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So, you have played and beaten your favorite classic games. They have gotten to easy.

What are some of the challenges you have implemented to make beating the game a challenge?

Final Fantasy: All white mages; no rat tail usage.

Legend of Zelda: Wooden sword through out.
I have also done a no sword run which got really damn hard until you you get the wand. Sword is only used to beat Ganon.

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Resident Evil 1: Knife only, no saving, as Chris (he has more HP) and with a version that had autoaiming, which does make a difference and make the Tyrant fight in the lab easier.

Biohazard 3: Knife only. I say Biohazard because I did it with the Jap version, on easy, which is the easiest version of the game; and even then the battle against Nemesis at the Clock Tower was an intense 25 mins endurance fight in which every step count and a mistep can be deadly. This wasn't a no save run this time though, I had to use a save before and after that fight.

Final Fantasy VIII : no lvl up playthrough. I know everyone is going to say "that only makes the game easier", but to this I'd answer it's the case only if you have full knowledge of the game, and if you used walkthroughs of FAQs for that knowledge, it's pretty much null. I acquired all the knowledge necessary for a perfect no lvl up run on my own after countless playthroughs of the game and the only time I used a FAQ was for the stupid UFO quest.

I usually play SMB3 without using items on the world map before entering a lvl. It's not a big challenge but it does make a difference.

Duke Nukem 3D :Damn I'm Good difficulty, must kill every enemy. On that difficulty enemies respawn unless you gib them, so it's all about proper ammo conservartion and using smart and alternative methods to gib enemies, such as regrouping corpses and get a Flying Drone explosion near the corpses or bait other enemies explosive to get rid of the corpses, etc

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Beating Shatterhand without using the robot is a very fucking hard task. But its worth the weight

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>But its worth the weight

Do you even know what you're trying to say

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Ascetic Mario: Beat Super Mario 1/2/3/World with the lowest amount of points possible. This basically means not interacting with anything (no getting coins or items or defeating enemies) if you don't have to in order to complete a level. Waiting for the timer to count down at the goals optional because that's fucking boring.


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Nuzlocke run in Pokemon. You can only capture the first Pokemon you see in a new area and any Pokemon that faints has to be released (permadeath).

There's some things that apply to a lot of different games like speedruns and low% runs of course. There's also doing things in reverse (reverse boss order in Metroid or reverse dungeon order in Zelda) or no-miss and pacifist runs for STGs.

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>Final Fantasy
Solo Red Mage

>Final Fantasy VI
No magicite run

>Dragon Quest III
Solo Hero (also did a Solo Sage with help of codes)

>Dragon Quest IX
Solo Run

I think that's it.

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>Dragon Quest IX

I messed up.

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3 heart run with bombs only.

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Fire Emblem 4

no resetting ever

If a game over happens you start the entire game over.

Leads to some interesting shit later on and a lot of use from the revival staff.

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A little out-there but the best one I've done is in FF8, I'll preface by saying the game has level scaling and features equipping magic as a means of power upgrade.

Make everyone level 100 at the start of the game, then use a random number generator to assign each GF to each character (they each get either 3 or 2), then finally I don't allow myself to make use of card refining for magic(items are fine, for weapon upgrades).

So essentially at the start you are piss weak and the enemies out of the gate are crazy strong, you then slowly get stronger as the game goes on as you acquire magic but you also generally aren't able to equip magic to every parameter because your GF's are spread out.

Really is some of the best pacing I've added to a game that is otherwise absurdly easy, was very fun doing all the optional fights without 999 in every stat.

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This is pretty much a must by now but...

Silent Hill: No hammer

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>999 in every stat

You do realize the cap is 255 for everything but hp?

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How is it fun to play a weak character in a JRPG ?

I get it when it's about soloing, afterall I've always liked playing a lone character rather than a group, but how is it enjoyable to replay a game and not just make it harder, but annoying and long as fuck ? I'd get bored quickly playing some FF with white mages.

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Honestly there is a so little tactics to 'solo character' 'all the same class' or 'do not use 75% of abilities' runs in rpgs that it just degenerates the game into a grind-fest.

Let the fucking game rest in peace and play something else.

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>Life Force
You can only upgrade your speed stat

>Might and Magic VI
1 or 2 party members max. Extra hard mode: no elemental caster

No Spread Gun, no Rapid Fire, Fox only, Final Destination

>Zelda 2
Level cap challenges (8-8-1, 8-1-1, etc)

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>Let the fucking game rest in peace

I think these sorts of self imposed challenges are for people who are on the spectrum.

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Fallout 2
Run with 2 luck, Gifted and finesse perks to make up for it
This going to be hilarious, wish me luck

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>I have also done a no sword run

How is this even possible?

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>le ebin autism meme

Well memed my /b/rother

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I don't really do self-imposed challenges aside from speedrunning. Although I occasionally play Megaman 2 without going right for the metal blade.

I find most other challenges just kinda take away a lot of the fun of a game.

Like a no materia run of FFVII. I just got so bored seeing my characters do nothing but attack and use items. I barely left midgar before I decided that this wasn't going to be fun at all.

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You find hidden stash and get ruppees. Use them to buy bombs. Run to the room with the boomerang and kill the enemies, receive boomerang. Grind on bats for blue candle and bombs so you can actually kill enemies. Get the wand or red candle as soon as possible. Now you can kill things without spending rupees Once you have the wand do the dungeons like normal. You can go through the rest of the game until you get Ganon who can only be damaged by the sword.

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Well huh...

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sounds tedious.
and not in the good way.

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>worth the weight


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