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Webm thread

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too bad it didn't end with a door self-squishing

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What is this game

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what game?

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is that battletoads?

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Kishin Doji Zenki: Vajura Fight for the PC-FX.

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More ducking and weaving than a boxing match.

This doesn't look like it was played with the traditional control setup.

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I love Doom clones, but why would you limit yourself to the original keybindings?
I only play Doom with the arrow-key aiming when I'm just fucking around, not for when I'm serious.

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what game is that. it looks awesome

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>I love Doom clones, but why would you limit yourself to the original keybindings?
Especially when all the keys are rebindable in setup.exe anyway.

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tfw too lazy to pirate bandicam

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wow im bad at webm

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kek. It would have been a pretty good one otherwise.

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3rd time lucky

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How to make webm easy?

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The easiest way.

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Sometimes hacks make games really hard. This was one of those times, though one might call it realistic.

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I dunno, reminds me of blast corps though.

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dat low poly is beautiful.

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>achievement unlocked

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How horribly inefficient.

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Image search doesn't cooperate too well with webms...anyone know what game this is?

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Yes, thanks to this thread.

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That looks like so much fun.

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It always bugged me when games not set on Earth used a picture of the Earth for things like that. They really couldn't have made a picture of their planet with the world map they have?

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And not just any picture of Earth but fucking Blue Marble.

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Huh, you're right. The clouds look very similar but the landmass is different.

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I mean clearly they mirrored it but they also edited the land.

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Not really, it's just the picture used in game is low rez as shit. You're only going to see it for a second so why bother putting in a high quality shot?

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Bomber Hehhe

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>>2333445 >>2333447
The recording/output quality is solid. All that matters is cropping which can be done with any decent editing program, free or otherwise.

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ShareX does a pretty decent job as well, if you configure the ffmpeg settings correctly.

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This game actually looks REALLY good.

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You're getting better, man. Keep at it.

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Holy hell, this looks sick. Is this Turok 2?

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It's Poop 3: The Shitening for the Mega Code 5 1987

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Thanks for the helpful post.

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Is this the original game or some fan made mod/level expansion?

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original, 3-8 boss on highest difficuly

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I've said this every time I see this webm and I'll say it again: Turok 2 is a beautiful game.

Damn looks like I have to give Heretic another chance.

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sssuper sssnake action

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so bad. it's like there's no impact at all.

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Thanks man. Read my mind.

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>I've said this every time I see this webm and I'll say it again:
>Turok 2 is a beautiful game.

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Dank meme bro :^)

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>webms of pixel games

GIF would be better for those

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what the fuck, no it would not you retard

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love that filename

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>being this butthurt over GIF

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>when you sent an opponent flying and he breaks the cube

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What is this? It looks cool.

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Ginga Fukei Densetsu Sapphire

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Never realized he had different animations for that attack like that. Pretty neat for a less than stellar game.

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G-dirus? PS1 sextacular

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this reminds me of Duke Nuken Time to Kill

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I think that's R-type delta. Darius games have more fish.

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Anyone remember the game with the dude who casually walked around evading lethal shit?
I remember a level that was outside a house. You had to slowly walk right and evade something white that fell from the roof. I think it was a ghost. For some reason this was incredibly tedious to do at first. If the guy touched the thing, he transformed into a skeleton and sort of vaporized. The next level was in a cave. You spawned in the center, directly above a huge spike, and you dropped right into it. You had to somehow dodge it or else spoopy skellietan man.
I think the game was in MAME.