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How can people say the N64 was a kiddy console when it had games like Resident Evil 2 and Shadow Man?

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People using "kiddy" as a derogative term to refer to consoles or games shouldn't be taken seriously, mang. Just follow their banter or just ignore them.

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In my eyes all consoles are for children with the exception of LD based ones.
Being for children isn't inherently bad though.

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To be fair, they were both ports. Pretty well done ports though.

Even with more kiddy-orientated games, the console still has some great exclusives regardless of what demographic they were geared towards.

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I'm not so sure the N64 version of Shadowman is a port. It was either the first version or tied for first version along with PC. Considering the version on N64 is extremely solid and the PC version a little iffy, I think it's quite possible that the N64 version was the base version.

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Honestly? Animosity born out of bitterness. And before you ask, yes: Nintendo deserved every bit of the disappointed consumer backlash they got. I grew up with an N64 and a Megadrive, but looking back with a more adult perspective allows me to see just how much hubris Nintendo really had.

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I doublechecked and you're right on that one! Shadowman was originally released on the PC and N64 first. My bad.

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It didn't have Thrill Kill

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Probably because it had very little to do with Nintendo themselves and were almost all third parties. With Nintendo you got Mario Kart, Pokemon, Legend of Zelda, and so on. Not that they are bad games, but they do seem fairly innocent compared to what Sony or SEGA had outside of third party support. The other two companies often had a mix of things from something that does seemed geared towards a younger audience to other games that would be geared to anyone that is a bit older. Didn't even have to be blood and gore related, something like a racing game like Grand Turismo or the SEGA Rally games can be examples of this.

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That's two games out of a(an admittedly small) library. To be fair, there were more, but the N64's small library combined with the prominence of 1st party games is what lead to the continuing "kiddy Nintendo" reputation that started with the first Mortal Kombat being censored on SNES.

Conversely, the PS1 had a massive library so it was hard to really pin any one specialty to it.

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The NES also got its share of censored games.

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>Didn't even have to be blood and gore related, something like a racing game like Grand Turismo or the SEGA Rally games can be examples of this.

But the N64 had a lot of racing arcade games, it also had a lot of sports games and many of them had 4p multiplayer. In fact, my older brother and his bunch of friends used the N64 more, while I played my nerdy JRPGs on the PS1 alone.
Are we sure we're talking about the same console?

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The SNES had horror games like Clock Tower but i wouldn't consider it more mature than the Genesis or PC Engine,just like i wouldn't consider the N64 more mature than the Saturn or the PS1.

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That wasn't under Nintendo, it was completely third party unlike on the other consoles in which it was either made by them or a studio under them.

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Well, but most people don't care about who published what. In my brother's eyes, the N64 was the real console to play with his niggas, while the PS1 was "that one with wacky anime games".
Also, didn't Nintendo publish or at least helped publish games like Goldeneye or Perfect Dark? I'm sure at least in japan Nintendo was the published of Perfect Dark (while in the west it was Rare themselves, but I guess they still had help from Nintendo since they were so close). That's an M rated game right there. My brother and his friends played that shit to no end too.

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For the same reason they say it with the GC, Wii, and Wii U. There are some adult games on it but they pale in comparison compared to the selection of all the other consoles at that time.

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If most people don't care who published what then how does Nintendo keep on getting the name the kiddy console maker?

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I'd say it's because Mario is the face of Nintendo.

But most people won't go out checking who published what or who developed that. That's something just we nerds do.

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Well they should make things like F-Zero and Metriod a bit more prominent. Those have appeal to an older demographic and don't have the innocent intonations like Mario has in his parties, sports, and racing games.

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It was a kiddy console and it was getting it's ass kicked by the PS so they broke down and started rushing to release more adult oriented games later in the system's life. Being an early N64 owner was like being on the outside looking in at all the great teen and adult games on the PS. So unless you were like five and didn't know about what was going on with the PS then it was a dissappointing kiddy console in it's early life and there wasn't much to bring it back up later. There was some stuff like Turok and Killer Instinct early on, but it wasn't much and it lacked the deep, engrossing gameplay of the PS teen-adult gaming catalogue.

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Truth is, Mario games sell to kids and adults alike. I know quite several adult normalfags who bought a WiiU to play Mario Kart/Smash Bros.

The problem Nintendo has is mainly with the "hardcore" Xbox generation. They don't have any proper response to stuff like Halo or Killzone. They got Bayonetta, but that's niche.

But back to /vr/, as I said, a lot of people I knew saw the N64 as a great console for racing and sports games, while I was mocked by my asshole brother and his friends when I was playing whatever JRPG or anime game on my PS1. So I guess it depends who do you ask.

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>all the great teen and adult games on the PS
>unless you were like five and didn't know about what was going on with the PS
>engrossing gameplay of the PS teen-adult gaming catalogue.

can't tell if troll or serious

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How old are you?

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Not because of what you said, it's how you worded it.

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Oh sorry professor fuck face, how about this then?

Fuck off!

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Come on man, I'm sure you're capable of teen and adult engrossing writing

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It's more or less "kiddie in comparison". As in, the PS1 has a metric fuck-tom more M rated games, and the N64's main selling points are:

>Mario Party
>Mario takes a dump
>generic kid game
>Mario goes to rehab

It has a very kiddie public image, even though it sports some of the same games as PS1. And yes, you can claim: "Well, it has RE2 and Shadowman!", but the PS1 still has more. By the bucketful.

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turok, duke nukem 64, perfect dark, doom 64, quake... the list goes on. not exactly "kiddie" games

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Should we need to list the hundreds of "mature" games the PS1 or Saturn had? Because that will take days.

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Not really fair to list Duke 64 considering all the censorship it got.

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RE2 N64 Features:

Framerate increased from PS1's 15fps to 30fps.

Innovative new control scheme that was resurrected for Resident Evil: REMAKE HD.

Higher rendering resolution.

But what do people talk about?



Imagine people in 2015 arguing that a game running at 15fps is automatically better than one running at 30fps because the backgrounds are crisper.

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>Not really fair to list Duke 64 considering all the censorship it got.
It had Duke Nukem: Zero Hour, too.

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Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire was an N64 launch title, and is hardly a "kiddie" title. GoldenEye was one of the best selling titles on the system.

Meanwhile the PS1 had best selling mature games like Frogger.

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Hm, I dunno why the N64 would be considered childish by some. Most of my favorite games for the system were T or M-rated, like Nightmare Creatures, Perfect Dark, Goldeneye, Quake, and KI Gold. Of course, I owned Pokemon and Mario too, but it was outnumbered by all of the hardcore shit I owned.

I love my N64.

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>Framerate increased from PS1's 15fps to 30fps.

That is bull,the only thing that was better in the N64 version is the extra content.

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Even the FMV and the audio in general were compressed,they ruined a game that had fantastic presentation just to fit it on a cart.

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fun fact: N64 Resident Evil has artificial loading screens, because when they ran the game direct from the cart, testers were finding it stressful to enter new areas so quickly. So they added in the loading doors.

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The PS1 version runs at 15fps. This is a fact. The N64 version had a redone animation system and overhauled engine and runs at 30fps, including animations. Making movement so much smoother.

It also has a form of surround sound.

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RE2 is much better overall on the N64 than on the PS1.

I'll take the Dreamcast or GC version over the N64 though, but PS1 is the worst one.
N64's version even has better audio (in fact, strange as it sounds, N64 RE2 is the only version out of them all with dolby surround sound). So no, the audio wasn't compressed, I know you like to parrot stuff like "N64 has shit audio!" all the time, but in this one case, you are dead wrong.

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>So no, the audio wasn't compressed, I know you like to parrot stuff like "N64 has shit audio!" all the time, but in this one case, you are dead wrong.
The N64 version uses Factor 5's MORT speech compression codec for voice acting. It makes the voice acting a bit squishy. There's no denying that. But the quality is nowhere near as bad as people like to make out. The music sounds great. The general sound effects are fine.

It's a really, really good port that adds innovative new features. Tank control fans love to diss the optional new control scheme, but it's beautifully engineered.

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The audio is definetly worse,applying DS to it doesn't make it automatically better.

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The FMV scenes in the N64 version run at a rather low 267x117 resolution. They are 30fps, though. A lesser developer might have cut corners by running them at 15fps or something.

I mean, seriously.



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The audio isn't definetly (sic) worse, as >>2289453 said, only the voices sound a bit iffy, the music and sound effects actually do sound enhanced and better due to the DS.

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Nintendo published wave race, exite bike, and fucking goldeneye perfect dark conker.

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who gives a shit re2 was ported to everything

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not to the Sega Pico

>> No.2289853

who the FUCK owns a sega pico

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>How can people say the N64 was a kiddy console when two games in its entire library weren't kid friendly?
By your logic, the Genesis is a JRPG juggernaut

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he didn't said those are the only 2 mature games in its entire library, though

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you don't get to use ports as a selling point when the other system had the games to start with plus the rest of the series plus other games.

You got RE2? Big fucking whoops.

PS1 got

Dino Crisis
Dino Crisis 2
Fear Effect
Fear Effect 2
Tenchu 2
Silent Hill
Metal Gear
Twisted Metal
Syphon Filter

and a shit ton of others. You can count the M rated N64 games on one hand.

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Conker's Bad Fur Day
Perfect Dark
Doom 64
Duke Nukem 64
Duke Nukem Zero Hour
Turok 1
Turok 2
Turok 3
Turok Dinosaur Hunter
Turok Rage Wars

I can count these MACHUR rated games, but I have to use my 2 hands.

Plus there's all the racing and sports games on the N64 that also appeal to older audiences.

But N64 is kiddy because of Mario, I guess.

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dude the console wars are over
all videogames are kiddie
let it go

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Because the N64 came in a fruity assortment of colors, which looked nice, but the more "mature" PS1 didn't. The N64's controller was splattered with huge colorful buttons. The N64's cartridges were soft looking and rounded, a stark contrast from the more rectangular SNES ones. Finally, the N64 had a LOT of games that were about cartoony bears, monkeys, bees, Mickey Mouse, and Legos.

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also duke nukem 64 was the port with the worst framerate in all three consoles

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but... but... mature! kiddy! textures! loading times! cart memory!...

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also duke nukem 64 was the port with the worst framerate of all three consoles

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yeah, that's not an impressive list there bub

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Wasn't meant to be impressive, it's just a list of M-rated games.

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M-rated games are still for children.
How many AO games does PS1 have?

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N64 is considered the kiddie console because its the kiddie machine of the 5th gen period,browse the Saturn and PS1 library and then you'll see why.

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I have had a Saturn and a PS1 since before we got the N64.
I get that in the collective imaginary, N64 is kiddy, what >>2289932 said is also partially true, N64's controller is all colorful, then again it has the trademark 4 primary colors, like the SuFami controller, consoles like Dreamcast or Xbox also used this but are not regarded as kiddy, even though both do have their share of "kiddy" games, but the way these companies marketed their stuff seemed to be more "mature" than Nintendo consoles.

In the end, all consoles are still consoles, as other anons said, they're all actually made "kiddy" because consoles are easy to use and kids LOVE video games. Yes, they also love violent, "M-rated" video games. I loved Mortal Kombat when I was 10, nowdays not so much, and I find the violence in it rather funny, but back when I was 10, that was the shit. The same happens with modern games like CoD or whatever. They're supposedly "Mature" but kids are the ones that play these the most.

Then there's also what I already said here >>2289183

Back in the day, my brother (who is 8 years older than me, was 18 at the time) and his friends played the N64 to death. Goldeneye, a lot of racing games, wrestling, you name it. Since it had 4 player games, they all got together to get drunk and play N64 during some weekends.
I was mostly using the PS1 and playing RPGs and single player games like Spyro, Klonoa, etc, and also anime games (mostly the Dragon Ball Z games).

My brother would usually bully me about how PS1 didn't have any real great games, although he did enjoy Ridge Racer when it came out, he quickly forgot about it in favor of racing games on N64 and Saturn (which we also got after the PS1).


1. "Kiddy" is just a buzzword. All consoles are kiddy, if anything. If you actually believe PS or Saturn are "mature" consoles, you've been simply effectively influenced by their marketing campaigns.
2. It just depends on who do you ask

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Nintendo had the family friendly image since the 80s when they censored blood, tits and crosses like crazy.
It's not just the 64, nintendo characters by themselves are kiddy.

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You kinda shot yourself in the foot by bringing up duke nukem.

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I double checked to see if the censoring is only in the n64.
strippers are still in the playstation version at 7:50 but they don't flash their titties at you

>> No.2290237


That's just Nintendo of America/Europe with the censorship, though. NoJ never gave that much of a fuck.

I'd say that yes, Nintendo is absolutely family-friendly. That doesn't mean "kids-only" though.
Aren't there visible corpses on the title screen of Super Metroid? That's not too kid-friendly.

As I said, we have this collective imaginary concept that Nintendo is for kids, and I can understand why. But when you analyze the whole thing, it's a bit absurd because a lot of adults consume the supposed "kiddy" Nintendo games (and not just mindless nintendrones, I'm talking about completely socially functional normalfags and hardcore games alike), while kids are all raving about the newest CoD, so the reality is a little more distorted than what our collective imaginary makes us believe.

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Don't forget the nes was called famicom, the FAMILY computer in japan, so no, it's not just NOA. Also you sound insecure.

>> No.2290262


But... I was talking about the censorship thing. That's not related to the name of the Famicom.

Why insecure? I'm just giving an honest view on the matter.
Is Nintendo generally regarded as kiddy? Yes.
Is it really kiddy? Not really more than other companies or consoles, but marketing (and other factors, but mostly marketing) influence the way we look at them a lot.

>> No.2290263

lol, and?

>> No.2290269

This is drifting into non retro territory but they are a very conservative company. Most of their ips including metroid get at most a teen rating and they insist on mascot platformers in an age when everyone else moved on to call of duty, like you said, and gta.
I mean, there's nothing wrong with that but don't pretend it's just a "perception".

>> No.2290274


Well, moving into non-/vr/ territories I must add that Nintendo shelled out for a niche "hardcore" IP like Bayonetta when everyone else didn't give a fuck.

Conservative? Maybe. I don't know.
I still think the whole "mature games for mature gamers such as myself" is actually a rather juvenile attitude, so that's why I always suspect a bit when I see people online saying stuff like "lel, nintendo is 4 kids". Makes me thinkg I'm arguing with 10 year olds who want to be mature, rather than people who are actually mature and complaining that their games aren't mature enough.

>> No.2290279

when the playstation had graphic violence, religious and political themes and fanservice and the most you can cite for the n64 was bad fur day, perfect dark and turok, I think your argument is simply invalid

>> No.2290286


What argument?

I'm not arguing that Nintendo is mature (the list with M-rated games was just an example because another anon said you couldn't make a list with more than 5 games), in fact I'm agreeing with most of you about Nintendo being family-friendly and that both Sony and Sega went for a more "adult-oriented" marketing strategy, but that doesn't mean kids didn't love bloods and guts. Or that adults can't enjoy games like Mario, Jumping Flash or Clockwork Knight.

In my eyes, and having had all 3 consoles back in the day (and still do), I thought they were three nice consoles to have, because they offered different kind of games. I can't say the PS1 is all GRITTY and MATURE when I played such cute games like Jumping Flash or Klonoa. And I can't say N64 is all kiddy mascot stuff when I played Hybrid Heaven or WinBack.

it's all very, very relative.

I feel like having actually grown up with all 3 consoles back then kind of spoiled me, I just can't have fun with console wars. I just see it all very objectively and I find a lot of things that people use as arguments as just marketing phrases.

>> No.2290304

don't even pretend you didn't come from /v/

>> No.2290308


Why would I? I came to /vr/ the day it was created because I saw a post on /v/, yes.

>> No.2290310

the console war comment
don't act like you're above it

>> No.2290313


What about it? we still have genesis vs snes console wars here on /vr/... I'm just saying I can't have any fun in these threads because I owned most of these consoles as a kid, so I don't have nostalgia for picking sides, since I never needed to.

>> No.2290314

NEC was a bit more open to adult content though they censored them before the last days of the PC-FX. Sega hit similar times with the Saturn.

>> No.2290315

this is why you're retarded, because both consoles had different libraries
the genesis was mostly arcade ports and the snes mostly platformer and rpgs
you can't just like both the same there must be some genre you prefer over the other. same thing applies to the n64 and playstation by the way

>> No.2290318

if you liked fighters or rpgs, there's no way in hell you'd be satisfied with a n64

>> No.2290319

>you can't just like both the same there must be some genre you prefer over the other. same thing applies to the n64 and playstation by the way

Nope, I genuinely enjoyed both consoles about the same.
You seriously think liking both is impossible? It isn't.

With PS1 and N64 I actually preferred the PS1 back then because I fucking loved RPGs, but there's some legit good stuff on N64 (which I discovered some time later, though)

>> No.2290323

then you have to realize it's not just a marketing thing
if you liked survival horror on the 64 there were 3 titles available, all of which were ports

>> No.2290324


Yeah, the N64's forte were multiplayer games, like racing or sports game which the N64 had plenty. I sure remember my brother playing those as I said.

I was the one that used the PS1 the most, but I didn't like survival horrors much. Until I played SIlent Hill 2 years later.

>> No.2290327

nintendo has always been a champion at making party games like mario kart, smash, party
you know, family games, the kind of stuff you'd play with your girlfriend and mom

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But my gf or mom aren't kids.

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there you go being insecure again

>> No.2290335

>Nintendo always pushed for their "kids" games to be sold more than the rest
>a very small minority of the library could be considered "mature"
>b-but Nintendo can be mature too you see

A bad case of wanting one's cake and eating it too.

>> No.2290348

read OP's post again.

I never said Nintendo was "mature", but then again I think the whole concept of companies or consoles being "mature" is kind of absurd.


Racing or sports games aren't necessarily "mature", but a lot of adults like to play these. N64 had a lot of those and offered 4 player MP.

PS1 has a lot of kiddy games, and I honestly remember playing more kiddy games on it than on the N64 (I never liked collect-a-thons), but I won't go around saying PS1 is kiddy.

however, marketing-wise, yes, Sony went for a more "adult" image, while Nintendo had the innocent/family-friendly image.

The platform with actually most kid-oriented games is undeniably PC, it has all the edutainment titles. Ironically PC is also happens to have all the actual mature-oriented games.

Consoles are just machines to play videogames, and videogames on consoles are usually games anyone can enjoy, no age limit.

>> No.2290383

i dunno man you're most likely underaged trying to pose as an adult and this whole diatribe was a waste of time

>> No.2290528

>Imagine people in 2015 arguing that a game running at 15fps is automatically better than one running at 30fps because the backgrounds are crisper.

They would either talk about the PC version which would hopefully be unrestricted, or if it didn't have a PC version, you'd see goldenfaces talking about how "PC will never, EVER get [this game]" or "mfw consolefags think 15FPS is acceptable".

>> No.2290853

Wrong place. That area didn't exist in the DOS version. The strip club was replaced by a truck lot.

>> No.2290892


OP, this isn't hard. Nintendo has marketed itself as a more kid-friendly brand than PlayStation or XBox from the start. Nintendo's flagship titles are very kid-friendly compared to Grand Theft Auto or God of War. Nintendo's entire business strategy for the Wii was to market itself as family-friendly.

I love Nintendo and I don't understand why so many people have trouble admitting this to themselves. Just do it. There's no shame in it. I don't like grimdark shooters and I don't care about them.

>> No.2290925

Because back then kiddies were man enough to not wet themselves and need years of pills and counseling just because they saw a zombie in a video game.

>> No.2290959

>But N64 is kiddy because of Mario, I guess.

No it's considered kiddy because the amount of M rated games pale in comparison to the PS1, Saturn, PC, and eventually Dreamcast at the time. That's really all there is to it and I don't know why that upsets you so much.

>> No.2291117


>I love Nintendo and I don't understand why so many people have trouble admitting this to themselves.

I'm saying Nintendo IS family-friendly marketed. 'm not saying that Nintendo is mature or that it isn't family-friendly, I'm just saying it's not "kiddy" (although I CAN understand why we perceive them as "kiddy", as I explained many times).
Also I'm not OP (in fact, I'm suspecting OP was baiting, rather than actually being serious)


It doesn't upset me at all, I'm just discussing.

As another anon said, all consoles are actually "kiddy", and I'm fine with that, video games are fucking fun.

>> No.2291148

Post-SNES Nintendo has had horrible quality 3rd party support.

The N64 library pales in comparison to the PS1, and the GC library pales in comparison to the PS2.

Thats in sheer number. Since theres more games for the other consoles theres a higher chance that there will be either good games, or games that appeal to you more.

The N64 has very few games that appeal to me, I have like 17 games for the N64, and only want like 5 or so more, and out of the 17 I have about 5 of them are trash games. Compared to my PS1 where I have 91, and theres probably dozens more I would be interested in, but I only own like 5-10 bad games.

Fact is, outside of Nintendo and a handful of 3rd party gems, most of the games on Nintendo consoles post-SNES is terrible.

>> No.2291151

Strippers still open their top in the Saturn version.

End of thread Saturn wins.

>> No.2291157


I'm curious, what N64 games do you own?

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File: 1.57 MB, 956x4916, PS1 library.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

how people can still defend the N64? The only good thing about that console was the exclusives. Everything else (price, library, controller) was shit. No one in his right mind 20 years later will still pick that console over this.

>> No.2291207


You think in black or white.

I think the PS1 is overall better because of the variety in its catalogue, but I still like the N64.

Luckily, 20 years after, people can buy either console and play their games.

I can understand having to "pick sides" if you were a kid and your parents couldn't afford both... but now?

Why fight? Both have great games. PS1 has more variety, but N64 has a lot of must play games (and not just 1st party, my favorites on the system aren't developed by Nintendo, actually).

>> No.2291215

Now double that if you know japanese!

>> No.2291224


Typical Playstation library

multiplats that had better releases on PC, shitty none games JRPGs, action/sport games that were better on the N64. Oh and lets not forget the typical Mario rip offs.

Playstation is literally a dumping ground of inferiority. Why everybody likes the ugly as fuck pre-rendered everything 2D games and warping geometry 3D games that were demo tier at best is beyond me.

>> No.2291228

>Luckily, 20 years after, people can buy either console and play their games.

you can certainly get your hands on N64 cartridges, or heck even an everdrive and have a blast

good luck with getting PS1 discs if any of them survived.

>> No.2291231


Yeah, but luckily a modded PS2 and a CD-RW will do.
I still have my old fat PS1, but I don't really use it anymore.

>> No.2291237


>> No.2291238

>if any of them survived.

Is this some kind of a joke? We're not talking about laser discs here. Nevermind how brainlessly easy it is to play backups on the system.

>> No.2291240

the fun machine

>> No.2291250


>you can certainly get your hands on N64 cartridges, or heck even an everdrive and have a blast
>good luck with getting PS1 discs if any of them survived.

oh god the irony, because N64 games are expensive as hell while you can literally download every single ps1 game and play it on a PSP or a modded PS1

>> No.2291252

That list is old and terribly incomplete

>Clock Tower 2
>no shmup section
>no puzzle section
>not a JP only game to be seen

>> No.2291259


>needing to hardware mod to play their shitty iOS tier games



>> No.2291260


I bought my PS2 with modchip back in 2006. It was worth it.

Probably there's easier methods now using USB, but I'm set for life with my PS2 (at least until the lens stop working)

>> No.2291267

And then hopefully when you will ignore nostalgia you will realize that 90% of the small N64 library is composed of mediocre titles and most of its "gems" are extremely overhyped.And don't forget all the first party games that got ported or improved on newer Nintendo platforms.

>> No.2291271


Why are you attacking the N64? Just because that troll insulted the PS1?

It was a very obvious troll, too.

>> No.2291275

That response is valid for all the people who have their heads buried in the sand.

>> No.2291278


you still fell for the bait, not cool mang.

>> No.2291451

>when it had games like Resident Evil 2

Cus you always hear people talking about how awesome RE2 was on the N64.

>> No.2291452


Who's Cus?

>> No.2291456

B. Cus

>> No.2291680

The N64 had more M rated games than the Sega Saturn if Mobygames is to be believed.

Also, the N64 had a lot of Teen rated games. Are people seriously suggesting Rainbow 6 is a kid's game because it's rated Teen instead of Mature.

>> No.2291685

Uh... So the N64 got the superior Mortal Kombat 4, the superior Rayman 2, and it got Army Men Air Attack and it got both Vigilante 8 games and it got Mega Man Legends and it got a Worms game and it got an Ogre Battle game and it got all three Tony Hawk games plus a bunch of exclusive racing games.

Oh, and I'm gonna insist that Indiana Jones > Tomb Raider because muh huge levels with no load breaks and muh Indiana Jones music.

>> No.2291690

Maybe if you ignore the Japanese exclusive releases.

>> No.2291921

You're not making much sense. I really like playing Nintendo games and I fully acknowledge they're the most kid-friendly console. There's no shame in that, just don't pretend they had other intentions.

>> No.2292779


Read all my other posts before and after that one. I'm already tired of stating that I do think Nintendo have a family-friendly marketing strategy and always had (although they do invest in their teen/adult demographics, too. But yeah the main strategy is to target the whole family).

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