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What's the best controller for retro gaming (emulating) on the PC?

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Sadly there isn't just one be all end all controller for emulating.

I myself am pretty happy with the DS3 but I've heard lots of good things about your OP pic too. Those are the ones I'd recommend.

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I've heard people say that a genuine Saturn USB pad is the best way to go. Are they expensive or hard to find? How do you know it's one made by Sega and not a knock-off?

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A keyboard and a mouse or equivalent. You wouldn't want to map all those keys to anything else and there's no substitute for a mouse.
You can get specific controllers like a joystick or steering wheel depending on what games you play.

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Okay. More specifically emulating console games. Or are you PC-retards going to insist that keyboard and mouse is the way Street Fighter was meant to be played?

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You can play Street Fighter with a keyboard. It was also released for computers back in the day.
You can buy/build a fight stick if you want more arcade authentic controls. Console style controllers tend to be a poor compromise.

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the logo and it's white
even the knockoffs are better than the generic usb ones

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>You can play Street Fighter with a keyboard. It was also released for computers back in the day.
Are you implying that just because it happened that it's a preferred way to play the game? You know plenty of RTS games came out on consoles. I guess by your logic people should be encouraged to play Starcraft with a N64 controller. God damn, you're a fucking idiot.

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The analog joystick on the N64 can't properly substitute a mouse. A decent keyboard works perfectly for digital inputs though some people will prefer a digital joystick for circular movements. There's no proper reason to use a gamepad with thumb operated digital pad and face buttons.

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just don't get a buffalo pad, the diagonals are fucked and no one seems to care about that.

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Personally I'd move the xbone controller to good tier, it's certainly miles better than a 360 pad but it's still kind of awkward if you're focused on retro games.

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Got the ps2 saturn pad.
>best dpad
>select and start
>shoulder buttons
>six face buttons
For 3d games just get a 360 or xbone because fuck messing with drivers.

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Dual Shock 3 mostly because of its D-pad position. It really is my go to controller for EVERYTHING.

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>suggests Xinputwrapper
>doesn't suggest SCPserver

pleb guide, somebody should really add that.

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aren't those like 300 bucks?

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got mine for fifteen at a swap meet. Got two sls usb saturn for the same price.

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The one that is most comfortable for you.

Though, a nice rule of thumb is use a controller where the "sweet spot" on top is for the d-pad instead of an analogue stick. That means, by defaults its more suited for 2D games than 3D. But even this isn't for everybody.

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>Xbone is in god tier
>despite not having the d-pad and diamond buttons adjacent to eachother.
>claims Wii U pro has messed up button placement

This chart was made by someone with downs.

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You seriously play Mario 64 with a mouse, anon?

9/10 not even sure if trolling

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How come Ermac and Reptile evolved into their own character styles instead of being Red Sub Zero and Green Scorpion in later games?

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I find it funny that you're triggered by the Xbox button placement but not by the misplaced analog sticks of the WiiU Pro. Sounds like you have OCD.

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They're the same thing.

The Wii U Pro controller is pretty awful honestly, symmetry isn't good if it the buttons are in unnatural positions.

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You're a fucking idiot.

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I thought this was a chart specifically for retro? Analog sticks are nearly irrelevant.

>symmetry isn't good if it the buttons are in unnatural positions.

By your logic, The D-pad is in an unnatural position on the xbox controllers.

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>retro gaming stops at 16-bits machines
Sure grampa.

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>symmetry isn't good if it the buttons are in unnatural positions.

But a lack of symmetry is even less natural for 2D platforming.

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newfag piece of shit

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No, but most retro games are not 3D.

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>hurr newfag
PSX games are considered retro. Now calm down, think about your heart.

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Not him, but I've used the wii u controller for virtual console stuff, and it much more comfortable than the wii classic controller garbage.

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>Can't stand the thought of not being able to play Monkeyball

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You posted it friend

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pcfats everyone

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I primarily game on PC, and even I can admit that not every game is good with keyboard+mouse.

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Good luck playing N64 games with K+M only you autist.

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Either buy the adapters to hook up authentic controllers to the PC or get flashcarts.

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That's why you supplement with dedicated controllers. A real analog joystick is a good addition for certain genres and a digital joystick can also come handy.
Gamepads work if you want to sit on a couch and play together but even that can be done with arcade sticks.

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Gamepads work because a large number of games (mostly console games) are designed with them in mind. Some occasional PC games are, too.

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Oh shit, really? I have the Darkstalkers one (it's purple!) that came out in Japan. Still have the packaging and the cards that came with it.

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They may work but there's no reason to restrict yourself to them. It's not like they didn't sell arcade sticks for consoles.

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Arcade sticks, steering wheels, and joysticks are good for their genres, but a gamepad is still good for other genres, too. Not just for couch play.

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Who said anything about restricting oneself to a gamepad?

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Stopped reading right there. Nothing Microsoft does is flawless.

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What does a gamepad do better than an arcade stick? They're cheaper obviously but if money is an issue you would best stick to your keyboard. Gamepads are the lowest common denominator of controllers.

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>What does a gamepad do better than an arcade stick?
Depends on the game, and the genre.

>Gamepads are the lowest common denominator of controllers.
Not when a game is designed specifically for it.

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In what genre does a gamepad magically excel a stick? With a stick you get superior control over motion and actions.
Games may be designed so they can work with only one button being pressed at a time but that doesn't mean using your thumb is the best way to do even that.

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don't be an ass, the controller is the best part of the console. Ignore the microsoft branding and you'll love it.

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c'mon bill

c'mon now

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I just go with Ease of Use. On my Macbook, I use a PS4 controller connected via bluetooth, OpenEMU natively supports it, and maps the buttons automatically. On my Windows machine, I use a 360 controller and map the buttons manually. Usually using the stick over the D-pad.

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>With a stick you get superior control over motion and actions.

Actually, sticks are usually limited to 8 directions.

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Depends on game.
I find myself better at SNES style games with a Keyboard because of the relative simple nature of them, plus I played a shitload in my youth on emulators on keyboard without a controller.

I don't really emulate anything post-SNES, but I have a wired 360 controller that works for moststuff.

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You can get an extra 4 direction stick if you want. It's not like gamepads can switch between those modes.
There is the peculiar case of the Intellivisions 16 direction disc but that's an extreme oddity and normally irrelevant as there aren't even mass produced adapters for that thing.

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>It's not like gamepads can switch between those modes.

And theres plenty of games where limiting the directions is not needed anyway.

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No xbone wireless support.
Drivers are all mapped backwards, need xinput wrapper.

Will there be noticeable lag?

Ps4 will do wireless but seems even more cludgy . Qq

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Dualshock 4 has windows support. It will work on most emulators without needing 3rd party software. You'll need inputmapper or ds4windows for some newer games that only support 360 controllers, though.

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>KB+M only
>for emulating old console games
I bet you're one of those retards that calls himself the "master race" too.

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The mouse isn't normally necessary but since everybody has one anyway it doesn't hurt to mention.

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Don't bother trying, the genuine ones are a rare collector's item now, $150+.

Instead you can build one yourself by getting a cheapo knockoff Gtron USB Saturn pad ($5) and a regular Saturn controller ($20) from EBay. Unscrew the backplates, then swap the circuit boards. Unsolder and swap the shoulder buttons if you want to use the old slidy buttons instead of clicky ones. Its pretty easy, there's only 2 joints for each and they're spaced far apart.

This ensures you get the exact same genuine Saturn button feel and integrity for cheap.

Alternately just get a Saturn to USB adapter...

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>Bad tier

I disagree. They have the best D-Pads I've ever used.

>> No.2410435

the one you posted is the most versatile and well made you can get
this guy is a retard

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I have a NES emulator on my galaxy phone... shit ton of roms and having a nostalgia-gasm.


I hate... HATE the on screen virtual controller. It renders some games unplayable, especially games that require you to run n jump at the same time (the mario games).
Any suggestions on a real, physical controller i could buy for my galaxy?
Do they even exist?

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stop with that pic already.
It's stupid and biased.

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Cheap and do the job.

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You claim it's biased because you disagree. How about making a better one if your opinions are truly so great?

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Like Goldeneye?

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>he doesn't play 3D arcade games

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Either Wii U Pro or XBone. DS3/4 if you're a girl.

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>Xbone in God Tier
>360 in Bad Tier
>despite the fact that aside from the d-pad, the 360 paddle is better in every way

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please explain the logic behind this

>> No.2410671

The only thing 360 does better is the shoulder buttons.

>> No.2410676

Arcade sticks are better for those.

>> No.2410684

Is there an emulator that allows for raw mouse input in goldeneye/perfect dark?

I remember using a mouse config for them in the past, but it wasnt raw input, so it was awkward aiming/turning.

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Original controller + adapter. Nothing surpasses it or ever will. If you insist on using one controller for every console, then go with a Dualshock 3 or earlier, because that has a D-pad that isn't shit. (I've only used a DS1 but I think the other two have exactly the same D-Pad, correct me if I'm wrong)

>> No.2410758

>>despite the fact that aside from the d-pad, the 360 paddle is better in every way

It's a tier list for retro games. You'll want to play anything with it, from 8 bits platformers to 5th gen console FPS, so both the analog sticks and the D-Pad have to be of good quality.
While the 360's sticks are fine, the D-Pad is too loose and imprecise as fuck to use it as your main controls. The XBone's pad fixes that which makes it great for retro gaming.

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The chart specifically says it's for dpad games.. .. ..

>> No.2410772

>Xbone D-pad position
>good for retro gaming


>> No.2410778

"D-Pads are a high priority" != "D-Pads exclusively"
Nice reading comprehension, namefaggot.

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why is the wii classic pro in god-tier if there is no R3 and L3? the manufacturing can't be that much better to justify god tier if DS4 and Xbone is. right next to it.

>> No.2410787

Probably because the classic controller has a god-tier Nintendo d-pad and L3 and R3 are not that important for retro gaming.

>> No.2410789

That's your opinion. I think the original Xbox Controller S is better.


Oh, okay, I can tune you out now.

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Yeah but it's nice to have a controller that does it all, so you don't have to swap between multiple controllers when you switch from retro games to modern games. And it's maybe not considered "retro gaming" yet, but PS2 emulation is definitely a thing now and you want L3 and R3 for that. Better to have them and not need them than the reverse.

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I use Dualshock 3, Xbox 360 and a modded Qanba Q4 RAF Ice Blue depending on what I play.

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Great for the price ( <$20 ), works for pretty much anything you could ever need. I like the d-pad a lot as well.

If not that, I'd use my original sega saturn controller with usb converter.

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>claim 360pad is bad tier just because of the dpad
>say nothing about the dualshock dpad

>> No.2411187

>classic controller in okay tier
>classic controller pro in god tier

Minus the handles, and the shoulder button layout, they're the exact same controller.

>> No.2411196

people need to stop reposting this fucking image

>> No.2411208

is it really that bad? it has really good reviews, so now I'm doubting myself

>> No.2411215

The wire sticking out of the bottom of the regular CC can get a little annoying, too.

Also, CC pro has 2 more buttons, so it's much better for emulating playstation-like games (that don't have a function bound to clicking in the sticks).

>> No.2411216

I had forgotten the original CC has those buttons, but to be fair they're in awkward positions, so there's that.

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Can confirm Madcatz controllers are shit. The left analog stick of the one I owned become wonky after one month even though I never used it.

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Wait, what? L3 and R3 buttons on an ordinary pad?!? Don't get me wrong, that seems like a TOTALLY reasonable thing to desire, but the idea that it could actually be possible just seems to be coming straight out of left field, or even even from far beyond!

>> No.2411275

I had the f510 but its right shoulder trigger is fucking jammed and glitchy.

especially terrible in Dark Souls if you talk to an NPC and then hit him out of nowhere.

I ditched that controller for good. the manufacturing was fine otherwise but now I'm happier with my DS3.

buy cheap and you'll buy twice. it's true.
can confirm that the sticks and the Dpad are alright though.

>> No.2411278

Have a F710, no problem at all.

>> No.2411283

well you're in luck then. maybe I bought a freak.

>> No.2411284

L3 and R3 refers to clicking on the analog sticks.

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Anybody know if these are any good?

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Figures. Lame! They don't even make any gamepads with a proper extra pair of buttons.

>> No.2411395

Doesn't adapter always introduce input lag?

>> No.2411402

Why does nobody make a gamepad with Jaguar style keypad? There's always so much empty space on these things where you could include buttons. The best option was one of those keyboard attachments.

>> No.2411407

I use the PS3 controller.

It has all the required buttons for every system plus analog shoulder buttons for things like Mario Sunshine.

Recently, however, I've bought USb controllers for NES, SNES, Genesis, and Nintendo 64.

Frankly, only Nintendo 64 and Genesis probably need it. N64 because C buttons are easier to spam in games that need them (Mischief Makers) and Genesis because of all the fucking buttons (though you could just use shoulder buttons I guess).

>> No.2411410

What about the Buffalo SNES USB controller?
I see it quite frequently around here.

I'm looking for a controller for all the d-pad heavy/retro games needs to use alongside the xbox360 one i have for all the 3D/new/mostly stick-based games, so was pondering about getting that or go for a Dualshock one to substitute both of them.

>> No.2411437

>Wait, what? L3 and R3 buttons on an ordinary pad?!?

the console industry slowly adapted putting clickable sticks into all control schemes of newer games. especially egoshooters.

you use L3/R3 to zoom in on an enemy, for example and that always seemed like a very intuitive control pattern to me so that just stuck with them.

the good thing about the Logitech controllers is that you also got a clickable dpad you can map another command to but while this dpad isn't bad, it's still not as good as a DualShock one.
it's not as tight and waggles slightly being a one piece button with eight directions and the option that you can click it in the middle as well.

>> No.2411538

That controller doesn't look very ergonomic with a back like that.

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I remember when I had the Pro version as a kid. The X and A buttons ( left side ) were so fucking hard to reach if you had normal children hands, and the "D-Pad", or whatever that horror is called, has to be the most imprecise one I've ever played with.

Good thing I had a Gravis for all the 8/16 bits emulation stuff.

>> No.2411582

I use the Wii U Pro Controller. Since I mainly play emulated games on Linux, it's well-supported (e.g. rumble is supported). Also, it last for a week or more on one charge.

>> No.2411586

Does having the buttons on the bottom not feel weird? I always assumed it would from looking at the layout

>> No.2411786

I've used the wii u pro aswell. Buttons being lower is perfectly fine. Really don't get why people freak out over it, especially considering no one seems to ever care when the dpad is lower. And IMO, having the D-pad and buttons adjacent feels more natural when playing 2D games.

>> No.2411796

Has anyone tried those bluetooth game controllers for smartphones? There's quite a lot of them these days and was wondering if they're any good to use with pc emulators.

>> No.2411805

Just seems weird to me, I prefer the d-pad and buttons both on top for retro games since it's easier for me to reach and a lot of older games don't use sticks.

For games with analogue as the primary control method I prefer the xbox layout because I'll (hopefully) be fiddling with the camera less than I will be pressing action buttons to do things, so to me it makes sense to have a stick and buttons on top for those types of games.

I guess it's all personal preference but the wii u pad looks like it would be uncomfortable to use the bottom part on to me.

>> No.2411826

Wii U pad is extremely comfortable, IMO. But fair enough.

And I do agree, its better when Dpad and buttons are on top. Dualshock controllers have always been my favourite for that reason.

>> No.2411859

Yeah, the design/build quality looks really nice and the battery life sounds amazing, but I guess I'd have to try one IRL before I went for it.

Not sure if major retailers have it on display, though.

I use a dual shock 4 at the moment, but I've found that sometimes it only really works in exclusive mode sometimes (not sure if it's just me, but sometimes like on some emulators i can't set keys for things unless it's exclusive), so if the wii u pc software is more compatible in general, I'd probably be more likely to go for it.

>> No.2411985

Battery life on Wii U Pro isn't as good as people say. Mine dies in about 6 or 7 hours, my DS4 can go for 10.

>> No.2412182

I actually have a famicon style painted DS3 strictly for emulating and it's worked like a charm since I got it back in 2007.

>> No.2412212

>red LEDs under analog sticks
do you really need to ask that question

>> No.2412856

>Mine dies in about 6 or 7 hours

While I get that the 80 hours people claim is largely an exaggeration, 6 or 7 hours is just as much of a bullshit exageration.

>> No.2412871

Fucking retarded, have you ever played a console game on a pc with keyboard and mouse? Anything more complex than a gameboy and maybe nes is shit without a controller.

>> No.2412875

Can add Gigaware to the shit tier, I've had to replace the silicone button pads and re-solder one of the pcb's for the shoulder buttons just to keep the damn thing alive.

>> No.2412902


Are the Xbone and DS4's tiny face buttons mappable as select and start buttons in emulators?

>> No.2412905

Then is mine defective because that is absolutely what happens.

>> No.2412945

It must be. Because it doesn't drain even close to that quickly on either of my two wii u pro controllers.

>> No.2413059

What Linux kernel are you running? If its supported by Linux I think I may buy one.

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File: 27 KB, 620x350, Sony-PS4-DualShock4-vs-Dual.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm sick of my 360 controller's d-pad and I can't decide whether to get a DS3 or a DS4. The DS3 has analog face buttons, which would be great if I ever get into PS2 emulation, but if they're anything like the face buttons on the DS2, the analog-ness would make them feel a bit spongy and it would probably make them slightly worse for everything except the handful of games that actually require it. I'm also worried that they compromised the timeless design of the DS4 to add a relatively pointless touchpad.

On the other hand, I'd rather have micro-USB than mini-USB, the concave sticks of the DS4 look nice, and I'm fully prepared to believe that the changes in the DS4 are for the better and it's actually an improvement over the old standard. Even if it just feels like a larger DS3, I'm cool with that.

So, which is better? Does anyone own both?

>> No.2413228

I don't own either, but they almost certainly do. The Xbone controller wouldn't work with XInput games if it didn't, since there'd be no way to hit start.

>> No.2413246

I prefer the DS4 as it's larger and for emulation purposes you can map macros to the touchpad, as it recognizes push, swipe up, swipe down, swipe left, and swipe right as separate inputs.

>> No.2413262

>emulation purposes you can map macros to the touchpad
That's interesting, thanks. I figured I'd probably be able to use it as a mouse, but it's good to hear there are better uses for it. Which drivers? (DS4Windows?)

>> No.2413279

not that guy, but i've heard you can't turn off that light in the back and it kills the battery life. is that true?

>> No.2413554

I just turn it down and I haven't had major issues, but yeah you can turn it off...it draws power like any other LED on a device does

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File: 111 KB, 176x144, 14-01-08_0039.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Honestly, the X360 d-pad is not THAT bad as everyone claims. It's not as good as the Saturn one, but you can get used to it very fast, and the controller is otherwise absolutely rock solid. It took me 7 years to finally manage to break the one I got a year after the launch, and that was with daily regular usage and dropping it to the ground pretty often. And it still works, it only has one should button non-functional.

>> No.2413687

DS4 is better in everyway, except for the durability of the analog sticks.

>> No.2413693

There are Bluetooth controllers for phones

>> No.2413695
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/thread over.

>> No.2413702 [DELETED] 

Its literally only the dpad that people hate about the 360 controller. Its actually among the most popular controllers for gaming.

>> No.2413731

Eh, it was pretty bad, when compared to the competition.

>> No.2413749

>360 d-pad
>not bad

If you were right, then it wouldn't be so hard to get some of the spells off in SotN

>> No.2413754

$6 caps. Boom, problem solved.

>> No.2413764

Haven't had this problem at all personally and i've used it heavily since launch.

>> No.2413790

This is true only on the launch models, Sony has since started using more durable plastic/rubber on the analog sticks.

>> No.2413795

The controller is overall very good and comfy to use, but its DPad is awful Anon.
It's okay when you just press on the edges of the cross, but if you let your thumb rest on it ( i.e. if you use the DPad as your main controls ) it will get pushed down and become loose and extremely imprecise.
You can totally use it for modern games emulation, but avoid it like plague for retro gaming.

>> No.2413808

Ah, I see.

>> No.2413818

it's shit

do people actually use these things

>> No.2413970

it's not good for retro because of the dpad's position regardless of how much its dpad sucks.
modern games, no problem.

DualShock is the way to go.

>> No.2414120

Buffalo is the best quality second only to Nintendo and ideal for emulation, I don't know who lied to you anon.

>> No.2414175

It looks pretty good to me but i still can't decide whether to pick one up, but most reviews are really positive so it's probably pretty good

>> No.2414232

>because dualshock dpad is good

>> No.2414274

What's wrong with it? I have a DS2 and an XB1 controller, and the DS2 doesn't misread button presses nearly as bad as the xbox's.

>> No.2414291

>separated button as a dpad
fuck that idea.
I really rather have the 360 dpad. (you will use the 360 pad for 3D games anyway, since 2D games are reserved for Saturn USB or Snes USB)

>> No.2414379

>paid 15 for sls controller
>laughs at clueless reseller & waababies

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File: 819 KB, 2122x2372, controllerxboxdpad.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

by default the dpad is shit, but it's not that difficult to fix

>> No.2414447

No vibration rumble tho

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File: 66 KB, 1024x768, F20ORRYGSUSNRNJ.LARGE.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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File: 132 KB, 790x452, ASCII-SeaMic-padT.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

ASCII Seamic - for N64 and arcade fighting games
PS2 controller - all that is left

>> No.2414797

everyone lied

the damn thing couldn't do a diagonal to save it's life

>> No.2414819 [DELETED] 
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>PS2 controller

Playstation controllers have always been shit.

>> No.2414921

DualShock were the best controllers ever to me until I started playing with the 360 ones. Somehow, I don't know how to handle the DS pads anymore and the button placement now feels awkward as fuck.

>> No.2414951

Who even presses the shoulder buttons like what's pictured on the lower right, your pic is bullshit and unfunny.

>> No.2414962

ppl that dont have tiny hands

>> No.2414965

People who don't know how to hold controllers or want to make memes for v

>> No.2414970
File: 74 KB, 1000x774, GCpad.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Opinions on the Gamecube controller design for emulators?

>> No.2414974

It works really well for Gamecube and N64, not much else.

>> No.2415093

D-pad, while not 360 bad, is below the usual nintendo standard.

more of a personal thing, but I never liked the ABXY layout, either.

>> No.2415113

>playstation controllers suck because muh left stick placement


>> No.2415145
File: 15 KB, 400x288, Saitek-P880-Dual-Analog-Pad.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.2415149

awful controller in every way.
especially with handles too short and cable too short

also, what's so hard about making a normal looking c-stick that provides grip?

what's with the A and B button size difference? how is that justified other than being quirky and childlike looking?

>> No.2415154

The Dualshock has the very same neutral thumb placement of the other controllers IF you primarily use the d-pad, rather than the analog stick. Which is entirely dependent upon your favored genres. Like fighters, shmups, etc? Then the Dualshock is more comfortable. This is especially true regarding retro use, since 8 and 16 bit consoles didn't use analog sticks.

>> No.2415157

that train of thought is wrong. you want to have the D-Pad up there and then it's still fine having the sticks in the middle. why? because you have an easier time comfortable reach something in the middle if it sticks out as opposed to a flat ass D-Pad in the middle that you'll find a bit harder to reach. that's why joysticks in the middle are perfectly bearable.

if anything, any modern controller with that asymmetrical layout is flawed and Sony are the only ones doing it right.

>> No.2415164

It's a few buck to replace the sticks with Xbone One sticks. Just have a little bit of tape to put around the post in case you get one that's a little floppy.

>> No.2415167

Is this thing supported on Windows XP?

Yes, I still use windows XP.

>> No.2415179

It's an official Microsoft peripheral so I would say no.

>> No.2415207
File: 7 KB, 290x290, thrustmaster_gp_xid.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The triggers in the back are harder than in a normal 360 controller and the bumpers feel a bit cheap but this is a very responsive gamepad overall
but the D-PAD is garbage. i personally only use it for 3D games or maybe some fighting games

>> No.2415228


lot of people say they are shit.

>> No.2415245

Does anybody use the Xbox 360 controller on fightcade/ggpo?
It seems to be really off in KOF 98 but works fine in all other games for some reason.

Xpadder "fixes" the problem, but I'd like to know if anybody have the same problem.

>> No.2415287

I like the Xbox One controller more than the 360 because it has a slightly better d pad, but the d pad could be much better

>> No.2415305

why? is it the build quality? i really like their joysticks for flight sims

>> No.2415492

>no overpriced gimmick

>> No.2415507

Stone of Agony

>> No.2415529

>playing KOF2002UM, using Athena
>do hcf, once, in isolation
>get 2xhcb out of nowhere, do a super

yeah, no
paused the match, got up, and said that I'd never use the shit 360 d-pad again

and that's not even an isolated "maybe I misinput somehow" on one single pad, that incident was just the last time I bothered trying to use the 360 controller's d-pad

It's really, really bad.
supposedly the Xbone d-pad fixes things a lot, but I haven't used one yet

never had a DS2 d-pad that's read diagonals properly
DS3's been fine, DS1/SCPH-1080's been fine, DS4's been fine
but maybe it's just the wear on them (but this was like, 3 different DS2 controllers)

The separated button thing isn't as awful as it sounds (there's a reason Sony's used the same design for 20 years now).

>> No.2415675

It's only 11 bucks on amazon, give it a shot. It is NOT identical to a Super Famicom controller, as some people claim, but it is a very good gamepad for it's price.

Diagonals are only kind of difficult when it's brand new. The d-pad gets much better after some use.

>> No.2415728

Well, i'm looking for a controller to use pretty much only for the good dpad (i have the 360 for stick-friendly game) regardless of being retro games or not, that's why i'm concerned about that - not point buying something for that single thing if it's not good at it.

How does the buffalo dpad compare with the dualshock one?

>> No.2415763

>How does the buffalo dpad compare with the dualshock one?
It's hard to compare, they're completely different.

The Buffalo d-pad is pretty good though. A little stiff at first, but great in the long run.
I think it's the best option for SNES emulation right now, considering cost.

A DS4 is a better choice if you're looking for a more multi-purpose controller. Something you could also use to play games that require analog sticks and trigger buttons.

>> No.2415779

>A DS4 is a better choice if you're looking for a more multi-purpose controller.
I see.

Well as said for now that's covered with xbox360 one and it's quite great, but since i started emulating retro (and took interest into fighting games) the atrocious dpad has become a problem.

That's what i mean for buying a controller "pretty much only for the good dpad". If the games isn't dpad-heavy then i'm already covered.

And yes i know for fighting games a stick would probably be the best but any decent option is way too expensive for the little i actually play them, a decent pad will be enough.

>> No.2415804

Is getting a DS3 to be recognized as an Xbox controller the only way to use it with a pc? I know MotioninJoy is shit but I'm hoping for an all around usage gamepad and some games doesn't allow full remapping of the controls if it detects an Xbox controller.

>> No.2415867
File: 216 KB, 314x307, Buffalo_SFC_vs_Actual_SNES.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

of course it's shit; the dpad molding is not identical
left nintendo, right buffalo

>> No.2415868

see >>2414432

>> No.2415894

>why so much love for first-party controllers/why so much hate for 3rd party controllers?
This is true. Especially the economies of scale bit. It's a good explanation for why first-party controllers like the XBone controller and the DS4 can even beat controllers made by high-profile peripheral manufacturers like Logitech and Razer.

>> No.2415945

>Alternately just get a Saturn to USB adapter...

I can vouch for this. Got one and have been using it nonstop ever since.

>> No.2415954

I have one of those and it had horrible dead zones on the analog sticks.

>> No.2415958

mayflash adapters have yet to let me down, just dish they'd include optional xinput drivers for win8 compatibility

>> No.2415964
File: 31 KB, 150x146, 1364439667216.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Feels so good to be using my virtua stick with MAME. Only wish I could get my Virtual On twin stick controller to work properly with the Model 2 emulator. Kinda curious if the stunner would work with light gun games on MAME if I hooked my PC up to a CRT.

>> No.2416064

razer a shit

>> No.2416125

Just finished trying this on a spare xbox360 controller.

Was the first time and i'm not the greatest craftsman in the world so it probably isn't perfect but the results are tangible: the dpad is much, much more sensitive than before (although it might take a while to adapt to the shorter run it now has until being "fully pushed").

There's one direction that is a little stiff, but it's as sensitive as the rest (and it's probably my fault), that's all.

Putting the controller back in a single piece (without fucking up other buttons) was more tricky than crafting the plastic ring, actually.

>> No.2416154

I find the most difficult part to be snapping the damned shell back together. There's something goofy about the 360 shell, that makes it get caught up half the time. That said, the spacer doesn't have to be perfect, just equal to or smaller than the outer dpad molding ring. As you're really just trying to assure the rubber contact point surface area is spread over a greater area. Press down directly on the dpad and try to manipulate it to dead center and see if that helps. The floating dpad design will keep it from always being 'dead center', but it's fairly easy to return to 'neutral'. If it still feels too stiff or clicky, the material you used to make the spacer might be too thick.

Now give it a try in Street Fighter or a game optimized for 360 controller, that relies on the dpad and see what you think. I'd suggest you try Another Metroid 2 Remake with it. The improved dpad makes playing it much much more enjoyable. In fact I believe this simple mod makes the standard 360 controller respond better than the transforming dpad controller.

>> No.2416176

Does everyone forget Steelseries, or is that just me?

>> No.2416213

Does putting a nintendo d-pad in it not work?

>> No.2416609

The buffalo controller honestly has my favourite d-pad ever and that was quite surprising. I don't think I will ever need a different controller for 2D games. It's very well suited for high-precision moves.

In fact, I would really like to use it for console gaming, but alas, it's USB (that's mostly a good thing but you know)

>> No.2416838

it's not even about it being absolutely perfect compared to the snes controller

played mega man battle network 2 on an emulator and it is IMPOSSIBLE to move in a diagonal line without the damn thing spazzing in every which direction, making it cumbersome to play.

My 360 transforming dpad plays better in comparison than the buffalo pad! What the fuck is that shit? I don't care how long it takes to "break in" two weeks should be enough to reliably shoot a fucking metal blade in diagonal directions.

>> No.2418773

360's great for everything that isn't dpad intensive.

>> No.2418789

1. Buy a cheap, first party official controller for the system you're emulating
2. Buy a (that system) to USB converter
3. ???

What's so God damn hard to understand about this. It's truly the best way to go.

>> No.2418951

1) More money
2) More space
3) Sometimes old, prone to being broken
4) Some original controllers were trash

>> No.2419076

This. That dpad is almost Saturn tier.

>> No.2419423

Logitech F310 is not bad except for the large analog stick deadzones

>> No.2419434

>large analog stick deadzones

The reason I did not shed a single tear when mine broke.

Otherwise it's actually fairly decent, if only they could get the analog deadzone right...

>> No.2419946

>more money

No, not really. Also get a job or something you cheap fuck.

>more space

Hardly. A few extra controllers is not really that much space. Easily could fit 20+ controllers in a drawer somewhere. Unless you're some kind of hoarding bastard this shouldn't be an issue.

>sometimes old (duh, so?) prone to breaking

Not any more so than any other controller you would possibly buy

>original controllers were sometimes trash

Like what? That's a matter of opinion, but the fact is that the original controllers are what the games for the system were designed around, so... if you think they're trash the system is probably trash too and not worth emulating

>> No.2421224

What's the problem with MotioninJoy for DS3?

>> No.2421228

I dont know about others but on my setup 100% of the time on my PC it doesn't work. (yay...)

SCPServer solved all my problems. That's the one i'd recommend

>> No.2421230

chinese botnet is on that shitty program and shitty bitcoin miners additionally when you run that shit.

I also recommend SCPServer. Works great.

>> No.2421273
File: 24 KB, 500x500, s-l1000.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Hey I use a Madcatz 360 controller for emulating games and it ain't too shabby. Not all Madcatz controllers are shit.

>> No.2421285
File: 8 KB, 240x165, phpThumb_generated_thumbnail.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Got one of these for SNES, also have one for NES.

Works great, no drivers, no lag.

If you're going to play old school, might as well use the appropriate peripherals.

>> No.2421778
File: 146 KB, 480x800, dpads.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Here's something I just made, for all you autists out like like me that care about d-pads.

>> No.2421967

>xbox 360 and logitech controllers in bad tier
>ps4, xbox one, and wii classic controller pro in god tier
>madcatz in shit tier
how can one person have such shit tastes

>> No.2421972

You're missing God Tier: NeoGeo Pocket Color

>> No.2421996

actually the one on the left is the super nintendo dpad. never seen buffalo controllers insides, but definitely left is official.

>> No.2422001

This is the exact controller I had problems with. One month after purchase, its left analog stick kept shifting down. Online guides told me that it's possible to readjust the pots in the stick to fix the problem, but for this particular controller, only one of the pots of the stick was adjustable and it's not possible to desolder the stick without removing the left trigger. I ending up soldering a potentiometer in parallel to the broken one to solve the problem.

>> No.2422047
File: 9 KB, 220x192, 345657864.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

fucking loved the triggers on this. i was also a big fan of the smaller size.

and fuck has anyone ever tried the madcatz gamecube controller? i really don't understand the hate for madcatz or logitech, they are both great alternative companies

>> No.2422132
File: 75 KB, 513x592, 1431520483767.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>360's Dpad is good for retro games
>madcatz is good for anything
I have an official 360 pad, and the DPad is so bad I ended up playing SNES roms with the analog stick. It's great for anything but retro which is what the list is about.

>"FOR SALE" sign is a road sign according to the captcha

>> No.2422141

>using a 3D controller for retro games in the first place
urff durr holy shit rape my face

>> No.2422150

that picture isn't about the dpads though, says its a high priority, but for racing games xbox 360 controller isn't beat. aside from dpad the 360 pad is amazing. madkatz has quality controllers.

>> No.2422154
File: 26 KB, 1000x1000, 51rzlBAC71L._SL1000_.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So, this is something I've been meaning to ask for a while. How bad is wireless lag? The actual transmission medium shouldn't be the problem because an RF signal through air is roughly as blindingly fast as an electronic signal through copper. Both USB and Bluetooth are packeted. Is wireless lag a real thing, and if so, where does it come from and roughly how many frames does it set you back? 7th gen consoles have wireless as standard, and that indicates to me that it's not a huge problem, but it could also be because 7th genners just don't care/notice, or the lag on their shitty HDTVs is worse, or games on these consoles are designed to be more lenient with timing.

>> No.2422359

i'd say it's about a frame.

>> No.2422360
File: 1.90 MB, 320x165, Abandon Thread.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Whichever one you prefer...

>> No.2422361

I like my wireless 360 controller for PS1 and N64 games. I use the bufalo retro snes pad for most others then some unique options here and there. It's all preference.

>> No.2422413

This is just me personally, but I prefer the Xbox 360 controller to the Xbone. The D-pad's better on the Xbone but the material of the controller itself feels a lot more brittle and cheap in comparison, and I kinda prefer the stick on 360.

>> No.2422416

I just use my PS3 controller since I don't really use my PS3.

>> No.2422591


Good for GC and N64 games but the tiny dpad makes anything older a bit of a pain.

Still recommend it for N64 though, it's godlike for that system

>> No.2422931
File: 17 KB, 550x326, Screenshot_2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hey, I believe this bluetooth and USB controller from 8bitdo is a recent release.

Looks like it may be decent for retro games, anyone got experience yet?

>> No.2423384

I had problems with one of the triggers, had to open it....it wasn't pretty trying to put this damn thing back together. I fixed it though but it triggers me even thinking about it because I had to crush the controller back together because something was out of place and I couldn't figure out what fuck this controller.

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