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Well now that Konami has laid out it's own deathbed because it pandered modern gamers (6th genners) by making MGS movies.

Lets remember some of the great games. What was your favorite?

Personally really enjoy the Contra games.

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First for Goemon.

Also, what happened with suddenly people noticing Konami is dead today? It's been dead for at least a decade now.

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Rocket Knight Adventures Mofo

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I've been really appreciating the Castlevania series. Also, the Gradius games. I need to start playing the MGS games.

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Always felt like GTI Club was overlooked (started as a mid-1990s arcade racer).

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>Well now that Konami has laid out it's own deathbed because it pandered modern gamers (6th genners) by making MGS movies.
I can understand not liking MGS, but you're an ignorant faggot if you think that's the cause of Konami's fall from grace and not the whoring out of their IPs to pachinko machines.

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They just made it official, they just announced they are going the way of SNK into pachinko stuff.

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Not really. They let the quality drop because that's what sold during 6thgen and later.

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low quality b8 thread

Fuck off, kid

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alternate konami memorial thread for people who don't like this one

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What modern MGS game did you play that wasn't filled with cutscenes? They could had at least pushed the hardware a bit if they're going that route. Would be a but more interesting.

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Mobile games and gambling is the future of all big name game IPs, this has been going on for over a decade. It's sad but not surprising at all.

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Yet, MGS was one of the few Konami franchises that managed to retain a consistent quality (MGS4 being the debatable exception), whereas Castlevania and Silent Hill were whored out to western developers once Konami disbanded their previous developers. It's not Kojima's fault that Konami is managed by a gambling-obsessed idiot.

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Nothing wrong with cutscenes if they're entertaining and lead to a great gameplay before and afterwards.

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Konami's Tiny Toon games were amazing.

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Videogames are dieing, /vr.

Long live our new Candy Crush of Duty overlords.


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MGS1-3, PW and Rising (not MGS, but still part of the series). MGS4 is the only one that goes overboard with the disproportionate cutscene/gameplay ratio. Your /v/ is showing.

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I agree. MGS is a great example of how not to do that.
All their IPs got whored out or just had a quality drop.
I don't think there was a single Konami game that actually pushed hardware limits or did something unique after 5th gen.

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SNK is a totally different story, that was practically a lifetime ago. They at least kept producing games and hardware til the end. They sold off their IP to Playmore and most of the devs went to other companies.

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Those PS2 games are very lazy.

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>Konami is managed by a gambling-obsessed idiot
It's not even that, it's the consumers that are obsessed with gambling and freemium gaming. The game companies are just following the money.

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What about PES 2014 for PS2?

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It was called Probotector here but yeah, Contra was awesome.

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Don't play sports games. Don't know.
Does it support 480p at least?

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But it is exactly that. Kagemasa Kozuki (Konami's CEO and one of the co-founders) has a gambling business in Las Vegas and has been trying to change Japanese laws to open his business there.

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I don't know neither, sorry.

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That's some movie villain-tier shit right there, Jesus.

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I hope someone will kill that greedy faggot.

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Next is Sega. Then it's Nintendo, then it's Sony.

All hail our western gaming overlords.

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What is that supposed to be? Source?

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Sony Computer Entertainment is more of a western company nowadays than Japanese.

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The /v/ cactus guy said that Nintendo may buy them out for Good Feel's demand of hijacking the company & for the Hudson IPs.


They may buy someone else but with the canceled games, Konami droping their stock listings & Kojima getting fired after MGS5TPP it's clear that Nintendo is going to buy Konami.


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This shit doesn't belong in /vr/.

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What Hudson's IPs are left?

A Nintendo made Castlevania sounds great though.

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Stretching it much? Nintendo buying Capcom sounds more plausible that this.

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How does remembering a once great company like Konami not belong in /vr/? Fuck off.

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>Silent Hill game produced by Nintendo
I'm not quite sure I like this idea.

And in any case this discussion should go in >>>/v/ or >>>/biz/.

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Maybe this would've been more /vr/ worthy if OP wasn't a baiting faggot.

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This isn't remembering, it's conjecture about current events.

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If you like the modern shit that Konami puts out you got pretty low standards friend.

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Like 2 posts are about that. Rest are just talking about games.

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There's modern Konami and there's Kojima who haven't changed in the slightest since 1987.

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Says the guy who starts a thread shitting on MGS.

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The series went to shit in modern times. Sorry.
Who doesn't single handily make the game. One Captain can only do so much when his crew gets downsized and replaced by low paid internationals.

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No. MGS is just as good as it was. You're just a tryhard poser trying to get retrogaming cred.

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Love this fucking game even though it really busts your balls with the krazy difficulty. Much better than Contra 3 on snes btw

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You're talking about a lazy ass series that hasn't tried to be innovative or push the hardware since PS1.

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Why can't people enjoy both Hard Corps and Contra III is beyond me. I blame console wars, I guess.

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Contra 3 on snes was good too, but I prefer Hard Corps. Also I don't do that console war faggotry, although I was born after 16 bit era so ya know.

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If you don't think MGS3 didn't push the PS2's hardware to its limit, then I don't know what to tell you. You're either, an idiot or a troll from /v/.

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MGS went to shit with 4.

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>although I was born after 16 bit era so ya know.

I see.

But is it really necessary to state that X is better than Y? Contra 1 is better anyway.

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It didn't even support 480p. Lazy garbage.

Konami has been releasing shit since 6th gen. Evident by not having a top 10 selling game since 5th gen. The company and its games went to shit.

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I've never played another Contra game and see no reason to.

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Came here to post this.

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Some British arcade mags were super into WEC Le Mans, even saying it was better than OutRun which they also played at trade shows.

Footage: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IlD9Paejj-Y

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I didn't get into beatmania until it came to the US on PS2. A few years ago I recognized one of the game cases for PS1 and lucked out on a cheap lot of a bunch of imported PS1 beatmania games with a pair of turntables at a yard sale one time for $50 total.

Really love the Arcade version of Contra but the Sega Genesis Contra was much more smoother and immediately became my favorite right next to Shattered Soldier.

Gotta say MGS1 still great to play once in a while but I cannot do VR anymore.

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This. Since the dawn of the PS1, Sony heralded Western developed games over Japanese games. The PS2's best sellers only had a few Japanese games, all from the same IPs (MGS, FF, GT). The best selling games tended to be Western games, the poorer selling games tended to be Japanese games. The Japanese game industry is dead, has been for a while now. Conveniently enough, the last breath was around 6th gen. Ironic that MS actually pushes for Japanese support, despite not selling well over there.

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Most of their series have completely ran out of ideas for a long time unfortunately. I guess they are more fit for publishing Yu-gi-oh and making slots at this time.

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is mgs4 shit? ive been playing 2 & 3 and they're great. i was gonna get a ps3 just for mgs4 (and v). i dont think i want ps4 cause its not backwards compatible

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Go ask /v/.

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Best movie you'll ever play.

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>The Japanese game industry is dead, has been for a while now
>3DS has become the first platform ever in Japan to see four different games selling over 2 million copies within a span of five months

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Does anybody have a download to the Windows port of Tokimeki Memorial?

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If you buy a PS3 get the Legacy Collection, so that you can play all the games, including Peace Walker and especially the first two games for MSX (which are the most /vr/ relevant). 4 is good but the cutscene factor is insane. If you liked other Metal Gear games you'll enjoy it and probably should play it just to see the end of the story. When you're actually playing and not watching a fucking movie it can be pretty fun though in my opinion 1-3 are better.

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every tmnt game they ever did, i grew up on the turtles and konami fucking ruled at making the games, turtles in time stand out as one of the best snes arcade conversions ever, it was actually better than the arcade.

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>ctrl+f "Snatcher"
>0 of 0
I really, really dislike Kojima, but Snatcher is my favorite Konami game.
Because it blatantly rips off two of my other favorite things (Bubblegum Crisis and Blade Runner)

The thing with Kojima being booted is that while Kojima games make okay bank, they're fucking expensive to make. I do not blame Konami for wanting off of that ride.

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this video aims to clarify some of the issues going down at konami

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How many Japanese game companies has this thing killed so far?

>> No.2371723


Probably quite a few if you count arcade type machine companies.

i thought gambling was illegal in japan? is pachinko not gambling?

>> No.2371726

Pachinko gets around "gambling" in a very unique way.
You see, you do not redeem the pachinko balls in the establishment. You walk out of it and go over to the next store front that happens to conveniently sell whatever bullshit they happen to sell for pachinko balls.
It also happens when you have a large mafia presence pushing it

>> No.2371772

And you can "sell" the prizes back for cash.

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>It didn't even support 480p. Lazy garbage.
Yep. An entire game is garbage because it didn't support a feature that half of the PS2 library didn't even had. You heard it here first.

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>The /v/ cactus guy said that Nintendo may buy them out for Good Feel's demand of hijacking the company & for the Hudson IPs.
Honestly, that sounds more like wishful thinking by the author than something that's even remotely possible. No way is Konami going to give up any IP in their possession if they can milk out cheap back catalog releases.

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Playing through Symphony of the Night for my first time evr, finally. It makes me sad that there will probably never be a new Castlevania game as good as (if not better than) this ever again.

Is the moe market strong enough for us to maybe see another Otomedius game?

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Didn't say it was garbage because of that. Certainly didn't push hardware.

>> No.2372151

Silent Hill 1 and 2

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>Many people in this thread actually think that Konami will go the way of Atari corp. or THQ.

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Konami died to me sometime around the PS2 era, so this isn't anything to me.
Classic Goemon music

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Pocky & Rocky 1 and 2. Shit nigga that was great.

>> No.2372372

It's a tie between Suikoden and Azure Dreams.

Rocket Knight was a fucking great thing that I wish they continued after Sparkster in /vr/ territory. The mechanics would've made a GOAT 2.5D platformer.

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Those aren't Konami games, you stupid fucking retard.

>> No.2372381

I don't really get why people are saying this. Konami has record deals, YuGiOh, mobile... the stock exchange delist was gaming as in the gambling and slot machines section. Blame Polyshit for jumping the gun again.

Silent Hills wasn't even going to work out. If it did, it would've been Spirits Within all over again.

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>Konami has record deals, YuGiOh, mobile
Some great games man.

>Silent Hills wasn't even going to work out.
Pretty ignorant opinion. Judging by how you're a fan of mobile games it's safe to assume you're an idiot.

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Except Konami was great until like 2010 you faggot. Metal Gear has nothing to do with them being retarded and thinking outsourcing would result in good games.

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>Certainly didn't push hardware.

You obviously never played MGS2 or 3 if you think it didn't push the PS2 hardware. Hell MGS3 was originally going to be a PS3 game but then got scaled back because it was going to take a few more years for the PS3 to launch.

But it doesn't matter cause it's not retro anyway.

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Weirdest thing is how Project EGG got a deal just a year ago to distribute Konami MSX games online.

>> No.2372568

Subtract 10 years from that and you're right.

>> No.2372582

They also released the soundtracks to Castlevania II and III digitally not that long ago.

>> No.2372587

Gonna be honest, I can't think of a single Konami game on the NES that I played and didn't enjoy.

>> No.2372589

It didn't even support 480p. You 6th genners are delusional.

>> No.2372643

It didn't support 480p because MGS3 had a bunch of shit in the big open environments with tons of graphical effects that made the game run at 30FPS. If they added anything else the game would have probably ran at an even lower framerate.

>> No.2372661

See SotC or GT4.

>> No.2372664

fucking nerd

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>You 6th genners

>> No.2372671

Nice /v/ reaction image.

>> No.2372740

What exactly constitutes a "6th genner"?
Someone who continued to play games after 1999?
Anyone who owned a Dreamcast? What?

>> No.2372746

People that routinely push the idea that 6th gen is retro. They tend to think the big name 6th gen titles are amazing and usually except no critique to state otherwise.

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funny you could say the same thing about 5th genners. the playstation generation did bring the most cancer into gaming and yes that includes n64 babies.

>> No.2372754

It's funny how you have to describe them with modern gamer buzz words. Oh wait you're just a 6th genner idiot.

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File: 122 KB, 640x639, ForbiddenMemories-Cover-EN.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Most unfair shit but I can't get enough of it

>> No.2372767 [DELETED] 

This 6th genner meme is really making it's run around /vr/

>> No.2372772

Bomberman for smash probably?

>> No.2372773

>Nice /v/ reaction image.
Wait a minute I've seen that post before in another thread, is this the same fucking guy? Or are you following a template?

>> No.2372774

>modern gamer buzzwords
okay fuck off kid cancer has been a part of 4chan since culture for years, before your mom even let you on the computer. I am actually a third genner if you want to use stupid words like that. You just have to strawman me because you know that 5th gen games are the begging of modern shit gaming so you try to say "6th genner" because you know you're 18 years old and n64 was your first experience with video games.

>> No.2372778

The guy posting the /v/ reaction images? He's been here awhile with that same dumb image of the neckbeard.

>> No.2372780

>begging of modern shit gaming so you try
Sorry 6th genner. No DLC in retro games.

>> No.2372793

I am talking about gameplay mechanics. Also 5th gen started console FPS and therefore is responsible for Call of Duty. It's your shitty generation that overhyped goldeneye and shaped the industry into the trash it is today.

>> No.2372798


>> No.2372805

>Also 5th gen started console FPS and therefore is responsible for Call of Duty.

local 4 player =/= online dlc ridden garbage.
And 5th gen isn't my generation.

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File: 150 KB, 1440x1080, Sunset_Riders_-_1993_-_Konami.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>(6th genners)

what a shame though, Konami used to be code word for Quality.

>> No.2372821

there wouldn't be online DLC ridden garbage if they never found out FPS controls could be dumbed down enough to use a controller. Sure it isn't kid, shouldn't you be having a nostalgia trip over banjo kazooie, spongebob or something?

Also FYI I am not even the guy you were arguing with two posts ago, I just stepped in because I love seeing you accuse people of being this "6th genner" boogeyman you love to cry about.

>> No.2372828

>FPS controls could be dumbed down enough to use a controller.
Consoles fpses are about fun.
>there wouldn't be online DLC ridden garbage if they never found out FPS
Because dlc is exclusive to one genre.

6th genner continuing to be an idiot. Go figure.

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File: 1010 KB, 1535x1370, tmnt3-gb-us-cover.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Half-Life, Unreal Tournament and other PC games are more responsible for the whole FPS craze on consoles, along with Halo of course, which also had online MP.

Goldeneye and Pefect Dark could be seen as the games that "started" FPS multiplayer on consoles, but they're still local.

I'd say Halo is the final boss of /vr/. Once Halo is allowed in here, it's over for /vr/

on topic: this game was great, basically Symphony of the Night with the ninja turtles on the Game boy.

>> No.2372836

Bro... metal gear has always been 3-7 hours of gameplay, with at least triple that in cutscenes. I don't know how you can argue that. The entire series is bloated with cutscenes and codec exposition. Its just been a staple of the series and its no doubt a factor in the declining sales

If you skip no cutscenes and don't short any dialogue you literally have to invest like 25+ hours your first playthrough I played through MGS4 with my bro and the whole end segment is probably like 5 hours from the last mission, microwave emitter, final fight, and final cutscene I think the last cutscene is literally 120 minutes, with maybe 1 hour 30 of actual gameplay.

Metal Gear is one of the prime examples of the pitfalls of modern game development from AAA studios. It wants to be a movie, but the plot isn't coherent enough and far too detailed for it to fit in the acceptable 2 hours (fuck 3+ hour movies) so you end up with horrible pacing, incredibly long segments of exposition, "stealth action" gameplay which encourages you to move slow, but at the same time, doesn't punish you to whip out a gun and kill everyone, that has always had lackluster controls and you're left with something that is objectively mediocre but everyone loves.

I like MGS as a series. I like MGS3 a lot, but I can see that it has a fucking huge amount of problems, its bloated with useless cutscenes (That Kojima tried to tie together into a web connecting all the games with the fucking thinnest most obtuse strings of exposition from each of the games), way too short (gameplay wise, again, if you have 15 hours of cutscenes and 3-5 hours of gameplay your game is just a movie).

I wont be surprised if Kojima makes his own studio and continues, but obviously Konami owns the Metal Gear IP, which means he's going to start from scratch and I don't think his name is enough to carry any weight with modern players who didn't play MGS on the PS1, I know his name holds zero weight for me, considerin.

>> No.2372845

Super Bunnyhop who had an "inside" source who wished to remain anonymous.

Its pure speculation. But I believe it mostly because theres no money in making a game of that scale. You take such a fucking huge risk. If you make a game and your budget is 100 million dollars, and you make, say, 35 on a sale of a 70 dollar game, you have to sell just under 3 million copies, JUST TO BREAK EVEN. MGS4 sold just under 6 million units, there is a fucking HUGE risk involved in making a AAA game, which is why so many people pander to the lowest common denominator which is how you get Cowadooty and Madden every year. If you made a game with the same production quality and budget of like an MGS4 but you made it a really strange genre you're basically pissing away money.

>> No.2372859

Not really.

It comes down to how easily you can make something. Modern game garbage like every single game on the top 10 for PS4 atm had its coding outsourced.

Making something unique isn't only a risk it's something that requires your coders to have skill. You can't get that from outsourcing. Or you have you workforce be as general as possible and be able to be proficient in everything while not having fine/specific skills.

Which is why Konami games have went to shit.

Its not like game developers only have to worry about money. What they can do and how fast they can do it is probably more important. And it sounds better to investors when you have a stable and predictable product.

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Pachinko games were being bred on the Famicom at a very young age.

>> No.2372881

blades of steel, castlevania 3 and superC on nes
rondo of blood is my favorite castlevania, ever
sunset riders on my mame cab

>> No.2372971

>MGS4 sold just under 6 million units
That's a good number for an exclusive.

>> No.2373005

Not when it's less than the previous games.

>> No.2373049

>What was your favorite?
Fuck, man, I don't know. Really liked the entirety of the CV and Suikoden series. The Goemon games we got in English were also pretty tits. I've always liked Movie Gear Solid, even the older games on MSX.

Like, shit, there's a lot of games by Konami that I'm now realizing I played.

>> No.2373167
File: 206 KB, 1173x360, konami.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Bloodwych was my favorite. Boot Camp was probably the most fun out of all of the older Konami games though. Just my opinion.

>> No.2373329

Probotector was always way cooler than Contra.

>> No.2373331

Sony is in more trouble than Nintendo.

>> No.2373337

Whatever Euro-fag. Have fun with your sanitized robots because Germany is full of vaginas that can't deal with bad-ass 80's dudes blowing alien terrorists the fuck away.

>> No.2373369

>You 6th genners

Why are you trying to force this so hard here? I've seen you post this same shitty insult in multiple other threads within the past week or so.

>> No.2373375

Yes, that and Penta.
Nintendo is buying everything as they will redeem Konami.

>> No.2373378

>People that routinely push the idea that 6th gen is retro.

You're the one who brought 6th gen related stuff up here in the first place.

>> No.2373529

PS2 top 20 sellers
1 GTA: SA 11 God of War
2 GT 3 12 Dragon Quest 7
3 GT4 13 Madden 05
4 GTA VC 14 GoW2
5 GTA 3 15 Jak and Daxter
6 MGS2 16 FFX2
7 FFX 17 Eye Toy
8 Tekken 5 18 Madden 04
9 FFXII 19 KH2
10 Kingdom Hearts 20 Madden 06

Japan only having a few top sellers, while they literally have half the top 10.
Pitting a small country against the entire western world and still getting BTFO.

Only the same Jap stuff (FF, GT, MGS) sells.
Implying it isn't the same for western tripe (GTA, Madden, GoW)

Fuck yourself you little FUD spewing faggot. You literally can't suck cock any harder.

>> No.2373538

Op here. I also enjoy the taste and smell of other men's asses.

>> No.2373668

Game companies that stop innovating are just waiting to die off anyways. Konami has been in rehash mode for a while.

If we're luck then Square-Enix will die next.

>> No.2373669

I'd rather Nintendo die first actually.
Nintendo always gets things so hyped, and they always drop the fucking ball. Sucks their fanbase is Sonic tier in terms of fanatacism

>> No.2373671

>I completely disregard the fact that the stock exchange de-list was the gambling section solely because of mention that they have mobile games

>> No.2373687

it all started when then changed their logo

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