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Enough with dick wavering, I want to feel cheap.
What's the easiest game you've ever played?

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Some jrpg probably.

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Kirby 64

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Paper Mario. Still fun though.

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Probably that. It was so easy it felt a bit patronising.

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Little Samson. I beat it in one sitting on my first attempt and it didn't take very long.

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Definitely the easiest genre. Doesn't require any skill, just a time investment

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Snow White: Happily Ever After for the SNES

Game was made easy for girls.

I think I gained so many lives that it broke and just gave me infinite instead.

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while not retro, Kirby's epic yarn is even easier (you literally don't take damage and you can't die if you fall in a pit)... and yet, I really like it, its the most comfortable and cutest game I've ever played

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You don't take damage? How does that work?

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>Doesn't require any skill, just a time investment

You gotta love people who played 3 games and think an entire genre is that way.

>Sidescrollers? Yeah, played some Castlevania and Metroid, easy shit, doesn't require any skill, just time investment
>SHMUPS? Eh, Raptor was pretty easy shit, worthless genre
>Platformers? What a joke, press left to win.

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well, throughout each level you collect diamonds and gems. Each time you get hit by an enemy, you drop a certain amount of gems a la sonic, but not all of them. It doesn't matter, because even if you have zero gems and an enemy hits you, kirby just makes a noise and gets into an invincibility frame. Also, when you fall into a pit, you have this helper that flies in the pit and saves your ass.

Thing is, if you want gold rank on each level (especially boss fights), you want to have the necessary amount of gems, which then allows you to unlock certain new levels( as well as use gems to buy some stuff for your home, but its nothing worth getting excited over), so you've gotta collect them all and try not to get hit too much .

Its still a pretty enjoyable game

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Got this game because so many online "top 10 GBC hidden gems" lists recommended it. Sure, the game mechanics are cool, the animation and voice and music for a GBC game are impressive (made by Wayforward). But its really easy and so fucking short (only about 12 levels)

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Yoshi's Story is not THAT easy if you consider you only get 6 tries on the story mode and if you lose all 6 yoshies it's over (well, you can unlock the black and white yoshies to get 2 extras, but it's hard to actually find them).

Still, yeah, pretty easy game and on Story mode you only have to play 6 levels (out of the 24 there is in total, which you need to unlock by playing story mode over and over)
However, playing for score, specifically melon-only run on trial mode, transforms the game completely, making all fruit that isn't a melon basically poison.
I still couldn't get 30 melons in any of the levels, I gave up.

As for easiest game I ever played, probably Mickey's 123 the big surprise party for PC, one of the first PC games I played as a kid. You can't lose on it I don't think.

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First game that came to mind. Fun but super easy.

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Barney's Hide and Seek on Genesis will literally beat the game for you if you stop pressing buttons. It's a Barney game, so you'd expect it to be easy, but still...

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Do enlighten us, and don't say something like PS or SMT because you can grind straight through them too.

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If you're trying to get any kind of stuff instead of just reach the end of the level, it actually does get reasonably hard.

>tfw my SO dropped Kirby 64 and Yoshi's Story for being too frustrating

So she's on Plants vs Zombies now

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Kirby's Dreamland.

I was 13 when I got it for a road trip we were going on and I beat it in one sitting before w even getting in the car. I remember my mom being disappointed that I'd beat it so quickly, but I told her it was fun and I'd probably play it more. Turns out I was right, kept playing the hell out of it through that trip and it became one of those go-to relaxing games of my youth that I played through dozens and dozens of times over the years.

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>not playing the game B hardmode
you fucking casual

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But did you win hard mode

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Easy operation

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JRPGs are only difficult when you impose difficulty upon yourself, which makes them much more enjoyable. Otherwise, you can just attack through everything after spending a few hours grinding and you'll do fine

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Ohh of course. Not my first time, obviously but the hardmode became the main game for me.

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A well designed jrpg is one where you don't ever need to stop and grind, and which gives you a good challenge by playing it that way. Lunar 2 (sega cd version) and Phantasy Star IV are two good examples of that.

I think it's sad that the default way people approach RPGs is to just grind until everything is piss easy before moving forward.

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Wild Arms optional parts are fuck hard if you try to dumb-grind them. You have to be clever.

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I absolutely agree, and that's the way I play them, but even still most are really easy.

I was actually surprised when I played the Chrono Trigger remake for DS, which is probably the first time I had played it since childhood. I knew everything so I played on fastest battle speed, avoided battles when I could, and I didn't need to wander around and by the time I got to Magus he kicked my ass so much that I had to turn the battle speed down.

Unfortunately, that is not really what someone playing the game for the first time would experience. They wouldn't necessarily know the ways to avoid battles and they might not be playing on fastest speed and they might have wandered around a bit and gained a few levels.

I'm really sad that there was never a (not-retro warning) Golden Sun styled, *difficult* RPG. Golden Sun had lots of really cool abilities in their spells and it would have been nice to see the game sorta "force" you to play with your Djinn setup (limited by what stage of the game you're in) to try to obtain and utilize all the best spells you could for a particular fight. Lot of missed potential there, since unleashes and summons were retatdedly good.

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If you return to town to heal when you're in trouble, you end up grinding whether you're actually trying to or not. A lot of jRPGs that are considered difficult have easy access to town portal spells/items, so as long as you can win at least one fight you can just keep pounding away, even if it takes a while.

I overleveled myself in SMT1 because I thought it was more fun that way: first I get to do some tense, challenging fights against stronger opponents, then all the boring fights become faster.

The only jRPG I've played that seems to have a real solution to grinding is (TW: not retro) SMT: Devil Survivor, which lets you grind as much as you like but has some kind of reward/achievement for skipping all optional fights. But that is an sRPG. Have any other games done something similar? I'm not too familiar with sRPGs.

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Either Animal Forest or Pokemon Snap.

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Well some games you basically -have- to grind.

Casually doing BoF3 or Legend of Legaia (LoL especially) you can end up being 1 hit killed by bosses even at Max health or guarding. I frequently had to grind 3+ levels every so often in both of them.

If I'm playing a final fantasy or something I'll usually just do some early grinding and thats usually enough in conjunction with fighting most of the random battles to be acceptable.

Say what you will about Final Fantasy as a series, but its pacing is almost always spot on. CT is basically the same.

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>If you return to town to heal when you're in trouble, you end up grinding whether you're actually trying to or not.

Nah, that's not really what I'm talking about. Sure you're technically grinding a little, but that amount usually won't throw you off. I'm talking about just walking back and forth fighting random battles again and again until you're super powerful.

And to be clear, I think it's one of the strengths of the genre that people can play the games that way if they want to. I've done my fair share of it over the years. But I have come to find how much fun RPGs can be when you can just play straight through them.

As for games that work against grinding, the best in my opinion are roguelikes which usually have food clocks or similar mechanics that force you to keep moving forward even though doing so means almost certain death.

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SaGa games, Dark Law, 7nth Saga, Vagrant Story, Brandish, Vandal Hearts 2, to a certain degree Live a Live, though the game's pretty easy overall with the exception of a few fights.
You wanna go niche and kinda obscure/forgotten? Battle Hunter is a nice example.
>JRPGs are only difficult when you impose difficulty upon yourself
Only if you play entry level games, that is true for every genre.

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It's not retro, but Etrian Odyssey.

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do all melon runs, then we talk. it's much harder that way.

I fucking love that game so much though. I wish there was Y's Story 2.

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I don't think I died once...
Wakka wakka.

But seriously Kirby's Dreamland. I remember being SO disappointed when I beat it.
"Uh... that's it?"

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play Kirby's Dream Course if you want a challenge.
it's the golf game.

Warioland 2 is a given since he literally can't die. he only loses coins.

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first time playing through huff n.puff isnt easy

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You can thank final fantasy for instilling that mindset in people. A good rpg has a good difficulty curve where things get more difficult at a steady pace. The final fantasy games are generally piss easy, until you hit a boss which is orders of magnitude more difficult than anything you've faced before, and you're forced to grind to beat them. The mario RPGs are the best example of good pacing in my opinion. You can't grind even if you wanted to, and if you could there would be no point to it.