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do you like narc

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narc is an okay guy

Crime Wave tho

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This used to give me nightmares. Narc was fucking sick tho.

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are you a bad enough dude to save the president's tramp of a daughter

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How the fuck did they manage to play PCM through the PC speaker?

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This guy could hang out with the Fecal-lord.

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nothing like ex NASCAR drivers taking it to the streets and stopping the flow of drugs

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Even though I played it on NES, he still gave me a lot of pause. The way it just sort of slides across the floor slowly tracking you and takes a ton of shots to kill felt somewhat like a horror movie.

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With grenade launchers.

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>you will never know who that actress is

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God that was my game. Don't do drugs, but blowing everyone in your sight the fuck out with various bullets and bombs is A-OK!

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he's kinda cool.

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Does anyone else think NARC was so over the top and intentionally stupid to mock the war on drugs instead of supporting it?

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Is music from before 2000 retro?

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Regular or Menthol?

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At first, when I saw these guy's portraits in the NES port, I thought they were monochrome for technical reasons. I'm honestly surprised that it was actually a close conversion of the original graphics.

Now if only Rare didn't cheap out and used DPCM as well.

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It's a piece of shit like everything Midway did in the '90s. I find it hard to believe it was the first 32-bit arcade game, what with the ugly inconsistent art style and cheap looking digitized sprites.

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Thanks for the input neo-/v/.

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"Neo-/v/" would eat NARC up, given their obsession with Hotline Miami. I don't know how anyone could look at this game with a straight face and tell me that it looks aesthetically good, even for its time.

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I'm sure they were going for that. It speaks strongly of the disturbing visual effects that seemed to show up everywhere in 80s movies.

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There was a game shop here years ago, for their grand opening, the arcade games were set on free-play. Narc was stuck at Mr Big since nobody was able to beat him, and for whatever reason, the game wouldn't end and go into attract mode. People would walk up to the machine, get brutalized by him, then give up.

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It had a certain look, but for all its shortcomings, the over the top violence overshadowed that.

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Looks on par with mortal kombat.

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Digitized characters were a big thing. That and gradients.

Did not mesh well with flat art styles for everything else though, as you can see.

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I always thought that guy was Cain from Robocop 2.

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The late 80s? It looks fine. The artstyle is bad, but the high resolution graphics and bright colors makes up for it.

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I always thought he was based on Paul Giamatti.

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I'm surprised no one else found the portraits scary

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Anyone remember "The Power Team" from the old show Video Power? The villains from NARC were the bad guys on that, which was surreal.

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PCP...does that to you?

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why does he have a whole in his head, I'm sure PCP doesn't do that to you

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It's more the aftermath of PCP that does it to you. It's just less common in white guys.

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>Leave it to the brother to break up this display of gayness.
I would buy the DVD set in an instant if I ever saw it in stores.

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What do you mean

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PCP has some... interesting effects on the body. It's really some sort of high-power anesthetic that also causes a slew of other psychological issues, somewhat similar to alcohol in that it causes loss of inhibition, but it also causes a feeling of invulnerability and dissociation from pain.

There's always the popular story among officers here that one man was reportedly missing his lower half while on the stuff yet still clawing his way at his attackers in a blind rage. From what I hear, cops are told that for anyone who's a suspected user they're to bring backup and stand the hell back from them until they have enough people to restrain them.

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With that knowledge in mind, where do you stand on drugs being legal or illegal? If you don't mind me asking.

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Ah I was just saying black dudes are more likely to get shot full of holes on it than a giant cracker like Mr. Rockhead.

Speaking of which, Rodney King was on PCP (among other things) at the time he drowned.

My nigga. I mean you, not Tyrone.

The second season of Video Power was fun to watch, but I liked the format of the first one better. Power Team was kind of the GoBots to Captain N's Transformers, but it was a fun and weird show - by the way, what was it with early 90s cartoons with characters obsessed with chili dogs? Was that street for crack?

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I actually kinda liked Power Team a bit more than Captain N since they didn't fuck the characters that much, even though they were from rather crappy or obscure games. Granted, they did based Kuros on Fabio and not on the knight who is in the actual game, but it was still a respectable representation of the character compared to what they did to Simon.

I remember The Power Team actually got its spinoff series with its own theme song, which I can't find on Youtube. I think they were just re-edited versions of the original shorts from Video Power and not actual new episodes though.

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I thought this was obvious to everyone. It's called NARC for fuck's sake. Not exactly a term of endearment.

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Shittiest artwork of all time and waste of hardware - a travesty,

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So...now I see the need for a mini rocket launcher.

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No I don't see

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'Tis humor anon, as you see, based on >>2331904 exposition that they will even come at you blown in twain, they still pose threat.

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Honestly, drugs in general cause so many problems in the communities they're introduced into that I don't really mind there being laws prohibiting them, yet at the same time, I feel like it should be the individual's choice ultimately in the matter to use them or not. Even stranger, I hate drug tests for workplaces, but I do agree that employers have the right to a drug free workplace should they desire.

Taking a look at alcohol, something minor and completely ingrained in our society and incapable of being removed, just simply making it legal doesn't eradicate problems associated with it. Some people will always abuse the stuff while the majority will -usually- be responsible, it's just a personality trait. Harder drugs would probably function similarly in that most people would usually simply be a recreational user but would probably binge from time to time, and the results are much more fierce on something like coke or meth, so there'd be bigger problems there.

Speaking of coke and meth and a lot of other drugs in that vein, both have the potential to screw your body up pretty quickly in the long term. Meth kill braincells very, very quickly, and the body doesn't really recover from that. Likewise, coke can cause all sorts of heart problems in addition to causing a physical addiction. Neither one make much sense to get into because of that, though the short term rush people get certainly keep them using it.

So really, while in theory I think that individuals should be smart enough to decide if they're going to use the stuff or not, in practice most drug use is going to lead to some form of dependency on the substance, be it physical or psychological, so I don't really care that drugs in general are outlawed being that they have the ability to be so destructive in any environment they're in (And not just for the user, either).

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