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Retro webm thread?
Retro webm thread

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how do you pronounce Nexzr?

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Next zero

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Why do these threads always die so fast?

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/vr/ isn't good at vidya gaemz... or at creativity for that matter

maybe i'll make some later m8

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How come the game doesn't look this smooth when I actually play it?

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holy shit that's impressive

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I can tell this is fake, because tank fire melts steel beams.

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Nex Zir.

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what the hell is that? a fan romhack?

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play old fighting games on fightcade they're fun

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yo whoever you are, thank you for posting about fightcade, playing the shit out of this.

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wtf happened at the end?

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Is that the Saturn version?

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Apparently it's a pirate original.

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Saturn version of what, exactly?

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what is this?

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Steam Heart's

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what game is this

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Bomber Hehhe for the Dreamcast

Nexsr for the PC Engine

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I miss moot ;_;

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this fucking level wasa so hard and took me so long to do

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So many hours playing this game. Damn.

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Didn't know Bomber Hehehe had a tank mode

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Its an option in the main menu

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It's so hard to get that thing to crush buildings by swerving.

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what's this?

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because you post boring shit like this

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dem sprites

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Pop N' Tanks

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What system is this on? I wanna play it. Reminds me of bionic commando for the nes.

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Super Famicom game from Japland

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Won't let you die yet

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I must play this game. What is it?

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only good game on pcfx, forgot the name

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Nigga, Der Langrisser got a PCFX port.

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only good exclusive**

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some game names would be nice

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>Why do these threads always die so fast?

Because webm is too new for /vr/.

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What games are these?

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Kishin Douji Zenki FX Vajura Fight

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Love and Destroy
Mad Panic Coaster

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oh, so that's how video games work. makes sense...

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ReBoot was a documentary

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I though it was a dora the explorer game at first.

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Nexzr, not nexsr.

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What video game might this just be?

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Twilight Syndrome Taisaku-hen

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>moon only
When are we going to have an insurgence of PS1 and Saturn fan translations? The dream.
I wonder if there's an actual technical explanation for this (as in they're harder to patch compared the 8bit/16bit generation translation projects) or just general lack of interest.

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It's not for lack of trying, it's just that with cd based games you saw an increase in complexity. I can't speak for the Saturn but on the Playstation there's no standard way of organizing files, you have to deal with different formats, coding your own dump/insert tools, compressed scripts, error checksums, etc. Not to mention things like variable width font if the game doesn't have it. Oh and the actual translating, too. It's really a lot of work, I don't think most people understand that it's a huge time sink for a hobbyist, hence all the abandoned projects and games that have taken years.

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What a shame, seems like the only way forward is learning moon myself, but every time I try to learn moon I keep getting this thought creeping into my head
>why are you wasting so much time on something that will only benefit you in video games and mango instead of putting this time into honing your craft
I still can't tell if it's wise or I'm just an idiot

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You'd be surprised at how much you can figure out once you learn katakana, hiragana, and some basic kanji. It really isn't that difficult.

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From the few stuff that I looked at, and really we're just talking about an entry-level cursory look it doesn't seem that hard, it's just time consuming I guess.

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What game is this? Looks neato.

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Battletoads on my chinese cartoons??
nah, i saw the game , pretty neat for its time

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Montezuma's Return!

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Wtf? I need to play this.

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I know dude, not enough mario or zelda amirite?

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What's this? A race for ants?

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this course drives me nuts

I can't do the lane switches for my life.

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Intro/demo sequence of Indianapolis 500 - The Simulation. It runs in a widescreen band on a 320x200 screen. The game itself is full screen, but first person.

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>The Flame and The Arrow intensifies

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Does 4chan support lossless webms yet?