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Kirby thread? Kirby thread

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Dream Course is so fucking fun, why?

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A few months ago I beat Dream Land 3 for the first time. Someone here told me to 100% it and I just did a few days ago. I don't remember ever doing 100% on a game before.

It's a good game. I am stuck playing it because I have no actual Wii U games yet and no money to buy any

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Cause it's minigolf. How do you not have fun with minigolf?

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Should I be embarrassed if I can't beat Kirby 1?

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Why is Kirby a dick in Kirby's Avalanche?

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Just Kirby going through the edgy phase like anyone

Because nothing inspires edginess as much as Puyo Puyo

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If it's not the extra game, then yes.
When hasn't kirby been a dick? He goes and kills things for a good reason, and then goes to kill them again FOR FUCKING FUN!

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There's also a game made with the same engine. Can't remember it's name though. Special tee shot or something?

KDL3 is the best Kirby imo. God tier art direction, GOAT OST and maximum comfy. A patch by Borokobo was recently released that fixes the momentum glitch, so look into that if you ever feel like playing it, especially after binge-Kirbying on Adventure/KDL2/Super Star

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Dream land 3 or Kirby 64 imo.

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Someone at NoA had a sick sense of humor


I can't beat the boss rush

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Well to be fair I never played 64

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64 was pretty gud.

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Destroying Pop Star just because he can too. For a game all about being cute and was meant to be a game for starting plateformer players the stories in Kirby has always intrigued me the most.

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oh yeah, i forgot he sliced through pop star a few times

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Nice sound track and graphics but the combat with combing different abilities was what made it one of my favorite.

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When you do get money to buy some Wii U games, get Kirby and the Rainbow Curse. Or at least, get it if you don't have a problem with the idea of controlling game using only the touch pad. If you suck at drawing like I do, then you'll have yourself a Kirby game that can be pretty challenging. Also, the game is made of clay.

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Same. The contrast is amazing and I wish mote games did this too. As cute as Kirby games are, they're pretty dark.

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I think that's normally Nintendo weirdly enough. Outside a few games they seem to love having weird fairly dark storylines. From Zelda to Mother to even some other titles. Where you don't have to really care about the story to enjoy them but if you sit back and think about them they are pretty scary.
Rainbow Curse is a beautiful game but it does have a few flaws sadly. You have to keep looking at the Gamepad the whole time so it takes a bit away from the looks. Still looks good but not nearly as good as if you where playing it watching it on your tv. And also the lack of any real story. As I said Kirby games tend to have light story but there always seem to be something. And it feel like something is missing.
If you really want to play Kirby get the Wii Kirby Collection. Unlike the awful Mario Collection which was just All Stars plus a soundtrack Kirby Collection is amazing.

You get tons of Kirby games (From NES to GB all the way to N64). And they all play amazingly well. Plus the bonus stuff it comes with isn't too shabby. HAL has always done good by Kirby and this collection shows.

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Your post brings this to mind: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BGkUBmBm8OY

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This pic made me want to find the one version of green greens that's played only on recorders. I thought it was in Rainbow Curse as a bonus track but I can't find it.

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How about Triple Deluxe anyone enjoying this game? I was flashed away how amazing and cute this game is! It is one of the best Kirby games in my opinion. That was one of the 3DS Games I played in 3D and enjoyed it!

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>watch right back at ya
>be so smug about understanding english well (not my native) despite it's children show
>yellow bird shows up
>starts talking

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Favourite Copy abilty?
Parasol for me, followed closely by Animal.

Definitely one of the cutest in the series. New VA really sounds nice. Hypernova is kinda cool, but felt really forced. And I did not like murdering those Waddle-Dees.
The best part about the game is definitely DEDEDE TOUR. When I unlocked it I flipped out.

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oh yeah, the DeDeDe Tour was really cool, I flipped out too! Yeah I don't like to murder those cute waddle-dees, there are so cute and did nothing wrong.

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My favorite Copy ability is the animal one, 'cause it's to damn cute! A Kirby with a cute wolf suit.

But I also like the Hammer Kirby! I always choose in the Kirby games the Hammer ability, especially in Triple deluxe.

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Is the new Kirby game actually good? I saw it's all played with the pad instead of the TV. I have no amiibos either and rather not start with that shit.

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Kirby's Adventure is my favourite game of all time, without it I probably would not love video games.

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>marx soul is completely unedited
every time

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Is Kirby a demon? I've heard rumors that if he gets pissed he could devour the universe or something...

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>New VA
Kirby has been voiced by Makiko Ohmoto since Kirby 64.

It is, and Amiibos aren't really needed to play the game. Hell the only one I ever used was Kirby's.

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>toss kirby up using the game boy to make him jump
It actually works. I was so fucking impressed.