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>Cammy is 41

>Chun-Li is 47

>Dee Jay is 49

>Ryu is 50

>Zangief is 59

>Dhalsim is 63

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>OP is a faggot

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Time flies.

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what ever do you mean op? it's stil 1999

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Would fuck MILF Cammy and Chun Li all the same

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and Bart Simpson is 38, whats your point?

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Nobody care OP.

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They stopped giving SF characters years of birth DOS beginning with SFA, now everyone just has a day and month. Nobody cares though. Everyone would gladly a Chun.

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How old is Sakura?

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Between 14-19 between 1987 and 1991.

So about... Between 38 and 47?

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would bang loli sakura/10

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Is Ryu constipated?

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He's Japanese.

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>Haggar is in his late 70's

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Not really, but he turns 72 in a few months.

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so he is probably more like the an expert at the BACK PAIN now.

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this might confirms him for Street Fighter V because it's the game that place right before the events of Street Fighter III.

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>Ryu is a sexual predator

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>implying Sakura isn't the one more likely to try and get him drunk and rape him

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There's absolutely nothing wrong with men interacting with young girls. Assuming otherwise says more about you than anything.

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isn't it sakura that's constantly chasing him? doesn't that make her the predator?

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Every fighter is.

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How many games do age up their characters over sequels? I recall Garou MOTW doing it, and VF5 had many characters looking notably older.

Lau getting the worst makeover, mostly because he has a fatal disease storyline wise, so aging up means that he has to look old and sick out of the sudden.

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Compare it to how he looks in the first game.

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>m-muh statutory rape!
>teenage girls aren't attracted to adult men!

Age of consent is just a feminist conspiracy to ensure hags have less competition

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Oh fuck off with that shit. If you want to fuck 14-year-old kids that's your business, talk about it on /r9k/

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Nice projecting

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You don't know what that means.

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I think Street Fighter V should take place in the future

Yes Soul Calibur V cocked it up horribly but Street Fighter hasn't moved in fucking years.

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bison looked aged in v

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Street Fighter V brings the game full circle with Street Fighter III since I learned in another thread that the events of IV happen way before the ones in III.

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>dogs are still cute when they grow up

Why do humans have to get uglier?

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>Why do humans have to get uglier?

We live like 6 times longer

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Yeah, but the scale of their aging is basically the same.

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look at pics of a hairless dog aging or like a bull dog

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I guess it's the facial structure I'm focused on, not the whole body. But that is weird I never knew they got wrinkly like that.

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Metal Gear Solid, Resident Evil and Yakuza all managed to maintained a consistent real-time continuity and aged their characters accordingly. Granted, they sometimes cheat a bit by making some of their games prequels.

On that note, I'm disappointed that Capcom didn't make an actual timeline-wise sequel to Street Fighter III and pulled the floating timeline shit for IV, but I'm guessing pandering to nostalgiafags is much safer than taking any actual creative risk.

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Would be awesome to see aged characters as alternative skins in the next Street Fighter.

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I hate the new Street Fighter art style from 4 onwards.

A shit.

That gorilla look is super gHeY.

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I agree, everyone looks super bulky and weird, almost like Dragonball Z or something.

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how old is mario?

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Sakura Cammy Juni Juli all Shadaloo Doolls. All the same age.

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No no, its still 1992.

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Same shit with the resident evil games, though I guess thats slightly more believable than middle aged fighter 2 super turbo EX 2015 retro arcade edition

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Didn't care much for vanilla SF4, but I thought the aesthetics got all better from the Super edition and onward. Which is kinda fitting since the World Warrior edition of SF2 had pretty ugly graphics compared to Champion Edition and onward.

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Tekken did it, though some of their characters have somewhat escaped the whole "looking older" thing. It's most telling with the time skip from 2 to 3, a lot of that cast looks somewhat to completely different.

Law and Paul got eye-wrinkles and veins, Wang's got completely frail, Kazuya is a mess of scars and DEVIL GENE and Heihachi went totally white-haired...and then didn't, it's weird. Lei and Baek are pretty notably NOT fresh-faced anymore, Ganryu has wrinkles. Everyone else is either dead, unaged, or likewise masked.

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>Ryu is asexual

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I like how in Garou, they say that Terry is past his prime and an old man. Dude's like thirty or something in it.

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>Dude's like thirty or something in it.

He's in his 40s

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Jesus shit, he's older than my father.

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>On that note, I'm disappointed that Capcom didn't make an actual timeline-wise sequel to Street Fighter III and pulled the floating timeline shit for IV, but I'm guessing pandering to nostalgiafags is much safer than taking any actual creative risk.

Same, but this seems to have changed in V, Cammy looks noticeably older.

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Timeline goes like this:

-Street Fighter & Final Fight 1 (1987)
-Final Fight 2/Street Fighter Zero 1&2 (late 1987 thru early 1989)
-Street Fighter Zero 3 (1989 thru early 1990. Double Upper is the latest
version, Cammy ages from 15 to 16 by the time the psycho drive's destroyed)
-Street Fighter 2 (1993. X Revival is the latest version)
-Street Fighter 4 (1994, one year after SF2)
-Super Street Fighter 4 (late 1994 to early 1995, Ultra SF4 is the latest
-Street Fighter 3 New Generation and SF3 Second Impact (1998. Second
Impact replaces and expands on New Generation)
-Street Fighter 3 Third Strike (1999. This is SF3's epilogue)

SFV, we do not know yet

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He's 56 years old as of Third Strike

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Also, here fellas a good compilation of Street Fighter "lore"



It was done in another old ass page long ago, its the classic plotguide

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Part of me wishes they'd make a Street Fighter where the characters are noticeably older, and that you'd see almost entirely new fighters, with a non-canonical game being released every now and then with everyone in their prime. Basically like the KOF series does.

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>Capcom fans will never have the joy of seeing their favorite characters aged and matured
SNK was so boss with this back in the days. Older Ryo in Buriki One, Older Terry in Garou, Young Geese in AOF, and pic related from the PSX game. KOF never really aged the characters much in comparison to their other franchises, but at least they changed significantly over the years.

Even MK and some Tekken characters have aged.

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I just want Shermie to accommodate my penis.

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>good compilation

A lot of it is pure fanfiction, notably the description of the Shun Goku Satsu.

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It seems it's based on some shit from official sources like the All About Capcom books and guide books or some shit.
Though I aree that sometimes he reaches a little with his "conjecturing".

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isn't that what they did in third strike?

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But Ryu and Ken were barely aged, and most of the new cast sucked donkey balls.

And SNK did it infinitely better

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Like this fella said >>2475656

It takes a lot of information from various sources, from Comic books released in Japan, to Guide books and stuff. So of course you need to take it with a grain of salt, specially when the established lore is also pretty hectic.

Basic stuff like timelines is spot on though

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What society do you live in? A man talking to a young girl is absolutely suspicious in the western world. Yeah it's fucked up but that's the point the fearmongering over child molesters got to. It's also not suspicious if it's a woman.

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>SNK was so boss with this back in the days.

SNK is boss with everything.

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Except for designing fair bosses.

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Amen bro.
...or was atleast. Playmore doesn't have the same quality and charisma that OG SNK had. XIII was good though, can't wait for a new game.

Later bosses were much more fair, actually.
RBFF SP, RBFF2 for example, had pretty fair bosses, a little too easy even. Garou wasn't easy, but it did felt pretty fair.

Motherfuckers like Goenitz, Krizallid, Zero and Igniz were much more fair in the UM versions too.

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Yeah. SNK games just feel so fucking authentic and real. Those guys loved making games and it shows.

XIII is good but I can't find real life friends to play with. I only find people for kof98 online. The game I truly want to get good at is LB2 but it's dead.

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Ryu was born in the S-century!

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>not being born in 19XX