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what crt monitors do you use, /vr/?

my current monitor is a shitty crt that was originally manufactured for use in prisons. it only has coaxial, and it looks like shit.

im looking to upgrade to an Rgb monitor. it doesn't have to be great, it just needs to support component and scart.

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This is my monitor, a Philips 109B4 which I've been using for more than 12 years.

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If you want it to support both YUV and RGB then you're probably going to need a PVM or other commercial monitor.

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Just bought a BVM 2010P. Perfect geometry/colour but the picture is a bit dull and theres ghosting.

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Are you the guy who bought the second-last one from Auschoice, or would this be the last one?

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From left to right, a PVM-2030, Ultrascan P991, and a Multiscan CPD-420GS.

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Only the best there were

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Second last. I pity the guy who bought the last

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Your monitors look so good. I wish mine had a sleek look like yours, instead I got a square with some buttons splashed over it. I really do think this separate rectangular menu on its bottom adds an awfull lot to its appearance. It gets far less bland. I espeacially like the sony model.

It can't get uglier than this thing here. The specs seem very nice though. Do you know its Pixel Pitch? It's funny it has this feature called LightFrame 3, which is quite the same thing as the MagicBright advertised by Samsung. I thought it would be some kind of gimmick to fool the consumer but in fact it does make a notable difference.

This is mine

It is a low-mid range late model consumer grade CRT which I bought because it was dirty cheap and the best one I could find amidst a plethora of mediocre models. I'm not impressed with it, but it does have the edge over my LCD on some thigs. Regardless, reading on it strains my eyes a lot, so it is relegated to emulation and low res games.

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I've used many crt's in my time. Purists may bitch but everything looks better on my big screen curved led tv.
>MFW I don't live in a basement or at my parents house...

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>everything looks better on my big screen curved led tv
You mean your reflection, admit it.

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Thanks holmes! The picture looks great on your 765, and a native 1600x1200 res on a 17-inch is impressive!

The 420GS has the cooler fascia for sure, the Dell has a very "workhorse" look to it. Can't see it in the pic, but the 420 has an extra VGA input on the left side as well, I think it was supposed to be for the user to hook their laptop up without having to unplug the VGA from their tower.

My camera really doesn't do them justice, crt monitors are tough to shoot well. Ocarina looks amazing in a higher res

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Well, someone did; it's no longer online :)

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I am sexy...
>no comment

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Shitty old Daewoo CRT that doesn't even turn on half the time, has no alignment settings so it cuts off the sides of the screen, and some fucked up geometry.

I really should upgrade at some point.

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Reminds me of my childhood. My parents didn't want to waste money on a TV just for video games so we had to use an old broken family TV from before they bought their new one. Literally the top 25% of the screen was just a black bar because the beam was fucked and that's how I played games for years. I was fucking amazed when I finally discovered emulators and got to play games with a working display.

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You cod have hooked some people with that bait if not for that

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>tfw 55 led TV
>b-b-b-but the input lag
>b-b-b-b-but mah scanlines

I agree with you whole heartedly. I can't stand to play on a CRT anymore.

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None because I'm not poor

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anyone stream classic games with a crt? How do you stop the mic from picking up that high freq hum every crt has?

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I have absolutely no experience with this but you should be able to just EQ the higher frequencies out of the audio track using any kind of mastering software.

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u korean right huh

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literally the first picture I found on google

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Truly only the most opulent of individuals can afford the elusive "L-C-D"

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21" Sony GDM-5402
160Hz vertical
121kHz horizontal

steelseries siberia v2 serves as a mic
NVX XPT100 are my headphones

sorry for unmade bed and messy desk

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>those lewd figs
>that keyboard
>those headphones
I like you, Anon.

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BVM-D24E1WU soon
also, there's a CRT general here >>2411195

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you can find me on steam too :^)
i also hang out in /sg/ if you go there.

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Shitty old RF/Coaxial-only Magnavox CRT manufactured in the late 80s or early 90s, just the way I like it.

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>le for you xDDD

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Man /vr/ has such sexy monitors and battle stations. Here's my shitty setup for everyone.

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Dang wrong pic, monitor is to blurry in this one.
Here's a better pic.

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If I could sit on an old sofa and play that, I'd be pretty comfy.

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If only I had room for a sofa in there. Room is pretty small.

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Are Inuyasha wall scrolls retro?
Because they feel retro.

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>Are Inuyasha wall scrolls retro?

>retro: 1999 and earlier

So manga is retro.

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Old computer monitors (apple IIe composite and Apple IIgs RGB monitor, Commodore's monitors) are good.
I used a IIe composite, it's a GREAT monitor considering it takes composite only.

Since gotten a PVM-20L5 and a Panasonic 14 inch broadcast monitor I can't remember the model number of.

All are great.

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No, but Ranma 1/2 is retro.

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Occurs to me i should recommend a video amp. Google the THS7314 spec sheet and give it a read.

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>mfw I like scanlines

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I use an old Amiga monitor since it's small, and easy to store away when I am not using it.

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Outta my way scrubs.
The best CRT monitor coming through.

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>Occurs to me i should recommend a video amp. Google the THS7314 spec sheet and give it a read.
Thanks i'll look into it.

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Meh, you're still hitting a vertical scan cap of 160Hz so your 140kHz is nice but only to an extent, get an Iiyama Vision Master Pro 514 and then we'll talk about the best CRT.

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Nice for pushing high refresh on low/medium res signals, but not going to do much on the top end.

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Consider me mad jelly. I have a DiamondPlus, which is nice, but it caps out at 1280x1024. Still great for emulation, but I'd love to be able to use it as a proper secondary monitor without having to resort to 1024x768 just to get it up to a non-eyestraining refresh rate.

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forgot pic

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Sony BVM-14G5U (SNES to Wii, psx,ps2,saturn)
Samsung 765MB (Dreamcast only)

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Friend will be giving to me a Sony PVM 20L4
I own unmodded NES, SNES, GameCube, Sega Master System and Dreamcast. I have no idea about how I have to connect them to the CRT. Anyone can explain please ?

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Nobodys knows Bang & Olufsen CRT ??

Maybe better than Trinitron ?

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PVM's use BNC connectors. They're essentially RCA connectors, but with a spring lock to keep it secure. You can buy BNC-RCA adapters for cheap (pic)

As for all those systems, the monitor takes Composite, S-Video, Component and RGB. Most of those systems have multiple options for what they can output.

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Excellent, thank you sir.

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They're Phillips brand tubes which are pretty good but not trini tier. Good for tating apparently. All have scart as well but you need the 200+ dollar remote to change any settings. If you buy one make sure it comes with the remote.

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Fw900 master race
1440p @144hz on pc
whatever on vidya

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19 inch pvm

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rip in piece sanyo, your screen was a bit warped on the right side but damn were you such a quality crt.

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That looks awesome anon. How much did it run you?

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$200 for the monitor & control unit, plus $30 for the ride home. more than I anticipated ever paying for a CRT, but it seemed too good to pass up.

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I don't own a HD tv. I have been using the same tvs since the early 2000s. There's no reason to upgrade.

I am buying a flat screen but only so I can play modern consoles on. I still prefer CRTs.

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>There's no reason to upgrade

Please tell me this is bait

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1 pvm 1341 and 2 14m2u's have another 14m2u for parts in the basement

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Not bait. I don't care if the image looks better, I like my tvs just fine

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I've been interested in the Sony kx-14cp1 lately, is it a good choice for games?

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Funny how you put those monitors OP. I just got a Sony PVM-14N5U for free today. Friend of mine just gave it to me, I'll probably hook up my PlayStation and hacked Wii up to it to play some older games.

It's also the first CRT I've had in years. Since the old Zenith one I had burned out, I've played onHD LCDs for the past 5 years. At least this is something.

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Old computer monitors (apple IIe composite and Apple IIgs RGB monitor, Commodore's monitors) are good.
I used a IIe composite, it's a GREAT monitor considering it takes composite only.

Since gotten a PVM-20L5 and a Panasonic 14 inch broadcast monitor I can't remember the model number of.

All are great.

oh hey, I just got a free 20L5 from a local TV station. I can't help but notice you have the digital input card. Nice! Mine doesn't.

Anyway, pic related. I have it taken apart because I had just fixed a whining noise being caused by the flyback transformer (not the usual 15khz whine).

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Wait. Can you mount a PVM sideways and not have the colors go all funny?

(but seriously, ROTATE YOUR IMAGES.)

Congrats on the TV, though. I've wanted a 14 inch trinitron for a while. I've got a 20 but they didn't have a 14 inch when I was getting mine.

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>(but seriously, ROTATE YOUR IMAGES.)
Sorry for being a newfag, just pulled the pic straight off of my iPhone. It looked fine on the phone and on the computer, but when I upload it come off wrong. Hopefully it looks better here.

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One last try, the back panel, making sure it's rotated, then I'm done.

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livin in australia is a hard life.

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when did anti-CRT shitposting start?

>> No.2432740

Grasping at straws at this point

>you have these large monitors, that must mean you're underaged, live in a dark basement, have no relationships with anyone and everyone hates you

none of these things are true, so why be bothered by it? if they're so sore of a personal preference let them cry it out

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I would also like advice on tating pvms.

>> No.2433927

Are all you guys posting consumer level computer monitors emulating?

>> No.2433929

Where do you guys find cheap PVMs?

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Damn straight.

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Trolling craigslist is your best option. You may have to go one or two major cities over and then make a day trip to pick them up.

I don't recommend eBay because it will be expensive and NOBODY knows how to package heavy CRTs for shipping anymore. 50/50 change it will show up damaged.The only safe way to ship them is on a pallet but then you need a loading dock or you'll pay out the ass for lift-gate service.

>> No.2434678

>Trolling craigslist is your best option.
ugh, i almost did a kneejerk reaction to this thinking you meant trolling in the interenet troll sense until i read the comment you were replying to. You might want to use different wording around here.

>> No.2434683

also second hand shops and yard sales also often have them at next to nothing if you want to avoid internet creeps all together

>> No.2434697

Consumer sets, sure, but the chances of finding PVMs at thrift shops are extraordinarily slim, especially outside of hot spots for them. Doubly so for yard sales.

>> No.2434762

Ah, good point. That didn't even occur to me.

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>if you want to avoid internet creeps all together

Oh yeah, that's another thing. PVMs are super heavy so if you go the Craigslist route you'll probably have to go to someone's house to pick it up. The house of a person who trades in obscure crap like PVMs. The sort of person who would post here, for example.

Maybe don't go by yourself is what I'm saying.

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Why not? What are they going to do?

>> No.2435052

Picking up my Megaview was quite an "experience". At least I know that old man is really into leather and BDSM now.

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>getting triggered by a word

now THIS is autism

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Kill you and chop you up into little pieces

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What's a fair price for a PVM? I feel like I'll run into a lot of "I know what I got" types.

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What monitor is that? How do you get native [email protected]?

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How can you tell what the horizontal line resolution is for a crt?
KV-24FS100 is what I'm looking at, but I can't tell if its worth it at 50 dorrars

>> No.2435808

a large crt tv I was given, it's got rgb scart.

>> No.2435812

what's the word on Trinitron WEGA KV-24FS100?

>> No.2435871

KV-32FS120 at a goodwill for 60. Should I do it?

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If it's in good condition, it's pretty decent. The one I have had a bit of a hard life and needs the brightness pretty high to look right, but the picture isn't bad.
Sloppily taken composite photo.

Way too much for that heavy ass beast.

>> No.2435889

Yeah it did indeed look incredibly heavy. What would be a good price? Would the picture quality be somewhat worse than what you posted?

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File: 1.03 MB, 3280x2460, 100_4007.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I haven't dealt with that specific model but if it's anything like its slightly older cousin, the 32FS13, it should have quite a nice picture.
165lbs and as with any large CRT, awkward as hell to move. Finding a stand than can hold it is also a problem.

If it's in pretty good shape and hasn't been ran at max brightness/contrast/etc for its life, $30 wouldn't be bad in my opinion; I'l admit I'm a bit of cheap ass, but over $50 is just insane.
This is my FS13 over component from the Wii.

>I can't tell if its worth it at 50 dorrars
It not.
Paying over $40 or $50 for used consumer models is stupid unless it's in immaculate condition or one of the SFP XS/XBR models, and those aren't something I'd suggest for retro anyway.

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What are the main things you should be looking for when testing a crt? At what point can you deem it immaculate?

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File: 1.18 MB, 3280x2460, 102_2617.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>What are the main things you should be looking for when testing a crt?
Geometry - Straight lines are straight, square things are square, round things are round
Convergence - Gun(s) are aligned correctly and give you sharp delineation on edges of graphics. Bright white items or text should appear white without heavy fringing of red green or blue. Corners will have worse convergence than the center, but not too extreme in most cases. Picture related shows the corner of a monitor that is out of convergence.
Linearity - This is a problem mostly seen on flat faced CRTs. Movement across the screen should be even without "speed bumps" where graphics warp or deform slightly as they scroll.
Burn in - Ghost images burnt into the screen from leaving it displaying said image for extended periods of time. More a problem with items used in commercial settings, but still easily found on normal sets used for tv.
Bright Picture - You don't want a set that's been rode hard with the brightness and/or contrast cranked all the way up for long periods of time.If it looks dim with the brightness set to average/default, that's bad. A good CRT should be able to display a nice bright picture without raising the brightness setting too high.

Immaculate would be perfect or near perfect geometry and convergence(CRTs will never have literaly perfect geometry and convergence, but we're talking from a practifical stand point), no linearity problems or burn in, and a bright, sharp picture

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how do i words

That's what I get for changing stuff around. Visual -> Practical.

>> No.2436212

thanks for the help, anon!

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Would an Apple Studio Display be a good buy, if I'm looking to get a cheap(ish) CRT for retro vydia and stuff?

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