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>these textures

>that grunt every time you jump


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why are these games so good
I love the shit out of the first game, I still go back and play it every once in awhile

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I had this on PC. Didn't have headphones back then.

FLIPPENDO pissed my father off so much it was incredible.

The collection aspect was bretty gud.

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Couldn't you post a worse screenshot?

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>dat Gringotts ride

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always hear the first few games are pretty good but differ depending on console. There's a pic that show all versions one all consoles and which are the same and which are best to play.

Time for a harry potter thread i guess?

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Threadly reminder that every single one of these is a completely different game. Apart from the Umd obviously.

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Same applies.
This also went for Prisoner of Azkaban & Quidditch World cup. it got a bit samey from Goblet of Fire onwards.

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Hey, i still have my GBC copy of that game.

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wasn't the gba turn based?

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I remember having the PS2 Prisoner of Azkaban, and the GBA one, and they are entirely different.

How many dev teams did they have just churning out Harry Potter games?

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>that firecracker battle
>collecting all the beans
What part did everyone find most difficult? That jeeves chase in the dungeons took me ages when I was a kid.

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Confirming, had the PC and GBC ones as a kid, it never even occurred to me that the same developer was churning them out.

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I had the GameCube Chamber of Secrets. Was that different too or just a port of the PS2 one?

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u dun it nao arry

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if i remember correctly, the console versions were mostly the same (ps2 had it's usual ps2 issues), the pc version was slightly different and both gba and gbc were different.
this is how it was for the first 4 games i think.

if anyone finds that pic showing all the different versions of the potter games please post!

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This is why I love 4chan. Never played this as a kid, but huge huge huge Harry Potter fan. And apparently this game is good? AND there's multiple games based on console?

Oh lawd, downloading the PC version right now.

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Oh shit, I was just thinking about Harry Potter.
These games were probably my favorite thing along with the PS1 era Tony Hawks, every time I see screens of it or hear music from the earlier movies I get so nostalgic.
But there's nowhere good to discuss it ever, especially when you aren't a woman or a teenage girl.

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Enjoyed the PC version back in the day, even though I've always hated the Harry Potter franchise.

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The GBC version of this is the only Harry Potter game I've ever played. It was better than it had any right to be.

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I loved the hell out of sorcerers stone on the gbc, but never got passed the troll fight as a kid and didn't really have the patience to grind out 8 million snakes in the garden.

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I wish they would release an anthology of all these games.

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I'm trying to collect each version of each game.
As you guys can see, so far I have all the different versions of PS & CoS, but the rest of my stuff is Spread out.

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Am I better off trying the PC versions or do the PS1 games emulate well enough?

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They are whole different games.

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And I remember that one of the first two PC ones had issues potentially revolving around running on a more modern OS.
Like a certain part being impossible to complete.

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Had this on GBC and every time I started a new file I came across different rooms, different spells, different pathways to the end etc that I'd never seen before.
Never managed to beat Voldemort though...

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And now ladies and gentlemen, we all have the irrefutable proof, that makes a win98 machine a necessity for all the population of /vr/.

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>all the population
>1 harry shitter game
Just no.

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Believe anon, i wanted to write "i bet someone will take this seriously" spoilered.
But then i thought the joke wouldn't have been as good.

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My breaking point was chasing that damned Peacock around later on in the game

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One of my friends had an amazing meltdown of rage at a part where you have to catch a blue bird (peacock?). Absolutely furious, he freaked out all teary-eyed. I ended up beating it for him.

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IIRC, one of the movie DVD releases contained a demo of the PC version.

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I get seasick playing these old PS1 games. All the geometry is constantly moving around and everything looks like it's underwater.

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Related: I once had a weird instance on HP&CoS for PC. I can't find anything about it online but for some reason I spawned on a big platform, with Harry Potter's hometown below and a starry sky above. Can't walk off because invisible walls and there is nothing to do. Don't know how it happened, don't know what it's for (maybe testing?), either way it's an oddity from my childhood.

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I loved that game simply because you could fly wherever you wanted in Quidditch matches, as opposed to many of the sequels where you were forced to follow the snitch.

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The GBC version was such shit!

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the n64 has no games

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I remember playing this at my neighbor's PC. She didn't have one of her own, it was some old shit machine, I still remember it had an AMD K6 with 166 MHz, way worse than my very first computer. Needless to say it ran like shit, I mean it was like 1 fps or something on lowest quality. But she didn't give a shit, she wanted to play that game so bad.

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I remember playing (and liking) the gbc version

It was a turn based RPG if I recall.

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The PC version of the first game was awesome. Especially the spooky parts for the Snape missions and the gardens for Hagrid and shit. Really nice-looking Unreal engine era game also

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It was. I'm not too partial for the combat myself, but it seemed a good enough game anyway.

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Spiderman 2 was the same. On PS2 it was the best movie licensed game to be made, on PC it had specific rings that were the only things you could swing from.

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>stealth mission in the library with filch and his cat

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>10 years old
>Chritmas morning
>Opened all the presents and end the day satisfied but a little disappointed
>Dad tells me he thinks he sees something behind the tv
>Open the final present
>Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets for the PS1
>Play it all day

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>PC and PS2 versions are different

why on earth?

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Snape doesn't appear in the video game adaptation of Prisoner of Azkaban. Think about it.

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PS2/Xbox/Gamecube versions were based on the CoS engine. I think they also released the "revamped" version on PC at some point.

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Oh yeah, fuck. You make me want to reinstall it just for that part, anon.

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wait. so there are versions of the early games that use a newer unreal engine or something?

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>at my grandads
>Gives me Pirated copy of CoS PS1
Shits cash as fuck. I loved the duels.

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So, what are the better versions of Philosopher's Stone and Chamber of Secrets? I only remember playing the first on pc.

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N64 and PSONE graphics I can handle because they were products of their time. What I can't handle are all the people who refuse to go back and play them because either the graphics make their eyes bleed or the textures look like they have the consistency of vasline on drywall. Really, if you can't deal with so called "shit graphics" then should probably find another hobby

That being said, I do have a legit problem with old pc games where the color pallete is made up of nothing but magenta and cyan

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I was shocked as a 10 year old that they could say "damn you, Potter" in an E game

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Is Harry Potter still relevant nowadays? Or did that age really end?

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As a college student, I can honestly say most kids between 16 and 20 never shut up about it. In one of those "Get to know your classmates" scenarios, more than 75% of my class said that HP was their favorite book/series. I liked it as a kid too, but these kids are ridiculous about it. Its having a resurgence or something.

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New movie coming up, and then there's the inevitable new book.

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harry potter was pretty big when it came out and like pokemon, managed to snag a strong fandom quickly. it won't die off anytime soon. it's not as relevant as a few years back, but don't be surprised if todays kids also like it a lot.

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My brother just found my GBC copy of this in my old room the other day, I can't fucking wait to explore it all over again the next time I'm visiting. It's been 11 years, man.

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Fuck you guys, there goes my friday night...

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Hogwarts on PS1 was kinda creepy and desolate. Always had a bad feeling in certain areas.

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Ghosts, monsters, curses and general darkness. Hogwarts was not a school. It was a place for the damned.

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>this fucking guy

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It's Sunday now but I'm putting the first 3 on my PC right now, hope you had (and are still having) fun brah, I'm playing with you.

Also if you haven't played the two GBC games they're fun.

Luckily I think the first 3 books where the best (Goblet of Fire starting becoming too teen/adult and less childhood fun) and all the versions of the first 3 games were the best.

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why wasn't he in the movies? he was in the books and games, but he doesn't exist in the film universes for some reason.

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Because the film directors had mercy on us.

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I love stories like these

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Rik Mayall shot several scenes as Peeves for the first film,which were cut, and he only discovered this at the premier.

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What a shitter.

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PS1 and PC are mostly the same, same devs, but they have different stages and pretty significant gameplay differences, but there are tons of similarities.

It fucks up if you have an integrated graphics card I think. I tried playing it on my laptop, but the graphics get spazzing out, ran on my desktop PC withouth any troubles, both have AMD GPUs.

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You should probably find another hobby.

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I play the first two PC games every once in a while
Chamber of Secrets is charming as hell

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King Joffrey?

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Most people I know (and all women I've met) nowadays consider themselves die hard Potter fans, but have only seen the movies. Blows my mind. I grew up with the books and fucking love them, on the same level as I love most Tom Clancy books. I liked the movies, too, they were pretty damn good adaptations (the first 3 are comfy as fuck GOAT), but most "die-hards" are really just try-hards, holy fuck. How can these people consider themselves fans when they haven't even read the fucking books?

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