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What are sme good "metroidvania" style /vr/ games? I don't like this word but it describes a style of game that I enjoy.

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ufouria, battle kid, battle of olympus, zelda 2

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So why not just say "games like Metroid"?

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You underestimate autism

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MW4 isn't really a Metroidvania though it's an Adventure Platformer. OP should check out Faxanadu, Dragonslayer and the other Xanadu games, Goonies 2, Popful Mail, Ys 3, and a ton of MSX games like Treasure of Ushas

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Never played Monster World IV, but Dragon's Trap and WB in Monster World sure played like Metroidvanias to me. What's the distinction?

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I keep forgetting TMNT Radical Rescue, and it's a pretty solid one. Plus, Turtles.

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Not retro, but still 8-bit

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If you can deal with the bullshit 3 lifes/no passwords mechanics, Wizards and Warriors III is lots of fun, and the setting is pretty unique.

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>Newton N Ridley
>this ridley gets in before Nintendo's ridley in the next Smash

That would be hilarious.

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Blaster Master, Uforia, Zillion. There's also Brainbreaker but I haven't played it so no idea if it's any good.

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>on platforms launched in 1999 and earlier

uwot m8?

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>Blaster Master, Uforia, Zillion

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Played Ufouria for the first time recently and it's such a wonderful game except for Gil, she can go fuck herself. Someone should make a spiritual successor to it or something.

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Adventure Island 4 and Super Adventure Island 2 stick out to me as some good metroidvanias

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While MW IV has a main hub as in the former episodes, you have to do the stages in a certain order. Once you've cleared one, its entrance gate is locked and can you never go back to it.
It's a step back from Dragon's Trap and MW3.

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B-but that is retro

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Here is a decent list of "metroidvania" games:

>I don't like this word but it describes a style of game that I enjoy.
So do I especially when using it sometimes causes a retard who insists it should be only used to describe SotN style Castlevia games to pop up.
The thing is we'd need to come up with another term to describe them (Backtrackan gaems? Where the fuck do I go gaems?) and somehow make it more popular than "metroidvania" to get rid of the word.

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That would be pretty hard now that the term is ingrained in "gamer culture"

But personally if I had to rename them I'd just call them Platforming Adventure games, as opposed to "regular" Adventure and Platformer games, as they seem to blend elements of both genres together

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What's wrong with simply saying 'Metroid-style' or 'Metroid-like'?

The Metroidvania term is goofy anyway.

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That sounds stupid as fuck. Imagine if people started doing that for platformers or FPSes. Mario-like games, Doom-esque, etc.

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Yeah, it would never catch on.

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Every time someone complains about the term metroidvania, Scott Sharkey secrets cums a little.

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