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How well does the Raspberry Pie 2 handle PS1/N64 games? I wanted to get one mainly for Gameboy and pre-5th gen emulation on the big screen, but there's a few titles like Chrono Cross and FF7 that I've yet to play. Would I be better off just running those games on my 2.5 Ghz i5 2520M laptop?

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>Would I be better off just running those games on my 2.5 Ghz i5 2520M laptop?
Gee you think?

If you want a cheapo dedicated gaming device like the RPi2, get odroid C1 is curbstomping Pi right now

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You would obviously be better off running emulators on your laptop.

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>getting a SJWpi

These things were always awful for emulation, stick to your laptop or look into android devices if you want something portable and if you really want a device that can put pictures on a TV get a Wii

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I probably could have worded that better. I know it would be smoother on my laptop, but I wasn't sure if it was only by a miniscule amount of if it would just be garbage on both. I'll look up the odroid C1, thanks.

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You've got to be fucking kidding me. Them too?

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Is that a joke? Your laptop can absolutely curbstomp PS1 and N64 emulation many times over

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Unfortunately not a joke, I'm just a bit clueless since this is my first laptop in almost a decade, and last time I tried on my old machine it was just a disaster. I'll probably just grab a display port to HDMI converter and use this thing for the TV.

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>Them too?
Unfortunately yes

that's another story for another time on another board

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playstation = fucking great
n64 = fucking awful

i have yet to try a multi disc game on the playstation emulator, so i dont know if it works as it should.

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are you ribbin me right now because my raspi doesn't care when i'm up screaming NIGGER up at all hours of the night

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Well that's alright, it's hard to tell exactly what a machine can do if you're not accustomed to looking at specs. Your laptop will do just fine for PSX and N64 emulation and probably even Gamecube and PS2 if there's a decent graphics card in there

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You realize Raspberry Pi 2 is an Android device, right?

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>'ll look up the odroid C1, thanks.
Prepare to be pleasantly surprised. They basically took the design philosophy of RPi and put some hardware on it that's actually worth a shit.

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I don't want to start a pissing contest, but the quad core on the Raspberry Pi is newer than the one used in the C1. Mupen64 will be just as bad on it unless you're running it on Android.

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Cortex A5? But that's the weakest one in that whole series. Sound like it really is worth shit.

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I guess I should ask this here:

For a dedicated under the TV emulator box, would the original Wii or a SBC be better at running things up to the 5th gen? Should I just save up some cash and build a mITX rig for cheap instead? I'm not sure how demanding PS1/N64 emulation is.

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I haven't messed around with WiiSX yet, but it's probably fine. N64 seems to be the more difficult console to emulate. You can play Gamecube and Wii games on a Wii, so unless you want to emulate Saturn or PS2 you don't need the PC.

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Please, keep this board away from this shit.

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What's a SBC? A Wii is a better choice because it can output native resolutions if you have a CRT and Not64 has been updated and can play many Rare games now, on top of the perfect emulated VC titles

WiiSX is here and there, it's not exactly the best way to play PSX games

I know that's why I said this wasn't the place to do it

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>What's a SBC?

Single Board Computer. RaspPi, odroid, etc.

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> A newer 900mhz quad core is better than an older 1500mhz one
Don't take my word for it watch some side by side videos they're all over YouTube. Odroid makes Pi look like a joke. Sorry Pifags.

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It's probably because they're using closed source Android drivers on the C1 vs open sourced in Debian on the Raspberry Pi 2. I'm sure the higher clock speed helps, but the C1 uses an older part. It's as simple as that. Video Core IV will soon get stable OpenGL drivers vs OpenGLES. Luc Verhaegen has pretty much given up on reverse engineering Mali. http://libv.livejournal.com/

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How is Raspberry Pi a SJW thing?

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This is what stopped me from getting an Odroid. You're at the mercy of too much closed-source software weirdness. You'll be looking at some kind of N64 emulation situation soon enough, where everything runs kinda okay but is a messy fucking kludge that could fall apart at any moment.

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The Raspberry Pi isn't exactly 100% open either. It cracks me up that Video Core is Broadcoms, but they hired someone on Intel's open source GPU team to reverse engineer the thing to get around Broadcom patents.

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I love it when plebs who don't even know the first thing about programming complain about closed source. Protip: it has 0 effect on your emulation.

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I guess you wont be wanting full OpenGL support on your snapdragon.

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You wanna elaborate as opposed to just talking shit then?

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Not sure how much gpu power you need for N64/PS1, but you may as well hook your laptop up to the TV if you don't mind how it looks.

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So what's left then? Would the 1Ghz CPU in the BananaPi be enough for 5th gen emulation?

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Get a Dragonboard. You're not a pussy faggot are you?

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No. See >>2418589 except BPi/cubieboard-2 is an A7.

If you had something like a 1.5ghz A9 or 1.2 ghz A15, THAT should be able to run noticibly more ... something, maybe 32x, maybe some computers.

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So anything beyond SNES/GBA is not currently possible on those chips? Shoot.

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No Playstation games are fine on all of these. Even the original Pi could play some PSX games from release. N64 emulation is pretty poor though. Cortex A15 boards are so good damn expensive you're better off buying an AMD APU.

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They're all tiny throwaway ~35 dollar computers that sip power and sit in the palm of your hand, with varying levels of proper documentation and understanding of their full capabilities. When you keep that in mind they're pretty fucking capable for what they are. I bought my Pi2 fully expecting it to be pretty limited in what it can do. Hell, I mainly bought it to test the idea of a dirt-cheap general computing/browsing/media player PC for my parents. Emulation is just some bullshit I'm trying out for fun.

If you really want an emulation platform that's capable the answer is still to go full PC. That is, you don't need a full tower experience; A little baby ITX will do just fine.

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Let me once again mention that the abandoned N64oid offers much better accuracy than Mupen64. N64oid just doesn't have support for as many controllers. They can be mapped but you lose analog and that can kind of to really sick when playing N64.

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What would be the go-to CPU for a dedicated emulator machine? An OC'd Pentium Anniversary? I think I remember seeing good Dolphin benchmarks with that chip.

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It isn't. He was just baiting.

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Intel's about to release Skylake in a few months, probably best to hold off from buying a whole new machine for now.

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Hell yeah they are! I've seen the connection everywhere - quakers, cons, charities, user groups, globalists, it's so absurdly vivid it's fucking ridiculous.

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I have a Phenom II X4 920 and Geforce GTX 750 Ti. PS2 games like Soul Calibur 3 and Tekken 5 still lag too much to be enjoyable. If you want to emulate, skimp on the GPU not CPU.

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*linux device... Android everything is a linux device minus some custom interfaces.

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You annoying asshats. Posting about things which you know nothing about. Pi2 plays most things. I own one. I can't play Zelda OOT, Golden Eye, and DK64 on N64. I've played FF7 no problem. This is an emulator issue with N64 and not a hardware one. You whiny bitches need to learn the meaning of sudo. Learn to Linux before you reveal just how massive your hole is. When the next pi device comes out I'll just turn this one into a CUPS print server or Magic Mirror... Or one of the million projects with emphatic community support...

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I play Mario64 and MarioKart64 just fine as well as every other title I've tried.

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>I can't play Zelda OOT, Golden Eye, and DK64 on N64
A cheapo chink android handheld plays it all perfectly fine
and broadcasts it to TV exactly same way as Pi

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That depends how you define "perfectly."

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How the hell can there be a decent emulator for N64 on goddamn Android, but not a real operating system?

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I'm using LAKKA on mine. It runs PS1 games just fine, but can't run any N64 games I've tried.

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The fact that it has an Amlogic chip is meaningful, at least. The GPU is actually fully open on those, unlike Broadcom or Rockchip SoCs. Despite the opened source for the 'nix driver you still can't boot the BCM2836 without a proprietary blob.

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Whatever has the highest single-core performance. Console emulators do not parallelize very well.

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Pi 2 is hipster garbage.

And since it's a computer and not related to retro gaming this topic should be moved to another forum.

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You are that anon that always use this word when the pi is being talked.


Go back to your hell hole kid.

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Sadly but not.>>2419478

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They made a few tweets about being Anti-GamerGate.

They could have just been misinformed, which I could understand, but they were throwing around those post-modernist "Social Justice" buzzwords. This leads me to believe that whomever is running their twitter is a twat, or they all are.

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>not related to retro gaming
Come again?

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The fact that they are a company that has nothing to do with journalism or videogames, yet their twitter is making posts about it, is enough to know that somebody somewhere is a being a cunt.

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This isn't really about emulation it's a Pu shill topic. The op already knows the answers to his questions. This topic is pure shill posting.

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You're that hipster faggot cunt who shits up every other topic by bringing up your faggot raspberry pi.

Why don't you shove that faggot shit up your asshole you fucking faggot hipster cunt.

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Back to your containment chan.

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>This board is for the discussion of related to classic, or "retro" games
>This is actually what I read because I'm an ass

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The Cuckberry.

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>I have a Phenom II X4 920 and Geforce GTX 750 Ti. PS2 games like Soul Calibur 3 and Tekken 5 still lag too much to be enjoyable.

That's more of a problem with the emulator, not your hardware. If you've ever programmed for a large project like this, you'd realize there's pretty much infinite room for optimizations and even complete rewrites.

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Nothing emulates N64 games properly.


Nothing at all.

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Maybe someday.

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Will you guys stop this epin "le poorly coded N64 emulator" meme? N64 emulation is fucking fine and has been for a long ass time now. It's just a bunch of retarded faggots getting their autism triggered that something doesn't look right and then declaring all of N64 to be unusable dogshit, it's really annoying when most of the time shit works fine at default settings.

I have a 7850k APU, Soul Calibur 3 and Tekken 5 run just fine at higher resolutions with multithread enabled and speedhacks for soul calibur 3. I'd say go for that if you want a go to emulation solution that doesn't need a GPU.

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Considering my Phenom is 6 years old and your Kaveri is new, I should hope so. My point was to put your money into the best CPU you can afford if emulation is your thing.

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I know, I meant to quote the guy who was asking which CPU to look into and I fucked up

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Then what exactly do you recommended for N64 emulation? Give me some hardware and software to try.

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Mupen64plus, any decent hardware made in the last 10 years

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>it runs fine for me so it runs fine for everyone
Not always the case brochacho. I have tested every N64 emulator on a wide range of hardware and performance varies greatly with each release.

I guess technically about 90% of the games can be emulated properly but not with just any one emulator.

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How well does the Wii/vWii emulate the PS1? I was thinking about either grabbing a Wiimote+Classic Controller Pro and finally softmodding my Wii U, but I could also use that money on a SBC.

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It's decent, here and there really.

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If it worked fine they wouldn't still be actively developing it...
A nearly twenty year old system should be able to emulate on the crappiest of systems. If you actually look up the previous games I mentioned and checked github every once in a while you'd see these are problem games they are working on. Most of my N64 games emulate just fine.

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Pi is crap. The emulators are terrible. The system itself is a complete waste of money unless you're a complete fedora wearing idiot.

There are $50 Android Phones that have more power and a better selection of emulators. And you can even use a blue tooth controller.

This topic is bad and you should feel bad.

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What? HLE emulation is poorly coded emulation. Yeah the emulators have been running 'fine' forever. I fooled around in Mario64 on an old 650Mhz Athlon with a shite ATI Rage Pro some 15 years ago. The problem is it works about as well now as it did then. That isn't fucking progress. Glide wrappers should have stopped existing at least a decade ago, let alone still being considered relevant. It's absolutely absurd to claim that N64 emulation is in a good spot with that kind of shit still going on.

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If someone gave me this shit I would smash it with a hammer. What a waste of money.

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You are the hipster calling asshat, can you leave this sad samefagging out of this board ?

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I can't see the purpose of this thing. It's like "here's an underpowered mini computer that can't really do much. But hey, it's cheap! Am I right?!"

Seems utterly pointless.

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RPi is shit at running even simple mame emulation. So, yeah.. even using an android phone would be better.

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B-b-b-but it runs poorly coded emulators at below normal speeds!

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it's good for the kinds of things that we normally use embedded systems for

i'd just get a regular computer to play emulators, but some people find raspberry pi convenient

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You are an autist and here is why…
The Pi B+ wasn’t the greatest. It however is a well documented board with many proven applications. The Pi 2 has twice the ram and 6 times the processing power.
>The emulators are terrible.
I choose between 3-5 emulators for each of those systems… and I can select a specific one for each game.
>The system itself is a complete waste of money unless you're a complete fedora wearing idiot.
I use my older model Pi B+ as a CUPS print server. Everything including linux, windows, mac, and chromebook prints on my network thanks to it. My next project using Pi will be The magic mirror…
The appeal of Pi IS! it’s popularity, community support, and high number of documented projects.
A hipster wouldn’t get behind such a strong and helpful community. They’d choose to support an edgy opinion such as yours.
>There are $50 Android Phones that have more power and a better selection of emulators. And you can even use a blue tooth controller.
Show me a smart phone with an hdmi port or 4 standard usb ports. I have better controller options because I don’t rely on solely on bluetooth. I run my xbox one, 360 wireless, PS3/4 and a wide variety of usb controllers including the retro bufalo snes pad to everything else I’ve taken the time to test. If I want to use the original controller I use a usb converter with varying degrees of success. When I need bluetooth I simply plug a cheapo dongle into one of my many usb ports. Just because something is newer or faster doesn’t make it any better when you’re talking about games around 20 years old. I can emulate these with equal quality on a PC over ten years old.
>This topic is bad and you should feel bad.
No you should feel bad Zoidberg because your computer skills and knowledge are severely lacking.

>> No.2422206

My 6 year old nephew is more knowledgeable than you.
Behold 25 N64 games emulated on Pi2…
More smooth N64 emulation…
I emulate all of my PS1 games just fine. There are 3 N64 games that don’t work well for me. If you actually knew what github was you would see these are game specific problems they are working out.
Before you call everything “Android” and recommend their products perhaps you should learn that the android system is entirely built on linux.
>Long story short…. L2Linux

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cont. again
My Pi2 has played everything flawlessly minus 3 N64 games which are documented in github by the various emulator developers as being problematic. Boo hoo. I can't play 3 games out of nearly the entire retro catalog for $35, an flash drive, my last phones sd card, and my old controllers. I built the case for my pi out of legos. Total out of pocket... 35 bones...

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Cont. Thrice...
When my latest pi is outdated I'll just swap the microsd card and turn it into something else cool and useful...

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>Simply contributing

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Did I mention I don't have to install print drivers because of this? I just locate my print server on the network.

>> No.2422230

So every system that walks into you house can just print?

>> No.2422232

Yessiree. They just have to join my wifi network.

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Damn! Do you have a guide for that?

>> No.2422239


>just google a bit the answers are there.

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