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Sega CD thread. Favorite games or other things regarding the system? I'm looking to get one within the next month and also wondering what I should know.

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>I'm looking to get one within the next month and also wondering what I should know.
Model 1 is garbage stay away unless you're a hardcore collector. Break constantly and are bitch to work on. Mine's been broke for years. Only reason I keep it is the shell is very nice and there's hope for a drive replacement.

They aren't necessary but having all the RF shielding is nice. There's a few pieces. Also having the extender for the model 1 Genesis that came with the model 2 SEGA CD is a huge plus. Almost always gone.

All the cables are easy to get get so I wouldn't worry about them.

Other than just make sure it plays games.

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If you're decent at soldering, you can get a model 2 that needs a new fuse and solder it in easily. That's what i did. it only cost me about $25.

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Just as this man says. Steer clear of it. Popped Capacitors and Broken Disc Drives are common place in the Model 1.

Now regards to games.

I do not know much about them. The only games I've played for the system were Lunar, and Shining Force CD, and I highly recommend them.

There is also a Tactical JRPG that was really popular for the system. I can't remember the name of it though, but in the US at least, it was probably the 1 game in the genre, so it shouldn't be too hard to look up.

That's all I can think of.

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Popful Mail, Lunar 2

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Lunar: The Silver Star
Lunar 2 - Eternal Blue
Snatcher << Greatest game on the system, imo
Sonic CD

There's a few hidden gems on the system that I can not for the life of me think of at the moment, but the above is the list of THE must play games on the system. Yes, three of them are RPGs, all of which were released by Working Designs, which kicked all sorts of ass back in the day.

Bonus - All the above games are expensive as all hell. Good news: you can just burn the ISOs to a CD and pop them in. Legality and ethics aside, you'll have to take out a second mortgage on your house to get Snatcher (which you really really should play).

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The Animals
but seriously i wonder why my father even thought it was a good idea to buy that cd back in ~95

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The documentary videos in that took hella long to run; I think some wouldn't work at all. Yet I still remember the interface and the little bald player avatar guy sometimes.

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Popful Mail is pretty good. I just wish it wasn't one of THOSE platformers with a short-sighted camera. Can't take a step without accidentally bumping into an enemy...

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Lunar EB is just wonderful

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Did someone say Snatcher?

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I love you. Don't forget all the cinema action games!

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reminder that the CDX is the ultimate Sega system

Well okay so the Xeye has S-video, but the CDX can use the power base converter.

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Excuse me for not being a segafag, but I thought putting a 32x on top of a CDX was death?

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But the CDX is an ugly system.

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Sonic cd isn't expensive at least.

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Nope, it works fine, Sega outright said that it didn't support the 32X but in reality it's fully compatible.

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Shining Force CD is awesome

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OP here. What benefits are there to burning Sega CD games?

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>What benefits are there to burning Sega CD games?
You don't have to buy Sega CD games.

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Also if you're getting a sega cd, you might need the backup cartridge too. I don't know how much space is available to the sega cd without the backup cart, does anyone know?

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>Save money
>Have any game you want
What else do you need?

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OP here. It can hold one mbit

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I guess I'm moreso curious as to the process, seeing how burning games need specific instructions, and the sources seem to contradict each other

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Mega Drive 1+Mega-CD 2, Mega Drive 2+Mega-CD 2, or Multi-Mega (CDX in the US)?

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saves on space.

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Tying your shoes needs "specific instructions" and there are several different ways to do it. None is particularly difficult for a child to master. Just like burning games.

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did someone say $300

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Why are they so expensive

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The Terminator and Batman & Robin Animated.

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not on the sega cd, the console will read anything you throw at it

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I'm guessing rarity and cult status. Snatcher seems to have always been on the pricey side, like how the Sega Saturn system prices never really fallen or grown much.

And that's good. I will buy official versions of games that aren't too expensive, and burn games like Snatcher, or imports.

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Snatcher sold a total of 5,000 copies if Jeremy Blaustein is to be believed. I'd say it justifies its price unlike a lot of Nintendo games out there.

Keio Flying Squadron is one Sega game i'll never own though.

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>tfw costing at least £120 to get a working Mega Drive and Mega-CD with a controller
Is it worth it guys?

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For a CD 1 you mean.

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Alright guys, I'm getting one, confirmed. Thanks for all the info. I'm getting one from a site for about Seventy bucks, complete. (No box).

Also, last question...what are one of you guys specific method for burning?

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don't even need to be decent. it's a babby tier fix

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Gonna recommend the Ecco the Dolphin games and the Lunar games again, because they're that awesome.

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Download iso, usually from emuparadise. Unzip with winrar and burn with imgburn

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What do you guys think of Racing Aces?

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That's it? Nothing else I should know?

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Not really. Imgburn will even tell you you're a retard and use the cue when you select an ISO so it's pretty much idiot proof.
I guess one thing to mention is that some rips don't come with a cue so you'll have to make your own. There's many ways to do it. I usually use SegaCueMaker.

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This game is amazing. It's got a bunch of design issues (and I really do mean a bunch), but it looks amazing and is still quite fun.

Awesome music too. IIRC, it's on-board synthesized because they couldn't stream audio along with the video and game.

I think the two actual biggest problems with the game are 1: rather lame bosses, and 2: the perspective feels a bit screwy

I still wish they made things bigger (and they certainly had the CPU time to do so -- the foreground objects move at a noticeably higher framerate than the FMV).

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Burn at the slowest speed, correct?

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You did make sure to steer clear of the Model 1, right?

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Yes. I forgot to mention that.

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Yep! It was a Model 2. I'm not gonna lie though, the Model 1 looks really nice.

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If it makes you feel better and you like to waste time.

You could try a different superstition that doesn't waste time. For example, you could rub a lucky rabbits foot and burn at full speed. The resulting disc will work just as well. The only down side is some poor rabbit is hopping around with only three feet.

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Not gonna lie was a big fan of the Sherlock Holmes games for da cd.

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The batman movie game was 50%awesome. Luckily they knew that when they made it so that you are able to select the good 50%

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Shit system if it even counts as a system simply because the game library is pretty pathetic. Beta thing about it is that you can burn custom isos to discs and play them in the drive, but that's about it.

Not wortth not just emulating on PC and I NEVER say that generally.

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No RGB out, no dice.

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Snatcher, hands down the best game on the system.

Also one of the few games that deserves to be ported to modern consoles or get a PC release. It's criminal that such a game got overlooked.

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FYI, that's a port of a computer game by Icom, makers of Shadowgate. A remake was released a couple years ago for iPad and Windows.

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OP here. Kinda sad to see the system add-on get such a poor reputation. The system has about...160 games I believe? And it seems the games that are good are only about 25ish. But those games seem to be fairly good...just expensive.

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I have 26 games that worth playing on my list whereas the 32X only has 11 (and most of those are ports).
The problem is that people see the FMV games, think that's all the platform has and disregard it. Mega-CD is actually decent but you have to give it a chance and do a bit of research into what's actually good on it.

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So much this. And also a daily reminder that the original Sega CD version Lunar 2 is inexplicably objectively better in numerous ways to the 32bit ports.

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To be fair, that's how they advertised the system.

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>mfw when bought a Sega CD and all the games I wanted before fags started talking it up on the internets and jacking prices.

Really cool system, really cool games. No, it doesn't have close to as many good games as the Genesis. But that doesn't matter, because it is an addon TO the Genesis. Win/win.

Some of the best games for the system are still dirt cheap, honestly. When people say "the best games are the most expensive", they are really only talking about Snatcher.

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Sega CD would have sold better had Sega not been so crazy with the FMV stuff. Make my video could have been better had they took the time to license people like 2Pac, Van Halen, Anthrax, Slayer, MC Hammer, Green day, and Cindy Lauper, and more freedom. The Phantasy star text adventure collection should have been released to Region 1 shores. It might have also done better had the 32x been scrapped/cancelled. Also would have been neat to see Carmen sandiego on the Mega CD.

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I don't know where people are 'talking it up'. Seems like most people get their opinion about the Sega CD from the AVGN Episode, which is perfectly fine by me.

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>mfw when bought a Sega CD and all the games I wanted before fags started talking it up on the internets and jacking prices.

Literally everyone who bought the Sega CD when it was first released were like this though. There wasn't even really an internet to go talking it up on.

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I didn't though, I was a Nintendo kid. I bought a Sega CD like 3 years ago because I never really got into Sega and wanted to check out everything I missed. Prices have gone up about 30% since then, because of sites like this, and youtube reviewers taking more interest in Sega CD. You'd think that isn't a huge number of people, and it isn't, but even a hundred people buying things online will drive prices up.

If you actually had a Sega CD in the 90s, there was a period where the games were practically being given away for free during liquidation.

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Ohhh! So you're proud that you were late to the party, just not as late as some other people were? lol

That weak point in the 90's was when I picked up a second one for $50 for precisely this reason actually. I knew mine wasn't going to last forever (which it didn't) and that once people realized how awesome it was and also discontinued the price would only go up and up.

At this point though, unless you specifically want to collect I see zero reason to pay the kinds of prices that game re-sellers charge. Emulators are decent enough that you can just play games on them. If you play a fantastic game you enjoyed and the company still exists, then think about going and buying one of their newer games or even a shirt of something from them. But other than that, I say just play. Only worry about getting physical stuff if you're collecting for collecting's sake.

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Nope, just happy I got the games for relatively cheap before they got added to the retro bubble. I don't mind emulation, but the effort you have to go to get them looking as good as the real thing is pretty silly.

And yeah, getting stuff during the sweet spot feels even better. I managed that for N64 during the PS2 era. Picked up my console for 20 bucks, and people gave me many of my games (including Zelda and Ogre Battle) for literally free because they didn't want them anymore.

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Sucks you overpaid for your second one. Who overpaid for the first one? An emubaby wouldn't be old enough to have bought that new.

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I still have the original I bought when it first came out! Box and all, and it still works fine

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This post is hilarious in so many ways. Trying to say that getting a Sega CD for 50 bucks in 1994 wasn't a great deal alone is pretty good. But calling me an "emubaby" because I'm old enough to know the value of a dollar and the stupidity of wasting those dollars on video game resellers... that's some comedy gold right there.

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>don't waste dollars on video game resellers
>buy all my vidya direct from Sega

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Why are these things so goddamn expensive? I've never seen one online for less than $100

>> No.2269537

Well it was already $299 when it came out. Then on top of that it was never super popular so there aren't tons of units floating around like there are SNESs. and the like.

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There are hundreds of thousands of them out there, but people are buying them up right now, so the window of getting them for a decent price is closed.

>> No.2269564

I seriously doubt there are hundreds of thousands of working units still out there. It didn't sell THAT well and was built pretty badly to begin with. Even still though, if I still had a working one there's no way I would sell it for less than $100. Probably not less than $300. The only reason it was ever super cheap was the general populace didn't realize how great some of the games were till recently.

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Sega CD managed to sell 6 million units by the end of its lifespan, that is way more than a hundred thousand. On another note, why do you guys say to avoid the model 1?

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That's including Japan and other non-english regions and I'm pretty sure Mega CD was region locked. Also I said still working, the Sega CD was built like garbage. Which is the main reason people say to avoid the model 1, it's just riddled with design problems. I've had three Sega CDs burn out on me (One Model 1, 2 Model 2s) and none of my old friends who had them back then still work either.

I don't treat my stuff like shit either. Still have every working model of Gameboy and even my Genesis survived all those CD units.

tl;dr: If you want a Sega CD and see a still functioning one for as low as a hundred bucks I'd consider that a steal.

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model 2s are rock solid wtf are you talking about?

buy a cheap 'broken' one on ebay, replace fuse, 20 dollar sega cd.
source: i've done it three times, all about 20 bucks each.

obviously don't buy one that is busted in half or other noticeable problems.

>> No.2269626

actually, forget >>2269624

do you want to buy my model 2 in working order for 100 dollars? shipped.

>> No.2269639

I guess that's just my experience. The things that broke on mine were all mechanical failures not busted fuses. I've no interest in a physical unit anymore though, I haven't hooked up my old systems in a long time now. Emulating works well enough these days for me.

>> No.2269714

Anyone one try to make the Model 2 SEGA CD fit inside the Model 1 casing?

Would that even work?

>> No.2269863

It depends where you look, and the systems I find are usually bundled with the Genesis. I'm OP, and I'm getting a Model 2 for seventy bucks, so it depends where you look. Stay away from Jewbay or Amazon. They suck.

>> No.2271364

>Why are these things so goddamn expensive?
Because your browser home page is set to ebay.

>$299 when it came out
Which adjusted to todays $$ is what like 1k? Let's bitch that the BIN is 1/10th that

>I said still working
And no one else did scarecrow.

>> No.2271447

not op, but I decided to give Snatcher a try finally through emulation and I'm loving it so far, and I'm quite surprised at how good the voice acting is, both because most voice acting in japanese localized games at the time was shit, and also because I swear I've seen people say in here over and over that the voice acting is shit. Either way, glad that isn't the case.

>> No.2271459

I guess we can thank Jeremy Blaustein for that. Katrina's VA is garbage though.

>> No.2271467

I've only gotten as far as the woman in the reception pod at the headquarters so I wouldn't know yet, lol

>> No.2271617

Do the memory cards work with the 32x attached or do I need to take it off whenever I play Shining Force and the like?

>> No.2272028

It can work

>> No.2272040

I had a Sega CD for awhile and if you like strategy/war games, Third World War is the actual shit.

Silpheed is great as well, and of course Sonic CD.

>> No.2272052

Just bought a "non functioning" model 2 recently and cleaned it up/ did a bit of work. No desire to keep it so I'm trading it to a coworker for nonretro stuff. he's probably lurking this thread, puto

>> No.2272065

OP here. What work did you do?

>> No.2272656

Great. Now for the question that has bugged me the most:

The actual memory cards. I own a PAL system, and I've found no trace that they were even released in the PAL regions. Were they and if not, does a US one work natively on a PAL system? It should atleast fit the slot.

>> No.2272674

The boot up music is awesome

>> No.2272676

I don't have a PAL system, but I see no reason it would be region-encoded. It's just memory and any game that was region-locked was done through software. Many games, like Sonic, are region free.

>> No.2272690

The pal versions are extremely rare

>> No.2272692

>price justifies it
nigga i will literally decapitate you.

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>He's never heard of the super rare N64DD and its games.

>> No.2272796

I personally don't see how Earthbound justifies it's price, personally. It's not even rare. Uncommon? Probably, and the game is not omg best game evar to me. I personally wouldn't get it. But hey, people see in it that I don't

>> No.2272824

I heard they did it all in one day too, which is quite exceptional.

>> No.2272848

Reseated and greased the laser carriage and replaced the lens. Cleaned the bastard too which it needed badly. An hour of work, 10 of that on the "work"

>> No.2272857

Forgot to mention that I tested every last capacitor, diode, and checked ever single solder point for corrosion or degradation. It was actually in really great shape. Stored well.

>> No.2273391

>I'm getting one from a site for about Seventy bucks, complete. (No box).

>MFW I bought a Sega Genesis 10 years ago.

>I got the model 2, A Sega CD model 2, Sonic CD, Lunar Silver Star Story, and Silpheed for $20.

>> No.2274917

Sega CD had much potential. However, the 32X didn't need to be released. It should have been scrapped and had some of its games ported to either the Mega CD, or the Saturn.

>TFW no Darix or Knuckles Chaotix for Saturn.

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If i've modded my Japanese MD1 with the 3 mode/1 pole region mod will it work with a PAL MegaCD2 and what will I be able to play on it? Guy near me wants to swap a PAL md2+megacd2 set for a PAL SNES and I think that's a pretty good deal.

>> No.2275991

It'll work with pal games only without modding. The easiest way is to flash the CD's BIOS via a MD flashcart.

And yeah, that's a good deal. A SNES is cheaper than a Sega CD generally.

>> No.2276012

um I have a cheapo Everdrive MD I got from aliexpress I hope that'll work.

>> No.2276210

OP here again. Anyone know how to specifically burn Japanese titles?

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File: 2.73 MB, 2000x3515, 1423021496106.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

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Is there a torrent with a collection of japanese Sega CD games?

>> No.2276767

Not everyone is a pirating scum.

>> No.2276772

And not everyone has deep pockets and would want to risk messing up their system via modding

>> No.2276787


Hipsters. Hipsters are the only fucking reason the game is 'worth' as much as it is now.

As a matter of fact, with how fucking easy it is to make bootleg copies of the game, NOBODY should be buying second hand copies of EB unless you can verify for yourself that it's legit.

>> No.2276797

Yes. You can also mod the MD1 so you can use the MD2 audio hookup.

You can't flash the CD's BIOS, it's a PROM. But you can use the BIOS off the flash cart. A MCD2 BIOS mod is quick and easy, costs a few bucks and saves you the hassle.

>> No.2277803

>A MCD2 BIOS mod is quick and easy, costs a few bucks and saves you the hassle.
Aren't there a few games that don't work with the region free mod, though? Not much of an issue for most of the time, I guess, you could always just boot to Jap with the flashcart.

>> No.2278507

What is the best way to play NTSC games on a PAL Sega CD? I'd really like to play the Lunar games without resorting to piracy.

>> No.2278637

I've heard people claim there are incompatibilities but seen nothing substantiated that wasn't user error.

>> No.2278701


Seriously, why would you be against piracy on a console that's been out of production for almost 20 years? It's not like the devs are making anything off some scalpers on eBay.

>> No.2278807

Because owning physicals is half the charm.

>> No.2278824

This is true. But you have to ask: is paying a couple hundred dollars for a game worth it?

>> No.2278828

Even if you're stupid enough to buy the original game, you're still probably going to need some form of piracy to play it.

>> No.2278851

Yes. No. Maybe.
It's not that they lose value over time, and Lunar are "only" about 100€.


>> No.2280725

OP here. Can you burn Bin files to a disc or does it specifically have to be iso. I have the Cue files that goes along with it.

>> No.2281374

I know with IMGBurn just the CUE file is fine.

>> No.2281391

imgburn fails to burn in raw mode or write subcodes, and has conflicts with some virtual drive software (conflicts as in data corruption), so enjoy getting broken burns half the time.

Use a real burning application (CloneCD, Nero, even Alcohol).

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File: 122 KB, 512x448, inthefutureallwomenwearthongs.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Flawed but Cobra is the best anime series ever made.

>> No.2281480

I have no idea what any of that means, but I rarely ever get broken burns.

>> No.2281512

bin/cue is the best. Use it.

>just the CUE
So he can delete the bin files to save a lot of space? huehue

>I have a shitted up old burner but blame the problems on the software.
Suck to be you poorfag.

>> No.2282150

How about to burn Sonic CD Japanese? Apparently that one has problems

>> No.2282225

>>I have a shitted up old burner but blame the problems on the software.
>Suck to be you poorfag.

Except that all of that is official info:
>ImgBurn doesn't support the 'Raw' write type, just SAO, TAO and Incremental.
>Some games may require 'RAW' mode burning... which ImgBurn doesn't do

Feel free to search for more results, this is well documented. So is the conflict between Daemon Tools and Imgburn (technically the SPTD driver that DT uses, not DT itself), go and look if you want.

And I've burned close to half a thousand discs at least with my primary optical drive (Pioneer DVR-216D, one of the last good drives ever made), with Nero and CloneCD I got ZERO errors in a decade, with Imgburn half the stuff I burned ended up corrupted, and half the time it didn't even report the corruption even if error checking was enabled.

Yeah, you MAY still get good burns, especially if the data tracks are smaller (errors on audio don't matter), but if the game crashes or hangs it will be very likely due to Imgburn, or because you are burning broken rips to begin with. I've helped tons of people who couldn't get burned stuff working on their Sega CD or Saturn, and the #1 and #2 most common reasons are always burning corrupt games (or iso/mp3), or burning with Imgburn. The consoles having a dead laser being the third most common reason.

tl:dr; my drives are fine, it is Imgburn that has known instabilities.

>> No.2282243

>bin/cue is the best. Use it.

At the moment CCD in the Trurip packs is the best, and they have 98% of the Sega CD library ripped. Only some obscure demo cds are missing.

Bin/cue is generally okay as well, but they are not always 100% accurate backups (no subcode support, no multisession support, pregaps are not always saved in them, and 10 different apps create 10 different bin/cues - Alcohol 120% even desyncs the audio when ripping bin/cue).
So you might want to run the bin/cue through CD Mage and some kind of mpeg pattern checker, like auCDtect, to see if the image is 1. RAW mode, 2. has no errors in data, and 3. it is not iso/mp3 converted to bin/cue. Lot of iso/mp3s rips will not work fine for Sega CD games, like Lunar having desynced cutscenes.

>> No.2282350


but there are accurate rips of games like lunar out there right?

>> No.2282374

>Trurip packs [...] have 98% of the Sega CD library ripped. Only some obscure demo cds are missing.

sounds like a yes.

>> No.2283243

>"official info" that someone had trouble burning a disc

>half the stuff I burned ended up corrupted
Obviously you're doing it wrong No one else has that problem. You honestly expect anyone to believe that half of everything burned with imgburn is corrupt? More kek

>half a thousand discs
the icing on the kek

>> No.2283296


Now see, I heard Redump had the best images.

Shit, I still can't find clean copies of the SCD games I wanted.

Sucks not to be able to torrent.

>> No.2283806

Heard the audio out on the cd-x was pretty shitty and the video quality was somewhat less than the other regular models, still it's certainly an awesome console not trying to shit on your parade

>> No.2283809

Have fun OP, the library isn't ridiculously robust but most of the games were exclusives or better for the sega-CD, never had one myself as a kid but going back and burning CD's was a blast, even without nostalgia you'll get a lot of retro charm out of the intro screens and the dank stereo audio output and touch above pixel art

>> No.2283813

look at this collectorfag.

>> No.2283827

I think you can mod the audio with some shit.

It's nice if you want to save space, that's about it. Otherwise, you get a model 1 and a CD. The model 2 is for fucking idiots, you don't save much space and you lose audio quality.

>> No.2283849

>Now see, I heard Redump had the best images.

No, they just have the loudest bandwagon engine running. Trurip is more accurate in every way.

>> No.2283859

Why does nobody ever mention FLINK???

The graphics and gameplay are mint!! Enjoying the hell out of it right now

>> No.2283876



>> No.2283890

>>"official info" that someone had trouble burning a disc

On the links I posted, the developer of imgburn himself says that those features are not supported. Is that not official enough for you?

>No one else has that problem.

You obviously haven't been around if you think this is true... I've seen dozens of people at various forums having problems burning sega cd and Saturn games, with imgburn. Once they used something else, no more problems.

>the icing on the kek

Now you are just being incredulous. I used to archive my stuff on DVD-Rs back when multi-TB hard drives were still too expensive (early 00s). Still have at least 300 or so discs stored away, though most of them have chemically deteriorated by now, good thing I switched over to HDD storage since then.

>> No.2284070

Tfw you get PayPal cash card. Tfw you can't put it in PayPal cuz bull. Tfw you can't pay for your system.


>> No.2284272

Nothing you've said offers any evidence that your experience of imgburn producing bad burns "half the time" is because of anything except you doing it wrong. No reasoning or "official info" that might apply in a few cases can explain the scale of your failure.

That you choose to say "half a thousand discs" and then try to explain it as if 500 discs was a lot is funny because it shows you're inexperienced and defensive about it.

>> No.2286036

Anyone has a converted Japanese rom of Sonic CD?

>> No.2286070

>Nothing you've said offers any evidence that your experience of imgburn producing bad burns "half the time" is because of anything except you doing it wrong.

Yeah, I did something wrong, I used imgburn. With Nero and CloneCD I get no fucked up burns. Never did.

>No reasoning or "official info" that might apply in a few cases can explain the scale of your failure.

The official confirmation was for the part that imgburn has known software conflicts, and that it lacks the ability to burn in some modes that may be crucial for console games.

>That you choose to say "half a thousand discs" and then try to explain it as if 500 discs was a lot is funny because it shows you're inexperienced and defensive about it.

I chose that number because I know I burned about that many discs at the least, and I did not want to lie. Might have been more, might have been less, but it was around that number. Not sure by what standard would you consider that not "a lot", or why does that even matter?

I don't even know why the fuck you are even singling this out, why you are being so over protective about the sanctity of imgburn - did the devs sucked your cock or what? That burning app has known problems and inadequacies. They are documented. Feel free to use it, just don't be surprised if you get burns which won't work: it won't be the fault of you not burning at lowest possible speed, or not using genuine taiyo yudens or some IDE connector Plextor drive, no, it'll be most likely because Imgburn fucked up.

>> No.2286181

Terminator, Snatcher, Earthworm Jim Special Edition, and for the hell of it, Night Trap.

>> No.2286591

I'm not being over protective of imgburn I'm just calling bullshit on a goof who made an outlandish claim on the internet. It's just fun to do this to kids who get triggered by it. Why do you hate imgburn so much? Did it touch you in a special place when you were a child. Or are you really that mad because you think it's responsible for your half a half a thousand coasters?
Another anon >>2282243 provided an informative, coherent, and factual post about the limitations of imgburn, and we have all benefited from it. The only thing you've provided is entertainment.

>> No.2286592

SCDconv (eg. on SegaKore)

>> No.2286616
File: 917 KB, 1000x627, The Hagia Sophia.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Prove it. No one seems to know their exact methods for ripping their games, and the tool they use is proprietary (even if it is self-made).

While I'm at it, I've already run in to a game we can use as a test case: go to a website called "edgeemu.net" and go download the EU release of Sonic CD. It's CRC32 does NOT match what's in Redump's DB, and it claims to be Trurip. I'd give you the CRC32 of Trurip's image, but their DB seems to be perpetually down for maintenance.

>> No.2286715

>Prove it. No one seems to know their exact methods for ripping their games, and the tool they use is proprietary (even if it is self-made).

Redump uses older tools by the same guy who made trurip. Trurip is basically one version newer, except that they put years of research into making the process automated, tested thousands of edge cases, fixed bugs etc. Redump is outdated.

Matching the crc to the redump db will not be possible, they use separate tracks with cuesheet, trurip uses single images.

Proof -> try and jaguar cd rips from trurip vs ones from redump.

What else would you like to know?

>> No.2287085

It's not an outlandish claim. The app has documented problems, and I've seen so many people on private trackers, forums, etc, who had problems burning Sega discs and then had no problem once they switched from imgburn to something else.

Feel free to use imgburn, I could care less, but you should be aware that it can and will fuck things up.

>Or are you really that mad because you think it's responsible for your half a half a thousand coasters?

I never said I made 500 coasters with imgburn, I said I burned 500 discs with no problems using nero and clonecd. With imgburn every 2nd disc fucked up, so I did not keep going and burning another 500 discs, only a retard would keep using it once it starts throwing back defects.

>> No.2287102

That was a really pleasant surprise when that came out, none of the magazines had talked about it.

>> No.2287119

I heard SCDConv doesn't work for Sonic CD at all

>> No.2287175

I don't believe that.

>> No.2287250

There's an official compatibility list that says otherwise.

>> No.2287338

Just download the Sonic CD 920 beta. It's the final US version with the JAP/EU soundtrack.

>> No.2287393

I can't find a proper link of that anywhere :l

>> No.2287430

Why did that one even exist I wonder? Was the US music a last minute change?

>> No.2287578

Probably was. Why? Beats me

>> No.2287631
File: 834 KB, 800x1200, William _Bill The Butcher_ Cutting.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Idiots at Sega of America thought the default soundtrack sounded too close to Eurotrash, as I seem to recall. Only a properly shitty American soundtrack for our blessed American gamers, ya know....


>What else would you like to know?

I'd like to know how they verify their rips. So far you're speaking in generalities: how do they ensure that the consistent result that one member is getting is the result that ALL members get? Redump does cross-member verification (Darkwater just doesn't do shit about the problem in the first place).

>Redump uses older tools by the same guy who made trurip.

Citation needed, as they say. I hear there's bad blood between Redump and Trurip, so I'm not sure how that would be possible. Not to mention I've seen discussions myself where the guys from Redump don't seem to know anything about the tools used by Trurip. That seems to be one of the points of contention, in fact; Trurip is asking people to simply trust in their binary magic black box tool without revealing how the fucking magic box works on grounds it's "not ready yet", even though from what I understand Trurip has been going for a fair bit.

>Matching the crc to the redump db will not be possible, they use separate tracks with cuesheet, trurip uses single images.

See, this statement right here makes me wonder if you know what you're talking about at all. The redump DB lists the crc32 for both the individual tracks AND the image taken as a whole. And for Sonic CD that doesn't match. Want to know the even weirder part? Both the Lunar games in Trurip format match completely with their Redump CRCs. What's your take on that?

Trurip database STILL down for maintenance, BTW. That doesn't seem very altogether to me.

>> No.2287729

>I'd like to know how they verify their rips.

Secure reading for the main channels and all errors are logged. It's like EAC except it doesn't rape your disc and it is streamlined.

>Redump does cross-member verification

Redump has the hashes public for non-verified images, so their verification is questionable, because a user may be purposefully aiming to rip until the CRCs match, instead of aiming to rip accurately. This has been raised as a concern repeatedly, they ignore it.

>(Darkwater just doesn't do shit about the problem in the first place).

Darkwater is a completely different ballpark from a completely different time and does not compare to either groups as far as accurate ripping goes. But, quite a lot of their late releases were indeed verified in various ways.

>Citation needed, as they say.

Perfectrip, subcode_editor_v1_01, cdtool_v1_2b21, all made by Truong, all have their development halted.

>I've seen discussions myself where the guys from Redump don't seem to know anything about the tools used by Trurip.

Funny, I've seen a lot of arguments where redump people argued that trurip is wrong. No "don't seem to know anything" about it.

>on grounds it's "not ready yet",

So script kiddies don't go off half-cocked founding a new ripping group, and then spreading hundreds of bad/incomplete rips because they are incapable of spotting an error.

>The redump DB lists the crc32 for both the individual tracks AND the image taken as a whole.

oh, ok, it is "cleverly hidden" and they only include one type of hash. Probably why I never noticed it - it may have been added later, I dunno.

>for Sonic CD that doesn't match.

I just checked and it matches both for pal and usa copies.

>What's your take on that?

can be a lot of reasons:
- different game versions
- different pressings of the same game
- f1r3b4ll spent too much time telling the entire world how everyone elses rips suck shit and messed up a submission inbetween.

>> No.2287765
File: 1013 KB, 864x894, You Should Never Trust That Face.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>oh, ok, it is "cleverly hidden" and they only include one type of hash. Probably why I never noticed it - it may have been added later, I dunno.

>- f1r3b4ll spent too much time telling the entire world how everyone elses rips suck shit and messed up a submission inbetween.

Yep, you have an agenda. Eat shit, fanboi.

>> No.2287783

Good argument.

Seriously though, have you ever seen fireball talk about anything? He takes every goddamn chance he can to talk shit about everyone else doing ripping. It's god damn annoying.

>> No.2290575


>> No.2290590
File: 582 KB, 409x555, Faustus Of Byzantium.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


I just want clean rips, dude. I don't give two stiff fucks in a cold north wind about your petty squabbling. The fact that you have an agenda makes me doubt everything you say. This should hardly be surprising.

>> No.2294037

Op here. Sega cd just shipped. I'll take pictures when it gets here

>> No.2294107

>I just want clean rips, dude

Redump ripping specifies manual offset measurements to be taken per every rip and require 2-3-4 different apps working together depending on type of disc you are ripping. Some systems cannot be ripped at all due to limitations of the format they are using.

Trurip ripping requires you to type in the game name, insert the disc, and press enter. On all systems and all disc types, and they all work on the system when burned back (as long as the protection scheme can be read by consumer drives).

You tell me which one is cleaner.

>> No.2294269

Hi, I've been an owner of the system for about a year now, but have been an enthusiast of it for a while.

First of all, even if your Genesis is a Model 1, get a Model 2 Sega CD, Model 1 CDs are hard to find and usually break easily. If you have a Model 1 Genesis, also be sure to try and find the expansion plate and get a mixing cable and audio cords for stereo.

As for game recommendations, a lot of the stuff you would probably want costs BIG BUCKS. I mean like, as big as $30-100 if you want disc only. So make sure you have the money. Here's some of my favorites-

Sonic CD: The best Sonic game in my opinion, very ambitious and the special stages are a blast. And in case you're wondering, I like both the US and Japan soundtracks- many people shit on the US track but it was meant to be immersive rather than average structured Sonic music, and if you got it running through a home theater system it sounds GORGEOUS.

Willy Beamish: Port of a dos point and click game, about the same price as Sonic CD. Pretty enjoyable, but has atrocious loading times and if you're REALLY unlucky, it may freeze on you. Try it out on an emulator and then decide.

Pugsy and Wonder Dog- decent platformers, but I don't know if that's your thing.

Earthworm Jim- enhanced version of the genesis one, plays great but usually costs over $50 so make sure you've got the moola.

>> No.2294345

Shame the model 1 Sega cd is plagued with problems. Aesthetically it's just so much more appealing to me than the model 2. I have the model 2 genesis though, so it at least looks more snug.

>> No.2294542
File: 556 KB, 2000x943, The Might Of Ahura Mazda.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


The proof is in the pudding. Except in this case, the fucking pudding is a no-show; their database is STILL down for maintenance.

I don't simply take someone's word on shit. Redump has made their data available. Where the fuck is Trurip's?

>> No.2294685

>The proof is in the pudding. Except in this case, the fucking pudding is a no-show; their database is STILL down for maintenance.

Shit, I thought what mattered was making sure that the games work on the system. Give me a few hours to whip up random hexadecimal string generator, I'm about to start a new ripping group called TRUREDUMP, it's going to have the sweetest database ever.

>> No.2294708

>Tactical JRPG

Dark Wizard?

>> No.2294712

Best AV quality and reliability would be Mega Drive 1 + Mega CD 2, with RGB out.

Dunno how the X'Eye stacks up for AV outs, though.

>> No.2295895

Just got the Sega CD, burned a game, and it's not loading. I even tested it with an emulator to make sure it works. What do?

>> No.2295965

Scratch that. It can't read any discs

>> No.2296131

Open it up and look for broken shit.

>> No.2296138

It won't even turn on now. And the weird thing is I NUDGED it and it went out

>> No.2296578

Did you get it off of ebay? I would take it up with the seller.

>> No.2297257
File: 791 KB, 707x497, Empress Theodora.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


I'm going to try explaining my point of view one more time, as clearly and diplomatically as I can muster. If we still can't see eye-to-eye after that, then there's just no helping it.

The goals of Redump and Trurip are one and the same: disc preservation. I can understand that the Trurip crew (and presumably the author of their upgraded tools, if what you say is true) had some rather vehement disagreements with the way Redump did things in the past, and that consequently they prefer to do their own thing free of entanglements and complications. Hell, from what I've seen myself of the contention, some of their problems with Redump are very much legitimate matters of how best to preserve the disc and not simple organizational and philosophical differences. In light of all this, adopting the "Darkwater" model of membership is no surprise, even if I don't personally agree with the call they made.

But hoarding your tools and data takes that element of exclusivity and separateness too far in my opinion. At that point the whole damn exercise becomes more about "us versus them" and pissing contests instead of what it should be focused on all along: how best to preserve optical media of the past. Hiding everything behind a wall is not conducive to this end goal; it has been objectively proven time and time again that knowledge is better when shared and available to all, and that certain people will even unilaterally free that knowledge if its keepers won't listen to reason (in this instance, it would be leaking your tools and all the cumulative data on the discs you've encountered).

Please give what I've said some thought. I no longer need confirmation of the CRC of SonicCD; I finally found it in the CUE file Trurip includes.

>> No.2297632

It's probably my fault for using different adapters. Anyone have an f301 fuse?

>> No.2297948

Use a resettable fuse instead.

>> No.2297973

Pardon? Why?

>> No.2297992

My model 1 has outlasted both of my model 2s, that being said its the exception not the rule. Model 2s have less moving parts to less breaks, >>2261131 has it spot on.

As for games, there's no copy protection. Sonic cd is a must, silpheed is fun as fuck, eternal champions is supposed to be better than the original genesis release. And if it ever gets finished: Burn a copy of sonic 1 megamix

>> No.2298749

Because replacing the fuse every few months when it blows is so much fun.

>> No.2301264


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