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Is it weird that I miss the old N64 cheap environments in most 3D games? You know the paper thin pixelated tree/bushes etc that would move with you when you were looking at them?

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I get a retro boner for it too, but only if the aesthetic was still good. Lots of ps1 games seemed to have more barren textures than n64

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Goemon was excellent at making bad graphics look interesting and unique. Those towns were immersive as fuck.

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I still play this game every other year or so, great great great soundtrack.

RIP Goemon, thanks Konami.

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>You know the paper thin pixelated tree/bushes etc that would move with you when you were looking at them?
You mean like Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes?

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>Is it weird that I miss the old N64 cheap environments in most 3D games?

Yes. That's called nostalgia, but so is everything else on /vr/ so nevermind...

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one of those games that i regret not buying back in the old days

loved it

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I prefer GGA overall but Starring Goemon had some amazing moments.


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These are the 2 that come to mind when I think Goemon soundtrack.



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Unlucky faggeT, played it since pal release.


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>he didn't play it so he could hear everybody talk about superstar Jichael Mackson and Impact's hollywood film roles
>never realizing that Ebisumaru actually somewhat looks like James Dean just like he said
>you will never swim inside a giant ramen soup bowl
>never seeing Goemon transform into a supersaiyajin
>you will never witness the Peach Mountain Shogun's glorious musical
>some giant fat kid will never grab candy while you're sitting inside the cupboard
>you will never throw explosive barrels at Benkei's legs

ayyyy u missed out

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Right now pixelated games are all the rage with indie game devs. I wonder if we're soon reaching a point where low-poly, low-texture 3D will be the next aesthetic they move onto. Certainly not all of them because that would require some actual talent, but certainly some?

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But Goemon still looks pretty good, all thigs considered.

And sometimes they made smart use of these "paper thing pixelated trees", like on this castle where everything is supposed to be actually cardboard trees because it's like a theatre stage.

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Will Goemon ever come back from a non-Pachiko?

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konami is kill

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The ex-Goemon Team are not part of Konami anymore.

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I still don't buy that, even if the rumors are true and they drop Kojima they have to have something planned. They can't be dumb enough to shoot themselves in the foot to death.

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Goemon like game from team Kickstarter when?

They can name the ninja Coemen.

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I believe Etsunobu Ebisu works for good-feel, the developer of Wario Land Shake It, Kirby's Epic Yarn, and now Yoshi's Woolly World. It seems he's busy making Nintendo games now.

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I've seen a few games like this already. It'll be the new thing sooner or later. People have to get sick of indie game pixel art sooner or fuckin later.

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Quirks like this are why we play retro games. There's nothing quite like muh nostalgia

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Can't get it to work

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You may be confused. It's not a magic eye. When you were in the game, the "front" of the object would rotate with you so it always looked the same.

I'll try to find an example.

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i think all doom sprites do that, try that for an example

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There ya go, basically no matter where you stand the sprites will always move with you so the image is in the same position. If you stood near said sprites in most game you'd see they were paperthin.

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Skip ahead to 9:12.

>also you like EskimoPoodle he's a decent unknown Let's Player but since 2 months ago he stopped making videos because no one watches them

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Should have used facecam, misleading thumbnails, call his fans a stupid name like "the "x" army" and played OoT or popular indie games, DUH!

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In cartoonish games like that I don't even think they look bad. It's only a flaw to judge perspective when objects like these can be interacted with. You never know when you're about to make contact or not.

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>the "x" army

What? That's a new one to me.

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Isn't that what PDP basically calls his fan the "bro army" or some stupid shit like that

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No I mean the game's skyboxes are a bit buggy. Anyone have any plugin suggestions? I'm currently using Jabo's Direct 3D6.1.5.2

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Don't know I still have the real cart.

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There was a TON of this in Super Smash Bros. All of the Pokemon in the entire game were like this, even the one's in Saffron City.

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I wish that fuck wouldn't even exist. Seriously.

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Me and my brothers used to call 2D sprites that followed the camera "paper" things.

Ex: "Are those trees 3D or paper?"

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i don't mind sprites that follow your view but i hate it when the sky follows your view. mystical ninja and shenmue are two examples where they do this, i think maybe mario 64 does it as well. a fixed skybox is much better imo.

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given that their technical term is "billboards" you weren't too far off

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I like a lot of environments in older games

They had huge limitations to how much they could put in, and when given the resourves a lot of them did excellent jobs

I see it as appreciating different styles of art that were made using different limitaitons of tools.

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Shooting themselves in the foot would be what they've been doing with their over budget over hype and underselling video games for the past half decade.

Making Pachinko machines and slot machines for the US is a much safer line of business.

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Still sad as fuck to see a once leader in video games now mostly into casino shit.

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For some reason things like that really off-put me...maybe it's because they stick out like a sore thumb and look so out of place.

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what happened to konami? they were immaculate for so long.

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They saw Metal Gear becoming huge so they stopped everything and out all their eggs in 1 basket. That's my take.

Look at Castlevania, they gave up on the franchise themselves and gave it to a outside dev who made 2 shitty games and then said, ehhh we're done with Castlevania no one wants it anymore. Then Iga made the Kickstarter and the old Konami fans said Fuck You to Konami and throw money at Iga.

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Same thing happened with Silent Hill, except it got many mediocre sequels.

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what do we have left of the grorious nippon besides squeenix and nintendon't? Does Crapcom even count anymore?

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Don't look for the majors. They go the way of the EA, it's natural and inevitable. The bar to enter the software market though is lower, that smaller companies can show their creative side.

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>Expecting anything good out of indie devs
Havn't even been fooled once by kickstarter or any other retarded funding campaign

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>But Goemon still looks pretty good, all thigs considered.

it looks N64 good. Which is still pretty crap to what the PSX was puttig out at it's height

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This is what a 3D Goemon looks like on PlayStation.

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oh man, looks like the fence texture from minecraft, heck, even the brick wall looks like it's from minecraft

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>looks like it's from minecraft
Kill yourself , 7th genner.

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Go back to your containment board /v/

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I think we're already there to some degree. Like take for example redlettermedia's new review for Broken Age. One of them makes a brief comment how appealing the game looks and is thankful its not another pixel art game.

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Too bad that legitametely funny games (with some dank humor) like goemon or banjo kazooie won't be made again, I'm still on the fence about that kickstarter for the "banjo kazooie" remake

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