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Are there any /vr/ infographs or recommendation guides?

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This probably predates /vr/.

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nice ty

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See filename.

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Many of them are here:

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This should be in the sticky or something

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>Rampage Edition
>Columns 3 and not 1

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You forgot Quackshot.

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Amazing that many of these games are not available legally. They're seminal classics but I guess these companies aren't museums.

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The lists are mostly crap though. Video games are impossible to make rec lists for unless you do them by console AND genre.

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Half of this list is about platformers and beat em ups anyway.

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Zombies are my neighbors is such a fun game

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There's a rom hack for it with like 60 extra levels

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I'd make some for the subject I keep tabs on, but showing I've cited sources (and which ones I've cited) is difficult without cluttering the infographic. Wondering if anyone's tried something like that before.

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>No Shadowrun


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I made that collage back in 2007. I honestly don't know how it made its way to the Recommended Wiki since I only posted it a handful of times and never saw it reposted by anybody else and I'm honestly kind of embarassed by it these days and wish it wasn't on that page because it really doesn't represent the system well at all.

Essentially I slapped it together rather quickly in response to this SNES image that was posted rather frequently on /v/ at the time.

I don't know why I picked some of the games I did. I was not nearly as well-versed in great Genesis games as I am now and based that list mostly on my own childhood (Particularly why Batman and Aladdin -- somewhat lackluster platformers even if Batman has an amazing soundtrack) and the few popular import games I found out through emulation like Alien Soldier and Pulseman. Back then (Nearly eight years ago, goddamn) I hadn't played Landstalker, Crusader of Centy, Mega Turrican, Panorama Cotton, Marvel Land, Herzog Zwei, etc., etc. Honestly I don't even know why I put Jurassic Park there. Guess just to fill space. I've been meaning to make a new and improved list for some time now but now that the Wiki exists it's kind of pointless now. Oh well! That's the stupid history behind that dumb image, anyway.

And to be honest, as much as I love the Genesis, I've always preferred the Super Nintendo version of Shadowrun.

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Anonymous never forgets.

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These are WIP and open to criticism and suggestions. Still want to do NES and PC-E too at some point.
Sega CD
Scrolling Shooters

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Here's a fun infographic by /vr/:

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Please link. That game seriously defined the latter part of my childhood.

And, Google is being little/no help.

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Scratch that - found it, for any interested, http://www.romhacking.net/hacks/623/

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The Genesis sales numbers are wrong, it sold around 40 million IIRC.

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File: 1.37 MB, 2500x1000, Gaming Timeline.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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You only posted Ma-Z, here's he first image.

This image misguided me into buying a Buffalo SNES controller. It's good for it's price, but it's far from god tier.

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>Buffalo SNES controller

People on /vr/ love it.

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Cheap alternatives to snes-nes-genesis would be appreciated.

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> this thread

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There aren't any. It's either emulation, the original games, or a flash drive.

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is there a version with handheld consoles? like gbc/gba/psp/nds?

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>God tier

Clearly made by a dumb ass nigga that never owned a DS4

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People like the dualshocks. Also you didn't say why you disliked it.

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I own every iteration of Playstation controller and I can say for certain that the Dualshock 4 is by far the best iteration in terms of those.

It may not be the best for certain retro games, but for every system PS1 onwards I would rather use a DS4 then a 360 controller, which quite commonly the second choice since its easily available.

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these /v/ infographs are so bad, nice to see them living up to their plebeian reputation.

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> no donkey country 2
> doesn't even make honorable mentions

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My autism thanks you.

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I haven't see one.

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Can someone explain the differences with the dpads?
And in logitech's defense, the only trouble I've had is with L2&R2 buttons.
Good for driving games, but the delayed response can be a hassel with some games. Also I've yet to have them work properly emulating on linux.
Ok, maybe no defence.
It's terrible.
want new controller ;_;

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F310 controller, btw.

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What separates the bad controllers from the good ones is the bad D-pads are mushy. Accuracy is important for D-pads especially, and the round, disc like D-pads make it much, much easier to hit a diagonal when you mean to press a cardinal direction.

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Thank you.
Will keep this in mind on my controller hunt.

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The DS4 is the best controller I've ever used, even with the redundant touchpad and obnoxious 'Share' renaming.

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it says "(series)" under the name.

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>Wii U Pro that low

Nigga, that controller is fucking excellent. Also, the DS4 is nowhere near that good.

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Generally speaking, /vr/ doesn't really like recommended charts. This one >>2284778 even caused a huge shitstorm when it was made. It's been our general opinion that since the games are almost all easily emulated, you should just play what sounds interesting to you and go from there. >>2278569 this one being the exception due to how large the PC library is and how little anyone knows about it.
>would rather use a DS4 then a 360 controller, which quite commonly the second choice since its easily available.
>second choice
>since its easily available.
>not "since its the most comfortable"
I've always hated the way Sony's controllers are laid out, even the Saturns plate that they tried to pass off as a controller got the layout right.

This is really outdated.

the NES doesn't really need one, since the everdrive is only $100, which for anything but GBA/DS is a pretty good deal.
Genesis has the Everdrive MD as an alternative to the Mega Everdrive, which is ~$75 and has fewer features, but still works fine if all you care about is playing roms. In other words, you aren't a dev, you don't care about possible online mulitplayer in the future, and you don't want to use it as a Sega-CD memory card.
Snes also has the alternative of the Super Everdrive for $80, but it doesn't have compatibility with quite a few games (namely, most of the special chipsets), and several other major drawbacks. In other words, its really not worth it, just buy the SD2SNES.

there's no version of the chart with those, but they do exist.
GB/GBC has an everdrive now, and NDS has the DS2. PSP can be easily softmodded, just google it, I dont know the specifics anymore since its been several years since I did my 3000. There's a 3DS card out already, and some more advanced ones in the works assuming they haven't been released yet (idk, haven't looked into it in awhile). And lastly I know jack and shit about vita hacking since I don't own one.

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>redundant touch pad

What? That shit is half the reason the DS4 is so great.

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Yeah, but I only use it for emulation. And I prefer the stick for mouse input.

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It's difficult to explain the appeal of the 2600. The library's like a hybrid of the Neo Geo and Addictinggames.com.

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>/vr/ doesn't really like recommended charts.

Sounds more like people get mad there favorite game isn't on there.

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>Kid Chameleon
>No Contra Hard Corps
Honestly why

>> No.2304404

>THE Hard Corps
English release is bullshit

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Fixed it a little for you bro, you're welcome

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>mfw all the gets left for me to buy off of this are 100+ each

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If only the Saturn could read burned disks through basic swap tricks, action replay softmods, or modchips. Alas, it remains the only uncrackable hardware ever designed, probably by strange dwarfs living in Mount Fuji in return for the soul of the real Segata Sanshiro.

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More like noone ever really cared cracking it.

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The guy was being sarcastic

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I mean, if you're gonna recommend Illusion of Gaia and Terranigma, why not just throw Soul Blazer on there also?

It is a kinda linked together trilogy.

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>This is really outdated.
so, is there an updated one? lets make it?

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Wow what a shitty list.
Ps2 is still best sony controller. 360 still better then the One. (you can fix the dpad, and if your using it for the dpad youre a fool anyway)

>> No.2307032

This is a great list because everyone will just use a controller they're comfortable with instead of asking for a recommendation, therefore it's completely useless and can only cause angry arguments

Do people just not like Ghouls N Ghosts or what? It seems to get overlooked a lot.

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THPS1 is not on PC.

>> No.2307043

fuck you talking about. you can get modchips for saturn, and you can buy an sd card reader for that shit if you really wanted

>> No.2307048

See >>2305449

>> No.2307050

Ps3 is the ps2 controller but you don't have to use a adapter also you use it wirelessly.

As for fixing the d-pad on 360 see the 360 transforming controller. It's still not that good.

The list is for controllers with good d-pads.

People ask for pc controller recommendations all the time.

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then nothing sony or microsoft should be on your list. they both have horrible dpads. saturn/snes with usb adapters should be the whole list.

>> No.2307060

People on vr feel differently.

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the first 3 items on your list have horrible d-pads. you dont even have the saturn usb controller on your list, which has the best dpad around

also every reply to your image is negative in this thread.

and i must ask, how many of those controllers have you even used?

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>you dont even have the saturn usb controller on your list

You can't buy the offical sega model anymore. At least not for a reasonable price.

>> No.2307076

You can buy the play sega ones, they work fine as long as you dont want to use the shoulder buttons. they are cheap as fuck too. they would be on the top of your dpad loving list.

>> No.2307081

>play sega ones,

People have said they are not as good as the official sls sega ones and just to get sega saturn pad and a adapter.

>> No.2307089

the dpad is spot on, the buttons are a little stiffer than the sls. the shoulder buttons are awful, you can take it apart and fix them slightly by adjusting how they sit in the case but it doesnt help much. depends what type of games you are wanting to play.

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If it was on the list it would probably be on the ok tier with it's problems. Sound good?

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This isn't retro at all, what are you doing?

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I haven't been playing lots of retro lately but I tried a playthrough of dark souls with one of those 3rd party dirt-cheap no-name controllers. The rubber even came off on one of the joysticks after a week.

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in reply to this:

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>only 4 games for each system
also it took all of /vr/ to come up with just this??

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File: 908 KB, 801x3650, N64_RecommendedGames.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

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why does the text cut off?

>> No.2310779

I saved this from the early days of /vr/ when people where going crazy making rec lists all over the place. I haven't really been around here since then that's why its outdated

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File: 882 KB, 1000x5000, SNES (large - no titles).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

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incomplete I guess is the right word

>> No.2310787

I was here in the early days of /vr/, that must have been a bit later, when I was here back then people got mad if you even tried to suggest making a recommendations list because they were trying too hard to be different from /v/.

>> No.2310798

iirc, rec threads were deleted because they flooded the place. It was before that, like the first nights.

>> No.2310801

thanks for this, I've actually been trying to get silent hill 2 directors cut working correctly on a modern computer for a while now, the sound always crashed on me (the rest of the game works fine) will this correct that?

>> No.2310807

though now that I think about this, this is technically not /vr/ as they are all PS2 era games.

>> No.2310810

that image is some obvious trolling.

>> No.2310823

there lists are decent and you can sort the lists by genre, most of them don't stick to the original images and are expanded greatly
That being said I think /vr/ should make a similar site.

>> No.2310825

It's nice seeing a post about the /v/ wiki without any replies in the vein of >ruined by reddit

I guess it's because i'm not on /v/

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>> No.2310838

The retro entries weren't really fucked with to the degree that the modern ones were/are.

Most of the entries for retro games were likely made by pre/vr/ oldfags.

>> No.2310867

I actually think it's more that most of /vr/ doesn't really give a fuck about reddit hate. /v/ blames reddit for everything they don't like.

>> No.2311807

>>2310810 see >>2310834

>> No.2311887

the guy you are responding to is a moron and doesn't know wtf he is talking about.

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>It's been our general opinion that since the games are almost all easily emulated, you should just play what sounds interesting to you and go from there.

Not sure what you mean by "our" general opinion, but I do not agree with this line of reasoning at all.

There is a mess of retro video games out there. Just because they are easily accessed with emulators doesn't mean it isn't useful to distill the "essentials" or hidden gems- it saves a profound amount of time for people just getting in to it.

The same line of reasoning would lead to no genre/best charts on /mu/ which have become a central component of that board. Yes, they may cause shit storms, but those can eventually be a productive thing for a board as long as most parties involved are level headed.

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You should probably move

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File: 673 KB, 1400x1750, Dreamcast_Recommended_Games.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

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File: 2.64 MB, 2550x1747, 1249290876784.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

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The fuck, why would you save that. I made that as a design template for a list of Master System + Game Gear games that some guy was supposedly working on, but he never delivered. That's obviously incomplete.

>> No.2317883

It doesn't

>> No.2317916

yeah because retro games are being released everyday

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Well I know dreamcast/neo geo is still getting a few new games here and there. Like Gunlord.

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>mfw when I sold 1/2 of my collection of "must plays" and was rolling in dosh

Can't wait until I sell Elevator Action 2, Dragon Force, and Bulk Slash.

A shame this doesn't include Blue Stinger. It's cheap, and it might be my favorite "goofy shitty horror game" around.

>> No.2320479

Any for PS1?

>> No.2320492

The PS1 has so many incredible games that they couldn't all fit on an image.

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My video card's fucked and onboard graphics can't run shit so I've set up my old Playstation next to my PC.

Anyone want to recommend me some games I might have overlooked? It's modchipped so I've been burning a load of games.

There's been some stuff I wanted to try that I could only find NTSC ISOs for (I /PAL/), which sucks. It'll run NTSC games, but they have fatass black borders along the bottom.

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File: 1002 KB, 957x4590, PS1_Recommended_Games.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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b-but that's why i wanted one ;-;

Thank you.

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