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It's time to talk about retro games referencing or ripping stuff off.

From Miyazaki's first film, Lupin III Castle of Cagliostro

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Castle of Cagliostro

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Relics partly references Giger, though mostly in the packaging itself.

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shit tiny cartridge already did this

post your own

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And then Jeremy Parish copied that for his Castlevania III anatomy thing.

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The game is practically a horror movie reference fest.

That said, I loved the choice for the bosses. I never imagined I'd face Seth Brundle from The Fly in a Famicom game.

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That's just generic ancient architecture, it wasn't ripped from some anime.

Final Fantasy also used shit ton of references from mythology and artwork - FF7 had norse myth, FF6 had an European theme, etc.

They are not direct rip offs.

Direct rip offs would be the Pantera and Metallica tunes in Doom.

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Nah, Castlevania definitely "borrows" art

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Troll thread.

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This has got to be a troll thread if you think that isn't just generic architecture.

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The two on the bottom look like bullshit.

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That's just Greek architecture, m8.

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should have led off with the gears, OP

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Pretty sure that's meant to be the remains of Atlantis or something. Waterlogged Greek buildings aren't copyrighted.

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TIME CRISIS i always figured the original time crisis was heavily inspired by Castle of Cagliostro the castle setting the ninjas with claws jumping around

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But really there is one ghibli movie which is WAY more influential to games and that is laputa castle in the sky think about all the floating islands with ancient lost civilizations on them

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corrosion of conformity?

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its in the op, bra

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what is gulliver's travels

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Not /vr/, but Final Fantasy XI has a whole area heavily influenced by Laputa. A lot of the design is similar and the area has giant golems guarding it.

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>action movie hero
>action movie hero
>action movie hero
>action movie hero
>action movie hero

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Not as much ripping off, but not making much of an effort.

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You guys watch too much anime and only anime. It seems like you have no cultural references beyond that.

Castlevania just ripped generic greek and european architeture. The animes did the same.
Floating islands weren't created for the anime Laputa. Actually, Laputa came from Gulliver's Travels. And floating islands exists even in greek mythology.

Stop believing the world revolves around anime.

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lupin invented greece

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You hit the nail on the head. This thread is a travesty.

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Possibly true of that architecture but you can't deny that Dracula from Castlevania is an obvious ripoff of Count Magnus Lee from Vampire Hunter D

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D&D invented vampires, balconies and gargoyles

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It's almost like kojima likes western movies or something
Oh wait

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It looks practically traced

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Daily reminder.

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I always thought the Panzer Dragoon games had a lot of influence from Ghibli stuff, especially Nausicaa. Not sure if the devs ever commended on it.

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Panzer Dragoon was influenced by european comics, like Moebius, who even did the cover and some concept art for the game.
And some anime was influenced by Moebius.

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Come the FUCK on, this is just Parthenon-looking ancient architecture and some ancient greek columns.
I don't know where you come from, but this country's education system is shameful.

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Boxart is something different from main game. Everyone knows American boxart was always made on the cheap, so people just traced everything in sight. I mean, Contra boxart is pretty famous for that.
I wish I was so naive like you, never going on Deviantart and looking at picture after picture of traced art until I developed "Tracing Sixth Sense" of sorts.

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ITT: Illiterate anime nerds think Miyazaki invented everything
A game based around a castle... has art inspired by a castle. SHOCKING

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No crystalis?
Whole thing is practically nausicaa

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Actually, that isn't a real quote. What Miyazaki DID say, however, was about how otaku aren't interested in world around them and base their entire knowledge of outside world on anime, is perhaps perfectly applicable here.

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And the funky thing is Cagliostro rips off The King and the Bird

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I wish his art inspired more games.

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G-Darius has an area called zone zeta that takes place inside an abandoned space colony.
Totally not a coincidence nor a lame excuse to post a kickass anime OP what are you taking about.

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that op has great animation

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That design is so iconic. To think it came from a movie I never even saw from a series I don't even like.

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Am I the only one who sees Al Pacino in Solid Snake's portrait?

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Castle of Cagliostro was a massively influential film on Japanese pop culture.

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the second OP was better

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>He doesn't believe in a sign of Zeta
>He doesn't wanna have a pure time

I guess not everyone's a noble mind...

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OP's examples are beyond idiotic, but the idea is interesting.

Here's an actual one. Many of the art assets in Ecco the Dolphin, especially in the prehistoric levels were taken directly from Zedek Burian paintings. Meanwhile the aliens are very clearly modeled after Gieger's work.

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That's legit one of my favorite songs of all time.

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A bunch of levels in S3&K are actually similar looking to some scenes in Laputa (Sky Sanctuary, Hidrocity), but the concept of an island in the sky is not from that anime.

Laputa specifically comes from Gullivers travels.

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I think they gave Billy Kane a red Explorer as a refremce to to Adrian Smith, which goven the fact that they are both metal guitar players from Britain, it makes sense

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