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Why does DOOM still hold up so well to this day? It's still fun and challenging and actually looks really good for a game released in '93. I want your opinions, /vr/!

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You're probably best off in the DOOM thread, tbh.

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Because of its simplicity, difficulty, the huge number of enemies onscreen sometimes, its atmosphere, soundtrack, and gore. What I like in Doom is that I don't have to use 356 buttons and joysticks. It's just you, your reflexes, your intelligence and your gun against hordes of enemies. And it feels good.

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Because Brutal Doom saved it.

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Cause it's simple, but perfected. My favorite game of all time

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Doom is amazing today. It's almost unfair how badly it beats every other early 3D game, especially other shooters like Goldeneye.

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I think Duke Nukem 3D actually holds up even better in the gameplay department (considering only the vanilla games). It has some extremely well thought out level design that surpasses the majority of Doom's both in looks and gameplay.

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Get out, Mark IV

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Like jesus, mark is a decent guy with an insufferable fan club

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I think Doom holds up so well because it is fundamentally a pretty simple action game and therefore didn't make the kind of design decisions that have tended to age (such as sacrificing framerate for graphics or pacing for plot). It also took advantage of its limited verticality instead of suffering because of it. The result is that, while a lot of Doomlike games came out around the time of its release, there haven't been any new ones for almost 20 years.

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Not having the first half hour be a super scripted sequence where you have no control over the player while it treats you like a retarded child during the tutorial kinda helps. I miss when games had a sink or swim mentality for the start.

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And the speed!

This is a very important point. The different "moods" of the game, the creepy, chilling imagery, the holiness soundtrack... That feeling of loneliness and despair when you're all alone with those nightmare-material monsters far, far away from home... The color pallette...the feeling of exploring the unknown with sacred satanic symbols everywhere... You look death in the eyes, and fear consumes you as there is no escape but to conquer death alone.

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because it's a perfect video game.

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>holiness soundtrack

What does that even mean? What version of DOOM were you playing where the first level wasn't playing synth buttrock? The whole start of DOOM is basically "YOU HAVE GUNS GO KICK SOME AAAAAAAAAASSSSS!!!"

For me, that feeling of YEEHAW SHOOTY SHOOT didn't sublimate into the sheer dread of fighting Hell itself until DOOM 2.

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Doom has miles more depth than most shooters. These popular articles are good summaries:


Also its visual and audio design are strong.

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Ugh no, DN3D is absolutely wonderful, there's no denying that, but it lacks the finesse of Doom. I'm sure people bring this up all the time, but you don't dodge in Duke. There's no aspect of agility. You're a tank. You take damage, then heal. It's more like modern shooters mechanics wise. Where in Doom, there's very few hitscan enemies, so you're constantly moving and reading combat situations.

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>comparing Mark to Jesus
Get out, Mark

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Mark is a self-admitted neo-nazi, who doesen't mind putting images of real gore and mutilation in his mod, asking people to send him images of bloody chunks of real people. He later regretted doing this, but only because the chunks in question didn't fit with the rest of the style.

Also used an awful lot of other people's work without permission, even when he was explicitly was told not to, and didn't credit them in any way, saying they were just jealous of him, and that they should be proud he used their work for his mod.

He's an asshole and attention whore, and eventually got himself banned from every doom community, except French, Russian and Japanese - but that's because he didn't go there.

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Before checking these Doom generals, ALL I knew about him and his mod was articles on "gaming websites" with supposedly "pro" writers and critics and that amounted to "OMG ULTRA GORE; AWESOME" and comments sections all going "ME LIKE"

The truth is that guy's sick in the head, a turbo-autist and a creepo-sandwich.

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But the question is, why should anyone give a shit, and why is this drama bullshit brought up any time anyone even mentions Brutal Doom - to the point that Brutal Doom is practically only mentioned by trolls attempting to stir shit?

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Yeah, like it's a gore mod for a pretty old game, it shows the web "media" will post about anything just to get those gets and hype it for the sake of their blog shit, not the game/mod.

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Because games don't "age".

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Because, if you read the second article linked here >>2326548 ,
you will understand, that BD is infact ruins DooM's formula.It makes DooM more like modern FPSes, and not in a good way - and that is why it is not held in high regard by oldschool doomers.

Newcomers on the other hand, that know nothing but modern FPS, are lured in by newfagy hype articles decide that BD is 'best shit ever" and "the way doom suppoosed to be, because Fagtaku said so!", and they swarm the community, then whine about "mod x is incompatible with BD, fix it!" and "your mod is shit, BD has guts lol", which causes rage and hits with banhammer.

And every time BD is brought up, the first thing that comes up in the mind of a modder, or a doomer invested in the community, is not the mod itself, but hundreds of whiny little bitches that do not know what they are talking about, and try to cram BD into every little hole they see.

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Our perception of a game's attributes changes over time as technology progresses. That' what we mean by "games aging."

Everybody got the memo except you somehow.

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That would be you aging.

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I am immortal.

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Then it's not really a problem with the mod itself at all, but with...well...you.

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Game age if it was purely a product of it's time. When it relied on the power of technology - which ages and becomes outdated without a doubt - more than it relied on design - which does not age.

Just look at the DooM, Quake, Duke3D and Unreal. Those were beautifully designed games, both in gameplay and artistic aspect, and they didn't age that badly.

However lots of stuff that had 3D just for the sake of having 3D, as was trendy and hip at the time, did not age well, because they had no design to back the technology up.

Look at Mario games. They are all based on the verified gamedesing decisions, and they all still hold up as the platformers, while many of its "wannabe-succesors" do not.

Design, both gamedesing and visual design are things that matter for the game to hold up. If those are bad, the game will not age and become immortal.

If they rely on technology and trends too much, they will age alongside said technology, as the trends they followed fade away into obscurity.

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There's no problem with mod, but there are lots of problems with things that bound to the mod, including its creator and fanbase.

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>Mark is a self-admitted neo-nazi

You are a self-admited cunt.

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>What version of DOOM were you playing where the first level wasn't playing synth buttrock?

Yeah but it changes in mood greatly especially in the hell levels.

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I don't think many shooters match the sheer speed and intensity of the combat in the game.

>Long sparring wars of weaving through the hell knight balls, going in and out to get the max damage of the double shotgun

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That's not what self-admitted means Mark.


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I've been playing Doom since it came out. I love Brutal Doom. I love a lot of mods. Making Doom gorier, harder, more frantic, more insane, that's what Doom mods have always been about. You can also turn off the modern fps features by simply choosing the Purist character.

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Purist was added only recently, long after all the drama winded down and Mark got banned

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So it's not a valid point then. You shouldn't be referring to older states of the mod in your complaints of it.

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Go play the PSX Doom TC then and/or Doom64 EX. The music is nothing but horror.

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You miss my point by the mile then.
It's not what the mod does, but what it's general fanbase wants other mods to do

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>actually looks really good for a game released in '93

Thats only because of modern source ports.

If we were stuck with dosbox, hoo boy.

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Check out Chocolate Doom.
Still good.

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Still sends chills down mine spine.

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It's the same with all classics like super mario world, gravitar etc. They have depth while remaining as simple as possible. It sounds like a contradiction, but as anyone who plays classics will agree there is this harmony of simplicity and depth.

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No I read that, I just don't go anywhere where I would see that happening. Just debating on the points that I know. Most communities are full of shitlords and brats so that's to be expected.

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Chocolate Doom only looks good in a nostalgic sense, though. Considering how long ago since it was 1993, a fair chunk of the current community won't have this nostalgia.

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I personally never liked the console ost that much. Though, D64 at least had the graphics and lighting to compliment it, so it did admittedly work there.

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The true way to play DOOM.

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Honestly I like the imp redesigns in Doom 64, they looked much less... goofy in that game than in the original.

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That looks horrible.
No HD looks good in an abstract environments, that are DooM levels.

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>Mark is a self-admitted neo-nazi
Citation needed.

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>But the question is, why should anyone give a shit, and why is this drama bullshit brought up any time anyone even mentions Brutal Doom
Because Marky Mark was consistently a shitter to everyone around him that acted like a cunt to all and accused anyone that disagreed with him or even disliked any aspect of Brutal Doom as being envious of his mod, his success, and asserted that they could never ever accomplish anything in their lives that compared to Brutal Doom. This included the people that helped him with his mod in the first place, the people that gave his mod the Cacoward it received, and the people responsible for making the source ports (with real code!) that his mod relied on and without which Brutal Doom would have never existed--the source ports which he was fine with people thinking were an extension of Brutal Doom. He also failed to credit many people whose work he used (crediting--putting someone's name on a list--is completely free and takes a second) and was belligerent when confronted about this by such people. Additionally he had a massive ego and never ever apologized sincerely for his actions, instead only giving "I'm sorry you guys are such faggots" concessions when directly confronted with the possibility of being permabanned.

This went on for almost seven years.

Surprise, surprise--it turns out people at the receiving end of this or at least witnesses to all this remember this later on when people mention Brutal Doom.

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not going to dig through ages of "mark sez" crap for that, but it was around BD v11 or 12 times

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>Today I decided to take the gore of Brutal Doom to a whole new level!

>Through these two years of development, some gib sprites from Nashgore still remained, so, I decided to make whole new sprites to replace them. Where to find the material? Making fake wax pieces of gore myself and taking pics of it? No, but searching the internet for REAL gore, and trying to turn pieces of these pictures of REAL DEAD PEOPLE into sprites.

>In this demostrative video you can see 3 pieces of REAL GORE: These pinky brain pieces at 00:07 were taken from a picture of a guy wich got his head ran over by a bus, and his brain splattered all over the street. The eye globe at 00:10 is taken from a guy that got his face shoot by a shotgun at point blank. These generic meat pieces flying at 01:10 are from a pic of a guy butchered by the mexican cartels.

>I'm not going to remake ALL sprites using real gore because it takes a lot of time, and it takes hours searching for pictures with the gore in an useable condidtion and angle to be used, but if anybody knows where I can find a clear picture of exposed human entrails, please send the link via PM

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reiterating same shit nobody cares about anymore and trying to stirr up the drama I see.
Lay off, will ye?

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This. Chocolate Doom looks like my ass pixellated on live TV. Click the image to the left to see how Doom should look.

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That's far too creepy and disgusting to be something you can just ignore.

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This is how I generally have it look, myself

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And for the record, I was moving during the shot, hence the shotgun being off-center.

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That's fucking revolting

Holy shit what is wrong with the Doom community

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I just wish they would make a new Doom that also stays as close as they can creatively to Doom 1 and 2. I don't feel like explaining right now in detail what I mean. I obviously understand they can't nor shouldn't make a new Doom that plays exactly like the old games just with modern graphics.

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another screeny

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How the fuck does everybody on here not prefer the original graphics? I thought this was retro board

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Its mainly the original 320x200 resolution that most modern doomers can't into.

I still play in software renderer with a 4:3 resolution. I usually play without freelook and gameplay mods, too. Eternity and PrBoom+ are my main choices of source port.

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meant for >>2327117

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As >>2327130 said it's just the resolution, which makes a huge difference in a 3D game. Even the retro ports (Win95, Boom, MBF, Legacy, early versions of ZDoom, Skulltag) increased the resolution

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Please stick to your containment zone general, Doomcucks.

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I got into Doom through the shitty DOSbox Steam version and then I switched to Chocolate Doom. I played the entire game through that. To me High Resolution Doom just reminds me of the Silent Hill HD collection. "We removed that shitty looking fog!" Alright, so you completely ruined the original aesthetic, cool.

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I remember even in 2009 /v/ nobody talked about Doom because it wasn't a big deal to play the game (everybody had played Doom at some point).

Nowadays every babby thinks they're special for playing Doom and have to constantly fellate it. It's like those idiot 15 year old stoners who smoke their first joint and feel it necessary to tell everybody that they smoke weed.

Fucking obnoxious neo /v/ children. Go back to Halo already.

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its even worse when they think theyre special for not liking brutal doom like literally all of vr

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Oh yeah, totally. That false sense of misplaced elitism is particularly funny when it comes to BD. I'm someone that actually grew up with Doom and first played it at release. BD is a very enjoyable mod. It seems the people shitting on it are fags doing their very best to fit in with the community and get 'browny points' for appearing 'purist'. Shit's so fucking try-hard and retarded.

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I'm one of the people "shitting on BD" and also grew up with the game.
While there are a couple of things that aren't my cup of tea in the mod, the mod overall is fine and pretty fun.
I just hate Mark. He's an asshole. Fuck him.

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gotta get those oldskool gamer credz

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