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Thoughts? Is it the end of Retro as we know it?

I think this bubble is about to swell. Pic is my thoughts.

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Like the third thread.

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Links? I searched and got nothing.

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Consoles (and their games) in that program: NES, Super NES, SEGA Genesis, PlayStation, N64, and SEGA Dreamcast

>tfw no GameBoy

It also saddens me that the GameCube is pretty much forgotten. Not considered retro, yet despite decent sales most games are rare and usually very expensive. For example I bought Twilight Princess ~2010 USED for 60 €, as it was the cheapest (and one of the few) offers online.

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They got deleted because this shit is offtopic.

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Hopefully I can sit outside GameStop and intercept retro games before they're traded in.

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Sorry champ. That's how the rules are.

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Show me the PROOF

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Are you really asking where the rules are? Confirmed underageb&.

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/vr/ - Retro Games

This board is for the discussion of classic, or "retro" games. Retro gaming means consoles, computer games, arcade games (including pinball) and any other games on platforms launched in 1999 or earlier. Sixth generation and later consoles are not considered retro.

It fits

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It's not about games. It's an advertisement. Same reason deals threads get deleted.

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>This board is for the discussion of classic, or "retro" games. Retro gaming means consoles, computer games, arcade
They get deleted because you morons continually shitpost like this. The threads are fine until you guys start arguing over rules.

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Retro is the future, because the game industry is dying.

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I don't think it will swell.

Gamestop will have corporate prices for these games.

Which will lead to price normalization from Gamestop.
Which will lead to things like eBay being forced to actually price competitively, and mom and pop stores the same, as well as individual sellers on craigslist.

This is assuming gamestop actually takes over a large portion of the market share. Which I don't think they will. I think this is genuinely a final hurrah from them to try and stay relevant in a time where you can go into any target/walmart/bestbuy and find stuff you used to only be able to find at dedicated gaming shops, for better prices, or just order it online from amazon, as well as the availability and convenience of digital downloads its hard for a dedicated game store to stay relevant.

It has the potential to be a positive, with the very least it being a neutral thing, I don't think anything negative will come of it.

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It will definitely be negative. People won't be selling their games at craigslist, thrift stores, pawn shops, or at yard sales any more, just dumping them at gamestop. Even if some prices come down, overall it will make it harder for us. It will be rarer to get good deals on bundles of games. GameStop will force buying of individual games for normalized prices that you can't haggle or reason with. GameStop will actually be a threat unlike Play n Trade, because people actually use GameStop.

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What's worse is that if/when Gamestop closes shop, all of that stuff is probably going to end up in dumpsters.

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You're making a lot of really negative assumptions. I doubt people will just shovel off stuff to gamestop, and if they do, chances are its garbage anyways like 90% of retro game store stock is fucking Madden 97.

I would honestly like it to be moderately successful. Competition is good for -any- market it helps to keep prices low, and another online option for buying games is never a bad thing.

I honestly hope it puts a few mom and pop places out of business because those places are always fucking horrible.

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>I doubt people will just shovel off stuff to gamestop
People already shovel last gen and current gen stuff to gamestop for nothing. When they realize they get a buck or two for the crap in their attic they will shovel that too.
>90% of retro game store stock is fucking Madden 97
What about the other 10% we hunt for?
>Competition is good for -any- market it helps to keep prices low
It will keep eBay prices low, but it could endanger already low prices at yard sales, craigslist, et al.
>I honestly hope it puts a few mom and pop places out of business because those places are always fucking horrible.
Agreed, those places are where video games go to die

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>I honestly hope it puts a few mom and pop places out of business because those places are always fucking horrible.
>Preferring gamestop

You are the worst person in this thread. Gamestop not only has helped shape the shit the modern day video game industry has become, but to then support them in their cash grab to exploit retro games is just pathetic. Don't ever support gamestop, even when your mommy gives you a gift card there for christmas.

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Lets be realistic: A LOT of that shit is going to go into dumpsters anyways. There's only so much room to stock so they will only sell stuff that has an actual demand and destroy the rest just as they do with current stuff.

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Man janitor glad you deleted all those posts instead of the thread. This mom and pop vs gamestop discussion is totally retro video games.

Great work trolling the shit out of the board.

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I haven't shopped at Gamestop in 8 years.
But if they offer competitive prices for retro games, why wouldn't I at least consider them?

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Prepare to pay $150 for a SNES

Go to the flea market if you want old games.

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IF they offered competitive prices I would understand people buying from them. I don't see that happening as their used game prices are quite terrible though.

I personally wouldn't buy from them out of principle but I currently have no interest in buying retro games anymore either due to the current market.

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>Which will lead to things like eBay being forced to actually price competitively

If resellers were willing to lower their prices they would have done so by now. We are talking guys who will sit on a copy of Earthbound for years hoping some idiot will pay $150 for it instead of actually lowering it to a price people are willing to pay right away.

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>Go to the flea market if you want old games.
From my experience, I find they're no better with ebay-tier pricing. The ones near me sell fucking bare PlayStation 2 systems, untested, as-is for almost 50 bucks.

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They have no baseline to compare against.
Ebay currently -is- the baseline.
If a company like Gamestop goes and starts setting baselines for retro games and its successful it will influence the market. They can sit on their copies of earthbound all they like, they'll never sell if they have competition willing to sell for significantly less then them.

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Might what gamestop be offering be some of Funcoland's old inventory, at least partially?

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If you price your Earthbound for 150 you won't be sitting on it for a week, lol.

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Said someone that hasn't been to a flea market in the last five years. Smart phones exist and I've had people use them to show me that what they're selling goes for whatever amount on ebay so it must be worth that much.

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Why do I see gamestop getting a game that's still in its original box, throwing the box away, and selling the game in a tiny little baggy for the same price you'd expect for a sealed copy because it's "old and rare"?

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Just reading that made my asshole clench.

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Do they at least cut you a deal? I went to a pawn shop that did that and the guy said

> This is what it's going for right now, but I'll just do half for ya, alright?

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That's a fear of mine. They probably won't dump the box, but they're likely to toss the inserts. Plus the games will only be available online, so they'll ship it from the store to a warehouse, then to whoever buys it. All of the old cardboard boxes are going to get damaged.

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maybe they'll "find" some "used" 5th and 6th gen games to price gouge people like what they did with xenoblade chronicles a while ago
>this pre-owned copy of skies of arcadia was very hard to find in the factory we just reprinted it in, so it's gonna cost you $79.99

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What you do then is laugh at them and keep walking.

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flea markets are shit. You spend a ton of time driving around and going to them, just hoping to see ANY video games at all. And if you're lucky, you'll find some. And if you're really lucky, you'll find some that you actually want. And if you're REALLY REALLY lucky, they actually have lower prices than ebay.

But overall, you end up spending an exponentially large amount of time with far less pay-off, even disregarding ebay-tier pricing. Even if games were somewhat cheaper, I'd much rather save those accumulated hours and just buy off ebay than deal with that crapshoot.

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I honestly feel bad for anyone who wants to collect retro vidya now. Terrible time to start. Honestly just buy a console and a flash cart, or get a Wii and soft mod it.

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Time to start printing fake labels for chrono trigger and earthbound and slapping them on sports games

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Thrift stores, fleas, garage sales, all second hand markets are like that. You just have to be willing to put in some time and energy to get much out of it. Fortunately I like lots of other old stuff (clothes, music, etc) besides games so it's not always wasted time for me. You don't see crazy deals as much anymore but that's just the way it is now. You can't expect to find boxes of rare rpgs for super cheap or anything like that.

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You have to give your license when you trade games in at GS, but you can still do that at other places

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I have seriously considered it, but you would only be able to pull this off once or twice max and you couldn't do it on ebay. Not really worth it for $60 or whatever.

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> You just have to be willing to put in some time and energy to get much out of it
That's the point I'm making. The amount of time you have to spend far exceeds the money saved. I'm all for frugality, but in this case it's just not worth it whatsoever.

At least in my opinion. I know there are people that actually like "the thrill of the hunt" and all that. I just want to own some vidya. And I'm pretty good about getting relatively good prices on ebay, and the extra dollars I'd save by thrift shopping and such just isn't worth it.

Also, the retro video game stores are attrocious. I don't know how those places stay in business. They try to sell games for twice the BIN asking prices on ebay. Every low-tier trash game on NES/SNES/Genesis has a price of like 20 bucks. You'd think that places like this would have lower prices to entice people to give them the time of day rather than just using ebay.

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GameStop now sells retro games! [email protected]@K RARE!
>all Madden and NFL games
>SMB/Duck Hunt for $29.98

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>license to trade in games at GS

lolwut? I've never traded in any of my video games, so I have no idea what this is about. I thought they just either ask if you want cash or credit

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You have to give license if it's reported as stolen

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>The amount of time you have to spend far exceeds the money saved
It's not about saving money, Anon, it's about finding games. Yeah you can just jump on ebay but where's the fun in that? I guess I am one of those "thrill of the hunt" guys but I can't imagine not being into that, it kinda comes with the territory.

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remember when Xenoblade was a gamestop exclusive with a limited print run? Since gamestop is only allowed to set prices above MSRP if a product is used, they would get the shipments and immediately open them all up so that they could sell them as used for 100 bucks instead. plif

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Do you honestly believe this? Star Citizen has made over $75 million and it hasn't even gone into beta yet.

Gameplay may have taken a backseat long ago, and to folks like us the industry is mostly dead. But as far as money is concerned the industry has never been bigger, and that's really all that matters.

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If you get rom flashing hardware you can do whatever the fuck you want.
People are dumbasses. You think your average retro buyer opens up the cart and checks if its legit or not? I've sold 6 earthbounds, 12 chrono triggers, 6 megaman 7's and 2 wildguns, 1 hagane and 1 evo that were all (these 3 games are actually rare, so its riskier) reflashed games that were 1/10th of the price.

So, there you go. My 100% positive feedback on eBay tells you exactly what you can and can't do, and whether or not you'll get caught.

I gaurentee you if you make a reproduction, give it an even half decent sticker, weather it slightly (via scratching, or tearing) or take some fucking sharpie to the cart, and they pop it in and the opening says "Earthbound" you will get 0 complaints.

The only time is when spergs on fucking forums get ripped off then they make it their fucking mission in life (because its clear they'll never have a meaningful relationship or move out of their parents house) to "end you", but when you've just used a tertiary selling paypal account what the fuck do you think is going to happen?

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That's fine and all, but your hobby is thrift store shopping. That's a different thing. I see it as something I need to deal with if I want deals on video games.

To me (and many others) I indeed do just want to save money. That's the very definition of thrift. That's the whole purpose of using thrift stores, garage sales, flea markets, whatever.

I can't imagine how many weekends I would have wasted had I seriously bothered with that stuff. Far more time than the pennies saved justifies

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All that's going to happen is that they'll accumulate high levels of inventory of the retro games that nobody actually buys. Nobody is going to trade in their SNES RPG collection or anything; it's going to be fifty copies of Super Mario + Duck Hunt at every location.

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You need to broaden your search. When I looks for games I'm not just looking for games. Looking for hot rod parts, pre war car parts, WW1 and 2 stuff, tools, signs, toys, etc. You need to know what's good and what's not.
You wouldn't be the first scumbag to get their ass fucked in federal prison. Courts love mail fraud cases. You better hope you never sell one of those carts to me. You'll be getting yourself a nice felony.

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>You need to broaden your search. When I looks for games I'm not just looking for games. You need to know what's good and what's not.

I already told you, I'm only interested in games. I'm not a pack rat looking to just pick up anything that might be interesting so I can keep it in my basement or pawn off later.

You just aren't getting that you see bargain hunting as a hobby whereas others just see it as just way to bargains. And in that regard it is inefficient. It's much more efficient to just buy stuff off ebay, even if I end up paying a little more per game.

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But where are they supposed to get the games from? It's not like they can get it from the manufacturers; these games aren't in production any more.
90% of the games in circulation are priced close to their street value. Gamestop has to somehow siphon out the remaining games, or buy them out from resellers and people selling their old games online. Gamestop has to make a profit somehow... And given their insane marketing prowess (able to run just about any company out of business because the government doesnt give a shit about them having a monopoly), they'll probably, after everything's said and done, end up driving the prices up even further. They'll soon be the DeBeers of the vidya industry.

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>I already told you, I'm only interested in games
Then get ready for a whole lot of nothing.

Flea markets aren't for convenience.

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>But where are they supposed to get the games from?

Typical resellers have to hunt and search and make lowball offers for stuff and then sell it at market value. Gamestop is an established store and they can just put up signs saying "TRADE IN YOUR OLD CONSOLES FOR CREDIT!" and people will do just that

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You're mad as fuck. Its not like I'm even flooding the market. I just make a few repo's when its been a shitty month and I gotta make rent. I'm happy, the guys happy and all that nonsense.

I sell so much shit on eBay anyways that shit like that falls through the cracks anyways.

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Generally those who would just sell older games without knowing their current value wouldn't really be fans of video games, so why would they care about store credit?

>> No.2348585

Yes, which was the entire point I was making. The low prices are not low enough to justify wasting entire days pecking through bullshit hoping to see something you wanted. From a cost benefit analysis perspective, it is not worth it.

It's only truly worth it if you find some intrinsic value in the act of doing bargain hunting in the first place. I believe you can agree with me on this.

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They'll have to offer cash. That's what resellers do. I don't see why gamestop can't, it's just to get customers to come back.

>> No.2348591

you can do cash too, whatever. And you're implying that everyone old enough to still have old consoles in their closets is either (a) not a gamer anymore, or (b) loves their retro console and wouldn't sell it. this is not the case. There are plenty of people that still play games that still have their old consoles collecting dust somewhere.

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A felony isn't falling through the cracks.
Then stick to ebay.

I personally don't spend an entire day at a flea market unless it's a huge one.

>> No.2348594

I personally can't see that working for their business model; it'd put them in the red so hard.

>> No.2348595

How are they going to catch me?
I buy and sell so much shit if someone called me on it I'd just say that I buy peoples stuff in bulk and didn't realize it was a fake, refund 100% and get them to send it back to me.

>> No.2348596

Yes, but if they're still playing games then they are probably aware that they could very easily ebay their older games for a much higher amount than what Gamestop would offer. That or I'm giving their awareness of their hobby too much credit.

>> No.2348597

But think of all the collective hours you've spent at flea markets and such. And getting good vidya is a numbers game, so you need to go to more if you want to get more.

Anyway you slice it, it is not efficient. Only reason to go is if you like thrift shopping in and of itself. The hobby is a terrible recommendation to make to people who just want to get some copies of particular games they want to own.

>> No.2348605


Video Game Playing is a hobby.
Video Game Collecting is a hobby.
Video Game Hunting is a hobby.

The problem is for a lot of people, the hunting and collecting is more important then the playing. You may as well be collecting fucking Pez dispensers at that point.

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>> No.2348609


I second this to the maximum extent possible.


Those games deserve good homes and loving owners. It just ain't fair, man. It just ain't fair.


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>Said someone that hasn't been to a flea market in the last four years


>> No.2348614


in 2011 and 2012 it was GameStop policy to throw away PS1 cases in favor of PS1 games exclusively in paper sleeves to save physical store space.

2012 to 2014 it was GameStop policy to DESTROY still-unsold PS1 inventory

and now in 2015 I really bet they're wishing they never had done that

fucking kek, gamestop. fucking kek.

>> No.2348616

>How are they going to catch me?
You have to be a kid. Gonna be a hard lesson for you.
I've probably spent more hours in frustration with shitty games and all the modern bullshit that's with video games now.
Going out on a weekend to a flea market is hardly a huge commitment of time.

>> No.2348617

WHAT?, they actually did stuff like that?

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You've been constantly deflecting and still won't admit that thrift shopping is not worth it UNLESS you like thrift shopping itself.

>> No.2348619

Okay here's a question:

GameStop employees don't check for faked modern games unless it's really obvious, and they sure as hell won't be trained on telling faked retro games from legit retro games

so what is going to keep people from flooding the market with counterfeit games and making shit tons of cash while driving down the prices of "rare" games?
>Little Sampson
>Chrono Trigger

>> No.2348620

You sound like a complete tool, and literally everything thats wrong with this hobby.

>> No.2348621

Gamestop won't offer more than $10 for any of the rarest games.

>> No.2348623

>You sound like a complete tool, and literally everything thats wrong with this hobby.

Maybe now it's not. For those of us that didn't get into this shit with the hipsters and have been collecting for years know flea markets are great. Just a few years ago you used to have people come with cartridges everywhere for you to buy.

But then the hipsters and reseller scum came. And now new people to the hobby like you two are saying flea markets are crap. Man... I'm going have to tell you to fuck off. As bad as the fucking hipsters.

Oh and good job using the word "tool" incorrectly like 99% of people.

>> No.2348627

Is there a source for that? Damn imagine those profit margins
>Earthbound bought for $10
>sold for $400
>4,000% profit
if it's seriously only $10 then no one's going to trade anything in, GameStop will have to use ebay to buy its inventory, charge ABOVE ebay prices, the whole thing will spiral upward until no one is willing to buy anything, emulation explodes and eventually prices of carts plummets

this sounds like a good thing to me

>> No.2348631

Well, you're assuming they're going to be actively looking for inventory.

I don't get why you guys think people pay people to browse for deal and find shit for them.

They don't need to actively look at all, people will bring it to them. They don't -need- a retro inventory. They're just going to have it available because they see theres still a market for it. They don't need to have 10 copies of every megaman game anymore, they'll just take what they can get, and sell it.

>> No.2348634

first of all, two separate posters

second of all, your post of "the good old days" is irrelevant because I'm describing the situation as it is now, not as it was 5-10+ years ago. Yes, I would be much more willing to say it was worth it then. But certainly not now.

>> No.2348640

Based Gamestop will drive up prices; now my collection will be worth more.
Tell me again how everyone who happens to play video games should be best friends.

>> No.2348641

The ONLY reason those people aren't selling at flea markets is because lazy fucks pay at least 3x as much on ebay for a game.

It's hilarious really. I wish I stock piled games to sell to lazy shits.

Now there is an exception. If you live in the middle of fucking nowhere. Then I feel for you.

But hey these increase in prices have brought a lot of shit out of closets. We got prototypes selling like every other week right now, That never happened before.

Also I'm sorry for grouping you with that other guy. He seems like an asshole. And I get you don't want to spend tons of hours hunting in flea markets. But before this shit you didn't have to. Ya it sucks now. But you can still find stuff. It's just not fast.

>> No.2348649

Dude, you -always- had to invest the time if you wanted something specific.

You can't just walk into a flea market and find "that game" you had to be open to buying dozens of games if you actually wanted to walk away with something from a day.

Those rose tinted glasses. You think you're Elton John or something?

>> No.2348650

Sounds like you live in a pretty shit area. I hopped into the thrift store next to where I work and snagged Mario Kart 7 and Kirby Super Star DS for $10. That was Sunday which is usually a shit day. Once even found Chrono Trigger for 2.52. Your argument that deals aren't worth hunting for may be invalid dog. I have games I'd never have gotten unless I had gotten them cheap.

My guess is either: You lazy as fuck and rolling into the flea markets/yardsales/even thrift stores at noon and expecting us early birds to leave you anything more than scraps.

Or B:
Your area is heavily camped by re-sellers who boggart the good shit and maybe you should look into other areas. I mean, I sometimes go to spots 30 miles or more out from me. We live in the internet age, scope out some areas, read some reviews, make some calls. Little homework can go a long way.

If you're not into the hunt or simply don't want to 'waste time" grabbing a buddy or your best bitch to join you on a merry adventure, so be it.

Honestly, it is more the hunt than getting the game I want. If you rolling around determined to get Game A and pass up Game B, C and D, maybe you should just eBay Game A. *shrug*

>> No.2348651


I wouldn't get too excited, they're not going to offer you more than the going prices on ebay or amazon for the games or systems.

>> No.2348654

>Dude, you -always- had to invest the time if you wanted something specific.
Only the really rare stuff.

>You can't just walk into a flea market and find "that game" you had to be open to buying dozens of games if you actually wanted to walk away with something from a day.
What? IF you go to a flea market with known good game sellers your guaranteed to see something good. Even today that is true. Though today you're probably not walking away with it.

>Those rose tinted glasses. You think you're Elton John or something?
It's like going to Hershey. You are going to some amazing fucking items. Stuff you wont even see in a museum. You just might now walk away with them.

>> No.2348656

No worries. I'm glad we're on the same page.

>> No.2348659

>is more the hunt than getting the game I want.
I don't get this.
I have no idea why you guys enjoy the hunt. The hunt is always tedious, the culture of the fleamarket, the forced haggling, its all fucking atrocious.

Do you guys even play fucking games? I honestly wonder about /vr/ sometimes.

>> No.2348661

Gamestop's prices will be high; all I have to do is undercut them a bit on eBay/Kijijiji/Craigslist.

>> No.2348663

>people can't enjoy more than one activity

>> No.2348665

>That feel when 180,000 Power up rewards points saved up
>that feel when gonna be able to get tons of free retro vidya

>> No.2348669

They can, but thats just like Pat the NES punk tier.

You've seen his collection videos I'm sure. The dude is just a borderline hoarder.

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File: 68 KB, 320x227, 1414073031410.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>mfw Gamestop is notorious for actually -breaking- vidya hardware and software if it's deemed unsalable by them
>mfw so much more retro stuff will be broken by these faggots.

>> No.2348674

No source, but I doubt GameStop wants you to bring in one rare SNES game, and be able to get 4/5 brand new PS4/XBONE game in exchange.

They are not going to pay out very much at all for any retro game. But it's to be expected. GS isn't hoping for all the rares to come flooding in to make dosh. Most of the profit will probably be flipping Mario games at giving $3-5 or so in credit, and marking them up to $20+.

>> No.2348675

He plays his entire collection every year. But ya damn that guy has a lot of shit.

>> No.2348676

Think he missed the part about bringing your best bud/bitch or getting Game B, C and D or the euphoria when you actually do get Game A.

I also collect vinyl and tapes. I can't go anywhere without finding those.

>> No.2348679


anyway, I'd say that flea markets just lend themself to even rational people becoming hoarders. You see items that you know go for more elsewhere, and you MUST now get that item in order to get a deal, even though you never actually wanted it in the first place. I imagine that's how a lot of collectors end up having all that stuff they don't even touch. That's what happens when every day is a grab bag instead of there being very specific things you're looking for.

>> No.2348681

They will literally be driving up the rarity of retro consoles and game if they are destroyed.

>> No.2348682

No he doesn't. Only his NES.
He has a shitload of stuff that literally sits in his fucking closet.

>> No.2348683

He only plays his NES collection, no? And I'm not even sure if that counts, since he only systematically plays them all just so he can say he plays them all, if that makes any sense.

>> No.2348684

His Nintendo stuff is his main collection. Ya I know he has I think a complete TG16 collection, a shitload of early apple stuff, and other things.

>> No.2348686

I play my games,and if my struggle against Ninja Gaiden III is any indication, I enjoy tasks others might consider annoying or tedious.

In fact, it almost seems natural fans of these dickishly hard games also see finding more of them as a similar sort of challenge.

So...do YOU play games? Do you play them cuz you enjoy them or do you feel obligated to play them because you overpaid on eBay?

>> No.2348687


which is why I'm so unhappy about this bullshit. There's going to be a lot of perfectly functional retro stuff smashed because those faggots can't sell it.

fucking gamestop

>> No.2348690

>plays them all
>pops them in for 15 minutes each "for charity"

I doubt he fucking sits down in his downtime and plays games. He's just like these other guys itt. He's more into the hunt, the collecting. Its apparent in his flea market videos. He'd collect anything, it just so happens he chose NES games.

>> No.2348691


Don't bank on it. That shit ain't worth the papers that make the receipts they're printed on. You can always get an Assassin's Creed hat, or some Halo pajamas, if that's your thing.

>> No.2348693

You're basing your claim on youtube videos and assumption. You're a fucking sad person man.

Not to mention the money he raises for charity.

>> No.2348694

Most of my collection is legacy. Shit I had throughout childhood, and that I bought in the very early days of ebay when shit was legit cheap, and I was 20 with disposable income.

I do, and I've been actively tracking my completion of the games and writing up small reviews, and my thoughts. I would always rather sit down and try and beat a game then haggle in a fleamarket. I've (recently) beaten 137 out of my 700 game backlog, I've beaten probably 40-50% of them before, but I have gone on buying binges back in the day

>> No.2348695

Please, stop.

>> No.2348696

Funny enough, upon hearing the news game price wasn't my concern really so much as "They are going to ruin alot of good shit, aren't they?"

Also calling it: In the future when DS and PSP games come back in to fashion, boxed games are going to be similarly hard to find like Gameboy games now,not because people didn't keep the plastic cases but because Gamestop throws them away as a matter of routine.

Gamestop is a gaggle of pestiferous fuckboys.

>> No.2348698

>not knowing you can get any game or store item free with 65,00 points

>> No.2348701

I really don't know where you 6th genners get your slang man.

>> No.2348702

>people thinking this will seriously have any impact, negative or positive
It's fucking nothing.
It's a TRIAL run, on TWO states, on an era where retro awareness is more widespread than ever before. People with good stuff know what their games are worth and won't sell, those that don't only have shitty stuff that nobody is gonna be interested in buying. At most you might see some PS2/GC games out of this, since people that grew up with those are the only ones young enough to not give a shit about GameStop's shitty tradein prices.

>> No.2348703

>more people are getting into retro
>this is a bad thing
Please take your fedoras off already faggots. If anything this is good because it signals to the market that there is a demand for games like these, or that modern games may revert to more retro design ideologies and give us games that might be a bit more challenging again.

I'm sorry you're now less of a special unique snowflake but that's life.

>> No.2348705


Say what? I could never get their website to work properly so I have no idea. I just know most of the stuff they advertised outside of the site were crap.

>> No.2348706


watch it, that guy is a skeleton in disguise, only skeletons refer to living beings as fuckboys.

>> No.2348708

Coupons friend, coupons.

>> No.2348713

I drop a $10 word like "pestiferous" and you all fixate on $.01 'fuckboy'? *facepalm*

Anyway, if this program rolls out like nationwide, I give it a year before someone find like, a Little Samson box or manual or some other insane treasure in a Gamestop dumpster.

>> No.2348714
File: 122 KB, 1000x867, 5y7wgj.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]



>> No.2348716

Do you fuckers read the god damn article?

Everything retro.
Gets shipped off to be refurbished, and tested.
And is sold.

>> No.2348717

Anybody remember when gamestop (or electronics boutique) still carried NES and SNES cartridges as well as consoles? They did so for quite a long time. Seems like it's coming full circle.

>> No.2348720

This could be a good thing.

>Refurbished earthbound carts for $80

Better then used junk for $290

>> No.2348721

That probably means they take sand paper to the contacts.

>> No.2348723
File: 34 KB, 310x453, intothesgreatseaitgoes.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

so? who cares as long as it works?

>> No.2348724

I can piss on it. Still works so who cares?

>> No.2348725


>> No.2348727

Have fun with your piss games.

>> No.2348729

Calm your tits, dog.

Ok, but if this program is successful, it's not completely insane to think that the urgency of having product in store might be a draw and that eventually perhaps we would start seeing GameStop carrying stuff IN STORE.

Not to mention before any product goes to these factories and warehouses of Gamestop's: They still have to be handled with the grace and care the average GameStop employees minimum wage buys you.

That in mind: Tell me in the madness of this that somewhere down the line something beautiful won't be destroyed?

>> No.2348731

There are many resellers at the flea markets I go to. Finding a good copy of a game is also rare if I'm looking for a complete disc game. Most of the disc games are missing the covers or are often scratched or dirty. Most flea markets I tend to go also rarely have anything past the NES.

This is why I would rather pay top dollar for a mint copy on ebay.

>> No.2348732

You guys must have missed the thread where I was talking about how I sold my spare copy of earthbound for 100 bucks to some guy
>opened up the cart and blew like 4 loads into it
>wiped some shit on the inside of the cart
>drew 2 dicks on the labels
>1 on the front where starman is, a majestic erect phallis
>massive schlong on the back label
>guy was eager as fuck to buy it

>> No.2348741

But the question is, does it still blend?

>> No.2348742

Why do you guys give so much of a shit?
Its not yours, its likely you'll never own that individual copy.

When I got out of eBay reselling when eBay started fucking over sellers really hard (in conjunction wtih me moving across the country). I tried to offload the majority of my inventory (which was only like 150 games, ranging from good shit to horrible shit). I didn't have room in my uhaul for everything so stuff was getting cut, I kept most of the good games (I had like power blade, powerblade 2, megaman 1-7, megaman x's, final fantasies, etc. stuff I knew I could move eventually, probably like 10% of my inventory) shit like Mario Bros duck hunt, and other shovelware I fucking threw in a bonfire with my buddies because I couldn't take it with me. Believe me, I tried to sell it for like 60% of asking price on craigslist, but people were super low balling me (obvious resellers) and I'd rather have the memories with my friends then make 30 bucsk back.

>> No.2348747

>I'd rather have the memories with my friends then make 30 bucsk back.
Birds of a shitfeather flock together, Randy.

>> No.2348761

You doing shit like that, is one thing.Your stuff, your deal. I don't care.

A huge company known for dumpsters full of product with thousands of stores now dealing with product that isn't being produced anymore is kind of scary.

Imagine not just like a dozen SM/DH in a fire, but thousands. Now, new fans are paying $50 for a copy cuz Gamestop were dipshits and destroyed them.

While this is a far of scenario, you do understand why I care a little, right? Company with a bad track record of inventory upkeep might end up becoming the biggest dealer of a specific set of inventory that is finite.

>> No.2348771

Every ROM from NES, SNES, N64, Genesis, etc, has been ripped, including shit like prototypes, and beta versions.

Flash carts exist. People are still making reproduction carts.

The games will always be available. Whether or not "original" copies are going to be is a whole different matter. I can assure you the masses have done way more then gamestop ever will for destroying games.

>> No.2348783

It's not just Gamestop, other retro game stores and thrift stores also destroy lots of games and systems all the time.
How many stores does Gamestop have anyway, something like over 4000?

>> No.2348786

Just looked and it's almost 6500 stores.

>> No.2348801

Yeah I'm modding. I want the originals, but they're well out of reach

>> No.2348814

Can I just say: they're very, very fucking late. They might be hitting the downwards part of this trend. The whole retro and indie thing started up probably over 5 years ago and the market has been getting oversaturated since at least 2012 or so. Twitch is sustaining it a bit but I'm betting it's on life support. I think there's going to come a time not too long from now, even within a year or two, that this becomes strictly an uncool, unfashionable old people thing that no one wants to be associated with, even actual old people. This seems like a dangerous proposition for the year two thousand and fucking fifteen.

Keep in mind I'm talking about this as a popular, mainstream, financially viable thing. Indie games and retro stuff have been around forever. Nostalgia never dies. It just hasn't always been trendy to actually prefer this. I'm sure it'll keep going, but never as strongly as in the Let's Play days. Not until modern things becomes retro, anyway.

From a business perspective, it's disappointing that Gamestop will do this. Normalized prices mean people can't screw people anymore. From a personal perspective, it probably won't change much other than creating less erratic prices. I'm not sure how it would work though because Gamestop is notorious for paying $2 for $20 products and reselling them for $40. There are only so many clueless people with old consoles around. Most of them threw them out or sold them off by now to people looking to make money. Selling these things wouldn't be a problem, but acquiring them would.

>> No.2348821

does no one here, do gamestop rentals?

>> No.2348824

True story -- I once saw a Gamestop employee destroying a stack of expensive collector edition artbooks. When I offered to take one off their hands, so it would not be destroyed, she said that store policy was so strict on this that she couldn't let me take one, as the number of destroyed books would be counted before being fully disposed of.

>> No.2348830

>A corporation is late to the party
Did you see the "Thanks Obama" joke that happened pretty recently? Thanks Obama is like a 2010 meme.

>> No.2348845

>does no one here, do gamestop rentals?
Who the fuck rents games?

>> No.2348846

That makes no fucking sense. If she was destroying the books in the first place, how would they be counting them before being fully disposed of? In other words, even if you had taken it, they would have already counted it and it would have seemed "destroyed" if already counted.

Doesn't matter though. Gamestop is ass all the same.

>> No.2348848
File: 62 KB, 297x508, 1428708315051.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Just kill me now. As if certain games weren't hard enough to get already, now we're gonna have a company destroying finite stocks when they don't sell.

>> No.2348849

>You're basing your claim on youtube videos and assumption. You're a fucking sad person man.

>Judging a person based on the many many videos they themselves put out for us to see and form opinions on


how shallow right

>> No.2348852

i do all the time because it's free and i can finish most games in less than a week, so why the fuck not?

>> No.2348854

>That makes no fucking sense

It's messed up but it's true dude. I worked retail for years and let me tell you they have some INSANE rules. She was probably being watched like a Smash trailer.

>> No.2348859

People like you are one of the reasons why I hate retro collecting now. Boo fucking hoo, some one keeps something the bought and you call them a hoarder? Someone wants to build a collection that they probably dreamed of as a kid and want to keep it? How dare they have the gall to do that. How dare they not shuffle out their collection every other day.

Hell, It's way better that he keeps them because if they're sold at a fair price probably over half of them will be scalped and resold at an even higher price.

I don't understand this stupid-ass mentality that if someone keeps things they worked hard to collect they're an asshole just because they don't play every single game every year? It's all about being able to go back and play them when ever you want. Owning them probably gives him a great sense of pride, I know I would have it if I could. So, pretty much fuck you and get your damn head out of your ass.

>> No.2348862

Some how it seems that there is still a bunch of parents that still haven't thrown out/gave out their kids huge game collection yet so I think we still have a bunch of clueless people left.

>> No.2348864

i've met pat a couple of times now at conventions, pretty cool guy. he sells his doubles and what not at really good prices. last year he gave my gf a handful of gameboy games for free. decent titles too

>> No.2348867
File: 27 KB, 485x323, 1428436750195.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.2348881

GAME has been doing this for about 4 years

>> No.2348921

Jimmies here in Asia will remain unrustled and we will continue to have a nearly limitless supply of most common games at about a buck.
Also, sucks to be you.

>> No.2348931

They already dump DS cases.

>> No.2348936

They only sold the iPods/Android devices online at first when they rolled out that program. It was so successful they rolled it out into stores.

>> No.2349105

And do it awfully at that.

Gamestation was a wonderful company selling retro games alongside modern games. The moment GAME bought them they started scaling down the size of their retro games section until it was entirely gone, all left over stock was destroyed. Then came the store refits a few years later where they did away with the Gamestation brand altogether and made them GAME's, often having two or three stores within a few hundred metres of each other.

They dragged themselves into administration and destroyed a brand and thousands of games along the way.

>> No.2349109

I must be one of those people, I play about 1-2% of the games I get at yard sales

>> No.2349115

This is going to be the end of game hunting in the wild. GameStop is THE VIDEO GAME STORE for so many people these days. They'll walk in and see "Trade in your old games!" or their friends will, and they'll get $1 or $2 per game for PS1 rpgs or N64 classics. GameStop will sell games 1 at a time which may or may not increase prices but still make it harder for people who usually buy in bundles. But the unsellable stock will be destroyed because it's company policy. Not only that, but the shipping and storing could damage boxes,lose inserts and manuals, etc. Video game hunting has been on the decline for a few years as more and more people get rid of their stuff, but I think this will mark the end of it.

>> No.2349128


Welp, looks like I'm not gonna be buying a physical copy of a DC game for a looooooooong time.

>> No.2349135

>no Saturn
>no Atari anything
>no handhelds

>> No.2349170

Better buy those PS2 network adapters while you can.

>> No.2349242

This may sound stupid, but I don't care. I know its a waste of money, but Its still something I do.

I never got to enjoy SNES classics as a kid, Parents banned me from video games until I was "of age" Aka, 10. So I got in around the late GBC-Early GBA era.

My all time favorite games on GBA, were ports of SNES games, I never even knew it as a kid, but All I knew was that I really enjoyed them, Style, color, music, everything.

So, I caved in and bought an SNES off someone for $40 a few years back, and have been collecting SNES titles ever since.

I know, they're going to ie in like a decade, and they'll be completely useless, I know that roms exist and emulation is so much easier with more benefits.

But I want to at least say, I had the chance of playing the originals before they all died out. I never got that chance as a kid, so it's like a wish fufillment for me.

As much as I love the game, I refuse to pay 200 for earthbound, I want to satisfaction of finding that cart at some junk dealer who doesn't know what he has.

>> No.2349251

I sympathize with you, that's exactly why I started collecting. I had very few games as a kid, I now realize they expensive as hell for middle class parents. I mostly rented stuff and borrowed from friends. As an adult, amassing a large collection of vidya just makes me feel good, it's a dream I had as a kid. It's probably the same way for guys who buy a muscle car or nice guitar, adolescent wish fulfillment.

>> No.2349257

>no master system
>no japanese systems

kek that's pretty mass market there, retro gaming is fine

>> No.2349280


I am so fucking mad right now.

>> No.2349289

>buy those PS2 network adapters while you can.
Yup, along with certain PS2 games before they get truly ridiculous.

>> No.2349292

Sounds like GameStop is desperate, with so many games becoming downloadable they need new ways to make money.

I don't how they expect to compete in the retro gaming field. There is:

1. Small independent video games stores that specialize in retro games and movies.

2. eBay

3. Thrift stores

4. Flea markets

Seems like a bad business decision to me seeing as how saturated the market is, but hey...I wish them the best of luck. Hopefully they don't act like shitheads and buy retro games for a dollar and then turn around and sell them for $20 or more.

>> No.2349328

Why would you ever to begin with? If you care about artwork, you can spend your money printing out labels from the cover project and game manual web sites.

>> No.2349332

so they are going to do what they have already done for years but rebrand it as "retro"... that's nice... I guess...
Also, last I knew I thought gamestop was shutting down for good earlier this year.

>> No.2349337

plz go

>> No.2349396

Can already imagine GS sending their employees to flea markets to snag them tendos first

>> No.2349443

they've been slowly working on this for over two years now. first started when everyone saw the demise of used games, but then they backed off after everyone attacked ms for being the first to publicly announce plans to do away with used games like ea, activision & ubisoft wanted. where have you been?

>> No.2349451

but anon, he's right... it is dying... for hardcore gamers. mass-produced shit for casuals now rule the roost.

>> No.2350307

If you don't understand why you probably never will but lots of people are into it.

>> No.2351226

This is how it will actually make them money.

A couple of my friends around 20 recently wanted to buy a ps2 and an N64. The only place they could think to buy these things is on ebay. Because they didn't care enough to spend the time hunting for cheaper prices.

Most people don't know how to make bootlegs, or don't want to go through the trouble of cheap modding/flash carts. So after my friends bought consoles, they would want some games too.

This is where Game Stop would make sales. From people that have some extra dough and don't know where else to buy older consoles. Especially fags who missed 1995-2003 because of being young, and think it is cool to buy an N64 and play zelda OoT. Even if the prices were similar to ebay, there are a lot of people who would just buy from GS rather than wait for a package.

>> No.2351245

>kill of competitors with low prices.
>bring prices up once they're the only ones.

>> No.2351261
File: 436 KB, 589x540, herherh.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Mfw I've held off on selling my NES collection for so long, and now it looks like the prices are about to go even higher.

My inner merchant is very pleased.

>> No.2351280

goldstein y

>> No.2351293

I used to be interested in game collecting...but with all the flash carts that have come out in recent years, forget it.

Just buy a console and a flash cart. It's far cheaper, gives you the same experience, and is overall superior due to supporting ROM hacks and shit. Collecting games in 2015 is hoarding.

>> No.2351304

>chances are its garbage anyways like 90% of retro game store stock is fucking Madden 97.


>> No.2351858

Used to work at distribution/refurb center in Grapevine, TX. The unpurchased special edition items get thrown in the trash. Employees are not allowed to take anything home. Special edition consoles get bastardized with generic aftermarket parts sometimes. They once destroyed several pallets of GBAs and shit because they "weren't worth selling". Even after I suggested they could give them all to a charity.
i could make this an AMA if you want.

>> No.2351876

This is pretty much entirely true. I've never went and gotten one, though, I'm a collectorfag at heart...
It would be much more economically sound to just get flashcarts, sell my stuff and be done with it, but I don't really have that much else to spend my surplus money on, as weird as that sounds.

>> No.2351878

I do not want to buy a rare retro game with a gamestop sticker slapped on it.

>> No.2351879
File: 13 KB, 480x360, kek.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yeah. Related.

>> No.2351890

Will sell if the price is right. But like owning something. After all the digital delivery games and not collecting anything for years. Its nice. Probably getting towards the end of physical copies.?. cartridges.

>> No.2351895
File: 31 KB, 500x373, Picture-6-500x373.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I cant fucking wait for gameshit stickers to be plastered on every fucking retro game. Including CDs and cardboard boxes after they throw them in the dumpster.

>> No.2352902


>> No.2352931

lurk a lot more, newfriend.

>> No.2352939

AMA is reddit shit

>> No.2352943

As someone who worked 4-5 years at gamestop in my youth, those stickers are REALLY easy to remove leaving no residue and not using any product like Goo Gone.

Here is the secret, quit being a fucking spaz and tearing it off. Go slooooow. Just lift one corner up a tiny bit and slowly pull up while rocking back and forth between the two corners being pulled.

I don't know why people don't get it. This method works on all stickers. Gamestop or not.

>> No.2352946

It's a bad thing because it will drive up already overinflated prices. I shouldn't see copies of Castlevania for NES going for more than ~$20, but I regularly see them for at least $30.

>> No.2352961
File: 9 KB, 196x203, JNCGO7T77WHKZ3F3HQ2CN23TP4IQBSMJ.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>mfw I got Castlevania for twelve bucks recently

I got it from NintendoAge tho, which is pretty shite sometimes. It's a place full of collectors who claim to want to help people out, yet quite a few charge for about eBay prices. I'm not expecting an SNES for two bucks, but more leniency would be nice. Maybe I'm asking for too much, but maybe a collector could be willing to cut a deal like most people here?

>> No.2352965

doubt it, they would've gotten rid of their shit a long time ago. its likely gamestop has warehouses full of old games that never sold

>> No.2352968

ps2 games are cheap as fuck

>> No.2352973

fucking this

>> No.2352979


I enjoy the hunt. The hunt is on.

But if I really want something specific, I go online. Pawn shops, thrift stores, and Flea markets are mostly for random cool stuff and the occasional "Oh hey, I emulated that once, and it was cool. $5? Sweet!" retro finds.

>> No.2352984
File: 346 KB, 1361x709, This is the future.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I shouldn't see copies of Castlevania for NES going for more than ~$20, but I regularly see them for at least $30.
I shouldn't see shiny pebbles from Sierra Leone going for $5000. But I do. Products are "worth" whatever the market is willing to pay for them. If the market is willing to pay $30 for Castlevania, then it is "worth" $30.

This really burns my ass. No functional integrated circuit should ever be destroyed (with exceptions for data erasure and security).

PS2/PS1 games are cheap, but good luck finding ones that aren't scratched beyond use. CDs and DVDs were/are awful media for video games. Cartriges/Hu-Cards/Blu-Rays are where it's at. Those things last forever.

>> No.2352986


I think you've had too much to drink, Mr. Lahey...

>> No.2353000

There are a couple "big names" on NA that strike me more as resellers or investors than gamers and collectors. I wouldn't be surprised if a lot people on that site are just in it for the money while posing as actually liking games.

>> No.2353004

Gamestop are fucking faggots

>> No.2353013

Nice trips.

Unfortunate really, that's what it seemed to me tho, or at the very worst some could be called hypocrites. I switched to a different site. The deals seem to be a lot better.

>> No.2353019

ps2 is cheap right now get it while u can

>> No.2353023

Plz kill yourself

>> No.2353040

what site? Classic Gaming?

>> No.2353054


>> No.2353159

I also wonder how many resellers monitor NA to get the HOT INSIDER NEWS so they know which games to immediately buy up and resell in a month for profit.

>> No.2353198

I go to a retro game store. Those guys are really awesome, but their prices are never under ten dollars, and can be pricey sometimes. Occasionally you'll find deals there, like Phantasy star ii in box for 25, or a blue game gear for 45. Are they scumbag resellers? You get better deals in box as opposed to loose, and they pay eBay prices for whatever you trade in.

>> No.2353904

>all these people talking about Ebay
What is this 2005? Amazon > Ebay

>> No.2353910
File: 2.25 MB, 3264x2448, collection.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Are they taking gameboy and GBA games in this? I'm so close to finishing my Pokemon collection.

>> No.2353920

I mostly come on this board for nintendo VC recommendation of old games so I know this opinion wont be popular here but I only play remakes of old games or emulations on consoles because they're... easier. I wouldn't play some of these classic games without saves. It's not so much easier, that's the wrong word, it's less frustrating I guess. When you die having to start ALL THE WAY at the beginning. Fuck that. Save states are a life saver.

>> No.2353990

I understand why they would roll it out in NYC at least. There is alot of private retro stores there and so theres a market for that type of program. Comptition, as well.I personally do not see it getting past these big cities, though.

I still have an FYE in my local Mall, and they buy and sell all kinds of retro games. The majority of people where I live are not into retro, however, and so these items just sit on the shelf collecting dust. Everyone only cares about cawadooty type of games.

On the internet retro is pricey and there appears to be a market for it, but out in "the real world" the majority of people who play games are interested in FPS, social games, or other mainstream type things. Not to the point where its a problematic thing in Gamestops around the globe anyways.

My local retro store does fine as a business, but thats because the clients who come in are there to buy that specific stuff.

>> No.2353995

They're taking in things like the Dreamcast and PS2 that currently aren't properly emulated, though, and to my knowledge not every Dreamcast game is properly ripped either. What are we going to do for those consoles?

>> No.2354003

Remakes are shit. Emulation is just fine if you're not an autist or fucking hipster.

>> No.2354004

it really depends, for certain things Amazon is twice the price or more

>> No.2354014

Speaking of which, are there any decent clone consoles for something like the Dreamcast? I currently don't have the extra income to buy one (between jobs) and I feel the price is going to skyrocket with this Gamestop thing, so if a clone would be cheaper I'd probably just want to get that instead.

>> No.2354021

Which of these consoles can I not emulate well? Nintendo 64 and Dreamcast? Those are probably the only consoles I'll pick up. Collecting sounds cool and all, but I don't like spending money, especially when the developer will never see a cent of it anyway.

>> No.2354027

N64 emulation is actually serviceable for the more popular games nowadays (if you just want to play things like Super Mario 64, Ocarina of Time, Smash Bros., etc., you can play with close enough accuracy to not interfere with your enjoyment), but it's still a mess and less popular games have problems (I remember Yoshi's Story having a lot of graphical glitches). Dreamcast you really can't emulate well, no.

>> No.2354037

As long as it has the save states it's fine. Like for example I got Super Mario World off club nintendo recently. It only saves when you beat a castle. Yeah fuck that. I save state after I beat every level. And I don't even know how to save in Super Mario Land 2 on my 3ds. Also got it off club nintendo and also save state after every level.

I'm not a complete bitch though who saves IN levels. Only when I beat them.

>> No.2354038

$30 for both Kingdom hearts games. Good deal? ps2, not the ps3 remakes.

>> No.2354043

PS2 = NR

>> No.2354048

... what? Sorry not well versed in the language here. But i'm guessing NR means not retro? But someone else mentioned the gamecube ITT and no one complained. They were the same generation of consoles.

>> No.2354142

hey discussing a game released in 2003 on ps1 is retro while discussing launch titles ps2 games aren't retro okay friend?

>> No.2354208
File: 8 KB, 208x243, 1403025215151.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Products are "worth" whatever the market is willing to pay for them.
Hello Adam Smith. Tell me about markets controlled by a very small number of very large companies.

>> No.2354214

You can only save in SMB2 by beating the entire map. Thats why I have been stuck on level 2 for eons.

>> No.2354227
File: 55 KB, 338x262, tomo.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm vexed on this matter.

On one hand, this could make retro games relatively cheaper due to Gamestop's policy of general pricing, leading to less inflated prices on the games, and actually give retro gamers a chance to find a game they REALLY want alike to the days of Babbage's. On the other hand, they could be priced similar to the usual stores that deal in secondhand video games, and with limited stock seeing as this is initially going to be online-only by a National standpoint.

I guess we'll have to wait and see just how this new business tactic Gamestop is doing is executed.

>> No.2354236

Seeing how crud the prices are and how much people complain, the prices shouldn't be too bad. But it can be bad seeing less things will be available, and it can lead to more resellers. The scum kind.

>> No.2354290

The vendors who control your flea markets aren't very large companies.

>> No.2354302

Pf, with 6500 stores? Not very likely. If that number goes down by 1500-2000 then maybe rumors like that will have some basis to work off of. People believe those kinds of stories because they like how sound, not because they're true.

Not legally at least. The licenses for consoles usually last 20 years, hence why you see a lot of nes, snes, and genesis clones around these day. I think N64's license will end later this year and then -if Nintendo doesn't pay to renew it- people will start selling clones of that. Dreamcast still has a few years to go.

>> No.2354320

I just want PS2 stuff to be stocked in GAME again. I saw Street Fighter Alpha Anthology for £9.99, went back the next day with the cash and they'd sent all their PS2 stock away.

Now here's the funny thing. I started working at GAME in October 2014 and we had a retro cabinet with a clear Xbox, an N64 in original box, a black Gamecube, a PS1 and two PS2s. This year all that got recalled to be destroyed because there's apparently no money in it. Hell, recently someone brought a slim silver PS2 with some of the best games in the library (Ico, Colossus, Final Fantasy, God of Wars, ect.) and we told them we don't take it. They didn't care about the money so they asked us to take it and do whatever. I immediately said to the deputy manager 'can I reserve it and take it home?' but he said nah, no one takes hone what they claim because they're too lazy or forget. He binned the whole package immediately. I was pissed.

I've noticed the properly scummy Brit shops like Cash Converters are putting old consoles in their window front and center. The one near me has a N64 with GoldenEye for £30 and a MegaDrive pack with 12 games for £80.

>> No.2354387

>That makes no fucking sense.

Welcome to retail.

>> No.2354538

Every time I see something getting destroyed, I get mad. Why destroy it? There's no point. Wouldn't it be really easier to donate? Hell, you'll save money and time donating as opposed to destroying.

>> No.2354565

That and donating would generate good PR as well, I'd imagine.

>> No.2354584

You'd really have to ask a businessman I guess, I don't think that retro console enthusiasts could ever understand the destruction of retro consoles.

>> No.2354632

I don't know obviously bit I wonder and may have heard it theorized if it goes like this: if they throw out and don't destroy games that won't sell, people will find out, purposely not buy old nonmoving games, wait for trash day, and raid GS garbage dumpsters. If the games aren't moving, they probably think it isn't worth the effort or money to ship them elsewhere since they will sit wherever they go. Basically, profit 》all.

>> No.2354636

In the case of books, its a publisher requirement thing. Unsold books are typically returned to the publisher for a refund to the store, but it costs more to ship them back than to just print and ship a new copy, so the store gets their refund and they're required to destroy the book so they can't turn around and sell it after the fact.

Not sure what the justification is for Gamestop without seeing their policies on destroying product, but generally speaking its the cheapest option. Space costs money, and its sometimes simpler to throw things out than to store them. Why don't they give it away? The same reason you don't give away food at a restaurant: you don't want hobos hanging around begging for free stuff.

How this is going to translate in to Gamestop's retro business is up in the air. They're shipping it all to a central location for repairs and cleaning, so they probably have some standard that involves scrapping the stuff deemed unrecoverable. That might not meet the community's standards as to what is and is not fixable, but if they're going to the trouble to ship this stuff to their repair shop, I'd think they'd be scrounging for every dollar they can get.

>> No.2354650

Fucking rekt. Well played anon. Calm, composed, coherent.

>> No.2354859

someone needs to make a pamflet of showing why they shouldn't donate games to gamestop because of the games deconstructions

>> No.2354876

That's pretty much what you're doing: donating. The credit you get in store is laughable, it might as well be donating.

>> No.2354901

You're a fucking moron and I'll tell you why. With all that destroyed inventory, that just made a lot of games even more rare, so now, when some retard inevitably sells gamestop a rare game for pennies, they can hike the price to whatever the fuck they want.

>> No.2354908
File: 47 KB, 369x368, 1304938223524.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

> Wow man, is this Little Samson?
> You bet!
> I can give you 20 bucks of credit.
> Gee man, that's amazing! Thanks Gamestop!
>Ad ends with employee marking up the price to 500.

>> No.2354947

Gettin' game-cucked.

>> No.2354962

you forgot the cruel ending anon

>nofuckingbody pays the price
>gamestop will claim they gave the game to charity
>they stomp on it and trew it to the trash

>> No.2354967

I guess we'd rather destroy our inventory to make sure no one gets it than mark it down to a reasonable price! There's a reason we're called GameSTOP!

>> No.2355052

see >>2352939

>> No.2355116

If you want a lot of Retro games for cheap, come raid with me the thrift stores of the Spokane / Post Falls / Coeur d'Alene area. SO many thrift stores per capita. Everyone is poor so the prices are rock bottom. Lots of old people come to die and thus way more supply than demand, even for vidya somehow. I used to shut up about it but honestly I have too many used games from thrift stores / even pawn shops at prices well below ebay/amazon and I just want to share the love now.

>> No.2355129

Can anyone show precedent for a repo cart seller ending up raped in federal prison for that crime?

>> No.2355137

The problem with most of us is that we usually only enjoy playing games with other people who are also into those games, but we have no in-person friends, retro or otherwise, because of the opportunity cost we've already paid, which was getting into games instead of practicing and building social skills.

>> No.2355143

Ugh it was the worst when my cat ruined my N64 stuff.

>> No.2355162

N64 is one console much better emulated because you can play at a much higher resolution and actually see WTF the developers made (e.g. far off buildings in Pilotwings 64). It's probably the console most improved by emulation, what with getting rid of that horrendous texture filtering.

I suppose massively lessened load times on some other systems might be even more valuable for some, though...

>> No.2355202

Anon you surely are a god among men. Unfortunately people like myself age unable to raid with ye ;-;

>> No.2355204

N64 and the Wii. Apparently the system is capable of running in hd. Hmm....I wonder...

>> No.2355216

Hopefully the games won't get the DS treatment and have all of their cases and manuals thrown in the dumpster.

>> No.2355220

They probably will, and then they'll charge CiB prices

>> No.2355261

Good point; I haven't emulated Wii so I didn't think of it, but I have seen impressive screenshots (impressive at least relative to native Wii).

>> No.2355263

Just so everyone knows, the trashing of excess inventory is standard across pretty much any chain store. Wired recently had a fascinating article about a guy making 6 figures on dumpster diving - apparently some employees of these stores don't follow policy and throw things out without really destroying them / rendering them unusable first.


>> No.2355290

I'll have to read the whole article, but Mr. Malone seems a bit naive. The success of his dumpster diving is based entirely on the apathy and ignorance of other people. Now that he at the very least mentioned finding a several hundred dollar item out back of an Office Depot for free, and specifically mentioned the Austin area no less, now more and more people will start doing the same, and if anyone from OD corporate or other stores with Austin locations are reading, they will probably step up their inventory disposal practices.

>> No.2356357

>Not legally at least
You're legally retarded. You don't know a thing about IP law.

>> No.2356603

The hunt is fun and there are times it becomes tedious and a bit of a hassle, but here's the thing, at least for me, it's all worth it when you find good stuff. Personally I go to the 3 or 4 thrift stores around me about 2 or 3 times a week, usually when I'm on lunch at my job. For a while I was finding good stuff all the time (N64 games, Saturn games, Genesis games, PS1 games, original Xbox games, controllers for various systems), lately, since about a month or so ago, I haven't found anything. Barely last week I found something not shit (Original Xbox controller and Metal Slug 4 & 5 for PS2) but I still hunt weekly. Why? Because it's fun, and dude, there's no need to stress out over it. Personally I don't like spending too much money on this hobby, but if I can find some good games and trade it for what I want, which I have through here, it's all worth it.

>> No.2356757
File: 59 KB, 185x139, rakin.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Stores in its NYC and Birmingham markets, which comprise around 250 store locations, will play host to the program.

I've got a friend who's a manager at a gamestop in birmingham that says they'll be starting this soon. I've got a list of games I'm giving him to personally buy then sell to me for the inevitably dirt cheap price that gamestop will pay for them.

>pic related

>> No.2356816

The downside of this is that the individual stores have to ship them to a refurbishing center, and then they're only being sold on gamestop.com. I seriously don't see this lasting more than a few months.

>> No.2357108

picked up rocket knight adventures for genesis w/ manual today $4.99

>> No.2357120

Poor neighborhood generally have shittier selection in the bins. I pretty much exclusively shop everything, and not just games in the thrifty stores, so that's how I know. What you want is one random thrifty shop near rich neighborhood, and raid them in the spring so you can catch stuff people donate for tax deductible.

>> No.2357151

its too bad that doesn't include shit like TG16 as I know a LOT of people in NY who bought that system. it would have been a blessing.

my take is, every GS i've been to lacks the space on the floor and in the back room to hold the deluge of shit games they would get. my assumption is that they will send it back to corp and sell it on the site, which would suck, because of scalpers if the price is right.

>> No.2357158
File: 25 KB, 600x350, tips1[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

They'll probably love that upcoming emulation machine, retrofreak, coming from Japan. As it has support for TG16

>> No.2357159

Nice fucking find! I just got back from hitting up 5 thrift stores today, a few good finds, a Sega Genesis 6 button controller, Castlevania SOTN, Spyro the Dragon, Spyro Year of the Dragon, and a Wii Wheel all for $14.

>> No.2357174
File: 14 KB, 600x400, tips8[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Forgot to add to this, looks like their website has updated. Pic related is the controller that it'll come with and looks like it'll support most any USB controller too (pic on site shows PS3/4 controller) and they'll have a controller converter to use original controllers with.

>> No.2357175
File: 2.36 MB, 1213x1389, the threat is real.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i'm like Pat, if I have doubles of shit or games I just don't like, I sell them cheaper than most people would dare, usually 50% ebay price.

want a Conker? $30
SMRPG? $25
fucking earthbound? $75

i hate to see people pay stupid ass price for shit, it just burns me that someone is deliberately buying games just to sell them, just to make a tiny profit. if you really wanted to make money, go into stocks, not reselling games.

i have to deal with a fucking old man reseller at my market, who shows up before the sun is even lighting the sky and asks EVERYONE if they have games. he bought a $2 SMRPG and brought it back to his stand, put it in his glass case with a $50 dollar sticker on it.

I post this picture to let you know of the fucking threat these assholes cause. THEY are why I wake up early as fuck, not just to collect, but to save the good games from their greasy jew hands.

>> No.2357176
File: 538 KB, 245x320, and.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Why would somebody sell their copy of earthbound?

>> No.2357180


Thank fuck.

Those are really the only holes in my library. Can never have enough PCE or FC.

>> No.2357192

i've actually picked up a gamecube, wires and everything for $2. i gave it to someone who wanted it at that price.

>> No.2357194

>web only
>web orders are basically a condition crapshoot

>> No.2357204

>50$ for shitfighter

>> No.2357217

But there can be a lot more competition with fellow hipsters in the rich areas...

I've seen good and bad selections in rich or poor places - what never changes is that the prices are way better in the poor places.

>> No.2357221

>75 DKC 3
>50 KSS with TERRIBLE label
>75 for TMNT 4

i got into a fight with this guy over an N64 transfer pak I thought was 25 cents, he said "no, its $25" i told him 5 was the best i could do and he just laughs at me, and I even showed him fucking ebay prices. those things aren't more than $3.

>> No.2357249

I, for one, welcome our new jew overlords. RIP reseller scum.

Why haven't you joined the emulation/flashcart master race yet?

>> No.2357256

>I even showed him fucking ebay prices
He might be a dirtbag, but so are you.

>> No.2357384

>RIP reseller scum.

Now there will just be more mouthbreathers fighting over games at thrift stores/flea markets so they flip them at Gamestop for the next CoD.

>> No.2357396
File: 65 KB, 1676x1468, proofproof2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This is going to be awful, the local retro stores are going to go under, eBay prices are going to skyrocket, fuck this sucks.

>> No.2357419

this fucking sucks ass.

>> No.2357423

Sell your games now while you still can!

>> No.2357425

Why did it take so fucking long for them to do this?

>> No.2358013

If you guys really want games and accessories you need to hit up the dumpsters. Gamestop doesn't always destroy stuff before they toss it, and other retro game stores do the same thing, but with more older stuff.
Just go after they close and don't make a mess and you won't raise any suspension.

>> No.2358017

why did these niggers stop this shit only to pick it up again only a few years later

fuckwits hahaha

>> No.2358075

you are literally more plebeian than 4 year old me. Think about that. I couldn't beat Wario but at least I got to the end of the game.

>> No.2358109


choose 1

>> No.2359773

>Tell me about markets controlled by a very small number of very large companies.
The markets are controlled by the consumers. The solution is obvious. You must track down and kill everyone who pays inflated prices for video games. They have chosen the path of the wicked. Let there be no guilt - let there be no vacillation.

>> No.2359906

does this mean theyll finally have battletoads now? gonna call them to make sure

>> No.2359931

>It also saddens me that the GameCube is pretty much forgotten.
I know that feel, seems like the only game on that console anyone gives a shit about is Melee

>> No.2360098


Would have guessed this was at a Play n Trade

>> No.2360118

I don't see how this is possibly going to work out for them. The vast majority of retro games are now in the hands of collectors or resellers. Every year the wild games found in basements and sold at garage sales gets smaller and the competition to snatch them up quickly for reselling is higher and higher.

In order for gamestop to make money doing this, they would need a very large supply of retro games at a price low enough that they can still get away selling them.

Very few people these days sell anything without a cursory check on ebay to see what it's worth. There's no way gamestop is going to be able to convince someone to part with their copy of Castlevania IV for $2 instore credit when the person knows they can sell it for ten times that much.

So they're in an impossible position, paying close to market price for the games will ruin their profit margin and paying much less will severely limit the flow of games they have coming in. Unless they have some massive stockpile of retro games they need to liquidize I don't see this working very well for them at all.

>> No.2360120


omg yes

>> No.2360126


>Very few people these days sell anything without a cursory check on ebay to see what it's worth

You say that but people still trade in games for half or less of what they could get selling it on ebay. It's a matter of convenience and novelty

I wont say I'm excited for this announcement but I do occasionally enjoy looking through their PS2 titles. It's mostly crap but you'll find an occasional gem. Like I got a super mint copy of SMT Nocturne for like $10 a little while back.

>> No.2360132


yes, gamestop getting retro games is really only bad for poorfags

>> No.2360137

I suppose that's true, I just wonder if the volumes will be high enough. I don't really care either way since I'm not into buying retro games anymore, it just seems unlikely to succeed.

>> No.2360147

People younger than me keep bugging me to get PS4. Young gamers do not want to play old games. I can't get anyone that didn't grow up with it interested. So I think the numbers won't be very high but the prices will be and its going to be shit.

>> No.2360154


50 dollars for pit fighter. Hahaha. Are they just charging the original retail price or what?

>> No.2360192


There are still games out there. Even with all that is on ebay and all that have found their final resting spot there are still plenty out there waiting to be sold. The only issue is that unless GS widely publicizes their program, it probably won't be enough to lure more people who are unknowingly sitting on old games to dig through their stuff and sell them.

I wonder if GS is predicting a crash, thinking that all the lazy rich hipsters who bought old games to be like their YouTube crushes will get bored with them, think they're uncool, and want to unload them as painlessly as possible. For what it is worth, I do not think the current exorbitant prices can hold. Sure some of the games that have gone full retard pricing will stay expensive, but I do not think a market where a complete SMW can sell for over $100 fucking dollars can possibly last.

>> No.2360353

Protip: Just keep going somewhere else for retro games. Not a cent to GameStop.
Living in Redmond near Bellevue, I'm glad to find that Crossroads Mall has a Game Over Videogames.

>> No.2360478

Some still sold NES games 10 years ago, and they were pretty expensive.

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