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Dingpot, Dingpot, by the bench, who is the nicest looking wench?

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Certainly not you, ya fugly bitch.

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You don't want to discuss Banjo Kazooie here, trust me.

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>my face when Tooie got rid of Grunty's rhyming

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I found that okay since it was explained in the story- it made her sisters nauseous

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duh guh guh guh duh duh guh duh guh duh

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jam jars rhymed

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His rhymes were less than satisfying.

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That's why she had to kill them.

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They brought it back with aplomb in Nuts and Bolts. The game had so much fucking charm, it sucks that it was a mediocre game beyond that, and definitely not the platformer people were hoping for.

Polite sage for non-/vr/

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Just because the plot excused it doesn't make it right.

Here's hoping Yooka and Banjo3 turn out not-shit.

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>Disgusted by Grunty's vile nature
>See 'Game Over' Grunty
>Realize that despite her personality, I still find her attractive solely due to her physical attributes
>A children's video game forces me to confront the superficial nature of Man

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