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What does /vr/ think about Unreal 1?

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Unreal & UT were the only games I really got into. But mostly the community maps in deathmatch modes

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I played it around when it came out. I got bored of it pretty quickly. It looked good, that was about all as far as I remember.

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> there will never be an Unreal 3
> there will never be an UT2004 2
> there will be an UT3 2


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I got really far into it early this year but lost interest.

It's very long and the levels are confusing. I think the levels probably used to look so cool that people didn't mind getting a little lost, but now it just feels tedious when you're hunting for levers.

I like that you get to fight a bunch of Predators, that's kinda cool. I like that you get ridiculous weapons to use instead of conventional weapons. Flak Cannon was my favorite.

Not sure if I'll ever go back to finish it or not. I feel like it might have aged like Half-Life 2; "had to be there then."

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> traveled by train last week
> had an old laptop with me to watch movies
> was looking around on hdd and suddenly
> found unreal tournament installed
> no movies were seen that trip

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Unreal 1 isn't UT.

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The only shooter I played back then, that I never finished. Beside the great start the game is a boring mess.

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I really liked the variety from the different environments and big sprawling levels. Can't understand how people would think it boring.

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Mindblowing graphics and atmosphere at the time. Nice weapon and enemy variety, enemies dodge your shots, try to blindside you and make each encounter matter.

I also like the universe Unreal 1 and Unreal Tournament (thorugh character and stage bios) were building, shame it went to nothing in the end.

The atmosphere was god tier too, I liked how it felt like you were actually traversing the planet through valleys, abandoned towns, caves, mines...

Had so much fun with the editor. Putting Unreal monsters in UT, WHILE PLAYING UT MATCHES was off-the-charts awesome.

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I have super fond memories. I had an old Voodoo 2 and it looked amazing. The levels are massive and reasonably well designed. I love the progression from the prison ship to the flying nali city then into the alien base. The AI was good for the time but looking back there are some cheap scares. UT grew from this, I played a shitload of multiplayer Unreal on my 56k modem back in the day, was in a clan like a cool 13 year old. Also the music is pretty boss.

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I never got to play Unreal 1 back in the day.

I did have UT though, which gave me so many hours of fun, really great maps and some of the best bots ever made too.

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Those reflections. That music.


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This was the first FPS I owned (not played) If anyone has the box scan the min requirements are pretty kekworthy.

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>the min requirements are pretty kekworthy
Yeah, old technology you make me cringe. Like people were so retarded that they didn't have even dual core processors in the 80's.

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>Putting Unreal monsters in UT, WHILE PLAYING UT MATCHES
Hold the fucking phone, how?

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Import the monster Unreal assets into a UT99 map thorugh the editor. IIRC you can even summon them ingame with the same console commands as Unreal 1.

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Sounds baller, gonna try this shit out. Thanks anon

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Loved this fuckers! And couldn't resist the urge to kill them...

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I usually kept them alive so they could lead me to items. Then I'd kill them.

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It's kinda like HL Xen the gam, but with really dumb ai

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>Mindblowing graphics and atmosphere at the time
One of the few older FPS's that still holds up graphically pretty well.

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I really like the graphics of that time, I'm currently in a process of making a build for Voodoo4 4500, so I can see the Glide rendered graphics.

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One of my favorite installments of one of my favorite franchises.

This is how I feel now, though. Especially about 2k42.

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I'm sure it's too late for me to try Unreal 1 but I did get Unreal 2 a few years after release and kinda liked it.

Nothing earth-shattering but it made me want at least an Unreal 3.

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unreal 1 > unreal 2

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I never played 1, but I plan to some day. I played 2 and the only thing I remember about it was the flamethrower with the cool napalm function.

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incredible game.

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I'd go with a Voodoo 5, simply because of how much faster it is.

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>> there will be an UT3 2
seriously no.

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Unreal 2 isn't that great.

2k4 is amazing. Think it's pretty dead though now.

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Unreal 1 is pretty cool. Big open outdoor maps, impressive vistas and generally great graphics for the time. Fighting the Skaarj is still fun because of how squirrely they are at dancing around while you try to duel them. It has some very atmospheric levels and nice music.

But, I dunno, something about the game never quite clicked with me to make it a favorite of me. I played the whole game on the hardest difficulty, and in general I think my main complaint would be that it's overlong. You start to lose a sense of progression and objectives, just plowing through the maps because hey, that's what you do. There are many cool moments and maps but also a lot that, despite being well-made, feel samey and filler-ish. Like, did we really need 3 or 5 or however many spaceship levels that was at the end?

Also, man, the weapon models sure are ugly compared to the beauties in UT99.

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Masterpiece of the genre.

Too bad Half-Life unrightfully stole all the praise.

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yall didn't like ut3? i thought they went a bit overboard with some of the vehicles and the hover board things but it was stilll pretty enjoyable. ut2004 is hard to follow up

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What would you guys do if they announced a new Unreal Tournament/UT, and it was FREE?
That would be so fucking amazing.
I'd play 'til my brain dies.

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It would be disappointing because it would be the same as the other f2p games. Filled with browns.

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I like UT3 but it released at a bad time.

You had TF2, Crysis, and CoD4. It had to be amazing to keep up with those games. It was a good game and I think more people would had played if it released a year earlier. Didn't help that most of Epic's focus is on console now too.

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Undoubtedly one of the best of the FPS genre.

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...you guys do know there's a free Unreal Tournament in development by Epic that doesn't have p2w shit, right?


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Didn't like Unreal much. Unreal Tournament on the other hand is one of my favs of all time

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After seeing the first screenshots of the game in some PC Gamer magazine back in 97 i think, I knew this game was something I wanted to be apart of.

When it released, my shitty pc at the time could only run the game at 320 x 200 in software mode at some godawful framerate.

But holy shit
>Dat Vortex Rikers
>dat music
>atmospheric as fuck
>actually challenging enemies for a 98 fps
>still playable to this day

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I've never played this game.

Am I doing it wrong?

Anybody have a good torrent for it that works on Win7 64bit?

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Buy Unreal gold on steam man, it's usually on sale for cheap as fuck.

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It's like Quake 2, if Quake 2 had twice as big of levels and 1/10th the enemies in it and then they all just kinda slid around the environment as if they were wearing roller skates. Oh and instead the war-torn hell-planet of Cerberon, it's got a bunch of temples.

lots and lots of temples.

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>if Quake 2 had twice as big of levels and 1/10th the enemies in it and then they all just kinda slid around the environment as if they were wearing roller skates
that doesnt sound very good...

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I played the campaign all the way through for Unreal 1 last year for the first time, and it actually holds up really well for an FPS that's close to 2 decades old. Even without mods the game still looks pretty damn great and the gun-play feels tight and responsive. Really, my only main complaints are that some of the later levels drag and their really isn't much of a story aside from stuff you read on computer terminals and such. Definitely worth playing even if you're not a huge fps fan.

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>Especially about 2k42
it isn't at all /vr/ related but UT4 is a free beta and planned to be free on release and it is even better than 2k4

Also OP, I fucking love Unreal Gold. One of these days I actually need to beat it.

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Yeah, I've been playing it for the past couple of months and it's pretty good. Can't wait for all the maps to be fully textured

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The music is so fucking good.

To this day, I still listen to the soundtrack regularly. Quite a fan of the ending music, Dusk Horizon and Surfacing.

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Nightvision is so damn good. The game had brillant music. I listened to it so much on my Winamp after downloading a UMX plugin.

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Did anyone else use to noclip to the skybox and summon in giant ass monsters so when you went back to the map it looked like a generous nali god was watching down on you as mufasa did to simba?

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>tfw noclipping to float around to the exit because young you got lost
Damn Kran and nali temples. Fucking sunspire.

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If I download the steam version will I get music as well or will it be like Quake II where the steam version doesn't have music because it was on the CD?

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> it isn't at all /vr/ related but UT4 is a free beta and planned to be free on release and it is even better than 2k4


> there will be an UT3 2


You are right, it's more like UT99 2 to me..

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I still play it online.

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I used to play the fuck out of Capture the Flag and Domination.

>> No.2345494

I prefer the co-op servers, crap ton of custom maps.

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Best game ever, imo.

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Fuckin gorgeous and big levels. Nice guns.

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When i was real young i had a copy of unreal. I never got through more than a few maps of it because i was young and sucked. Also it was pretty boring from what i played, quake was my favorite game then so i was used to tight corridors and speed. Unreal botmatches were fun, but i eventually figured out how to mess with the console.

That is where i started playing unreal all day every day. There was a summon command that allows you to spawn any entity in the game. Items, monsters, boxes, trees, literally any object that was tacked on to a map.

Because i was a 9 year old loner who always wanted a sandbox fps game, it was so awesome. It was like garrys mod, but very primitive. No gravity unless the object was a monster, items could clip into each other ect. But this still allowed for a lot. I didn't know all of the entity names so i would search for ENTIRE DAYS on forums and in FAQ's. Eventually i produced what i called the unreal bible, a text file containing every item name that i would be constantly adding to. There was no complete list on the internet at the time, and i was too young to realize that i could have found it out through other means.

So id spend my days trying out different item spawn codes. Everything saved normally after you saved a game so i could have a ton of different 'custom maps' to play on later.

After doing this for a while i figured out that i could pick through mod files that people made, find the codes for the new content in their mods, then spawn the items freely. So my most memorable map was when i set up the second level (right after you leave the ship and see a huge open area) as if i were the only person on a stranded island.

Id spawn all kinds of modded guns on the walls of one shack, and create a gun room. The top of the massive space ship was the firing range. i put some seats and a table, along with breakable box targets really far away. The shells would sometimes fall on the table and look cool.

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I set a nali nigga up with his own shack. Gave him a bunch of fruit and stuff to last him. Sometimes id be nice and give him stuff or heal him. Other times id go rob his ass and take all of the flares. Id also load the caves on that map up with monsters so i could shoot em then run back to my base and try to defend. Alright I'm done.

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This. If possible, get a Voodoo 5500 Mac PCI version, flash it with BIOS 1.18 and enjoy your DVI out.

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Music files is included with along game data files. So, yes you will get them.

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Unreal 1 actually used tracker music, as did UT. This allowed for high quality music that didn't use much disk space, and didn't need to be streamed from a CD.

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At a LAN party, my friend had two Voodoos in SLI. People would just gather around his computer to marvel at the graphics. Never really played it heavily myself, but it seemed like one of those system sellers that gets people to upgrade their machines.

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I really liked how Unreal made me feel like I was trekking across a lush death world, fighting to survive and piecing together the history of the different alien cultures through translator notes. Also the implications that the Nali were not always so peaceful and primitive.

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Unreal 1 is the one I played the most.

The online community and mods were great.

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>alien cultures
>tfw fapping in the Temple of Vandora

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Errm... Sunspire is actually pretty straightforward (even if non-linear) in terms of walkthrough.

IMO Unreal is one of the last games that had the perfect balance between abstract level design - designers could go hogwild with the levels, because everything was lowpoly and you could do anything whle keeping it geometrycally simple, if you keep in touch with the visual aestethis - of oldschool and semi-realism (i.e. you could recognise what places were supposed to be) of the newer FPSes.

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4 boobs man. That beats Total Recall by 1.

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Dis nigga knows whats up.

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