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Best Star Wars game?
>them sfx
>That atmosphere
>That force choke

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No argument from me

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I only really got decent at this game by the time the community was trailing off.

What do yall think of the force powers? I kinda don't like how ultimately light side folks just spam absorb+healing. Not sure what else a light side character should be able to do, but I wish the force powers were a little more .... dynamic? I dunno

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Jedi Knight is good, but even it must make way for the true king of Star Wars games.

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I like Mysteries of the Sith better, in either SP or MP
carbonite gun FTW

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Sorry guys, THIS is the only correct answer.

Yes, I'm an oldfag.

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I fucking loved this game back in the day but the online multiplayer was completely ruined by hacks.

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Which version is the best for this?

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Fuck no. This. Sheeeeit, had no idea it qualified as retro. Getting old here.

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the not-Mac version

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You sir, are my nigga.

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Man, that is tough... So many good star wars games, but if I had to choose, I'd probably go with Battle Front II (I know it'snot retro, but still)

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Boringfag, but this was the one I spent the most time with.

Got really good at it too. Until the escape from the Death Star, which I never managed to beat.

Probably mostly nostalgia though, since I played it during my Star Wars phase with collecting figurines and building home-made ships in LEGO and stuff.

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There's so many different genres of Star Wars games, but Jedi Knight is still probably the best one. Many of them are great games.

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>GB Star Wars
>best Star Wars game
What the fuck man, this thing is a pile of crap.

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>that shit
>better than this
Every Kyle game was worse than the one before it. I don't know why they feel the need to cram MUH FORCE into every single thing, the guns in Dark Forces were so fucking good.

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Rail Detonator > Any gun in Dark Forces

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JK2 Multiplayer (Vulcanus / Academy Mod)

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Collector's CD-ROM edition is the best.

(captcha: Select all images with pasta)

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Because they had the realization what awesomeness they'd create if a man who can kill Krayt Dragons with his bare hands would wield the Force.

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Bounty Hunter for PS2

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Every time I think of this game I remember how much I flipped out over the live action cutscenes, and then I remember I've yet to play Wing Commander.

Fuck, I know it was expensive but I'm sad that more games didn't do this.

PS: If you can play DFII with max Force Run on at all times you've actually mastered the force in real life.

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SWG had so many things that made it amazing but whenever I look at it from a distance I see that really there's nothing to do but grind your character in various ways.

Did the deep space stuff come after the CU or before? I guess that was a decent way to occupy your time.

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This, Dark Forces and Jedi Knight are my top 3 all-time favorite SW games. Runner-up goes to Shadows of the Empire or Rogue Squadron.

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>rail detonator
>better than the concussion rifle or assault cannon

Rail detonator is fun as fuck though.

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Same here. I remember playing Mad Dog McCree for the first time as a kid and being like, holy shit, this looks like a movie.

Dune 2000 has some pretty cool live action cutscenes if you've never played it (in addition to being a pretty good update to Dune 2).

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I prefer the Star Wars Trilogy Arcade game personally. I refuse to believe anyone can actually beat the Boba Fett and Darth Vader bonus stages though.

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guys, a few years ago i found ppl still playing JKdf2 on some irc channel, on weekends

i doubt theres activity enough today,

is there a place where we can find jk1, outcast or acadecy matches?
i mean Voobly.com replaced zone.com but its really only used by AoE2 players


anyways, bookmark this site

nowadays with everybody having different internet conex type, you can find it hard to be the host in IP game on these games if you're not an IT poweruser, Voobly launcher does NAT traversal for you
now evetybody just needs to run as startup www.miranda-im.org
a very skinny Instant messaging program that runs ICQ, MSN AIM Jabber Gtalk Yim facebook whatever

and we share ICQ's, to find eachother and play via voobly

ICQ 111376137

i currently cant run jedi academy, so its JK1 for me

look up SaberModX for jkdf2 its awesome

and ofc hires textures mod

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DARKFORCES 2 tourney tomorrow

[email protected] - Signup

When: June 27 2015 (Saturday)
Teams: yes
also permanent jk game host

Host: AcidRain
IP: jk.jkdf2.net
Game Name: <!-- hax

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SotE is a second- or third-tier SW game for me. I'd put it below Pod Racer, for example.

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>look up SaberModX for jkdf2 its awesome
Is that anything like Saber Battle X? That was my shit.

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Best Star Wars game coming through

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Yeah I was so damn impressed with the cutscenes at the time too. Looking at them now though they look low-budget as shit.

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i guess i wrote the name wrong, its not recent, its the one you're thinking,

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are u referring to df2 or jedi academy?

how can u play with forcerun maxxed? it will just deplete ur force in seconds everytime you hit it

unless you meant just completing the levels leaving lots of enemies alive, which being a dungeon crawler whore, i never do, i kill every single ant

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oh u

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Yeah in DFII, you can manage your pickups to do most of a level in forcerun mode, if you ever get the chance to watch a Dark Forces II speedrun, they're incredible.

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>them giant in a bad way undescript levels
>that repetitive soundtrack

I never played the expansion but I think it probably had much better level design (just played the demo many years ago). I still remember how distinctively shitty and repetitive and overly big the levels were in jedi knight though

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I haven't played SotE in years so I don't know if it's aged like milk, but I used to love that game. Sometimes I'd do nothing but just replay the Hoth battle and asteroid field levels.

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Are there any tutorials on how to set up Jedi Knight for netplay? I tried to connect to the server mentioned above and it just said "Searching..." and never found anything. Are there some port-opening shenanigans or something I need to do?

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its a regular tcp/ip game usign directplay

i guess server was offline when u tried

forgot to put the url to the site

bottom right corner
>Current Games
>No Games :(
u only need port opening for hosting, unles its some weird internet access idk


theres no JKDF2 listed, but use Age of empires 1 ports, same directplay, also select both UDP/TCP ports just in case

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I was able to beat Darth Vader once when I was about 13-14.

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tie fighter is what got me INTO star wars

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