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Hi /vr/
I never played Doom and i was thinking of give it a try. What of all version do you recommend?

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1. Acquire doom.wad (I don't care if your pirate/buy from steam, etc)
2. Download Zdoom
3. Open Zdoom and load your wads
4. Play

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Well, what kind of Doom do you want to play?

>Accurate Doom

Dosbox, or Chocolate Doom. These will give a very accurate version of the original game.


These aim for compatibility. You can go for moderate accuracy to original, but with upscaling, or you can add all sorts of crazy things. Most people play zdoom with freelook and auto-aim turned off.

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First, download Zdoom: http://zdoom.org/Download

To play Doom 1 and 2, you will need the original games' WAD files. Fanmade WADs require them as well. Download the Doom 1 file here, and put "DOOM.WAD" in the same directory as Zdoom: You don't need any other files from this download. http://www.myabandonware.com/game/doom-1nd#download

However, to make these WADs compatible with Zdoom, you need a patch in the form of a third WAD. Download this, extract it, and drag the wad file onto "zdoom.exe". Start a new game under "Knee Deep In The Dead". This will patch the doom1.wad to work properly, and you only need to do this once. http://www.doomworld.com/idgames/?file=levels/doom/v-z/wow.zip

That's it.

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Chocolate Doom, or Prboom with a proper compatibility setting.

Disregard anyone that will redommend Zdoom, since it doesn't play nearly accurate to the original game and will not be representative.

When you get somewhat good at the game, I strongly rrcommend pistolstarting every level, this gave me one of the best experiences in gaming.

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i remember there being a kickass version of this included with the oxbox version of doom 3 roe which was much better and more fun than that game

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It's like there isn't a doom thread general here...oh wait

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Fuck off. OP clearly doesn't want to be in a thread full of circlejerking losers and wants a normal person's opinion.

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Play through at least the first episode in the "chocolate doom" engine. I suggest playing with keyboard only, walking/strafing with WASD, turning with arrow keys, and shooting with space.

Then you can try the GZDoom engine and a modern mapset (google the "cacowards" and choose a mapset from those that seems to suit your tastes) to get a taste of how some people are playing it in modern times.

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don't listen to these people

listen to this man

zdoom is fine, it has some enhancements from the DOS version, but really it's a lot better, and if you play at the old resolutions it looks basically exactly the same

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1. get doom.wad/doom2.wad
2. get ZDL for loading wads and sourceports
3. get a source port such as Zdoom or GZDoom for more modern game play and to use most wads or chocolate doom if you want more classic doom game play

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Well, they would also suggest G/ZDoom for single player (not that there's anything wrong with that), but I see your point and completely agree with it.

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Don't use this chart; it's an old outdated version. Here's the newest version.

Also, this guy's a shit, /doom/ is pretty fucking chill.

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>Most people play zdoom with freelook and auto-aim turned off

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>all these people recommending zdoom

I like zdoom, but this guys never played doom before. It'd spoil him. I'd recommend him using PrBoom+ or Eternity first.

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>Play through at least the first episode in the "chocolate doom" engine.
pretty much did this just now, but used a joypad
shit was fun as fuck
in fact, I don't think I've had this much fun in a while

I've been playing 32X Doom for the past week for whatever reason and finally bothered to get actual, proper Doom -- it's kind of surprising how much got cut/changed in Doom 32X (although, considering Doom 32X is on a 3MB ROM, cuts are a given), and just how fucking aggravating having no monster rotation sprites is; also the lighting is fucked for literally no reason

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Actually Brutal is pretty cool. There's a number of better mods out there, but I really enjoy it too.

I think Chocolate Doom and the like are better for someone playing for the first time, but I like BD as well.

So, guys, you do know there's a Doom General, eh?

if you're interested

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waitaminute what the fuck bro. are you a mind reader?

i was literally going to ask about this and his author and then two minutes later you did that post. this is some creepy shit.

what's the deal with hardcore doom wars and what was it about?

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LMAO wrong thread, sage4doublepost

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Acquire a copy of Ultimate Doom, drag and drop the DOOM.WAD file into Chocolate Doom. This is the way to go if you want the authentic experience. At least give this a try before you go off and download ZDoom.

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Other than some censoring and missing Wolfenstein levels, which can be solved by grabbing the original wads, what would be the problem with Doom 3 BFG's hidden Doom and Doom 2 potrs?

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> (I don't care if your pirate/buy from steam, etc)
I care. Make sure Bethesda doesn't get your money for a sub-standard release. Id is dead, Steam Doom is censored, piracy is the only reasonable option.

Chocolate Doom is good if you're an accuracyfag but don't do stupid shit like play with the keyboard or do pistol starts. Neither is a part of the "classic experience" source: I fucking played the game with a mouse in 1994 and was rewarded for not dying by being allowed to keep my weapons.

Either Zdoom or GZdoom is the most important port if you want to play third party levels and mods. You don't need 'em if you only care about the original game but they do make it look better.

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The Playstation 1 DOOM/Final DOOM. It has, by far, the best atmosphere. The only downside is that one Arch-vile has been replaced by the Nightmare Spectre.

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are all versions censored on steam or only BFG?

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>doom95.exe can't run in Windows 8


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Not sure. I would assume all versions but you know what they say about assuming? Something about a donkey's arse, I forgot.

You're better off that way. Forget Doom95 even exists, please.

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