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These are one of the first games I have ever played.

What retro PC games did you play?

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this looks alot like dangerous dave, i never played the commander keen's games when i was a kid and now they seem too dumb but i used to play alot of dangerous dave.

when i was kid my mom brought me several diskets from the city.

Dune 2
Duke 3d
and a game that i cant still find even tho i've lurked alot, maybe its because i have veryvague memories about it cos i was little

i remember it being top view, isoemtric, it was something like an action strategy game, i dont remember rpg elements but i was quite little. Uou control one guy i think he was wielding a sword, but i think later in the game it became somewaht futuristic, tiny pixels , you start at at a green grass texture region with some flowers.

suggestions anyone?

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mouse control 256 colors mb

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Could it be "The Horde" ?

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Cosmo's Cosmic Adventure is the first game I ever remember playing. The music brings back such great memories. Only had the first part since it was freeware.

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Treasure Trap. That game was hard as balls...

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The way it ended with Cosmo being eaten by that huge maw made me have nightmares as a child.

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BIO Menace

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>The Horde
No, but this looks a bit like it in visuals, defenetly more advanced tho
i think mine looked older, also sry for saying strategy, it was more of a hack'n slash game, i just forgot the name of the genre

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I love Secret Agent. It's so simple, but still very clever and challenging. What I like the most about Secret Agent is the whole level design/style of the game, it looks like something a 10 year old would draw during class while being bored, and I love it.
It really is like a day dream. I also like Crystal Caves pretty much for the same reasons.

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Commander Keen

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Crystal Cavens and Secret Agent both felt almost like puzzle games rather than platformers. They really rewarded planning, smart play and avoiding enemies rather than fast reflexes and combat. Some of the Secret Agent levels will be engraved into my mind forever.

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Probably the first game I played until dawn.

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Commander Keen 1-3 are arguably a bit primitive, but they were milestones when first released. The controls are stiff, but it's not too bad. The series really shines in 4-6; 4 and 6 are tied for my favourite of the group and for my favourite DOS platformers in general. I found 5 to be somewhat unexciting and short, but many seem to disagree. Either way, for historical purposes and because they're Fun, I'd really recommend you try at least 4 and 6. Just...stay away from the GBC one. Like Jazz Jackrabbit, they butchered it hard and with a vengeance.

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Secret Agent is a pretty cool guy eh.
Only thing is, that enemy you need to shoot about 50 thousand times, and after every shot it just morphs into something else still gets on my tits.

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