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So anyone else here /Bad/ at retro games? It just seems like I'm complete shit at them. I REALLY want to get into them more but they're hard for some reason. Not gonna lie, I'm shit at SMB 1. I guess what I'm asking is, hwo do you get good at retro games?

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What kind of controller are you using? It sounds stupid, but that may help a little.

Best you can do is practice.

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A dualshock 4. It just feels like I'm sliding around on SMB 1, too.

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The trick to SMB is to constantly go full speed.

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Also I hate using save states and such so yeah. I don't think I can honestly beat SMB 1 without save states.

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Yes you can OP. Just keep playing it. It isn't a hard game by any stretch of the imagination.
If you are actually playing your emulated games with a dual shock then please stop and get a better usb controller with a nice d-pad.

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SMB is pretty hard. You screw up once and trying to get past all the hammer brothers in world 8 can be a tremendous pain in the sphincter

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kb is a lot better than DS4's d-pad, not to say also input lag free

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I'm good at retro games, Mario 1 just sucks because of the slippery controls.

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KB sucks for any kind of 2D platforming. Fuck that shit.

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Try something more basic.

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It seems I've just stopped taking games seriously.

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>So anyone else here /Bad/ at retro games?
Me, by /vr/ standards.
The hardest game I've beaten is Akumajou Densetsu.

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Everyone's different, some things I find hard that most people would find easy and vice versa

Clinger Winger in Battletoads is the ultimate test of a controller's D-pad.

There should be a fucking bounty for whoever can clear that level using a 360 controller and its dogshit D-pad.

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Retro games are not really like newer games at all. And not just in the obvious ways.

New games generally hold your hand and then bottleneck cannon fodder towards you. Because making the player feel like a badass has become the point of modern gaming.

In older games, you are not meant to spend 22 hours running down a hallway killing moronic AI enemies who stick their necks out for you. Rather, you are meant to spend that 22+ hours mastering the gameplay and getting good at what you're doing. Overcoming the challenge, rather than simply putting in the time.

Like when people bitch because some random /vr/ game is "only" 3 hours long. But they overlook the fact that it takes potentially YEARS to get good enough to actually beat said game.

I'd say you're probably about average at /vr/ games. For a person who's new to them anyway.

I remember being like 5, and playing Mario for the first time and sucking absolute ass. My mom was amazing at it though. Why? Because she was more of a gamer than me and got more practice in. It's THAT simple.

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>YEARS to get good enough to actually beat said game.
Just how shit are you?
Even the games that are known to be hard (Ninja Gaiden, Ghost n Goblins, etc) can be beaten in less than a week by pretty much anyone.

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There are two tricks to older style games.

The first is to Gid Gud. It'll vary by game but a lot of games didn't give you any lee-way with their physics or anything and you had to learn how floaty shit was case by case and what you could get away with. A lot of modern games will give you massive benefit of the doubt and clip things in your favor.

The second is to recognize that a lot of older games eat up time. No continues, starts you over at stage 1, etc. Depending on your personal views you might play with an emulator and save states used reasonably, like the start of a stage or so and resume from there if you really fuck up.

Of course depending on the game part of the fun is retrying and planning a better route. SMB3 comes to mind for sure.

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Pretty much this.

The appeal of video games back in the day was that feeling of acomplishment you get by beating a game/AI at it's own game

The appeal of video games nowadays seem to be about pretty graphics and escapism

>Old Games - Playing against the game
>New Games - Playing with the game

p.s. this is not a dig at modern games, just a personal observation. I remember sucking ass at mario back when I first played it as a child. Now beating it is like second nature. Why? Not giving up, learning from your mistakes and practice, practice, practice

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I got past Clinger Winger with a Dual Shock 3, it works fine for pretty much any retro game I've played.

Anyway, buying a better controller isn't really going to help much, practicing and not giving up after a few game overs is all you need. Other than that, try to get used to the pace of retro games if you haven't already.

In modern games you can usually make lots of mistakes with no consequences since you always have infinite continues and plenty of checkpoints, in retro games you have to learn to be patient and carefully execute your moves, you can't waste lives, they are a limited resource. After you get used to the physics and get some good ol' muscle memory going you will be able to do stuff a lot faster.

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I suck too. Playing SMB3 at the moment and I can't even get passed world 3, and I'm trying as hard as I can.

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Your mom was better then you because you were 5 god damn years old. At 5 it was a good day if you didn't shit yourself.

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I've never got past world 7 because there comes a point where I say this is just bullshit

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which games have you tried? ive spent countless of hours trying to beat smb without warp zones, yet i beat mega man 1 (considered very hard) within two hours of getting it, and i have similar experiences with many games that are considered easy yet i cant beat them, or hard yet i can beat it blindfolded without practice. so try different games, even the ones considered brutally hard. other than that just practice, and dont play games that arent fun to practice because thats a waste of time

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there's this new thing called youtube

if you like video games but don't like playing them, pull up a longplay of the game you're interested in

suck at SMB1?
there you go

nobody cares if you're good at video games, and if all you want is to SEE the games, why SHOULDN'T you just do this?

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Wired, I hope. Wired USB controllers are laggy enough, but if you're playing a platformer with wireless then just get used to falling in holes bro.

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Nowhere in the OP do I see the implication that he just wants to see games. He appears to desire to get good. Maybe you should get good at posting.

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Anon don't listen to crap. Don't listen to anyone else. There is only one way to get good at retro games. And that is to play more.
That's about it. Now sit down and enjoy playing a game, even though you don't get to win.......easilly.

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it's piss easy 1cc some arcade shmups

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I'm pretty bad at games, but I don't really care either - they're a hobby when I get home and am tired from work and exercise, not meant to be stressful. Still plenty of fun (though I would like to beat more of the games I start)

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>taking the better part of a week to beat Ghosts n Goblins
Maybe if you're trying for a 1cc? Otherwise you're just terrible.

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Find what kind of pacing in a retro game works for you OP, there are more games than Mario, and I'm sure you'll find one game that clicks and you fare better with. Like I'm really good at Megaman, and Zelda, and Castlevania (1 and 3 anyways) to an extent, but I am absolutely terrible at Contra and Metal Slug. If a game is so hard you aren't having fun, don't force yourself to keep playing and playing or you'll just burn out and never enjoy yourself.

If you find that one game that really hits all the marks for you to the point that you want to play it over and over by choice, you'll get good without even realizing it.

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>I don't think I can honestly beat SMB 1 without save states.
>SMB is pretty hard.
>Mario 1 just sucks because of the slippery controls.
I'm genuinely shocked at these statements, but I'm also aware that I would probably say the same things about something like Bayonetta or a modern FPS. I played SMB so much as a kid that the issue of difficulty isn't one I even think about. I know the layout of every level, every hidden 1up, every pipe with a coin room, and every little trick (like changing Big Mario's hitbox in water levels).

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>Anyone here bad at retro games
Did you read that thread that was here where people complained that SMB3 was actually 'hard', with some people even saying it was harder than Dark Souls?

Yes. There is a fair number of terrible retro gamers here.

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Some old games are EVEN HARDER than Dark Souls

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That explains it. Not trying to act elitist, but using an actual NES controller would help.

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>Watching games instead of playing them
You make me fucking sick. What's happened to this board recently?

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I've tried The legend of Zelda, Whomp 'em, Gauntlet, track and field, and Mega Man 2.

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>if all you want is to SEE the games, why SHOULDN'T you just stop posting here forever

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>I have played every Ace Combat game at the highest difficulty
>I have beaten Dark Souls 1 and 2
>and I have even beaten every Shin Megami Tensei ever made

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SMB isn't a great choice for your first platformer, because it's one of the harder ones.

Try Kirby, Wario Land, SMB2 as Peach or Git Gud.

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>Ace Combat
>Dank Souls
>Every SMT games which means Persona 3, Persona 4, and Persona Q

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what games he is talking about?

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Pick one

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Wing Commander 1&2

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THIS. You really suck if you can't beat Mario of all things.

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>changing Big Mario's hitbox in water levels
I'm not familiar with this, what/how?

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Don't be so nasty. Everyone can't be good at games.

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Being able to beat Mario requires you to be AVERAGE.

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But almost one in five people are below average

It's not uncommon

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>almost one in five people are below average
does that mean a select few people are really, REALLY shit?

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So the fuck what retard? So what if someone is in the worst 1% of crappiest players at videogames? That doesn't mean you have to be rude and offensive.

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I've never actually beaten Super Mario Bros. I've gotten to the last part where you bounce on Bowser in the castle but I died when I hit him instead of opening the bridge. I've never gotten back that far.

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I suck at platformers now more than I did when I was a kid.

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Are you emulating? I thought I somehow became shit at Mario Bros 1. Then I set up my original NES and my gameplay was fucking night and day.

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In your defense world 7 IS bullshit. I'm stuck there with you brother.

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>Remember finishing SMB as a kid.
>Remember always going Sanic speed.
>Try emulate with accurate controller and whatnot.
>Die to first goomba.
Well fuck you too.

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But the DS4 is great

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World 7 was always where shit got real to me. Reaching it meant you skipped the warp to 8, and you were getting to into tough and unfamiliar territory.

I don't think I beat the game warpless until adulthood.

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>my opinion is the only one that matters
Fuck off. DS4 is the best controller I've ever used.

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This, but with Mario 64.

I thought I was getting old and retarded because I was failing that game. Hooked up the real system, and played as well as I did when I was a kid.

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You have to stick with one game and keep playing it over and over. It seems much more laborious than it really is, I'm sure if you really tried you could beat the game in a few hours. When you compare it to modern games it's much more worth it, there is little or no fluff/cutscenes/walking long distances to places, the game is all right there.

Personally I don't think of it as a complete/not complated kind of thing, even right after beating a game it's fun to go back and play it some more, really you just play the game to play the game and the learning comes with time. Don't think of everything as an obstacle in the way of your fun, the obstacle is the fun.

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A lot of good advice here, thanks. I honestly thought (since this is 4chan after all) that there would have been a WHOLE lot more douchebags.

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Developers have always tried to make the best graphics possible, and not all games have been arcade-style tests of skill. Adventure games, RPGs and simulators existed too.

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Ace Combat games are easy, why would you use that as a judge of difficulty? Yeah, on ace difficulty you die in one hit, but all you have to do is dodge.

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This is almost like the 'Katana's deserve better in D20' of /vr/.

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I'm not so sure. I've been able to beat some games that are notorious for their difficulty. I've beat Ninja Gaiden before, as well as Megaman 2 (although to be honest, I get the feeling that Megaman 2 must have only become known for its difficulty recently by hipsters because it was actually easy as fuck), Zelda 2, and others. I've beaten every other /vr/ Mario game, and they're mostly fairly average difficulty. But in all these years I've never been able to beat Super Mario Bros. I made it to 8-4 once, with like 8 lives to spare, only to lose them all. I think that SMB is actually a harder game than most people remember because everybody's played it so much that it feels easy nowadays.

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Correction: I've beaten every other /vr/ Mario game, except SMB1 and Lost Levels.

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the only way to git gud is to git gud i'm afraid

if you can't do it then you can't do it

it can't be explained, you either have it or you don't

i mean, shit son, I beat smb when I was literally 5 (ok, tbh I couldn't beat the last level at that age 'cause I couldn't figure out the sequencing so young, but I could still go through the whole game and reach the level by that age. by 8 I beat it tho).


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I beat emulated SMB (without using warp zones) with a 360 controller and I used its analog stick. It was fine. Stop making excuses plebs.


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>I made it to 8-4 once, with like 8 lives to spare, only to lose them all.
Out of curiosity, what did you die to exactly? Personally, that one fucking Hammer Bro before Bowser used to get me till I got gud.

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>So the fuck what retard? So what if someone is in the worst 1% of crappiest players at videogames? That doesn't mean you have to be rude and offensive.
Actually it does. Go back to webbit where you can downvote if you don't like your feelings hurt.

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How do I use my PS4 controller with my PC?

I tried using it with an emulator (I think it was Project 64) and I couldn't even map out the buttons. I think the button inputs were picking up on the six axis or god knows what; they just kept filling up randomly, even if I helt it still.

Pls help.

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There's no reason to be upset, dude. Who hurt you?

I can't remember exactly, it's been a while since I last played it, but I had trouble with the large lava pit in the first area with the floating platform in it

>> No.2481243

Persistence. Plant your ass on the couch and play all day. If your brain is even remotely functional anymore, you will learn and your muscle memory will learn as well.

Here's a tip that works for some action games, including this one. Sometimes you can overthink things. At some points in Super Mario Bros, your best bet is to simply keep running straight forward and concentrate on when to jump and how high. Stopping, going to the left, or otherwise losing your cool can trip you up and actually make things harder than it would be if you just kept up the pace. Of course, this doesn't mean "hold right and b the whole game", but when you're having trouble or you've gotten good at a section, figure out when you can get away with "hold right and b" and get a feel/memorize your jump timing and you can render sections or entire levels into a matter of timing a button presses while you just sprint through.

This is something most people pick up when trying to do time trials in games, nevermind the more serious speedrunners out there. On that note, practicing time trials in games is one of the best ways to hone your skills. I personally enjoyed doing time trials in Sonic CD more than I enjoy all the time travel nonsense in the main game. Finding the optimum path, shaving off every second I can, jumping the perfect height and maintaining momentum. The Android versions of Sonic 1 and 2 also added time trials, and it's a lot of fun getting more and more perfect with each run.

But I'm not trying to turn you into a time trial speedrun fanatic. Just, things can be simplified when you are able to reduce it down to "when to jump". You'll run into tricky moments like in the castles, the hammer bros, and of course swimming, but Mario can avoid a lot of danger by not slowing down and panicking over it. Running is a great defense, you can keep doing it until the situation calls for something else.

>> No.2481257 [DELETED] 

lol? you're the one who's literally getting upset that somebody said something mean on 4chan. that's a projection if I ever saw one breh.

>> No.2481268

I'm not even that guy. I don't care if you're being an asshole, this is the internet. Just pointing out that you're being an asshole.

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Then I've succeeded ;^D

>> No.2481278

>analog stick
>2D platformer
What the fuck.
I'd take 360's D-pad over any analog stick.

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Yeah nicely done

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It might just be platforming is bad for you.

SMB was the only game I had on my nes as a kid and I never beat it. Got the gba version years later, still failed spectacularly with warp pipes.

But I'm willing to admit I have the reflexes of a dead cat. Still love playing the game though.

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SMB 1, and probably Lost Worlds, are the hardest official mario games.

>> No.2482918

>Games with basically unlimited continues via save files

>> No.2482931


Are you stupid, or just smoking?

>> No.2482938

I said hardest of the mario games. Can you into reading comprehension?

>> No.2482941

Different things are hard for different people. I beat all the other nes/snes marios but 1.

>> No.2482946


lost worlds is 10x harder than smb1. smb1 is hardest out of the rest of smb games.

lost worlds is also incredibly underappreciate. the level design is clever and full of effort and care, but the game is written off as lol hardmode romhack. although this criticism is valid, it discredits the level designer efforts

>> No.2482948

I'm really bad at 2D platformers apparently. Mario styled ones.

Actraiser 2 has haunted me for years. I've gotten to Tanzra one time and was promptly killed. I don't know if I'll ever beat it.

>> No.2483604

I love Lost Levels more than I should. It has decent level design with fair difficulty. Too bad I have the all stars port

>> No.2483606

practice. also ds4 controller dpad is pretty shit for 2d games. saturn controller is best

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people also forget a very big point of gaming back in the day.


Nobody sat infront of a CRT for more then 2-3 horus at a time before then losing interest and going outside to play. Parents don't regulate their kids the way ours used to. There is no "X amount of time for gaming, then go do your homework" It's just "Go entertain yourself and leave mommy alone so she can tweet on facebook"

Its sad, but very true in this day and age. You could say SMB is a 2 hour game at max in terms of length, but good luck beating it in 2 hours if you've never played before.

>> No.2483693

>having good parents
yeah, we're all real happy for you fag

>> No.2483748

>Nobody sat infront of a CRT for more then 2-3 horus at a time
Speak for yourself, nerd, I was playing Nintendo all weekend, before school, after school and whenever else I could.

>> No.2483789 [DELETED] 

1) You're a fool.

2) More than kids played videogames then as they do now. Go outside and play, are you kidding me? You sound like some 14 yo who should go back to /v/.

3) Hours and hours and hours and hours in front of the tv playing videogames. SMB isn't a particularly deep game, people would play different ones.

4) I'm still pissed off at the stupidity of your post. That you could think that, that "Nobody sat infront of a CRT for more then 2-3 horus at a time before then losing interest and going outside to play." It embarrasses me as a human that you could be a human and say/think that. What are you smoking.

>> No.2483792

1) Wow.

2) More than kids played videogames then as they do now. Go outside and play, are you kidding me? You sound like some clueless individual who should go back to /v/. That you just automatically assume that only a kid would play a videogame.

3) Hours and hours and hours and hours in front of the tv playing videogames. SMB isn't a particularly deep game, people would play different ones.

4) I'm still pissed off at the stupidity of your post. That you could think that, that "Nobody sat infront of a CRT for more then 2-3 horus at a time before then losing interest and going outside to play." It embarrasses me as a human that you could be a human and say/think that. What are you smoking.

>> No.2484917

I can't believe I never heard of the continue in SMB. I might just be able to beat it now.

>> No.2485060


World 3 gives me so many memories.

I recall my mom yelling "That FUCKING fish keeps eating me!"

I try.

Fucking fish eats me.

>> No.2485109

Who needs continues when you have 255 1ups from 3-1?

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mario 1 on nes is the rare game I can beat without dying. with warps of course. i can do it within 15 mins if I'm on my A game.

>> No.2485148

pretty much this. after 4-2. it's nothing but speed run to the finish. i can make the sex look so good on 8-2, anons would be prout

>> No.2485415

>i can make the sex look so good on 8-2
What the fuck is that supposed to mean?

>> No.2485546

Is that from the koopa on the stairs? Because I was never able to get that timing right.

>> No.2485713

means i sped run and never stop the entire time. jumping over every single tunnel at full speed and at peak jump. thus made the sex

>> No.2485714

Yep. You have to be big mario (I'm pretty sure?) and I always do it on the third step, for some reason. Jump on the turtle when it's about 1/3 over the edge. I miss occasionally, just jump in the pit to the left and retry.

>> No.2486621

Check out DS4Windows.

Run it whenever you plug in your DS4 and it replaces the DirectInput with XInput, which more Windows applications are likely to use.

Basically, the computer sees your DS4 as an X360 controller, and the touchpad as a mouse.

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