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Recommendations thread.

I remember ages ago that there was a plan to make a /vr/ recommendations images.

Any of those ever turn out, I'm particularly looking for NES/SNES.

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there's no point. the ones on the /v/ wiki are good enough, and racketboy's is even better

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>Any of those ever turn out

No, because /v/ has a whole wiki for that already and we don't need /mu/ tier charts. C'mon lil bros, just chill and play as much retro vidya as you can.

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Uh there were already several posted in this thread made by vr.

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Some guy made a vr wiki.


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Wow. /vr/ really has shit taste in everything.

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>not AeroFighters

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Anyone got the megadrive recommendation image form this thread? It's 404 on the site.


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>SMW instead of Super Mario All-Stars + World
>Kirby Super Star instead of Dream Land 3
>home ports of arcade games
>DKC1 instead of DKC2
why though

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>Kirby Super Star instead of Dream Land 3

And i don't see the problem with the ports, only 3 of them are ports and they are good ports.

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but this exists already?

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>DKC1 instead of DKC2
DKC2 felt mechanical and contrived. Maybe it was a lot of fun, but DKC1 was just as fun, had a more solid atmosphere, felt more natural, and it's a lot more well-known.

Though it wouldn't have been a bad decision to put both of them on the list.

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screw off and stop trying to dictate what we do and don't want to us.

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I really wish people would stop saying that Aconcagua has a low language barrier. While it's technically true that you can play it without knowing japanese, and yes the cut scenes are in english, but the text is NOT and there is A LOT of text, since it is a fucking TEXT HEAVE ADVENTURE GAME, and if you can't fucking understand the text in an adventure game what the fuck is the point.

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>shity infographics that just have the most popular games on them and nothing else that were most likely made by him and not /vr/ it's self
>absolutely no categorization system at all
ummm... nope

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So popular games would never be recommended? Also both images were posted on /vr/ before. You can check the archive.

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That bit about Shining Force Gaiden isn't true...
Shining Force CD has all of the Gaiden games in English, along with an extra scenario

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>/vr/ can't recommend more than four games each for the SMS or GG
>/vr/ can't be bothered to fit their entire description of each game into the image

But seriously, the best thing I can recommend on the SMS is to get an NES instead.

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You are a very stupid child.

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>Recommendations thread.
>stop trying to dictate what we do and don't want
>Recommendations thread.


Seriously though, /v/ has a pretty well organized recommendation wiki, as linked >>2401927

It's a good start, and if you feel like something is missing, it's a god damn wiki. Edit it. I added Sonic 3 Complete to the "Definitive Editions" page a while back, and I also went through a few pages and normalized the usage of genre names like "shoot em up" vs. "shmup", so everything would sort by genre well. Shit took me like 10 minutes that I would have otherwise spent dicking around anyway.

Splitting it off into a specific /vr/ version just needlessly fractures people between even more sites that are almost never used, and creates a higher chance that either one will be abandoned due to lack of users. The /v/ wiki already has shit organized by system anyway.

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Video game recommendations don't work because genres don't have broad appeal like in other forms of entertainment. You either like a certain genre or you don't. And even then there's too much subjectivity to the appeal of games for it to work.

It might be possible to list the MUST PLAYS across genres, but anything more than that is just not feasible in gaming.

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>Video game recommendations don't work because genres don't have broad appeal like in other forms of entertainment.

HHahhaha. Yeah. Because everyone loves horror, love stories and musicals. It's just as broad.

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... why do all of the descriptions cut off abruptly?

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>Definitive Versions of Sonic 3

I pretty sure that would be Sonic Jam.

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Have you ever played through the games on Sonic Jam? They have even more slowdown than the Genesis games. And the sound blows.

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You playing the pal version?

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Most of the Disney games were also great.

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Easy to learn strategy game? I was thinking of something simple like Advance Wars wich i loved on GBA
I also loved Star Wars Galactic Battlegrounds wich was a well done re-skin of Age of Empires II with loads of awesome missions

give me your best !!

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Fire Emblem, Ealier Wars titles (Game Boy Wars, Famicom Wars etc), Early SRW titles. Shining Force, though that's more RPG. There's some translated Daisenryaku games but they can get pretty complicated.

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thanks man
wich fire emblem game is considered the best?

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No it's not. There is a sort of "canon" of film which is something that does not exist in video games.

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What the fuck about you talking about? Films are not all related in story.

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What the fuck are you talking about? Films are not all related in story.

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My favorite game on the NES is Crystalis. Not a lot of people know about it, but it's a really good rpg, pretty much on par in quality with some of the good SNES rpg's.

Also I'd suggest Dragon Warrior 4 as far as RPG's go, and some other general NES games I'd suggest are Contra, 3D Worldrunner, Ghosts n Goblins, and Castlevania 1 & 3. A few of my favorites.

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Nectaris/Military Madness series
Langrisser/Warsong and Langrisser 2 (FanTran)
The Hybrid Front (If you don't mind Japanese text)

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Recommend me sega CD games that are fun
for now i only got a wierd game called Panic!

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Android Assault: Revenge of Bari-Arm
Earthworm Jim Special Edition
Ecco the Dolphin
Final Fight
Keio Flying Squadron
Lords of Thunder
Lunar: The Silver Star
Lunar: Eternal Blue
Mickey Mania: The Timeless Adventures of Mickey Mouse
Popful Mail
Robo Aleste
Shining Force CD
Sonic CD
Soul Star
The Terminator
Time Gal

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>No Phantasy Star, Double Dragon, Golvellius, or Wonderboy III for SMS

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>Keio Flying Squadron

Fuck yes
that game is one of the most fun shmups I've ever played. I can actually 1cc it on hard mode (usa version). Easily the most worth it Sega CD game.

if you think the game is hard, check the Japanese version... it kills you if you hit any of the landscape, and there is an extra ceiling you have to dodge on the train level (well it is just one of the background layers with extra collision), among others. It is INSANELY difficult, more so than the English versions. Also has a small extra cutscene before the USA battleship, and the Ancestors Ark is actually named as Noah's Ark in it.

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I'm looking for good rpgs, preferably turn based ones. Any suggestions? I'm a big DQ fan.

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>Genesis/Mega Drive
Langrisser (Warsong)
Langrisser II (FanTran)
Phantasy Star II
Phantasy Star IV
Shining Force
Shining Force II
Shining in the Darkness
>Sega CD
Lunar: The Silver Star
Lunar: Eternal Blue
Shining Force CD
Bahamut Lagoon (FanTran)
Breath of Fire
Breath of Fire II
Chrono Trigger
EarthBound (Mother 2: Gyiyg Strikes Back)
Emerald Dragon (FanTran)
Energy Breaker (FanTran)
Final Fantasy IV (Final Fantasy II)
Final Fantasy V (FanTran)
Final Fantasy VI (Final Fantasy III)
Front Mission (FanTran)
Live A Live (FanTran)
Lufia II: Rise of the Sinistrals
Metal Max Returns (FanTran)
Ogre Battle: The March of the Black Queen
Shin Megami Tensei (FanTran)
Shin Megami Tensei II (FanTran)
Star Ocean (FanTran)
Tales of Phantasia (FanTran)
Treasure of the Rudras (Rudra no Hihō)(FanTran)
Treasure Hunter G (FanTran)
Albert Odyssey: Legend of Eldean
Panzer Dragoon Saga
Shining Force III Scenario 1
Shining Force III Scenario 2 (FanTran)
Shining Force III Scenario 3 (FanTran)
Arc The Lad Collection
Breath of Fire III
Breath of Fire IV
Chrono Cross
Final Fantasy Tactics
Final Fantasy VII
Final Fantasy VIII
Final Fantasy IX
Front Mission 2 (FanTran)
Front Mission 3
Jade Cocoon: Story of the Tamamayu
Langrisser IV (FanTran)
Legend of Legaia
Legend of Mana
Lunar: The Silver Star Story Complete
Lunar 2: Eternal Blue Complete
Parasite Eve
Rhapsody: A Musical Adventure
SaGa Frontier
SaGa Frontier 2
Saiyuki: Journey West
Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 2: Innocent Sin (FanTran)
Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 2: Eternal Punishment
Star Ocean: The Second Story
Suikoden II
Super Robot Wars Alpha Gaiden (FanTran)
The Legend of Dragoon
Valkyrie Profile
Vandal Hearts
Vandal Hearts II
Wild Arms
Ogre Battle 64: Person of Lordly Caliber
Paper Mario
Evolution: The World of Sacred Device
Grandia 2
Skies of Arcadia

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