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I want to get in the Final Fantasy series but what are the best versions of each games?

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Sigh... there really should be sticky for this shit.

Anyway since I can't seem to find the pastebin link here are some opinions:
FF1: FF Origins on the PSX
FFII: PSP version
FFIII: fan-translated NES version
FFIV: I honestly don't know anymore
FFV: GBA one with patches
FFVI: GBA one with patches
FFVII: PSX version
FFVIII: PC version (NOT the steam one) with sound patched to sound like the PSX version
FFIX: PSX version
FFT: PSX version


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While we're on the topic of repeating shit, what was the patch for FFVI that basically fixes everything?

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I saved this link, but I'm not sure if it's updated:

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I'd rather play the PlayStationXtreeeeeeem port of FF6 before I'd play the GBA port, even with the patches.

You can patch the PSP version of FFT now. It's fixed now.

My two cents:

Best version of the original FFIV: PlayStationXtreeeeeem port from Final Fantasy Chronicles.

Best version with the updated graphics, and new features like secret super boss, and customizable team: PSP.

DS FFIV a 3D remake... very different.

Worst, but good for a laugh: FF2

Also: Fuck the haters. The PSXtreeeeeem port of FFV wasn't so bad. The script is better than most people will ever give it credit for, and the load times aren't a problem with disk read speed turned up on a PS2.

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Just my opinion.

PSP version for extra content, PS1 for everything else
DS for a little challenge, PSP if you want something closer to the original plus extra content
GBA w/ patches
SNES Namingway Edition
PS1 or PC
PSP w/ patches

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Just my opinion.

PSP version for extra content, PS1 for everything else
DS for a little challenge, PSP if you want something closer to the original plus extra content. The SNES Namingway Edition that came out recently is also good.
GBA w/ patches
SNES or GBA, both with patches. SNES has higher resolution, GBA has extra content.
PS1 or PC
PSP w/ patches

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Don't play FFVA with patches unless you want to play the custom classes mod. There's an SNES music reversion patch that people try to force but is badly done and not even an improvement (the GBA tunes for that particular game actually WERE better than the SNES ones). It was basically the author's practice run before they made the actually worthwhile and artifact-free FFVIA music replacement.

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>SNES has higher resolution

by something like 32 pixels in total.

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VI GBA version censored the scene when you meet Celes - which I think is pretty important considering the game relies so much on emotional impact. For the first playthrough I would recommend SNES.

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PSP from I-Ⅳ (do try ⅣDS too, though)
GBA for Ⅴ and Ⅵ
PS from Ⅶ-Ⅸ
PSP again for FFT

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>by something like 32 pixels in total.


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Here's an alternative:

Try this:

NES for 1, 2 and 3.

SNES for 4, 5, and 6.

PS1 for 7, 8, and 9.

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Yes, but the patch restores said scene.

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>you're now aware that FFIX is the only FF that never got a remake or port

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There are patches that make it superior in all aspects bar resolution.

You can restore the colors, you can improve the fonts, restore the music, remove every bit of censorship, and fix the map encounter bug.

GBA version also naturally has the evade stat working instead of doing nothing at all, and using Relm won't have a chance of permanently ruining your characters due to glitches either. It's a superior version.

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Not that one

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Not surprising. IX is squarely in Sakaguchi territory. There's no love lost between Squeenix and Sakaguchi, and IX was very much his baby. I wouldn't count on a port anytime soon. And when it does happen, they will probably fuck it up trying to "fix" shit that wasn't broken in the first place.

As for official releases, I can only comment on VI and IV. For VI, get the SNES version. The GBA has a more faithful translation but this is one of those exceptionally rare cases where more faithful isn't better (even the Japanese liked Woolsey's rendition of Kefka better than the "original"). Also, they had to fuck with the color palette and resolution for the GBA version (it is noticeable, I have both to compare) and the extra's aren't actually too impressive....Plus when they tried to fix a bunch of bugs they ended up introducing several more. And then there's the whole censorship thing with Celes.

As for IV, that wholly depends; the DS version is like a greatly enhanced vision of the game and thus necessarily sacrifices a noticeable amount of the original's spirit. On the other hand, the Playstation version has the better script and faithful presentation in exchange for tedious loading times. I'd opt for the DS version myself.

All this assumes you want to stick solely with official releases only. The wonderful world of emulation offers so very much more.

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You can't restore the music. GBA isn't capable of it. However, the patch does improve the music and make it sound more like the SNES version, barring the Opera scene, where the patch author inexplicably used a symphonic soundtrack version instead of the SNES's. Overall he did a hell of a lot better than Square's team did.

Also, it's not the colours that get restored, it's the brightness. And it's not even "restoration" in the first place since that change was made to make the game actually visible on GBAs. Systems with proper backlighting like DS and emulation were the only things that suffered for it, and the games weren't designed for them in the first place.

And finally, above all else, the GBA version doesn't use the hideous Generic RPG Maker Tile/Charsets that the PSP/Smartphone versions do for every remade title. That alone makes the GBA version superior.

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>Playstation or PSP versions of 1-6
Heh. Good joke.

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If we're going full /v/, then

>muh Ninty

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Nintendo has nothing to do with it.
For the Playstation titles, it's the loading screens.
For the PSP titles, it's the awful graphics. The monsters look good, but everything else has RPG Maker syndrome. The Smartphone versions suffer from this too, and it gets worse as the games go on, with 6 looking the absolute worst.

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FF1 - iOS/Android
FF2 - iOS/Android
FF3 - iOS/Android
FF4 - iOS/Android
FF4TAY - iOS/Android
FF5 - iOS/Android
FF6 - iOS/Android
FF7 - Emulated on iOS/Android
FF8 - Emulated on iOS/Android
FF9 - Emulated on iOS/Android
FFT - iOS/Android

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Legit terribad post, br0sk1.

Have one in return.

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FF4: GBA with sound patch or PSP
FF5: GBA with sound patch or translated SFC ROM
FF6: GBA with sound patch
FF7: PC with mods
FF8: PC with mods
FF9: PS1

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>tedious loading times

The PlayStation port of FFIV has only one loading screen, and that's at the start.

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I seem to recall encountering a loading screen upon entering any battle.

Or am I confusing it with the PSX port of Chrono Trigger/FFVI?

Fuck I'm tired.

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>Nintendo has nothing to do with it.

Of course. S'why you said that to begin with, instead of when you were called out on being a faggot.

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There is half a second of blank screen before entering battle, or opening the menu. Maybe even a second-long delay at worst. You'd have to be Ulilila to notice, or care.

V, and VI benefit greatly from the PS2's increased loading speed option. V much moreso, than VI, however.

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Why not just, I don't know... EMULATE THEM AND FIND OUT YOURSELF!

I have played them all, so why cant you? And no, your time isn't SO fucking precious that you can't play a few videogames. Stop being a retard. Also: These threads used to pop up every hour or so on here (until people like me raged that into the dust), so why not check out the fucking archive like any moron with ONE single functional brain cell could have, rather than shit up the board with:

>Tell me what to play gais!

Mods: PLEASE make a sticky recommendations thread. I'm fucking BEGGING you. It may seem mild right now, but give it a week and 9/10 topics on the front page will be

>I'm too stupid too try things myself! TELL ME WHAT TO PLAY!!!

Again. Not for the first time: AGAIN.
Don't let it happen..

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So it was Final Fantasy VI I was thinking of. Sorry 'bout that.

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Threads like this, as well as: filter threads, clone machine threads, emulator threads, and threads discussing the Retro cutoff date are pure bait threads.

Just look at this thread and see how it will turn into a flamewar given time. Every board has certain topics of discussion that will lead to people screaming at each other. Trolls know this, and trolls use this to great effect. Heck, look at OP's image for fuck's sake. Tell me this wasn't bait. OP hasn't even posted in this thread since making it.

The best way to deal with trolls is to not feed them. The worst way is to stand there, stamping your feet and screaming for moderator intervention.

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Yeah. VI was a poor porting job. The sound-effects were off. The music in some cases were off. The loading was terrible.

On the bright side, they did de-censor it without changing the script. That's something.

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Dont we have this fucking thread every week?

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Pic is 100% indisputable.

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>supporting shill-enix

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>Try to legally download a DQ8 APK from the Legalbay
>Installs correctly
>Games says it needs an internet connection
>Screen goes back and boots me back to the carousel

well fuck me i guess

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The best part of the iOS/Android ports for all the SE games are the amount of people that bitch and moan in the reviews about some of their games needing to check something online when first opening, or randomly in the game (like Chrono Trigger) and that stopped them from playing because they're too stupid to have a phone with actual service.

Like, there are literally thousands of reviews for each game that say the same "1/5 STARS BECAUSE I HAVE TO BE ONLINE TO PLAY A SINGLE PLAYER GAME" bullshit.

And yet S-E iOS/Android games remain some of the hardest games to illegally download/crack.

Their Dragon Quest games sell like absolute shit though. Under 25k for the highest, barely over 1k for the lowest, compared to the FF games where the highest is 250k+ and the lowest (other than FF2 which is pretty much universally hated, and is still at 25k) is in the 100k-250k range.

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>defending DRM

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I wasn't defending it, I just think it's hilarious how butthurt people get over it. If a little DRM gets in the way of playing once and a blue moon but will save the company thousands/millions in lost profit then I say go for it.

Now I'm defending DRM.

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>once and a blue moon
you got me

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>The best part of the iOS/Android ports for all the SE games are the amount of people that bitch and moan in the reviews about some of their games needing to check something online when first opening, or randomly in the game (like Chrono Trigger) and that stopped them from playing because they're too stupid to have a phone with actual service.

I think it's stupid to have to play a single player game that requires you to be online all the time. This puts a huge restriction on where you can play the game. Why do you assume people use only phones? Have you heard of tablets?

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>Like, there are literally thousands of reviews for each game that say the same "1/5 STARS BECAUSE I HAVE TO BE ONLINE TO PLAY A SINGLE PLAYER GAME" bullshit.

Square knows what to do in order to fix this.

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The most fun I had was playing 7, 8 and 9 on a PS2, not to say those ar the best games, just the most fun to play for me...I still think 6 was the best developed overall.
The main variable here could be the condition and age of my PS1 versus my PS2; most would probably say they play out the same between the two. Another major variable is my opinion of 7, 8 and 9 being the most fun.
>8 and 9 are No-No games to the FFAGs

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I enjoyed 8's gameplay and heard 9 was actually a hidden gem of the series....But fuck me if I can take some asshole in a leather-thong motif as a serious antagonist.

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This is the only non-fag option.

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>some asshole in a leather-thong

>> No.2284828

for what purpose


if I'm in a dead spot without internet, I'd pull up a game on the phone to pass the time

either way, there's better ways to play almost all of those games on the phone so it's a moot point

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Kuja. Intriguing character, completely bizarre wardrobe and art direction, like every other character in the entire game.

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>FFI: PS1 or PSP - http://finalfantasy.wikia.com/wiki/Final_Fantasy#Final_Fantasy_Origins_to_Final_Fantasy_I_.26_II:_Dawn_of_Souls


>FFIII: NES or 3D remake

>FFIV: PSP or 3D remake

>FFV: GBA - http://fantasyanime.com/finalfantasy/ff5/roms/gba/Final_Fantasy_V_Advance_(U)_[SoundRestored].zip

>FFVI: GBA - http://fantasyanime.com/finalfantasy/ff6/roms/gba/Final_Fantasy_VI_Advance_[Restored].zip

>>Anxious Heart: http://forums.qhimm.com/index.php?topic=12787.0
>>The Reunion: http://forums.qhimm.com/index.php?topic=14914.0

>>Roses and Wine: http://forums.qhimm.com/index.php?topic=13715.0
>>Project Eden: http://forums.qhimm.com/index.php?topic=15292.0
>>SeeD Reborn: http://forums.qhimm.com/index.php?topic=15320.0
>>Lunar Cry: http://forums.qhimm.com/index.php?topic=15977.0
>>Tripod: http://forums.qhimm.com/index.php?topic=15301.0


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There's not a definitive version of every FF, because some of the versions are different enough from each other that some prefer one over the other, particularly when you look at the first four games in the series.

The GBA/PSP versions of FF1 and 2 are significantly easier than not only the originals, but also the PSX versions. This can be a detriment in 2 in particular because your spells can level too fast and you end up having spells that cost too much MP to cast.

The DS version of FF3 makes significant changes to the core systems, changes up the order in which you get jobs, mucks with the balance significantly in order to accommodate 3 enemy battles instead of the original 9. A lot of people, myself included, prefer the Famicom version.

FF4 has the DS version which is dramatically more difficult and adds the augment system, as well as the myriad other releases out there, none of which are exactly equal in difficulty level, with the PSP version probably being the easiest. Some people don't like the graphics style of the PSP version either, so they'd probably pick a different one.

FF5, it's easier to claim the GBA version to be the definitive because the GBA version doesn't really suffer majorly in any area. The music is changed slightly, but the quality barely suffers.

FF6 is one that people will never agree on, because the GBA version's music is so drastically impaired compared to the SNES version's, despite having some pros (bugfixes, extra content, fixed opera scene).

Even FF10 is hard to say the HD version is definitive because the music is changed, and some people don't like the new music arrangements!

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>will save the company thousands/millions in lost profit

IIRC There was a study that proved piracy had little to no effect on sales, not that one study means much. A lot of pirates only pirate what they aren't willing to pay for. That's still better than not getting it at all because they might like it and tell their friends which could result in more customers, decide to buy it, or even become a fan and buy merchandise or more stuff from that series or company.

And if DRM gets in the way I'm not going to put up with it. I've pirated things I've already owned because of shitty DRM.

>> No.2285548

>millions in lost profit
>for a game that's been readily available for free on the internet since the late 90s.


>> No.2285597

>Even FF10 is hard to say the HD version is definitive because the music is changed, and some people don't like the new music arrangements!

Eff... Eff... One Zero? What is this? I've never heard of such a game.

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>This thread again
I know that FF is a hugely popular series, and JRPGs threads make up the bulk of /vr/ these days, but holy shit, how many fucking times can we have the same thread? Listen OP, if you're new and want to get into FF go into any of the already overflowing threads about FF on this board and lurk or ask, odds are at least one person will link to the pastebin. If you are doing this just for conversation, fuck you. I love FF, but we have too many fucking threads about this series as it is and all of them either awkwardly dissolve because everyone has run out of content to share or it devolves into shitposting.

This is a small board that goes at a snail's pace, I'll indulge you this time, but this shit has gotten really tiresome.

FF1: NES, or if you don't care about playing legit GBA/PSP
FF3: NES fan-translation
FF4: PSP for story, DS for difficulty
FF6: GBA, or if you don't mind emulators the patched ROM
FF7: PS1
FF8: PS1
FF9: PS1

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Holy shit

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Not going to repeat shit that everyone else is posting, because they probably have everything covered.

But when it comes to Final Fantasy IV.

The original on SNES is always an option, but it looks and sounds dated.

The PS1 port is pretty bad due to the load times.

The GBA version has some graphical updates over the SNES original, and there is some new end game content involving bosses n' such. But the soundtrack is pretty bad in this one.

The DS version was remade entirely in 3D and is much more difficult than previous releases, but that end game content from the GBA version is missing.

The PSP version is my favorite overall. They completely overhauled the graphics, added in some cool new effects for spells n' such, and best of all, it has the After Years, and even sports a little interlude to bridge the two together. Not sure if it has that end content from the GBA version. It shares the DS' sound track.

There is also a port of the DS version on iOS and Steam, both share the same graphics, but the resolution and textures are greatly improved.

There is also a Wonder Swan remake as well, if you really want to go there, but not sure if it was ever translated, and it looks and sounds pretty bad.

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>he doesn't realize the iOS/Android ports of 4, 5, and 6 sold for a combined 500-1mil copies per game so far

>> No.2286919 [DELETED] 

The thread being this long is exactly why we made up a pastebin.


>> No.2286926

GBA: either the vrshares version or download the patches from RHDN to mix and match. Everything works well with each other, with the only exceptions being the obvious like two font patches.

SNES: either Woolsey Uncensored or Relocalized. The differences for the most part are the focus of the translation fixes (Woolsey is what it says on the tin, Relocalized is more like the later scripts) and the amount of bugfixes.

>> No.2286927

>this large
>no one posts the pastebin to cut the thread short

You know better /vr/.

>> No.2286931

Even though this is compiled from a thread directly, it needs a cleanup. Updates, include patches that were either introduced or got good since it was made, etc.

Like Project II/Namingway Edition, why is the bona-fide best FFIV translation not in there?

>> No.2286938


This. With Woolsey Uncensored/Relocalized you basically have the ultimate version of the game (unless unimpressive bonus content is your fetish or something).

Only thing I remember not having that the original Jap. version did (and I may well be wrong) is naming Cyan's Bushido moves.

>> No.2286940

>Not sure if it has that end content from the GBA version.
It does actually. I really missed it on the DS version, I was hoping for an even larger Lunar Ruins. Best of the GBA Postgame content right there.

>> No.2286946

We need a "what's the best version of x" sticky so we can stop having these threads. Or a chart that can be posted every time the topic comes up.

>> No.2286952


At least for Final Fantasy, anyway.

>> No.2286958

>The PS1 port is pretty bad due to the load times.

There are virtually unnoticeable barring the long time it takes to save the game to a memory card (Not to the system memory, though). Besides sound compression, the PSX version of FF4 is absolutely fine, and until the PSP version, was pretty much the best English version of the game. I don't know why people keep confusing FF1/2/4 with FF5/6/Chrono Trigger's ports.

>> No.2286964

Typically the answer to this is as soon as possible crank out the pastebin. OP gets a full answer and it's hopefully with as little fighting as possible.

It was the main reason why we made it after all, to counter these threads.

>> No.2287032 [DELETED] 

Threads are so long about FF in particular, because not only is it a popular series but every game is very different for the most part. Therefore, everyone has a completely different perception of the series and versions/ports factor into that.

Having a sticky is outlandish, the thing would just be one big shitpost war. A pastebin works for a quick runover, but if you'd really want to nip it in the bud a wiki with every single title of the retro FFs would be needed. And even then you would have arguments about a certain line of text.

tl;dr stop getting mad about it, this is nearly the most opinionated subject in /vr/ and everyone has something to say about it.

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Third post.

>> No.2287497


But that's a terrible list. I strongly disagree with 6 out of the 9 games listed.

>> No.2287502

Well, then you're in the minority.

>> No.2287510

If I'm in the minority then that means the majority enjoys playing on indisputable subpar versions.

Which is fucked cause it's supposed to be the list of the best versions.

>> No.2287523

Now you're demonstrating the problem. A pastebin even if composed straight from a topic itself is good, but it can only cover so much. If we were to really stop these threads once and for all, we'd need a full wiki with every single version of retro FF. And even then we'd have arguments over one line of text.

This is because inherently FF is so vastly varied both in port versions and entries in general, it's one of the most opinion filled subjects in all of /vr/. You might as well be asking a room of randomly selected people "objectively, is this glass half full or half empty?"

This is even worse, it would turn into a shitpost war.

>> No.2287553

>make sticky with the answers
>lock sticky with zero posts

>> No.2287574

That would result in
A. A whole bunch of people calling the mod a faggot and just asking /vr/ themselves, because the other stickies are linked to generals and are updated often.

B. A general more circlejerk-ey than doom.

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Hrmmm....I hadn't thought of it all like that. Good points, all around.

>> No.2288934

If you like gba graphics, play those. If you're used to DS... no. Playing the psp versions are usually the best.

all in all just be grateful for the people who spend the time developing these emulators for new and old players alike.

>> No.2289049

You can play them all on the PS1, so why even bother getting the other versions.

>FFT - iOS/Android
It isn't available on android.

>> No.2289112

What's the problem with ff7 steam/pc?
Is it just graphics? Would playing it at the intended resolution on a proper screen make a big difference?

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>> No.2289279 [DELETED] 

Playing FFVI Snes version for the first time. Where in the blue hell is Locke after Kefka destroys the world?

I feel I should have found him at this point. I found pretty much everyone else. Also the little mage girl ran off after I rescued her and hasn't appeared since.

Makes me feel awful having to use/ask for help but I'm just stumped. And for some reason I feel less awful if I ask on a thread for help rather than just youtubing.

>> No.2289286

>people go to fucking Youtube to find and read simple information these days
I don't have an image of a person being sick enough for this.

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Now thinking about it why does FFIV have so many ports and remakes compared to nearly any other entry in the series? Is it the fan favorite over in Japan or something?

>> No.2289827

Japan consistently rates it as the best entry in the series and one of the best games ever made. Because Japan loves interactive novels.

>> No.2289829

>I just think it's hilarious how butthurt people get over it.

Yeah man fuck those guys for being upset over not being able to play their game because Square decided to use a practice that screws legitimate customers over!

>> No.2289871

>FFVI: GBA one with patches

What's wrong with the Snes one?

>> No.2289893

This has almost no links. There are millions of patches and translations/retranslations of everything.
Can anyone compile me a list of links to all the must have patches/translations?

>> No.2289912

/vr/ not your personal butler.

>> No.2289958


While there's certainly something to be said for >>2289912 , I can tell you romhacking.net will fulfill roughly 90% of your retro magic needs where patches are concerned.

>> No.2290646

I knew I'd be getting the "no spoonfeeding" reply, but for things like pastebins, I was hoping it would be more similar to the other "general pastebins" I've seen like Pokemon romhacks, JoJo's, and etc. which all provided links for everything they mentioned, especially when it mentions specific patches but not who made them or where to find them.
And yeah Romhacking.net is what I had in mind but like I said when trying to look for patches for specific games, when it comes to Final Fantasy there are millions of patches for each game to sift through.

>> No.2290705

Nothing and I personally much prefer it to the GBA version but technically the GBA version is the "best" and "definitive" version of FFVI due to the extra contest and bugfixes it has.

>> No.2290875

Two reasons:
1. III isn't available on PS1 at all, so they aren't all there.
2. Everything but IV has really annoying loadtimes with nothing worthwhile added. IV only gets a mention at all because it's the closest official effort to the original.

>it isn't available on android
Pretty much because iOS was so awful and reviled due to slowdown and other problems. Port was even more lazy than others.

>> No.2291154

The true path

>> No.2292267

I did not know this, thanks.

>> No.2292381

Man do I totally agree with you.

I own I&II on PS1 and load times are nothing like they are on V and VI. There is some load time, but just the bare minimum required for loading from PS1 game.

Although leveling weapons and magic in II on the PS1 is crazy slow.

>> No.2292406

>can't even vanish/doom
>requires a gamecube and expensive addon in order to play on a TV

>> No.2292684 [DELETED] 

>Gameboy Player
Check out your local shop.

I payed 50 dollars for mine, complete with case and manual for the disc.

You could also try asking around on Craigslist and possibly get one even cheaper.

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File: 2.63 MB, 2938x2204, IMG_0349.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Gameboy Player
Check out your local shop.

I payed 50 dollars for mine, complete with case and manual for the disc.

You could also try asking around on Craigslist and possibly get one even cheaper.

>> No.2292782

>bugfixes are bad
I'd rather play the game the way the developers intended, in other words not cheating my way through it.

>> No.2292849

>FFVII: PSX version

hell no! PC version, it has a whole mod community built around it that fixes EVERYTHING WRONG WITH THE GAME, even the stupid chibi 3D sprites.

>> No.2292865

Playing FFVI. Chupon keeps sneezing me out of the arena.

What's the best strategy I can use to kill him quickly?

Also I'm really not digging this games leveling system at all. Since it relies on having the right espers equipped at all times in order to level properly. I liked how free the materia system of FFVII felt. This in contrast feels too restricting. Plus my characters know the same crap any ways besides their mostly useless abilities. Story is fine but I feel this one has the worst gameplay of the ones I played so far.

>> No.2292872

Backdrops are going to be super pixelated if you play it on PC.

Pretty sure facing Chupon at all means you made a bad wager. Look up the arena lists and see what wagers will actually get you good rewards.

>> No.2292880

>FFT: PSX version
I'll have to disagree or least add a disclaimer. Both PSP and PSX version have considerable issues with their own fixes, and they are, at the very least on equal ground. The amount of extras in the PSP version, makes it seriously worth i, for met. Now, the issues with both versions are as follows:

FFT for PSX has a horrible translation. The goos news are if you don't give a hoot about purism and are not interested in purchasing a real copy of the game, i.e, you just want to emulate it, there is a patch which adds the wonderful PSP translation and makes everything just fine.

FFT for PSP has loads of extras including great cinematics, voice acting, new classes, and extra characters. The problem is that it also has massive slowdowns when certain spells are cast, generally the ones involving dynamic light effects. Fortunately there is also a patch for fixing these slowdowns, which, again, makes everything just fine.

Based on this, I would say, get the PSP version, patch it, and enjoy.

>> No.2292882

A seriously emo main character which leads to what >>2289827 just said.

>> No.2293223
File: 1.55 MB, 316x229, ok.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

can any super nice and/or helpful anon give me direct links to the "best" patches to fix/restore all the "best" versions of the FF games, or even better, prepatched roms?
i know, i know, no spoonfeeding, but it would really help a hack/patch-illiterate faggot like me out, and round out the pastebin to boot.

>> No.2293234

>this one has the worst gameplay of the ones I played so far
How many have you played, besides FF7?

And anyways, you honestly don't need to worry about minmaxing with the Esper bonuses. You'll be overpowered eventually.

>> No.2293259

I didn't know about the slowdown fix patch. That's awesome since that was the only thing marring the perfect version of FFT.

>> No.2293275

Speaking of Ulililia, I'm still in awe at how someone could be so autistic.

>> No.2293296
File: 865 KB, 580x745, BASILEVS AVTOCRATOR.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


No, you're entirely correct as far as I know: the second emulation enters the picture, the PSP version wins hands-down. The patch to substitute the PSX version's rather awkward and often obtuse script with the PSP's better one was never confirmed complete (even from a debugging perspective) that I have heard of. The patch version even remains around v0.5, indicated that in some way it is incomplete. The slowdown fix patch for the PSP version, in contrast, works without any known issues.

The only conceivable gotcha's would be if either PSP is not as accurate as people are representing it to be or you don't like the pseudo Old English of the translation itself. I'm afraid if you have a problem with the latter then the Ivalice games just aren't for you; it's bog-standard for the majority of the Ivalice Alliance.

>> No.2293298


pardon me, ppsspp not PSP

>> No.2293321

He's not autistic, he's diagnosed with an hyperactive obsessive–compulsive disorder.
So yeah, might as well be autistic.

>> No.2293352

Yeah, I know, I meant it in the 4chan sense. I mean, 1000s of hours on a single game. His Disgaea 2 save file is awesome (like, awe-inducing) and he never beat the storyline, for no reason. The most time I've ever spent on a single game was a couple hundred hours (also on Disgaea.)

>> No.2293436

So far I have finished VI, VII, X and XII.

I will eventually get to VIII and IX soon enough. Not sure which one I should play next. Also I might play the NES version of I just for the hell of it.

Also FFVI was great. Just finished it.

>> No.2293439
File: 175 KB, 721x1000, Ff6_gogo.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Why couldn't they save the mime?

>> No.2293448

Its simplistic and incredibly easy to make.

>> No.2293571

What did they change in that scene?

>> No.2293658

>everything wrong

Sure the Spirit Bug is fixed without patching things and running a ripped CD, but things are lazy as ever outside of that. Not all the translation bugs were fixed, they didn't redraw the backgrounds so it doesn't scale right with the HD, it took them forever to even get the right music in, etc.. To add insult to injury that is all was changed, and that is what you're getting on your PS4.

Oh sure you can download the retranslation, but it's packaged with a whole bunch of other shit you don't want at all. The best version will be a retranslation of the PS1 version most likely; the German fan-translation sure is better than everywhere else now.

>> No.2293659

They removed the implied rape.

>> No.2293663

It was on all versions. Something about new ratings or that there was a rapist on the loose at the time.

At least there is a patch, it's better than nada.

>> No.2293667


>> No.2293831


Uhhhh....I'm pretty sure that was only meant to imply they tortured and/or beat the holy hell out of her. Not sure where you're getting the rape connotations from.

>> No.2293885

I've seen attempts to mod the character models and 'fix' isn't the word I'd use. You're just swapping horse shit with cow shit imo.

Just accept the graphics are never going to be great and play the damn game. It's 20 years old ffs.

>> No.2293893

>pseudo Old English

I know what you mean when you say this but it still aggravates my autism when people call what is clearly Modern English 'Old English' just because they speak in a overtly formal or elaborate manner. Old English would be incomprehensible to a modern speaker.

>> No.2293907

Do american schools teach old english? Japanese schools teach classical japanese and you see stuff here and there with it, and for a foreigner who only knows modern it would be completely uncomprehensible.

>> No.2293908

You're completely correct, that's just bunk from weeb edgelords who thought that the original Japanese had so much more subtlety and subtext. It's a typical view of many self-styled otaku.

>> No.2293912
File: 829 KB, 500x1000, Do Not Tempt The Wrath Of The Basilissa.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


I have no idea why you'd say that. I've read a book positively laced with the shit and with some conscious guesswork I was able to ascertain the general gist of what the characters were saying, if not strictly all the specifics. I do not speak Old English at all on the academic level, BTW.

>> No.2293916

It would be more correct to call it pseudo-middle english or pseudo-early-modern english. Old English is more saxon than anyhthing else.

>> No.2293925

I say that because this is Old English.

Hwæt! wē Gār-Dena in ġeār-dagum,
þēod-cyninga, þrym ġefrūnon,
hū ðā æþelingas ellen fremedon.
Oft Scyld Scēfing sceaþena þrēatum,
monegum mǣġþum, meodosetla oftēah,
egsode eorlas. Syððan ǣrest wearð
fēasceaft funden, hē þæs frōfre ġebād,
wēox under wolcnum, weorðmyndum þāh,
oðþæt him ǣġhwylc þāra ymbsittendra
ofer hronrāde hȳran scolde,
gomban gyldan. Þæt wæs gōd cyning!

I'm not sure what you read that was laced with Old English but I think there's still a misunderstanding of exactly what Old English is.

>> No.2293930

Well, the japanese text was probably more vague about it because japanese itself is a language that relies more on context. If it had the word 犯される one could read it as being raped, but I wouldn't know.

>> No.2293938

I'm not American but I doubt it, apart from maybe some advanced higher education and university level.

>> No.2293941


Nice try, post it without the thorn, eth, and wynn smokescreen bullshit.

>> No.2293946 [DELETED] 


>> No.2293993

Nope, the closest we ever really got was a reading of a Shakespeare play. And it had both versions of the language, lame.

No you're correct, the reason they took it out was because of abuse, not rape. I believe it was because of the new ratings system compared to previous releases and some sort of crime spree that was running around Japan at the time with abuse of women included. I"m not completely in the know.

Either way it was put back in the release after that, and of course it was restored for the version it was censored from because you can tell it was a rush job anyway.

>> No.2293998
File: 1.07 MB, 660x1024, Water Reflects Sky.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>Nope, the closest we ever really got was a reading of a Shakespeare play. And it had both versions of the language, lame.

We didn't even get that, you lucky bastard. I had to investigate Old English on my own after reading a young adult book series that had it liberally slathered throughout. It was rather fascinating how it was like alternate-universe English.

>> No.2294005

>Nope, the closest we ever really got was a reading of a Shakespeare play

You didn't get close at all then seeing as Shakespeare is Modern English.

>> No.2294014

Then I don't know what to tell you. That is a direct excerpt from the epic poem Beowulf. Unless I'm not understanding you properly you seem to be saying the original text of the oldest known piece of Anglo-Saxon literature is incorrect. I don't know what book you read but I doubt it had any actual Old English in it judging from the weird shit you're coming out with.

>> No.2294015


Nope. At least some of Shakespeare's plays were in Middle English. Granted, that's still not the same thing, but...

>> No.2294020
File: 794 KB, 705x497, Emperor Justinian.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


I'm telling you I'm not wading through shit you could have easily made more readable by replacing the diphthongs with their modern English equivalents if only you weren't so very hell-bent on being right.

>> No.2294030

It's not a competition, sport. That is Old English whether you like it or not and I stand by my assertion that a modern English speaker will not be able to read it. You are claiming you can understand Old English which by the sound of it was likely translated at least in part into Modern English. This whole conversation and your claims are absurd.

>> No.2294032


>Why aren't you falling for my academic hand-waving like every other pleb I've met?

>> No.2294046

In a game where the music is so fantastic, you do not want the watered down GBA soundtrack.

>> No.2294089
File: 7 KB, 257x61, FFX.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Might get pissed on for this but here goes:

FF7: PSX/Steam (I finished both versions, both are equally good)
FF9: PSX (No other way)

>> No.2294153

>I'm so ignorant and delusional I deny clear facts rather than admit I'm wrong

>> No.2294156

I think I and II on PSP are fantastic. I played Origins first but bought the PSP versions last year for another play through and they're completely updated visuals and music.

>> No.2294185


Not Retro.

>> No.2294194

holy shit enjoy your shitty graphics

>> No.2294384

>EVERYTHING WRONG WITH THE GAME, even the stupid chibi 3D sprites.
No, fuck you!

Isn't >>2293925
Viking speak?

>> No.2294623

Seconding this

>> No.2294635

It has been posted in this very thread multiple times.
You'll find it if you take a minute to skim through the posts.

>> No.2294810

They're all on RHDN, not very difficult to track down. Names not mentioned in the pastebin have already been brought up.

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