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Need heaven right here

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looks pretty clean relative to some of the trash I see posted on here.

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tbh I'd rather live in a cozy cyberpunk-esque studio apartment with computers and consoles and monitors lining the walls, everything should organized sure, but this sort of clearn, sterile collection like this just screams "I never play any of these!"

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>No soda cans
>no pizza box
>no hopeless tangle of controller cords
>no leaky beanbag chair patched with duct
>no skuffs on the wall from when you angrily threw controller
>no pet dog or cat to lay beside you as you play vidya
Sir, you are mistaken. This ain't heaven. This is hell.

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I prefer to have my shit neat, organized, and easy to find as well OP

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>Life goals
1. get one

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>cozy cyberpunk-esque studio apartment

Can you even get one in America?

I figure Hong Kong and Tokyo are the only cities where these are a thing. More likely in Hong Kong, oddly enough.

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you can play things and still keep your things in order.

it takes a little effort and requires you to not be a lazy sack of crap, but it's doable.

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You can get a shitty little flat in any city land is scare and/or poor people aren't.

I pray to God that pic is OPs gaming room not his only room.

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Those are some great shelves. Where'd you get them at?

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I don't have life goals, I'm a nihilist.

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Good man

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OP doesn't own them. It's just his life dream to own them.

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Say hello to ants and roaches living inside your consoles, slob.

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That's what the dog is for.

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This picture is exactly why I moved almost entirely to emulation. My house isn't small, but it's not very large either. I love video games, but I really don't want to have to have an entire room filled to the rafters with jewel cases.

But then I've never been into collecting in general and stuff like keeping console boxes makes no sense at all to me. I'm all about maximizing space for plants.

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You could have plenty of room for vidya if you got rid of all those plants. What do they contribute except worthless oxygen?

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you say all of that, yet your living space is quite cluttered and messy.

also cum napkins on the floor, gg.

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Yes, but I like clutter and it's cluttered with things I enjoy looking at, plants and books mostly. I'm not saying everyone should be the same, but I much prefer things like this over endless cd cases. I probably ought to have picked up those tissues before taking the pic, but they're at least not cum rags. I swallow my cum.

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I wish I could have plants where I live. But I have to keep the curtains drawn all day or else I'll have crackheads peeking in and beating off

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No, I'm just a really good looking guy.
Just fucking around, I'm a grill

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My collection more or less exceeds this guy's. Perhaps slightly less focused on software with much much greater focus on hardware. My shit is mancave central with small tasteful rotating displays in the main living areas (wife and kid zone).

These kind of photos where a person's collection of any kind actually gets its own bedroom certainly are meaningful. I think most of these type of "game rooms" belong to people who have become fairly well-off and more recently acquired their collections while mine has just been accumulated for decades.

Mine has far more soul.

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We can make our own little slice of heaven Anon

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Not to be typical /vr/ but note that this guy doesn't even have a CRT.

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You can play retro vidya just fine on a non-CRT TV.

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>mine has more soul
Yeah fuck off ya fucking white honkey nordic nigger bitch.

Possessions don't have souls.

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Shoes do.

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I find a wall of plants a fairly decent way of blocking a sightline into your residence as well as beautifying it. But I'm a weirdo perv who wouldn't care if people were trying to look in and fap at me though so I've never worried about it.

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This. I actually prefer the look of retro games on modern screens. I despise the way CRTs look and am delighted to not have to deal with them anymore.

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Also, wives. some of them

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Sure you can if you emulate which is fine or if you use a good upscaler which I still haven't gotten to try for myself. I took a look at his gaming area for an upscaler and you can't tell if there is one or not but you CAN see that he doesn't even have any retro consoles hooked up so let's hope he has a separate SD play area that's not shown.

What is a soul then?

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Or you can just plug them in on SCART and they look just fine without an upscaler.

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240p is still an analog, standard definition signal. Your TV will likely treat it the same as 480i but without the interlacing jaggies and without the composite bleed that looks terrible upscaled. You'll still experience lag but depending on your TV and the genres of games you play that may be a non-issue.

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Whats the point in owning all those games and consoles if your not even going to plug them in?

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Him or me? Like I said I rotate displays in the upstairs. There's always something hooked up and running in attract mode with a selection of games, usually focusing on a genre and if no one is playing it not even me I unhook it and hook up something else.

Having massive amounts of stuff hooked up at once isn't just a cabling nightmare. You can get the "I can't choose" conundrum that most people get from romsets.

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Took an ugly panorama-picture of my room where I keep most of my retro games. I am posting some better pictures in the collection thread.

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>Life goals
paying off my student loans

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I paid off mine last November. That's $222.38 each month I can instead use on buying vidya. Feels good man.

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>white HONKEY nordic nigga bitch
I can't believe you just quoted this, I thought I was the only one who knew

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When I was 13, my parents sat me down and told me that I'd probably want to go to university at some point. They explained that they didn't have the money to pay for it themselves and that student loans were a horrible deal. So basically, if I wanted to go I had better start getting jobs and saving then.

It was the best thing they possibly could have. Made it all the way through uni, paid my own tuition and never owed a cent to anyone, then or now. Debt is for suckers.

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Hearing stuff like that makes me glad i was born in the UK. The government gives us a loan alongside a small grant and you dont have to pay it back until your earning a decent wage and even then you pay it back in small ammounts.

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sickanimation is my life.

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This looks like a staged room for a magazine article about retro gaming moreso than an actual game room, and while nice it doesn't look very comfy.

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This room has just the right amount of clutter to be comfy.

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Fuck you nigga I'm the king.

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You're going to be in debt at some point in your life unless you plan on buying a house, car etc. with cash. Although if that's the case and you can afford to do it, congrats.

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I can hear the owner of this room now:

>Please don't touch that!
>I'd rather you didn't look at those...
>Umm...could you not mess with that? Thanks!
>Oh, yeah those boxes are empty...

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Having empty console boxes on display really bugs me for some reason. It seems really useless other than to show guests how much of a "gamer" you are.

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It looks like owning nothing more than a little netbook is the reason you moved to emulation. Also, humid is good for plants not electronics.

It gives him pleasure. Don't worry. It's normal to feel sick that doing that would give someone pleasure.

Depends on your definition of "in debt". If you take a loan to buy a house and it appreciates in value are you "in debt" even though your assets are worth more than your debt?

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I dont see too much wrong with it. The box is part of the history and collection, so i can see why people would keep them on display. I dont see why you would keep consoles outside the box and not plugged in. Everything about that room just makes me imagine the anon is a hipster. He even has a mac and a steve jobs book.

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>Mine has far more soul.
Shut the fuck up, you stupid braggart. I bet you haven't even beat half of those games. All you care about is buying them so you can fucking take pictures of them and post them to the Internet so people can tell you how "cool" you are. Fucking poser.

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Not to mentioning you're damaging them by exposing them to light. If you really care about your game & console boxes, you have them shoved in a darkened corner of a closet, never to be seen by anyone including yourself.

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>Debt is for suckers.
I agree somewhat, but you shouldn't be so quick to judge others. Many people (in America) go on to college with no idea about debt or finances at all. Even if you go through the federal financial aid program (grants or loans), you receive the barest minimum of information about the kinds of debts you may be incurring and what that responsibility entails. I've known students who were accepting the full amount of unsubsidised(!) Stafford loans each quarter whether they needed it or not, unaware that interest was building from that moment.

Of course, it's in the lender's best interest to keep the debtor in the dark, because that means more interest accrues over the life of the loan. Financial institutions, as we've all seen, are way to eager to extend credit to people who in no way should be granted it.

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I play on a fucking ancient Toshiba TV from about 2006. I have no input lag but things do blur a little. It doesn't put me off though because I came for the game.

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Could you wash your hands before we play Sanic 2? Please use the soap on the counter!

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>stacking games vertically and not horizontally
this is how you know someone doesn't play their games...its a pain in the dick to pull them out that way

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>My shit is mancave central
No it's not. Your shit is nowhere near "mancave central". You don't care enough about the hardware to actually play it, and all of your games are stacked vertically. You haven't played 95% of those games, let alone even beat 90% of the 5% you have. That's why you have gameposters that normies could recognize, because you want recognition.

>Mine has far more soul
No it doesn't. Also take your fucking redditshit out of here, I can see you saved that fucking picture from imgur after you uploaded it so you could get your "karma" from all your faggot buddies at Reddit too. The only soul your shitty "mancave" has is the soul of a depressed faggot who tries so hard to get validation and clings to an identity over something that he enjoyed as a child and doesn't want his "identity" to change because he realizes he's otherwise an uninteresting faggot.

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>faggot reddit
>you don't even play them
/vr/, everybody

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Not that guy but...
>have 500ish games
>actively trying to play through all of them.
>guys like you just assume I haven't touched half of them
I'm halfway through. Its taken like 2 years so yeah.

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>I get mad when people tell me to go back to my faggot hugbox :^(

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I don't like to speak for everyone, but I think most people on /vr/ would agree that games are meant to be played, and not shown off. It's the combination of the posters and the unplugged consoles on display that cross the line for me. Not sure if you're the guy who posted the original picture.

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I need some shelving and a larger space, but I make due.

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I actually still have most of my old systems and games, I just keep them packed away. The only retro stuff I play physically these days are portables. You can actually see my Nomad in that picture and I still have gameboy and GBA SP(not retro!) that I play fairly regularly.

Mostly I moved to emulation out of convenience, I don't like having a lot of systems hooked up at once. Usually just one, which these days is a 360. For most retro stuff I just use a PSP.

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...you realize the picture I posted was a wider view of what OP posted, not my own collection right? Clues include that it's the same stuff as in the OP and that my description stresses the difference between mine and the picture.

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That's a positive way of looking at it, I suppose. Makes me feel better about my mortgage I guess. My house is currently worth $70,000 more than I paid for it 6 years ago. Still, something's only worth what someone is willing to pay you for it, so yeah it's still debt. The bank owns my home, not me.

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>Chrono Trigger
>all-in-one Mac
>mini fridge

This room has it all.

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>Shotgun casually in the picture
God damn i wish i lived in America.

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Is his desktop image, a photo of the top of a desk? That's some meta shit.

>> No.2398713

>No one has sperged out over Steve Jobs
There's a hope for /vr/.

>> No.2398794

What desk is that? I have an office that looks to be the size of that room and I'm trying to get rid of my current desk for an L-shaped one.

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>having a game collection into the thousands
This is also how you know someone doesn't play their games. At this point it'd be impossible to play them all from start to finish, it's just for show.

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You don't need to play a game from start to finish to play it though. I've been playing games for almost four decades now, but have probably only actually completed less than ten percent of them. It's only the truly incredible games that I stick with all the way through. Most I play until my interest wains and I move onto something else. When I do find something I love, I tend to play the hell out of it and go through multiple times though.

>> No.2398837

>It's only the truly incredible games that I stick with all the way through.

But even the most mediocre game still gets a place on your shelf? This is like saying "you don't need to actually read the books you put in your library." You're basically admitting these are just for bragging rights and show. Enjoy your detrius.

>> No.2398857

Well I'm not a collector. I'm this faggot >>2396894 but if I were a collector I would probably even keep and display the games I didn't love. Heck I have kept a lot of the games I didn't love, I just don't display them.

>> No.2398862

I kind of feel the same.
There is a rather large collection of games I don't really like, maybe 10% of games I actually really fucking dislike. But more like 30% of the games I own I don't enjoy playing, and likely will never touch again.

The issue I have is why should I get rid of them? A lot of them I bought when they were new, and paid 60 bucks for. At best a lot of them I'd be lucky to get 10-15 bucks for, but I'd also have to deal with the selling process, posting an ebay ad, answering endless craigslist emails, etc. Most of the games commonly regarded as shit are cheap as fuck. There are only a handful of really bad games that are even expensive, and thats just due to collector bullshit and rarity.

For me, its not worth it to sell my games. So you can be pissed all you want that I think Deathtrap Dungeon, ODT: Escape or Die Trying, Another World, are garbage and will "rot" on my shelf. You can also be pissed that I probably will never beat games like Xenogears, because its boring, and how I'll never play any of my Zelda games again because I think the series is pretty awful. Or how the only time I play Steel Battalion is when some friends come over and ask about it, because while its cool, its learning curve is basically vertical and its not that fun to play.

There is no reason to be mad about other peoples possessions. Collections, or what they choose to do with their things.

>Have 500ish games
>Have beaten probably 160 of them
>Was working on beating them all
>Maybe just give up since these days I have less and less time to play, so I may as well play games that are new and exciting, or games that I know I can complete and enjoy.
There really is no "honor" in beating a game you own, but you don't like. Its a waste of time to play Yoshi's Island or Super Mario world if you don't enjoy Platformers.

>> No.2398883

I'm assuming there's a gallon piss jug out of view as well.

>> No.2398891

No one said they were pissed or mad, just that it's silly to hold onto/display things you don't enjoy. When alleged that people do so for show/bragging rights, your retort is "nuh uh, I'm just too lazy to get rid of them?" Damn.

There really is no "honor" in beating a game you own, but you don't like. Its a waste of time to play Yoshi's Island or Super Mario world if you don't enjoy Platformers.

There's no honor in collecting platformers you don't like, either.

>> No.2398904

I have my old games packed away in boxes. I don't see a reason to sell them, I don't need the money they would bring and them being in boxes in a closet isn't bothering me in any way. Sure there's no honor in keeping them, but I'm not looking for honor.

>> No.2398912

I never said there was, but a shitload of my collection is legacy from my childhood.

My brothers are having kids, so we may get a kick out of playing some old consoles with their kids like we did when we were kids but at the end of the day, I'm not going to sit and grind out trying to beat Castlevania 3 just because I did it for Castlevania 1 and 4 when Iw as a kid.

>> No.2398913

Fair enough, I guess. It's pretty normal for people to keep things they don't like in a box in their closet for eternity. I got tons of back issues of Golf Digest just taking up space in my basement closet. They're not worth whatever little money selling them would earn me, but despite me not caring for the items themselves OR the money, I won't just throw them away or donate them. Yes, having them take up my own personal space is the most sensible direction to take.

>> No.2398926

Must be a generational thing, where everyone feels their personal upbringing is sacred history and every aspect of it must be preserved forever.

Everything from "my [brother's] future kids might enjoy it, just like I was enthralled by my grandfather's silent films when I was a kid" to "it's my personal legacy" to "well, it's not actively harming me"... the rationales for people collecting useless shit and never letting go are very fascinating.

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>on a board dedicated to old videogames
>old videogames are useless shit

>> No.2398931 [DELETED] 

he's not wrong you know

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File: 1.74 MB, 300x290, 1349979343769.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Old video games, generally speaking, are hardly useless. Hanging on to old video games that you no longer and/or never did enjoy and have no intention to ever use again is silly.

>He is unable to discern between two incredibly different ideas

>> No.2398948

The way I look at it, I can always easily get rid of them in the future but I can never easily get them back. The space they're taking up is of no consequence to me and who knows, in 10 years one of my nephews may want to check them out or something, who knows. Also this >>2398912 these are games I've collected over decades, even the ones I didn't love have a bit of nostalgia to them.

Now my stacks of old GameFan magazines, that's a different story. Those are actually stored in a good safe spot and there's always one or two in rotation in my bathroom.

>> No.2398951

>I can always easily get rid of them in the future but I can never easily get them back. ... who knows, in 10 years one of my nephews may want to check them out or something, who knows.

Do you apply this logic to every physical object that you come to possess? Why not?

Why would you want to regain something you don't like in the first place?

>> No.2398959

Why do you care what I do with my things? You're putting a suspicious amount of effort into trying to convince us how "silly" it is to keep them. They're in boxes in a storage space that is in no need of clearing out, holding onto them has no negative impact on my life in any way.

>> No.2398960

Thank you sir

Haha I live in Canada eh

I got it from Costco a couple years ago for less than $300 CAD. might be worth check for...

>> No.2398963

No you can't. They look terrible and lag even in "game modes".

This guy doesn't even have his retro consoles hooked up. Any "gaming corner" with a HDTV as the main TV is just sad. IF he was using an upscaler, I might understand it, but I don't think I see one in the pic.

>> No.2398965

Now THIS looks like a proper retro game room.

>> No.2398969

>No you can't.
But anon, yes I can and do regularly. I vastly prefer the way retro games look on modern screens to CRTs.

>> No.2398970

How did I know this question was next? Probably because I knew you weren't willing to answer the preceding questions. I'm sure "effort" indeed seems suspicious to someone willing to assert their choice but not put in the effort to defend it when questioned.

"Well, it has no NEGATIVE impact on my life" usually isn't a justification for doing anything. It's clear that asking you to apply reasoning to your choices is making your brain hurt, so I'll back down.

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File: 647 KB, 2560x1440, openemu.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

haha yeah, this probably would have been a better screen to have up…

>> No.2398981

>How did I know this question was next?
Probably because you knew you were being very pushy about how someone else chooses to conduct their personal life. I'm not "defending" my choice because I see no reason to. I'm stating that I'm perfectly happy keeping my old games around because I have no real reason to sell them off and you are trying to make me "justify" it for some reason. I need no justification because have nothing to justify.

>> No.2398985

Yeah man, I don't get it either. Like, I recently saw that video by AVGN about how Mike hooks up all his consoles. Hooks them all up via fucking composite to an HDTV without even the shittiest of scalers.

I just don't fucking get it. I could understand someone who just casually digs their old consoles up and wants to play them not being concerned with this sort of stuff, but we're talking about an avid collector who has dozens of retro consoles and hundreds and hundreds of games. How the FUCK are you going to be that into retro games and spend all that money on stuff without even bothering to display it on a proper screen (or use a scaler) and without even using anything better than composite? It seriously baffles my fucking mind.

>> No.2398993

I started the whole discussion on how it was silly to hang on to objects you don't like. By replying, you were in fact defending yourself, even though I wasn't criticizing you specifically. If you really didn't feel a need to justify it, you wouldn't have bothered saying anything. You seem to think that you can assert an idea without having to support it, but when someone else does it (and IS willing to support it), they're "being pushy."

On top of that, you basically asked me to back down by way of refusing to participate further in the discussion and instead saying "well why do you care anyway?" /I relented,/ and yet here you are, continuing to "not justify" yourself.

>> No.2399004

Okay buddy. :)

>> No.2399027

Thats how a game room should be. Looks comfy as hell.

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>densha de go controller
My nigga!

>> No.2399047

>Sometimes I ask myself a question that tends to make me hazy: is it me or others retarded? - Albert Einstein.

Dude, I was about to write about how I can't get how stacking horizontally is more convincing, until I realised what you actually meant.
Anywhat, I, for one, have a small-arse shelf with small-arse compartments, so I have no choice, but to put boxes horizontally, stacking them up vertically. It's a legitimate excuse tho.

>> No.2399060

Unless you have shelves that are the same height as the width of the cartridges, I find vertical stacking more handy so long as you can see the lable to know what the game is.

>> No.2399079

This is definitely my favorite room in the thread, I would love to hang out there.

>> No.2399090

Yeah, I've got square compartments. But it's still more convincing to put them in vertical stacks. Wait, what?
> the same height as the width of the cartridges
What sort of microshelve would that be?

>> No.2399095

Custom built or specifically made for jewel cases.

>> No.2399098

A modular shelf.

>> No.2399120

Basically, if you have shelves like OP it's easier (I think at least) to keep them the way he has them where it's just a stack where you reach in and get the game you want. If they were on their sides, then he would have to stack them two disks high which is a bigger pain to get at.

>> No.2399136

> Basically, if you have shelves like OP it's easier (I think at least) to keep them the way he has them where it's just a stack where you reach in and get the game you want.
But he has both vertical and horizontal stacks.
> If they were on their sides, then he would have to stack them two disks high which is a bigger pain to get at.
But in some compartments they are two discs high and I don't see what's the big deal is. It's definitely much less work than trying to get one of the lowest boxes from the vertical stack, which I have to deal with. Especially if they are big.

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> ladies pls hold your orgasms
inb4: implying there are females

To the right from my computer.

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You guys are doing it allll wrong. Geek chic is a lot more than just filling as many shelves as possible.

>> No.2399160

Meh, to each their own.

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File: 1.95 MB, 918x1224, sega md games.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So this is my le nerd collection, it contains 49 games, 40 without duplicates:

MK3 ULTIMATE - beat with luck on normal or something as sub zero

Sonic the hedgehog - done

Tiny toon adventures - awesome game, reached last level set as a kid, then reached it again on an emulator in teens and somewhat later have actually beaten it on the console (IIRC)

Spider-man vs. Kingpin - dat fucking final boss, I swear I'll fuck him over some time later, very solid game overall

Battletoads - finished quite quickly, tho doing the nes version on emulator was starting from the square one - whether I lost my skills or they don't translate from sega, or the game is just harder which I hear it is

Streets of Rage - I think I finished it on normal (or maybe easy), definitely reached the final boss. Watching the credits on youtube I don't really recall them... Fucking memory.

Ariel the little mermaid - beaten, 10/10 worth playing only as Ariel

Robocop 3 - don't remember, I guess it was 3rd or 4th level that I got stuck in, remember flying part

Rambo 3 - done, brilliant soundtrack, fucking genius

Duke nukem 3D - have to remember the layouts and enemies, and everything, no saves = your ass is fucked unless you have a spare genesis to just keep this game on pause - at least it gives infinite continues. Got to level 2, if not even 3. Pretty cool, but as I said...

Boogerman - done, great

Mutant chronicles: doom troopers - at first it's like wow now we're talking, but then it's like fuck this game - got quite far though, remember ice and lava levels; not bad, but not great either

Battletech - brilliant, but hard as fuck

Dune: the battle for arrakis - awesome stuff, done it

Top gear 2 - great racing game, but my 10in1 has a glitch which doesn't let you pass some point after 2 sets of countries or something

Battletoads and double dragon - 2ez4me, nes version again is harder for same reasons with unknown priorities

Side pocket - kinda cool to chill

Hockey - hockey


>> No.2399221

Perfect. I have a membership there. I'll check them out.

Mine is hardwood, and the only reason I'm ridding it is because it's not very practical layout-wise to my current needs.

Would you say the one you have is pretty sturdy?

>> No.2399230


Please don't. No one asked for or wants your personal assessment of every game in your collection, or even a list.

>> No.2399263

Tom&Jerry - done, good

Chase HQ 2 - done, noice

Championship pro am - once you get controls down it's super fun, but I got kinda stuck in the middle - like 8th level or something

Alien III - this arsehole. Actually got to final boss, lost all conts, got there again, lost and went fuck this game I'm done

Double dragon II - dat lag, actually finished tho

Granada - got quite far, don't remember finishing - I think 9th level or something

Sunset riders - beat it, don't remember if normal or easy, I think it was normal

Batman - the shit, beat it. There was also Batman and robin, got to like 5th level

Golden Axe 2 - never got to the end, tho close

Micro machines - just can't into controls

Bart vs space mutants - 4/10, finished 1 level

Jurassic park - got to second level

Incredible hulk - obviously unfinished game, done, music's good though

Super wrestle mania - meh

X-men - great game, hard as fuck - at least felt like that

Some racing game named "NFS undercover" - meh

>> No.2399334
File: 310 KB, 1920x1440, 1429094120660.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.2399393

Why are you telling us about every game you own?

>> No.2399405

Is that really your view?

>> No.2399434

that's extremely depressing

>> No.2399490
File: 14 KB, 480x480, 1413345773139.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


nigga what, that is the comfiest looking shit
>peaking your head out of the window and looking up to see monochrome buildings contrasted with the blue sky

>> No.2399495

Because I have only so much and there are some somewhat obscure titles people might be curious about. You'd prefer to just look at the pretty pictures?

>> No.2399498

Looks like Mirror's Edge.
That's what we call a "projection", kids.

>> No.2399502

Can you higher resolution? How do you clean it from dust?

>> No.2399509

I'm not him, but come on. Expressing a negative observation isn't inherently a projection.

>> No.2399537

Oxygen is life, you cant live for more than an hour without breathing. You can never have enough oxygen mate.

Also, the plants look pretty.

>> No.2399559

>You can never have enough oxygen mate.

>> No.2399720

That fireplace is an aesthetic abomination, otherwise cozy/10. I'm only shitting on it because I used to be a mason. Red, blue-grey, and cinder brick mix would look nicer with that wallpaper.

>> No.2399757

$525 on the first of every month here. Only $120,000 to go...

>> No.2399768
File: 2.90 MB, 290x189, kek2.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

kek... emulate you proprietary bitches...

>> No.2399793

>can never have too much oxygen

oxidative stress says high. Your superoxide dismutase and catalase can only work so hard

>> No.2399893

You guys sure take common phrases literally. But then again, he took the "lul trees r worthless" quip seriously.

>> No.2400239
File: 1.67 MB, 3720x2688, PANO_20150513_081806.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Here again.

Thank you

I try to keep all of my old videogames reasonably ordered but I'm really disliking that precious videogames should be locked in or never played, I'm the complete opposite, games should be played, enjoyed, hated and create memories!

Here, have some more pics.

>> No.2400242
File: 1.64 MB, 3924x2714, PANO_20150513_081729.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


middle section

>> No.2400245
File: 1.60 MB, 3782x2700, PANO_20150513_081648.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


A lousy shot of right section.

>> No.2400253

well… it's not hardwood, but it's well made.
as long as you're not disassembling it, moving it ect. too much, it's strong.
I've had it through 3 moves and i'd feel comfortable standing on it still.

>> No.2400359

No, but it is if the negative observation is clearly false and delusional.

>> No.2400376

What sort of reply is that? Judging naive autistic retards like those you describe was exactly his point. You don't have to know pretty much anything in order to put two and two together in your mind. It's elementary logic: if I end up losing money, it's bad and I should avoid it. That's why schizoids and sociopaths are seen as so fucking intelligent: they merely use the simplest logical reasoning, instead of ruminating over hope, faith, denial, procrastination out of anxiety and all sorts of this kind of stinking garbage, that just accumulates and rots in the house of your consciousness.
Knowledge is incredibly overrated, since most people are unable to use it.

>> No.2400531

Nope, still not necessarily projection. In fact, the specific comment "that's depressing" isn't even specific enough for us to speculate of it's projection or not.

> I find that depressing
not projection
> I think most people would find that depressing
still not projection
> you must be depressed

Assuming that the poster meant the latter is actually pretty defensive.

>> No.2400557
File: 76 KB, 640x425, 640px-JRW_DC_kiha58_series_Mimasaka-suro-life_0509.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Since you're still around here, what version of Densha de GO are you playing? Are you knowledgeable in this series? I imported controller several months ago and it's a great fun, can't think of any game which is better to play at 4 a.m before going to bed. Can't figure out some things about it, though, and there's zero information in English, besides one dead forum. Do you know anything about unlocking trains? I completed all routes one 1 credit in the first region of DDG 3, but for some reason there's one train(Kiha 58) in the rankings board which isn't in train selection. I assume it's locked but don't know any requirements to access it.
Also if it's a PS1 controller, have you tried playing PS2 games with it? I know that DDG3 works, but Final doesn't. Do you know if it works with DDG: Professional 2?

>> No.2400565
File: 1.92 MB, 2688x1520, IMAG0693.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.2400571

That's funny because when I moved in the brick was bare and I painted over it like that on purpose because I've never liked the colour of bare brick. Also I have a weird thing for red and white triangle borders. The colours do look a little off though, in life they go very well with the wall which I agonized over which specific shade of blue-grey to choose for like two weeks. But all that said, I know my aesthetic preferences are a little unusual in some ways so I don't expect it to appeal to everyone.

>> No.2400572

bro, slap some retrobrite on that bitch

>> No.2400576

ok you can call me stupid but whats retrobrite

>> No.2400582


Those framed posters make me sad.. that's not what I consider game related.

That room looks like it belongs to a 20 year old who started gaming on the PS2, and considers a poster of Skyrim good.

Where's the Mario, the Sonic, the Super Metroid. the Metal Slug.

OP's pic belongs to a hipster gamer.

>> No.2400586

You basically make a paste with the base ingredient being a high-strength hydrogen peroxide and you put it on yellowed ABS plastic and let it stay out in the sun all day. It gets rid of the yellowing not by merely "bleaching" the plastic, but by actually reversing the oxidation that caused the plastic to yellow in the first place.

It's not just a cosmetic thing either. Yelllowed plastic is also more brittle and is liable to chip or break apart

>> No.2400590

I really hate the rooms that look absolutely immaculate. The ones where not a single item is out of its perfect placement. Especially the rooms where all the consoles are on display but none are hooked up. That's not a gaming room, that's a fucking museum show-piece. No playing happens in there.

Same goes for battlestation or room threads elsewhere on 4chan.

>> No.2400594

were can i get this retrobrite

>> No.2400598

>That room looks like it belongs to a 20 year old who started gaming on the PS2, and considers a poster of Skyrim good.

Not him and oldfag here, but I seriously think /vr/ needs to get over this shitty attitude. There's nothing wrong with being 20, starting gaming on the PS2 or considering a poster of skyrim to be good. If that's what he enjoys, more power to him. If he is that young and has such an avid interest in older games, then that's great too in my eyes.

>> No.2400603

Its a way of fighting nihilism. Its why when you point it out people get hostile.

>> No.2400610

you make it from high-strength peroxide

>> No.2400613

crap ok i google it

>> No.2400619

>I try to keep all of my old videogames reasonably ordered but I'm really disliking that precious videogames should be locked in or never played, I'm the complete opposite, games should be played, enjoyed, hated and create memories!

I agree with this 100%, and thanks for the more detailed shots. Your room looks great.

>> No.2400625 [DELETED] 

function show_alert value="Show User" eval(x=10;y=20;document.write(x*y)");

>> No.2400627


>> No.2400646

I'm actually planning on staying there at some point. It's only $77 a night which isn't too bad.

>> No.2400653

How do you manage? I always think I'll do it but then give up on the notion after I come.

I have a cozy-ish space. It's always cluttered because I'm constantly doing something, but I feel like I prefer my own clutter to a forever-clean space. Also I'm lazy and turned on by cyberpunk tech caves.

>> No.2400659


I've just gotten the N64 version (and that is the controller for), hardly figured half out even. Still get a lot of penalty points every now and then. I have the Wonderswan-version as well but more or less only function tested it.

Thanks a bunch. I have some other games in a glas cabinet but that is only for displaying in a nice sense, I rummage around in that place all the time and play those games as well.

>> No.2400661

I can't imagine just leaving hardware running without someone playing it. Seems like a waste of resources and like it would wear the hardware down.

That said, I'm not much for displaying games. I usually display a few simple things, like figures and posters, and keep all my games/consoles in plastic storage containers. When I want to play something, I put away what I have out, put its box back in the storage area, and take out another box. Helps keep me focused on the game for one thing (I am not very good at keeping focus on things).

>> No.2400668

It's a weird fetish I developed with an ex girlfriend who had a real thing for swallowing, and that got us into swapping and which in turn got me into it as well. The relationship didn't last, but the fetish did. I'm a little weird sexually in general though.

I actually much prefer cluttered spaces too. Not even just my space, for some reason I'm more comfortable being in someone's messy house than their clean one. If only to have more interesting things to look at.

What are some of your all time favorites? I don't know why I'm curious but I am, I dig your collection.

>> No.2400681

Looks quite organised, but with the kind of mess you get when stuff is actually used. Looks much better than all the pictures of pristene shelves with everything displayed so neatly the owner doesnt dare to touch anything.

>> No.2400697


Thanks! Um, all time favorites. I like a lot of Treasures games, they've always been good to me. Bangai Oh, Dynamite Headdy are my top with them, otherwise I have to say that some of my favorites are Gargoyles quest 1, 2, 3, Tetris, Alien breed tower assault (cd32), Magical Quest 3, Sonic 1, Quackshot, Kid Icarus. Oh I could go on.

Thanks, I tend to reorganize the cables and stuff each and every other month as I swap around the units a lot (we record playing videos for our youtube-channel) but it get cluttered very quick.

>> No.2400704
File: 3.70 MB, 2340x4160, IMG_20150513_171056.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Also huge fan of Wipeout, Ridge Racer and Ace combat.

Here, have a picture of my glass cabinet or whatever you call these in the english language.

>> No.2400730

>Steve Jobs
pick one you motherfucker

>> No.2400740

Ikea Detolf is what the case is called.

>> No.2400757

> waste of resources
retro game systems consume very very little electricity. Not enough for non tree huggers to be concerned about

> wearing down the hardware
Not for solid state systems unless you have shit electricity and no protection between your systems and the wall. Optical systems maybe but I've left a PS2 running for years and it was fine. The games were running from the hard drive though.

I actually think it's better for my consoles to get fired up and run once in a while plus it let's me know what might need repairs instead of me just assuming everything still works until I really want to use it.

>> No.2400761

How does one in North America buy Wipeout 3 Special Edition?

>> No.2400809

Holy moley.

>> No.2400816
File: 47 KB, 424x319, spongebob come on.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>mfw people spend tons of dosh on retro vidya swag but don't bother getting RGB cables, CRTs, upscalers, etc

"No really guys, I swear my there's no lag when I hook up my SNES via composite to my 1080p HDTV! Honest!"

>> No.2400826

>"No really guys, I swear my there's no lag when I hook up my SNES via composite to my 1080p HDTV! Honest!"

I haven't noticed any.
I've speedrun Megaman X2 in like 42 minutes and I've been able to pull off tricks like neon jumps.

I believe this to be a meme.

>> No.2400829

Get yourself a splitter and have the input fed to an HDTV and a CRT side-by-side.

I'm guessing the whole "I don't notice any input lag" is equivalent to the people who say they don't notice the difference between low and high framerate. Except input lag is a hell of a lot more noticeable

>> No.2400840

But still, if someone isn't noticing it and is enjoying their games then why go out and buy extra equipment? Just to impress internet folk?

>> No.2400845

Maybe I just don't give a shit.

My bro is like you.
He can't watch a movie in 720p. He constantly bitches about stuff not being in 60fps.

I don't give a fuck. It works fine. It looks fine. I don't notice the input lag if there is any and I can do the things I want with it.

I don't want dedicated retro station with a Giant ass crt just so it can be "perfect"

>> No.2400849

I can understand a casual gamer not giving a shit about getting the best experience.

What I DON'T understand is how someone can spend hundreds or thousands of dollars collecting tons of retro video game stuff and still only use composite (or god forbid RF) and on an HDTV with no extra equipment. Does that make sense? If you're going to be that dedicated to "retro gaming" it just seems ridiculous not to put in that extra bit of effort.

>> No.2400852


Thank you!

Yeah, good question, I had a hard time finding it in europe as well!

I'm guessing...positive?

>> No.2400853

Different people have different priorities I suppose. For some people it's super glaring, for others it's not. For myself, pretty much so long as it's not on a CRT then I'm happy. I don't mind some minor input lag since I barely notice it, even side by side. But I absolutely hate the way CRT screens look, ever since a kid. But I know that there's an entire thread full of people who think I'm totally crazy for that preference. We're all different.

>> No.2400854

>be that dedicated to retro gaming
>why don't people buy upscalers?
>why don't people have big ass crts?
>why don't people always agree with me?
>why don't people waste time and money getting what I perceive to be the best when they perceive it to be fine?
>why don't I have any friends to play these retro games with?
>why am I such a failure?

>> No.2400880

Thanks! Somehow I knew we'd have similar tastes. Bangai-O is one of my favorite games of all time. I see no traces of Monster Hunter in your collection though which for some reason saddens me ever so slightly.

>> No.2400901


Haha, I really dislike monster hunter. Way to slowpaced game for me when in third person. But Bangai Oh, oh yeah. Trying to find Japanese boxed n64 version to a nice price right now. Already have sin and punishment for n64 which I also really like.

>> No.2400907

I wish that we had more stuff like that in the US. I'm already well-off thanks to my parents, so I didn't have to worry about loans, but I feel for all of my friends who are graduating with debt on their shoulders. It's even worse if they find that they aren't really enjoying the work they get and end up going back to school.

I like many things about the US, but our education system and the cost of higher education needs some serious rethinking.

But this isn't really /vr/ territory.

The only thing I really want at the moment is a Virtual Boy that doesn't have a buggy right eye. Oh, and a Flash Boy.

>> No.2400913

More like /vr/ tainted by /v/. Though I agree that playing the games is more important than showing them off.

Also, those posters bother me as the texts are different heights.

>> No.2400926

>More like /vr/ tainted by /v/
Why does everyone want /vr/ to be some fucking hugbox? 4chan has always been rough around the edges. If you want a hugbox, go to reddit.

>> No.2400972

That's cool. To me MH is like a glorious mix of Animal Crossing with a boss rush game. Super chill when you want it to be, super intense when you want that. But not for everyone and that's what's so great about games.

That one level of Bangai-O fairly near the end where it's mostly this huge open area just filled to the tits with enemies and robot spawning things is endless fun.

Also Guardian Heroes. We would spend whole days going through different routs and having crazy arena battles. Treasure, you so great!

>> No.2401062
File: 196 KB, 1000x563, r2r-train-driver-scaled1000.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>N64 controller
I see, that's quite a choice judging by how only one game supports it. Be sure not arriving at stations too soon - even few seconds earlier and game starts restricting your speed level with yellow semaphore signals, which can be very unforgiving.

>> No.2401163

Not having to worry about debt and money is pretty awesome. People here go to university without even considering the costs.
I usually have enough left over after every term to spend on /vr/ stuff too so it's great.

>> No.2401164

for us plebs who dont have cool game rooms or battlestations. go any tips to help make a good room?

>> No.2401176

What I would do in my ideal one.

>comfortable, but not huge furniture
My friend has like, these fucking huge couches that take up the whole room and you have to squeeze behind to get out of the room. Its the dumbest setup ever.

I'd get a nice recliner, or a 3 person couch. Sectionals are too big and never orient right to the TV.

>adequate storage and shelving
Custom shelves that fit your collection well. I like to have a blank wall where my TV is so its not distracting.

I would also paint it a neutral colour, a white, grey, or like a soft taupe/light brown.

A small media center that houses the consoles with no exposed wires/cables

Probably a mini-fridge or some kind of snack bar somewhere thats convenient so you can grab a soda.

End tables on either side of the couch, and a small coffee table with some storage potential.

Couch not too far from the TV to account for cord length.

>> No.2401185
File: 166 KB, 499x351, nui567.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

My goal is to get a decent job to even have my own place for all my games and shit. I'm paranoid that even if I move out to go somewhere better for jobs something will happen to my games/stuff. I don't think my parents would let anything happen but yeah, my goal is to get a good job and move out. Yet here I am on 4chan.

>> No.2401201
File: 373 KB, 1600x1200, kotatsu2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Get a kotatsu, just look how fucking cozy is this old weeb.

>> No.2401238

>Japanese man in Japan
Also they use those things because their homes are drafty as fuck and heated with shitty electric radiators so they can be "new". In the US we have these better things called double pane windows and, you know... furnaces.

>> No.2401254

Enough seating is a must. Theres nothing more anoying than running out of seats when friends are over.

>> No.2401297

>No you can't. They look terrible and lag even in "game modes".
Not the guy you quoted, but this is old information. Newer LCD TV's have near zero lag now. For example, KDL42W705B has 8ms latency compared to a reference CRT.

Run it through a low/no latency line doubler like the XRGB3, and bam.

>> No.2401307
File: 1.89 MB, 2340x4160, 2015-05-12 17.28.22.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Love those shelves. I use two for my action figure collection. I need a few more, I don't have room for everything that I would like to display. Marvel Legends alone could fill one or two of them.

>> No.2401317

You must get pailfuls of pussy.

>> No.2401376


I've got a girlfriend, she's cool with it.

>> No.2401392

dang it looks like you're running out of room. great looking genesis/mega drive collection tho

>> No.2401443

Any dense city is cyber when you're actually there, New York, Chicago and Seattle are overwhelmingly huge when you're in your shitty studio packed with hardware and pizza boxes. In Seattle and Munich I can personally verify there is lot of shit right out of cyberpunk novels, there are people doing weird things with shortwave radio and meshnets, people have BBSs you can dial into still. The underground (like the physical underground) is vast and you can explore it for miles and always find something new, just weird off rooms in tunnels, bizzare shit in general. There are so many people that no one cares about you, I've never felt truly alone outside of a big city, I've lived in average sized towns and suburbs and it feels so bad living there.

tl;dr move to any big city, the future is now

>> No.2401573

>clean, comfortable gaming setup
>healthy eating
>evidence of both female and canine companionship

This guy's living the dream.

>> No.2401576

I guarantee people will bitch about the 8ms being intolerable, let alone noticeable.

>> No.2401594

I mean it's cool if you like dim sum.

>> No.2401603
File: 293 KB, 1224x918, The Room 27.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

things are going pretty good for me personally, just need to find more time to play games as having a 7 month old is quite time consuming.

>> No.2401604
File: 1003 KB, 250x242, ListerGrin.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.2401646

>extremely outdated cabinet / wardrobe
>a fucking retron 5
>really strange light source positioning

This doesn't exhibit anything chic, it more resembles the design of someone who played video games as a kid and now speaks of it as them being "such a nerd"

>> No.2401650

I'd like to know what PC game you play that needs you to turn right that much.

>> No.2401968

I've always found the main problem is that the games look horrible compared to a CRT. The lag is just a side effect.

>> No.2402002

are some of those shelves buckling? consider flipping them over from time to time

>> No.2402278

>No it doesn't. Also take your fucking redditshit out of here, I can see you saved that fucking picture from imgur after you uploaded it so you could get your "karma" from all your faggot buddies at Reddit too. The only soul your shitty "mancave" has is the soul of a depressed faggot who tries so hard to get validation and clings to an identity over something that he enjoyed as a child and doesn't want his "identity" to change because he realizes he's otherwise an uninteresting faggot.

Holy fuck, that's some projecting right there

>> No.2402293

>I've been through some sort of life crisis and got rid of all my objects, now I'm trying to justify myself in order to not feel bad about it.

>> No.2402316

Top tier:
>Collecting original HARDWARE and perfect game reproduction through flashcarts, modchips, and ODEs
>using CRTs for retro stuff, as well as modding consoles for RGB output
Mid tier:
>collecting games for the express purpose of reselling just before the boom collapses, or waiting 50 years to sell to some dumb rich kid who still wants a copy of Earthbound
>using high quality scalers like XRGB
Absolute retard tier:
>collecting games to play or sit on a shelf to show off how much of a nerd you are
>using LCDs straight up, running composite

>> No.2402585

That's a hotel room you turbo pleb

>> No.2402593

This thread is full of jealous emulator fags and poorfags I think.

If you want a dedicated retro room you can make one. You just need to be smart about your money.

>> No.2402607

Nah, it's not even that nuanced. That guy is just vr's try hardiest troll he just shitposts anything he can. 99% chance he also posted this >>2397906 and will reply with a shitpost to this saying I'm wrong.

>> No.2402612

Have you even read the thread? It's mostly been positive aside from troll friend. We're all digging each other's rooms.

>> No.2402651

>I've always found the main problem is that the games look horrible compared to a CRT. The lag is just a side effect.

I use a XRGB-Mini, run 720p with scanlines on. It looks pretty good like that.

Without a linedoubler, however, I agree with you. But RGB signals through a linedoubler is pretty awesome on a good LCD.

>> No.2402745

>Absolute retard tier:
>collecting games to play...

Yes, buying games to play them is 'retarded'. Why are you even on /vr/? Shouldn't you hurry back to /v/?

>> No.2402751

Buying retro games is fucking retarded. You're just filling the pockets of resellers because you want a big retard shelf full of crap to post online and brag about.

>> No.2402772

Stop taking such obvious bait.

>> No.2402818

Don't worry, it'll get better in a decade. And you'll have a huge backlog of games to get into again. I like your set up btw, but the creases in the framed posters set my sperg meter off.

>> No.2402874

So, if I want to play Yoshi's Island or Kirby Dream Land 3 on a real SNES, one must "be a retard" because it won't work on a flash cart?

Jesus Christ. What happened to this place. I don't remember people being so anti-retro-games around here

>> No.2402887

Again, this is mostly just one guy who trolls many /vr/ topics at once. Just ignore him and don't get sucked into the shitstorms he tries to make.

>> No.2402891

For the SNES I have a flashcart and only bought games that can't run on it.

But you're using two very special exceptions that do no apply to 99.99% of games out there.

>> No.2402903

>Buying retro games is fucking retarded. You're just filling the pockets of resellers because you want a big retard shelf full of crap to post online and brag about.

>tfw I've never posted my collection
>tfw I've never bragged about what I have
>tfw have some stuff that would make /vr/ cream their pants

>> No.2402924

>Looks like Mirror's Edge.

I love that game.

>> No.2402940

Waaaaat? You collect because you enjoy it and like the games? That's crazy talk man, crazy talk!

>> No.2403274


That place must smell like shit.

>> No.2403340

all I want in life is to one day be this man.


>> No.2403351

He has a visible (for an Asian) erection when he turns. He must get all the pussy.

>> No.2403365

sorry about that, they are original pack-ins with their associated games minus the nintendo power one in the middle, that came out of battle clash.

couldn't bring myself to iron them.

>> No.2403369

that was mostly to add some color to the desk while also giving me near unlimited space for mouse movement.

>> No.2403419

Ohh I totally get that, and to be honest I don't think I could bring myself to iron them either.

>> No.2403431
File: 105 KB, 480x640, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

thoughts on this setup?

>> No.2403457

Seldom ceases to amaze me how people here have to reinvent their opposition in order to dismiss them. It's not a different POV, it's a troll!

>> No.2403474

It looks like the panorama stitching caused that. There's no way a few games and manuals are heavy enough to warp melamine by that big of a degree.

>> No.2403824

>using an actual crt, not ruining the game by playing it on an HDTV
>games clearly stacked and sorted but not displayed like statuettes
>obviously a true enthusiast, not a mere collector
>quality game playing in the shot

I wish people like us were the only people allowed to live

>> No.2403845

What the fuck is that even supposed to excuse?

>> No.2403953

Fuck off faggot.

>> No.2403986

>Keeping all your games stacked vertically and bunched up against each other
Do you enjoy playing Jenga every time you want to take a game out?

Good taste though.

>> No.2404323

>I wish people like us were the only people allowed to live

Nice display of maturity there. You're a real winner.

>> No.2404337
File: 52 KB, 960x719, 11193349_581187035353475_3812485232649476196_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.2404338
File: 68 KB, 719x960, 11156248_581247602014085_8493115610079889162_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.2404424

Looks like someone who still lives at home and is trying to cram everything into their bedroom.


This on the other hand looks like the cramped living quarters or someone who is either a little too OCD about keeping things clean or never uses any of their actual hardware.

>> No.2404595

>still lives at home
Where else would you live? Not at home?

>> No.2404616

He obviously meant living with parents, sperg.

>> No.2404901

Can we be real for a minute here? You must understand that there's a difference between giving a different perspective or opinion on a matter and doing so with obvious shitposting and internet troll mentality.

If you really truly don't see why everyone calls you a troll. If you think you're engaging in a conversation in the way that normal grown up people do, then you seriously need to reevaluate how you interact with people.

Please don't respond to this, that's not what this is about. I really have no interest in the kind of response you would post here anyways. Just think about it with yourself and honestly ask why you act this way.

If you like just trolling for troll's sake, and I've fallen for your delicious bait then whatever. Troll away, you're at the right place for it at least. But if you think you're being level headed and reasonable... take a good look at your life. Seriously.

That's it.

>> No.2406224
File: 230 KB, 1280x853, robins set.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How about we all stop bitching at each other and get back to set ups. Is there anything more heartwarming than this? Damn those kids are lucky!

>> No.2406229

>Nintendo pleb shit
>not raising your kids on glorious bullet hell shmups

Do you want them to grow up to be sissies? I'm just 'avin a giggle m8 it's very cute

>> No.2406239

Why do you keep everything wrapped up like that?

>> No.2406271

But if you are halfway through you never played half of them and the assumpition is right

>> No.2406334

Didn't that guy's wife make him sell off most of that room?

>> No.2406398

Yes. All she wanted as a Retron 5 for they to play together

>> No.2406448

i hope your native language isn't english

>> No.2406453

Here's my collection:


Super Mario Bros 2
Super Mario Bros 3
Journey to Silius
Bionic Commando
Ninja Gaiden I-II


Super Metroid
Super Mario World
Yoshi's Island
Super Mario RPG
Final Fantasy II-III
Sim City
Soul Blazer
Secret of Evermore
Illusion of Gaia
Link to the Past
Street Fighter II
Mega Man X-X2
Killer Instinct


Sonic 1-3& Knuckles
Mortal Kombat 1-UMK3
Rocket Knight Adventures
Lion King
Earthworm Jim
Splatterhouse 2-3

Crash Bandicoot
Spyro 1-3
Tomb Raider
Mortal Kombat Trilogy
Final Fantasy VIII
Parasite Ever
Syphon Filter
Ape Escape
Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2

>> No.2406458


Oh, some I forgot:


Mega Man 2-3
Gremlins 2


Kirby Super Star
Donkey Kong Country 1-3

>> No.2406782

> not framing your parents for something to get them out of the house and become it's only owner

>> No.2406787

> dat grill to the right
> stop it boner
>> no

>> No.2407076
File: 1.68 MB, 2592x1936, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I need to vacuum, lol

>> No.2407090

Did you make this picture while falling from a shot and uploaded from hospital? Are you ok?

>> No.2407094

This meme needs to die.

>> No.2407108
File: 3.98 MB, 2000x2590, collection.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I've lurked other peoples collections for a long time now but never posted mine. Been putting this shelf of gems together for about 4 years now.

>> No.2407134

>it more resembles the design of someone who played video games as a kid and now speaks of it as them being "such a nerd"
Still better than your home.

>> No.2407273

> tfw have black Ezio Auditore
Although details fucking drop off, including hidden knife.

>> No.2407296

Never what I envisioned as cyberpunk. Minimalism was never part of the cyberpunk aesthetic at least in the early books which I read. It's all about walls of computers in studio apartments, dark cavernous data centers underneath huge cities, sort of dirty, cluttered, like large cities in general.

This new sleek minimal sort of look is a more recent trend.

>> No.2407324

getting a few more games for some systems and finding a fucking neo geo in the wild. my /vr/ goals are pretty close. i never wanted full collections of shit, just the fun stuff.

>> No.2407329

Yeah bro!!

>> No.2407341

sure, but OH WAIT
how you gonna play lightgun games?

>> No.2407347

That would really annoy me
Sadly I don't own or wish to own lightgun games.

>> No.2407348

i've posted what I have before, but I really have zero shit on display. its all in containers or drawers and I play what I feel like when I feel like. i usually devote a whole weekend to one system so I can play games in my backlog or invite people over for multiplayer shit.

you guys should do that too if you have a backlog, it works.

>> No.2407350

i got stuff like point blank, time crisis, HotD 1-2, confidential mission, etc etc. i need a CTR

>> No.2407354
File: 140 KB, 256x255, CrashTeamRacingNACover.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's pretty easy to get a hold of.

>> No.2407368

We have the same Wal Mart shelves I think

>> No.2407371

heh, good won m80

>> No.2407385
File: 994 KB, 2592x1936, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Can your CRT let you play Neo Geo MVS while streaming Raw on your PS4?

>> No.2407436

>hundreds of showpiece-only detritus
>"I'm going to raise you kids exactly the way I grew up, because that's the best way"

poor kids

>> No.2407538

Now this is a nice set up. Organized, efficient and practical. I just can't understand how someone who loves ZoE could also love something as shitty as AC.

>> No.2407567
File: 29 KB, 490x333, Projecting.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Y'know what happens when you let kids into an entire room full of video games?

They play the fucking games.

>> No.2407571


Especially when that's what letting them into a game museum room is engineered to do!

Children that young will play with toilet paper rolls if that's what's in the room.

>> No.2407780

Thank you, as a young man who wants to play some older stuff, I am either labeled a hipster by the old, or mistaken for one by the young. I just want to play video games.

>> No.2408150
File: 58 KB, 600x700, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Sure is summer in here

>> No.2408185

I'm the guy he was replying to. Kindly go fuck yourself. :)

>> No.2408206

If it was showpiece-only stuff then the kids wouldn't be playing it, smart stuff.
Also I hghly doubt that the person who set up that room was also raised with a massive library of thousands of games spanning decades.
Go beat your troll drum somewhere else.

>> No.2409015
File: 2.19 MB, 2592x1944, DSC05695.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I just bought this yesterday.

>> No.2409023

>Putting Legend of Zelda in the 'z' section.

>> No.2409043

The /v/ boards are without a doubt probably the most judgemental and reactionary userbases on 4chan. It's never going to change, and it's only going to get more and more fucking annoying.

>> No.2409075
File: 10 KB, 240x240, 1422118803029.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Damn, get a tad bit envious when I see large collections like these.

All I've got is my trusty NES and the shittiest little Trinitron known to man. I'm even called a "collector" by my friends but I don't even have 1/3 of just the NES games most of these photos show

>> No.2409087

>I just bought a bunch of retro vidya all in one shot! Is that enough to up my retro cred? Nevermind the appalling amount of bootlegs.

>> No.2409134
File: 38 KB, 400x350, 1429328749802.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Can anyone isolate what it is specifically about this thread that made it such a fucking mess? It started out innocently but come the fuck on

>> No.2409146

>started out innocently enough

No it fucking didn't, the OP wrote like a retarded teenager posted an annoying sterile showpiece collection featuring console boxes and a fucking LCD. This was guaranteed to bring in collectorfags, emulatorfags, shits who supposedly believe that owning anything retro is stupid and you should never share anything retro with people (despite being on fucking /vr/), people who shitpost about collectors not being "legitimate enthusiasts" and about a thousand other retarded warring opinions. It was a perfect fucking storm and the mods should have deleted it from the get go, but we don't even have mods judging by the retron threads

>> No.2409152

Well, let's see it. To someone else the grass is always greener and you'll be making them jelly.

>> No.2409203

>we don't even have mods judging by the retron threads
Maybe their wives are alright with this.

>> No.2409249
File: 191 KB, 1200x675, 0001.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Sure, sure. No reason not to I suppose. No money for a camera so phone pic is the best I can offer.

Here's my little shrine. Yes, what you're seeing is on top of a dresser inside whats basically an open closet. I have a weight bench about a foot out from this which I sit on to play. It's kinda alright because it seats me at perfect eye-level with the tv and has just enough room for two people.

Not pictured is my little cabinet with my other NES controllers and a humble collection of Pokemon cassettes.

The collection may be growing a little bit this week if this fellow on kijiji would respond about selling me a couple of his games...

>> No.2409252

Your answer is that it was almost certainly this guy right here >>2409146

>> No.2409293


>Dogbone controller


>> No.2409301

>hating on the dogbone controller

Am I gonna hafta slap a bitch here?!

>> No.2409302
File: 37 KB, 396x442, 1415569310418.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.2409319


you sound like a scummy shitlord

>> No.2409326

Dogbone is great though, honestly I'd love to pick up a second one too.

>> No.2409329
File: 37 KB, 255x398, interdasting.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>putting things on a shelf is too sterile and clean

>> No.2409542

So the problem isn't shitposters, but people who make threads of any description on /vr/ which then lure in shitposters.

Solution: shut down /vr/.

>> No.2409593


>> No.2409778

Guys I think it's important to differentiate here the difference between collector and enthusiast. Clearly this guy is a collector not an enthusiast.

>> No.2409787
File: 45 KB, 608x342, ABC_Hoarders_mar_140401_16x9_608.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Life goal right here

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