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It's really amazing what those anonymous programmers in (probably) some chinese shithole were doing to fool players. Unofficial translations, ports, modifications, multicarts...

For example I found this Pokémon Green Version bootleg (pic) at a local store for 2,50 €. It's the actual japanese green version, just with a horrible but also hilarious english translation.

Post what you got, whether it's hilariously bad, actually well done or just plain weird.

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green is actually america's red
blue is the special edition one we didn't get

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nope, green is JAPAN's blue
you got it all wrong. All

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I had a few of those like in the top-right, with the yellow button to change game
mine also listed Duck Tales as "Duck Talk" but a few of the other games on there were different

When I used to visit Spain when I was about 17 (11 years ago) that had piles of bootleg Pokemon games everywhere. All the "Pokemon Brown", "Pokemon Jade", etc.

I wanted to buy them but never had any money in those days :(
could only afford drink

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GameUSA ColorAdvance? What's that? Does it feature games for both platforms or is it just a lable trick?

Also what's with the lablel-free cartridge?

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Pokemon SRW bootleg. Kinda wish there was an official Pokemon SRW now, like how we got Pokemon with Nobunaga's Ambition.

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I think it's because both systems can use the cartridge.
Blank cartridge is pic related

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Holy Moly, that's an impressive multicart. Assuming there's a save option for Pokémon and the other games requiring it.

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Pokémon was first released in Japan as Red/Green, which were the original versions with the old Lavender Town music and really badly drawn sprites.(pic related) Blue(JP) was released later, which had a mixture of catchable Pokémon from Red/Green, redrew most sprites(not always for the better) and changed a few cave layouts/Lavender Town's music.

The Red/Blue we know is based on Blue(JP) with Red/Green's catchable Pokémon selection.

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really digging that ninetales sprite

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Sure some of the first Pokemon sprites looked kinda odd, but I miss that more natural, rougher look of the old games. The use of 3D models makes things bland. The pixel art of the first games gave them a feeling of being made by people rather than product churned out by a corporation to sell merchandise. Those sprites seem organic, the new models seem plastic.

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"Old Lavender Town music"? What sorcery is this?

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the old version drove kids to suicide. youtube it

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There were high pitched noises in the original version of the song which strained the gameboy speakers. The noises were subsequently taken out in later versions of the game. The fact that they were removed caused people to invent a creepypasta story about how the noises were taken out because they caused children to go crazy or something. The rumor was probably started because of that one episode of the pokemon anime that allegedly caused seizures in kids.

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It's not as magic as the myth goes. As far as I know some notes in the original lavender town theme caused headaches (but definitely no suicides) among children, so they changed it. I'm OP and played the green version until lavender town, and the melody isn't too bad. Some high-pitched beeps and boops that might be unpleasant when listened over headphones at higher volumes, but no seizure-inducing mess.

A friend also tested the 'buried alive' glitch, it doesn't work. Well the game behaves somewhat strangely/buggy, but no white hand.

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Why do LPs have to feature these annoying shouty bros who have no funny or meaningful contribution but yell dumb sarcastic comments over one another.

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>people still believe this malarkey.

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This is one of the reasons I do not ever watch video LPs. Screenshot or nothing. I used to be quite fond of TheDarkId's, but it seems he's gone full-blown faggot, so.....That's the end of that good thing.

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>youtube it

See this is why you're a retard.

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Spaniard here, can confirm. Top manta here is practically a religion, but only the old stuff was cool. I had a lot of games exactly like >>2307790, it was like buying a Kinder surprise, but now they are all unfinished trash.

Back then my grandparents bought me this for my 11 birthday believing that I could use it with my ps1. Of course it wasn't intended like that, but it had some old hardware like galaga, charley circus and battle city.

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crazy how they got clefable and aerodactyl so right. Oh mewtwo too.

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here's the song btw

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wrong, Green and Red are what we didn't get, both of our Blue and Red versions are based on japan Blue.

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Pokemon beta? Yeah, sure, lol.

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>actually believing that stupid shitty creepypasta

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holy crackers

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By the way, the back sprites in Red/Blue are unchanged from Red/Green. You can notice a lot of them are still based on R/G's front sprites like Charmander, Charizard and Dragonite.

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Haha! Yes, we had tons of stores with those multigames carts here. I own like 6 or 7, will upload picture later, now I am paying like 5 to 10€ each.

I love them, you can find many bootlegs,rare and shit inside.

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This is the real music in Lavender town for the Japanese version. Some notes go a little more high pitched than in the international release. They changed it because it sounded like shit on the GB speakers. The "OMG PKM GRUN KILD KIDZ" is based on a garbage creepypasta adored by 12 year olds.

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Somewhere down the line Lets Plays became code word for let's talk about dumb boring mundane shit in my life over a video game for 10 minute chunks at a time.

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Interesting remix, very unsettling. But it's definitely not from the original release, nor from any beta; the GameBoy can't even create those sounds (like the bassy "crash" sound).

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>plays the G Gundam opening for battle music
I found this hilarious for some reason.

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dear lord, you can't really have a thread about any subject that isn't a troll here anymore can you? some one tries to makes a bootleg game thread and you pokefags turn it into a pokemon thread, there is an entire fucking board for you people you realize, right?

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So apparently that Pocket Monsters Sapphire is a Shining Force style game. Kinda cool actually.

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Electric Soldier Porygon screwed up enough kids that the show went on a four month hiatus and caused new broadcast guidelines to be written in Japan.
The aural tones driving kids crazy is bullshit though.

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>Duck Talk
>Mario Egg
>Home Along

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You do realize the Pokemon board is filled with nothing but current gen, Mega Evolution threads and waifu shit

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>waifu shit
You're kidding right? I'd go look, but I browsed /jp/ once and learned my lesson about exploring boards outside my main interests.

I've got two pokejacked threads open on /vr/ right now, but hey at least they're talking about something other than Zelda or Earthbound. And not everyone is posting about it dude, if you want less Poke shit post other shit.

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motherfucker that's the same engine as the bootleg Fire Emblem game

how deep does it go

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Clefable, Parasect, Electabuzz, Magmar, Porygon, Aerodactyl and Mewtwo look fucking good.

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huh, just looked now and that seems to be true for the most part, either way though make your own threads rather than invading every thread just because one single pokemon thing is shown.

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certain pirate companies have engines that they use over and over. I remember there was a wiki that kept track of this sort of stuff, but I can't find it anymore.

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>However, all the way are full of complicated problems this time... Can they really get out of all these problem in whole skin?

this is art

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you're going to enjoy reading this, it shows off some of the manual.

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You mean the Bootleg Games Wiki?

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Not him, but wasn't there actually some truth behind the old Lavender Town music having an adverse effect on young kids? Obviously not driving them to suicide, but giving them migraines or some weird shit like that.

I have heard a version of Lavender town which not only sounded totally authentic (like it could be reproduced on an actual game boy), but also had some weird binaural shit going on that played with my head. You can find plenty of shit like that online, but I've never heard it in a video game.

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Couldn't it just be DPCM sampling?

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Isn't there a fucking NES version of Final Fantasy IV spread out on three ROMs?

I almost want to see how that even works.

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No. The song just gets really high pitched around the end of the song. That's it. That's all it ever was.

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Today I bought a Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening DX bootleg. It has a white sticker and at the top of the cartridge it says only "GAME"

I haven't played much of it so far, but it has savegames and seems to work perfectly overall.

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Sounded like the Cybuster song to me, but I could be wrong.

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Well I did research and yeah the FFIV NES thing is a real thing. There's even a patch for menus and names.

decided to fuck around with it, a lot is accurate to the original with a lot of trimming obvious. Plotwise it looks the same. Music is actually FFIV music, although there's no town theme and the overworld is the love theme.

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thats why i always recommend this guy to people

while everyone yells dumb shit and tries to be funny, this guy has developed the skill of story telling

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>blazing through FFIV bootleg
>fucking magnet cave
>no idea what counts as metal because china
>can't even move around outside of battles
>no de-equip option to just go unarmed
>apparently EVERYONE has to have no metal gear

I'm fucked

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i like this, reminds me of ulililia for some reason

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This is the "Link's Awakening DX" bootleg btw. It works perfectly and seems like a direct copy of the english version. Although having the original would have been even better, I'm perfectly ok with bootlegs like this.

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Pretty sure that guy was joking.

>> No.2323219 [DELETED] 

Pretty sure this is the original one but it's hard to tell what's just someone bullshitting and what's the actual thing anymore thanks to people hopping on that creepypasta. What you posted sounds like a remix someone would have linked in the middle of a story about it to spook the reader.


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Anyone knows where you can get cheap multi-carts today? The local game stores here only have very few if any of them (but quite some bootlegs).

>> No.2325434

metal gear???

>> No.2325495

>duck talk
>Mario egg
>home along

>> No.2325534

My older brother had one of those multicarts. The best part of it was that it had pokemon red, blue, green AND yellow, all working perfectly and able to save (none of the other games included had a save game option tho). Amazingly, his old pokemon red save game is still there.

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Would you consider a flashcart? Likely to have better better quality and far more games on one cart.

>> No.2325840

*better build quality

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Too long to be practical to use, not to mention DPCM is power intensive, which was vital to the GB's battery life. Also, using DPCM isn't as easy as it is on the NES, as the game would either have to freeze to play samples (Pokemon Yellow, Pikachu voices), or stop doing certain actions while being able to do things (Joe and Mac, backgrounds aren't animated when the dinosaur roars play, and collision system is turned off).

>> No.2327750

DPCM sampling at that quality would take up tons of ROM space, no way they would have done that in '96. Also what anon above me said.

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10/10 post, don't worry Skippy

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This post. Old people had seizures too, just adding that in. ~10 seizures in total and just a bunch of headaches.

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How do those multicards work. I thought Pokemon was so big that they had trouble fitting it on a cartridge to begin with.

>> No.2327965

Like this


The Chinese don't really understand cartridge sizes and memory constraints, therefore they are not bound by them.

>> No.2327967

They improved flash memory technology quite a bit since them.

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Fucking magic

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>In the hall of the mountain king starts playing

This is amazing

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>actually playing pokeman after age 12

>> No.2328068

Pokeman is the ultimate autist subject

Like flies on shit

>> No.2328071

Sonic is far more autismal at this point.

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I've seen more older people playing Pokemon than kids. They prefer Minecraft (I'll admit I really like it) or Clash of Clans (which is F2P trash of the highest caliber) and don't bother with proper handhelds anymore.

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I remember being 12 years old in Gran Canaria and buying a ton of these bootleg carts, 8 in 1 games and such. So many of them are complete ( but shit ) games. I really think someone should preseve these and put them on rom sites.

>> No.2330380

There's this site that would be closest to your idea:


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Pokemon is no longer a thing for kids.

It's now the really uncool thing kids' parents liked when they were kids.

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Most x in 1 are just regular ROMs with a loader. There's no point preserving things like that.
Whether other bootlegs is worth preserving is a question of taste/tism

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Shit, I used to go on holiday and I found tons of those things. Physical carts of romhacks like Pokemon ChaosBlack and similar things.

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