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Playing Paper Mario (bought it using club nintendo) for the first time, what am I in for?

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Paper Mario on the N64 is a great game, you're in for a treat.

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its really good but it gets really damn boring and slow in some parts. Nothing to make you hate the game just don't give up when you get there. It is a really good game but does have some pacing issues.

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I just beat the Koopa Bros. and have to go to Dry Dry Dessert.

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The best Mario RPG of them all.

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I would look at a guide for the dry dry desert, that's the one point in the game that can get you really lost.

Other than that, game is fucking awesome.

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>Using a guide for the main plot in a Mario game

I don't remember having any real trouble with this, the game will tell you what you need to know.

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I remember grindan a lot, which is a drag for any RPG. But I also remember really enjoying whatever non-grindan I did

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until the toy box, then you spend 2hrs running around town before you figure out the damn train part and get the stolen shit to the right person.

other than that, love it!

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maybe /vr/, but I found that the GBA game Mario and Luigi Superstar Saga to be better.

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dude, I got stuck with the toy train part and went and asked merlon. for 5 coins he told literally what to do. how the fuck did you get stuck for 2 hrs?

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>would you like super kong to bail you out for 5 coins?

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Funny thing OP, I was able to get my hands on an actual cart and I'm currently replaying the game. Just finished the part on yoshi island.It's a pretty fun game, very charming dialogue, action commands are what differentiate from a any other RPG. It's not a hard game, speaking to every npc character will give you all the infromation you need. Each time i level up I've been increasing my badge points so that i can increase my strength and defense, and my HP is only 20HP, and I've only died once. There's really not that much grinding, (I think max level you can reach is lvl 27) considering once you reach a certain level enemies in certain areas outright stop giving you experience.

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Did Nintendo ever do anything with the Koopa Bros?

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It's actually intended for if you put the game down and come back to it for a long time after that you won't be completely stuck because you have no idea what point of the game you were on or what you need to do next. The hints are all extremely vague. He rarely tells puzzle solutions, just reminds you of the state of the plot.

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A fun, charming but very easy and slow starting game.

I'd recommend the sequel.

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Such a comfy game.

The train part is simple as anything... A bit tedious maybe, but not difficult.

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Was there any missable side quest or item in the game?

I want to replay it and I'd like to go for a 100% completion.

Pic related was the best chapter.

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An actually interesting JRPG

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You're in for playing the damn game.

Stop making these stupid threads, people.

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I attempted to 100% it and ended up with a single star piece missing. Never found it either, was too frustrated and disappointed in myself to run through a list of star piece locations or anything like that.

In turn there was a single badge I couldn't trade my remaining couple star pieces for, so it was probably around 99.5% complete in the end, goddammit

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Can't you pay one of the fortune tellers to give you a hint about the star piece's location?
Maybe that was only in Thousand Year Door.

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So I finally finished the letter trading sequence and got the lucky day badge. I read online on the Mariowiki that the rate of enemy attack missing is 5/6, but can't seem to find any other sources to confirm it. The badge takes up 7bp, which is a lot. Is there anyone who has played this game in the past that can verify the effectiveness of the badge?

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100 % also requires all of the Tace T. recipes. That shit is even more tedious than the star pieces.

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>Paper Mario

How casual can you get?

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It's also kind of impossible to grind because enemies just stop giving you exp when they become too weak for you.

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Not to mention the max level is 27.

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No, which kinda makes sense, considering they were blatant Ninja Turtles parodies. But they were pretty cool...

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You are in for something better than Sticker Star.

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My favourite chapter

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>Stop making these stupid threads, people.
Fuck you. No one forced you to open the thread. Threads like these are awesome.

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I agree with >>2292290

Quit being a cunt. Fuck you.

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Have any of you guys done the "Danger Mario" setup? How was it?

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I doing one in my current playthrough right now. It's fun. I'm really bad with defensive action commands, though, so it's a real challenge sometimes.

I'm also just kind of winging it, though, so it's entirely possible I'm not doing things correctly. It more or less happened organically out of me realizing that I can never have enough badge points, rather than a conscious decision to do a danger run.

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It isn't a true danger run if you have more than 5 hp at max, you know.

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Same here, dude. I have only played Super Mario RPG, and i remember loving it. Is it as good as Super Mario RPG?

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Hey Mr. Cunt, nobody likes Mr. Cunt.

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Oh fuck OP, you do know that playing Paper Mario makes it so you get anal bleeding and everyone you love dies of typhoid, right?

Shit nigger, good thing you made this thread so I could warn you about a game you already fucking bought.

Not like you'd check with us before wasting your money on a game that will destroy everything you love along with your anal virginity.

You wouldn't be that stupid would you? Asking for advice on something after you did it, and wasting everyone's time by showing what a faggot you are when you can just, I don't know, play the fucking game since you bought it like the cunt you are.

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Half the fun in badges is finding out what works best for you.

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It's a similar game, with better graphics, better battle music, simpler numbers for combat (for the better I think). It's a really solid game.

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You know, I think it's really just a roundabout way of saying "Hey, this is a Paper Mario thread!"

>inb4 "then why doesn't he just say that?!?"

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Why didn't he just say that then?

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You can actually grind by fighting amayzee dayzees over an over in flower fields. they give you about 40 star points each time, and re-spawn indefinitely. I did this after completing the flower fields chapter, maxed out my level, then equipped the spin attack and breezed through the last 2 chapters because at that point I was sick of fighting enemies. .

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My favorite memory of playing Paper Mario was buying pigs.

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Lady Bow is the best follower.

What are they for? I'm currently on my first playthrough with the game (I'm in Shiver City currently) and I never bothered with the pigs.

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which is better the gamecube one or the n64 one?

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You get items, nothing major. I just liked that the developers added that in.

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I know. My max HP is 5.

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The non-/vr/ one has better (higher) difficulty and is a game with more content but also more backtracking.

The /vr/ one has more charm in the writing and atmosphere in general, but suffers from being the easiest mario RPG created. Both are solid games and the Wii/3ds paper Mario's are many steps down in quality.

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Because then he wouldn't get the answer of the question he asked, I'm assuming. I dunno, ask him.

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Well, I don't think it's fair to compare the Wii one to the others, considering it was basically just a platformer with a Final Fantasy- tier story. I thought the Wii one was good in its own way. It's a disappointment to those who wanted more RPG, but a solid game on its own.

But Sticker Star was just a train wreck.

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Agreed. I really enjoyed Super Paper Mario for the Wii, especially the twisty art style and the writing.

I have yet to play sticker star, so I can't say for sure, I haven't even seen gameplay or anything. Hell, I don't remember it even coming out.

Out of the first three, I cannot say that any of them are really bad, and though Super Paper Mario did take a strange turn, I kind of liked it. The characters in that game are really fantastic, too.

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I enjoyed Super Paper Mario but it was my first paper mario.