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Find a flaw. Can you? I loved this game. I'm only 13 but this game has been around me since I was 4. It was my first game and it will always hold a place in my heart. What do you think?

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>I'm only 13

This is an 18+ site. Sorry, see you later.

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It's crap? Bit of a glaring flaw that.

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Why is it crap though?

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I'm happy to see a young one enjoying this game.
The game has that rare balance of goofiness and seriousness that makes it easy for people to enjoy the characters and story.
For flaws, well no game is perfect but honestly with such a simple but effective gameplay you hardly get glaring flaws, as like any cinematic platformer i would've enjoyed more reactiveness from the controls.

I don't know if you are really 13 years old, but i try to keep the posting quality higher than shit at least.

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Yeah I guess you're right. What do you think of the remake?

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The visuals are not up to the original, and this factor influenced even the gameplay (in a bad way) but all in all it's a good remake.
Luckily they will use the new unity engine for exoddus and migrate new 'n' tasty too after that, this way they will be able to get really good results and re-implement the original gameplay elements.

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