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Why does beta Super Mario 64 look so fascinating?

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Because you're as beta as the game was.

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I find most betas do for some reason.

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A lot of games from that era have really interesting betas. OoT especially.

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Because what's inacessible is always fascinating.

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Where's the beta ROM dump?


I need LINKS

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If you had told me that was a screenshot from the final version I wouldn't even have noticed.

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the OoT beta looked cool as fuck.

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Why does no one understand this? It's just a case of wanting what you can't have, that's what makes it so desirable.

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Betas contain all the cool ideas that get sanitized out of the game by the suits to make it more "polished" and "accessible".

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it looks like shit dude

Keep thinking that lol

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Nah, usually shit gets changed because what made it into the final version was the better alternative.
It only seems cool and better now in retrospect because it's different.

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It looks like they started releasing pictures of that game REALLY early in development. Likely as a sales tactic for the Nintendo 64, showing that there was a Zelda game coming up was very important.
Ocarina of Time beta pics look like alpha test builds, the environments are like one step above checkered test maps.

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It looks a bit more blocky. Colors look more saturated, not necessarily bad, but then again it could just be the pic quality, this was probably a scan from an old magazine.

The UI looks more old school on the beta, they refined it for the final game, but I kinda dig the old one.

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nigga, you could EQUIP medallions.

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My theory on why old game betas are super interesting is because they represent a much more ambitious side of the project, before the budget and deadlines crushed the project into it's final product. It's like that with every game, how much cooler would a game be if they had unlimited time to put content and shit in?

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>The UI looks more old school on the beta, they refined it for the final game, but I kinda dig the old one.
I think it looks more japanese.

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>Colors look more saturated,
pretty sure that's just the crt settings the magazine was taking screens of.

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It's not that for me, at least. I feel like it's more like I'm intrigued seeing how video games were different, or could have been different, during development.

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I'm getting some serious SMRPG vibes from this.

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>hud looks better
>skybox looks better
>trees and grass aren't overbrightened to shit
what the fuck nintendo

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i remember trying to look into mario 64's development since i always found it curious that these prototypes never leak when it comes to nintendo games

it seems like nothing was cut out any earlier builds. famously a large majority of the actual coding time went solely into creating mario's controls, animations, physics, etc. by the time they were ready to add anything else the levels had probably mostly already been designed. the preview screenshots all show identical levels but just with a ton of different textures for some reason (maybe the n64 ended up not being able to handle them? textures always suck in 64 games)

tl;dr you're not missing out on anything with this one

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>how much cooler would a game be if they had unlimited time to put content and shit in?

It would be pretty bad actually. A bloated game with too many ideas just leads to the whole experience being overly drawn out and terribly inconsistent.

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>prototypes never leak when it comes to nintendo games
Because Nintendo isn't a dumb fucking company when it comes to that shit.

Also they murder their former employees (RIP Gunpei Yokoi).

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source on this screenshot?

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An old Nintendo power had tons of pictures of the Doom 64 beta. The pictures showed a level with Mayan-like step pyramids, it looked cool but it never made it into the final game.

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Majora's Mask was originally had a much more exotic and colorful look, pic related is just outside Clock Town in the beta.

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OOT's castle town was originally much larger, and seemed to resemble the Twilight Princess castle town.

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that looks terrible

is there a less fucked up version of this screenshot

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Adult Link was originally going to make an appearance in MM.

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There was an Adult Link mask that eventually became the Fierce Deity mask.

And there's three kid Link masks in the final game that are unused. I think they were supposed to be worn by Skull Kid.

Also, Adult Link was also going to be in Wind Waker.

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It's a screencap from some VHS quality clip.

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Is it just me or does the WW adult Link look better than the WW kid Link?

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People want what they can't have.

That, and it's just similar enough to what you do have that it makes you wonder what else there is that's actually different beyond what you already know.

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>if you die in Mario 64 you die in real life

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I always thought it was dumb that bowser had like, a ponytail or something in mario 64. I just chalked it up as being graphics limitations until I was replaying it recently and realized that he actually looked like his sprites in the NES days from the side, but only from that angle.

Either way, I'm glad they changed it in the later 3D games. It doesn't work in 3D at all in my opinion.

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Do you people not realize you're looking at 15 year old JPEGs that were probably scanned from a magazine or press kit which were taken with who knows what equipment to begin with

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Eh, Nintendo keeps that stuff under wraps but I've always been more into Sega just because of how radically different things can be and all the what-ifs it creates. I mean, Sonic 2 Beta (which is really more of an alpha really) is what got me into all this shit in the first place. With mario 64 it's like "oh they could have had this different UI" but with Sonic 2 it's like "what if wood zone actually existed? Or the desert zone? Or a finished hidden palace?"

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>but then again it could just be the pic quality, this was probably a scan from an old magazine.

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I hate when you're playing a game and you can feel how short an ambitious section is though.

"Wow, this is really cool and interesting! ... Well, bye I guess!"

... Like fuck, the intro of Resident Evil 2 tricked me pretty hard. "This is a great game but I seem to be in this police station for quite a long time ! ! ! ! ! ! !"

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>seemed to resemble the Twilight Princess castle town.
From what I've gathered (because I love looking up beta content and cut content), TP is basically just made up of cut content from OoT and Ura Zelda

Things Cut from OoT:
>Bomb Arrows
>Fully 3D Castle Town
>Sword combat on horseback
>Saving the Zoras
>Ice Temple
>Light Temple (Temple of Time)
>Wind Temple (and the Sage of Wind)
>Fully 3D Hyrule Castle

Personally, with Nintendo "promising" to release Ura Zelda later, and the failure of the 64DD, I think a lot of assets used in TP were from an expansion/expanded version of OoT.

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Also the grass whistle used to call Epona was meant to be in the original OOT.

>Bomb Arrows
This was intended?

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Seems like they just reused a lot of concepts from the beta OOT builds and Ura Zelda in the future games.

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Looking at your list, I guess we sure can't blame Nintendo for lack of ideas. Their brainstorming sessions must have been crazy.

Whether the N64 could handle all that content, which was cut by them, is up for grabs.

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>This was intended?
iirc, yeah.

>Seems like they just reused a lot of concepts from the beta OOT builds and Ura Zelda in the future games.
Very likely, but I think it was mostly dumped on TP.

>Whether the N64 could handle all that content, which was cut by them, is up for grabs.
It couldn't, hence the 64DD add-on.

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I wonder, how many drastically different prototypes have made it out for public download? Most betas that I see tend to be mostly the same as the final. Some are like the final game with a few tiny things that had yet to be tweaked, or very close to the final save for some sprite/level layout/menu changes. I wonder how many prototypes have been dumped that are almost an entirely new game relative to what was released (most levels are different, many different graphics, etc).

I know I've seen screens in magazines for a certain game that looked radically different from what was released, but the only prototype I've found of it is like, 90% the same as what was released. I just wonder how many of these very early/very different builds have even survived.

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I said it earlier but Sonic 2 Beta, or for a better example the Nick Arcade prototype. It's still sonic at its base, but it's so early that there's a lot of stuff that never made it to the final version.

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I think it certainly has something to do with how/when the game was promoted. I am of the impression that many prototypes exist because they were sent out to magazines/stores/tradeshows and they were either stolen or the companies didn't care about having them returned. To me, it seems logical that what was sent out for these promotional purposes would be from later in the game's development, when the item would be most similar to the finished product and at a stage where most problems had been fixed. I wouldn't be surprised if some early previews from early builds were not disseminated via loaner carts, but rather through recorded footage or stills and info distributed by the company, with the build represented in said material either eventually destroyed or overwritten. I just wonder how often things like the Nick Arcade situation occur, where fairly early but still playable builds on actual dev carts were out to a 3rd party for demonstration purposes.

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pretty much this.

in the case of nintendo though it also seems as if they spend longer in the planning stages than other developers and a lot of crazy weird ideas (like those found in the sonic 2 prototypes) were like dropped before anything substantial was actually being put into code in the first place

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likely dropped*

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why is mario 64 so beta

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it's not beta, it's a reflection of your own self

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sik burn fuccboi

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Pretty sure there were a lot of beta ideas that were fucking horrifyingly stupid.

>Doom 3 zombies originally were meant to raise from the dead after being killed

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Damn, anon. My life will never be the same again after all these third degree burns you gave me.

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Too little, too late, shots deflected.

Step it up OP

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As a kid, my father sometimes brought VHS tapes with Nintendo ads, so we could learn about new games to get. These videos often showed beta content and sicne I didn't know that, I often thought it was possible to access the shown areas.I especially played a lot of Diddy Kong Racing to get to the "new" island.

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I've always hated how they've been trying to shove the NES Zelda in our faces.

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Looks like a level from TNT or Plutonia

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The textures look better on the beta shot you posted.

I'm guessing that a big part of it is that we don't have it, it was only posted in pictures and videos for us, and that since we can't play it, we think it's better. The kind of thing that made people go nuts about Rondo of Blood before it was easy to get in the West.

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Looks like a mountain town.

They probably decided that real-world houses and such didn't work very well. I could see players getting disoriented from many houses, or I could easily imagine the camera work being not so hot in small interior spaces.

Funny that Big Boo's Haunt didn't have that issue.

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Nintendo has always been really hush-hush with everything they do. It's not surprising that test versions of games would fall under that list as well.

I'm amazed we even have the US Earth Bound prototype.

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Almost every beta of old video games are fascinating for the same reason:
You get to see the thought process behind the development of a game.
Much like any product, what you get is the final, refined result, yet you want to know how it was made, what changed the original material and why. That's also why videos explaining the manufacturing of a product are so popular.

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How many game betas actually got leaked? I mean shit with significantly cool stuff that got cut? All I can really think of is Half Life 2, and that shit ain't retro. I'd kill for Twelve Tales Conker 64 or the early Perfect Dark builds, especially the ones with face mapping.

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>How many game betas actually got leaked?

You have no idea.


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See: Daikatana

>> No.2278527

Well, Resident Evil 1.5 is floating around.

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Still no shenmue Saturn

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>Still no shenmue 3

>> No.2278560

>Remember that this game is just like real life now
Maaaan, I'm having massive nostalgia trip to birth of 3D right now.

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I like Nintendo with limitations. A lot of the "bad" changes they make to games these days are because they have the tech to manage and implement it now, but it was always a previous idea.

Examples? The behavior of the blue shell in Mario Kart, now. I LIKED it when it would take everybody out along the way. It still did more damage to the intended first place, but also kept the race order more or less in tact, without any more serious fuckery and imbalance.

Needless to say I didn't like the grass whistle. It was more inconvenient than anything after the novelty wore off, which was after the first time I used it.

>> No.2278989


>but also kept the race order more or less in tact

the appeal of mario kart was always supposed to be that the race order WASN'T kept "in tact"

>> No.2278998

er. well yeah.

I'm not sure how to say it. Blue shell in 64 was somehow more visceral to use, and the way it behaves now feels disruptive in a VERY chaotic way. It's fuckery isn't as evenly distributed now? I guess?

If it still doesn't make sense, sorry. I just liked it better back then. Same with red shells that would shoot straight to the nearest character, so you had to aim a clear shot. Now they just shoot down the middle of the track to the nearest racer. There's no aiming or real skill involved anymore, because the "computer" is powerful enough to do the work on its own.

Still. I feel like when Nintendo (or any developer) has to work around limitations, the gameplay concessions that are made are usually a benefit to the game experience.

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every nintendo console ever (/vr/ or not /vr/) besides i guess the super nintendo has had serious hardware limitations compared to the competition

>> No.2279012

That's not the point.

It's not limitations compared to the competition or anything.Or even just Nintendo.

It's that they have these big ideas, but the console in question doesn't have the processing power to handle it, so they have to make a compromise on that particular mechanic.

But when a console comes out that DOES have the computational power to handle the mechanic as intended, so they implement it that way, it (in my opinion) usually doesn't work as well as the compromise did.

>> No.2279015


More like every console ever.

Also I think Gamecube was pretty good, at least better than both DC and PS2.

>> No.2279029

GC was definitely the most capable as a whole.

>> No.2279717

>But when a console comes out that DOES have the computational power to handle the mechanic as intended, so they implement it that way, it (in my opinion) usually doesn't work as well as the compromise did.
I guess we'll see when Zelda Wii U comes out with its supposedly huge world.

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>Super Nintendo's CPU
>Not a serious hardware limitation

>> No.2280353

What is that shit in the background supposed to be?

>> No.2280371

The Dark World

>> No.2280375

why is N64 the best era for beta stuff?

>> No.2280379


>> No.2280515

I think it's because they were early steps into the 3D world so devs were all trying out new things, seeing what's possible and what's not and showing them off to build interest.

That and OoT is built on a heavily modified version of Mario 64's engine so you can see how it evolved over time through pictures. Earliest ones are almost cel shaded and have a very cartoony style and only two action buttons, exactly the same as Mario 64.

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There was a mask that made you transform into adult link but it was replaced with the fierce deity mask.

>> No.2280546

what on earth do you even mean by that?

>> No.2280551

that's pretty much the same thing worded differently you know...

>> No.2280561

in that image's case it may have just been a art referance piece rather than something they were going to put in the game

>> No.2280562

The Wet Dry world skybox is even more ominous

>> No.2280564

yeah, how dare they base their art after that of the first game in the series, how horrible.

>> No.2280568

Looks like something straight out of L.S.D.

>> No.2280570

OP said nothing about it being "better" and people still go nuts about Rondo of Blood, check any castlevania thread.

>> No.2280574

That honestly looks like they were just playing around with sprites and textures while the game was still in development and not like anything that was meant for the finished game, to be honest.

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File: 146 KB, 363x331, BowserNSMBU.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What the fuck are you talking about? Bowser still has his "hair", always had.

Sorry for not retro, but I had to correct someone on the Internet.

>> No.2280579

well it could with the hdd add on, which the game was originally meant for, it flopped while the game was in development so they had to scale the game back a lot.

>> No.2280613

>people still go nuts about Rondo of Blood

less so now I think

>I had to correct someone on the Internet
you did the right thing anon

>> No.2280638

Just stumbled onto this and thought you guys might be interested
before some one burst's their viens over this post, yes it's a tumblr, no that doesn't automatically mean that myself or the person that made this blog that is relevent to this thread is a SJW twat, now fuck off.

>> No.2280671

How do you think Iwata got his job for Nintendo in the first place? And then got promoted so fast? I am certain he was Yamauchi's hitman and was owed a favour or two.

>> No.2280690

fuck off with this dumb shit.

>> No.2280691

>Bowser in the Fire Sea is a throwback to Lethal Lava Land, only with the 3D object clusterfuck level design being vertical instead of horizontal.
>Bowser in the Sky is a throwback to Rainbow Ride, with a dusk setting and a darker theme.

>What is Bowser in the Dark World referencing?

>> No.2280695

Probably that it looks more japanese. Look at how the Mario and Star icons are drawn. It's more anime like than the 3D rendered ones in the final product.

>> No.2280703

Why would they show that, though?

>> No.2281996

>Wind Temple (and the Sage of Wind)

Actually, this was most likely renamed to the Forest Temple with little changes.

>Ice Temple
Became the Ice Cavern; still in the game.

>> No.2283337

I usually like unused concept art more appealing than the actual design used in the game

>> No.2283338

Great tumblr, thanks for posting it m8

>> No.2283346


Oh Christ are you kidding me? I had no idea. Imma look that shit up.

>> No.2283349


Yep. That's what the "Dark World" is. It is an entire world underground. I think they meant to hint a subterranean world that went on for miles rather than meters.

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Honestly, I think we got our answer to that, ironically with the worst incarnation of that game (Majora's Mask 3DS).

They didn't know what they were doing. All throughout the development of that game, according to Aonuma, they had trouble. That's why it has the dark, slightly twisted theme and why it took Miyamoto nagging him to remake it: it was not a good time to be part of the Zelda dev. team then. And Aonuma frankly likes to pretend the game doesn't exist because it brings back bad vibes.

Frankly, I always suspected that they made that absolute masterpiece purely by accident, which was why I was so leery of them ever touching it again. Now, seeing the end result, I wish they'd left it the hell alone.

>> No.2283371 [DELETED] 

your graphics is tight for a honky. yes sir

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File: 119 KB, 350x547, mariossemen.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Holy shit

>> No.2283387

>Nah, usually shit gets changed because what made it into the final version was the better alternative.
Nah, it's the suits.

>> No.2283416

What's wrong with the remake?

>> No.2283421


They changed shit just for the sake of changing it. Everything looks WAY too bright and saturated. Why is the Happy Mask man giving you the Bomber's Notebook when he has nothing to do with them? Also, what the fuck is with all the goddamn eyeballs? You already used that bullshit all throughout TP, Aonuma. Knock it the fuck off.

>> No.2283432


Too bad they failed to get the feeling of NES gameplay right

>> No.2283447

>Conker 64
Never ever

>> No.2283475

I just wasted 16 minutes of my life watching this autistic video... and I still don't understand what has to do with this thread

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super mario bros level 1-2

i dont really know.. i dont think the bowser levels are "referencing" any other levels

>> No.2284298

I honestly had a bit of difficulty trying to wrap my little kid brain around it, what an exciting time

>> No.2284340

Generally, most "beta" version are in fact 90% the same as the final game because everything is going as planned. At most, you usually see one or two small changes in most "betas", if anything noticeable at all.

The reason for this s that devs don't just fly by the seat of their pants and just try shit till they get what they like. They usually actually plan ahead and only change what they HAVE to because it didn't work how they wanted it to. Or in some cases, a sprite, 3D model, screen, what have you is a place holder until the final version is finished.

Sometimes you get games like Resident Evil 2 that has a DRASTICLY different beta (RE1.5), but there was a reason for that: The director just shat out a bunch of ideas and made a clusterfucked sequel to a semi-big-money game. Capcom got worried and handed it to a more capable guy who made a "safer" game. However, assets from the original do in fact appear in the final product. And while 90% of the game is different, the same basic premise remains, so it's more or less a streamlined remake, rather than a totally different game (as many fans insist)

But all that's rare. At most, you'll see something like Sonic Crackers (a game never meant to be released) or some betas with silly ideas that never worked in them, but they usually play like shit and the devs usually dropped said ideas because they had to.

I don't know... Betas just never interested me that much. It's because of all this DLC shit these days. Devs now can ship an unfinished game that gets patched as soon as you get it home, then feed you half the content over the course of months.

I just want to play functional, finished games, man.

>> No.2284351

Wait...you mean the remake is already out?
Fuck yeah time to order it. I don't give a damn what they ch--
>Happy Mask man giving you the Bomber's Notebook
lol what. Why would they do that?

>> No.2284361


Because the dumb motherfuckers casualized the shit out of it. Evidently their remaining fanbase is so ass-stupid that missing the Bomber's Notebook entirely was a real problem. So now someone who has nothing whatsoever to do with the item in question gives it to you, completely in opposition to the entire established storyline.

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It's sad whenever I try to talk about it to my cousins or whomever and they don't get it.

>it's just the next logical step, I don't know why people were so excited about it.

It's like they don't realize how much of a game changer it was, all they see is how relatively unpolished things were compared to next-gen stuff and think it's nothing impressive even though there was nothing like it before it.

>> No.2285167

Beta screenshots from that era reminds you of the thrill you had when you first saw a picture of that new game comming out. Unconsciously you think that if you had that access to that beta, it'd be as fun as you imagined it to be back then.

>> No.2285256

The ocarina on the B button is weird. I recalled seeing it there in some of the early OoT screenshots, so it's odd to see that they went back to it. Maybe they were toying with the idea of a context-sensitive B button as well, in order to free up all the C buttons for masks/items.

>> No.2285262

When I was younger, I recall being disappointed that adult Link wasn't in the game. Now, I prefer young Link being the only playable version. Especially in Majora, the fact that this 12-year-old kid was exploring and liberating such a messed-up, dangerous world really lent to the atmosphere.

>> No.2285268

Except the developers have stated multiple times it was a concept that they wanted to include, but they couldn't make it work.

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looks like a shitty unfinished beta ? You unreleased fags are a bunch of beta cucks

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>> No.2286463

Looks like it's way over saturated and has a slight piss filter on it.

>> No.2286470


>> No.2286479

Yeah. And I also think that is why prototypes have a certain allure. They are uncertain and mysterious.

In the olden days when not everyone was online games in general had a mysterious vibe to them. You didn't know much about them beyond the box, magazine articles, or friends until you actually rented it or bought it or played it at a friend's house. There were even mysterious things like the grasslands parabeetles level from one version of the Mario 3 box that made people go "where the hell is that secret? Is there some hidden world?" Nowadays you can just watch it all online or hell, just download it. With prototypes a lot of times you can't. They are mysterious cartridges that are only known to exist thanks to a low quality photo of some dingy old cartridge . Many times that is all that is known and we can only guess as to the contents. When someone dumps a prototype and posts the rom, or when a collector buys a prototype, you get a taste of that mystery again, that feeling of "what will this be like!?" because until you play it, it is totally unknown to all but a few people.

>> No.2286490
File: 1.53 MB, 900x1200, In The Court Of The Crimson King.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


According to my research you are full of shit and we DON'T have any proto of Earthbound64. Just gameplay footage and promo material.

>> No.2286495

He's talking about the NES proto aka earthbound zero.

>> No.2286532

To be fair, this could very well be a scene made just for promotion and never intended to be a playable part in the final game.

>> No.2286539
File: 1004 KB, 900x690, Back At The Great Bay.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Then I apologize.

>> No.2286584

I think he means the mountain on melee references >>2276885

>> No.2286834

nothing has changed, today games still look awesome on pre-release content, whey you play the actual shit, it looks fucking normal.

>> No.2286837

That's exactly what this thread is about. Well job.

>> No.2286843

Makes sense.
That's how the orc forest from Twilight Princess turned out to be, right?

>> No.2286858

>Why is the Happy Mask man giving you the Bomber's Notebook when he has nothing to do with them?
lore: he finds it lying around and doesn´t need it
gameplay: you don´t have to redo the same quest twice in a row
>Also, what the fuck is with all the goddamn eyeballs?
the eyes are the same as those on majoras mask , shooting eyes as a weakspot has been a thing in many zelda games. it also makes the bosses look like they were corrupted by majora

>> No.2286872
File: 1.80 MB, 1280x971, Regrets.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>...shooting eyes as a weakspot has been a thing in many zelda games.

That's entire fucking point of that comment. They unnecessarily changed a perfectly fine mechanic to something casualized and cliche because their only remaining fans are too stupid to know how to hurt the bosses otherwise.

>lore: he finds it lying around and doesn´t need it

Yes, because the fact he never leaves the Clocktower the whole game makes that ENTIRELY plausible, amirite?

>gameplay: you don´t have to redo the same quest twice in a row

So why not just give it to you the first go around? Or, hell, how about not taking out a sidequest just because your fans are detestable morons too dumb to figure out a primary game gimmick?

>> No.2286890

...and this is why you shouldn't listen to fans.

>> No.2286893

Also some quite serious limitations on sprite sizes. Usually the quickest way to tell a Mega Drive game from a SNES game.

>> No.2286895
File: 3.85 MB, 1600x1200, Ikana.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


They had one fucking job: port it, stick in some alternate controls, add a few hints, gussy up the graphics and leave it the hell alone. They decided to take the George Lucas route instead.

Deal with it.

>> No.2286910

i dunno those changes seems very minor to me

>> No.2286924

Big boos haunt had some of the worse camera angles in the game though.

Tick tock clock takes the cake.

>> No.2286928
File: 768 KB, 534x691, Bio-Arte.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Nah, those were just a few examples. They changed all kinds of gameplay-centric bullshit. For example, Zora-Link can no longer swim without magic (from what I hear this was a lazy-ass fix to prevent you from swimming outside the map in the Great Bay area) and many of the boss mechanics were altered or simplified to make them easier. Hell, about the only change for the better (besides shit you already expect like the graphics upgrades) is fishing.

Like I said, Aonuma went full Lucas with this one; he just can't resist changing bullshit that ought to be left well enough alone.

>> No.2286929

What the fuck, even I managed to get the bombers notebook on my second try. I wasn't even able to read much english back then.

>> No.2286936

Yeah the wind temple being the forest temple is very obvious because of the trail in ganondorfs castle. They later reused some of those assets in the shadow temple.

I prefer it that way.

>> No.2287097

Majora's Mask sucked so much that I couldn't even get into it when OOT was one of my favorite games of all time.

The Mario's since 64 all sucked.

Why do you people have to ruin good things?

>> No.2287142

>Zora-Link can no longer swim without magic
that actually makes the game more consistent, Goron Link needs magic to roll too.

>> No.2287328
File: 47 KB, 320x248, imaginerpg6.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I like early beta images from games because its so mysterious what was actually cut from them. Also games from this era are more primitive looking so changes are more noticeable.
However most of the time the changes aren't super interesting and its just part of the development process.

These screens from beta Quest 64 show that Brian went through a few different designs. Quest 64 has always been interesting to me but it is somewhat mediocre. I like mediocre games though.

>> No.2287330
File: 20 KB, 500x378, N3QZwFy.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I will give Quest 64 credit for its atmosphere.

>> No.2287345
File: 651 KB, 1843x2290, 4oORV.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Quest64 was supposed to have different playable characters like a normal rpg. Also there was going to be a sequel but it was cancelled.

>> No.2287437

>no hp bar
It's already better than the final game.

>> No.2288175

Health isn't displayed when you're not hurt.

>> No.2288179
File: 44 KB, 500x409, SMWproto.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Love me some Super Mario World beta

>> No.2288181

Fascinating stuff.

>> No.2288661

Oh God, sad the sequence dont relese.

>> No.2288739

Literally nothing (aside from fucking up Zora Fun Times)

>Bomber notebook
It's handy, and it's something you were going to get anyway, and the old way was TERRIBLE.
You had to redo the SAME EXACT event as a human to get the notebook that you did the first set of 3 days as a Deku Scrub. Sorry, but that actually is bad game design.

>> No.2288746
File: 250 KB, 1024x553, _gif_you_ve_met_with_a_terrible_fate__haven_t_you__by_repee-d7ly25i.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The GC was second only to the Xbox in power, and it had a different controller that was better for 3rd person games, and was way more stable. Like waaaaaay more stable then the Xbox.

The beauty of the Super Nintendo was how you could simply build a chip to offload work from the console if you needed to do something cool.

The N64 suffered from some very poor design choices on what should have been a damn near perfect console (did they run out of cache while designing it?) and the NES, well, it saved teh industry.

>> No.2288801

>did they run out of cache while designing it?
Please stop perpetrating this myth (is the Wikipedia article responsible for this mindless parroting? Can somebody please delete it?). Every problem with the N64 had to do with the lack of documentation.

The console had an excellent design particularly from an economic point of view. (Nintendo made more money on the hardware than Sony did on the PS1 - which sold 3x more, despite the N64 being newer and more powerful), created not by Nintendo themselves, but world leading engineers at Silicon Graphics that later joined ATi to create the Nvidia beating Radeon 9700 in 2002.

>> No.2288818

Eh, it could still have had more chache, but yeah, documentation. Just look at all those 3rd party games with hella short draw distances, when pretty much no first party game had noticeable issues with that.

As far as hardware, most consoles these days are sold at a loss, so I don't really think that's really that important.

>> No.2288847

>Eh, it could still have had more chache
It could have come with 2GB of RAM like some servers did at the time, but that wouldn't have been remotely economical for a console in 1996.

Ultimately the technology is held back by what is in the right price range. Sure the texture cache could have been even larger, but then something else would have had to be sacrificed.

>> No.2288850

Or they could have taken the hit in hopes of recouping from licensed game sales.

>> No.2288856

It's not that simple considering that the space inside the GPU die was already maxed. It literally did not have room for any more cache.

They could have made a larger die, but then you'd need to redesign everything; motherboard size, case size, thermals, etc.

>> No.2288859

Perhaps they were thinking of letting you unequip the sword like you could in the GB games

>> No.2289869

did people just not go back to the Bomber entrance once you were a human and give them the same password they gave you as a Deku Scrub?

>> No.2289880

I didn't even know you could do that to get the notebook until just now, why would I? The only way I'd know was if I read a strategy guide.

Either way, you're either redoing the same quest (bullshit) or you're going out of your way for a gimme (slightly less, but still bullshit)

I honestly think just giving it to the player was a great design choice, and encourages players to start exploring right away.

>> No.2289927

Do you have a link to more beta pictures?

>> No.2289946

unseen64 is a good place to find this stuff

>> No.2289953
File: 2.32 MB, 1500x1125, Succumbed To Twilight.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


How the fuck do you not think to try interacting with a character again once you have access to another form (human, this time)?

That's like a fundamental part of the game that just flew right over your head.


>...Goron Link needs magic to roll too.

Wrong. Goron Link can roll just fine without magic (and at full speed too, I might add). What he cannot do is become a spikeball of pain, suffering, and death with no magic.

In the remake the second you don't have magic you are reduced to some of the most autistic underwater flailing I've ever seen.


Nintendrone pls go.


Let's not act like lack of proper docs was the only weakness the N64 had. The lack of optical media ended up a net loss for all Nintendo trumpeted about co-processors and near-zero load times, and with all that power you speak of comes needless complexity in the form of its microcode feature (which ended up being a straight-up loss thanks to lack of proper documentation anyway; the blame for that falls squarely on Nintendo's shoulders).

>> No.2290043


Lul, dank memes on /vr/ now? This place really is getting infected with /v/tards like you.

Of course I interacted with the other characters, you retard, but I the first time I played Majoras Mask I talked to the bombers kid at the balloon instead of the kid off to the side guarding the passageway, and it stuck after that.

Now fuck off back to /v/

>> No.2290062 [DELETED] 
File: 235 KB, 559x534, Low Men In Yellow Coats.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>Of course I interacted with the other characters, you retard, but I the first time I played Majoras Mask I talked to the bombers kid at the balloon instead of the kid off to the side guarding the passageway, and it stuck after that.

Either way you do the quest gives you the notebook, you fucking schween. Now fuck off back to Special Ed. where you so clearly belong.

>> No.2290078

Princess Maker 2, the only way to play this series in english.

>> No.2290232

Dire dire docks maybe?

>> No.2290451

You have a terrible understanding of game design don't you?

>> No.2290482
File: 920 KB, 900x669, Kefka The God.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>le game design meme

If you sniff and turn your nose up any harder you're going to start sucking up innocent pets and small children.

>> No.2290503

Well at least I won't be a massive faggot like you. Also, that's some shitty art. Someone should explain to the retard who made it how backlighting and rim lights work.

Anyway, it was just bad design to have to make the player backtrack to get THE FREAKING TOOL HE NEEDS TO TRACK EVERYTHING. Sometimes, somethings in old games really were bad.

>Muh handholding
You do know that Zelda is still made for kids to be able to play? Doesn't detract from how amazing it is, of course, but Dark Souls this shit ain't.

>> No.2290519
File: 697 KB, 800x984, The Madness Begins.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>Well at least I won't be a massive faggot like you.

Whine, whine, whine, whine...

>Also, that's some shitty art. Someone should explain to the retard who made it how backlighting and rim lights work.

Post something you personally made that is better then, shithead.

>Anyway, it was just bad design to have to make the player backtrack to get THE FREAKING TOOL HE NEEDS TO TRACK EVERYTHING. Sometimes, somethings in old games really were bad.

What the holy fucking hell are you talking about? Majora's Mask is full of "backtracking", even with that small bit awkwardly taken out and shoved right under your nose. Have you ever even played the game you're criticizing, you piss-faced moron?

>You do know that Zelda is still made for kids to be able to play? Doesn't detract from how amazing it is, of course, but Dark Souls this shit ain't.

Oh Christ, you're one of THOSE types of assholes. Only mature games for mature gamers such as yourself, right dickweed?

>> No.2290539
File: 1.30 MB, 2448x2448, IMG_0092[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's hard to explain just how bad that art is, like deviantart grade with a horrible understanding of form shadows, usage of the blend tool because it looks cool, light coming from the wrong sources when they hit the body. And those clouds are pretty iffy. The artist clearly spent a TON of time on it, and it's really detailed, but all of that can't make up for some good technique and understanding of form.
>40 minutes pose that I did a few days ago.
>Going to school for professional Illustration

Anyway, the problem is getting that really really key item was really really unintuitive. And that's the tool that makes the whole thing trackable.

Also, I fucking love Zelda game, I'm not a mature games only assfucker, so don't put words in my mouth. I'm simply saying getting buttmad about a little streamlining in a Zelda game is fucking retarded because these games aren't made just for adults.

Giving the players the bombers notebook was a *really* simple change that means that you can just head right out the door to the swamp without missing a vital tool.

>Though I will concede that the eyeball changes too the bosses was needles bullshit.
I mean seriously, why? What sense does it even make? At least in TP they were part of the character designs, they made sense.

>> No.2290548
File: 69 KB, 510x396, marioworldbeta01[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Beta SMW looks so strange to me

>> No.2290551
File: 16 KB, 208x207, marioworldbeta05[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

More info here


>> No.2290605

you're mentally ill, not kidding

>> No.2290635 [DELETED] 
File: 829 KB, 500x1000, Do Not Tempt The Wrath Of The Basilissa.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Speaking as a layman, your art looks like shit. Git gud. As for the rest of your post (which I am thankful is at least more reasonable this time, if still misguided and wrong), my entire point was that the Notebook change was unnecessary simplification. Majora's Mask was always one of the harder 3D Zeldas, and no matter how ashamed Aonuma was of it, it should have fucking stayed that way.


Thank you so much for your keen insightful diagnosis, made on an anonymous imageboard on the internet in less than a sentence, which had no proper capitalization or punctuation.

No doubt you are in possession of virtually legendary credentials, with a veritable cornucopia of doctorates, bachelors, and master's degrees after your name, all of which derive from the medical and/or psychiatric sciences.

How can I ever thank you Anon-kun for showing me the error of my ways? :^)

>> No.2290652

Dat autism though, Mr. Buttmad. That's a 40 minute pose, drawn in 40 minutes, with charcoal, from a live model. Meanwhile you post deviantart looking shit that is literally, entirely shit. That guy probably draws bronie porn in his free time.

Now pull those rose tinted glasses out of your ass.
Jesus fucking christ you must be fun at parties.

>> No.2290657

The hell is wrong with this thread. Jesus fuck. How did it go from beta discussion to try-hard shit slinging about a 3DS game?

>> No.2290658

Based anon

Wow the /v/ faggots are trolling hard today.

>> No.2290660
File: 961 KB, 1024x683, Salt Flats.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>Dat autism though, Mr. Buttmad.

Who the fuck is buttblasted I don't like his artwork, again? :)

That's quite some projection you got going there, buddy.

>> No.2290667
File: 163 KB, 640x480, gfall05.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>And then he tries to bring the entire conversation away from it


Holy shit that's what this thread was about? I thought it was about elitists talking about how games that got rushed out were perfect in every way.

I've got a love for Fallout Beta stuff.

>> No.2290670

also a colossal faggot

>> No.2290674

lol that bullet bill looks so out of place.

>> No.2290724

this can't be screencapped from an actual SNES

>> No.2290739

It's a magazine scan

>> No.2290754

no shit nigger

>> No.2290816

That's how I got it and I didn't even speak english back then.

>> No.2290827 [DELETED] 

I can see you removing my posts, Mr. Janifaggot. :)

And I intend to specifically point out each time you do it, you massive fucking cockmunch.

>> No.2290832

You're kinda sperging all over the thread, man. Your posts should be kablamm'd.

Then again other captain autismo isn't really helping either.

>> No.2290845

>Going to school for professional Illustration
How's day one of art school going for you? Were you jerking off for thirty of those minutes, or something?

>> No.2290848

That shit looks like it'd be from a Gameboy Color port, or something.

>> No.2290851


I actually wouldn't have said a thing if the dickbag had just nuked that whole part of the thread. But he didn't; just my posts.

But yes, I do agree that the last two or three exchanges have not been very fruitful.

>> No.2290872

Careful there, you might cut yourself on those edges.

>> No.2290887

>Actually, this was most likely renamed to the Forest Temple with little changes.

Even the Shadow Temple is more wind themed than the Forest Temple.

>> No.2290897

I'm mostly just wondering, because that's tops 4 minutes if you've done like three Croquis sessions.

>> No.2290975
File: 14 KB, 245x210, cop.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Came here to look at some betas and then I find art theory 101

What in the heck is going on here?

>> No.2290982

looks like something a kid drew up in MSpaint

>> No.2290987

Yeah but how well do you think the magic medallion system would have actually worked? It was cut out for a reason.

Also, Miyamoto wanted the game to be Super Mario 64 part two instead of having an actual overworld. Does that really sound better to you?

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