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Is it really that bad?

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as a game? not really. as a game based on a movie? terrible and disappointing

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I've seen gameplay of it. I've found most Atari games of that era completely dull and meandering.

If you're intrigued, get a ROM.

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It's about the same as any other Atari game. There were far worse games on Atari.

I always considered it more of a disappointment than a failure. People expected it to be something incredible with all of the hype.

No, the worst game of all time has to be a title appointed to a game that absolutely fails on every level like Bubsy 3D or Superman 64.

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It's a C-.

As an adventure game from 1982, it's not bad. Even ambitious for a 2600 game. It's just way too short. ET expects you to treat it like an arcade game, where you play the game over and over again trying to get a higher score.

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all atari games that are not a maze or a shooter are terrible

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> I don't read manuals, nor even for 2nd Gen games because fuck reading

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It depends on the studio. Activision was GOAT, Atari was all over the place, Imagic games looked pretty but were just okay, 20th Century Fox was mostly bad and stay the fuck away from Mystique.

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Who are you quoting?

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No, I think it's not half bad for atari.

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You, Faggot. Both of you obviously fail to read the manuals.

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>calling people faggots over 30 year old video games

Tough guy, eh?

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Who are you quoting?

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What are some cool 2600 games? I enjoyed Breakout, Berzerk and Defender

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All day err day

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yes it was fucking retarded
not that I played it or owned this stupid console

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Warlords, River Raid, Sea Quest, Phoenix, Spider Fighter, Pitfall 1&2, Chopper Command

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Defender 2 > Defender

Sometimes labelled "Stargate", you should prefer this over the first one.

Also: Dolphin, Spiderman, HERO, Star Wars Arcade, Starmaster, Asteroids, Space Invaders, Demon Attack, Kangaroo, Yars Revenge, Frostbite, etcetera

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Yes but ever since AVGN mentioned it you're gonna get a flood of contrarians telling you otherwise. Same applies to Simon's Quest and Castlevania IV being the best in the series.

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Most 2600 games were pretty terrible to begin with. Yes E.T. was bad. You have 100% freedom to download and check it out for yourself.

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Turmoil, it's a lightning fast shooting game that plays like an inside-out Tempest.

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Does anyone remember a car game where you had to match up the front end shapes with falling pieces?

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You sound like you do.

It sounds awkward though.

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Is this your first day on 4chan?
Get used to the word faggot, you faggot.

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>you're not allowed to like Castlevania 2, my favorite internet celebrity said so!
Oh, okay.

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>everyone judges the 2600 from Pac-Man and ET

The Ms. Pac-Man port is good! Honest! It even lets you change the number of ghosts! That's a neat feature, right? ;_;

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Demon Attack, Atlantis, H.E.R.O, Yar's Revenge

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Reposting 2600 GIFs

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I'd rather type in a captcha than click pictures of sushi.

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There are legends its so bad, it drove Atari playtesters to suicide...or was it murder to hide the epic awfulness of the game?

You decide.

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This was gorgeous for the time.

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gravitar was my favorite arcade port
the physics seemed the same but the planets n shit were filled in and I didn't suck dick at the port version

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I've always been curious - is there a reason they couldn't do dots?

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You do NOT want to know how the graphics on the 2600 are programmed. It's just a very long string of convoluted workarounds.

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