius and I am working on Gradius 2

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This isn't a hard game.

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Mario 3 with only one whistle

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Ninja Gaiden 1.
Only on the emulator tho.
I have a cartridge, but there is alot less of those things you destroy to get magic/shurikens and stuff. like, in the first level there is literally ONE, giving you windmill shuriken(the one that boomerangs back) and you can't even use it because you have no magic!
Also, when you collect bonus life whole game freezes, forever.

On the other hand, whole dificulty lies in finding that one bonus that lets you do sword-spin while jumping and get to the boss with enough magic.
One hit with it kills the boss.

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Gradius 2 is very comfy you won't have to much trouble aside from the last stage (look up the safe spot for gunwall and practice with save states a good method for getting past the mecha spider thing.), type 4 is the best.

I recently 1 credited Gradius iv upto 2-5, definitely a very hard but deeply awesome game.

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I know it's a meme at this point, but the NES port of Ghosts n' Goblins. I haven't beaten many hard games.

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Game is pretty fun but one hit kills you most times. Used save states to beat it, probably took 40 lives.

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Don't you get unlimited continues in Silver Surfer? Any game with unlimited continues is NOT hard.

The hardest game I have beaten is Battletoads for the NES. I sat down and did it properly: no skips, no codes, no nothing. Just sitting down and playing each and every level. Was pretty fun.

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Not as hard as people make it, anyway. >>2503469

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Sounds like the game held you hostage and forced you to think you had a fair experience.

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I once tried to beat Temple of elemental evil with those rules:
1-Will talk with NO ONE
2-Will kill every living being I find on sight, (also zombies, constructors......)

But before finishing it my computer died, and I had to get a new one, then lost interest

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Last good challenge i had was this >>2503357

Now i'm working on 1cc Ghosts 'n Goblins arcade, the Satans in level 5 and 6 are pure hell. Also i'm trying to 1cc Trojan arcade, the game needs 2 loops to complete similar to Ghosts 'n Goblins, but the first loop is already fucking crazy, probably harder than GnG.

That is a good challenge to be honest, the NES port is kinda shitty and harder because of the bad frame-rate and slightly different mechanics.

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And I didn't even use an emulator.

The secret is to deliberately not get plokontinues. Grind for shells until you get more than 100 in a level, kill yourself and repeat. Use the warp zones when necessary.

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The hardest game I've ever played is my dick up your but.

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But what? Finish your sentence.

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I'll but my dick up your butt.

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I am kinda stoned right now so I can really only think of this one. I'm sure I can think of a harder one though.

Oh and I am talking without the cheap start mashing glitch.

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>Don't you get unlimited continues in Silver Surfer?

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Some off the top of my head: Battle of Olympus, Hydlide, Gradius, Life Force, Gradius II, Castlevania, Simon's Quest w/ walkthrough, Contra, Super C, Zelda II, Faxanadu, Dragon Warrior II, Fantasy Zone, Fantasy Zone II DX, Fester's Quest, the entire Gargoyle's Quest series, IronSword: Wizards & Warriors II

It's hard for me to say which is the most difficult out of that bunch. I guess there's nothing particularly hard in that list.

I have Ghosts 'n Goblins, Super Ghosts 'n Goblins and Trojan, but I'm still trying to git gud at those.

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>Simon's Quest w/ walkthrough
But that game is piss-easy with a walkthrough, it's a joke compared to Castlevania 1 and 3. Congrats for IronSword though, that game is confusing as hell.

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>On the other hand, whole dificulty lies in finding that one bonus that lets you do sword-spin while jumping and get to the boss with enough magic.
>mfw I beat NG 1 & 2 without spinslash (without emulating)

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i beat Abadox last night God Damn

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Super C was hard?
i can beat that using only 2 or 3 men (if it wasnt for level 6)

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Well congrats then, you've done this without cheap tricks.
Then again, only final boss in 1 is difficult.(didn't play 2 that much)
And you don't need save-states with unlimited continues.

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I used an emulator and save states to beat kid chameleon

even with save states, it's hard as hell.

without cheating, the hardest game I ever beat was Conker's Bad Fur Day

if you ask me, Rare had already turned to shit when they made that game.

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tbh i only found the stage leading up to the boss difficult. As if trying to memorize the boss somehow disrupted the short term memory I had for the level beforehand in question. (if that makes any sense)

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Ninja Gaiden, probably. On 7-2 in NGII atm.
Not bad at all anon! I beat Ken without Spin Slash, but Jaquio kicked my fucking ass. Using the spinslash is still a bitch though, because in order to conserve Ninpo, you gotta do that hold down and swing bullshit in the air.

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Not sure if it's the hardest I ever beat but I don't remember any other game giving me such a feeling of relief as when I finished Echo the dolphin.

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No Emulator

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>Fantasy Zone
phew that game is a bitch. hat's off to you, man.

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yeah I actually like ship type 2 with photon and double and speed at max making my options go all over the map

I was at the final stage but crashed hehe

Honestly Gradius 1 is a lot harder than 2 but 2 has a very brutal first stage when you have no idea about how the fire paths react.

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>Fantasy Zone
Well hey, this is a cute, challenging game...
>boss rush

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>but 2 has a very brutal first stage when you have no idea about how the fire paths react.
Wait till you reach the 2nd loop, getting powered up and surviving with it til the boss is a nightmare, hardest part of 2nd loop until the volcano stage.

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Did you know that select is how you use the bombs?

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Which is the worst possible place to put the bomb button while still having it on the same controller.

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>if Silver Surfer was ported to the Master System, the bomb button could actually have been placed on the top of the console
Imagine playing that.

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Probably The Immortal, it took me forever.

I've had my NES freeze on Clinger Winger before, pissed me off. I have beaten the game though. The secret is to master the Wookie Hole.

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>Super C was hard?

The entire series is considered difficult. Of course, it's not at all hard to do a no-miss run if you get enough rote memorization down.

People who have played these games since their early childhood probably wouldn't think the series was difficult, but anyone just trying to pick up on Contra now would think it's insane.

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There is actually a bug on Rat Race where the third rat can fall out of bounds on the way to the bottom, softlocking the game and forcing you to reset. I've had that happen a couple of times and it sucks. Along with player 2 being unable to move in Clinger Winger, it's just a testament to how little playtesting actually took place.

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Not hard but time consuming if you want to do a nokill finish, I finally finished River City Ransom.

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>Probably The Immortal

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Most people run like idiots and mash shoot so they die a lot thinking it's hard. I have 1cc'd this enough times to say that all it takes is pacing and memorization to beat this game.

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Nice. That shit hard as fuck.

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Does anyone else find it disguesting that a mediocre game gets mentioned by AVGN and now it's a big name thing?

I see this game mentioned more than Gradius which is the same genre, same console, more difficult, better designed, and much more important to gaming's history.

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He didn't even mention the goddamn amazing music.

Because the game sucks but damn those tunes son.

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again...gradius is known for it's music and it's at least equal or better.

You basically skipped over one of the best and most influential games in it's genreseries to play a meme game.

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Did you ever read what he posted dumbfuck?

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I guess AVGN isn't big on shmups, given how much he overstates the difficulty. Dying in one hit, and not being able to touch the scenery are pretty standard fare.

SS and Gradius both get their difficulty from the same thing - dying even once is absolutely devastating, because you lose all your power and become unable to deal with everything the game throws at you, which will probably have the result that you lose the rest of your lives in quick succession, unless you are extremely prepared for such a situation.

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I wonder if you played Hydorah, it's heavily inspired by Gradius and is a lot of fun!

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AVGN is clearly abysmal at every video game he tries to play, watching him and mike play metal slug that poorly was shocking for 2 guys who apparently grew up playing games.

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Emulating somehow makes games easier?

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All this no emulator shit is confusing are anons so unable to control themselves in an emulated environment that they can't help save stating?

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I think some anons completely assume that you save state if you play a game on emulator.

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I've beaten TMNT with only Michelangelo, no subweapons and without dying, both on NTSC emulator and PAL console.

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mushihime sama futari black label normal mode

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think you mean original mode

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Yeah, because 60% of emulator users use gamegenie and savestates every time

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I got Grand Master rank in TGM1. Took me over a year.

Now working on TGM2.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=410aGnClT68 in case you don't know the games

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that's... actually really cool
so what does the orange line do?

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Green line in TGM2 means that you cleared/survived the credit roll. Orange line means that you cleared at least 32 lines during the roll.


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>Yeah, because 60% of emulator users use gamegenie and savestates every time
And for the 40% who don't?

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Good work, what emulator + controller are you using?

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Arcade stick with a Sanwa JLF, restrictor set to 4-way

+ latest version of MAME

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Must be, strange though.

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Nice. I've been practicing on and off but I can't get much farther than level 400/s1. I really wish I had a 4-way joystick, but unfortunately I don't.

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Maybe Gigawing or ChoRenSha?

I know the hardest game I -haven't- beaten is Judgement Silversword

There's also God-Hand-Hard-Mode-with-Kick-Me-Sign which was a blast

I beat Landstalker without a guide

Doing all the challenges in GGXX Reload

Beat Shiren the Wanderer fresh from the start, first attempt once.

I also beat Contra 3 on Hard Mode. That was pretty fucking hard

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Also R-Type 3, from my favorite alien heart surgery simulator series

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dude that orc is totally jerkin it

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... hey man those coaster levels were some tough shit

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I 100% see this

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So like this then?

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just keep practicing. Dont panic when pieces get fast, you have a lot of time to move them after they hit the stack.

level ~400 is like the hardest part of the game because its not quite 20g yet and you can never be completely sure what moves are still possible.

the following two guides helped me a lot


watching videos of pros can also help to learn the 20g moves.

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Salamander. HOLY shit. Do I just suck at shmups? Nobody ever talks about how hard it is

>> No.2521649


Goddamn I never know how to tackle this game. Having a lot of lives doesn't help either when you cant recover from a checkpoint anyway.

Do you play with rank management?

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It's one of the easier ones.

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>Do I just suck at shmups?
You suck at strategy and memory like most shit players you probably go in every game completely on intuition alone with no conscious effort and that's not how these games work. It's easy up til last couple stages which can be trolly.

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Rank goes high if you start using more than 2 options.

>> No.2521669

>rank management
Actually, I located the memory for rank and I found that survival itself increases the rank by 1 point around every 32 seconds. From what I estimate it reaches its maximum value of 15 at some point between stages 3 and 4. The difference made by having no powerups at all is hitting max rank 4.8 minutes later than you would at full power.

Each option adds +1 to your rank

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Lot's of people seemed to have problems with this game.

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I 2-ALLed Dodonpachi Daioujou last week.

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I saw your post, man, congrats.

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I think you phrased that wrong for the anchorman reference, that sentence actually makes sense.

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~samefag who beat Gradius~

Oh I also beat Gyruss..I just have a thing for Konami shmups, that game was brutal but for all different reasons than Gradius.

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Technically Beatmania for PS1 is not beatable, but after acquiring it last year from ebay along with a cheap Japanese PS1 it took me a while to get used to the turntable being on the right since I've been playing IIDX with the turntable on the left so now I've been able to score high enough to pass on to the next stage.

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>Finally beat silver surfer after practically burning my house down in pure rage.

Cute. Now try Starship Hector.

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>using savestates makes the game easier

nope, just saves time

>> No.2525954

Saves the time you spend at mastering and understanding the gameplay, AKA the point of playing a game.

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come watch AVGN's review! instasync com/r/JamesRolfe

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emulator hater detected

you have to do the exact same shit, it just takes you straight to that point instead of you having to redo everything you have already proven to be able to do

>> No.2525985

I mostly play on emulators nig nog, just the legit way. And no, when you play with save states you are missing a big part of the game often.

>> No.2526171


you're missing the hardship about having to redo things it adds an extra layer of I GOTTA GIT GUD

how is that hard to understand?

>> No.2526178

On some games it makes sense. On others it doesn't.

Some games would have you farming extra lives or just entering in another password to continue

others like Gradius might have you go through 4 or 5 levels that are piss easy for you before getting to the part you actually want to beat and the frustration of having to do all that monotonous shit again sucks the fun out of even playing

so I use save states at like the start of a level in a game with a password or save system, or before a boss in an rpg with sporadic save points and repetitive, brain dead random battles

but I don't use them on say, Contra 3 or R-Type 3, because the entire game is meant to be difficult and exhausting

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I finished that game.

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And that game.

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You sir. Thank you.

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You are very nearly 100% wrong. Congrats!

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Buster-only MM3 (where possible) is probably the hardest I've ever managed.

>> No.2526267

some of us plan to do more with our lives than spend hundreds or thousands of hours beating all the retro games we have access to in the most autistically authentic way possible.

>> No.2526284

Different strokes for different folks but that still doesn't excuse you from being wrong,shit and trying to then get around it with the old "hurr im not as autistic as u i haz life" defense.

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with save states anyone can beat any game
pic related is probably my biggest achievment

>> No.2526429

Some people actually have problems beating games even with save states, believe it or not.

>> No.2526450


That's actually very impressive MM3 was the MM I played the most and quite honestly one of that hardest those shadow stages are just absolute brutality,

>> No.2526782

>with save states anyone can beat any game
Unless it's a puzzle game.

>> No.2526889

I'm not even saying that everyone's opinion is valid or some shit, that's asinine. Your favorite game is shit and it's not worth my time. I'll beat Contra or R-Type or Actraiser legit, but your game really isn't fucking worth it. I'll take a pretty girl out on a date, take my time and make her feel special, but your gf I just roofie with save states to see if I'm missing anything.

If you can't deal with that why don't you suck my cock faggot?

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You beat Immortal? woah dude you are my hero

>> No.2527357

Pretty good game nobody ever talks about. Pretty hard.

>> No.2527405

that was me as a kid trying to save scum through Mega Man games.