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> tfw nobody knows these
> tfw its to the point where I can't find a high quality cover image of my favorite one

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nobody knows them? guess again.

I played the shit out of the SuperS fighter and still have the (totally bootleg) cart.

I also loved the Megadrive beat 'em up (I think there's also a Super Famicom version).

God, I was so stupidly in love with the sailor senshi when I was a kid.

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I love both the fighting games and the beat em'up. Definitely emulating though.

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I still have both the Sufami SuperS fighter and the MD beat'em up carts.

The only SM game I emulated when I discovered emulation (a long time ago) was Another Story for SNES. Never got very far, but I've heard it's a pretty awesome game.

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The beat 'em ups are pretty damn bad. The worst in the genre, with long strings of the same two enemies over and over with the only novelty being a bigger lifebar.

Another Story I loved back in the day but I actually couldn't get through in a relatively recent attempt. The encounter rate was just abysmal. I still like how its story worked as a regular show arc and it spotlighted all the senshis properly.

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Yeah, it's not a particularly good beat 'em up, but it's still playable, especially if you have a friend to play it with. I played through it several times in co-op.
The game itself at least looks and sounds pretty good.

I can't describe the FM synth nostalgia this track provides me:

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What about the Arcade beat 'em up?

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