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Thief Gold is better than Thief 2, you know it to be true.

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I'm probably the only one, but I fucking hated the mystic creatures like zombies, farting/burping blind dinosaurs, satan himself etc.
When I started Thief Gold I thought I just put my hands on a great game where I had to break into apartments / houses, steal their stuff and leave immediately.
Instead, I got a fantasy fps like game.

Thief 2 is perfection.

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You definitely aren't the only one, that's the most common reason most people to prefer T2 that I've seen. And I understand that, especially if you weren't expecting it. I was because the first level I ever heard about was The Haunted Cathedral, and it's the reason I ended up getting the game in the first place.

Thief 2 is a better made game though.

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Really enjoyed the first mission of the game. Loved the map system. Also, no stupid handholding. However the second and third mission are utter shite. In fact, the second level was so bad I had to google a level skipping cheat. Loved the atmosphere though. Should i keep playing or should i skip to thief 2? Maybe i'm just a pleb

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I'm not a big fan of the second level either, it's too cramped. I do like the Bonehoard, but it can be annoyingly easy to go in circles. None of the missions after these are as cramped or as confusing as they are, so I'd say keep going.

I can almost guarantee you'll like the next mission, it's a lot like Bafford's Manor.
Then the next level after that is one nobody except me likes. Don't feel bad if you look up the location of a secondary objective, it's location is bullshit.
Next level after that is one of the best levels of all time.
Beyond that it's a mix of stuff you'll probably like with stuff you might not. You'll probably like Thief 2 more, but playing all the way through Thief Gold will make it more enjoyable. The world changes in big ways between the games, and the story really relies on knowing the first game's.

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All right, I'll keep that in mind thanks.

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Out of curiosity, what did you hate about the Bonehoard?

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Look at this filthy Pagan hating on Cragslceft (one of the best levels of the game) and the Bonehoard (killer UU-style dungeon).

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I felt like it were "unrealistically" big and confusing. I wasn't expecting such a huge layout when entering a tomb like that. It felt hard to keep track of where the hell I was going due to all these narrow hallways(just like second mission). Even though I dislike objective markers in games I felt like this mission was too disorganised.

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As long as it wasn't the zombies themselves that you disliked, then there's nothing else quite like that in the game. There are a couple of levels where you explore huge abandoned areas, but one of them is easy to navigate and has few enemies so it's pretty laid back. The other is a walled off haunted section of the city which is easy to get lost in, but unlike the Bonehoard it has plenty of landmarks and the scale makes more sense.

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That's the reason I stopped playing this game after a few levels. Level 1 was fucking great, and then it keeps throwing zombies and spooky dungeons at you. No thanks.
I'll play it at some point but it's pretty disappointing.

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I agree but I'm not a bitch who gets lost in the Thieves Guild.

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I'm playing through Thief Gold again and the Thieves' Guild isn't nearly as bad as I remember. Probably because I vaguely remember the layout, and where to find the bracelet.

It always confused me why people list Mage Towers as one of the worst in threads, but now I can see why. It's a cool idea but none of the towers are actually good. Water tower only takes 10 seconds, the Earth tower is unremarkable, Air tower is boring, and Fire tower is annoying. And then the main tower itself is boring. I would have expected something other than the standard air, water, earth, and fire magic in Thief.

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How does the lost city factor in? I played that one for a few minutes, stopped playing and never started again.

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Similarly I feel like the only one who likes them equally. They tie for my favorite game of all time, for different reasons. Thief 1 because of the zombies and mystic stuff, and thief 2 for the heist feeling and pure stealth. More importantly though I think they complement each other perfectly.

Thief 3 was okay, but could've been handled much much better. It's pretty great with mods though.

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The Lost City is the first one I mentioned there. Aside from Burricks and floating fireballs that shoot fire at you, there's not much in the way of enemies. There's no reason or even opportunity to sneak for most of it (since there's so little to sneak by), so if you aren't a fan of just exploring then you probably won't care for it. It's less confusing than Bonehoard, Thieves' Guild, or The Haunted Cathedral, though.

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Thief 1 is generally agreed to be the best game in the series on sites like ttlg (where most of the hardcore fans are), it's only on 4chan that I've seen the majority claim thief 2 is better.

Thief 1 had a much better atmosphere, better story and pacing, more varied levels, etc. I didn't have a problem with the supernatural stuff on thief 2 being toned down, but I think they went too far in that direction. Thief 2 feels really bland and generic in comparison (and robots were so much more annoying than zombies)

Also people saying that thief 1 is a "fantasy fps" or that confrontation was in any way encouraged are just plain wrong. Even in the pure undead missions (there are only 3 in the game) you could ghost them entirely.

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I'm about to start playing the first the Thief games. I've never played them before and I don't know anything about them. I'm pretty excited to go into them completely blind. No spoilers please.

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Hey, just for giggles; What's sort of fan-mission setting we haven't seen yet and you wish to see ?

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If you want to go all out with custom assets, I don't think I've seen a wild west-themed level, or anything with samurai. Neither of those are very "thiefy" of course but they'd stand out. I don't know what can be done that hasn't already,

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There is a samurai-themed FM, I think it's called the way of the sword

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Are you me?

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>Not liking both equally

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There are some fan missions that are often recommended and talked about (ie Inverted Manse, Calendra's Cistern, Rocksbourg, Rose Cottage, etc), but what are some hidden gem FMs? I'm playing Lorgran's Web right now and it's great, but I've never seen it mentioned in discussions. With so many of them, I have to wonder what I'm missing out on.

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You can try all Uncadonego's missions for starters (Especially The Power of Suggestion - but you can skip Mixed Messages)

Next, play Lord Beilman's Mansion and Invitation to Castle Morgoth, both have a particular atmosphere

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I like both equally but Thief Gold gets a little more love from me thanks to the atmosphere.

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>tfw hoarding FMs
I have a FM folder worth 11 gb with 250+ individual FMs and I've finished maybe 15. Whenever I play Thief I say I'm going to play FMs and just end up replaying the main story.

I'd say Disorientation is probably the best FM I've played. It took me around 4 or so hours of exploration since the missions was massive. Incredible how much detail was put into it. Atmosphere is dead on Thief 1.

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I know nothing of these games. Please elaborate.

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My nigga
Even printed the map that comes out with it
There's definitely a pirate-themed FM around, it was on one of the recommended FM picture
Get TFix for Thief 1 and Tafferpatcher for Thief 2, that's 'bout all you need to know
Basically the game that brought the stealth genre and one of the most fully fleshed stealth mechanics even today.
Great atmosphere, level design, a great amount of fan missions(with many noteworthy and surpassing the original missions' quality) to play after

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stealth genre to the west*, it came after MGS and was basically encouraged by it that it could work

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>6D world

oh my god

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Play on the hardest difficulty. I made the mistake of starting on normal and I haven't got round to starting again.

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Thief 1 had Thieves' Guild, that makes is worse than Thief 2
>also all superior fan missions are for Thief 2

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>Thief 1 had Thieves' Guild

Thief 2 had soulforge, that makes it the worst game in the series.

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>worse than Thiaf
opinion discarded

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>m-m-maybe if i close my eyes the shitty fourth installment will disappear

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Yes, exactly.

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Soulforge is a great boss level. Sorry that the high-security robotic compound of the cult that hates all flesh put you out of your comfort zone.

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I'm not even sure how that cover exists.

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Soulforge is Tedium: the mission. There's nothing fun about sneaking past and backtracking through a million robots in huge featureless brightly lit rooms and corridors in order to complete this massive fetchquest of a mission that would put brother murus errands to shame. At least thieves guild features humanoid enemies.

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Hey is the anon that made this magnificient looking hammerite imperium mission still here ? How the project is going ?

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I'm still here, but I'm busy with Quake stuff right now and I'm working on something else for Thief Gold with some friends too.

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Hey, I just played both these games to completion and I want to gorge on fan missions, what's a good place to start?

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I heard the game actually has a lot of extra stuff on the hardest, and it's not just "lol enemies have more health and do more damage.", which sounds amazing.

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Ramirez's Mansion is fucking huge

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And it's nothing compared to Gervaisius'.

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>Level no one except me likes.
Are...are you talking about the Thieves Guild?

That level took me 3 hours to beat. That was such bullshit. I learned the level skipping cheat after that one. Thank god The Sword is right after it.

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So easy to get lost down there. Too much back and forth, although I respect the fact that it's basically 3 levels in one, aesthetics wise.

The biggest thing about the higher difficulty levels is that the objectives become more sophisticated, and you're more restricted in how you accomplish them. Specifically, you tend to be less able to kill or destroy things on harder difficulties. Expert, you can't kill anyone, which for the most part means that stealth kills are the way you get things done. There's also more guards. Objectives might straight out get harder, like having to find more cash, or get more sophisticated, like having to make a fake copy of a key the long way rather than just stealing the original, or pickpocketing a certain number of guys, or finding a specific bit of loot. One from Life of the Party, in T2, actually requires you to break into a place across the city to pick up a special explosive so you can break into a heavily armoured armoury on the other side. During the same level, on higher difficulties, on the way to the mansion holding the even, you have to break into the bank on the way. One of the party guests has a bank key, but there's also other ways of getting in there as well, IIRC. The levels are amazing. There's just about no linality in a lot of them, and keeping track of where you are can be pretty tricky, particularly on the levels where you're on the back foot and don't have proper maps.

The atmosphere's amazing, and the plot's pretty awesome as well. The second game also does steampunk in a really neat fashion that's pretty rare these days. The former has a nature/technology plot that's also handled really nicely.

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What do you guys think of my dragon dildo sword ?

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>One from Life of the Party, in T2, actually requires you to break into a place across the city to pick up a special explosive so you can break into a heavily armoured armoury on the other side

It's clearly what the explosive is intended for, but I just want to point out that 1) breaking into the armory is not actually an objective on any difficulty, 2) you can blow it open with a couple fire arrows just fine, and 3) there's a key to the armory inside Angelwatch if you want to loot it on your way back.

Though, all of this is still helping prove your point that Thief gives you a lot of options.

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>No one but me likes

You aren't alone. Some of us beat that level in under an hour blind the first time around, and then there's everyone who hates that level.

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Oh. I must be thinking of the Demo. That had breaking into the armoury as an objective.
>fire arrows
Son of a bitch. I did not know that.

But yeah, like you say, you feel like a guy going about a city robbing shit, getting awesome setting information, spooking yourself, and inspiring GarretXVictoria fanfiction.

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If anyone is curious (or remembers), some of the textures I was working on (and abandoned/backburnered) are being used in the canon texture pack on TTLG. Which is kinda nice...

>skipping levels
I liked the Thieves Guild myself. It was one of the only levels where the people you were infiltrating recognized you as anything other than just "thief". Called you out by your name when they were searching. Made me feel more a part of the world.

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You can complete it in less than 10 mins (5 in normal) if you know your way around and exploit a bunch of glitches.

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I was amazed at how speedrunnable Theif was.

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Yes, but I was
that good Thief players can do it blind, and a hour is totally reasonable.

I highly doubt anyone's blindly run Thieves' Guild in 10 minutes.

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I can't find it but there's this crazy video of Bafford's Manor in like half a minute. It ends with Garrett dead on the floor, sliding along to the scepter. And then of course there's this
which I thought about the first time through but assumed would be impossible.

I wouldn't blame anybody for their time on that level the first time because of the bracelet's location.

>> No.2427262


Wait. Was that a physics thing or just using a speed potion to do a really awesome jump? Goddamn.

Although I suppose it's pretty obvious that higher difficulty levels would kinda neuter a lot of the speedrun. Having to get all the secondaries and loot, etc. Less room for crazy speedrun bullshit.

>> No.2427287

Speed potion + bunny hopping. This particular runner doesn't use a very awesome glitch with the blackjack than cancels falls and can allow Garrett to 'fly' when executed properly (but it's pretty hard and I only discovered how to do it recently, see attached vid). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5bHbNDBnTjA

Most of the glitches can and should be used for Expert speedruns, but since you have less health you have less room for errors, this includes bugs but also enemies that can rek you fast. Some glitches like the portcullis keyholing in Undercover can easily kill you for example.

>> No.2427301

I didn't mention it but you can also swim ~1.5x faster when you attach to a ladder and detach in the water. There is a ladder next to the Lost City entrance, so you can save like 2 or 3 seconds during the underwater part if you do this properly and don't mess up.

Running this game with NewDark is a pain since most glitches don't work anymore or are extremely hard to replicate. I wanna run TDP again (not Gold) but my copy doesn't work while my non-ND Gold works.

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Pretty nuts. Kinda ruins the entire point of the lost city though.

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Ew. I never noticed how poor the textures alignements were in thief 2.

>> No.2429882

They're better in most places. That isn't an area that really matters much anyway.

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requisite post. If you haven't played FMs you don't know what you are missing

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I think I've asked before, but are there any maps with decent voice acting and eavesdropping? Bonus if there's a decent Garret voice actor.

Eavesdropping is one of my favorite parts of Thief, and I haven't played any FMs that pull it off well...

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Calendra's Cistern and Sturmdrang Peak come to mind. Also Bathory/Dracula campaigns.

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explain pls?
it was supposed to be larger, but the tour 'round the city imposed limits

>> No.2433080

Hey man, what happened to the master plan? I was really waiting on news from your stuff

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>canon texture pack
Sounds sexy. I would love to see this. The other texture packs I've seen around TTLG (like the necro age or the original HD texture pack) all just look so out of place and awkward. They don't convey the atmosphere of either either and just look mismatched with the low poly models.

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>Hello, Garrett.

I crapped myself. No other game has given me a shock like that.

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>7 Shades of Mercury
Probably the best FM I played. So incredibly original. Nothing to do with Garrett and I love how it expands upon the entire Hammerite establishment.

Great gameplay too. Especially how you have all those different types of enemies that you have to approach differently.

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Srry m8. Life. You can see what I did get done:
Just unzip it into a fresh thief folder. It shouldn't effect any FM's (other than altering the textures to be fancy). Pretty much just Baffords is done (aside from a few window textures, a mural and one brick texture I think). Lemme know what you think. I might pick it back up again, especially because Bentraxxx just released Thief HD pack 1.0 and it looks like shit - which was the reason I started this in the first place.

>low poly models
I was thinking about doing something about this too. Nothing TOO high res. Something stylized... Maybe some years down the line. I don't think thief is going to lose much popularity at this rate anyway, so maybe I have some time...

>> No.2434129

Amazing concept, huge as fuck, a bit rough around the edges. It felt somewhat harry potter opposed to Thief, but it certainly was refreshing and damn straight original.

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Hey, life comes first.
I do believe you'll be always welcome/people'll remember your shit, been like 15 fuckin' years and only recently did someone think of reviving the looks while keeping them true to their core.

Bentraxx wasn't completely terrible with this update. The water in the new version looks better, but he's basically superficial with his decisions. As for necro age, I always thought it was a subjective piece of work.

Even with Thiaf being a closed case, I still have a slight feeling we might just get lucky if the stars line up and Square Enix allows OtherSide Entertainment do their magic after they're done with Underworld Ascendant.

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>Bentraxxx just released Thief HD pack 1.0 and it looks like shit
My feelings exactly.
So how is the canon texture pack progressing? I found a thread on TTLG on it but it just consists of a lot of texture dumps from different contributors. I'm guessing it's still early days.

I imagine that a few years down the line the TTLG community will still be going strong with those select few dedicated fans pumping out FMs.
Can't wait for Rocksbourg prequel.

>> No.2434561

You can find the most recent version... . .. .... Here: http://www.ttlg.com/forums/showthread.php?t=141621

It looks pretty good, but some of the texture submissions lost the originals colors along the way. It's something I was striving to keep in my textures, either through liberal interpretations of the pixels, or subtle environment maps.

I also think they're a little too high res in some areas and lack consistent texel density, but a lot of the are damn good too. Especially for Thief 2.

>> No.2434580

>The water in the new version looks better
That's one thing he did really well actually. And I don't mind the effects for the fire arrow pickups either, that looks pretty neat (though again, the mixed texel density looks weird - my biggest complaint about any graphics mod).

All in all it's completely subjective from texture pack to texture pack. I just really don't like Bentraxxx's decisions for the most part, but if other people do (and they seem to) more power to them.

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Playing thief gold mission 3, I found a note mentioning a X mark by the burrick tunnels. I also found another note talking about a thief called Alandro who was seen deep in the same tunnels looking for a rare gem.

The only thing I found in those damn tunnels was a rope that lead to a room with a corpse, a dinky ass water arrow, and a note. Am I wrong to assume there is literally no treasure there and that's Alandro's corpse? Playing on expert btw

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I'm wearing this

>> No.2435389

Fookin nice. Where'd you get it?

>> No.2435534


I copied the keeper glyphs from the game as vector graphics in Illustrator and sent the stuff to a promotional fabric stamping company. The hoodie is really high quality and the whole thing cost only 40€. I got 3 just in case, so 120€ in total.

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Reminds me of those arabic text shirts I think were a small trend a while ago.

>> No.2435978

It's just a lot more professional to stick to the original vision and just deliver a higher quality while doing the forementioned thing. No problem with going a different direction, but I do believe the sort of thing you did was sorely needed.
The enhancement packs that came with Tfix/tafferpatcher are also pretty damn good.

>> No.2436312

Did those runes/sigils ever actually mean anything?

>> No.2437189

I liked Being Thief for the experience of wandering around the city and stealing stuff from random buildings. I remember playing another one a lot like it, I think it was Ominous Bequest.

>> No.2437297

If you've played Ominous Bequest (Gold?), you should definitely play Broken Triad, its sequel.
They did in Deadly Shadows, however I don't fully believe the events that happened in Deadly Shadows reflect how the Keepers were supposed to be in Looking Glass Studio's Thief III.

>> No.2437326

>They did in Deadly Shadows, however I don't fully believe the events that happened in Deadly Shadows reflect how the Keepers were supposed to be in Looking Glass Studio's Thief III.

LG worked on Thief 3 and did the story. They just didn't own the game anymore. I don't remember if the story was done from before or they did it during Thief's 3 development but I remember reading at the time that the story and the cut scenes were done by them. That's why the story is so good in 3 while the level design is shit.

>> No.2437347

ayyyllahu ackbar

I can see why a design like that wouldn't be so fashionable.

>> No.2437375

That's a possibility, though surely you've noticed the discrepancy of the Keepers' portrayal between T1/2 and TDS. The beef was in their yard this time, sure, but the chaotic manner in which they've handled it all, not to mention how Garrett could casually sneak in and out even though he was taught by the very same people, or the fact that Keepers would ever employ killing machines made everything quite inconceivable.
The Keepers really lost their cool, this time around compared to how they infiltrated Constantine's Manor and freed Garrett when he got double crossed, though the part where they called Garrett and had him sent to Caduca in T2 did make things look like they were in a sort of order
The Faction system in TDS wasn't entirely a bad idea, but it still came out pretty stupid.

The level design most likely was shit because they wanted to appeal to more people along with having it playable for Xbox. Fucking retarded.

>> No.2437416

It's possible elements of the story were changed at request. After all LG didn't have any rights anymore. The awesome atmosphere was still there in the cut scenes and story, but those squeaky clean levels with the cloud gates in between those simple areas was just shit.
I didn't even bother with T4.

>> No.2437434

There is no need to bother with T4, although you might want to know they went with a sort of hybrid between reboot and sequel, placing Gorrett many years after OG Thief.
Supposedly Garrett ended up in some asylum, that's where you find his eye at least.
After all these years, I'm still hyped over the slim chance of ex-LGS people picking up the franchise. OtherSide Entertainment seems to be doing good, and Square Enix has been singing for a while they want to cooperate with other developers in having games made. (pic related http://www.siliconera.com/2015/05/29/square-enix-to-collaborate-more-with-other-developers/)Outsourcing Thief to OSE would be a dream come true.(They still have Underworld Ascendant on their plate, though)

The atmosphere was there, and sexy dynamic shadows really helped. However, I was truly bothered by the fact that you would keep hearing that ambient sound from the beginning of a mission whenever you'd exit a zone and enter the other.

>> No.2437454

Speaking of underworld there was a really cool fan mission with this theme but I don't remember the name, only it was really small and it used some Arx Fatalis sounds. Any chance it ring a bell ?

>> No.2437465

No, but you got me curious. If you could find it's name, I'll certainly toss it in my FMSel

>> No.2437637

Just finished the FM "Between These Dark Walls". Really impressed by the atmosphere and effort. Especially with all the little secrets and how the level design tied in together. The entire felt a lot bigger than it really was and I liked that. Reminded me heavily of Disorientation and I was surprised to learn they're done by different authors. I know the author of BTDW lurks around /vr/ from time to time. Incredible job on this mission. I'm finally getting around to playing Endless Rain tonight. I remember him posting some screens from his development process.

Any of you know if these missions were inspired by Disorientation or is it inspired directly by Thief 1s atmosphere?

>> No.2437671


The unseen by skacky. It's a contest mission if I remember correctly.

>> No.2437883

There's pretty short list of things that they fucked up. Some things are fixed in patches, but remain a little buggy on modern systems (hud stretch and all)
-split levels
-engine rendered cutscenes
-lack of mission briefing art
-random accents on AI
-dying in water (not fixable, but you could just... block the water off. Christs sake.
-minor off art choices

They could've made a great thief game. But they made a mediocre one instead.

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The traditional heist missions are probably the ones I liked the most in Thief 1, but it having been almost nothing but those in 2 got a bit tedious sometimes.

I preferred the variety in Thief 1, and in general I think the levels were just a little bit better.

>> No.2439151
File: 25 KB, 720x450, hammerite.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Man, threads go dead faster than I remember on /vr/. The uo thread died after 1 day of inactivity....

reassurance bump, and a picture I painted a long time ago (probably around 10 years old now)

>> No.2439796

Very nice picture. I think it's because over the past 16 years Thief has just been discussed to death and back. Problem is, I don't want to stop discussing it.
Level variety in Thief 1 was god like. Every time I play through I can't help but wonder what the thought process of the devs was during development. I would have loved to work at LGS.
Isn't this the artwork done by that autistic girl who's scared of haunts so she draws pictures of herself with them? She's pretty cute irl.

>> No.2439965

I guess it's gotta be at the right moment. People'd share FM tales and whatnot dumping pictures a few threads back, but you have to start the thread at the right time so those people get on, I'd suppose. I'd share some Thief stuff myself, but I'm not exactly at the leisure of playing
The variety of levels was mainly since plot came first and then where the levels. I'm also pretty sure different people were tasked with making each of the missions, or at least 3-4 designers.
I'm guessing there'll be some talk when the next Rocksbourg is out.

>> No.2440064
File: 1.04 MB, 1366x768, dump011.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>when the next Rocksbourg is out.
I'm looking forward to the prequel but haven't seen much news besides the occasional cock teasing screenshots. Over the last few days I've finally got around to playing my hoard of FMs since I have a few days off work. Overall around 250 or so to play through. I just finished Endless Rain a few minutes ago and had a blast. All this Thief really has me craving discussion for the game.

>> No.2440072

>I'll just sneak in and take this sword
>30 minutes later
>30 minutes later
>man I wish I was playing that level with the crazy mansion again

>> No.2440307

>Isn't this the artwork done by that autistic girl who's scared of haunts so she draws pictures of herself with them? She's pretty cute irl.
Oh jesus, I just found the deviantart. There's an extrodinary amount here.

>> No.2440312

Does anyone know how the blackjacking system in 1 and 2 really works? Because I've had moments where I managed to unconcious a guard even after he was alerted with a blow to the back. And yet other times, it just bounced and did that tiny fragment of killing damage it seems to mostly do. Like hitting archers in the face.

When's what?

>> No.2440387

You can knock out an alerted guard if you hit them in the back and you're in a dark enough area, I think. And I'm also pretty sure that they'll die if you hit them enough without knocking them out.

>> No.2440458

Somebody (a group of people) should take the plot from Thief 3, change it around a little bit to (like making the keepers a little less retarded) and remake it in the old engine. As in, comepletely redesign the maps and flow... Make the training level into a real map maybe. Cut out areas that don't matter, or merge them with other maps (From keepers hideout through the city to Abysmal gayle could all be one map).

Would be cool...

>> No.2440504

Oh yeah, you deal like 1 damage with every hit, as long as you keep clicking, you're bound to kill someone son

>> No.2440512

I'm pretty sure the dream is (for now) dead from this aspect. LGS were working on a Dark Engine^2 when the curtains got pulled. It would suffice to say an overworld system plus missions would be next to impossible.
But shit, the community has done a lot of next to impossible stuff, I personally just feel it would be impossible to do a sequel its justice

>> No.2440543

>It would suffice to say an overworld system plus missions would be next to impossible.
That's what I'm saying. Cut that shit out, and make it linear - more akin to the originals. Not a full remake, but more like a mulligan. A do-over.

>> No.2440554


The overworld wasn't that great anyway, although I wish there was a bit more of it.

>> No.2440597

I thought I was the only one who liked Thief Gold more than Thief 2. Thief Gold has probably the worst map of the two games though (Thieves' Guild), but then Thief 2 has way more less-bad but still boring maps like the fucking warehouse (yawn) and doing the same level twice (Casing & Masks).
this image made me laugh far more than it should have

>> No.2440605


I liked warehouses, myself. Had the wide open feel, with lots of little stories and conversations, and a proper thiefy sort of feel, rather than getting bogged down too quickly with story stuff.

And casing was fun. Required you to properly ghost things.

>> No.2440608

I agree on most points. Though you're not the only one to prefer Thief Gold. Just about most people over at TTLG prefer the original according to a poll and general opinions from browsing there quite a bit.
Disagree on the warehouse level. Shipping and Receiving was great. It's probably one of my favourite levels, the atmosphere is perfect and overall level design is top notch. Especially considering how non linear it is and how every little warehouse space has something to offer in terms of world building and secrets to find. All round great level imo.
Casing the Joint was unnecessary though. I liked how your efforts with the map carry over into Masks but I'm annoyed that I had to go through the same level twice.

>> No.2440610

>overall level design is top notch
I heard for Thief 2, they designed the levels first, then adapted specific missions for each.

>> No.2440615

Yeah though I still ended up preferring Thief 1s levels overall due to how varied and interesting they are.

>> No.2440617

I didn't mind the warehouse the first time around, nor Casing & Masks, but on subsequent playthroughs those levels are like taking a cheese grater to your balls.

It's the same way with the Thieves' Guild in TG, though in that game's case on my first playthrough I'm pretty sure I got lost in that map for around 3 hours and ended up with a huge headache as a result. I also really disliked The Lost City on my first playthrough of Thief 1 (because the map the game provides you with for that level is such bullshit and it's so easy to get lost in it) and when I played Thief 2 and found out I had to do that level again but this time with stealth so it took even longer I almost wanted to cry with asspain.

My favourite maps in the series are probably Bonehoard, Mage Towers, Song of the Caverns, Return to the Cathedral and Life of the Party. Most of my faves being in Thief 1/Gold makes it much more fun for me to replay than going through Thief 2.

>> No.2440618


I'm surprised at how conflicted over that choice I am. Theif Gold sort of has each mission stand alone better, and has some real classics without the burden of knowing you're part of a narrative, but Theif 2 has my all time favourite, Life of the Party, with some other great maps besides. Framed was great.

>> No.2440624

Thief 2's development cycle was like a map pack for an upgraded version of Thief 1, with a story thought up afterwards to tie the levels together. Whereas with the first game they wrote the story/plot and then built levels around it.

>> No.2440628

>I'm pretty sure I got lost in that map for around 3 hours
Oh yeah, this. Although I appreciated the way it sort of had 3 levels in one. Theif was always really good with depth like that. Prison Break had the same thing. You had the mines, the workshops, and the prison itself. Life of the Party was the same as well.

Those are all fantastic levels. I'm not sure what it is about Song of the Caverns and Mage Towers I like so much. Mage Towers, analytically speaking, was even pretty bland. But I still really enjoyed going through it. The levels were just so comfy.

I'm not sure what it was about Thief. It just sort of kindled the same joy in me I felt exploring new houses or mobile homes, or being dropped in a strange city that was just filled with everything.

>> No.2440634


Yeah, that sounds about right. Although kudos for Theif 2 actually doing the tech/nature thing well, particularly in light of Theif 1's worldbuilding. I'd love a /tg/ based around Thief.

>the first game they wrote the story/plot and then built levels around it.
Is a bit iffy. A lot of the levels feel like very generic thiefy stuff. Or classic, perhaps. Either way, they stand alone very well.

>> No.2440639

I enjoy Mage Towers a lot due to the sheer massive scale of it. Song of the Caverns was amazing to me the first time through it because it throws you for such a curveball, I was expecting another dungeon crawl like Bonehoard (which I actually really liked and wouldn't have been disappointed with), but ended up with a huge opera house to do thiefy shit in (which is also great). I pretty much enjoy all the themes and gameplay styles that Thief 1 presents the player with.

>> No.2440645

Life of the Party is definitely a golden level though I prefer some others like Framed, Trail of Blood, Shipping and Receiving. As for Thief Gold, most levels save Strange Bedfellows and Escape I really enjoy. Assassins and Bonehoard were great but Sword was the cherry on top.

>Is a bit iffy. A lot of the levels feel like very generic thiefy stuff.
That's definitely not a complaint I hear from people who went into Thief 1 blind. A lot of people say they expected Thiefy stuff but got tomb raiding and monster hunting instead.

>> No.2440653

I think Thief 2 had a lot more generic thiefy filler in it than Thief 1. Thief 1 only really starts with that and then Garrett gets caught up with Constantine wanting him to steal the eye or whatever. In Thief 2 every other level it feels like Garrett is talking about paying the rent or something, up until the last bunch of levels.

>> No.2440668
File: 1.63 MB, 360x270, 1430670020573.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Song of the Caverns was also really vibrant and colorful, more so than any other level. The music was also really memorable, with that beautiful loud bit that plays in the area in front of the stage.
>mfw alerting guards and locking them in Raoul's secret golden room

>> No.2440674

>Thiefy stuff but got tomb raiding
They both had a solid share of it.
Theif 2 has what, Shipping and Recieving? Arguably the bank job as well. If anything I like Theif 1 because it didn't launch into the plot so quickly and just actually had you doing theif stuff for a while. It blended it into the plot nicely, but it didn't have levels like Precious Cargo or Trail of Blood that kinda rocked the thematic boat a bit.

>> No.2440678


Yeah, both of them you could really just wander through and constantly find new stuff. Same thing that Diablo 2 did in a way. The palletes, sounds, and geography of the places never really stagnated.

>> No.2440681

>>Thiefy stuff but got tomb raiding
That's the complaints I hear even after I tell them that tomb robbing is still thieving.
When you're near the opera hall and you just hear the instrument tuning, that and entering the basement through the sewers were most memorable for me.

>> No.2440684


That's really off. Maybe it's the Indiana Jones and Tomb Raider speaking to me, or maybe the DnD, but The Lost City and Down in the Bonehoard were real classic stuff. Traps, horrible creatures, supernatural stuff and complicated mechanisms, etc. All very adventuring theif style.

>> No.2440692

>levelskipping cragscleft
Confirmed maximum pleb. Breaking basso out of jail while he's unconscious and swimming outside with him is amazing. That level is so claustrophobic it's fucking awesome.

>> No.2440693

Most people who heard of Thief in the last few years expected bank robberies, mansion heists etc and instead got a mouthful of supernatural pagans topped with zombies and lost cities.

Craigscleft is goat. I wish there were more Hammerite levels.

>> No.2440694

So after Thi4f (thankfully) flopped due to huge backlash and now it's like $10 on Steam or some shit after not long at all. How long do you reckon it will take for them to go back to the franchise and try and be less fucking retarded with it? Even something closer to Deadly Shadows would be 10x better than Thi4f (and I disliked Deadly Shadows).

>> No.2440697

>and try and be less fucking retarded with it

>> No.2440698

>and try and be less fucking retarded with it
I doubt they'll come back to it

>> No.2440702

Is Thi4f worth playing at all? I have really low expectations of it.

No chance. The world that created Theif 1 and 2 is gone. Or rather, the consumer base is. Thi4f is the sort of game that gets produced these days, at least by bigger stuidos.

>> No.2440707

Why are modern game devs so fucking retarded and bad?

Oh well, I'm just glad that it didn't become the next Fallout 3, with 12 year old plebs new to the genre praising it as the best game of all time.

>> No.2440709

>No chance. The world that created Theif 1 and 2 is gone.
>tfw the only thing keeping the world and atmosphere of Thief 1 and 2 alive are FMs being pumped out less and less often by dedicated fans.
I've played so many great FMs, a lot have even surpassed the originals in some ways.

>> No.2440713

Thi4f is not worth playing at all. It's fucking bad. If you enjoy juvenile humor that the game devs put in to appeal to 12 year olds about le cockrings and absolutely shit gameplay with dumber AI than games 15 years older than it then go ahead though.

>> No.2440715


>> No.2440717

Pirate it if you're going to play it because I can guarantee you'll regret spending anything on it. Some parts are funny in a "so bad it's good" way but it's not worth it.

>> No.2440735
File: 1.29 MB, 1600x900, TheDarkMod 2015-01-28 04-23-52-139.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

How many of you have tried the Dark Mod?

Its more or less a fan successor to the good Thief games built in the Doom3 engine and has a fair few fan missions. It feels exactly like Thief should and I loved the first recommended mission.

>> No.2440737


Because modern audiences will not require them to do any better, and the average modern game company is concerned with the stockholders and little else.

>> No.2440738

I'm not sure it works like that. Publishers fund franchises and force the devs to make it a certain way so that it won't offend the average moron in order to appeal to as wide a demographic as possible. If the game doesn't get the sales the publisher wants then it doesn't get funding again. That means the franchise doesn't have to be trashed any more. Thief's death is a victory and you should celebrate it. Long may it stay dead.

>> No.2440740

I like it but it runs like shit on my toaster. Worse than it should, I think, since I get better performance in Crysis but who knows.

>> No.2440745

I remember when Dark Mod became standalone and there was even a /vg/ thread for a while.
Great gameplay mechanics and overall engine use.
Shame there is still no campaign and FMs vary from mediocre to bretty gud. I played it for a few months then dropped it. For some reason even in terms of visual aesthetics I still prefer Thief 1/2.

>> No.2440767

I haven't played TDM in a while so I don't know if this is still the case, but one of the problems is that they weren't able to reuse factions from Thief. Thief FMs that are set within Thief's world have all the lore of those games backing them up, so a Hammer temple in a mission holds more significance than an equivalent area in TDM. There's history to it. A campaign of some sort, even if it's short, and the story is minimal or it lacks cutscenes, would probably help with that.

The sound effects also weren't the best when I played, particularly some of the footstep sounds (walking on metal sounded like I was wearing earplugs). The haunts were less ominous because of their sounds. too.

>> No.2440778
File: 428 KB, 800x578, spoopy_animooted.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.2442030

It sorta slides further into the uncanny valley, I think is the problem. It's the same reason Doom 3's faces look awkward and puppet-like. They just missed the mark.

>> No.2442152

>slides further into the uncanny valley
Shouldn't be that much of a problem, besides, it's most likely better than T1/2's meshes
It all really depends on the content it has, the base game is quite good and worthy of being called a sequel. Actually, my own personal problem with the game is that it isn't part of the IP, but eh, what can you do

>> No.2442216

>it's most likely better than T1/2's meshes
Well that's the problem with the uncanny valley. The better you get the more unsettling it looks. Simple geometry allows your brain to fill in the blanks, and anything that looks absolutely (or nearly) real is appealing, but when you get closer to real without hitting the mark it's like looking at a japanese rubber faced robot. Looks realish, but ends up looking offputting in the end.

I feel it's a similar problem with a lot of early bump mapped games. Doom 3 did okay in the environments because everything was stylized, but the dark mod tries to recreate things your familiar with. Rocks, bricks, wood and other typical building materials look weird when they don't look right.

It's a decent game, and the lighting adds a lot to the gameplay, it's just not that great looking imo. (again, other than the lighting itself). It's something Thief 3 had a problem with too.

>> No.2442327


Some of them do mean something. I'm pretty sure that the T3 icon in the back of the hoodie means "door". Then there are the obvious ones like the order of the hammer and the order of the vine. One of the glyphs was used as a key to open a book in T3, and one was used to mark deadly booby traps. Also, one of them looks like The Eye, complete with a dot on top representing Garrett's eyeball.

The Looking Glass logo I just threw in there for fun.

>> No.2442364
File: 55 KB, 600x649, see_from_above_by_csupernova-d5xp7i2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

it's female autism at it's finest and finest.

>> No.2442369


The Truart shipping was the cherry on top.

>> No.2442410


iirc CSupernova has shipped all the characters in the lore with an OCdonutsteel or two. Even if the characters have no lines and have only been mentioned once. German Thief fangirls can be pretty creepy. At least Windmaedchen grew out of that phase a while ago. She too had a self-insert character who she was shipping with keeper Artemus' dead ass.

Though you have to expect a bunch of crazy girls when a fanbase consist of a shitload of female fans like Thief's does.

>> No.2442415
File: 101 KB, 900x718, i_want_you_to_love_me_by_csupernova-d2xkrdq.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.2442421


That always surprised me. Thief isn't exactly a well known game.

>> No.2442427


Yeah, but any girl gamer from that period would have at least encountered it, surely. Plus dat voice, unf. Garret pushes a lot of buttons, personally. Although Karras is a bit of a mystery to me. ...or the Haunt thing.

>> No.2442850

It's a shame she hasn't really gotten a lot better over the years. Just barely. But it's not like she's turning it into a carreer, so whatever :-p

>> No.2443717

I wouldn't consider her art all that bad. sure anatomy isn't great but her coloring and linework is 'aight

>> No.2443731

Didn't say it was bad. It's just not "good". It's usually assumed that over 8 years you'd get better, and as far as progression is concerned she's behind the curve is all. Which is fine. Because she's not making it a career, and it's more important to enjoy your hobbies than progress in them.

>> No.2444228


The obvious reason why there are so many Thief fangirls is Garrett's sexy voice by Steven Russell.


Any aspiring young artist who adopts an animu artstyle will likely not improve because animu is not actually an art style, but an art system designed to substitute quality with standardization, so that thousands of frames of animation could be quickly made and complex human emotions could be depicted in a recognizable way even if the substitute expressions don't have anything to do with their real-world counterparts. Young artists realize that it's really easy and quick to replicate even with no skills, so they develop an illusion of being skilled, even though in reality they find themselves being able to replicate in hours what the animators have minutes to produce.

This phenomenon is even worse with ponies.

>> No.2444630

I fucking loved Song of the Caverns, it's one of my favourite levels in the whole series. I love the atmosphere of opera houses and their backstages, and the instrument tuning and everything made the atmosphere so great. If we ever see a worthy sequel to Thief I want an opera house level.
Are there any FM about theaters or opera houses?

>> No.2444661

It was one of the great exploring levels as well.

Speaking as a thief fangirl, damn straight. Plus that whole Byronic reluctant good-guy thing he's got going on. Plus the whole relationship with Viktoria is just perfect.

>> No.2444685

I would love to know about any Opera FMs. It was perfect when you enter through the sewers and see all the unused backdrops, the props etc and just hearing the music echoing along the basement tunnels.

>> No.2444687

>Is Thi4f worth playing at all? I have really low expectations of it.
It's really not worth your time. I pirated it and felt ripped of.

>> No.2444770


It's weird that all non-US Thief fangirls I know of are from Germany. CSupernova, Windmaedchen and the famous Lytha Juliana are all German. And not only are videogames usually heavily censored in that country, but all the dialogue is also dubbed, so no Stephen Russell.


I had the lowest possible expectations for Thiaf and I was still disappointed. As soon as I finished the game after desperately hoping for even a single moment of quality, I uninstalled and deleted the pirated copy.

I'm struggling to come up with even a single thing that was competently designed and wasn't worse than the worst we have seen in the series so far. Maybe some of you could help and mention at least something was was even as good as its counterpart in previous installments? Anything related to graphical quality doesn't count

>> No.2444789


I'm Australian, myself. God bless PC Gamer. The Thief 2 demo was about 90% of Life of the Party (they just removed the lowest 3 levels of Angelwatch), and a hell of an enticing introduction to the game, all those years ago. Pity it was years before I actually played the full version, but I can say definitively that it isn't nostalgia talking when I say it's one of the best stealth games in existance.

Does Thief 4 have any value in of itself, even if we ignore the boots it hasn't filled? I don't mind stealth games in general.

>> No.2444791

German grils like vidya

personal favorite moment

>> No.2444794
File: 1011 KB, 960x540, Thief 2 Haunt vs Mechanists.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.2444803

>Does Thief 4 have any value in of itself, even if we ignore the boots it hasn't filled? I don't mind stealth games in general.

I don't think so. If you want to play a stealth game that is much more like classic sneakers such as Thief 1-3, play Styx: Master of Shadows. It too has an awesome protagonist with a cool voice.

>> No.2444829

>Does Thief 4 have any value in of itself, even if we ignore the boots it hasn't filled?

No, it got upstaged by Dishonored a year earlier, not that either one of them is an 'essential, must-play' game or anything.

>> No.2444840

The automaton trying to escape always crack me up

>> No.2444860
File: 1.54 MB, 450x300, PLEASE BE WARNED.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.2444893


Wasted so many water arrows trying to catch those bastards.

>> No.2445007
File: 29 KB, 440x459, sadgarr.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>mfw no qt German taffer GF

>mfw no local taffer BFF
>mfw no local taffers whatsoever
>mfw no friends who like sneeki breeki games

I suppose it's true that it's no easy thing to see a taffer. Especially one who does not wish to be seen.

>> No.2445134

Who /trailofblood/ here?


>> No.2445160


>> No.2445348

Don't think I ever met another person who I know for certain played Thief.
I tried to get my friends into Thief. One of my best friends (who plays games like Hearts of Iron, Elite Dangerous) still hasn't got past the first level after years of me spurning him on.

Guess it's just me and my hoard of FMs.
Probably one of my favourite levels purely out of atmosphere.

>> No.2445367


I got one of my friends into Thief when we were kids. Though as everyone else grew out of videogames, I was the only one who kept being a fan of things I liked when I was younger. At least he recognized my keeper glyph hoodie when I was wearing it the other weekend.

Even though I work in a gaming-related field and I regularly attend meet-ups among game tech enthusiasts, I have yet to meet any real taffers. A few "programming hipsters" I know are familiar with immersive sims and appreciate the Looking Glass development philosophy, but their interest is purely technical, like those who are huge Doom and Build Engine game fans. They just marvel the genius of those engines and the creators and designers of that technology.

>> No.2445382

>gaming-related field
What do you do?

>> No.2445386

Also that glyph hoodie is dope. I might design a thief related hoodie myself. I think I'd go with grey on black though...

>> No.2445568


I make 3d and 2d graphics assets for a company that does things with real-time engines ie. game engines such as Unity and Unreal. In other words I wish I was in a real game company.

>> No.2445678

Cool. I make 2D and 3D graphics assets for nobody at the moment because I moved with my girlfriend to the middle of nowhere Petaluma with no car. Used to work at a contract house in Austin though. Worked on the Tron videogame even... And it was all downhill from there.

>> No.2446684

What exactly does higher difficulties add besides more objectives and not killing? I just finished the first mission on normal and felt like I missed out on half the mission by not having to escape.

>> No.2446708

>Worked on the Tron videogame even... And it was all downhill from there.
Just how old are some of you?

>> No.2446757

More objectives, no killing, more enemies, less health, some levels have altered loot placement. Most levels also have you leave on higher difficulties where normal ends the level upon goal completion, iirc.

>> No.2446758
File: 52 KB, 500x375, 1428630672411.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Old enough to know that this is a shitty answer.

>> No.2446996

I enjoyed thiaf, guys. Sure the writing and story were abysmal, but I played it with the hud turned completely off and found it to be pretty immersive and fun most of the time. Yeah there are problems but I wouldnt say they ruin it.

>> No.2447102

I couldn't dig any immersion out of a stealth game that forces you to get caught in every mission regardless of how stealthy you are, especially since literally everything you do with the game world robs you of your control over your character to play a canned animation. Lack of control is the arch enemy of immersion.

>> No.2447381

I liked most of the animations, like the ones for grabbing loot and climbing. Others were more intrusive and should have been trimmed down, like the stupid tunnels with a knocked over beam in them and the windows, but the loot grabbing animations made sense and felt good to me

>> No.2447421


Well to me simply being able to do things without animations constantly interfering with control feels more realistic than any ability to see some hand movements. In real life I don't pay attention to the visual presence of my limbs when I'm using them, but I sure as hell would notice an inability to use them.

>> No.2448241

Why is the setting of Thief so good?

>> No.2448641

I can't put my finger on it. A mixture of settings ranging from Victorian and Medieval coupled with fictional steampunkish and a blend of its own thing.
Everything just feel right.
Setting is great because atmosphere is great.

>> No.2448747


A strong, consistent aesthetic that feels interally plausible but also a bit fantastic. A really juicy religious/thematic aspect with the Pagans and the Hammers, and a constant rain of fluff and low and high levels of information. The setting is developed in a very effective fashion, and there's a strong level of aesthetic memorability to a lot of it that makes it stick with the player more.

It also uses horror and suspense very nicely, and blends it in with more mundane stuff.

>> No.2449124

>It also uses horror and suspense very nicely, and blends it in with more mundane stuff.
This. So much this. For example completely normal levels like Running Interference will feel eerie and downright creepy in some parts of the manor. It's the aesthetic mixed with level design, set pieces which creates a downright lonely, isolated feel

>> No.2449153
File: 504 KB, 1019x1344, 1421625127406.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.2449582

This image should be updated to include newer FMs like Endless Rain

>> No.2451049

Very few gamers are able to experience the state of immersion it takes to enjoy the slow pace of a Thief game. When you're in a dark corner waiting for a guard to leave a room, unable to do anything else, if you're not interested by the consistency and detail of the building layout, the sound atmosphere, the lore that makes the place, etc. You just feel like playing a very slow Doom-like. Thief has different means of immersion than le epic qte hands/cockring dialogues of say, Thiaf, that not everyone can appreciate.

>> No.2451053

>my internship: the post
I know that feel.

>> No.2451058
File: 1.08 MB, 2587x3000, 1433188176008.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It just bothers me that I'm not able to discuss this great game with all my friends without getting some odd looks and "Is this the 5th or 6th time you're replaying that game?".

>> No.2451086

Guys, guys, be proud of me!
At fucking last, after a year of pause, I've powered through sewer section of Thieves Guild and got into that fucking mansion.
It was on my backlog because of that one mission but finally I'm gonna play to the end of Thief 1.

>> No.2451102
File: 87 KB, 200x200, 1433494223696.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.2451239

For those who play the Dark Mod, Sotha's latest FM is pretty fucking good. It's assassination/hostage rescue with very few places to hide bodies, some of the most fun I've had in Thief lately.

>> No.2451240


Good on you, anon. You've got a lot of amazing levels ahead of you. If you can manage Thieves Guild, I can't imagine many other levels would faze you.

>> No.2451246

I just can't get into Darkradiant
Dromed ? After a week I was already building like crazy but I just can't with this piece of shit

Anyone got a good tutorial or something like that ? I really want to repay the community with some missions

>> No.2453378
File: 39 KB, 876x484, snapshot92.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

So does the newdark fan mission launcher do anything that Darkloader doesn't? I've been using Darkloader for a few years now and it just seems like the best thing to use.

>> No.2453404
File: 357 KB, 634x479, what the heck.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>cockring dialogues

>> No.2454180


I like FMs. You like FMs. FMs for everybody!


>> No.2454370

Holy shit, is it just me? I'm playing through the first Rocksbourg mission and there's a lot of areas where my light gem jumps from black to bright even without a light source near. It happens so often if the mission didn't have such great level design, I'd already have given up thanks to that immersion-breaking stuff.

>> No.2454396

that fucking FM
even the thumbnail of your picture got me triggered

>> No.2454519

I noticed that too.

>> No.2455318

Well I gave up anyway because I don't like key hunting, made especially hard since I don't understand half of the dialogues thanks to the music that can't be lowered/muted

>> No.2455342

>music that can't be lowered/muted

I have never run into this issue in fan missions. Is there some different system playing the music? Because usually the ambient sountrack volume can be individually adjusted.

>> No.2455454

I remember hearing about this issue. It was reportedly fixed in an update.

Key hunting is still a problem with the FM though.

>> No.2455610
File: 14 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>mfw I enjoyed dracula and bathory campaigns way more than I enjoyed vanilla thief
is there something wrong with me?

>> No.2455629

Nothing wrong with that, Sensut is one of the best fan missions maker

>> No.2455720

>tfw hoarding FMs again.
13 gb of FMs. At least I'm finally starting to make my way through them.

>> No.2456293

Where can I download these games?

>> No.2456354
File: 128 KB, 800x702, 1414961029818.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

what is the ABSOLUTE LARGEST fan mission out there?

>> No.2456365

Pedro's missions; A single room is always a fucking universe. But if you want a good one, try Being Thief 2, one of the best one I've ever played (I can't wait for the third one but looks like Sensut is too busy playing STALKER, damn !)

>> No.2456412

Ruins of Originia would certainly qualify. Lord Alan's Factory is fucking huge as well.

>> No.2457547

Dracula had a couple of grammar errors here and there, and it felt quite corny at a few bits. I mean, shit, that's coming from a romanian.

>> No.2457563

'felt quite corny (really, corny?) at times'

Fmm poormanian

>> No.2457707

Played through it on ultimate difficulty mod. Hated thieves guild as there was an area where you cant get past guards no matter what without them alerting or throwing flash bomb

it had good atmosphere though and sound on par with most games today.

flashbomb and blackjack is a cheap combo though

>> No.2457784

Even cheaper combo is a sliver of complete darkness + some method of creating noise + blackjack + leaning forward

Guards won't detect you until they bump into your playermodel, and the lean gives you just enough extra reach that you can bonk them before that happens.

>> No.2457938

ye nig
the edge and the dozens of times it asked me to take stupid things seriously
Still, it was a very nice and quite ambitious project.

>> No.2458046

The Gold levels are empty, badly designed, horribly and lifelessly textured shitfests. They're too easy and yet too labyrinthine and sprawling at the same time with NOTHING alive in it. Just look at the Earth Tower in the Mages Guild level. It's just the same green texture over and over. Not even the chasms and crevasses are designed with any care. They are just squarely ripped into the ground like a pushable block from Tomb Raider.

That being said, I think Thief 1 is superior to Thief 2 because you're a master thief stealing from a ancient trickster god, not some upjumped gadget gangster.

>> No.2458168

You know, the maw's briefing cutscene really sold me on the atmosphere, it was on fucking point.

>> No.2458245

>master thief stealing from a ancient trickster god
Eventually. Prior to that you're doing fairly standard thiefy things, same as Theif 2. And you're working for him for a lot of the first game anyway. And paradoxically, against his enemies in the second.

>> No.2458732

It's true that texture art has never been Thief's strong point, the Dark Engine came out at the awkward time between low res pixelated textures and higher res blurry as fuck textures. Most props on themselves look like shit, but you have to admit they really did dark wizardry with the lightmaps.

>> No.2458737


>> No.2460853
File: 706 KB, 2167x1731, mfw cockrings.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.2460971


I don't think the original Thief 1 missions have the problems I described in my post. Only the missions added in Thief Gold have those problems in my eyes.

Yes Garrett was a regular Thief before the events of Dark Project. However, he is not a regular Thief. He was trained to become a Keeper, a highly promising one at that. It would be boring to just limit the potential of such a mystical yet down to earth character like Garrett to a burglary simulator. Thief 1 had an added sense of mystery, a feeling that something bigger, more nefarious was out there, a sense of dread and the rapture of nyctophilia. That was what made Thief 1 an outstanding game on top of being the best stealth game ever made.

Thief 2 was also great. On my rating its more like 99/100 for Thief 2 and 100/100 for Thief 1, because it does irk me that you never get to see weird magic creatures and scenery, zombies, and other wicked things outside the Bloodtrail.

Both games are absolute timeless classics that I will enjoy for the rest of my life. I'm kind of into the whole gothic thing the games have going for themselves, and maybe that will always be a part of me.

>> No.2460992
File: 217 KB, 620x350, 220761-header.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>I will enjoy for the rest of my life. I'm kind of into the whole gothic thing the games have going for themselves, and maybe that will always be a part of me.
Makes me wonder if I'll still play Thief 10 or so years from now. It just feels like one of those games I'll be playing forever.

>> No.2461610

>it does irk me that you never get to see weird magic creatures and scenery, zombies, and other wicked things outside the Bloodtrail.
Those entities were taken out after fan backlash from Theif 1.
>added sense of mystery
To an extend. Theif 2 had the same thing, just from a slightly different direction. Beyond that, it felt like a setting thing as much as anything else. The magic was leaving the world by the time of Theif 2.

>> No.2461615


I certainly will be. Personally, I think the Graphics are good enough that dating isn't a real issue. They're over that 'oh god this looks terrible' 3d period. And level design is never going to get dated, unfortunately, given the latest trends towards less and less sophistication.

>> No.2462228
File: 642 KB, 2048x1200, Thief-2-Gameplay-Wallpaper.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

> I think the Graphics are good enough that dating isn't a real issue
I'm a big fan of shitty late 90s graphics so I feel the same way.
Plus with the 900+ FMs (many of which are good enough to warrant a few replays) you'll never really be fresh out of original content. I've been playing Thief for 5 or so years and I definitely don't see myself stopping in the near future.

>> No.2462229

it is not and you know it to be true

>> No.2462249

Could someone walk me through adding and playing a FM? Recently finished T1 and 2 again, and need to scratch this itch bad.

>> No.2462285 [DELETED] 


>> No.2462613


I know this might be an answer based on some obsolete information, but when I used to regularly play FMs, before all these fancy "1.20" updates and DDFixes, there was a program called "DarkLoader". You would simply select your Thief 1 and 2 directories, and the directories you store your FM archives in. Just put the zip files of the FMs in those folders and they should appear in DarkLoader. There's a button to install a selected FM, or to install the vanilla game. Savegames are preserved even if you change FMs.

A big campaign such as T2X has its own installer and its own executable.

>> No.2462621

Organic life and magic leaving the city in Thief 2 actually did fit as a theme. Nevertheless, the scarce magic themes were pretty damn welcome and still felt authentic what with meeting a well-put haunt or the necro's spire once every three hours.
Can't deny they took away from the first game's experience for the sake of better level design and whatnot, that's why I believe Thief should always be played on a 1-2 basis.

>> No.2462871

why doesn't garret get a real job?

>> No.2462887
File: 95 KB, 472x597, 1426825137426.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw I talk to Randy Smith on a regular basis

>> No.2462918

How's he feel about how TDS ended up and what could've been done?
Or, shit, I guess anything relevant to the topic would be nice

>> No.2462947

>Believing anonymous people on the internet

>> No.2463180

>my dad works for nintendo

>> No.2463337


He actually left Ion Storm about a month before the game was released. He's a little dissapointed in how it turned out, what with Eidos having the team use Unreal which is not good for stealth games (if you're wondering why there are no rope arrows or swimming, you can blame it on the engine). The whole experience was strong enough that he backpacked around Vermont and went freelance for a while. Now he makes indie games.

>> No.2463605


I agree. Basically, they might as well be considered Act 1 and 2. God knows the mechanics are almost identical, frogbeast eggs aside.

He doesn't have any relevant skills. He was a pickpocket, became a sneaky fuck proffesionally, and continued with that skillset being a theif. Plus there's a certain amount of evidence that there's a professional pride in what he does.

>you can blame it on the engine
That actually contextualises a lot of the suckage.

>> No.2464068

Speaking of devs, does anyone have any good interviews of Thief devs regarding the entire project?


These are decent enough even if the interviewer from the second is a twat.

>> No.2464150


"Irrational Games talks Thief" is one where Levine talks about his work in Looking Glass.

>> No.2464638

This thread convinced me to start playing Thief Gold after owning it for five years.

It's fucking amazing. Holy shit.

>> No.2464792


I had the exact same reaction to Dark Messiah last week.

>> No.2464797

Dark Messiah is the shit. Lost my CDs for it though. Considering buying it on Steam today...

>> No.2465263

Dark Messiah feels like a Thief action game.

>> No.2465413


Different objectives, hard objectives, different loot placements, sometimes areas of the map are opened up or closed off depending on difficulty. I beat it on all three difficulties, easy->medium->hard, and it was fun to see the changes, IMO.

>> No.2465418


Because it feels like the tapestry of all of western history, culture, and myth, all wrapped up into this one place.

>> No.2465696
File: 37 KB, 474x762, the-penitent-magdalen.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.2465757

can someone post the updated fan missions image. had alot more spooky missions on it

also love replaying Thief on expert. rip in peace

>> No.2465802

Anyone have a high res version of the LGS original in which the builder is banishing the trickster with a hammer? You see it in most levels

>> No.2466290

I think it was in the bank job where I just went full retard, got spooked, and started trying to firebomb these guys with fire arrows?! Those fucking cannon balls, the shatter of glass, then explosions.

>> No.2466365
File: 72 KB, 604x471, LizotteReincarnation1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm not sure there is a high res of that one. Not that I've seen anyway. I've seen a few people recreate it at a higher res, but not very well.

>> No.2466376
File: 2.63 MB, 400x223, taffingAllOverYourFace.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Whatever happened to the anon with the spot-on Garrett voice? He ever put his talent to use in some FMs? Every time I play an FM and hear someone trying hard and failing at a Garrett imitation it kills it for me. Luckily though it's usually just an intro for the mission.

>> No.2466709
File: 1.29 MB, 1269x1122, asdf.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

and here's the original list

>> No.2466762

I like the descriptions in this one better... But the newer one has a larger selection.

>> No.2466813
File: 1.13 MB, 1360x768, this guy has too much money.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

oh my god what the fuck

>> No.2466952

What do you guys think of Thievery?

>> No.2467242

Fun. Kinda forgot about it actually. I hated the "owa!" noise though.

>> No.2467493


I don't like the idea of thieves failing one of their most important objectives, not being detected, as soon as the game starts. I don't think there's much sense in a Thief-style game where all the guards instantly know that there are thieves around. That's why I think pvp multiplayer Thief will never work unless it's two teams of thives competing against each other while trying to steal things from a level guarded by AI guards.

>> No.2467515

Loved it when I used to play back in the day. I managed to get /v/ to play it about a year ago but even that died as well. Haven't played since.

>> No.2468049


>> No.2468125

>That's why I think pvp multiplayer Thief will never work unless it's two teams of thives competing against each other while trying to steal things from a level guarded by A
I'm kinda on the same boat. The only way I've seen it working is a PvP style MMO where guilds actually have to guard their shit with real players (and maybe hired NPCs).

The problem then becomes how do you do the stealth. Do you have players fade when they're in the shadows? Set up the art style so the shadows are too dark to see in? How do you combat people just cranking up their gamma?

It gets pretty crazy pretty fast.

>> No.2468141

I don't know if it's true but I heard DrK (Author of Rocksburg FM) wanted to do a post-apocalyptic mission with hokuto no ken but lacked ressources and courrage.

>> No.2468224

I wanted to play it a few weeks ago with a friend but there were no servers and nobody really wanted to set one up. I'd like to play it again someday.

>> No.2468482

>The problem then becomes how do you do the stealth. Do you have players fade when they're in the shadows? Set up the art style so the shadows are too dark to see in? How do you combat people just cranking up their gamma?

There's a simple, though a bit unimmersive solution. Players have the same detection system as the AI have. Every factor that determines your visibility to the AI also determines if you can be seen by another player. The only difference between a guard and a player is that a guard might think he saw something and go about their business, but a player instantly knows there is something there, as soon as they see a glimpse.

And the Dark Mod uses the Doom3 engine, with full dynamic lighting using shadow volumes. That graphics engine has total pitch black darkness when there are no light sources around. Black is always black, and cranking up the gamma doesn't let you magically see in total blackness.

>> No.2468520

>And the Dark Mod uses the Doom3 engine, with full dynamic lighting using shadow volumes. That graphics engine has total pitch black darkness when there are no light sources around. Black is always black, and cranking up the gamma doesn't let you magically see in total blackness.
I think this is the best way to go about it. Pure black shadows. The then ends up being the "spy check" from TF2. Whack at every shadow every time you pass it.

I'd like a PVP MMO with some decent rules. UO style skills, no levels, real time combat, decent stealth, different playstyles that aren't just made irrelevant through magery or combat...

Ah well. Whatever.

>> No.2469587

I want to play some Thief games, any patches and stuff I should be aware of?
Also, I remember reading somewhere a few years back that someone made a full "game" based on Thief's engine/assets, not just fan missions.
If someone can hook me up with that I'd be grateful.

>> No.2469857

e >>2469587
Newdark fixes everything important. I wouldn't bother wish Tfix or tafferpatcher myself. There's no reason to, and I hate the new models.

The full game is T2X. It has some great (great) missions, but a relatively shitty story.

>> No.2469876

You can choose to not install the optional stuff found in TFix and Tafferpatcher, and I recommend to do so.

>> No.2470082

I had problems getting Thief to run consistently in Win8, and Tfix fixed that issue.

>> No.2470153

I've recently tried playing TG and T2 again, and ran into an interesting and confusing problem. Same computer that I played both through for the first time a few years ago.

I can load, movies play just fine, I can adjust settings, change controls, etc. I can watch the briefing, and walk around, open doors, club the first Bafford guard, hear them talking about the bear fights.

Then the screen and computer crash. Like, not even GPF or 'sorry, shit fucked up' message. The screen crashes with a bit of flickering. Doesn't happen any other time, with any other game.

>> No.2470157


Oh, and Tfix refuses to acknowledge even fresh installs of T1Gold as being valid.

>> No.2470169
File: 64 KB, 639x426, 00018456_medium..jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>mfw trying to play Sepulchre of Sinistral.
I'll need an entire day for this

>> No.2470181

The 'maze' is really cool and takes quite some time to finish.

>> No.2470336

Maze was fairly easy to figure out once you figure out which way is South/North etc. It felt good how it encouraged me to write down notes for a mission. Haven't done that in a while.

>> No.2470358
File: 33 KB, 534x640, 1434034252000.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Holy shit, my sense of direction is so bad.

I walked through a garden three times before I realized I was going in circles.

>> No.2470412

In The Sword?

>> No.2470432

Mage Towers

pls no bully

>> No.2470456

I'm at the level just after getting the sword and I hate it. All these undead monsters everywhere, and my game bugged so my new undead killing sword doesnt work. I'm hitting 50 times and nothing dies so I assume its a bug.

Is there a code to skip levels? I'l just watch a video on youtube to see the level played.

>> No.2470461

>my new undead killing sword doesnt work

It doesn't kill undead. You have to use holy water arrows to kill undead permanently.

Just hit them over the back of the head with a power strike to knock them down. They won't get back up again unless you get too close to the corpse.

>> No.2470467

What about the fart lizards? Shouldn't it kill them after literally 10 minutes of attacks?

>> No.2470601

I wish openDarkEngine had taken off like OpenMorrowind did. Apparently Volca still touches it now and then, but it's just him all by himself, and he doesn't seem to have much time.

>> No.2470807


When I was doing a ghosting video series of Thief Gold, I managed to ghost the Mages Towers without saving or loading even once, and to die instantly in the final room of the Fire tower by backing up into lava because my fingers were on the wrong keys. I'll never try to ghost that mission again. Song of The Caverns really is the only good thing that Gold added.

>> No.2471615


The Burricks? They're pretty tough, but they also run and die like anything else, particularly if you juggle them a bit early on. Or just run past them.

>> No.2471671


Yeah, I usually just went by them. Though hilariously enough, you can blackjack them.

>> No.2471863


Make sure to check down the back of the sofa. You never know what people lose down there.

>> No.2472061

What the hell are those, and why are they so mysterious

>> No.2472801

I can't quite tell whether this one >>2449153 is genuine or fanfiction since I haven't replayed Lost City in a while but regardless that's some great attention to detail

>> No.2473091

Trying to ironman the missions is a lot of fun, but the iffy platforming can ruin everything.


>> No.2473264

Newdark's mantle is so good it's broken.
You are using newdark, right?

>> No.2473272

Thief Gold + TFix

>> No.2473286

Newdark's mantle is great for getting out of levels and just having a run around on some roof.

>> No.2474784

I noticed that I could get on baffords roof last time I played, and wasn't sure if that was new, or if that was something I could always do...

>> No.2475714

You could, but only through exploits like NPC boost or by stacking crates and objects.

>> No.2475898
File: 149 KB, 732x436, 2.1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Why does everyone hate The Mage Towers?

>> No.2476057


I don't. I thought they were pretty neat. Although they weren't exactly creative in a lot of respects. Little climbing and mantleing, a lot of the level is pretty repetitive, and a lot of it feels like you're just wandering around a series of 2d levels rather than really 3ding it up like Thief should be.

I still enjoyed the crap out of it, but I can acknowledge that it's maybe not the best example of Thief level design.

>> No.2476649


Yeah, it needed work, IMO. It seemed kind of like it was half done.

>> No.2478237

New version of NewDark: http://www.ttlg.com/forums/showthread.php?t=145511

>> No.2478907

Fookin nice. Even if it is just a maintenance patch (for the most part). It shows that it's still being worked on anyway.

>> No.2479334

Played both on the highest difficulty and had to savescum a lot. Please tell me I'm not the only one. I'm so shit at stealth games but I love them.

I tried to limit savescumming when I got a bit further into the level but I couldn't do it I was too impatient and shit.

>> No.2479397

First time I played I used to savescum a lot but a few times that got me in situations where I had to restart the entire level. Now I save every 10 or so minutes.
Neat. Is there a Thief Gold version out yet or still just Thief 2?

>> No.2479917

I'm only seeing Thief 2 version.
You can check this thread for any updates to Thief Gold:


>> No.2479937

So, Thief is free on XBL. I'm not really a 3D action guy, though I do like stealth. How much twitch/FPS gameplay is it? Never played a Thief game.

>> No.2480046

thief has extensive twitch gameplay. it's all super fast and high intensity.

>> No.2480227

Pretty much none.
Wait THIEF, like newThief? Get the fuck out of here.

>> No.2480842

A couple things that help me avoid savescumming are: 1) not being afraid of trying to survive my alerts, i.e. run and try to escape from a guard instead of just reloading, and 2) always keeping a couple flash bombs, and being willing to use them if I fuck up and get like 3-4 guards chasing me with a save point far behind.

I find it a lot more fun to play this way than to do save-scummy "perfect" runs. You miss half the guard behaviors if you only ever see them in unaware mode.

>> No.2480948

>3d is space
>4d is time
>5d is light
>6d, err, magic?

>> No.2481172

>though I do like stealth
If you like stealth then play the original Thief games.

>> No.2481425

TFix for TG has been updated with the latest version of NewDark.

>> No.2483409