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/vr/ charts thread

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I really like these. They introduced me to some good stuff.

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Still missing a few cool titles like Maboroshi Tsukiya, Tokimemo 2 (very popular but still the best of the series), Mitsumete Knight, Double Cast, etc. I mean, if you're gonna bother adding VNs and Dating Sims, at least get the more original titles. Good chart, nonetheless.

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Who makes these things? 22 year old faggots with too much time on their hands? Most of this 'information' is opinion at best and even then it's a shitty one.

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>Whomp Em

Glad I'm not the only one who played that game.

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>22 year old faggots
That looks like it was made by a 12 year old

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You really don't know what recommendation charts are?

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The dpad on the the new gen controllers is fucking awful. The Saturn pad should be top of the list for retro games.

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The list already says the best way to emulate is to get the original controller for the system. The tiers thing is for new controllers. It's now changed so it should be less confusing.

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Chart should have taken into account button sensitivity.
DS4 wins.

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I dont think /vr/ made this. It's quite old.

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Saved. Man I really didn't utilise my SNES enough as a kid that shit looks amazing.

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>originai tier

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It's actually a pretty good chart. You're probably just complaining because you own a bad/shit tier controller. The comment at the end about economies of scale is real, and it's the reason why Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo controllers are better than ones by dedicated peripheral manufacturers like Logitech and Razer. The awful 360 D-pad is also real. The 360 controller is amazing for games that use the analog sticks (and it's going pretty cheap right now,) but it sucks for retro because the D-pad is unforgivably bad. There's almost no resistance to accidentally hitting a diagonal when you're trying to hold a single direction.

If I was going to complain about the chart, I feel like the Logitech controllers (F310 and F710) are given a bad rap. They're not as good as first-party controllers, but their D-pads are surprisingly good for circular ones. I've heard some people say nice things about them, including that they kind of feel like the ones on the Saturn. I've also heard people praise the Wii U controller, so maybe the guy writing the chart just needed some time to get used to the layout.

In any case, if someone was on the market for a good controller (and not just a decent/passable/usable one) I would recommend ones from that guide.

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I have a mock-PS2 Logitech controller, and it's not bad.

Want that Dualshock 4 though. That shit looks excellent.

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you can move those buffalo controllers out of the god tier category; they're nowhere near that great

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>missing Lost Vikings 2 and a lot of other lesser-known SNES games
What a bad list. I'd make one myself, but I only know how to use paint. Maybe I'll do it in paint and make a thread here, and some other Anons can help me?

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>Want that Dualshock 4 though. That shit looks excellent.
Imo it's the greatest controller ever made.

XBox 360 controller would have been the all time greatest hands down if it didn't have the terrible D-Pad, but because of its D-Pad I think the DS4 wins.

DS4 isn't as comfortable as XBox 360 controller unfortunately. XBox 360 controller was like sex for your hands. I think the XBone controller is a step down from it, smaller and crampier. All Microsoft had to do was reissue the 360 controller, but with a perfect D-Pad. And that's it, you'd have the best controller ever (oh, and switch it to in-built rechargeable batteries too)

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Seems like someone went out of their way to not include any Capcom games in this.

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the button feel incredibly week, the triggers are garbage, especially compared to 360 one, the shape isn't good enough, the dpad is still shit, and worst of all, it broke quite easily.

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Nah, the DS4 is an improvement on the DS3, which was so good that the design hardly changed over three generations. The shape is fine.

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capcom didnt do much on the genesis, there were street fighter ports and strider that was actually coded by sega

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Sure. List it out in plaintext or upload to pastebin and if it's not shitty I'll help.

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This chart is terribly bad.

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>things that aren't true

Especially that dpad comment, the DS4 dpad might just be the best dpad ever.

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>>2482927 see >>2477721

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Ghouls n Ghosts should be on that list somewhere. I would just assume see The Immortal on there in place of a Road Rash as well.

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>chart thread
>a few retards derail it into discussion about fucking controllers
Fucking kill yourself, faggots.

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