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I just beat ActRaiser and fucking loved it.

Is the sequel worth playing? I don't like to emulate and I'd appreciate some opinions before I buy the cart.

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How much did you enjoy the overworld parts?

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It's a solid action platformer but it just feels depressing and lifeless in comparison to the first one. It bums me out, man.

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As >>2433557 implied, if you didn't care about the "strategic" part of the game and preferred the action, you should be ok with the sequel.

However, if you really liked the god part then I have bad news for you.

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Its a decent action game at best, got rid of the sim parts though. It also controls differently. I consider this Quintet's only blunder.

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I liked the Sim parts, nice breakup between the action stages. But let's be honest, it really wasn't that great. I played ActRaiser for the action stages, and being a fan of City Builders (Pharaoh is the best!) the Sim was just a nice bonus.

How do the action stages compare to the AR1?

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Yes, yes, fucking yes, if you can get a handle on the (admittedly wonky) controls, Actraiser 2 is an awesome platformer with awesome boss bottles and killer level design.

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ActRaiser 2 is a good game, but the feel is pretty different. Your character moves more slowly and deliberately. It's considerably more difficult, but the challenge is satisfying.

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I've heard enough to warrant the purchase.

I paid $30 for excellent condition ActRaiser from a website and was okay with that price. Now what's a good price for an NTSC cart of ActRaiser 2?

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These are the going prices lately.

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>tfw I won a lot for Actraiser 1 and 2, and Illusion of Gaia for 27 dollars not long ago.

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That game is so hard. I don't think I've ever finhished it. The music and graphics are wonderful, though. Just thinking about it makes me want to play it again.

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2 is better

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The thing with Actraiser 2 is the game doesn't do a good job of teaching you how to play. You have to be methodical in understanding the controls.

Once you get past this difficulty, is the game any good? I like it, but I don't like it as much as the action stages in Actraiser 1. Granted, Actraiser 2 is more fleshed out in terms of action levels/content, but they compensated for the Master's improved skillset by making the enemies faster and more difficult. Beating Actraiser 2 is a slow, careful experience. The game makes you feel you are at the mercy of the stage, instead of the other way around.

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Phoenix Dive owns.

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There's a Japanese literal translation rom and it is MUCH harder than the American version.

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>There's a Japanese literal translation rom and it is MUCH harder than the American version.

Fuck, forgot to mention that I was referring to the first game.

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I beat 2 on hard mode and I tried the Japanese untranslated last week and it seemed harder.