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Retro games are full of bullshit rumors. What are some you remember?

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Nudalities in mk

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Lara Croft nude cheat code.

God I miss game rumors.

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I lied like a shit telling everyone i had mew and no they couldn't see it.
>How anon?
>The truck gave me mew.
Everyone at first loved me and i was the shit in school for like a month.
Then everyone turned on me and called me every name under the sun.

Older brother found out how to do the Mew trick and got me a Mew.

Mfw strolling in school GBPocket in hand like a baller. Oh whats this a MEW? See you fuckers i wasn't lying.

Mfw my popularity status shot through the roof and i was the shit for a whole year.
Good times.

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>luigi in mario 64
>freeing the green thwomp in mk64

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Wait, you can get luigi in mario 64?

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>Freeing the green Thwomp

I tried before I even heard the rumors. i just felt bad for the guy.

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>Animalities in Mortal Kombat II
So widespread that they ended up putting it in MK3 for real.
>Nudalities in Mortal Kombat II
We KNEW this was a joke though.
>Tits in the ending of Zelda II
Started by this one faggot kid in our school.
>Negative/Minus World rumors in SMB1
Actually a real thing of course, but no one in our school could get it to work, so there were a bunch of made of bullshit rumors about what it supposedly was like with nearly all of them assuming it was something other than a water level.
>Akuma in Super Street Fighter II
Not Super TURBO, just vanilla Super. Pretty sure this was just a local thing at our arcade.
>Samus Aran wearing even less if you meat some Metroid game or other in under a certain time
Pretty sure these existed in various forms nationwide. In our school it was that if you beat it in under half an hour she'd be in a skimpier bikini. At least one kid spent hours and HOURS trying to do this.
>jumping over the flagpole in SMB1
This apparently is technically possible, but EVERYONE heard rumors about this back in the day that were just 100% made up bullshit.

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>If you press a secret code before Sephiroth kills Aries, Cloud jumps up and has a sword fight with him and saves her.

Fuck you Paul

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And for the record, is he actually green, or is it just lighting?

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>tons of shit having to do with those bird guys in Super Metroid
I can't even remember if it was possible to free them or not, but there were a bunch of different variations on what would supposedly happen if you did, the most common in our town being that you'd see them in the ending animation.

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That's pretty good.

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These and anything having to do with Mew might have been the most common of all time.

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>This apparently is technically possible
Oh it's possible, but you doom yourself to death if you scroll the flagpole offscreen after.
There's at least one level with a springboard close enough to the flagpole to make it easy-peasy.

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It's lighting. That Thwomp is no different from any other one on the course.

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>The truck gave me mew

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>I can't even remember if it was possible to free them or not, ... the most common in our town being that you'd see them in the ending animation.
Well yes. You can free them.
And they do make an appearance.

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>the most common in our town being that you'd see them in the ending animation.
But that's actually what happens

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>>jumping over the flagpole in SMB1

THIS, ways to supposedly revive Aries, and Mew related rumors from the first Pokémon are THE most widespread bullshit rumors in the history of gaming.

Anyone who doesn't remember all the SMB1 flagpole nonsense is obviously under 30. EVERY FUCKING ELEMENTARY SCHOOL in the late 80s (and probably also very early 90s) had rumors about that. SO common that it was like a universal thing with little kids around that time.

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There's a hidden base inside the volcano in Battlezone. You just have to drive towards it for about 10 minutes.

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Do they appear in the end if you get them up to the surface? Because that was the rumor in our town. Never actually saw it though.

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This isn't a retro rumor however the game is retro (port of a N64 game).

Brutus is a purple bulldog in Animal Crossing who sends binary code messages and has a house full of fish which crashes the game. He only appears when you neglect the town

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Don't forget about playing Luigi in Super Mario 64. That was widespread as hell.
>tfw I fell for it and tried multiple methods, including swimming around the star statue 64 times.

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I never talked about games in elementary school. We never discussed that stuff. I wish I had rumor stories.

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>super mario flagpole
I believed it was possible, because there were several glitches/secrets in SMB that you could pull off with some consistency, like infinite lives, negative world, and fireballs while small Mario. I was never able to pull it off and never saw anyone do it.

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But Anon
You actually CAN jump over the flagpole.
You need the right conditions. It isn't always possible, but it CAN be done.

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Or maybe they're too old for those rumors. Not everyone into games was a kid during the NES days

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Mashing A helps you catch pokemon

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I once did that playing as a kid with my mom and dad. You get stuck on an endless loop of the castle wall.

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It was down+b nigga, and it was confirmed to actually re roll the capture chance.

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>mfw I captured the 3 legendary birds doing this.

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The ones that tricked you into doing something repetitive and painstakingly long were the worst.
And thats why nobody believed the 108 battles thing with suikoden 2. I mean, whos going to try that after swimming around the mario statue 64 times more than once?

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They appear in the end, but not the way anyone would think. See pic.
The circled dot only appears if you go rescue the animals. It launches out of the planet after it blows, just like Samus' ship.

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It was not. Don't be that kid.

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NBA Jam. SO MUCH BULLSHIT ABOUT HIDDEN CHARACTERS AND CHEAT CODES THAT WEREN'T REAL. The fact that the game was LOADED with real cheats just encouraged people to make up fake ones and people just assumed if you had crazy crap like Al Gore in the game then the other rumors must have been real, too. Jordan being playable was the biggest one that I remember because EVERYONE wanted him in the games and people were legit disappointed that he wasn't.

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Nothing quite like having a game of BBall with Bill Clinton and Will Smith in the Tournament Edition

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That is one of the strangest, most inconsequential secrets in a game ever.

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It's also canon, as they show up later in Fusion, and even pilot your ship for you at the end.
So I guess they escaped via a spaceship? I dunno.

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>"This was only partly true in Generation I, as button input could slightly influence the random number generation in the catch rate formulas. This required frame-perfect timing; thus it is only used by tool-assisted speedruns."

Get fucked, it was technically possible even without a tools.


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Just a small one from our school: Earthbound and StarTropics were part of the same series, but they just renamed them for the American release.

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*tool assisted speedrun

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>not a single mention of Sheng Long in Street Fighter

Seriously? That might have fooled more people than any other gaming hoax in history.

Here's the legendary original April Fool's article from EGM.

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And here's the second one they ran a few years later. By then nobody was falling for it though.

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If you liked that one, I'll tell you some another ones he told me:

> If you get every item in FF8, at the end you see Squall and Rinoa having sex! But you need a pocket station to get everything.

> I've seen the new Sonic cartoon that has Amy and Big in it. You not allowed to see it, my mom said.
The Dreamcast had been out a month.

>My Uncle is an secret assassin and lives on his own island.

>I've got pikablu.

>Wanna play soul calibur!
Yea! *hands me dreamcast keyboard*
>Mom say's no one else is allowed to the controllers.
Still won.

And the one that he got a little carried away with was:
>Remember when you came round mine saying that your copy of FF7 wasn't working any more?
>you did!
>a few weeks ago!
>Anyway, my copy's not working. You must of picked up my one by mistake. Can you give me my copy back?

It was around that time I stopped hanging out with him

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>THIS, ways to supposedly revive Aries


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>If you get every item in FF8, at the end you see Squall and Rinoa having sex! But you need a pocket station to get everything.

Now that's just fucking evil.

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That kid is fucking evil. I hope he stepped barefoot onto a lego.

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>Legend had it there was a specially modded version of Pokemon Red/Blue, called Pokemon Black - and it's creepy as hell. The game begins very much as Red/Blue did, with one exception - in addition to your chosen starter Pokemon, you have another Pokemon, caled "Ghost" - and you cannot remove it from your party. It's represented by the unidentified Ghost sprite you see before obtaining the Silph Scope, and it knows one move, called "Curse" (although - not the same "Curse" move present in later generations of Pokemon). And when you use Curse on wild Pokemon, the screen will simply go to black and you would hear a low-pitched cry. When the battle screen came back, the opposing Pokemon was gone. When used against a trainer's Pokemon, they would be left with one less Pokeball.
>What was happening was you were actually killing Pokemon. And it gets worse.
>If you used Curse once all the trainer's Pokemon were gone, the overworld trainer sprite would be gone, replaced with a tombstone. Yikes.
>There's more to the game (eventually, the game flashes forward to decades in the future - everyone in the world is dead but you, now an old man. Then Ghost reappears and curses you), but that's not the point of this. The point is - it's not even real. But the incredibly detailed and fascinating story drew in a lot of people. You can still find copies of Pokemon Black (Creepy As Hell Edition) floating around on eBay, and they never are what the legend promises they are.


BETTER (and MUCH longer, which is why I didn't quote it) ARTICLE ON THE SUBJECT:


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Either autocorrect or a typo. You know what I mean obviously.

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There we rumors of bullshit unlockable characters in Super Smash Brothers going around my school. A couple I remember are Diddy Kong and James Bond.

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A few months after Megaman X came out, I found the game on sale, and picked it up. A friend of mine told me about the unlockable Hadouken the next week, and I just kind of rolled my eyes at him. He wrote the instructions on a piece of paper, and told me to try it that night.

Nothing listed in the conditions seemed too ridiculous to pull off, so I tried it out. The second or third time I jumped into the pit at the end of Armadillo's level, I was just about ready to call it a fake.

A few minutes later, I just kind of sat there and laughed at myself. Why does this even work? How would anyone find this on their own if it wasn't in a magazine or something?

I got kind of worried when I put in my password, and didn't have the Hadouken anymore, though. Felt like an idiot when I was trying to show it to my uncle (who was big on Street Fighter at the time), but going through the steps again worked, and we had a good laugh about it.

I think we should have a topic sometime about "that kid" secrets that turn out to be legit.

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Don't remember which game it was exactly, but on one of the Mario Karts, either SNES or N64, this kid read a shortcut tip in a magazine wrong and thought it was saying that you could turn around in a circle at the start of one of the tracks and it would count as a full lap and you could just do that over and over until you beat the track. He was pretty convinced, but he never got it to work and instead of realizing he had just misunderstood the magazine he thought he was just somehow doing it wrong.

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It might have been Wario Stadium, where near the start you and hop the wall and skip over half the track.

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>if you chose to not go down the waterfall 108 times the intro is in color

who would EVER believe that

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To fight Onyx Weapon and get the masamune (that Cloud can use) you need to breed a white Chocobo and use it to swim underneath the swamp outside Midgar.

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You are a moron.

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>I think we should have a topic sometime about "that kid" secrets that turn out to be legit.

Mew in Pokémon
Pleasure Dome in Smash TV
Hadouken in Mega Man X
Shoryuken in Mega Man X 2
Weird cave in Pilotwings 64
Negative/Minus World in Super Mario Bros.
Wolfenstein level and Commander Keen in Doom 2

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Well, that's not really a rumor from the past or an urban legend, just creepypasta.

Still interesting, though, and way more "believable" (as in "actually sounding semi-reasonable when considering the limitations of the game") than most of the shit rumors I heard back then.

Kind of a shame Pokemon Black wasn't a thing back then. Could have been huge.

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>prove that down+b did influence capture chance
>gets called a moron

Okay pal.

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TONS of stuff in the first couple Mortal Kombats.

Most famous is the fake Ermac from MK1.

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There was also the hoaxed image(s?) of Skarlet in MK2.

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There was also a hoax of a character named Red Robin that was supposedly exclusive to the SNES version.

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There was also a hoax of a character named Red Robin that was supposedly exclusive to the SNES version of MK1.

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EGM made up a hoax about a character that was supposedly exclusive to the Genesis version of MK1 named Nimbus Terrafaux.

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Then there were Computer & Video Games Magazine's fake screenshots of Pedro from Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3. This is mostly remembered for the fire farting fatality.

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Me too. The early days of the internet were great.

>> No.2316308

Not in the way you described, also you have no idea how hardware-sourced random number mixing works.

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A lot of people who had Xenogears tried really really hard to get Ramsus to join the party. There were several complex hoaxes floating around.

It was a long time before anyone confirmed it was completely impossible.

However the popular theory now is that he would have indeed joined your party (there is an empty slot, even with Elly) if Square had fully completed the game. People say the source code seems to indicate this. but Idk

>> No.2316320

one of the hoaxes was totally hilarious, I'm trying to find it

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Shang Tsung was rumored to have be able to morph into both Goro and Kano in MK2, and Johnny Cage in MK3.

Then there was the fake screenshots of Aqua from Mortal Kombat Trilogy. He even had a fake ending made for him.

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I was in third grade when Pokemon first came to the stated so I was the perfect age to fall for these rumors. Old enough to appreciate them and go online by myself to look them up, but young enough to be naive to believe them.

The "that kid" of my school was named Devon. He had his own pokemon club and you had to take a test to be a part of it. He used to tell us all these crazy rumors and cheats. Shit like how to get the "skip stones" which I guess was his version of the mist stone rumor, how to get Brock and Misty to join you, how to find the "pokebomb" which would reveal the Star Gym in Mt. Moon where you could get Togepi.

I remember him telling us one day about the ultra rod, which you could get if you talked to the guy who gave you the super rod 1000 times. I actually tried this...

Anyways, he moved away after third grade, but not before stealing my Ninetails card.

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Here's his ending.


>> No.2316328

Mario 64:

In the mirror room where Snowman's land is. Put yourself up against the mirror (lakitu must be visible) and press the left shoulder button 64 times and Mario will turn into Luigi.

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File: 90 KB, 320x240, aqua_ending_2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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File: 90 KB, 320x240, aqua_ending_3.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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File: 90 KB, 320x240, aqua_ending_4.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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My favorite though was Hornbuckle and Torch, the guys standing on the bridge in the background of The Pit stage in MK1. A lot of people theorized that they were somehow playable or at least hidden as bosses.

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My favorite though was Hornbuckle and Torch, the guys standing on the bridge in the background of The Pit stage in MK1. A lot of people theorized that they were somehow playable or at least hidden as bosses.

>> No.2316345


Thank you, now go get me my Lava Cookie, bitch. :D

>> No.2316346 [DELETED] 


The guy on fire man

every time I played there I couldnt help but think what the heck was going over there

>> No.2316358

I don't know where this started or how, but at our school someone told us that Street Fight 1 didn't exist and SF2 was just called that because they thought it sounded cool. Most of us assumed this was true until years later when MAME came out.

Another kid was certain that Street Fighter II was the sequel to Street Fighter 2010, while others assumed it was a sequel to Final Fight because of the subtitle ("The Final Fight"). Somehow 99% of us thought this was less logical than there being no Street Fighter 1 at all.

>> No.2316370

That is a quirk in the RNG, and certainly not something intended by the programmers.
Not that it even matters, as it doesn't help you catch a Pokemon anyway, like the widespread rumours claimed. It's just as possible to influence the RNG from a successful catch to a failed attempt, and you'd have no way to tell unless you used savestates. So it's not practical.

So basically.. Yeah, you're a moron.

>> No.2316378

The one at my school was for a character called Butthole Bob.

>> No.2316385

StarTropics was only released in North America.

>> No.2316406

nobody would believe me about friendships in mk2 :(
or shang tsung's kintaro fatality

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>those actually professional gaming mags that made a preview of Super Mario 64 2, or Super Mario 128, or Super Mario DD and used doctored SM64 screenshots with Luigi in them and bullshit rumors that kid would tell you
>those actually professional gaming mags that give gamers money for hints and secrets they would print in the magazine, including bullshit like Pokégods or made up items
>those actually professional gaming mags that would come up with an april fools including a game with sexy females (like FFX-2) and hugging naked with your also nude buddies in front of Eye Toy, or something
Those were the days.

>> No.2316425

>Super Mario 128
But that was a real thing, Anon.
Then it wasn't.

>> No.2316434 [DELETED] 

That's the one that became Galaxy, right?

>> No.2316435

So when are they gonna become canon?

>> No.2316438

Yes and no, but point is they didn't and couldn't talk about the actual thing. Fake preview full of fake footage and information, either on purpose or because the writers were dumb as shit.

>> No.2316443

Bits of it ended up being used in Pikmin as well as Galaxy. That's as much as I know.

Yeah, you've got a point.

>> No.2316450

I remember wondering what the purpose of the alcove was in gobi valley as well as the ice key, I also thought that you could somehow escape rusty bucket bay and go out into the ocean and I also thought that when gobi said he was going to the lava world I thought he meant either the jiggy section with lava or grunts furnace fun

>> No.2316557

>Street Fight 1 didn't exist and SF2 was just called that because they thought it sounded cool
Hah, I had forgotten all about this. I remember hearing that one too.

>> No.2316568

Regardless, that was the rumor that they were the same series.

>> No.2316658


AH, those were the days

>First make sure that Lara is facing exactly north, ...

>> No.2316724

That's kind of creepy.

>> No.2316726

>literally state there is an April Fool's joke in the magazine on the same page as the joke itself

Fucking genius.

>> No.2316737

I wanna say I've seen something like this done on a TAS for Super Mario Kart.

>> No.2316745

I remember that Mario kart one... Also being able to land on the boat on the donkey Kong track in mk64... It was bullshit impossible but I wasted endless hours trying...

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File: 126 KB, 750x709, 1418868726405.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Crash Team Racing
>there's a rumor going on that you can unlock N. Oxide as a playable character after defeating him in every time trial
>get hyped
>after countless of hours and sore fingers, finally manage to beat Oxide in every time trial
>check the character roster with an erected penis about a game containing marsupials on go-karts
>no Nitrous Oxide in the roster
>that was the third controller I broke during a Crash Bandicoot experience

>> No.2316759

Wonder if kids nowadays still make up bullshit rumors about the games they're currently playing. I know it's the age of easily accessible internet and all, but maybe some kids might fall for that shit still.

Then again, with how streamlined and relatively bug-free games are these days, there may not be enough room for kids' imagination to run wild to the extent of coming up with this kind of stuff anymore. The most recent game I can think of that generated some amount of rumors was GTA San Andreas, with the whole bigfoot thing, and that was more among regular gamers on the net than kids on the playground.

>> No.2316762 [DELETED] 

>relatively bug-free games are these days
I hate to break it to you, Anon-kun...

>> No.2316768

I remember buying one of those cheat code books from Wal-Mart and seeing codes for stuff like unlocking Pikachu in MK Trilogy.

>> No.2316772

I said RELATIVELY, anon. I know you still get a fair share of glitches, but those mostly tend to be related to physics, models, textures, events not loading when they should, etc. Rarely do you get something like Missingno that generates conversations about what else could be hidden in the game.

>> No.2316783

I bought a fucking cheat code book from my school book fare, and I swear to fucking god half the cheats in that thing were complete bullshit. I wish I still had it today.
It literally fucking said that you could get Mew under the truck. That kind of shit. I was so fucking mad. Thank you for reminding me how mad I was.

>> No.2316789

I think those books just went to gamewinners.com and copy pasted a bunch of stuff. That site was the king of bullshit cheat codes.

>> No.2316809
File: 344 KB, 1920x1080, nuerburg__red_bull_x2010_ii_by_hdspring-d38dlnc.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

A friend of mine told me that there was a secret, fictional car in Gran Turismo 2 that looked like some kind of red bull.

Over a decade later, Polyphony Digital adds pic related to GT5.

>> No.2316812

My cousin used to lie about shit like this. We always knew he was lying, but he would always stick with the lie. It was really irritating. So one day he was lying about something again, I think he said he had a driver's license because they gave him one at the go-karts or something and he wouldn't take it back so my sister hit him in the shoulder. He still wouldn't rescind his statements about the driver's license so I got mad too and kicked him in the leg. Still wouldn't rescind his fallacious statements. So eventually I was holding him down while my sister was stomping on his chest and stomach and legs while he continued to pathologically lie about having a driver's license at age 10. Eventually I was socking him in the face while he was lying there and he started to cry so we let him go.

>> No.2316813 [DELETED] 
File: 1.19 MB, 2048x1536, Red_Bull_Mini.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>fictional car in Gran Turismo 2 that looked like some kind of red bull.

>> No.2316824

The lies were to help him cope with beatings like those that he received on a daily basis at home.


>> No.2316832 [DELETED] 

>he started to cry so we let him go.

What, that's it? Is that how easy you let liars get away with it, essentially scot-free?!

>> No.2316838

>We always knew he was lying, but he would always stick with the lie.

This has always been my issue with those kids who pull that crap. It's like they reached a point where they seriously believe the lies they told were real.

>> No.2316853

I am one thousand percent sure that's exactly what it was. I'm especially mad because it was, like, $15 or something.

>> No.2316862

GTA always has a TON of rumors for some reason. It seems to be the only series that gets that anymore.

>> No.2316864

This is the funniest thing I've ever read.

>> No.2316878

For a while in the mid-90's there was a rumor making rounds that Doom 2 had upwards of even 60 levels in it, 30 of them hidden levels. The trick to seeing them all was that in each secret level there was a hidden ending that you needed to find in order to progress to the next level.

Of course, when the cheat codes were found and mapping and modding really took off, this was quickly proven to be bullshit. But for a while back in 1995 I actually bought it.

>> No.2316882

I knew/know someone like this who made up some bullshit story about a game in high school. At some point I really think he believed his lies. Like, he'd seem genuinely enthralled with them or something.

>> No.2316884


128 was more than one thing. One concept became Pikmin.

>> No.2316887


Have you seen the GTA, Minecraft, and Pokemon rumors? The problem is now it's incredibly easy for rumors to be debunked if you use the internet

>> No.2316907

That was the other thing about rumors back in "the day." Even when there was internet, a lot of Pokemon sites and whatnot out there seemed to be run by middle schoolers who were probably just as trustworthy as that kid on the playground. I seem to recall one telling you to email him so he would tell you how to catch Pikablu or some such nonsense.

>> No.2316916


>> No.2316935
File: 207 KB, 1008x745, sept_coro_clear.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

PokeGod rumors were quite popular.


I have been following Pokemon prereleases since Platinum and rumors don't last long now. Within a day people have debunked them.

>> No.2316937

when i was like eight this kid told me that his mom worked for nintendo and she somehow knew about games coming out like a hundred years before release. he told me that at some point there'd be this donkey kong game but instead you'd play as a naked girl and it'd be called titty kong. i laughed it off cause it sounded like a joke but the kid was dead serious, p sure his piece of white trash mom actually told him shit like this cause he was just a weird kid in general and had a fucked up home life iirc

>> No.2316953

Now that's a good rumor image, three actual pokemon, one edit of a sprite, and one fake.
It's almost believable

>> No.2317020
File: 70 KB, 1345x682, pikachu_-_pokken_tournament_001.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Circa 1999:

>News of an all-new Pokemon fighting game now pin points the title on both the N64 and Nintendo's next generation super system the Dolphin. Now here's where the gossip gets juicy: Capcom is rumored to be handling the development of both titles. I personally can't wait to see Pikachu pull off an electric dragon punch...

>> No.2317050

>rngis based on values stored in ram
>input changes values in ram
I don't disagree with you but he isn't wrong.

>> No.2317092
File: 2.34 MB, 320x178, batman-xxx-villains-laugh.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>at some point there'd be this donkey kong game but instead you'd play as a naked girl and it'd be called titty kong

>> No.2317129

naked Lara code
Mew behind the truck

a kid at middle school told me he'd gone to Bill's House in Pokemon Red and Bill had given him Togepi, Pikablu, and something else
I actually believed him at the time (I was 12 and wanted it to be true)

>> No.2317140 [DELETED] 

Final Fantasy VII

Aeris/th lives.


>> No.2317185

I remember a tale about a sort of zombie Pokemon circulating that was eerily akin to Giratina's Diamond/Pearl encounter.

Having literal PokeGods in there only made it weirder.

>> No.2317297

50 coins teleports you to a ring zone.

I didn't believe my mom until she showed me.

>> No.2317501

Someone at my elementary school claimed that a rocket was an unlockable vehicle in Diddy Kong Racing, and that you could also earn the ability to ride the first four bosses in that game.

Another kid claimed that in Banjo-Kazooie, you could find these "Hyper Chips" that would make Banjo turn green and get a variety of mutant powers.

>> No.2317514

Those stupid brick games DID have 9999 games in them, you just had to unlock them.

>> No.2317531

Fatalities in WWF - The Arcade Game.

I don't mean Undertaker's (which I never found out if that was actually real or not). I mean for every character.

That was pretty common. Enough that I'd imagine some other people have heard that one.

>> No.2317665

My uncle once told me that he read something about a "giraffe" that comes out when you closely follow someone for a long time. He said that it would come out and flip them aorund (like a red shell would) so you could get ahead.

Looking back I think he meant "draft" or I just misheard him, but either way I still look back on that shit and laugh... and wonder.

>> No.2317748 [DELETED] 

I actually worked at Nintendo when I was a teenager, but nobody ever believed me. It was not nearly as magical as you might believe.

>> No.2317770

Holy shit this so much, I must have spent about a month trying to beat him back then, and in the end all I got was a broken disc.

Oh, I remember that. There was also the UFO in the middle of Las Venturas. And now that I think about it, GTA V had some rumors about someone finding a jetpack in the game files but apparently that was bullshit.

>> No.2317795

biggest one was getting general leo back in your party from the aol message boards in like 1995

>> No.2317801

Oxide in CTR seemed so logical though... shame.

There was a russian kid in our school who told us stories of all the games he had back home in Russia. Ape Escape 2, Crash Bandicoot 4, "popular PSX title: the sequel" mostly.
Always told us how it sucks that all the cool games get released in Russia first and he can't bring them here because of region locking.
I'm from Finland.

>> No.2317804

>Having trouble rescuing the dolphin in Rusty Bucket Bay? No problem, there is scuba gear hidden in the room with Click Clock Woods' entrance!

>> No.2317838

I thought the mew glitch wasn't discovered until very late, when people took apart the ROM and found the overflow.

>> No.2317840

I'm amazed someone hasn't made a romhack of this.

>> No.2317846

You must have missed the gay shower rape story.

>> No.2317847

Someone tried iirc but there were problems

>> No.2317863

>my cousin was a liar
>so my sister and I beat, abused and raped him

>> No.2317864

What was that site that claimed some Mexican girl got the triforce?

>> No.2317881

Oh come now,there was no rape there,
merely beatings and abuse

Coincidentally,I think that kid was telling the truth
I vaguely remember getting some drivers license(or certificate) thing from some dodgem cars.

>> No.2317887

The only one that's 100% fake is sadfish, which is kinda sad really.

>> No.2317906

Goddamn, what a little twit. I had a childhood friend almost exactly the same as him, what is wrong with these kids that are pathological liars at that early an age?

>> No.2317909

Dude, one of my oldest friends never did believe me the Hadoken thing either. Years later, when Youtube was a big thing, he randomly came up with that he never believed me back then and i could finally show him that it is a real thing via some guys video. Felt great.

>> No.2317912
File: 20 KB, 246x164, 1423074639403.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Europe as well

>tfw renting the game and it had a photocopied manual

>> No.2317947

SMB, World 3-3.

>> No.2317961

that glitches in 1st gen pokemon can break your save file. I understand the technical theory that accessing memory while turning off the device can corrupt or whatever but we tried that 6 times getting all the starters twice over link cable and I did the missingno glitch on every playthrough, so did friends.

mew was also annoying with the truck, but what bugs me more is what was the key from the casino -actually- for

I have more like cheats involving physically tapping the console (megadrive near power button ish) after cheat combos but those actually worked for whatever ungodly reason so I cant call it bullshit. (got sonic 3d level select menu once like this, I have no idea why)

>> No.2317968

Corrupting your save file isn't just a rumor. Granted, the most common thing that happens is just the hall of fame getting corrupted, but with the more esoteric glitches worse shit can happen.

>> No.2318135
File: 9 KB, 229x220, 1427595320494.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

this is the tale of my neighbor Elias or like he was called in our black Elias the mytho.

Elias was a short fat geeky kid so he was predestined to be bullied but what make things worst he was the biggest fucking liar i have ever seen in my life and not even clever/believable lies. they were the most ridiculous fantasy level of shit ever.
I was a nerd glass geeky kid so i had my share of that too but even I hated him with all my guts.

Anyway here some of his /vr/ lies.
>He finished Street fighter 2 turbo with every character on the hardest difficulty and unlocked robots version of each on of them.
>On this super secret version there is traps on levels like a circular saw blade on zengief stage.
>He played Creepy Crawlers vs TMNT video game on PS1 and we better not buy it when they will release it cause it was meh.
>When the N64 got released He was already testing the Super Playstation a 64bits red console,4 pad connectors.
>At his cousin house he watched the Castlevania movie but he don't want to talk about it cause it was so scary the military banned it.
>On stage 2 of Robocop 2 arcade game he could play Robocop 1 game on one of the arcade cab on the stage.
>He played the Super metroid pinball table where the ball can transform into samus and do the same shit as in the game.
>When he was ill with gastroenteritis shitting his pants for a week he told all kid at school that it was a cover up cause he was on a trip to his cousin house who done highscores in 5 games at the arcade and they give them access to a secret arcade place only for elites.

Ask if you want more there is tones of others craps like this but they are not /vr/ related
>Carnivorous pet turtle saga (kind of sad).
>Console remote controlled majorette cars saga.
>Aliens/light entities communication saga ruined school life edition.
>his dwarfs who eat only lettuce and olives saga.
And my favorite
>He can't feel pain and need to fake it so people think he is normal.

>> No.2318136

They tried with the GBA games, which are EXPONENTIALLY easier to modify than the GB games. GBA programming has some semblance of a language, the GB is just rows upon rows upon rows of gibberish hexadecimal values that somehow makes sense to the most autistic of minds. Who'da thunk that 98 D8 75 8C 42 ED A5 D0 1E 64 means "when Up is pressed, increase Y position by 1"? How were these games even programmed in the first place?

>> No.2318159

Post the "dwarves who eat only lettuce and olives saga".

>> No.2318213 [DELETED] 

>kids that are pathological liars at that early an age?
I had a friend like that and knew a couple others. Looking back, they were all probably compensating for a poor home or parents, or had other deep-seated issues that don't make themselves apparent until later in life. These kids always continue this sort of behavior as adults, as they grew up trying to manipulate their circumstances. Little kids are the most powerless class of people there are, so it's not surprising that some will try and figure out ways to gain advantage, even if society teaches them morals.

>> No.2318219
File: 115 KB, 310x225, hgzaa.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>mfw reading about Gengar's evolution "Spooky"

>> No.2318224

>With some kids from the block Racing with ours BMX in the parking lot.
>Elias coming back from an errant at the local grocery store.
>Some kids decide to go talk (making fun of him would be more appropriate).
>"Hey elias what do you have in your plastic bag ?
>"...It lettuce and olives"
>"How can you be so fat when all you eat at your house is olives and lettuce?"
>"it not for me...it for the dwarves"
>"The What?"
>"Yeah the 4 dwarves I keep at home"
>"they eat only lettuce and olives"
>laughing our ass off while forcing him to let us see them.
>so as usual when he tell us one of his big fat lies we escort him to his door.
>he tell us to wait but never comeback as usual.
>next day at school after he got his ass kicked again.
>But instead of telling the truth he had a better plan.
>For a week or so, after school
>we see him going to the local grocery
>to buy lettuce and olives.
>until he run out of pocket money.
>so the next day he come back and showed us what look like hickeys on his arms.
>Look like The dwarves attacked him and left because they discovered he talked about them to others kids.

I can tell you he got a severe case of ass kicking that day too.

>> No.2318227

>Aliens/light entities communication saga ruined school life edition.

>> No.2318228

Pretty much. They want to think they're cool and important. Or they want other people to think that.

I was quite an impulsive liar as a kid. I would just make up random shit. Like, I had a pet cat once, but I told everyone I had a dog, because I didn't want anyone to know I had a cat.

But I was straight up when it came to vidya. I think I perpetuated a couple of bullshit pokemon rumors, mostly just to fuck with my friends a bit. Get them to fight the E4 50 times in a row or some shit.

>> No.2318234

>I hope he stepped barefoot onto a lego.
Rofl, I do this all the time when my nephews are over, they have way too many legos.

>> No.2318239

Base 64?

>> No.2318296

Lay that shit out son. This sounds like fun

>> No.2318306

So this one is pathetic as we were old enough to not talk about crap like this.and it escalated quickly.
>As usual in a shitty blocks neighborhood we have alot of cultural diversity.
>our cultural diversity was composed mostly of sand niggers.
>last year of primary/grade school (we are 10/11 years old god damn it)
>it was their Ramadan thing and you know sand nigger talk alot about their barbaric spiritual believe in Ramadan.
>Anyway they are talking about getting some kind of magical god blessing at night.
>talking about a seeing a Light brighter then the sun and god will give them anything they want and some shit like that.
>It time for Elias to shine.
>"They are Aliens"
>"I saw this light you are talking about just last week in my room"
>"They told me they are aliens who travel through light and go to meet others species"
>oh boy here we are go.
>never saw a fat kid running like that in my life.
>But it was still too slow.
>They need less then 5 mins before we found Elias in underwear in the middle of the basket court with his pants stuck on the basketball hoop. crying all the liquid in his body.
>the 2 kids got expelled.
>Others parents raged
>Elias with his mother had to tell to all rest of class he didn't mean it that way.
that all.

>> No.2318318

>Having so much trouble rescuing the dolphin that you make up wish fulfilling lies about not having to do it.

>> No.2318324

Didn't they have that Mew on Tour thing in America? I remember they did in Sweden, Nintendo would set up some shit in a mall and kids would go there and have Mew loaded onto their cartridges. Also did the same thing with Celebi later on.
It was definitely a thing in Japan.

>> No.2318340

If I'm not mistaken, this is actually a thing in child psychiatry.
Basically, if people believe it, it's effectively true. Kids are just really shit about judging what's actually plausible or not.

>> No.2318361

Why didn't you just show it to him in the game back in the day?

>> No.2318378

Here is my favorite it short but damn it priceless.

>it summer.
>playing quietly with others kids.
>Elias is with us we are not talking so it ok.
>Out of nowhere he told us he can't feel pain and need to fake pain so people think he is normal.
>Same afternoon we sniped him with a piece of pavement that hit him at full speed Just on the middle of his back.
>Look painful as hell as he was wearing just a thin shirt
>Elias is on his knees in the middle of the parking lot.
>Go to check if he is alright.
>He looked at me with the most pitiful snot-nosed-crying pain expression i ever seen in my life to this day.
>"yeah i told you i can't feel pain"

>> No.2318560

I tried making it myself around 2011. As >>2317847 and >>2318136 said, working with Red and Blue was a piece of shit. I worked on it for about two months, and I managed to add Ghost as a starter, change the title screen, and got Curse to half work (IIRC, I could make the Pokemon disappear, but it made other odd problems happen for reasons I can't remember). It was very frustrating work and I would be lachrymose if I ever decided to pick it back up again.

>> No.2318578

What in the actual fuck am I reading?

>> No.2318583

More hardware wise

Playing genuine playstation games on chipped playstation can damage them

>> No.2318678

I seriously I think the kid had a serious mental problem or something.
The strange thing is he was a top student among the top students in grade school.
I remember his grades seriously dropped on the 2nd year of Middle/Junior High School and he was taking seriously high level of bulling even from some teachers.
He also snapped one day and tried to attack people in his class with his chair and broke his nose on the process.

But i never talked to him again after grade school not even at our block.
After that we moved from that shithole because things turned better for us and never heard about that place or Elias for the last 20 years.

>> No.2318690
File: 119 KB, 1280x720, 1546567546766789679.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>if you beat the game with all characters on the hardest difficulty twice in a row you can unlock gotenks and super piccolo

fuck you mike

>> No.2318707

Did you use the dissasembly of the games, or was this your own work? If the former, then Jesus, I guess the game's code really was fundamentally damaged.

>> No.2318765

>I seriously I think the kid had a serious mental problem or something.
Not to labour the point, but I suspect that having the shit kicked out of him on a daily basis didn't help.

>> No.2318778

This is what I would suspect. Writing an entire game in Z80 assembly with such constrained resources must be a complete nightmare. I imagine this is the reason, along with what I understand to be a highly pressured development period, for the vast number of bugs in RBG.
That and massively popular games get a much greater proportion of their bugs discovered due to so many people play(-test)ing them. I'm sure OoT was actually quite well-written, but the number of glitches we've found in it is simply great; I fucking love glitches.

>> No.2318840

Disassembly, yeah. There's someone on Youtube who's in the middle of making Black, and he's making it in Game Maker. In all honesty, I think starting completely from scratch would probably have been easier...

It reminded me a lot of looking at other people's work in high school computer science courses. The code would be completely bizarre 90% of the time, but it made complete sense to whoever wrote it. I'm not sure if Pokemon was written by idiots or geniuses.
Glitches are way cool until you try to fix them.

>> No.2319005

Not a rumor, but damn I could imagine it being one. Never had something like this said to me tho.

>You can find a black hole in Star Fox. Don't laugh at me! I'm serious! I can't show you but-wait come back!

>> No.2319023

Sad turtle story, please.

>> No.2319026

For years, I thought Andross' brain in SF64 was fake, because the kid who told me about it was a known vidya bullshitter.

>> No.2319031

Next thing you know he'll say jet fuel can't melt steel beams

>> No.2319212
File: 76 KB, 519x600, batman laugh.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>>At his cousin house he watched the Castlevania movie but he don't want to talk about it cause it was so scary the military banned it.


>> No.2319253
File: 38 KB, 265x302, 1273357777409.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Summer vacation again.
>Elias came back from a camping trip with his mother and relatives.
>He now have a pet turtle.
>You know just a regular Greek fucking tortoise anyone can keep at home.
>So we are having fun looking at the most boring pet you can get after a rock or a dead fish.
>when someone asked him nonchalantly what it name.
>"oh it Jack"
>knowing the guy it was too "normal".
>"so why jack ?"
>"oh jack like jack the reaper.
> Wat
>"yeah cause it's not a normal turtle"
>"it's a carnivorous turtle"
>So now the poor little guy is a savage killing beast that eat bones and flesh.
>oh well that Elias for you he get called liar and others names as usual.
>the next day he try to show us how his turtle really eat meat.
>so we are all squatting forming a circle.
>To see a fight to death between the poor turtle and piece of bifi salami sausage.
>nothing happen of course.
>We are all leaving.
>He is now standing and desperately trying to force the sausage into the poor animal mouth.
>Until i think he got bitten by the poor thing i don't know why he freaked out but the poor lil guy was already flying in the air before hitting the pavement with a crack/splash sound.
>so here we are again around the poor little turtle trying to save him.
>it had a big bleeding crack on it shell and it was trying to hide it head but could never last long.
>Until it stopped moving.
>i seriously raged cause this time his lies killed a poor innocent thing.
>we didn't even have the time to look where the fucktard was.
>he had already run home.
>some kids buried the unfortunate turtle.
>Elias didn't come out for days.

I must admit i had hit Elias some others times but never seriously just a small kick at best. But this time i used the spanner i had under my BMX saddle to hit him on the shinbone and finish him with another one on the clavicle letting him screaming and crying.

>> No.2319276
File: 6 KB, 354x280, Hammer.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Something I heard from one asshole in school was that you could get an upgraded Megaton Hammer in OoT. You had to run around and up the back of the Deku Tree to find it, and with it you could free the frozen Zoras in Zora's Domain.

Was that a real fake rumor, or was it just something he made up on the spot?

>> No.2319289

Kid at school told me if you played ocarina for 24 hours straight link grew a beard and became an old man.

>> No.2319331
File: 79 KB, 250x238, what the hyuck am i reading.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Not a rumor, but I remember a Mexican magazine (Club Nintendo) once had a "code" to unlock Rat King and Karai in TMNT Tournament Fighters that involved fucking turning the SNES off and on a gorillion times in rapid-fire succession. Even as a kid I thought not only did that make no goddamn sense, but that it couldn't possibly be good for the game and/or console. My brother and I tried it for like half an hour anyway. Don't quite remember if we actually got it to work, but what the fuck man.

Like an issue or two later, they revealed a proper code.

>> No.2319445

>There's someone on Youtube who's in the middle of making Black

Oh that's kinda coo-

>and he's making it in Game Maker

Of course.

>I'm not sure if Pokemon was written by idiots or geniuses.

You know, I've always thought that former programmers from the legendarily incompetent Micronics worked on Pokemon. The game does have the odd, choppy scrolling, and the sprites don't stay on screen properly when the game scrolls. Well, maybe not a proper Micronics staffer, but someone who was influenced from their programming motto, which was "just make it work, fuck bugs". Marionette, another Japanese developer, has Micronics-like quality for their games (Dr. Chaos, Phantom Fighter), and the guy who founded Micronics, some Kazuo Yagi (best known by his alias Kazzo), went to work for Video System for Aero Fighters. Maybe Kazuo gave GameFreak some tutoring lessons?

>> No.2319491
File: 22 KB, 320x320, 1426178597820.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


I am the only one with a /vr/ape story, thats my schtick.


Not gay. Fuck off.

>> No.2319520

You should get a tripcode.

>> No.2319541


Nah. Dont wanna be dogged by people calling me a fag.

Also board wide tripcodes are for people with technical expertise or qualifications. Putting a tripcode on for flavor is gay, gayer than getting jizzed on.

>> No.2319623

Don't even want to know.

>> No.2319630

>And my favorite
>>He can't feel pain and need to fake it so people think he is normal.

Most ridiculous thing I've ever read.

>> No.2319637


Which parents were pissed?

>> No.2319656

>yfw elias got murdered by the olettuce dwarves

>> No.2319657
File: 1.00 MB, 260x187, cena_wtf_gif.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.2319734

That sounds like some really dumb April Fools prank. I swear EGM was the only magazine that did them well due to the extreme lengths they went to make it as plausible as possible.

>> No.2319736

Some people can't feel pain though. They often end up damaging themselves when they're young though, and need to regularly check themselves for shit they may not have noticed (gaping wounds, missing fingers, whatever).

That kid was obviously just a compulsive liar though. Why fake it? Noone gives a shit.

>> No.2319776

People who actually can't feel pain usually die as babies from doing dangerous shit and accidentally killing themselves because they don't know to stop.

>> No.2319834
File: 1.92 MB, 380x253, dja4UZ0.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>mfw I was totally one of those kids that did this

No idea why to this day. I made up bullshit about video games and my friends believed me. Guess it made me feel cool somehow.

>> No.2319860

My favourite part of this post is how it cheerfully concludes with violence despite decrying the same throughout.

>> No.2319868

So many times, this: >>2319520

Also, you had your dick in his ass. That's pretty gay, dude.

>> No.2319881

The thing is, you CAN indeed unlock Rat King and Karai through a legit button combo in the title menu. But for whatever reason, they came up with the weirdest fucking method to unlock them, and I'm assuming it did work for some reason, because who the fuck comes up with that shit?

>> No.2319898

There is at least one Genesis game that unlocks features if you reset it multiple times at the title screen.

>> No.2319903

I lied about this story, it never really happened, but it was funny to me to imagine kicking the shit out of my lying cousin who always used to lie. We should have kicked his ass. Kicked some sense into him.

>> No.2319919

Aeris/th lives.

>> No.2319931

She changed her name to Alice and moved.

>> No.2320259

>Alias: Gouken
If only we knew

>> No.2320338


That's from a gaming magazine, fyi

>> No.2320354

That reminds me of one I seen on GTPlanet years and years ago, That in GT2 if you buy every black car available in the game, you get a McLaren F1.
People actually tried it and they must have been pissed, think of the hours sunk in for all of that

>> No.2320359

You realize you were just like him now, right?

You also realize that there was no reason for you to reveal your lie, because no one could've disproven it in the first place.

>> No.2320429
File: 126 KB, 500x485, 1413564117015.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Twisted Metal 2
>Antarctic level
>my uncle told me that I had to have my car land on a certain glacier (unreachable) and fire a power missile into it at the same time to unlock Dark Tooth as a playable character
>spent like an hour killing myself trying to do this

>> No.2320430

I remember one about the Crystal Onix from the Pokemon anime.

>breaking your save file
This actually happened to a friend of mine, a glitch broke her save in half.

It's fun but Gen 1 had some really bad bugs.

>> No.2320434

This one kid tried to push reviving Crono in Cross like Aeris.

It actually worked for a while.

>> No.2320475

that's correct, so he's either lying or he may have obtained it through Game Genie/Gameshark/other cheat device (before the official Nintendo giveaway we'd do this and trade them freely at school)

>> No.2320494

i always heard rumors of what could only be described as "a chocolate factory" level being hidden in Super Mario Bros.(nes)

>> No.2320569

Yeah, that was mentioned alongside Minus World in one of those "How to Win at Nintendo" books. But, the guy never explained how to get there or anything.

>> No.2320660

the most bullshit story i ever heard about videogames in general was yet another trick to catch mew in pokemon red/blue, I read on a website 15 years ago, along with several other 'tricks nobody but us knows'.

on a german pokemon website, apparently from a 12 year old autist fanboy, there was a shitty walkthrough for pokemon red/blue (god, why?) and several bullshit tricks for gullible kids, such as the aforementioned A/Down-B trick on a regular pokeball to turn it into a masterball. This was the only 'reasonable' trick...not. Here are some others:

>Finding Mew: Walk over Seafoam Island searching the ground with 'A' and at some point you will find the Rainbow Stone. Give it to your Mewtwo and it will evolve into Mew.
>Finding Marill in Red/blue: catch 150 Missingnos and save (lol,obvious troll is obvious) - no gold edition released at that time, yet. People got to known to that pokemon only by the first movie.
>Finding Donphan in Red/blue: probably too stupid to even remember.
>Other rumours were listed also, such as having brock and misty join you. Provided (!) you found Maril and showed it to Misty (lol) and somehow she locks the arena afterwards to join you.

>> No.2320692

That's what I used to do. The amount of money I made from selling mews...

>> No.2320790

Wait, the nude raider mod is a rumor that is false?

[Citation needed]

>> No.2321031

My cousin told me in that if you managed to land of the unused portions of the track in Port Town II in F-ZERO that you could continue down the track, which would become like an infinity long stretching highway. Eventually the track would become dilapidated with holes and shit everywhere and you'd get attacked by ghosts of people who died on the road. Eventually they'd cause enough damage that the car would explode, but the pilot would jump out and you'd have to control them as they continued to run forward down the track until eventually all the ghosts killed him.

>> No.2321090
File: 1.16 MB, 250x250, [Losing Shit Internally].gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.2321109
File: 85 KB, 633x738, 1424724968953.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

guys listen my cousin got the Triforce in Ocarina
His dad works for Nintendo and showed him where it is
guys seriously no joke I saw it
Only a true Zelda master can get it
100% legit

>> No.2321175

A friend of mine told me one time that if you died a whole bunch to the final boss alien queen in Ecco the Dolphin, you could end up trapped in its stomach and be digested while the player just helplessly swam around a red screen with gas bubbles and shit.

>> No.2321620

post more please. share everything you remember

>> No.2321626

...shit, really?

>> No.2321634

"Cazzo" is Italian for dick.

>> No.2321635

Uhh... you can revive Chrono.

>> No.2321642

The one at my school was beating Very Hard 100 times to unlock Dark Yoshi and beating 1P Mode 126 times or something for Metal Mario.

The same kid told me i had to beat Normal with only 3 lives with Link only to unlock someone called Ness, which was MOSTLY right.

>> No.2321645

Sorry but whether it's practical or intended by programmers or not isn't what's being argued. You're desperately backed into a corner and trying not to "lose" the argument. That guy already proved you wrong.

>> No.2322467
File: 488 KB, 499x367, 1421882769266.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>sup kid a grad above me, Tenchu stealth assassins is badass.
I have the third one anon, you can do X Y and Z
>holy shit really? Lets go play that, I've had a Tenchu fetish for many years
Sorry i was lying. You can still stay over though if you want

Just why. WHY WHY WHY.

>> No.2323078


Actually Ryu says "you must defeat Sheng Long to stand a chance" as a win quote

It was a mistranslation and was meant to be Shoryuken or Dragon Punch but made people speculate it was somone else.

>> No.2323223
File: 70 KB, 1024x640, ocarina-of-time-wallpaper-1742.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

There was a rumor in OoT that if you were a kid and you played for 7 years in game time you would automatically become an adult. The idea was that you could go to the Kokori bridge and wait until you're an adult and you would finally be able to defeat the mailman in his footrace since you would be at the end of the race before you started it in the adult timeline.

>> No.2323230

I always held the A button.

>> No.2323474

isnt sheng long the name of the dragon in dragon ball? i know it has nothing to do with street fighter, but as for the name sheng long, as far as i remember it is the name of the dragon that grants a wish in dragon ball.

>> No.2323481

Shen Long is the Dragon Ball dragon, not Sheng Long. In Chinese sheng means rising. Shen means holy. Long, obviously, means dragon.

>> No.2323485

Oh, hence... You must defeat 'rising dragon' (punch) to defeat [Ryu].

I remember EGM bragging for years in the 90s about how they April Fool's joked their readers by revealing a way to fight Sheng Long in Street Fighter II. Apparently they got a slew of angry letters from gamers who undertook the challenge.

>> No.2323489

no reason not to

>> No.2323496

Exactly. Another anon conviently went into better detail than I can in another thread today but basically the gist of it is the translators for the English version of SF2 opted to literally translate the kanji ("Sheng long quan") of the attack as opposed to hiragana (As everyone knows, "Sho ryu ken"), which is what's actually used in the Japanese version of the quote.

Funnily enough, Goku uses an attack called the Ryuken in the 13th DBZ movie, which greatly resembles the shoryuken.

>> No.2323502

You OK? Those goalposts you're moving must be awful heavy

>> No.2323621

While this isn't directly related and we're over a decade late, but I know a guy who honestly used to work for Nintendo of Europe sometime in 2007ish. He's a father, too. Sometimes I wonder what kind of shit the kid could've pulled.

>> No.2323715

It's not really that retro, but I remember when wc3 came out there were people who thought that clicking on the building while it builds makes it build faster. The reason for that was that when you click on it - it updates the HP count, and without clicking it goes up by like, say, 20hp each refresh. But when you click on it rapidly it updates 4 times with 5hp in that same time, so it looks like its faster. I figured this out first time I was told about it but nobody believed me and I even became everyones enemy for that time cause I "tried to tell them lies". It was funny to see people clicking on shit with both hands tho.

>> No.2323729


This, you can totally jump over the flagpole. The level just goes into an endless loop with just the floor of the level until you run out of time and die.

>> No.2323734

>if you shoot the scimitars the Gerudo are carrying in OOT after they've been knocked unconscious, they will fly up and you can catch them if you have room in your inventory

One of the most full of shit guys I ever knew in primary school. He was still bull-shitting 12 years later about a whole new generation of games.

>> No.2323737

I'm pretty sure that faggot only posted once in that original thread. The other times have just been faggots turning the story into a meme. Either that, or gay shower dude posts here a lot. If this is the case, I'm guessing /vr/ helps him harken back to his glory days of gay shower rape. Y'know, since the rapee was a Nintendo nerd

>> No.2323739
File: 415 KB, 2208x1242, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Guys, wtf is this shit?

>> No.2323740

april fools joke

>> No.2323743
File: 402 KB, 2894x2300, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw when Elias lied about not being able to feel pain just so people would stop trying to hurt him and beat him all the time

>> No.2323759

You got BTFO hard. All the dude said was that it was confirmed to re-roll capture chances, not that it had a positive or negative effect on gameplay, or that it was practical - so why you talking about that shit?

>> No.2323848

i still do this to this day and i actually feel like it works for some strange reason, i've deluded myself that much

>> No.2323880
File: 192 KB, 900x675, bingo.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Pokémon button combos

>> No.2323904

>stupid magazine shows code to play as Vega,Bison and the other bosses in Street fighter 2 for the snes
>it's kinda complicated
>try it several times, doesn't work
>spend lots of time memorizing it
>never get it to work
>tried for weeks
>it was all bullshit

>> No.2323913

There was no real rumor or anything, but I remember lots of people tryting to find a way to enter Peach's castle in mario Kart 64.

>> No.2323952

After reading your stories I finally remembered a bunch of rumors from my school, some not even /vr/ related but whatevs

>This stupid kid who talked about shitty mexican soap operas all the time, and said he owned snes games of said mexican soap operas
>An older japanese guy who talked about weird japanese toys and weird games he had, nobody believed him, but he was telling the truth, he had a bunch of jp-only famicom and obscure(back then) anime toys
>Bullshit ways to get all 3 starter pokemon in blue/red without trading
>Before Dragon Ball Z aired, I was a fan of regular Dragon Ball, some kid tells me that DBZ exists and talks about it, don't believe and the argument escalated into a fight
>The kid whose parents got divorced but he always denied it through tons of bullshit stories
>A fat classmate told us about the rumors he saw online, about sega's new console "dreamcast", the name sounds stupid and nobody believes him
>An older girl used to hang out with us, rumor had it she kept lots of bottles of semen in the fridge, peopel said she hung out with me cuz she wanted to add mine to her collection.... was it true ? i'll never know....sigh
>Someone talked about pic related once, noone believed him
>I was hanging out with this boring kid once, for some reason I started making bullshit up about a nonexistant game for the nes that was super scary and kinda like Castlevania, the kid cried and had nightmares, evewn after I told him it was a lie he kept having nightmares.
>the kid who said hsi uncle worked for marvel and he was gonna get him a job making x-men comics when he was older

>> No.2323958

>pic related
>no pic
I'd be interested to see it.

>> No.2323965
File: 49 KB, 640x444, WideBoy1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Oh shit !!! Forgot it..
Sorry..Here's the pic

>> No.2324010


Sonic 3D is programmed to launch the level select any time the game crashes. So fucking with the actual system works sometimes.

>> No.2324025
File: 156 KB, 800x440, jet.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Ocarina of time, if you bombed every single gossip stone in certain time limit, you got to play as shadow link...

>> No.2324046

>The kid whose parents got divorced but he always denied it through tons of bullshit stories
That's just sad, dude. Shouldn't have been harsh on him.

>> No.2324114

Cloud was hidden in FF8 and you had to do some weird shit, like junctioning specific amounts of element to specific stats an going to the fire cavern at the start, to unlock him as a party member

>> No.2324118

Please tell us everything you knew about Butthole Bob. What did he look like?

>> No.2324137

Holy shit. I am interested to see it.

>> No.2324138

I spent a lot of time on OoT racing that fucker who always beats you by one second.

>> No.2324152
File: 5 KB, 416x452, blackcape.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I once told my friend that when I was playing Mario World and got a feather, the game somehow glitched out and gave me a black cape that was capable of hurting things the cape normally couldn't, including Bowser. That was the only time I bullshat, though.

I also told my friends about the time I somehow accidentally stumbled into some "Chris Hoolian room"... but no one believed me.

>> No.2324162

We never made fun of him or anything...

We just told him we heard his parents got divorced and asked him if he was okay and stuff. He got super paranoid and nervous and started telling lots of bullshit stories.

Nobody ever made fun of him, but whenever some mentioned something related to it, he started teling lots of weird bullshit stories, some were kinda funny.

>> No.2324186

I just remembered a really stupid rumor from back when the n64 was first announced.
Some idiots were saying that there was gonna be a 4D Mortal Kombat 4 for the N64.

How stupid do you have to be to believe/come up with something like that ?!

there were other really weird rumors surrounding that thing but I can't remember them.

>> No.2324361

Duck I spent forever trying out comic zone cheats to play as the superhero

>> No.2324379

Not a in game rumor per-se...but I knew a kid in Elementary that said that Final Fantasy VII was the first game in the series, but they put VII on it because it's a lucky number.

>> No.2324392

Ha. Considering Final Fantasy I, "II," and "III" were out in America and not exactly obscure, that's a pretty ridiculous claim. If I was going to bullshit that anyway, I'd sooner say "they're pulling a Star Wars thing where the first movie is really the fourth chapter."

>> No.2324852

I remember lying a lot because I was allowed to go toe the arcades so Id end up alone all the time, all of the sudden I had a crowd listening to my bullshit and it felt great, eventually they all tried my tricks and stopped listening to me and I end up alone again...anyway my biggest hits were:

If you use a throw on a hadoken with blanka he will grab the hadoken eat and spit it out.

If you allow E.honde to beat twice in perfetc in less than 10 secons he will celebrate taking a bath on the bathtub in the back.

Thats all I remember.

>> No.2324904

>fat black girl telling me this
>in 2001
tasha you liar

>> No.2324919

>you can save Reno before the Shinra Building explodes in FF7
And years later he was back in the movie.
>you can unlock a purple variation of Scorpion in MK2
Dunno if this was luck or something, but later he was Rain.
>I got Sonic 4 for the SNES
It was a bootleg for the SNES, never played but I saw the cartridge with my eyes.

>> No.2324940

You should have plowed that chubber, she was probably trying to lure you to her place with the promise of games.

>> No.2325624

if you kill a turtle because you wanted to look interesting to people who dont even like you then you totally deserve a beating

>> No.2325634


No need to specify her size or race

>> No.2325640

or gender

>> No.2325695

You're still advocating violence as a solution to violence. That's irony.

>> No.2326428


Crono isn't in Chrono Cross.

>> No.2326436

I also did this, never talked about it with anyone though. I've always liked exploring pointless stuff, finding hidden little quirks are awesome.

That thing with the window in the courtyard in Oot for example. Can't even remember it atm.

>> No.2326475


There were two things. One was the window with the pictures of Mario, Bowser, and the like, and the other was if you used the Slingshot on one, a guard would throw a bomb out the window (Only once, though.)

>> No.2326479

I used to explore some of the Mairo Kart 64 tracks too. I'm pretty sure most people did at that point in time, the places were really well designed.

>> No.2326484

>Bullshit ways to get all 3 starter pokemon in blue/red without trading
Yellofag here, Reditors and Bluefriends be mad jelly

Also telling kids that Japan had a green version and nobody believed me
There was also a rumor that you could combine the legendary birds into the Ho-Oh from the first episode of the anime.

>> No.2326554
File: 36 KB, 650x720, 88 Finger Edward.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Nigga, do you know how narrative story telling works? How you want these damn stories to go?

>person said thing was true
>wary suspicion
>person said relative worked at company
>blatant falsehood
>charlatan continues
>physical altercation
>later discovery bespoke veracity

Nigga you gay.

>> No.2326565
File: 42 KB, 225x365, egmtmnt2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

when I was a kid I saw this while flipping through magazines while my mom was shopping at grocery store. she wouldn't give me money to buy it so I got a pen and paper and wrote it down. spent countless hours trying to get it to work too.

>> No.2326590

His dead soul shows up accusing Serge of undoing all of his work - which is true. This is around the same time as you meet Leena's father.

>> No.2326598

It's especially noteworthy since a few years and updates later Akuma was obviously inspired by this.

>> No.2326892

Playing as Jade, Smoke, Noob Saibot, Kano, Sonya, Goro, Kintaro and Shao Kahn in MKII

Motaro vs. Shao Kahn with Fatalities in UMK3

Playing the main game as Knuckles in Sonic3 (prior to Sonic & Knuckles)

That there would be a Mortal Kombat vs. Street Fighter game where everyone gets Fatalities

Playing as Pimple in Battletoads

That Final Fantasy was called that because fantasy games were going to be outlawed after that.

That you could actually kill the T-Rex in Jurassic Park

That it was possible to unlock the Genesis-exclusive fighters in Shaq Fu for the SNES if you beat it enough times.

That you could rescue Schala in NewGame+ in Chrono Trigger

That Crystal Power would eventually be perfected in EVO the Quest for Eden so you could stay in your super-evolved body (fucking dragon ftw)

That there's a way to avoid having to launch the cow, which nets you the "good ending" where Earthworm Jim marries Princess What's-Her-Name instead of her being crushed by a couple tons of rare beef at terminal velocity.

That if you press a button fast enough in Xardion during the acid chase cutscene you can get to the hole before the acid eats Panthera and he'll survive, enabling you to get into the places only he can go after you have Xardion.

>> No.2327047

I actually had trouble doing it as a kid, since it made me panic that the air went down so fast compared to clean water areas. I told him about it in school and he insisted that i could get scuba gear so I wouldn't lose any air and he even told me that it was the only way to rescue the dolphin.

>> No.2327053

Wow, that is borderline cruel lol.

>> No.2327057
File: 39 KB, 278x352, what is this faggot doing.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>That Final Fantasy was called that because fantasy games were going to be outlawed after that.

>> No.2328034

Back when Diablo II released, I had a friend who told me that if you beat the game with every class on every difficulty without dying or closing the game you would unlock the ''Baron'' versions of the classes.

They were supposedly half-angels bling'ed out variants with new sprites and skill trees.

>> No.2328042

>Unlock Super Fox or Metal Mario in Smash Bros by beating the game on the hardest difficulty without taking damage

Fuck you, Danielle.

>> No.2328307

I told a friend that Zidane dies at the end of FF9. I didn't even think she believed me it was just a joke. Later she says she didn't finish it because of what I said happened.

I'm sorry.

>> No.2330481 [DELETED] 

don't die

>> No.2330491

>conker's bad fur day
>friends told me you could save Berry at the end of the game and play as her
>never happened through any method they told me about

Not even mad. there's plenty of rule 34 for this.

>> No.2330549

yeah, we could've figured out it was a fat black girl from the name

>> No.2330739

>not having a gameshark to get mew

>> No.2330743

And thus the very first concept of a QTE was born!

>> No.2330773

That's perfect. Not a single trigger activated.

>> No.2330775
File: 15 KB, 300x300, 1409506734306.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I made up a bullshit rumour in Lara Croft and my brother bought it. Looking back I wonder HOW

>"There's a big Gorilla called King Kong who follows you each level, but he's hiding. He sometimes will jump out and kill you and if you're really quiet you can hear him grunt"

Sometimes I'd scream "IT'S KING KONG" when my brother was playing and he'd scream / cry.


>> No.2330846

My very first time seeing Super Mario Bros. was on a Sears display at the mall. Some kid was playing through one of the castle stages and had picked up a fire flower power up. The lying piece of shit told me that Bowser was immune to fire, and you had to find the water flower to be able to beat him.

>> No.2330890

I have couple of Russian cheat code books about Dendy games. With mostly bullshit cheats.

>> No.2331249

And in SFIV Gouken's design and moveset were based on it. (heck, the name was used first in >>2316182!)
True story.

I remember these in Melee:
>Play for 100 consecutive hours to unlock a Sonic version of Tekken Bowl
>Keep L+A+R pressed while erasing save data to unlock Goku

>> No.2331489

>Keep L+A+R pressed while erasing save data to unlock Goku

>> No.2331651

That one actually works though

>> No.2331663

thats cute :3

>> No.2331669

brb, trying it now.

>> No.2331874

>read the name of the person who sent this in

>A. P. Rilphuuls Fromegen, HA


>> No.2331879
File: 26 KB, 550x365, blow me.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

blow me

>> No.2331882

I had a friend who tried every rumor around to get triforce in ocarina.

Temples with no eyeglass.
no heart run
you name it he did it

>> No.2332030

There is something like that. On frappe snowman or whatever if you jump off the bridge at the correct place and time, you can skip a lap. Maybe it was a different course, but look it up and I'm sure you'll find confirmation. I've lost to that strat before, so I assure you, it's real.

>> No.2332045

Pretty sure compulsive lying is a sign of severe emotional neglect, not physical abuse. Abused kids are generally very quiet.

>> No.2332096
File: 51 KB, 399x388, antattack.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Ant Attack (Spectrum 1983) "Go into the desert and keep walking, you'll find a whole new city".

>> No.2332101

Do you really find moral equivalence between force-feeding and killing a turtle just to support a stupid lie and a vengeful beating (of said liar and killer) that leaves no permanent injury? Sure, the death was accidental, but the reasons for its endangerment were well deserving of a good thrashing. Is the concept of justice foreign to you, woman?

>> No.2332104

Oh yes and Frontier: Elite II was riddled with rumours and legends, everything from class 4 military hyper drivers to planet LV426

>> No.2332108

I've seen at least one documentary of a kid who was around 8 years old (not sure if he's still around). I'm sure if the parents are doting enough, they can live long enough to get married and once again have someone to check on them 24/7.

>> No.2332118

The funny thing is, our R/B was a remake of their enhanced Blue version based off the Japanese R/G, so it is probably even less buggy than the original two games. I have an original green version myself, but haven't played it much to confirm how glitchy it is.

>> No.2332135

Would advocating chemistry as a solution to chemistry be ironic? Shove your idiotic platitudes up your ass.

>> No.2332141
File: 153 KB, 1280x720, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

April fools, from egm.

>> No.2332207

>Abused kids are generally very quiet.
Not mine :(

>> No.2332254


>> No.2332280

How did you single in on that one piece of the post and completely ignore that the entirety of it is about things that are true?

>> No.2332281

You forgot


As in HA! Gotcha!

>> No.2332414

You clearly aren't hitting them hard enough.

>> No.2332581

I still don't believe that the nude Raider mod is false.

>> No.2332612

The mod isn't false but any claims that such a mode is build in are, particularly in regard to console versions.

>> No.2332778

i guess we'll never read the remote control cars saga, right?

>> No.2332783

"On the FFVII PC port, delete System 32 to safe Aeris."

There was only one kid gullible enough to do it, and he bought a copy specifically to do it.

>> No.2333000

I remember some kid telling me you could unlock Vile's Goliath ride armor in MMX3 by doing some bullshit sequence of steps. I spent hours trying to figure that shit out.

Also there was the pokegods thing but even I knew that was bullshit back then.

>> No.2333459

I'm not really interested in justice. The whole post just smacks of irony to me.

>> No.2333462

>Would advocating chemistry as a solution to chemistry be ironic?
It would, particularly if it were done with glee and a complete lack of self-awareness.
>Shove your idiotic platitudes up your ass.
I would, but they seem to have gotten stuck pretty far up yours already...

>> No.2333519
File: 43 KB, 512x362, Lolmney.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>>When he was ill with gastroenteritis shitting his pants for a week he told all kid at school that it was a cover up cause he was on a trip to his cousin house who done highscores in 5 games at the arcade and they give them access to a secret arcade place only for elites.

>> No.2333749

Ordyne on the Turbo had something like this. run+select reset like 5 or 6 times, then hold 1 and 2? Something like that, it changes the main guy to his girlfriend with a extra little portrait intro and a funny engrish ending

>> No.2333752

That actually sounds realistic for that creepy ass fucking game

>> No.2333773
File: 149 KB, 300x300, i_want_the_truth.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


See, no one, to this day, has ever seen what the fuck I'm talking about, and I bet I could still reproduce it. On the Saturn version, If you follow the steps in the training level, from whatever magazine that was (Gamefan?), as soon as she was supposed to get nude, the game fucking HALTS, and drops right back to title screen quicker than shit. But if you do anything other than the specific exact steps, you get to run around like normal at the pool for a bit after she says the wet clothes bit. But you do those steps, and that game stops that fucking disc so fast you hear the saturn choke on it.
Combine this with the extra stuff on that disc (That helicopter game redbook audio), I fucking refuse to not believe.

>> No.2333779
File: 31 KB, 600x750, 7e3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>the boobs are out there

>> No.2333808

>Be me
>Junior school bitch
>parents got me a gameboy
>teacher took it for the week
>cunts could play pokemon and have the cards on the desk
>it was one of those situations were you'd be at a table with eight or so other little fags
>bide my time
>Snip snip mother fucker
>cut there cards up when I get the chance
>everyone crying
>the week ends
>get the gameboy back
>it's to late ms teach I have a thirst now
>slowly move from table to table as the year progresses
>change tactics
>steal cards and put them in the toilet
>put them in the urinal
>put them on other peoples tables
>watch the seeds of doubt among fellow students
>never caught


>> No.2334552

A perfect example of an alchemist's turds of almost-meaning. You're an idiot.

>> No.2334780

I still wish Sadfish was real.

It'd make a good mon. Maybe it's evolution a Manic fish.

>> No.2334839
File: 1.46 MB, 217x217, 1418531112438.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.2334878

Ermac DOES exist in MK1! You just have to challenge Reptile in mirror match.

>> No.2334881

>there cards

Where cards?

>> No.2334901

>In Super Mario 64, running around the rug in the main lobby 1,000 times will turn you into Luigi

>> No.2335049
File: 20 KB, 239x240, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I have a few. Mainly from one of my cousins and one kid in particular that I went to school with.

From my cousin
>if you spam getting lives at the top secret zone in Mario world for too long bowser comes and takes all but one life and the top secret zone disappears
>if you beat sf2 with chun-li on the hardest difficulty perfecting every round you get to see her naked
>if you beat DKC in under an hour you unlocked Mario as a playable character
The kid at school (all pokemon related)
>you could get mewthree by doing a bunch of bullshit. Like leveling up a magikarp to lvl 100, teach it flash and some other shit that is impossible
>you get a chance to catch ho-oh by catching all three legendary birds and then releasing them at the same time (fuck you for that one Mikkel)
>Japan had a version in every other major color. I think it went yellow had Zapdos, green had venusaur, orange had moltres, purple had alakazam, brown had machamp, black had gengar, and white had articuno.
>Japan had a card reader that could plug into your gameboy that would make it so you had the pokemon from the card in the game

>mfw realizing they were all bullshit

>> No.2335084 [DELETED] 

>tfw gaming magazines are dead and replaced with shit like Kotaku
>instead of April Fools jokes all you'll get are articles about feminism

>> No.2335089

who the fuck even reads kotaku? Like nobody that actually gives a shit about games it seems, people who read kotaku only use gaming as another accessory to their shitty fake persona. They want to sound smart and educated about the industry by reguritating some idiot writers psychobabble.

It is always good for a few laughs, just make sure you got adblock on so they dont get a fuckin dime.

>> No.2335164 [DELETED] 
File: 82 KB, 682x741, 1392314740911.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.2335189

That was terribly written. I could not understand what was going on at all.

>> No.2335191

Is this real? Was this actually on the Kotaku website?

>> No.2335226


Every time I eat at Mcdonalds I feel like I'm being raped by the oppressive corporate entity.

>> No.2335241

She needs to be put in an institution for the mentally handicapped. Fuck that Hernandez cunt.

>> No.2335242

What about EGM?

>> No.2335243

>If you follow the steps in the training level, from whatever magazine that was (Gamefan?), as soon as she was supposed to get nude, the game fucking HALTS, and drops right back to title screen quicker than shit. But if you do anything other than the specific exact steps, you get to run around like normal at the pool for a bit after she says the wet clothes bit. But you do those steps, and that game stops that fucking disc so fast you hear the saturn choke on it.
Not sure if you're just screwing with us or what

>> No.2335246

>some calls a cat a pussy
>get offended

Chances are "dick" was a name long before it was slang for penis, anyways.

>> No.2335257 [DELETED] 
File: 62 KB, 682x741, patriciahernandez.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.2335258
File: 19 KB, 386x450, Autistic-Artisian.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.2335268

Fuck back to Ebaumsworld.

>> No.2335280

>card reader
There is a card readee for at least the GBA though, but I dunno.if it was ever used with pokemon.

>> No.2335301

I remember reading on some cheat sites that, in Hydro Thunder on Dreamcast, you could unlock a bonus track called St Louis something by entering a code, but it never worked. Was this BS?

Also read you could unlock Lizard Tail in 18 Wheeler American Pro Trucker on Dreamcast by completing everything 100%, but all I got was that Japanese guy. Was this also not true?

>> No.2335304

Chun Li could take off her bracelets and throw them as a projectile attack.

>> No.2335312

What an elegant rebuttal of the core of my argument. I'm convinced.

Not really, that was sarcasm.

>> No.2335469

No, but that's what me and my friends assumed. They're actually counting each speed, level, and game combination as as one game.

>> No.2335472
File: 22 KB, 308x400, e-reader-pokemon-card.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It was. Pic related.

>> No.2335484

I remember a friend telling me Wakka comes on early if you're absolutely recking the Goers in that first game of Blitzball. But thats not retro, is it?

>> No.2335561

I'm pretty sure my e-reader came with one or two pokemon cards in the package

>> No.2335576

Nope, though I suppose my manic post wasn't fully clear.
I can't remember if the magazine was egm or gamefan, figure it's gamefan because that was the one I liked back then. In the early section of the magazine, was a little purple article that said "here you guys go, this is the trick!". Pretty sure it wasn't an april fools thing.

If you've played that original tomb raider, you know there's that training level in lara's mansion.
You'd run around in there, until you jump in the pool at the end, and when you got out, she'd say that "I'd better take off these wet clothes", then you could run around for a bit before the level just faded out.

If you followed the steps from the magazine, as soon as you touched the edge of the pool, the dialogue would start, screen would immediately go black, and the saturn would make a full disc start stop noise and you'd hear the laser rush it's ass across the disc. It's the same way a saturn sounds if it can't boot a disc.

As a grow up, I realize it was probably just a weird oddly specific reproducible crash, and someone thought it'd be funny to print it.

But 16 year old me just can't let go that it wasn't actually a thing.

>> No.2335586


This is actually sort of true though. Wakka is supposed to come on at 2 :30 minutes into the second half but he will come on after Tidus scores to goals if you score them before that time.

I beat the Goers 7 - 1 once and nobody believes me

>> No.2335594

Why did Celebi get such a shit card?
>low-medium HP
>one overcosted attack
>doesn't evolve

Why would you play that card?

>> No.2335683

>some asshole lies/think he's awesome no matter what
A tripfag was born!

>> No.2335796
File: 139 KB, 231x278, Allaccordingtoplan.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Sounds like a trick to fuck up your SNES and send it to their shitty repair center.

>> No.2335828

>Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith (The game) is said to have AMAZING graphics man!
>??? REALLY? How good?
>Duude! You can see leaves fall from trees and your saber can cut trough them!
>oh shit daamn!

>Age of Empires II has Dragon Ball Z cheat codes!
>Yeah type kingkamehameha and you get goku no joke!
>its not working
>yeah sometimes it gets bugged

>in the new ps2 dbz games Budokai you can literally take other cahracters' moves and put them on your character
>Yeah and you can do haircuts and change your gear etc

>THEY ARE MAKING DIABLO 3! (circa 2004)

cant really remember more but I was friends with some lying pieces of shit back then

>> No.2335831

you wouldn't, that's a collector card.

I love the TCG and eagerly want a sequel on 3DS (card pop via Streetpass! It's too logical!) but I admit that many of the cards aren't all that good.

I wish I could play it more but every method I know of is super inconvenient. Either print out fakes and find spergs who have decks, play the 15 year old card game, or get jewed to pieces either buying real cards or doing the PC game. Makes me wish there was something else like Pokemon TCG but I don't know of anything. The other big card games aren't any good to me.

>> No.2335834

oh man, this so much

"Sequel x is coming!"

where the fuck is my tombi 3 huh

>> No.2335836

club nintendo was and still is full of shit

>> No.2335843



>> No.2335851

>(which I never found out if that was actually real or not).

nah the opponent still can kick out of it.

source: I've applied it twice and the CPU has kicked out of it

>> No.2335853

It's fuck off, dear newfriend and English-impaired meme-dispenser.

>> No.2335882

There was the "cool"/dick kid in our class that convinced me he had a N64 and a Playstation in a treehouse at his house, where he games to his heart's content with snacks and shit.

I don't know how he did it either, we live in fucking AZ first off. There are no tree houses here. But he was that kid trope with the "rich dad who is never around, trophy wife who has other people take care of him"

I'm gonna look him up on Facebook, see how his mom is doing.

>> No.2335901

I think he was enjoying it anon...

>> No.2335905

Well if I buy a Saturn and Tomb Raider and try this and it doesn't work, rest assured anon will be hearing about it ITT

>> No.2335986

a bunch of harvest moon ones
unlimited watering can from winter mine, leave your dog in the hothouse it won't get destroyed, name the farm natsume you'll never have storms/blizzards, dont talk to anyone at the cooking festival and you'll win, your wife will have twins if you give her lots of jewellery when she's pregnant, etc
all sorts of shit and that was just for back to nature.

>> No.2336010

Now that I think about it, but I also new a kid like that.
With parents that fit that description too.

He made absurd promises and claims about video games or whatever.
Like saying he had all the Egyptian god cards in yugioh, or that he caught celebi in pokemon red.

Last I heard he did acid with a bunch of homeless people and ransacked his parents houseboat to give clothes and stuff to the homeless people.

At least i will never fuck up that bad.

>> No.2336027
File: 48 KB, 640x480, impressive.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>it made someone actually delete System 32

>> No.2336039

This guy at elementary school told me that the true final boss in metal slug 3 was the fish you hit with the gun in the ending

And also told me about a secret ending in Megaman X where Zero was repaired and ok, if you got no damage in the last battle (megaman x2 tho)
F*ck you Dan

>> No.2336089

Is that kid named Danny?
Because he did the same shit with Yugioh and Pokemon, but I didn't hear about the homeless and acid because I moved outta Gilbert.

>> No.2336106

I once convinced a girl in my class that Kirby was real and he lived on a real planet (the name of which was some gibberish word I pulled out of my ass)
and that if you visited that planet you'd turn into whatever you ate just like kirby

>> No.2336147

Pokemon TCG 2, fan translation patch

>> No.2336162 [DELETED] 

They did one for Super Smash bros on Gamecube.(the first game) How you could Unlock Sonic by winning 20 fights in cruel melee. I told my friend about it, I dint even know it was a april fools. He told me about a month later it was a joke, and he tried all month to do it. lmao

>> No.2336170

See how his mom is doing, then maybe do his mom.

>> No.2336221
File: 60 KB, 538x960, 7544_473850769302554_1759380219_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That is what I was thinking anon, this is the only picture that isn't private, and they now live in Chicago.
It wasn't meant to be :(

Anyway, turns out he turned into a douche. What a surprise.
How did anyone else's "that kid" turn out, I think mine got the better end of the deal even if he is probably a dickhole

>> No.2336232

Jesus Christ, I would hate to be that guy.

>> No.2336243
File: 126 KB, 320x240, 436097-wipeout-xl-playstation-screenshot-phenitia-park-tracks.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

When I first played Wipeout XL, I thought Red Bull was some made up future brand for the game, like Orthopure Procreation Pills or something.

>> No.2336421
File: 57 KB, 640x480, Ling_Xiaoyu_versus_Yoshimitsu_-_Tekken_3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Guy I was friends with in elementary school believed, that in Tekken 3 you could make the trees in the wood stage (don't know the exact name) come to life and but up the opponent.
that was not ENTIRELY foolish, but the code was: you had to pause the game and push ALL the buttons on the gamepad, including the d-pad (which is impossible it it's not broken), as well as start, select, the L and R buttons...
and since he couldn't do it alone, I helped him. so we tried, but gave up after a few attempts. very silly, but also funny when I think back.

>> No.2336450
File: 319 KB, 758x1023, EGM Dec 1991 Pg 126.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>that was not ENTIRELY foolish

Yes it was. Then again, elementary school.

Back in elementary we talked about Chun Li throwing her bracelets, Chun Li's shirt coming off, grabbing Chun's tits with Dhalsim, Chun Li and Ryu fucking, etc.

>> No.2336495

Fit, clearly cares about appearance. Looks healthy and relatively happy.
I don't understand the extreme aversion.

>> No.2336506

Not retro.
Is it really that difficult?

>> No.2336534

Did your shithole country not have Red Bull?

>> No.2336536

>Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold made Doom maps resembling the columbine high school to plan their attacks

this has been proven false so many times, i recall reading a post summarizing the maps released at the time, and it was technologically impossible to recreate the whole school in doom

>> No.2337282

It's really because I associate his style of dress and grooming with utter wankers.

That said, we are from very different backgrounds.

>> No.2337302

I remember this one cheat site and looking for things in the PS1 Final Fantasy games.

Like secret GFs, how to get Laguna in Squall's party in FF8, how to be assigned to a different team during the Dollet mission so you never go up to the radio tower and it keeps Seifer in your party through the whole game.

How to get secret Weapons to appear on the world map in FF7, I remember it having to do with getting at least one of every type of materia and maxing all of their levels. Could never attempt this because there's one type of materia you only get from Chocobo races and that shithead on a black chocobo won every race even when I used a gameshark to max my chocobo's stats.

I can't remember anything for FF9 or Tactics though.

>> No.2337309
File: 23 KB, 444x322, 1287432895880.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>there's this one asian kid, possibly Japanese
>him and I talk about games, I list off games and mention Iron Tank
>he says "Iron Tank? I heard that a friend of my dad worked on that game!"
>"Yeah, supposedly he hid a death threat in the game to Nintendo"

Well that was fucking out of left field. I still don't see why he thought it was worth sharing.

>> No.2337312

I remember a rumor at my school back when Red and Blue were new. It didn't have to do with Mew though. Basically it was about how it was actually impossible to catch them all even with trading and the whole "GOTTA CATCH 'EM ALL" thing was just how they got you to keep on playing and the games were actually unbeatable. Because of that rumor Pokemon actually died off pretty fast here, when Gold and Silver came out no one really cared. It wasn't until Gen... I want to say 4 that Pokemon got popular here.

>> No.2337336

>In Final Fantasy VIII if you encounter the UFOs in a certain order your party will get abducted and the rest of the game from then on takes place in space
>final fight against Ultimecia is Squall and everyone else flying UFOs and killing her with death rays

That shit would have been better than what we got.

>> No.2337342

>You can get Slippy to follow you into Venom to fight Andross if Slippy doesn't get hit a single time throughout the game.

I still hate my cousin for this. I tried so fucking hard to get Slippy to the final fight, that might be the hardest I've ever raged at a game.

>> No.2337351

He believes his Dad's bullshit.

>> No.2337384

I remember hearing Cloud was hidden in Tactics. At the time no one believed that because no one, that we knew anyway, could beat the first battle. No one here had played a game like Tactics before so a lot of shit went over our heads. No one was able to figure out how to get anyone other than Ramza on the field.

>> No.2337409

>if you reset Super Star Wars a certain number of times and put in a code after beating the game on the hardest difficulty without dying even once you can unlock Jean Luc Picard and he uses a one hit kill Phaser

Fuck you first step dad.

>> No.2337431

Did anyone even play the trading card game? I never knew anyone that actually played, they just collected the cards. Every card game like that has been the same way.

>> No.2337616

Firstly, the situation described wasn't solving violence with violence. The violence had gone as far as it could, so the punishment was not "solving" anything to begin with. Punishment/retribution serves to justify, in the literal sense of the word, not solve. Secondly, treating "violence" as some sort of generally equivalent category of behavior is trite idiocy. The notion that a category of behavior as broad as "violence"—you could just as well swap it with "conversation" or "trade"—is inherently self-perpetuating or incapable of diminishing other behavior in the same category is infantile. Does the fact that firefighters actually start fires to consume the potential fuel of larger fires blow your bible school mind? Does the suicide of a remorseful but pathologically compulsive serial killer beget more violence?

>What an elegant rebuttal of the core of my argument. I'm convinced.
You didn't actually provide an argument, you just farted out a toddler's conception of categories with according consideration of detail and variety that is expected of someone who still shits their pants, and now you're basking in your own stench as if your kindergarten philosophy somehow argues itself.

"Among the many misdeeds of the British rule in India, history will look upon the Act depriving a whole nation of arms as the blackest."
-Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi

>> No.2337656

You didn't want an explanation for why it would impossible?

>> No.2337657

I did play the trading card game on PC, got it in a Happy Meal or something. Was really fun. Haven't been able to find a version that works on newer PCs.

>> No.2337658

Just be quiet, both of you are equally annoying.

>> No.2337673
File: 16 KB, 635x474, ambulance.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You could also make bombs "mixing distilled water and glucose ".

>> No.2337693

That period of my life has fucked me up completely.

If I made a game I would fill it to the brim with easter eggs.

>> No.2338021

Again, I don't really care if you think what was done to him constitutes 'justice'. Having the shit kicked out of you on a daily basis does not make you a better person, it just instils learned helplessness, and makes maladaptive behaviours (such as compulsive lying and harming animals) more likely.

>The notion that a category of behavior as broad as "violence"—you could just as well swap it with "conversation" or "trade"—is inherently self-perpetuating or incapable of diminishing other behavior in the same category is infantile.
I'm just going to let this sit here, because you seem to be attempting to dismiss the idea of regular beatings being harmful to a person's development and behaviour as 'infantile'.

I say that what was done to that kid was of no benefit, only harm. And this is where we really disagree.

>> No.2338039

Even up to this day, when I know all the formulas and shit of how it works, I still do the most autistic thing:
I get tense and blink every time the pokeball does a tilt

>re-roll the capture chance
kill yourself, lying double nigger

>> No.2338372

If the clock reaches 100 hours in pokemon it deletes your save.

>> No.2338389

not the same guy but i thought the same thing because i was too young to notice it in stores

>> No.2338391

I thought Red Bull was beer. The ads never actually said what it was, just that it gave you wings.

>> No.2338392

I've still never seen any Red Bull for sale anywhere.

>> No.2338402

It depends where you live. Pretty easy to find in britbong.

>> No.2338428

I had some friends that thought Red Bull was alcoholic back in grade school and were shocked that I had some; I assured them it wasn't as the commercials never said "please drink responsibly) like a beer commercial.

Here in Burgerstan it's in every grocery store, gas station, convenience store, and some vending machines.

>> No.2338437

They were compiled into what you're seeing, not written like that you gay bastard

>> No.2338662

Translation error that never made it to the european version. "You must defeat my dragon punch to stand a chance" ...

>> No.2338871

The name Gouken was in use prior to that April Fool's article, as part of Ryu/Ken/Akuma's backstory. The prank's incorporation of the name lended a shred of credibility to the ruse.

>> No.2338907

"Hey anon, did you know if you beat SMB2 without dying or warping, after you beat Wart it opens up world 8 and you actually fight King Koopa"

fuck you Eric

>> No.2338915

uhh, Im pretty sure most people just got mew through the cinnabar island - surf trick. at least I did in the late 90's. Didn't need a gameshark.

>> No.2338976
File: 11 KB, 180x156, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>wait, you can get Luigi in mario 64?

>> No.2339008

>first step dad
He sounds like a funny guy

>> No.2339015

Me too, bro. Fucking non-believers.

>> No.2339020

Those cheat-books are pretty much obsolete due to the Internet.

>> No.2339064


The way the trick works doesn't guarantee you a Mew every time you decide to do it unless you have to follow extremely specific steps that people were incredibly unlikely to stumble upon. Maybe you got lucky, but there wasn't a codified "get Mew trick" at that time that anyone could follow step by step.

>> No.2339158
File: 117 KB, 560x560, missingno.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

As far as I know, it's impossible to get Mew through the old man glitch. It is possible to get Mewtwo, fossil Missingno., and ghost Missingno., but not Mew. Take a look at the table on this page:

>> No.2339196

Disc rot, burn at the slowest speed, CDRs it kills the laser, and that was just this week on /vr/

>> No.2339219

Nah, worked for me every time. You must have been doing it wrong.

>> No.2339395

Your original post (>>2319860) was a conceited criticism of the beating that kid received after killing his turtle, not of any "daily" beatings. If you beat someone every day regardless of what they do, it will indeed nurture learned helplessness. But all of the beatings described were in response to a particular misdeed or lie. Maybe that kid eventually realized after serious reflection that people don't respect liars, maybe not, but none of those stories suggested he was beat just for the fun of it or on some sort of regular "schedule". Your original statement was an idiotic platitude, and now you're moving the goalposts while revising your original stupidity. Maybe you're an Elias-type character yourself who's incapable of acknowledging his own role in the way people treat him, weaseling out of blame through sophistry and revisionist memory.

>> No.2339404

Here we go:

>I can tell you he got a severe case of ass kicking that day too.
Yup. Definitely a one-off.

>Your original statement was an idiotic platitude and now you're moving the goalposts while revising your original stupidity.
It was a criticism of the way his misbehaviour was handled, as well as the pleasure that was apparently taken in it. If you want to interpret it in the most abstract way possible, then complain when I have to explain said criticism to you, fine.

>Maybe you're an Elias-type character, etc.
Ugh, name-calling.

I say that what was done to that kid was of no benefit, only harm. Feel free to disagree, I don't think we're going to get any further here.

>> No.2339485

Can you two shut the fuck up already

>> No.2339508

OH SHI- I actually remember that! Fuck I had forgotten all about that until I read your post.

Leona from KoF does something vaguely similar with taking off her earrings and throwing them as projectiles.

>> No.2339581

You must have been doing it later than you remember.

>> No.2339631

I'm not being serious. You can't get Mew from the Cinnabar island trick, that guy is full of shit.

>> No.2340550

>Get 50 points (perfect score) on the Cool Boarders 2 halfpipe and unlock the Jamaican

>Sheng Long

>Jumping in a special place in Half-Life's hazard course takes you to the final boss

>> No.2341258

Here's the thing though, Iron Tank HAS a rant hidden on the game code.

>> No.2341504

Poor turtle...

>> No.2341549

Who the fuck is Elias?

>> No.2341558
File: 5 KB, 315x297, Mario Hoops 3-on-3.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>You can unlock the super SUPER secret world in SMW if you hit every single goal post at its maximum height!
>You can play as Bowser if you beat every level in less than a minute!
>You can get Link's tunic to turn black if you beat the game without taking any damage!
My cousin grew up to become a pathological liar.

>> No.2341568

Then this kids story told decades after that was common knowledge MUST BE TRUE!!!!1!!1 ZOMG!!!11!!

>> No.2341615

>predicting nephilim in d3 this early
You went to school with Jay Wilson, didn't you?

>> No.2341636

He does not have the AI coded in either

>> No.2341683
File: 122 KB, 570x406, Star Control 2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Sure the cloaking device is in the game, it should be on a world somewhere in Ur-Quan space. It's tricky to find though since it won't show up on energy scans on account of it being a cloaking device, so you'll have to roam around the surface of each world to look for it.

>> No.2342647

Kept him busy while he railed the kid's mum.

>> No.2342886

the kid told the story before it was common knowledge you cuck

>> No.2344036

Lara nude code
Akuma in RE2
Like a hundred fucking different Pokemon rumors holy shit

>> No.2344065

I legit don't believe any of this. If your friends routinely assaulted this other kid almost daily you'd all have been expelled and likely be getting visits from the police

>> No.2344218


>Not Sh.Long

>> No.2344357

>"If you beat Resident Evil 2 in under 90 mins using only the handgun and the knife, you unlock Akuma!"
I did it. It didn't fucking work. Thanks for nothing EGM.

>> No.2344502

>And the one that he got a little carried away with was:
>>Remember when you came round mine saying that your copy of FF7 wasn't working any more?
>>you did!
>>a few weeks ago!
>>Anyway, my copy's not working. You must of picked up my one by mistake. Can you give me my copy back?

Please tell me you gave him a bitch slap and not your ff7 copy

>> No.2344534
File: 15 KB, 229x220, o0229022011137550075.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I remember reading in an old pre-GameFAQs cheats site that clearing the NES Kung-Fu at least 50 times will cause you to fight Sylvia at the end. Another version of the rumor said it was 24 times. Turns out it was a fake secret originating from a Famicom-themed manga.

>> No.2344827

No they actually made some DOOM maps with rough designs based on contemporary buildings...

Because they liked playing fucking DOOM.

>> No.2346240

If you use cheat passwords for invincibility then something equally horrifying occurs when you get sucked into its mouth.

>> No.2346838
File: 23 KB, 234x360, 1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

they did eventually put a code into one of the Tomb Raider games and labeled it as the Nude Lara code, but it made her explode instead

>> No.2347006

>Implying you were even born when this game came out

>> No.2347016
File: 324 KB, 361x993, titty kong.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

nah man its totally real I swear
heres leaked concept art of her

>> No.2347084
File: 64 KB, 1200x1200, angry.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Super Smash bros on Gamecube.
>(the first game)
Get the fuck off this board, underage scum.

>> No.2347370

The scary part is that he might not even be underage.

That said, serious lack of knowledge demonstrated there.

>> No.2347390

I've had that game freeze on me a few times during that boss fight. Maybe that is what happened to them. I remember the screen was frozen red while I was looking for a gun to kill myself.

>> No.2347395

Haha, sounds like his mom was probably a skank.

>> No.2347445

A random kid from the neighbourhood told me that Orchid has a "fatality" where she shows her boobs the opponent, he even told me the button sequence, couldn't pull it out though and thought that it was bullshit.

>> No.2348823


>If you use Cloud to defeat the Dragon in the first Midgar flashback instead of Sephiroth then the rest of the game you appear in battles as Young Cloud.

>> No.2348868
File: 1.00 MB, 500x377, pogeyman.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I remember reading on some cheats site years back that in Pokemon Yellow, if you go up to Misty in her gym, and press (insert long button sequence here), she'll ask you if you want to have sex with her. If you say "yes", it shows a cutscene of the main character and her bangin', and if you say "no", it shows a cutscene of Pikachu and her bangin'. It also specified that it would use the N64 for the graphics for the cutscene if you were playing it on Pokemon Stadium's GB Tower.

There were also a couple other silly ones, like if you bang your head on the game boy hard and fast enough, you'll get sucked into it be able to live in the Pokemon world for real; and something about putting your game boy in the toilet to save water.

>> No.2348873


>No they actually made some DOOM maps with rough designs based on contemporary buildings...

...get the everliving fuck back to tumblr

>> No.2348879

>like if you bang your head on the game boy hard and fast enough, you'll get sucked into it be able to live in the Pokemon world for real

Why can't this one work?

>> No.2348890

Why does this picture fill me with intense loathing? He actually looks like the kind of kid who would pocket shit when no one's looking.

>> No.2348897

I don't know how I'm the first person to ask this. Maybe it's obvious to everyone but me, but...

What's a Greek tortoise?

>> No.2348941

Google is a thing these days, you know?

>> No.2349046

learn to disassemble. that's not autistic but every programmers bread(at least some years back then and not lol i can code html trolo nowadays)

>> No.2349054


Homebrew version which does almost exactly the same:

>> No.2349073

Told my friend about the Hylian Loach. Didn't believe me.

>> No.2349125

Sometimes I forget how old GT is now and still not canon, even though it's less dumb than modern DBZ movies

>> No.2349129

Yeah. The only autistic part is being too pleb to write a script to convert those values into something human readable like z80 assembly

>> No.2349143

> tfw even if you lived in an anime world, you'd be the joke token nerd character with the @[email protected] glasses.

>> No.2349217


In hentai's those types are normally the rapists that get away with everything they do though.

>> No.2349229
File: 28 KB, 462x235, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

you wish

>> No.2349391
File: 112 KB, 500x375, 1405990611596.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>If you open the menu, select the surf HM, and teach it to pikachu within 10 seconds, it'll work.

Seems easy to test now, but back in those days with the slower hardware and the reflexes of a 6 year old, it was impossible.

>> No.2350632

Beat the Elite 4 more than 100 times and Oak will take you to the HOF, only this time he'll tell you that you should know your way around by now and you'll be free to move around. Mew's supposed to be in there, waiting for you.

Fuck you Matt you asshole.

>> No.2350708

Does anyone know the real reason the truck exists though? It's a sprite that's nowhere else in the game and you can't even see it if you progress through the area as intended. There's gotta be a story behind it

>> No.2350720

Does anyone know the real reason the truck exists though? It's a sprite that's nowhere else in the game and you can't even see it if you progress through the area as intended. There's gotta be a >>2318135
>He can't feel pain and need to fake it so people think he is normal.

You could have had some fun with that one. Just hit him over the head when you're alone and then "why are you so mad? You were just faking being hurt right?"

>> No.2350729

I have no idea why I was so eager to believe that game designers routinely hid content that was half the size of the fucking game away where no one would ever know it existed. It's just not logical.

I wonder if there's a way to capture that mystique in the modern Internet age.

>> No.2350745
File: 56 KB, 480x360, Allbonds.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

All bonds..... Trying to unlock that shit as a kid was harsh....

Goldeneye had alot of them thinking about it that stuck with me till college when I started modding games and viewing files.

Like getting to that fucking island and trying to ride the bikes.

Also a small section of a magazine I read as a kid had a guide to getting special hats for Mario in 64.

> Go to snow level
> Get snowmans body to follow you
> jump onto helicopter enemy and get on top of wall
> wind will blow from wall and knock your hat off
> get penguin and take it to it's mumma
> get other penguin and drop it into the cannon then jump in
> fly to jumpkick area and run around the tree
> a tree with loads of hats will now spurt and you can play the game as a different mario

Fucking magazine.....

>> No.2350808

Returning to Kanto in Pokemon G/S was probably the most closely-guarded secret in all of gaming when the games first came out. I played through a fan-translated rom and it blew my fucking mind.

I immediately told all my friends at school about it, and they didn't believe.

>> No.2350825

kids with yoyos must be the same dude right?

>> No.2350832

Tragically true.

>> No.2351081

And that raised the standard so much that people unfairly hated Ruby and Sapphire just because you couldn't go back to old places and capture old Pokemon.

>> No.2351149
File: 12 KB, 270x364, 1427658145866.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>the Link's Awakening 'no death' ending was not a joke and actually legit


>I did all that


>> No.2351549

So ronery.

>> No.2351620
File: 334 KB, 518x390, stopnswop.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is it possible to ever match this level of mystery and intrigue again?

>> No.2351886

He's almost right actually.
Apparently button presses took up enough processing to "short-change" the calculation for capture. Its never 100% but apparently it helps.

Some speedrun strats confirmed this or some shit.

>> No.2352190
File: 603 KB, 369x277, surfinpikachu.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

If you have Pokemon Yellow plugged into Pokemon Stadium you can teach Surf to Pikachu legitimately by beating the hardest cup with Pikachu in your party.


>> No.2352326

And then you can play the Surfing Pikachu minigame in Pokemon Yellow

>> No.2352642

My friend tricked me into believing that there was an universal computer virus that changed stuff in PC games. In Starcraft, it was supposed to change marines into little Raymans, and make them run around the barracks frantically if the building was on fire from the damage.

He also made me think that you could melt your sword in Aladdin, in the lava cave level. Tried it when I got there, of course.

>> No.2352659

too bad his def and special stats are still pathetic

>> No.2352980


>Those clips Mumbo shows you at the end


>> No.2353106

I just spent like an hour reading this thread, i loved it /vr/others

although I'm envious that I was about a couple years too old for Pokemon, seems like it had the best schoolyard culture ever

>> No.2353306

It really was the perfect storm of speculation. The internet was JUST young enough that we didn't have comprehensive coverage of what the series was doing in Japan, just a bunch of "well this seems legit but it's not in the games somehow?"

>> No.2353396


The Missingno glitch just BLEW AWAY our freakin minds.

Missingno still needs to be an official pokemon.

>> No.2353417
File: 63 KB, 579x434, 175800732394.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Most people don't know that its possible to unlock "Bear Killer Willy Williams", the mentor of Paul Pheonix, in Tekken Tag Tournament. You need at least 25 quarters, and you had better not make a mistake...

>> No.2353431

There's a hidden move in Street Fighter 2 where Blanka transforms into Franz Kafka.

>> No.2354032

I did that without an outside source. It just made sense to check every place you could with surf, because fuck it, now you can surf.

I racked up soooo many hours with Crystal, it was ridiculous. I beat Red in that Kanto cave so many times that it gave me erections to see lvl 70+ Pokemon to battle with.

My nigga that game was fucking amazing. I spent days learning the egg groups only to find out in PS2 that Ditto could breed with all of them.

>> No.2354076

Wait what? Is that you? Or is there really something in the game?

>> No.2354273


>> No.2355091

Reminder that these are the type of guys who want six gen to be allowed on /vr/.

>> No.2355693

>there's a secret combination that will get Orchid will show her tits to you, the player, as the fatality in the arcade version of the game- but it's not in the snes version.

I never really spent money at arcades and couldn't possibly ask a stranger to do it for me to confirm the veracity of the claim.

>> No.2355789

Dragon's Lair predates FFVII for over ten years, bro.

>> No.2358664

I remember thinking there was something about the locked up Whomp in Mario Kart 64

Also, I swear, if anyone posts that one screencap about that school submitted fanfiction about him...

>> No.2358794

Considering that it's still the 2nd largest TCG in the world, behind only Magic: The Gathering and barely ahead of no. 3, the Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG, yeah, I'd say people play it.

>> No.2361338

them faces

>> No.2361494

I always wanted these to be true, because I heard that the Sheeva one was full frontal, and I always had a freaky crush on her as a little kid.

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