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Did anyone else find the "Thy Flesh Consumed" (episode 4) levels of Doom unreasonably hard?

Also, doom thread. :D

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For classic FPS begineers it does seem hard but if you are used to such games then it becomes easier.

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UV pistolstart is very hard on some of those maps, yeah. Perfect Hatred describes the experience well... Barely any space to move on that damn level.

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Milo Casali's maps in Plutonia were harder. And Plutonia in general was more consistently challenging.

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>doom thread

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The first two maps are a trial by fire. If you can make it past those two, that level of difficulty will never come back.

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Yeah, only the first two maps are noticeably harder. E4M6 can be a pain in the ass from a pistol start because there's so much nukage and it has a cyberdemon at the end, but otherwise I didn't think E4 was too rough, certainly not compared to Plutonia as has already been said.

It's only the first two maps that really will bust your balls if you're expecting a gentler episode start.

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I still don't understand why people include E4M1 as being a hard map. Its tight on resources, but thats about it. Only really becomes an issue if you play recklessly, or are trying for 100% kills.

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E4M1 sets you up for a real buttfucking when you reach E4M2 if you don't play perfectly, it's often easier to just pistol start it.

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It's just so jarringly different from E1-3, it's so obvious it's a later addon

E1-3 are perfection imo

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I agree, everyone loves Episode 1 but the other two don't lag behind at all, and they have amazing levels that really emphasize survival, learning the order of solving the map and using the given supplies. Starting from E2M4 some of these still kick my ass sometimes.

And the visual consistency is another thing that makes it great, progressively hellish and distorted levels until you reach Hell proper. E4 is a WAD mishmash, good stuff but a far cry from other episodes.

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>or are trying for 100% kills.
Why would you play Doom and not try to kill everything?

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The game does not require me to kill everything in order to progress to the next level. And I personally don't find it fun to force myself to get 100% kills/secrets unless I have enough experience and knowledge with the map, and I'm attempting a speedrun.

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E4M2 and E4M6 are definitely tricky.
The rest of E4 isn't. E4M4 is in fact pathetically easy.

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I think everyone would agree Plutonia is challenging. That was sort of the point.

Been watching some Brutal Doom playthroughs of Plutonia levels. They're barely workable with the adjustments made in Brutal due to improved enemy behavior.

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>That was sort of the point.

Indeed it was

from the 5 years of Doom interview.
>Plutonia was always meant for people who had finished Doom2 on hard and were looking for a new challenge. I always played through the level I had made on hard, and if I could beat it too easily, I made it harder, so it was a challenge for me. I don't have a lot of sympathy for someone who plays Plutonia on hard skill and complains it's too hard. I had a lot of mail from people who had never even tried the easy skill setting because they "only play on hard". However, if someone does play Plutonia on easy and still finds it too hard, play Evilution through, and you should be ready to play Plutonia...

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is this the doom thread for doom fans who aren't obsessive or autistic

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yes, it's a big jump in difficulty compared to previous 3 episodes. it gets better after few levels, though.

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Iam about to replay plutonia on uv without saving(only autosaves) and with pistol start on every level.
Has anyone of you actually done that or atleast tried?

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>Why would you play Doom and not try to kill everything?
to "Conserve Ammunition"

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Thats what expansions used to be, more of the same but a lot more challenging. Today its just, cut a game up and sell it in parts, and pretend not to be doing that.

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Quit playing after Episode 2. Episode 1 was better than 2 especially for PVP.

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Sounds like a bad case of "doing it wrong".

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Looking for advice on what to do next to better myself at the game. I've played through all of doom, doom II, evilution, and plutonia - aside from some secret levels. Only on hurt me plenty though. I didn't savescum, but I didn't pistol start either. And I don't know a lot of secrets. Should I go on to other wads, or do those on UV and/or pistol start every map to git gud first?

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>Quit playing after Episode 2.

You realize each episode isn't even an hour long, right? Fuck, Episode 3 is so different than the other two it is like you've never even played Doom.

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I prefer E2 to E1, personally.

And E3 has some good maps.

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E2M4("Deimos Lab") is probably the most atmospheric and interesting one color wise. All episodes are great though Episode 1 is just too good to be true. My favorite map is E3M6... it was the one where I finally got hooked on the game.
Episode 4 is definitely "later Doom" era and kinda too tidy and polished to hang with the original set. E4M1 is a great little map by McGee which pushed the difficulty beyond what the old guard had established. E4M2, the famous 6 hour lovechild of Romero, is great too but carries an odd feeling of being a little bit too crammed. E4M4 was the only map that was too much of a concept map - huge potential but it lacked that certain extra to be in an official map release.
The map that stood out for me the most was E4M9 by baldyman Willits - pretty classic and aesthetic appeal though a wee tiny bit on the boring side.
In short - Sandy "Mormonizer" Peterson was king when it came to turning out maps which were fun to play.

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UV-Pistol start on every level is definitely challenging and probably the best way to play Plutonia.

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For me, it was Phobos Lab (E1M5) that got me hooked to the game.

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E1M5, 6, and 7 were GOAT maps. E1M3 is also neat.

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Yeah, the design for the secret exit on E1M3
was a neat surprise.

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Yep, E1M5 was the first all star map which showed what Doom as an overall experience was truly capable of. I remember being scared out of my mind when entering the exit room which was was housing that insidiously pulsing darkness.
Architecture, flow, novelty and gameplay were strong in E1M5.

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UV pistolstart every map, no saves.
It will blow your mind to play the game like this, I think it's the ideal way.
Take it slowly, expect to play the levels a few times at least to figure the ideal path.
Later Doom 2 levels are pretty frustrating though, you can easily get killed in a sec. I haven't actually pistolstarted through 2 yet. But original Doom is perfection.

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I think the first three Doom episodes and Doom 64 are the only ones I've finished without cheating. I think I've done them all with pistol starts, too. I really like the level designs for those. I just couldn't get into Doom 2 or Plutonia as much. I get aggravated with surprise chaingunnners and wide open areas.

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Same here. I also remember being curious to what the star portal was. Plus, I went mad trying to get 100% secrets. E1M5's music is easily one of my favorites tracks from Doom.

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I've actually never played Doom 64 despite growing up playing Doom. How is it?

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E1M6 had a great soundtrack too

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Please go try to kill everything in E4M2 and see where that gets you.

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I hate that even the "classic" setting in Brutal Doom STILL fucks with enemy behavior - projectiles are still at least twice as fast as they should be, the hitscanners went from Star Wars Stormtrooper-tier shots to "Wings off a fly," and the pinkies and lost souls are way more aggressive and harder to get away from.

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Is there a way to disable auto-loading in ZDoom?

I know you can turn off the auto-save functionality when starting the next map, but it is the auto-loading that is annoying. If I manually save anywhere, the game preferentially loads that save when I die, rather than pistol-starting me as it should.

Do I really have to go through the process of downloading and setting up a different source port, just for this moderate inconvenience? I see people have been asking for this feature since at least 2009, but I don't know if it has been added.

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Not him, but Doom 64 is good, especially if you're looking for a creepy dark atmosphere. The controls are quite nicely done, too.
It might be a bit TOO dark, though, even with brightness all the way up.

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I believe you go to the console on Zdoom and type sv_autosavecount 0

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Hmm. I might give it a go. The only time I've played a hint of Doom 64 was a custom WAD that has a level with the Doom 64 shotgun and sprites.

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It doesn't recognize that as a command, but I'm not sure it would help anyway - it is the loading I'm concerned about. I can already disable the autosaving. Thanks, though.

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You can turn off the advanced AI in the options

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Would like to play DOOM on my MacBook

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I actually just played through all of Doom 1's episodes recently and I found it unreasonably hard as well....until after throwing myself against the wall over and over again actually yielded awesome results and now I replay this episode casually for fun. It'll whip you into shape.

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I did it. By savescumming out my ass.

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No but level you posted wasn't very good.

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any love for doom 64? I had nightmares for months...and I didnt beat it on nightmare before I had to return it
I do regret that till now

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It's awesome. Atmosphere and level design are top notch even if some monsters got cut. It's considered by some fans as the true sequel to Doom 2 for a reason. [citation needed]

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favorite level?
>even simpler
name unrelated, an awesome arena shaped level

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>barrels o' fun

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I mean, doom 64
>last call
even the BGM was elder god tier

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It was pretty tough, but I managed to beat it on UV, using only a keyboard in Chocolate Doom.

Doom II on the other hand, that game is stupidly difficult.

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Just wait until you get to the Plutonia Experiment portion of Final Doom. They put an Arch-Vile on the first map.

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Is it even possible to get 100% kills on the first level of Episode 4 on UV?

Seems like you don't have enough ammunition.

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>Doom II
>Stupidly difficult

Did we play the same game? Doom II was mostly a walk in the park for me.

Final Doom is where things got interesting.

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When do you guys consider ok to save? I came up with a rule about saving every time I find a key card.

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I used to play keyboard only as well. It took some getting used to using strafe effectively.

>> No.2496730

what key do you use to strafe?

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I tend to avoid saving on maps that are doable in 30 minutes or less. Longer maps, I often attempt to see if I can do it without saving first, and if I find its too tedious to restart after 50 minutes of work, then I decide to use saves.

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Yeah. Ammo conservation is important on this level. It's hard but possible:


>> No.2496748

I'd use the Left Shift Key.

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It's frustrating because i personally dislike the city levels, but is not that hard actually

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Playing Doom 1 and 2 back to back one after another, I had serious problems getting the resolve to finish the second game, while I managed to finish the first in around five days. Doom 2's maps are so needlessly big, the sprint speed is practically your only speed.

>> No.2496786

>i personally dislike the city levels
Industrial Zone is underrated, IMO.

>Doom 2's maps are so needlessly big

I only found that to be the case with The Pit, and The Chasm.

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Doom 64 is possibly my favorite, not only is the atmosphere great, the level design is top notch. All I would want from Doom 4 is for it to be exactly like Doom 64 with more monsters.

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Damn, he made that look easy. I never thought of using the rocket launcher like that. Now I see how it's done.

Thanks anon.

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