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So, do you bust in guns blazing? Or do you sneak up the stairs like a bitch?

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I do both. Stairs first so I can grab the item and not have to deal with the elevator random battles, then the front entrance so I can read the Turtle Paradise poster for that side quest.

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If I am outnumbered, yes. If its 1-3 than its sneak kill time.

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Stairs, because the dialogue is funny.

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Stairs if I'm doing a run quickly
Elevator if I'm trying to level early

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Isnt there a megalixer on the stairs? What about the turtle cafe poster in the lobby?

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Stairs for life

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Did you guys remember to redeem all the coupons? Did you remember to punch the vending machine? Did you get the mayor's password on the first try? Did you come back during the raid on Disc 2 and grab Cait Sith's ultimate weapon?

There was a lot to do in the Shinra Building.

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>Did you guys remember to redeem all the coupons?


>Did you guys remember to redeem all the coupons?


>Did you get the mayor's password on the first try?


>Did you come back during the raid on Disc 2 and grab Cait Sith's ultimate weapon?

Still on Disc 1 so nope.

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The yep should be for

>Did you remember to punch the vending machine?

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>Getting cait sith's ultimate weapon

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>Not getting it
>Not getting everyone's ultimate weapon.

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>not being a completionist

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I sneak up the stairs, and once I'm up there, I go back to the 1st floor through the main path.

This way I get every item and dialogue from both paths.

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Ah yes, the game wouldn't be complete without quality dialogue like "Would you stop being a retard an climb!"

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Don't forget about those extra potions i'll never get to use.

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>Hating Cait Sith
>MFW I manged to one shot Emerald and Ruby by getting lucky with his Slots limit.

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I didn't know you could go up the stairs until 2008

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Did you just not read any of the text? Tifa tells you there's a way to sneak in.

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I've always used the stairs. I have literally no idea what the other route looks like. I'll have to try next time I replay it.

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I've done both, usually going up the stairs and then lifting down to raid the lobby.

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I was 11 when I first played the game. I always picked the bust in option because I figured "sneaking in" still meant going through some entrance the first floor but forcing you to avoid the guards. Then I just kept picking it on each playthrough because it's what I had always done. I had a similar thing with the second floor vent in the beginning of MGS. It wasn't until recently that I finally decided to take the one on the first floor.

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Blasting through the front door is WAY more entertaining, but I usually do both.

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I did pretty much the same way in both games. I never figured out how you could go through the bottom vent without getting caught by the guard who stands right in front of it. I mean, you can just get seen and rush it (since they won't catch you in the vent anyway) but that always seemed very inelegant.

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I would always sneak the stairs as a kid. I figured you don't bust in through the front doors of a heavily guarded building, it just seemed like the smarter choice to me.

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You can get the poster on the way back down right before the bike chase.

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>tfw second play through I noticed the stairs
>take them
>it never ends

I'd prefer to go through the front next time

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I wonder, what has brought about this more adventurous side of you?

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>first time playing
>take the stairs
>many screens later
>I've been in this situation before, this is endless isn't it?
>nope, still different dialog
>finally get there
>reload and take the elevator because it's more fun

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I sneak up the stairs like a faggot just to make my waifu happy

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do the stairs once, cause it's hilarious.

from then on it's through the front door. cause time is gil.

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To this day I have never got the Mayors password despite playing through the game countless times.

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Taking the stairs was manlier.

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Is that the part where the guy gives you a list of words?

If so, it's KING.

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>doesn't want to beat bosses like a man

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It changes every time. There's a limited amount of passwords it can be, but it changes each time.

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Lol, based Dagoth Ur

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I take the dumbwaiter.

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It doesn't, answer is always MAKO.

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>implying any strategy that actually works isn't equally cheap

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I bust up the stairs guns blazing.

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Both. Stairs first then back down and bust the place up. Because both ways are fun.

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I don't think I've ever actually went through the front door or it's been so long I can't remember. My recent playthrough I sneaked in as well.

I feel like a total scrub cause I don't know all the things to remember. I never even knew about the turtle paradise subquest.

Just about to go into the ancient temple at lvl 37.

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staircase. it has nice music in it

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Glad to see that being a compulsive completionist is not just my problem.

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Don't misunderstand. Both ways are FUN. Not the same thing as doing both ways just because they can be done. That would mean you've got problems.

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I tried this game once a few years ago, never finished it.

I'm gonna give it another go soon. What are some missable items/events I should know about? Any other tips are welcome too.

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It does, answer is sometimes MAKO.

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Staircase up to the treasure, then back down and in through the front door like a boss so I don't miss the Turtle's Paradise flyer.

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Come to a fork in the road in any game. That sinking feeling that you don't know what is down the path you skipped and if you will be able to get back to it.

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I'll give you the benefit of the doubt and allow you to show me how the answer can change

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guns blazing because i usually grind a bit before this section so im suped up pretty hard and the fighting is enjoyable. Also I think you can steal some stuff from the soldiers or some enemy that you can sell for a lot

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what happens when you get all the posters? never got them all

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you go to the Turtle Paradise in Wutai and the dude in the counter will give 1 source p/stat and a mega elixir

Yeah that's it

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I'm assuming you're not a chink. In the English and Jap games it's random for each playthrough, between either BEST, KING, BOMB, or MAKO.

The FFVII speedrun community found the best way to find it which password it is, is to go to the 'Space Dev. Research Library' on that stage (green Shelves, blue floor), and check the left side of the middle bookshelf.
If the password is BEST, the book will read: 2 Economic report: Space Dev Program
If the password is KING, the book will read: 1 Results of failed space mission "YA-79"
If the password is BOMB, the book will read: 1 Breakdown of SOLDIER members by class
If the password is MAKO, the book will read: 10 New plans for urban planning

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I'm familiarized with both the PAL ES version and US NTSC and for the first one I can tell you straight that every single time I played (and I played FF7 a lot) the password was MAKO. That said I never ever read the books (at least not before giving the answer) so maybe that's the default answer if you don't.

For the US version I guess it could be the same since they're essentially the same game with diff. localization. Maybe in the original NTSC-J that was different but whatever, is not something big, just a curious piece of trivia at best.

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The Hardedge, but you steal that much later in the place.

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