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Here's some points of discussion:

1.) Project showoffs
2.) Hacking help
3.) ROM hack recommendations

Our ROM hack recommendation list can be found below:


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Been working on a Super Metroid "sprite editor"
It's a work in progress, but here's a GIF of the tool's precursor - Super Metroid sprite visualiser. It's all of Torizo's sprites visualised.

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I tell you what, I look forward to monitoring your progress.

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So what is /vr/'s opinion on the shining force romhacks? Never seen them mentioned

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>When Mario defeated Bowser and his great Alliance,his enemies become disapeared for a long time,but while our Hero are on Vacation,they planned takeover Rosalina's Observatory and use the power of Power Stars to travel through the Space for search for the lost fragment of the old Magical Crystals,Mario must collect the legendary Shiny Stars to break the Power of stars and rescue Rosalina.

Jesus christ, why does he have to crowbar a stupid story in there? It's a game about jumping on bloody platforms.

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>use the power of Power Stars to travel through the Space for search for the lost fragment of the old Magical Crystals,Mario must collect the legendary Shiny Stars to break the Power of stars and rescue Rosalina.


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I'm almost positive that I played this. If I remember, it ends up being unplayable after a certain spot. Some of the items don't work proper. Solid, but I would have liked to finish.

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When was the last time you played it? This version came out a year ago so I just wondering if you played it after that. Just want to know if the gameplay tweaks and new classes are worth it

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DKC romhacks when

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there's a few but they're all kaizo hacks

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last year or 2013
Give it a shot anyway.

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Shame the guy who's coding the editor is a massive dick. One of the most competent, knowledgeable and smart guys I've had the pleasure of knowing.... but jesus, what an asshole.

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>There are people on /vr/ who haven't played Rockman 4 Minus Infinity yet.

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How do I git gud enough to get to the secret shadowman boss/100% it. Shit's already tough enough as it is

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FF6 Beyond Chaos trailer video

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Somebody hack Jackal already!
I want spread guns, laser, homing missile on my Jackal. I want contra stuff on my Jackal. They're both made by konami too.

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Found an obscure, never uploaded before hack for LttP that puts the GBA translation into the SNES version, uncensors a bit of the text, changes Agahnim's cloak to red and Link's hair to blonde. It also contains a few new things like turning for the Pegasus Boots. It's pretty much a definitive version of the game like Sonic 3 Complete, but nobody knows about it and it's not on romhacking.net.


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There's a grammar mistake in that picture.

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It's captured from the video, which was at 1.00 at time of release. It's version 1.2 now and the grammar is fixed.

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The Wily levels in MM4-∞ really disappointed me. The Robot Master stages were a boner and some cents, the Cossack stages were pretty cool, but then you get to the Wily stages and they're just awful.

At least Pharaoh Man's stage was amazing

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Does anyone know of any romhacks for Demon's Crest? I've looked around but found absolutely nothing.

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D'oh wait, no it's not fixed. I guess it's not definitive after all. Darn. Maybe he'll update it someday.

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>LOL we swapped the sprites
>So random!

Keep us updated on that, buddy.

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It's a customizable randomizer. You can turn off the sprite swap. Lots of people like it, so of course I included it in the trailer.

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Once upon a time I was working on this.

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Keep at that shit, and make the mad duck a character

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Why would they change his robes from green to red in that screenshot? That's the king's corpse, not Agahnim.

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The king's robes and Agahnim's robes use the same palette, so his robes changed to red too. Besides, red is a more royal color than green. Both the king in Zelda 2 and the king in Wind Waker had red robes.

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>The king's corpse

Did you not play LttP?

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Might as well repost this from old thread:
In short its my smw hack, feel free to criticize it.

Now with 15% more custom sprites!

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Hi. I've been a programmer for a year. I want to hack PSOne games because muh childhood. Like, make my own stages for a bunch of 2D platformers, maybe change some functionality?

Is it doable /vr/

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It's not. CD games are encoded completely differently from cartridge-based systems and PC games. You can't just open a hex editor for that shit.

If you want to hack a PS1 game, the most you can do is change the text and maybe fix some bugs.

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One can't extract the data from the CD, alter it in some form, and rebuild the disc?

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No. If it were that simple games wouldn't have taken years to produce.

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Can you go into more detail

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Did you? Agahnim kills the king before the game starts. The intro outright says he eliminated the good king.
Look at that sprite, even. It's a skeleton wearing robes and a crown.

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I don't think you'll ever find one m8. That game is too beautiful to be hacked.

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You're entirely wrong.
you can definitely do both, just edit the iso in a hex editor OR rebuild the disc.
1) just try it out. Any hex editor will do.
2) http://www.romhacking.net/utilities/848/ , more specifically http://www.romhacking.net/forum/index.php/topic,18204.msg262145.html

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There is one "proper" DKC hack called Kremling's Revenge:


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Yeah, I kept wondering why I could somehow "fix bugs" but not reprogram the game, and how I could "change the text" but not the stages. I assumed there was something about the disc

I'm assuming that since we have a well-understood disc format, we also have a file system (hopefully the ISO one)? And because of that, game data is more segregated, yes? As in, there will be different files for different data? For example, one file per audio file?

Is there a consistent organization when it comes to game data, or does every developer do their own thing? Are franchises expected to follow the same organization

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Your hunches as basically right. There's some trends but not everyone follows the same conventions, but games by the same developer will generally follow the same format.

Even if you look at the disk's file system it's usually a crapshoot because a lot of data is stored in gigantic files rather than being neatly organized. But the worst part of hacking disc-based games is probably figuring out what kind of compression scheme they're using and all of the bullshit that comes with that.

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>But the worst part of hacking disc-based games is probably figuring out what kind of compression scheme they're using and all of the bullshit that comes with that.

Yeah, that sounds really annoying. Hopefully Capcom games have already been figured out and I can at least touch the game data itself without wasting time on things that don't matter

Time to read PSX assembly docs

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Well for Shadowman they nerfed the requirements, you just have to beat the game without dying, it's not something you need a TAS for anymore.

I still haven't 100%ed it. I came close. I hit every requirement except I was TWO MINUTES off from having a perfect time score. You just need to play the game enough to memorize most of the levels so you can speed through them, especially Wily 3.

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There's 700 MB of space in there. Devs rarely compressed anything.
Of all the PSX games I have hacked, not a SINGLE ONE has used any compression for the graphics.

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Compression is extremely common, what are you talking about? I've only ever come across two ps1 games without any compression in sound, graphics, or script. You are high.

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I demand examples. Klonoa, Tombi!, Crash Bandicoot, Umihara Kawase Shun, Mega Man 8 to name a few. Open that shit in GGD and the graphics are right fucking there.
I mean, why the fuck _would_ they compress? There might be some unknown encoding in there but usually it's not that hard to figure out. Compression, though - not so much.

Unless you think compression is the same as encoding.

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>Mega Man 8

Why, that's one of the Capcom games I had in mind when I started talking about PS1 hacking. I'm also interested in X4, X5 and X6.

Can you please share your knowledge?

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Don't have any notes near but I'm certain that ./STDATA/ contains all the sprites as PAC files. PLAYER.PAC is contains Mega Man's and Rush's sprites and palettes

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I see. Have you explored stage data or game code?

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Projects? Working on stupid stuff like that for C1:

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Mleh ignore me, read project showoffs, didn't get the ROM-specific theme.

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I'm pretty sure I had some notes on the level data on my old hd. I'll check it out as soon as I can.
Also, I remember Mickey's wild adventure having a very simple level format

>> No.2256564

If you can find it, it would be very awesome!! If there's anything on Mickey as well, I'd be delighted

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It's ok. At least you were close.

>> No.2256652

Get Mickey's Wild Adventure and unpack the files and try to crack them yourself.
could be a fun exercise

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Don't worry, it's OK to talk about PC-based mods. It's not like there's a dedicated thread for that.

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>tfw learning the SNES's assembly language to try and find where Hourai High's random encounter trigger happens

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I started a MM5 levelhack years ago. I admit i know nothing and just used an editor, megaflex, which is a pretty good editor.

The idea is that i think MM5 is the worst MM on NES. The level design is terrible, flat and too easy. But I think it has potential and a lot more could be done with the assets of the game, that they could have done much more than what they did.

After making 10 stages I've lost all motivation for it though, even though not much is left to be done. I have little free time these days and when I have I'm usually too tired from work to be creative, and if then I've focused my creativity on making maps for another game instead; but I hope I can finish it someday.

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I've played quite a few SF2 romhacks and they're pretty great

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That's neat, would you mind sharing more?

>> No.2260059

How did early ROM hackers figure out all this stuff without documentation?

>> No.2260070

Trial and error. And dumping memory.

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Heads up, the full version of Kola Kingdom Quest just got released.

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Crossposting this from the translation thread:


It's one of the best treatments of ROM hacking I've ever read. Lots of things were cleared up.

Is there more?

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>that complete freak out about being able to grope women in the game, implied to be a young adult
Holy fuck I hate slowbeef. He always was a SJW. Do you realize that if people weren't there to tell him "it's not a big deal" the romhack may have never happened?

>> No.2262605 [DELETED] 

Yes but that's not the point. He explains lots of stuff in the article.

>> No.2262609 [DELETED] 

Yeah I'm just criticizing the article itself. Sorry for being off-topic.

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i watched his let's play, he literally starts screaming in a high pitched voice about the mc having the option to hit on a teenage girl and omg japan that is so creepy

then the mentioned scene comes up and it's obviously played for comedy and the game even PUNISHES you for trying to hit on the girl by locking you out of the mansion for a couple minutes. for fuck sake
ill try to find the scene on youtube

>> No.2262623 [DELETED] 

You think that's bad, you haven't seen his Touhou videos and the comments on them. It screams insecurity. We ain't here to talk about this stuff though.

By the way I beat Minus Infinity again, is it normal that I beat that hack way more often than vanilla MM4?

>> No.2262630 [DELETED] 

anyway, scene comes up at 15:00 minute mark

the game goes out of its way to show you hitting on her is a bad idea

>> No.2262645

I like the way they designed the last level on minus infinity, there's some sort of reverse shmup rank system going on, the more you die the easier the autoscrolling session gets
but your grading score at the end of the game will also decrease

>> No.2262646 [DELETED] 

Well what can I say, that's goons for you. He tends to go out of his way to claim Snatcher isn't a VN either because liking a VN is too embarassing or some shit.

Wow, does it? That's some very good programming if it's true. I liked all the shmup references in Minus Infinity in general. Like the Gradius III cube rush showing up on Dust Man's stage.

>> No.2263051 [DELETED] 

Report and ignore.

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Is that the hack with Zero in it?

>> No.2263428

Sorry I'd rather not until it's finished. Problem is I can't say when that will be.

BTW any great MM romhack came out recently?

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I've been playing a shit ton of the Final Fantasy V: Ancient Cave rom hack. I'm sure you've all heard of it but it's a pretty awesome romhack that turns FF5 into a roguelike where you go down 100 random floors with randomly generated loot. The English patch for it is pretty great too.

Also, the custom classes romhack for the GBA release is pretty good too. You get all the jobs earlier and balances them all pretty well. It even lets you set 3 abilities to your characters instead of the usual 2. You can have a white mage that doesn't attack but can use black magic, summons and lance all at once.

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Where can I find Pokemon Red Twitch Plays Pokemon Version?

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There isn't. It would sound better if it said "as if", but it isn't actually incorrect.

>> No.2267601

Looks pretty cool.

>> No.2267950

I would play this every day

>> No.2270164

>The English patch for it is pretty great too
There's an English patch? Nice, I didn't know that.

>> No.2270171

I've been playing this a lot lately (first romhack in a while), it's pretty well done, my only complain would be that the levels are bullshitting long, it's challenging, but not kaizo challenging.

Any good recs.?

>> No.2270186

I'm interested in rom hacking as a means of doing translation patches. However, I don't know anything about how rom hacking works. Is it reasonable to assume that I could start with something like a graphics hack and work my way into making translation hacks happen? I'm willing to learn, but I have no idea how you get the knowledge to do things.

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>> No.2271346

I've posted this before... since I have 0 knowledge of how to do anything involving any of this... what would it cost someone to get a romhack made? Specifically I just want some new/harder levels for Super Conflict.

>> No.2271692

Romhacking only really works as a passion project. For the amount of time I'd have to invest, you'd have to pay me like $500 even for small hacks.

>> No.2273337

The SonicCD hack to add the spindash to the game was a $100 bounty. After about 8 years, Taxman took his engine to SEGA and subsequently made the remake of SonicCD and then later the Sonic 1 and 2 Remakes on mobile.

So... roughly $100 to tempt someone to attempt, and about $60k/year after.

>> No.2273352

Money bounties are rarely involved in the ROM hacking scene and are generally frowned upon. Even in cases like >>2271692 someone would definitely do it for free.

>> No.2273357

meh why is it that whenever someone describes the romhacking process this shit always sounds painful

>> No.2273363

Because it's unlikely that you've ever used the tools or heard the terminology.
But just like riding a bike, once you get the basics down it's not that hard.

>> No.2273375

>most projects take about 10,000 years to complete

>> No.2273471

The problem isn't the lack of knowledge, but lack of motivation, time or other factors.
Extreme example - Gideon Zhi. We can all agree that although he's a douche and takes forever, he is still a skilled hacker.

>> No.2273570


Well I have asked people before but they either aren't interested or want way to much. I don't think what I'm asking for would be super difficult but not knowing literally anything about how it's done is a problem.

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>mfw it's been over ten years and it's still not done

>> No.2273578

no official source, documentation, or tools

fans supply some and if you're lucky they'll even work, but unless your target is mario or sonic popular that only gets you so far

it's a wild world out there

>> No.2275719

What kind of SMW hacks are you interested in?

>> No.2275968


Would anyone who knows mind just taking a look to see if what I am asking for is even hard?

>> No.2276102

A random encounter/difficulty hack would turn Hourai High from a 6/10 to a 9/10 in a heartbeat

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open the file
>touhou music starts playing
world map
>boulder dash world map music starts playing

>> No.2276848

So I just had a cool idea for a hack, dunno if it's been done before..

Putting Roc's feather into Link to the Past.

Would that even be possible?

>> No.2276890

someone did that in zelda1 hack, so its possible, but I guess not easily.

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File: 2.86 MB, 256x224, 100s.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Um ok?

Anyway, in case someone cares heres newer version:

World-map is now completely changed(webm related) along with many other changes.

>> No.2278658

Anybody try out the Maternalbound patch that restores all the censored text in EarthBound?


I'm currently without a computer, so I can't ips patch or expand any roms on my phone. If anyone knows where I can find a pre-patched rom, with the title screen and run button patches as well, I'd appreciate it.

>> No.2278659

I wish there was an easy way to make more levels for this game, since it's got so many elements to it. It's probably the best 2d mario engine, besides the small gba resolution

>> No.2279097

I can't wait until Shin Megami Tensei If... is complete.

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What that a sign to warn about the pit?

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File: 13 KB, 387x309, 1418677926289.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Was that a sign to warn the player about the pit?

>> No.2279120

How is there not a ROM hack of Super Mario All Stars to include all the extra content from Super Mario Advance 4?

>> No.2279124

There are few cases where you have to jump down in order to progress, and then in some parts theres nothing below(just pitfall, lava or whatever) so I added few of those to avoid blind jumps.

>> No.2279142

But the music block and coins are already directing you. That's one of the key points of coins.

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File: 194 KB, 815x542, SNES-SMW-2D-LAND-BIG-Cartridge.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I wish someone would remake Super Mario Land 2 using SMW. I'd kill to have that on an actual cart.

>> No.2279154

I don't think you realize just how much they changed in those games. Shit like that would require modifying the source code.

>> No.2279457

It has been done, but it was way back in like 2004 so no custom music, enemies or correct screen scrolling. Or bosses.

>> No.2279540

So basically everything that made it fun and unique. That's too bad. I wish someone else would pick it up, Mario Land 2 doesn't get enough love.

>> No.2279773

Are you hacking Hourai High or making a tool to make hacking it easier?

Either way, good luck, anon.

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File: 61 KB, 934x382, 860486068.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.2280365


No one? I would really appreciate it.

>> No.2280373


>> No.2281524

That sounds like a pretty cool idea, actually. The SMW hacking got so advanced over the years that I think it is possible to fully re-create both SML and SML2.

>> No.2281528

True. Sml2 scrolling can already be done, rabbit powerup has been done, bubble powerup has been done.. the only thing I can think of causing problems (still doable though) are the bosses, enemies and the gold coin scenes. Minigame hill too.

>> No.2283398

Oh hey, I didn't even realize /vr/ had a ROM hacking general. I made this SMW hack if anyone is interested.


It's got custom bosses, which I guess is a big deal.

>> No.2283408

Did those magnificent bastards who made S3&K Complete ever fix the bug they introduced to the multiplayer zones? It's been in there for several revisions now.....

>> No.2283409


I still can't believe all the extraneous bullshit they added to Mother 25th Anniversary. Why couldn't someone just stick with stuffing in Tomato's script while adding a few of the gameplay conveniences from Mother 1+2 and call it a day?

>> No.2283412


I don't know why he even bothered releasing that shitty Tactics Ogre SFC hack. It's buggy as all hell and he just shoved that hackneyed dogshit out the door anyway.

>> No.2285635


>> No.2285701

>fixing bugs
>not editing game code
Nigga you what

>> No.2285736

... What?
That's a regular Pokemon Red ROM as I understand it. The fancy chat controls were done outside of the ROM and interacted with the emulator itself.. Maybe I'm confused at what you're asking.

>> No.2285786

I just want Ganbare Goemon 2 3 and 4 translated

And maybe a Mischief Makers hack with new/edited levels

I'm gonna go learn japanese AND rom hacking now

>> No.2286864

It's a fun hack, I hope that it will be finished one day.

I checked it, they are playing a ROM hack that lets you catch all 151 Pokemon among other minor things that make the game slightly more managable.

>> No.2287084

>>It's a fun hack, I hope that it will be finished one day
I've put it on indefinite hold, though. Not sure I will pick it up one of these days.

>> No.2288685


>> No.2290746

>BTW any great MM romhack came out recently?

Have you played these?


>> No.2292260

The new versions of This hack needs a name and Yoshi's Strange Quest also got released.

>> No.2293646

Thanks for the reminder. I really should get around to updating the list.

>> No.2293804

Lmfao what are mods

>> No.2293817


He didn't know what the hell he was talking about. This is rather well documented at this stage.

>> No.2295797

Any romhacker here? I need some guidance

I'm a very passionate learner, and I've been starting to study japanese. I'm doing alright, and its beem very fun to start to being able to read things I've been exposed all my life mostly because of videogames.

In fact, being able to completely manipulate snes games, and give rom translations to the community, has been a dream for me...

So I wondered, would it be too diffucult to learn to hack roms in a complete way (being able to dissasemble and modify text lenghts and most graphics)? Are there enough resources in the community for anyone with enough interest to be able to learn? I've never programmed anything beyond very very basic java, and I've never done anything on hex beyond swaping text directly. But if there's a clear roadmap to learn what's needed to do ASM hacking, I'd be very interested to turn that into a new hobbie for the next couple of years. Or is it really as difficult to learn as people say, and I have no chance of succeeding without real programming experience?

>> No.2296383

>Specifically I just want some new/harder levels for Super Conflict.
I remember looking into that game, merely interested in mapping the ROM out to post on Data Crystal.

In order to pull off new levels for the game, you would need someone to figure out how the game stores levels. Start making random edits to the non-graphical data until it changes a level, then poke around that area of the ROM. Have fun.

>> No.2296402

>So I wondered, would it be too diffucult to learn to hack roms in a complete way (being able to dissasemble and modify text lenghts and most graphics)?
Um....those aren't really one and the same. Let me explain.

Graphics are one of the easiest parts of ROM hacking since most graphic editing tools out there (Tile Molester and whatnot) can see and modify them easily. Modifying the text length that the game engine will accept is trickier, since that requires that you know enough about the ASM to understand what part of the code is the part of the game engine that handles the text strings, and how to modify it without having to redo pointers.

Unless you are talking about pointer linked text blocks, which is damn easy. Just change the pointer to a nice big blank spot at the end of the ROM(or expand the ROM for more room).

If you really want to get into ROM hacking, I highly recommend you start by messing around with editors, like Lunar Magic or Stake. That way you can start learning about backgrounds/sprite layers, tiles and tilesets, palettes, and all that other important info before you start trying to learn ASM.

>> No.2297213

Thanks for the guidance
Actually, I've played with graphic editing tools before, and I thinm I have some grasp of it. I guess what's bothering me the most is being able to freely add and reduce text space. I don't mean breaking text boxes or adding text beyond them or anywhere at a, I mean adding enough pages of text as needed within the system the game already has. I guess the "add as much text as you want at the end and point to it" is the way to go, but I don't know how to start learning this. Is there any specific documentation you can point me to? I know there's a bunch of stuff collected in romhacking.net but I prefer to ask someone with experience to guide me a bit whenever possible.

I guess editing fonts for japanese to english translations would be a mix of editing font graphics with graphic tools and editing the way they're assigned to different 'letters'. That would pretty much cover what I'd be interested in doing

>> No.2299408


>> No.2299421

Make sure you get a solid foundation before you start TLs, jp-en translation scene is filled with overconfident people who can't even pass N2.

>> No.2299434


>> No.2299456

Will it work on original hardware? Not expecting anything, but I like playing romhacks on my SNES.

>> No.2299550

It works on higan so there shouldn't be reason why it wouldn't(I don't have snes flash card so I cant test myself, and even then my TV doesn't have any overscan). But depending on your TV, HUD can be cut-off since its on bottom and is 8pixels in height(overscan area in most TV's, apparently).

Also heres latest demo that finally got approved in smwcentral:

>> No.2299818

I'll try it out and see what happens. When do you think it'll be done/will it be challenge over fun?

1.5x-2x vanilla SMW difficulty is best imo... It's just hard to find decent romhacks. Anyway. Looks good so far. Keep up the good work.

>> No.2299952

Dunno when its done, but right now Im around halfway done so maybe in few next months, depending how busy Im IRL. For difficulty, it varies but it shouldn't be that hard for normal path, but anything optional/secret will be hard(not savestate/kaizo-tier hard since I dont use any of that shit when Im testing/playing it).

>> No.2299961

>but anything optional/secret will be hard(not savestate/kaizo-tier hard since I dont use any of that shit when Im testing/playing it

>> No.2299998

I'm with you. The graphics edit was unnecessary and undesirable.

>> No.2300490

>MaternalBound finally fixes that long-standing Mother 2 title screen bug.

Thank you based jesus. EarthBound got a grand localization, but this just makes it damn well better.

>> No.2300498 [DELETED] 

What bug was that?

>> No.2300503

The game would crash when the original Mother 2 title screen was inserted, and did the full animation. This one's been as old as the Mother 2 screen insertion.

Turns out it was just a pointer pointing to shit.

>> No.2300645
File: 2.24 MB, 1920x1200, Thunder Off The Docks.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


If it were ONLY a graphics edit that would be one thing. But you can quite clearly see they've taken "improving" the game so unnecessarily far that actual area layout is being altered (objects added and removed, routes altered, areas being physically connected where before they were self-contained entities etc.). At that point can you even call it the same fucking game? The worst part is the guy who did it appears to have no ROMhacking skills whatsoever beyond going crazy with the various Mother editors floating around out there.

He just did this to be a fucking attention whore in my opinion.

>> No.2300882

Does anyone know where someone would start say, reverse engineering Megaman Legends to make a source port on PC?

A year ago or so I found a bunch of information online about the file types the game uses. All audio and textures have been found, and the other unknown files can be individually extracted from the file "packages" even if we have no idea what they are.

Likewise, the file structure appears the same between all versions of the game (PS1, PC, PSP, no idea about N64).

I managed to find the screen resolution in the PC exe in a hex editor, but adjusting it didn't adjust the 3d rendering resolution, just the full screen "window" size.

I figure that comparing the files across each version (particularly the "executables" of each version) and cross referencing any known asm codes (not sure if that's the right term) for each system could help to figure out how the PC version works. If it's the same resources across each version, the majority of version differences would be in how the engine interacts with the hardware, right?

>> No.2301250

>reverse engineering Megaman Legends to make a source port on PC?
>Likewise, the file structure appears the same between all versions of the game (PS1, PC, PSP, no idea about N64).

I'm confused anon, why would you be trying to port Megaman Legends to the PC if there already IS a port?

>> No.2301253

I'm guessing they want to make something that runs better on modern operating systems as well as possibly port it.

>> No.2301660

If it has a PC port, what stops you from decompiling it and rewriting the source code?

>> No.2301670

Windows 7/8/further compabitility, Macintosh compatibility, Linux compabitility, bug fixes, ability to mod the game - you know, exact same reason why all source ports are made.
>I'm just guessing, I'm not him.

>> No.2302062

This. I have no idea what they were thinking, or on that note why the MaternalBound guy decided to chip in with Faithful if he was only going to only change the title screen and one stat.

At least MaternalBound doesn't go nearly that far, it's mostly a text/bugfix sort of hack.

>> No.2302615

Are homebrewers welcome on the ROM Hacking General?

>> No.2302675

Homebrewers and PC modders. This is kinda catch-all thread in regards to this stuff.

At least, provided it's /vr/ related. Mods of PC games past 2000 probably won't be welcomed, and homebrew will probably only be allowed if it's for a /vr/ console.

>> No.2302696

Yeah, I'm thinking 80s and 90s - the NES and GBC sound like my two platforms of choice.

>> No.2302701

I am looking for quality nes, gb, and gba hacks

monster party lets go again seems pretty nifty so far

>> No.2302703

And, to be brutally honest, my primary issue is that I'm reasonably good at coding, but I'm utterly horrible at the arts. The main reason why I never put out any (often bad) idea I come up with.

>> No.2302772
File: 802 KB, 500x281, _NO 1367136806813.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw no SotN level editor ever

>> No.2302913

I remember seeing a Super Mario Sunshine level editor

Never found it again

>> No.2303207

Relax anon, the guy is still working on SNEER. We might see a full fledged editor someday.

>> No.2303220

Although I'm just now realizing he hasn't updated it since 2012. Ok, we might not get a level editor then.

Maybe someone can build off of what this guy has done. Though with all the pointer-dependant stuff the guy was talking about, it might be easier just to re-write the whole game.

>> No.2303312

Pretty sure tons of SNES games are pointer dependent and no one had a problem making editors for those. You just slap a ton of space onto the end of the game and repoint some data. Of course with the CD type file structure of PS1 games I'm not sure it's that easy, but someone could always just make an editor for one of the GBA or DS games instead even though that likely wouldn't be as popular as SotN. Really I think HoD had a beautifully bizarre tileset that could be put to very good use, but the game has a stigma around it due to the level design being confusing.

>> No.2305935

Check the Pastebin list in the OP.

>> No.2307647

Ever play a hack of a game that turns it into a totally different game?

>> No.2307663

someone did a SMW hack that changed evvvvvvverything. Characters, levels, music, bosses, map, etc. The only thing that made it recognizable as a Mario-based game was the physics and the powerups.

Even if we get a SotN level editor, it might take a long time we get anything good out of it.
The more complex the original game is, the harder it is to make a hack out of it, even with proper tools.

>> No.2307757
File: 27 KB, 446x501, 2zisu8g.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I was making a compliment about the music you put in the game, I really like it.
I just started to play this version, it looks and plays good so far

>> No.2307845

Nah there's many people myself included who would jump on it to make a hack

>> No.2307848

I understand that, but even so, it requires a thorough plan and you must be ready to face problems. Editors alone do only so much, you still need some hacking knowledge.

>> No.2307849

I think the point is that community interest doesn't always translate well into a finished product.

>> No.2307863

Since SotN isn't really primarily played for its storyline I don't see why an editor can't make a full hack of everything important. Take Super Metroid or SMW. Of course it needs an editor as full-featured as the editors for those games to allow that to happen and as the years roll by without anyone working on it, the chances of that get more and more slim.

I'd expect to see a lot of shit hacks but at least some good ones as long as the editor is good enough. If the editor is no good (no room size changes or even worse no room location changes) then of course it won't happen. Even if the state triggers and events (all those meetings with Maria, etc) remain the same, one could still make an entertaining alteration of the map to make exploring the game new again.

>> No.2309202

>someone did a SMW hack that changed evvvvvvverything
What's it called?

>> No.2309808

i can't for the life of me remember
but iirc the characters were all moe and animey

>> No.2310005

This kind of sucks

>> No.2310710

>Try that LoZ romhack, The Legend of Link
>Oh hey, this looks interesting...
>The map you can buy is effectively worthless
>Finally find level 1 after much wandering
>Have to hold down B with the lamp the entire time since Dark=Fun
>Room with pits everywhere except a small path, skeletons shoot swords which knock you off path
Great concept, terrible execution. Someone should take all the improvements this guy put into the ROM, and make a decent hack out of it.

>> No.2310716

are you talking about Touhou Mario, by chance?

>> No.2310939

Just wait until you start trying to jump over pits with the Roc's Feather.
It's a goddamn nightmare.

>> No.2311108
File: 15 KB, 200x297, King-James-Version[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Not according to this grammar guide

>> No.2311172

Oh hell no, I've already lost interest in it. The "EVERY ROOM IS DARK!!!" thing turned me off, and the pit-everywhere room made me quit in disgust.

>> No.2311309

Dragoon X Omega games did a pretty good job. It is almost 100% changed in the second hack(Dragoon X Omega II).

>> No.2311360

Whenever I use lips to patch a file, it never seems to work. I've had this problem forever.

lips always says its successful, but when I launch the game in snes9x, it's just a black screen. tried it with zsnes and the same thing. Anyone know why?

>> No.2311365

Patch may require a headered ROM but you're using a headerless ROM or vice versa.

>> No.2311371

It seems to happen with every .ips I try, though. How do people normally do it?

I'm using Super Mario World U [!] if that helps...

>> No.2311389

Check the patch's documentation and see if it specifies using one or the other. For checking information on the ROM you're using there's tools like NSRT, it can also apply/remove header too.

Linked the Windows version as I'm assuming you're using that OS since you mentioned LIPS

>> No.2311395

thanks so much, dude

>> No.2311397

What are the chances of that big ass Romancing SaGa 3 romhack getting translated?

>> No.2311552
File: 5 KB, 544x424, scr12.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I tested out the English fan-translation patch of Metal Gear 2 on the Virtual Console version. It works fine except in the ending, where it fucks up the spelling of the spelling of Gustava Heffner's and J. Jacobsen's names (since they had different names in the original game). Any advice on fixing this?

>> No.2313460

Either try and figure out where those names are located and adjust accordingly or try and contact the person/people who made the fan-translation patch for assistance.

>> No.2313494

seems like a screw up on the translator's part, not a bug in the game.

that particular fan translation was made during the MSX translation boom of the late 90s. I doubt that it would do any good to try to contact the people that made the fan translation even if you could some how find up to date contact info for them.

>> No.2314167

Not a hacker myself, but I've played plenty of hacks, and the biggest problem I've regularly experienced with platformers/action games is that in the drive to make the games more challenging for an expected experienced player base, they insert tedium and remove options for player movement to narrow it down to one difficult execution to navigate around an obstacle or enemy placement. I don't mind hard games, but you have to set it up a little. If you want a difficult platforming section, introduce those two earlier in the level separately and THEN put them together. This was a classic Mega Man design trick.

Some advice for anyone making Zelda/RPG/hacks with added puzzles, in my opinion good puzzles are brief but headscratchers, not a long slog through multiple rooms and floors with no challenge as to what key you need or what item to use. When your brain solves it faster than you can execute it through the game, it gets old real fast. So if you're doing a Zelda hack or something like that, how about this? Make a room with a puzzle that the player can solve immediately upon first seeing it, even if you've made it to be difficult. If a player who's not good at puzzles can't figure it out, make another exit and a string of other rooms that will give clues as to how to solve the puzzle. Good players can skip all that, not-so-good players can still progress. Everybody wins. An example of a game I thought had player-friendly puzzles, a manageable level of difficulty, I mean, is Brain Lord.

>> No.2314195
File: 5 KB, 544x424, scr08.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>seems like a screw up on the translator's part, not a bug in the game.
The bug occurs because the fan-translation changed spelling of Natasha Marcova and Yozev Norden to Markova and Yozef respectively. The thing is that in the VC version, those characters were named Gustava Heffner and J. Jacobsen respectively and patch replaces a letter in their names when it's not supposed to.

>that particular fan translation was made during the MSX translation boom of the late 90s. I doubt that it would do any good to try to contact the people that made the fan translation even if you could some how find up to date contact info for them.
The last version of the patch was made by a guy named Bifi a year ago and he still updates his site regularly. I could try contacting him.

>> No.2314343

z-factor is really good

It's my favorite super metroid hack so far, nice and big and right at a difficulty level where I can do tricks to get stuff but don't need to to progress. Although I could do without some of the dumb speed booster tricks.

>> No.2314691 [DELETED] 
File: 117 KB, 1066x902, Clipboard01.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Currently editing Mission 23 of Ace Combat 3.

Making final revisions, less than 10 missions left to edit for Disc 1. Hoping to get my hands on Disc 2 later this year.

After that some Search files, namely character bios for the whole cast.

>> No.2316309
File: 4 KB, 256x224, Rockman Install Metal .png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The list is now up to date.


>> No.2316310

Wow, that's neat. Dashman's the same guy helping out with SRWGC's translation on /m/.

>> No.2318253


>> No.2319107

>translation romhack
>last update 2007

Every time

>> No.2320713

To be honest, that also applies to ROM hacks, the most popular ones out there (Brutal Mario, Sonic Megamix, Pokmon Prism) have all been abandoned.

>> No.2320964

Thats why you never market your rom hack until it's 99% done and don't set ridiculous goals

>> No.2321182

This is also why I tell starting ROMhackers to work on creating something worthwhile before announcing their new project. Still ends the same way though.
>Hey everyone, I'm working on a new hack that's gonna be the best hack ever!
>A few weeks or months later
>Completely disappears

>> No.2322574


yeah, agreed. stay underground for as long as possible so you can release it and won't have to worry about C&D or something like that or abandoning it and disappointing people.

>> No.2323216

Would you be okay if I made an entirely separate game that also had mouseaim/twinstick controls? B/c a tank game like that is something i've been wanting to do.

>> No.2323228

Any good River City Ransom Romhacks?

>> No.2323573

According to romhacking.net, there are two. Both are spoofs. Here are the exciting plots.

"In this hack you must save Pussy City. The city was once a paradise of free love, but then the pimps moved in and forced all the girls to charge money. Go defeat the pimps and save Pussy City from paid sex acts! The classic obscene hack from last millenium."
"Someone has cloned the evil doctor John Harvey Kellogg (the cereal guy, see road to wellville to get all the jokes) and now its up to famous actor Wilford Brimley (quaker oats commercials,”our house” “coccoon” and “the firm”) to stop his cereal empire!"

Pick your poison.

>> No.2324181

What are some good SMW hacks to come out lately?

>> No.2324230

This is some good stuff, keep it up

>> No.2325841


There it is. Now it's time for a hard question: what's the definitive version of Pokemojn Red/Blue? (excluding the Game Boy Advance remakes)

>> No.2326694


>> No.2326916

It looks pretty generic...

>> No.2327339
File: 4 KB, 256x224, 652757566.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Would anyone happen to have any guides or tips on hex editing for this game?

>> No.2327359

It's not as generic as it looks.

>> No.2328765
File: 81 KB, 256x224, mariozelda.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

What the hell is going on here?

What hacks are you into? Vanilla, choclate, long, short?

>> No.2329293

If you'd like you can try this hack I made.


>> No.2329852
File: 180 KB, 1540x2238, 02.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Basically, it's an illusion.
Mario and enemies basically walk on 'invisible' platforms. Sometimes you've got angled platforms to move up or down in a room, and bottomless pits are clearly defined.

>> No.2329871

Thats just retarded, perspective is just wrong, not to mention messed up palette(s) on sprites

>> No.2329878


>> No.2329941

is this shitty wubstep music actually in the game?
dear god

>> No.2329946

huh, I didn't even know that the GBA translation was different than the SNES translation, now I guess I have a reason to play it.

>> No.2329947

nah it's just a fan remix

>> No.2329957

>But just like riding a bike, once you get the basics down it's not that hard.

If what I read about old game development was true, it's far from riding a bike. First you need to find the materials from which your bike is made from. Then you have to build all the parts individually, and then put them together. But here's the catch; you can only put this bike together if you're operating a magnet crane, and there's no way around it. Hopefully your bike won't fall apart once you sit on it. Then in order for you to ride it, you have to ride it in a VERY specific manner, or else it will break.

Now for a faux-retro game, all you need to do is just buy a bike and it's done.

>> No.2330568

From what I remember it's not a new translation, just a few changes.

I played through both and didn't really notice, it's not very notable.

>> No.2331369

What's a good list of the best SMW romhacks? Preferably something without all the insane difficulty ones

>> No.2331376

There are dozens of varying difficulty in the OP pastebin.

>> No.2332147

Super Mario Star Road is so damn good. But what the fuck is this? A Banjo Kazooie reference?


>> No.2332167

Has anyone made a hack of Yoshi's Island where they remove Mario's crying sound?

>> No.2333128

None that I know of.

>> No.2333916

Yoshi's Island has a complete disassembly available, so doing this should be fairly trivial.

Fun fact: Baby Mario's cry is Baby Bowser's cry, just sped up.

>> No.2334757

Too bad that Yoshi's Island hacking scene is basically dead, so we won't see even simple hacks like this.

>> No.2336504
File: 704 KB, 2216x3562, The List - Part 1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Here, keep in mind that it was made a long time ago, so it's a bit outdated.

>> No.2336510
File: 518 KB, 2264x2216, The List - Part 2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The second part. Here's a list of hacks I personally enjoyed that aren't featured on these lists:


>> No.2336703

I played Mario Gives Up 1 a while ago seeing this list, and that DKC level threw me for a fucking loop. I've never gotten the patch for Mario Gives Up 2 to work properly, though, which is sad.

>> No.2336771

>Super Mario Star Road

>> No.2336892

how can you guys still find SMW hacks interesting

>> No.2336930

why didn't you finish anon? looks cool

>> No.2337524

because Nintendo will never release a good mario platformer ever again
also advances in ASM hacks

>> No.2337528

You know what I'd like to see? /vr/ making a collaborative SMW hack, like 2ch's VIP series.

>> No.2338321

I bet that would be cringe worthy as shit.

2ch users probably hate it because its full of memes too if you think about it. We just find it funny and cool because we're unfamiliar with it.

>> No.2340152


There you go. Enjoy.

>> No.2341531 [DELETED] 


>> No.2341535

He said /vr/. /vr/'s content-to-meme ratio is well within acceptable bounds, regardless of why ALTTP had such a retro feel and whose wife enjoyed the Retron 5.

Now, the guy who wanted to make a crossboard hack with Guy Fawkes masks for Dragon Coins, that was cringeworthy as shit.

>> No.2341663

>the guy who wanted to make a crossboard hack with Guy Fawkes masks for Dragon Coins
What? Gross.

I wasn't even talking about something full of memes, just a normal SMW hack made by people from /vr/.

>> No.2341727
File: 11 KB, 250x260, 1423001794893.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>there is a re-translation of the PS1 version of Castlevania SOTN, even though the game made it to the west to begin with

>there is no translation of the Jap-only Saturn version, version which has lot's of extra content

>> No.2341752

Saturn was harder to program for, so I assume it's harder to hack as well. Not to mention that you at least have a base when re-translating the PS1 version, while with the Saturn version you have to start from scratch.

>> No.2342143

Why is Voyager of Time in the recommendation list?

>> No.2342218
File: 31 KB, 550x400, 6688[2].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Since SotN isn't really primarily played for its storyline

>> No.2342226


Wait, wait wait.

So like, you can just put assets from Zelda II in SMW right? Could you just, like remake the whole game in that?

>> No.2342269



The upcoming DS version looks better. Less hacky N64 emulators too.

>> No.2342287
File: 78 KB, 320x236, saturn-revpic[1].png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Well, it's not like the game needs text to be playable. You can play the Saturn port right now and get through it fine.

Also, don't think that the Saturn version is some lost art. It has slowdown. The extra content mostly isn't good. It cut corners everywhere. The new sprites are amateurishly bad.

Look at this thing. It just completely clashes with the rest of the game's art style. The ghost sprites are also really half-assed looking generic sprites.

The port was rushed by a b-team. They didn't have the time or the A- talent to do it right. To make SotN Saturn great would mean having to rebuild the game engine to take advantage of the Saturn. Not happening.

>> No.2342291


It'd make more sense to add items from Saturn version to PS1 version.

>> No.2342324

I don't think it is either. I barely remember the key points of the story. Like Alucard's mom was a human and executed for witchcraft or something. And there was some other chick who was running around the castle but I don't remember whether she did anything important. But apart from that did it even have a plot?

>> No.2342334


It has a plot. But the focus of the game is exploring the castle and exploring this cool world with cool animations and finding all the different weapons and techiques and secrets.

For the plot, the chick you refer to is Maria and she's searching for Richter. She gives you the glasses to see through deceptions which is her main contribution.

Alucard's mom was executed for witchcraft which put Dracula on the path to evil.

Shaft's plan was to use Richter to protect the castle through brainwashing him, and then to resurrect Dracula. Alucard then confronts Dracula, kills him and leaves.

>> No.2343780
File: 21 KB, 504x205, DesertScreenshot.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I am doing a complete overhaul of Super Mario Kart as a hobby for me and my friends to play, replacing all the tracks and drivers. It's really fun I must say.

>> No.2343786
File: 29 KB, 509x216, Doom_Tree_Screen1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I also have a Sailor Moon themed on on the go but I stopped work on it until I get the first one complete.

>> No.2343982

Looks kinda strange but I admire your determination. I take it you've read smkdan's notes and use Epic Edit for the track editing?

>> No.2343997

There'd be a lot more to it than just "putting assets from Zelda II in SMW," but a remake could probably be done.

>> No.2344027

Thanks I guess, doesnt need to look amazing when the target audience is only four people big so i am satisfied. Epic Edit is invaluable for SMK hacking.

>> No.2345014

Yeah, it's a great editor. The author, Stifu, is really friendly too and I remember the development being spiffy and him taking users' problems into account when it was a WIP. Wish more authors were like that.

If you're interested in fine-tuning, here's the item probability editor:
Miscellaneous statistics editor:
And smkdan's notes:

>> No.2345484


It's possible, and the SMW engine would be great for rremaking games in, especially Famicom games. The engine is pretty fast, well known and understood. You'd have to, among other things, tweak the physics to match the original though.

>> No.2345615

Did anyone ever get a working Co-op SMW hack going?

>> No.2345773

Tweaking SMW's physics can be a right bitch.

Don't forget having to code in spells, the sword, the shield, the enemies and bosses, NPC's, health and magic etc.

>> No.2345815

I think so yeah. Obviously not a fully (luigi cant fly, get P-balloons) but it's okay.
check out the smwcentral forums

>> No.2345926
File: 162 KB, 854x472, 2015-04-14 23_01_45-Romancing Saga 3 Hack - Final Boss - YouTube.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.2347342

Cool! Anything releasable yet?

>> No.2347635
File: 21 KB, 313x235, 1428083888893.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I remember seeing this years ago, and wondered why you didn't finish.

It also made me frustrated that 17 year old me couldn't figure out how to change the graphics in SMK.

>> No.2348205
File: 11 KB, 124x207, FabongWins.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Probably wouldn't be worth your while playing it until it's finished but most of the circuits are done

>> No.2349441

Some anon recommended it a long time ago. I've never played it, is there something wrong with it?


>> No.2351174

I played Voyager of Time a little, and I didn't find it that good. I was wondering why those who like it like it.

>> No.2352876

I guess it's the "holy shit a full OoT hack" factor that attracts people.

>> No.2353005
File: 36 KB, 300x300, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Just throwing this out there but I'd like to see a "Romhack Ideas" thread. Reasonable ideas that is. For instance, I loved the GBC Crystalis port. They cleaned up bugs, added more dialogue so that it wasn't so damn confusing for new players. The one MAJOR flaw was that they removed almost every piece of music from the NES version and replaced it with utter shit. If someone was able to hack the original music back in, that would be amazing.

>> No.2354730

I've always wondered why did they replace the music, all NES-to-GBC ports had their music intact.

>> No.2355380

That's what Agahnim looks like if he isn't wearing his mask, dumbass.

>> No.2355394


They also zoomed the screen in and did other stupid shit.

Would make more sense to port the GBC changes to the famicom version.

>> No.2355997

There's no hacks but I did some messing around and figured out the locations and format of the level data. So if someone wanted to do a hack, the resources are there...


>> No.2356005

The GBC version of that is a fucking travesty. They butchered the music, inserted godawful art, and fucked up the scrolling. It's too bad because it's an awesome game.

>> No.2356624

Yet you need some base "storyline" that justifies all the stuff in the game so it doesn't appear to be just a bunch of random bullshit.

>> No.2356635

In before ragequit over annoying Link screams on every sword swoop/stab.

>> No.2357748


Really shocked this doesn't get more attention. I mean it's a sotn romhack. We've been dreaming about this for ages!

>> No.2357758

Literal artificial difficulty. Whatever.

>> No.2357990

I'm starting a Super Metroid hack, there any decent resources for using SMILE?

Written resources are preferred, I'm really tired of stumbling on autistic mouth breathers on youtube, but if anybody can actually find some decent ones that'd be great.

>> No.2358425


1. It's a SotN romhack. The first of its kind. It might usher in new rom hacks.

2. A lot of the ideas are nice.

>> No.2358727

So the Seiken Densetsu 3 hack guy got tired of people asking him for a fix only patch and made one


>> No.2359187

>Seiken Densetsu 3

into the trash.

>> No.2359220


We need a level editor for SotN. But time is running out really. The game is only 3 years older than Super Metroid, which means its core fans are only a bit younger. If it's going to be done, in order to have the optimal amount of fans produce hacks for it, it's going to either be soon or never. As time goes on people will simply fall away, especially now that IGA is gone from Konami and no one is left to carry on the MV-style Castlevania legacy

>> No.2359830

Still a better game than Secret no matter how much your nostalgia says otherwise.

>> No.2359934

metroid construction has a bunch of great text tutorials and some visual ones too

but the truly most invaluable resource is the #metconst channel

>> No.2360501


...no you don't? It's a romhack. For fun.

>> No.2360593

that nigger should fix the petrified/dead player & ghost ship three player hack glitches

>> No.2360954

The ghost ship is meant to be played with two players in the first place.

>> No.2361689

It's still better than this:


>A hack inspired by the famous creepypasta game 'SONIC.EXE'.
>SONIC.EXE captured Yoshi and Peach, and now Mario must save them!

What the hell happened to SMW Central recently? It's like they dropped the quality control altogether and accept everyhing, no matter how shitty it is, as long as it's fully playable.

>> No.2361806

Hacks have a glorious tradition of incredibly shitty stories. They just may be basing submission on the gameplay or something silly like that.

>> No.2362462

I couldn't care less about the stories in ROM hacks. It's just that the new moderation system where only the assigned staff member can decide if the hack should accepted or not is pretty crappy, especially if you compare it to the old system where each submission was followed by week or two of voting session where every single member could chip in. I know that we are talking about ROM hacks here, but some kind of quality control is always nice and SMWC's staff members can be way too lenient when it comes to the gameplay.

>> No.2362518


Because the stories are straight up fan fiction tier. Fan content should avoid stories in general, and this isn't just for rom hacking.

>> No.2363449

I deliberately didn't check that tripe's thread out because the name alone clued me in it was going to be shite.

I was right.

>> No.2365885


yo dis one of you guys?

>> No.2366254

>I did some messing around and figured out the locations and format of the level data.
>Rather than upload this info to Data Crystal where everyone will find it, I stuck it in some github no one will ever see.


>> No.2366472


Nothing stoppping you from doing that faglord.

>> No.2366530

Any cool romhacks in development to keep an eye on this year?

So far Ive been mostly interested in Megaman hacks, but the most interesting ones are either already released or cancelled.

>> No.2366534
File: 3 KB, 256x224, 2385titlescreen.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


This just came out. It's made by the guy who did Super Nazi Penis Cartel Freedom Fighters. It's actually really fucking good as far as the gameplay goes.

>> No.2367152

The github also includes my script for analyzing maps and counting the various enemies and items, for anyone savvy enough to be able to use it. I use git for revision control in all of my projects, so it's much easier to just upload it to github than to muck around in a wiki.

>> No.2368272

The Baddesthacks community is truly a treasure.

>> No.2368367

zole has been out for like 3 years and there still arent any zelda oracle hacks?

>> No.2368430

is the romhacking website considered bad at all? whenever im using it it makes my internet connection shitty and things just stop working

>> No.2368605

On my end never had problems with it. Maybe theres something wrong with your computer/internet

>> No.2368740

you probably just have comcast

>> No.2368850

sounds like a comcast issue.

>> No.2368910


why would comcast in particular have trouble with the site?

>> No.2368916

FFHackster 2.0's being worked on. Cool.

>> No.2369335

Comcast is known for doing shitty things like making certain websites slower, especially Netflix. Wouldn't be surprised that you've found another site they slowdown.

>> No.2369525

Unless I'm mistaken, ZOLE has been around for way longer than three years.
It's just that making hacks with an editor any less than a fully functional one drives users away.

>> No.2370446

i tried patching a smw hack with LIPS but once it patches my emulator says that the rom is bad

>> No.2370464

That's nothing to be concerned about. SNES roms have an internal checksum that emulators use to check all the data in the rom is legit.

If a rom is modified in almost any way, the old checksum won't match the new data, hence the bad rom message. It was useful in ye olden days to check the integrity of the rom during development.

Most romhackers aren't really aware of it or bothered by it enough to fix it.

>> No.2370470

I mean I literally can't play it.It won't load

>> No.2370472

What hack are you trying to use and what's the exact ROM you used?

>> No.2370479

im trying to play mario gives up and I used the rom downloaded from emuparadise so i believe the exact file name is "Super Mario World (USA) [!].sfc"

>> No.2370529

I'm assuming you mean this one?

If so, looks like the issue was that the patch needs a headered ROM. Which it would be nice if they mentioned either on the hack's page or in the TXT file included.

Here's a prepatched version via Mega

>> No.2370558

Christ, didn't know it was something as simple as the header.
Thanks for the link, but I had already downloaded TUSH so i can just add a header myself.

>> No.2371826

smw central's 8th Annual Vanilla Level Design Contest hack is out:


>> No.2371873

I hope it's not like last year's where every level was way too fucking tedious

>> No.2372134
File: 1.93 MB, 400x400, 1423187001485.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>MFW this Super Metroid Phazon hack
>Fighting kriken soldiers from MP:H

>> No.2372318

What emulator are you using for this? I patched the version I was supposed to but it's not doing anything.

>> No.2372358

I got it to work on FCEUX SP for Windows and nes.emu for Android.

Make sure you're loading the file that you patched, and that your IPS patching program isn't creating a new file for the patched version of the rom.

>> No.2372360

Links? Screenshots?

>> No.2372443



>> No.2372482

That Esco guy has always been a retard. He's basically one of those kids that shows up and claims he's going to make an amazing hack and then does nothing. I'm amazed there's anyone left who takes him seriously after he announced he was switching to Game Maker.

>> No.2373056


"SotN Hacked" has been in development for like 8 times the time it took to make the game. And it's blatantly not legal to just remake a game and distribute it on the internet. If it ever gets finished it will face take down notices.

>> No.2373068

>it's blatantly not legal to just remake a game and distribute it on the internet.
Says the moron posting in a romhacking thread.

>> No.2373071


Romhacking is legal dipshit. The hosts site ips and other files that merely modify the game's content. They do not distribute the games.

>> No.2373254

This. Patches are literally files that contain the new original data to be patched to the ROM.
Crimson Echoes got a C&D though, but whatever

>> No.2373881

Hey, I made a hack and want to upload it to Romhacking.net, but it looks like I can only link to the IPS file I created? Is there a way around this, or is there another romhack site that hosts the files for you?

>> No.2373936

All submissions have to be approved before they'll host it themselves. I think it's just to prevent people from uploading random shit onto their server.

In the mean time, any file sharing site should do; Mega, Dropbox Google Drive, etc. Doesn't have to be a direct link.

>> No.2373950

Oh okay, that makes sense. I didn't realize they were manually approving every submission.

>> No.2373993

which gamepad software do you guys use?

>> No.2374202

Is there a way to hack any classic gameboy game to have full color? Like that Metroid II DX color hack, I mean.

>> No.2374205


Just upload the ips file to romhacking.net. It's official and how it works.

>> No.2374223


Some romhacks however are actually legal grey areas. They haven't been tested legally. They include a little more than simple instructions to change the data.

>> No.2374235

It won't let me. I have to send them a link to it instead.

>> No.2374296

It won't let me use ZippyShare, so I'm just going to post it here instead:


For use with Tiny Toon Adventures (U) [!] -- this lets you swap characters at will with SELECT instead of having to find the powerup in-level.

>> No.2375432

I updated the patch. Now, you can double tap SELECT to cycle through each of the 4 playable characters instead of just swapping between Buster and your chosen character. The order you cycle through them depends on who you choose as your helper; picking Furball (the cat) should consistently work like so:

Buster --> Furball --> Dizzy --> Plucky --> Buster

For use with Tiny Toon Adventures (U) [!].nes


>> No.2375747
File: 3 KB, 256x224, Tiny Toon Adventures (U) [!]_selswap_withtimer_allchars.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I made a thread on romhacking.net: http://www.romhacking.net/forum/index.php/topic,19670.0.html

Also started on editing levels (see pic related)

>> No.2376823 [DELETED] 

how do i get this to work? I found a file on romhack but it's just a zip with an IPS and SRM file???

>> No.2377095

How hard is it to hack SNES games? I'd love to see a hack for the DKC games to make them have simultaneous multiplayer.

>> No.2377251

Depends on the game.

SMW has a huge hacking community so there's lots of documentation on that game. DKC much less.

>> No.2377379

Hacking in something like that (co-op) to a game that has none is typically difficult. For example, if you wanted to hack in a 2 player mode for the NES version of Double Dragon, it would be simpler to do something like instead modify Double Dragon II (which has 2p co-op) and extract/modify/insert the levels from Double Dragon 1 into that game.

>> No.2378584

i did this in smw like this:
-extend the sprite table or redirect sprite pointers to a new sprite
-generate it whenever p1 on screen
-give it object interaction the same as p1. literally copy paste code
-set it to move based on controller2 data
-set animations based on controller2 data
-set up w large indexed table to give it sprite interaction (with every single sprite)
--implying youd also have to make a custom spriteXsprite interaction routine

i gave up on the last part when coding all the floating platforms and interacting with yoshi

>> No.2378739

Sprite x object interaction is even worse from what I've heard, especially when it comes to slopes.

>> No.2378804

>Link's hair to blonde
people who think this is necessary should prob kill themselves

>> No.2379972


So it looks like Mario 64 romhacking has died. In its place, the new standard is to use Mario 64 DS. This is a good thing.


>better graphics
>DS emulation is superior to N64 emulation
>DS flashcarts are ubiquitous, whereas N64 flashcarts are expensive
>Works on real hardware. N64 romhacks typically don't

What do you think of this new era of romhacking?

>> No.2380243

I think people should stop hacking Mario games so much.

>> No.2380246
File: 54 KB, 256x351, FF1_USA_boxart.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Ok, so I'm interested in hacking Final Fantasy 1 NES in order to fix certain bugs found in the game. Namely these:

There's a huge thread on gamefaqs about hacking this game, but they seem to want to hack/fix other things in the game that I'm not concerned about. How hard would it be to fix these?

>> No.2380263

Probably not that difficult. FF1 seems to be relatively well-documented and there's already a couple bugfix patches out there.

>> No.2380302

True but I haven't seen one that incorporates all these fixes together. Or one that doesn't add a bunch of other stuff like decreasing the encounter rate.

>> No.2380404

This is not a bug. NES FF1 uses tabletop -style spell calculation intentionally as do all RPGs from that era. Spell damage is supposed to be a bunch of dice rolls with no modifiers.

>> No.2380428

Then how does it calculate spells? From what I've read the intelligence stat doesn't do anything in the game as it is, but would make sense if that was its function.

>> No.2381046

It just randomly selects a number from a fixed range, like 48 - 128 to simulate rolling dice. INT may have been supposed to factor into all or nothing spells like instant death ones, or maybe it was just for show. You'd be surprised how many RPGs back then had stats that didn't actually do anything.

>> No.2383173

I wonder if it would be possible to modify the controls to mimick those from the N64 version.

>> No.2383179

Also friendly reminder that the lead programmer for FF1 was said to have not fully understood what an RPG was, so stats being off or odd isn't to be unexpected.

>> No.2384346

na map16 stuffs made it easy

>> No.2384551

I've wanted to mod FF12 IZJS since it came out, but modding feels like way too much effort. I spent about a week editing hex values trying to track down monster data, the closest I got was editing a monster's current HP (but not what he spawned with, which was my intention) and toggling status effects on the party.
I assume most data like this is packed into an array or table of some sort, but was I having trouble because it was compressed or something?

>> No.2384593

Nhl 94' updated 2014-15 roster comes out tomorrow.

>> No.2386695

I would love to make some sprite/texture hacks for nes games, mostly to get better with pixel art.
Any suggestions for getting started?

>> No.2386701

Make a 8-bit style Alucard sprite for Castlevania 1

>> No.2386881

I meant what kind of programs should I use.

>> No.2386975

I prefer ASEprite, though GraphicsGale, GIMP, Grafx2 and Photoshop are all good and viable as well.

>> No.2386985

Tile Layer Pro

>> No.2387315

I can just do the spritework in photoshop and import it in a rom? I didn't think it was that simple. Good to know.

>> No.2387334

Well, for NES games, you can export the graphics, modify them, and then reimport it.

>> No.2387462

You can do that in YY-CHR, but at least with paint.net palette/colors gets messed-up, but YY-CHR has 'replace color' function so its easy to fix.

With snes games theres program called 'SnesGFX' (can be found in smw centrals tool selection) which adds extra step, but it basically converts(along with some useful options/functions) any image to snes format(I think it has few other options too but I only have used for SMW) so anything can be ripped and inserted easily.

>> No.2388172

Does anyone happen to have a link to Megaman Forever Demo 3?
I just learned about it and looks interesting but the author abandoned the project a long time ago and now all links on google are dead.

>> No.2388278

I want to play Zelda 1 and 2, but the puzzles with hopelessly obscure solutions ruin it for me. I don't want to look up answers when I get stuck, because it pulls me out of the game and sometimes I find out that the puzzle actually had a reasonable solution. Are there any hacks that try to "fix" NES games for an era where they don't need to sell Nintendo Power subscriptions?

>> No.2388346


1 is pretty confusing and archaic. Ignore it.

2 is pretty fresh and one of the best action platformers ever. There is maybe 1-2 spots where i got confused and had to look something up.

>> No.2388363
File: 9 KB, 480x448, 130409-zeldaii-11-02.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Zelda 2 has very cryptic stuff, too.
Invisible items hidden on the map, having to summon a temple out of nowhere, etc.
It's not on Simon's Quest level, but...

>> No.2390510

Ignore that other guy.

Read this
then play Zelda 1.

>> No.2390521

whatever the anon says below you is a lie, the game is cryptic, but just like most nes games and you can get hints from old people inside caves, not confusing at all and a lot of fun. If you haven't played it and finished you are a fucking casual


>> No.2390526

>There is maybe 1-2 spots where i got confused and had to look something up.
ha ha ha faggot

>> No.2390531

People who download the rom tend to forget that the game originally came out with a booklet that gave you tips, as well as a map of the entire world area and which tells you where most temples are.

>> No.2393328

The overworld design in this hack is amazing, it's so colorful.

>> No.2394738
File: 1.89 MB, 2562x2242, BlasterMaster.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Someone should make a Blaster Master hack and add some sort of save/password system. Just throwing that out there.
It's a pretty long game, I don't know how they never considered that.
Having to clear the whole thing in one sitting is just annoying.

>> No.2396561

idk... I like github. It tends to be more informative. You just need to know what you're looking for.

>> No.2396564

Just finished playing both Mario Gives Up hacks.
That was fun.

>> No.2398490

The Japanese scene for DKC1-3 romhacking is actually pretty decent. Here's a site with a bunch of hacks:

I recommend checking out ANEsdk and ANEsdk2. It's a hack made by a guy to torment his older sister, who uploads her playthroughs to nico. ANEsdk has a kaizo version and an "easy" version, and ANEsdk2 looks pretty casual so far.

Seems like the patches need to be applied to J version 1.0 in all cases.

>> No.2398508

The Japanese DK hacks are usually very creative but too difficult to be fun.

Something a bit more casual friendly would be A+.

>> No.2399885
File: 58 KB, 256x224, 714e5be3-f7c3-4383-a444-b3568aa3ae17.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

What's the top 5 SMB1 hacks for you guys?

>> No.2399957

Has anyone/can anyone made a hack of FFIV SNES so that the graphics and script and extra stuff of the GBA version is in SNES version, with all bugfixes?

>> No.2400174

lol what the fuck is this

>> No.2400310

Prism's still alive and kicking. Koolboyman's been releasing regular updates on his Facebook page and there's even a release date set for September of this year.

>> No.2400765
File: 381 KB, 500x500, chr000.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Is there any way to align tiles better than this? Do I have to export them and do it manually?
How do you re-import a midified snapshot without messing up the palette?

>> No.2400946

in yy-chr try different settings in "pattern" box on down-left side of the program, although its usefulness varies from game to game, some games are just tedious to work with and some are simple/easy.

In TLP(tile layer pro) you can arrange tiles much easier, but personally I dont like its GUI and its lack some features that are in YY-CHR.

As for importing snapshot, I always get mixed results, sometimes for simpler edits they import without issues and then sometimes colors are messed up(especially when ripping graphics from something else).
For latter, and since this is nes we are talking about, use color replace function(top right button with six color boxes and arrow in-between, or just press control+R), first color(from the left) is always transparently so play around with latter three until its what its supposed to be.
Also color replace function only changes whatever area you have selected, so change zoom to 1x if its entire page(left side screen) you'll need to be fixed.

>> No.2402268
File: 100 KB, 1392x1113, Näyttökuva 2015-05-14 kello 16.43.28.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Use Tile Molester. You can specify the block width with it. In this case it would be 2 x n tiles.

>> No.2402272

Ninja gaiden Trilogy has so much potential. but it needs fan mods to make it as good as the originals

>MSU-1 music to fix the awful music
>uncensor graphics
>Fix font
>Add SRAM saving
>add credits
>Restore missing graphical features (Ninja Gaiden 2 dark/light scene, parallax scrolling in 3)

>> No.2402321
File: 72 KB, 211x244, 1431426974600.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Best Mana
>into the trash

>> No.2402343

I've downloaded this from at least 4 places and it doesn't work, there's not executable file.

>> No.2402376

iir tile molestor is a jar file so you need java

>> No.2402601
File: 41 KB, 1366x768, Jesus wept.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Mine's broken.

>> No.2402667

iirc you can use those arrow buttons at the top to shift the alignment

>> No.2402721

Push the right key from your keyboard; it skips one tile. Down skips one row, Page Down skips one graphics page. Shift + right/left stretches the canvas.
+ and ÷ skips one byte.

I've been using TM since its initial release and although it gets a lot of shit about its GUI, I think it's one of the most feature-rich and robust editors out there.
If you need help with any game/anything with it, do ask.

>> No.2402739

Extra Mario Bros. is one of the best hacks of anything I've ever played

>> No.2402823

Would anyone be interested in co-producing a hack?
I could do all the hacking, I just need a level designer and possibly a graphics artist.

The game is Pocket Bomberman.

>> No.2405125

Speaking from my experience, Extra Mario Bros., Mario vs Air Man, Switch and Super Mario Unlimited are all worth checking out. I'm sure there are still many good SMB hacks I haven't played, though.

It's an old Japanese SMB hack called Giabbit. It's been a while since I last played it so I'm not sure if it's good or not.

>> No.2406575


>> No.2408265


The demo of Super Mario Land 4 remake just got released.

>> No.2408295

Patching roms is such a bitch, either just release the patched rom or just tell me exactly which version of the rom to download and tell me which emulator it works on.

>> No.2408327

>tell me exactly which version of the rom to download and tell me which emulator it works on.

Yeah, that can be a pain. If the author isn't a total spaz, they should have that documented from where you download the patch, or at the very least spell it out in a readme.
Emuparadise sometimes will have pre-patched hacks in their normal rom listings.
Beyond that, just try it in a few different emulators.

>> No.2408386

Download rom, make sure it ends in .smc, then run it through this:
and then patch the rom that was ran through(or file that was made by romclean).

For emulators use snes9x or higan, if its old hack(made before 2009 or 2010) then zsnes.

>> No.2408421
File: 136 KB, 574x449, ice hug.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.2408423

can't you just use states like a faggot

>> No.2409204
File: 73 KB, 1033x622, FUCK.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


I need this.


>> No.2409210


It isn't so much which version you need to patch with as much as it is trying to find a clean rom.

And considering 90% of you people most likely get them off of CoolRom or some stupid shit it doesn't work.

Rom Hustler strangely enough is the only place with a clean SMW rom.

>> No.2409215

I just torrented a superpack of SNES roms and it has all the clean ones.

>> No.2409218

Can't forget the Internet Archive too, heck the No-Intro set on there was updated too.

>> No.2409230
File: 10 KB, 150x150, butterdog.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Wouldn't be that hard to backwards engineer it. Look to see what memory address gets copied to OAM every V-blank. Then look to see where in the table are Samus' entries. Then set a breakpoint for the code that writes to those entries. Once you have the location of the write, you should be able to extract the ASM of the sprite writing routine. Then reverse engineer it.

If I remember right, SM stores its sprites as a list of subsprites, which in turn are stored as lists of OBJs whose attributes are modified (like X and Y position) when the sprite is drawn.

The final key of the puzzle is then to write a program that graphically displays what a sprite structre. Keep in mind that the reason that >>2245078 doesn't have GFX is because the tileset isn't a part of the sprite definition (unless the OBJ name is also dynamic, which is likely, but that would be passed to the draw routine as an offset.

>> No.2409236

I was just thinking about doing something like this, this method is a lot more straight forward than what I had in mind.

Thanks man.

>> No.2409261

I'm a little bored and may help figuring out the sprite format.

The problem is that I have to rustle up a good debugging emulator for Linux, or fire up some ancient version of Windows I might have laying around so I can use Geiger's. I've been out of the hacking loop for a while because I've been developing my own dis/assembly tools and have stalled other hacking, so anyone please let me know if someone's released a better Linux debugger over the past couple years.

Actually I should just aim that question at all; what is your choice of SNES debugging emulator nowadays?

>> No.2409274

What am I thinking, I'll just Wine it up...

>> No.2409275


Maybe you'll eventually find the Naked Samus Sprites!

>> No.2409303

I tried my hands at romhacking Pokemon Fire Red with an Original story. I wrote everything out on paper, designed the towns, did NPC dialogue...and then I tried delving into the software. Maybe I tried biting off more than I could at the time...maybe I should complete it.

Basically it took place in a region that resembeled the Pacific South-west, and it went into detail about the Pokemon war that LT Surge mentioned in Gen 1. And the crime syndicate is involved in catching large pokemon, rupturing the ball, causing a massive thermonuclear explosion if the Global Pokemon leagues did not cease.

>> No.2409330

I have found a room a complete room that is not in the game but appears on developers' maps (Alternate Chozo Room in Lower Norfair). I don't know if anyone else has ever stumbled across it, but it's pretty nifty. No naked Samus tho.

>> No.2409385

For graphics stuff you want NO$SNS. None of the others come close in that department. It's a bit lacking in some of the more traditional debugging features at the moment though.

For code debugging there's Geiger's, MAME/MESS and a few different bsnes forks. Geiger's is tried and tested but has its limitations.

MESS's debugger isn't really well known, but it's actually very powerful. Most of the magic is done through its console, so be prepared for that. It can do sound debugging, which can be useful.

There have been a few debug versions of bsnes over the years, but most are fairly basic. Just tracing and simple breakpoints, etc. Performance really hurts when you have breakpoints set.

With MAME and bsnes, you'd be able to build a native Linux version at least.

There's also Bizhawk, which although a bit buggy has a very powerful Lua interface.

>> No.2409405

What I really want to do is have a way of assembling samus' tiles into individual poses for easy editing and dumping them bank into the rom to their original, unorganized, locations.

It'd make sprite editing a lot less of a pain in the ass.

>> No.2409438
File: 515 KB, 1920x1080, snapshot11.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Got Geiger's to work on Linux with some minor graphical glitches. Haven't determined if they are legit glitches in the game (less likely) or glitches in the emulator's display (more likely).

Whatever you want to do, you need to know the sprite structure. Problem with what you are saying is that the animators didn't draw single frames of animation and dumped them into the game, they constructed sprites out of sometimes layered OBJs. For instance, look at your Samus name table. There are clearly parts for Samus' torso and arms that are layered on top of each other to produce the final sprite.

As a side note, I do know Samus' sprite is split between the torso and legs. The game draws 2 sprites to draw her, slightly complicating matters. The benefit being her animation is more flexible.

Anyway, starting the hack. OAM is located at $7E:0370

>> No.2409458
File: 132 KB, 500x500, Orange-Juice.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Okay, by setting a break point at write to $7E:0370, I found the writing instruction to be at $81:89CF. Tracing the program until I hit an RTL at $81:8A36, I return to $90:8620, so the calling instruction is the one before it (most likely). That instruction is..

22 AE 89 81 JSL $81:89AE

So (~ $81:89AE to $8189CF) is where the sprite drawing program is (for at least Samus). Now time to disassemble...

>> No.2409464

I meant (~$81:89AE to $81:8A36)

>> No.2409523
File: 154 KB, 950x1300, 1378598800348.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The sprite ASM. Now to backwards engineer it... (wish this board had monospace)
$81:89AE|8B |PHB
$81:89AF|F4 00 92 |PEA $9200
$81:89B2|AB |PLB
$81:89B3|AB |PLB
$81:89B4|84 12 |STY $12
$81:89B6|86 14 |STX $14
$81:89B8|0A |ASL A
$81:89B9|AA |TAX
$81:89BA|BC 8D 80 |LDY $808D,X
$81:89BD|B9 00 00 |LDA $0000,Y
$81:89C0|F0 73 |BEQ $73 [$8A35]
$81:89C2|85 18 |STA $18
$81:89C4|C8 |INY
$81:89C5|C8 |INY
$81:89C6|AE 90 05 |LDX $0590
$81:89C9|18 |CLC
$81:89CA|B9 00 00 |LDA $0000,Y
$81:89CD|65 14 |ADC $14
$81:89CF|9D 70 03 |STA $0370,X
$81:89D2|29 00 01 |AND #$0100
$81:89D5|F0 27 |BEQ $27 [$89FE]
$81:89D7|B9 00 00 |LDA $0000,Y
$81:89DA|10 11 |BPL $11 [$89ED]
$81:89DC|BF 9F 85 81|LDA $81:859F,X
$81:89E0|85 16 |STA $16
$81:89E2|B2 16 |LDA ($16)
$81:89E4|1F A1 85 81|ORA $81:85A1,X
$81:89E8|92 16 |STA ($16)
$81:89EA|4C 11 8A |JMP $8A11
$81:89ED|BF 9F 85 81|LDA $81:859F,X
$81:89F1|85 16 |STA $16
$81:89F3|B2 16 |LDA ($16)
$81:89F5|1F 9F 83 81|ORA $81:839F,X
$81:89F9|92 16 |STA ($16)
$81:89FB|4C 11 8A |JMP $8A11
$81:89FE|B9 00 00 |LDA $0000,Y
$81:8A01|10 0E |BPL $0E [$8A11]
$81:8A03|BF 9F 85 81|LDA $81:859F,X
$81:8A07|85 16 |STA $16
$81:8A09|B2 16 |LDA ($16)
$81:8A0B|1F A1 83 81|ORA $81:83A1,X
$81:8A0F|92 16 |STA ($16)
$81:8A11|B9 02 00 |LDA $0002,Y
$81:8A14|18 |CLC
$81:8A15|65 12 |ADC $12
$81:8A17|9D 71 03 |STA $0371,X
$81:8A1A|B9 03 00 |LDA $0003,Y
$81:8A1D|9D 72 03 |STA $0372,X
$81:8A20|98 |TYA
$81:8A21|18 |CLC
$81:8A22|69 05 00 |ADC #$0005
$81:8A25|A8 |TAY
$81:8A26|8A |TXA
$81:8A27|69 04 00 |ADC #$0004
$81:8A2A|29 FF 01 |AND #$01FF
$81:8A2D|AA |TAX
$81:8A2E|C6 18 |DEC $18
$81:8A30|D0 98 |BNE $98 [$89CA]
$81:8A32|8E 90 05 |STX $0590
$81:8A35|AB |PLB
$81:8A36|6B |RTL

>> No.2409615

That's a really shitty translation of it though.

>> No.2409642

Snes9x 1.51 shipped with an optimization bug affecting a handful of games, most notably Super Metroid and Donkey Kong Country.

Geiger's 1.43 is practically the same but without said bug. I'd recommend using it if anyone is working on either of those games.

>> No.2409738

Have to split this comment into two.

Here is the analysis of this function. This thing essentially takes in a pose index (A), looks up the subsprite pointer through a lookup table at $92:808D, goes to that location and reads how many OBJs compose the sprite, then the oam is written to one OBJ at a time while calculating X and Y offsets.

ASSEMBLY =======================================================================

$81:89AE | 8B | PHB // PushB();
$81:89AF | F4 00 92 | PEA $9200 // B=$92;
$81:89B2 | AB | PLB //
$81:89B3 | AB | PLB //
$81:89B4 | 84 12 | STY $12 // ySprite=Y;
$81:89B6 | 86 14 | STX $14 // xSprite=X;
$81:89B8 | 0A | ASL A // Y=SamusSpritePointerTable[2*A];
$81:89B9 | AA | TAX //
$81:89BA | BC 8D 80 | LDY $808D,X //
$81:89BD | B9 00 00 | LDA $0000,Y // if(*Y){ // If OBJs to draw
$81:89C0 | F0 73 | BEQ $73 [$8A35] //
$81:89C2 | 85 18 | STA $18 // nSprite=*Y;
$81:89C4 | C8 | INY // Y+=2;
$81:89C5 | C8 | INY //
$81:89C6 | AE 90 05 | LDX $0590 // X=oamIndex;
$81:89C9 | 18 | CLC // do{
$81:89CA | B9 00 00 | LDA $0000,Y // oam[X].x=Y[0]+xSprite;
$81:89CD | 65 14 | ADC $14 //
$81:89CF | 9D 70 03 | STA $0370,X //
$81:89D2 | 29 00 01 | AND #$0100 // if(oam[X].x&0x0100){ // H-MSB set
$81:89D5 | F0 27 | BEQ $27 [$89FE] //
$81:89D7 | B9 00 00 | LDA $0000,Y // if(Y[0]<0){
$81:89DA | 10 11 | BPL $11 [$89ED] //
$81:89DC | BF 9F 85 81 | LDA $81:859F,X // *$81859F[X]|=$8185A1[X];
$81:89E0 | 85 16 | STA $16 //
$81:89E2 | B2 16 | LDA ($16) //
$81:89E4 | 1F A1 85 81 | ORA $81:85A1,X //
$81:89E8 | 92 16 | STA ($16) //

>> No.2409739

$81:89EA | 4C 11 8A | JMP $8A11 // }else{
$81:89ED | BF 9F 85 81 | LDA $81:859F,X // *$81859F[X]|=$81839F[X];
$81:89F1 | 85 16 | STA $16 //
$81:89F3 | B2 16 | LDA ($16) //
$81:89F5 | 1F 9F 83 81 | ORA $81:839F,X //
$81:89F9 | 92 16 | STA ($16) //
$81:89FB | 4C 11 8A | JMP $8A11 // }
$81:89FE | B9 00 00 | LDA $0000,Y // }else if(Y[0]<0){ // H-MSB not set
$81:8A01 | 10 0E | BPL $0E [$8A11] //
$81:8A03 | BF 9F 85 81 | LDA $81:859F,X // *$81859F[X]|=$8181A1[X];
$81:8A07 | 85 16 | STA $16 //
$81:8A09 | B2 16 | LDA ($16) //
$81:8A0B | 1F A1 83 81 | ORA $81:83A1,X //
$81:8A0F | 92 16 | STA ($16) // }
$81:8A11 | B9 02 00 | LDA $0002,Y // oam[X].y=Y[2]+ySprite;
$81:8A14 | 18 | CLC //
$81:8A15 | 65 12 | ADC $12 //
$81:8A17 | 9D 71 03 | STA $0371,X //
$81:8A1A | B9 03 00 | LDA $0003,Y // oam[X].n=Y[3]; // Sets oam.s too
$81:8A1D | 9D 72 03 | STA $0372,X //
$81:8A20 | 98 | TYA // Y+=5;
$81:8A21 | 18 | CLC //
$81:8A22 | 69 05 00 | ADC #$0005 //
$81:8A25 | A8 | TAY //
$81:8A26 | 8A | TXA // X=(X+4)&0x01FF;
$81:8A27 | 69 04 00 | ADC #$0004 //
$81:8A2A | 29 FF 01 | AND #$01FF //
$81:8A2D | AA | TAX //
$81:8A2E | C6 18 | DEC $18 // }while(nSprite--);
$81:8A30 | D0 98 | BNE $98 [$89CA] // }
$81:8A32 | 8E 90 05 | STX $0590 // oamIndex=X;
$81:8A35 | AB | PLB // PullB();
$81:8A36 | 6B | RTL // return;

FUNCTION PARAMETERS ============================================================

word A= sprite index
word X= x position
word Y= y position

>> No.2409742


MEMORY =========================================================================

word $12 ySprite // Sprite y position
word $14 xSprite // Sprite x position
word $16 indirect // Temporary indirect address
word $18 nSprite // Number of sprites remaining

byte $0370 oam[X].x XXXXXXXX
byte $0371 oam[X].y YYYYYYYY
byte $0372 oam[X].n NNNNNNNN
byte $0373 oam[X].s HVPPCCCN

byte[0x0200] $7E:0370 oam
byte[0x0020] $7E:0570 oam2
word $7E:0590 oamIndex

word[0x0100] $81:839F oam entry oam2 ? (interleved)
word[0x0100] $81:83A1 oam entry oam2 ? (interleved)
word[0x0100] $81:859F oam entry oam2 byte (interleved)
word[0x0100] $81:85A1 oam entry oam2 H bit (interleved)

????[0x????] $92:???? SamusSpriteData in this bank
word[0x????] $92:808D SamusSpritePointerTable

SPRITE STRUCTURE ===============================================================

word #### // OBJ count [HEADER]
word xxxx // OBJ X position
byte yy // OBJ Y position
byte nn // OBJ name
byte ss // OBJ settings

Grammar: [#]([x][y][n])*

PSEUDOCODE =====================================================================

void DrawSamusSubSprite(word A, word X, word Y){
for(nSprite=*Y,Y+=2,X=oamIndex; nSprite; nSprite--,Y+=5,X=(X+4)&0x01FF){
if(oam[X].x&0x0100){ // H-MSB set
*$81859F[X] |= Y[0]<0 ? $8185A1[X] : $81839F[X];
}else if(Y[0]<0){ // H-MSB not set
oam[X].n=Y[3]; // Sets oam.s too

>> No.2409754

Fuck this character limit and no monospace...

Anyway one thing you should glean from this is all the pointers to Samus' sprite data is at or around array $92:808D.

The next order of business is to see how many poses there are, but that can be trickier to figure out without knowing how Samus' poses are strung together. Hopefully the pose data is in a linear array and is repetively structured.

Also I mentioned that Sprites are composed of subsprites in SM. I'm a little bit concerned that this behavior isn't in this code. Maybe it's in the calling routine?

>> No.2410134


>>2245078 here. There's already a pretty comprehensive article on editing Samus' sprites on. I used it to create (and ultimately repoint) new sprites for Samus jumping.

>> No.2410136
File: 2.12 MB, 508x388, welp.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

fug, forgot vid

>> No.2411519


>> No.2411747

>Fuck this character limit and no monospace
that's your cue to pastebin

>> No.2413251

Is sonic 3 complete the definitive versiom of sonic 3?

>> No.2413271

Why are you even asking?

>> No.2413696


lol i loved the derpjump

what romhack is this?

>> No.2413941


I played a little bit of it and to my surprise, it's actually not that bad. Definitely worth a try if you can get past the bizarre humor.

>> No.2413973
File: 5 KB, 72x72, output.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Super oh shit nigger what are you doingtroid. Or something. The point eas to make a lulzy hack.
haven't worked on it in some time though :c
wish I could show you the michael jackson boss fight but here's the screw attack in motion

>> No.2416554

From what I remember it's buggier than the original game On the other hand, it also offfers a buttload of really nifty features.

>> No.2416632

What do you do when you come across files in unknown formats? I've opened up a PS1 iso and copied all of the files to a separate folder, but I ran into a roadblock when I noticed a lot of the files have an .IKI extension and one with a .XAM extension. Google searches gave me nothing, searches on romhacking.net gave me nothing, and I read through a bunch of different guides, FAQs, and readmes without much luck. It seems like it's just assumed that you'll know what to do with whatever files you have.

Right now I'm just trying to find the file(s) that hold the game's script so I can start trying to figure it out and maybe come up with a table for it. Do I need to try every file in a hex editor until I come across what I'm looking for, or is there some easier method?

>> No.2416661

1. You could open the ISO itself in a hex editor and search for suspicious strings.
2. Search the format from Xentax wiki.
3. Upload the files somewhere, I could take a look.

>> No.2417158
File: 75 KB, 497x716, file structure.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


No luck with Xentax wiki. Here's the file structure of the disk (it shows them as photoshop files because I tried opening them in a bunch of different programs just to see if it would work). The game is Boku no Natsuyasumi for the PS1. I think I'm going to start from square one to see if I made any mistakes or overlooked something.

>> No.2417182

That .xam file is music/sound. The folder is named STR, which is often an extension for video data. Either way, those files aren't the ones you should be concerned with. The SCPS is the executable, there may be some text in there -- I don't recall that game having a ton of text. You'll need to look in that .bin file as well, it probably needs to be decompiled. If I can find that iso I'll take a crack at it later tonight.

>> No.2417260
File: 34 KB, 532x406, boku1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Okay, BOKU.BIN is all the resources for the game minus the audio in the STR folder. SCPS_100.38 contains a pointer table that lists all the files and their location.

>> No.2417317

I heard neogeo is not a popular console to hack, so there's no tools or anything over it.

I just want to hack metal slug and kof games.


>> No.2417365

If you can muster the ability to hack (besides just gfx hacking), then you can muster the ability to create a few basic tools to make hacking possible.

>> No.2417380

I rather code a basic game on Monogame since I already know C#
I just wanted to make a pol metal slug hack.

>> No.2417416


>> No.2417427

the racist board.

>> No.2417434

>I rather code a basic game on Monogame since I already know C#
This is ultimately why a lot of rom-hacks are ill-conceived. Sometimes it's less effort to build it from the ground up with modern tech.

>> No.2417456

So probably a gfx hack. All you need to do is look up the graphics format of NeoGeo, write a C# program to read in a game, and draw the data as interpreted by the format.

Alternatively, you could try using a tool like YY-CHR. There are only so many ways to define bitmapped graphics, and it's likely one of the formats supported is almost the right format. Looking at this program, it supports NGP and NGC.

Graphics hacking is low tier stuff though. If you actually want to do something novel with the game, you'll need to learn more than C#, like some 68000 assembly.

>> No.2417460

problem is, making anything complex I suppose is easier just to remake the game in monogame I think.

>> No.2417471

I just realized that the text is displayed vertically, in which case, never mind. Too much work. Good luck.

>> No.2417472


Thanks for the help.

>> No.2417507


I'm not so ambitious as to even think about text insertion or coming up with a patch for it; I just wanted to come up with a translation. Sure, that doesn't do most people any good, but anyone really desperate could use it to help them on their playthrough. Before doing something tedious liking playing the game and transcribing the Japanese myself, I wanted to try and see if I could get the script out of it.

>> No.2418785

Do custom levels exist for Cameltry? It's a shame such a good game doesn't have any user generated content

>> No.2420642

None that I know of. There's a sequel for the DS called Labyrinth, so you might want to check that out.

>> No.2420690

Hah, I get that reference

>> No.2420815 [DELETED] 

>Mario must collect the legendary Shiny Stars to break the Power of stars and rescue Rosalina.
fucking Rosalina fans with their fanfic-tier storytelling shit

>> No.2421304

You should update the list to inclube:
- Star Revenge 7.5 and 2.5
-Super Metroid Hydellius
-The 8th level design contest.

>> No.2422105
File: 261 KB, 500x281, 2015-05-23-0427-56.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm trying to make a quick item acquisition hack for SM since there's no public patch for it, that and I really want to try to learn to hack these things myself.

Getting pretty close to something I want.

>> No.2422109

Not heard since there's no audio webms, There's no item fanfare and the music doesn't stop or restart after you pick up an item.

Still got to fix the door transitions getting stuck

>> No.2424421


>> No.2426357


There's Star Revenge 2.5?

>> No.2428491

Ay yo, I just figured out how to change people's decks in Pokémon TCG. I can post more details tomorrow (finna go to bed) if anyone's interested. I couldn't find any information about it via Google, so maybe it will help.

>> No.2430013
File: 167 KB, 1024x768, baroque2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

My latest project, Baroque on the Playstation, just started last night. Hacking the kana table was easy enough, the kanji is another story. It's not in a logical order like SJIS or EUC or anything I can see, really. I'm not sure if they stored them by the order they're used in the game or what. Right now I'm just figuring them out line by line, which is a lot of work, but it appears to only be about 400 characters rather than the full set of JIS. The other thing is that there doesn't appear to be an 8x16 font, so everything is monospaced for now. If I get really ambitious I'll redo the font and use DTE.

Still, this has been something I've wanted to do for a long time, so I'll persist. I might take a look at the Saturn version to see if there's any significant difference besides the game engine.

>> No.2430720

They're ordered phonetically. The grid in that shot has い-う-え sounds, and the ones in the bottom left are が. I assume it's 五十音順.

>> No.2430738

Thanks, but that's an SJIS table I'm using for reference, it doesn't reflect the game unfortunately. The kanji is ordered really strange, I assume it's in the order of the font -- which I can't find or is compressed. This is one of the problems with hacking a game ported from the Saturn.

>> No.2430760

Not that anon, but I think he's referring to the top grid, the one inside Oriton; the kanji there are indeed ordered according to their on reading (院陰隠韻 al have イン as their on-yomi, 右宇烏羽迂雨卯 all have ウ as their on-yomi, and so on. 吋 is a bit of an odd one out there considering the sequence, but oh well)

>> No.2430767

Actually I just realized that THAT's also the SJIS order so forget what I just said, I'm a big dumb baby

>> No.2433012


>> No.2435261

Is Badderhacks dead? Its been down for months. I'm sadder than I should be.

>> No.2436049

They have recently resurfaced as Baddesthacks.


>> No.2436381 [DELETED] 

I'm trying to play SMW Second Reality Project Reloaded but it has a bug where the audio stops and the game will stop at a black screen once I'm dead. t's easily reproducible whenever Yoshi spits out fireballs. It happens on SNES9X 1.53 as well as its Wii version. Patching it to a different ROM and googling didn't help.

>> No.2436408

Is SNES9X 1.53 a bad version for SMW hacks or something? When playing SMW The Second Reality Poject Reloaded I get an issue where the audio stops and then later freezes on a black screen once Mario is dead. I don't get this issue on ZSNES though, but apparently that's a bad emu for SMW hacks so I'd rather not use it.

>> No.2436417 [DELETED] 

making a mockup != developing a game

>> No.2437006
File: 145 KB, 1440x1080, thefiremen.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

is there an existing hack that makes the firemen multiplayer? i'd love for a 2nd person to be able to take control of the dude with the axe.

>> No.2437057

The addmusic problem plagued the smw hacking community for some time. Some hacks work only on ZSNES

>> No.2437184

What was that hack where ernie from sesame street was jacking off? I have had the urge to make a video about it but I cant remember what the name was. It looks like Badderhacks 2.0 has no hacks up yet for me to search for it through.

>> No.2437220

I'm attempting to disassemble a entire snes rom, so if I need to look at some assembly I can just rip open a file to do it.
How can I do this efficiently?

I've attempted to use DisPel, however, it seems to do some weird addressing thing where it starts disassembly offsets at multiples of 0x8000?
Or something.
Regardless, I need something that disassembles everything, junk or not, and dumps it into a file for me to look at. I need it to have the same addressing as what I'm looking at in a hex editor.

I've done most of my assembly work by taking chunks of assembly I need with snes9x and dumping that to a file to view, then directly edit the asm using a hex editor.
I'm getting a little tired of only being able to look at chunks at once and I'd rather just have one file with all the assembly in it for me to view.

>> No.2437609
File: 386 KB, 1920x1080, snapshot12.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm actually working on a 65816 disassembler right now. It's actually a non-trivial problem for a few reasons. One of them is that not only are operands variable width, but some operand widths depend on state information. Also indirect jumps can be tricky because you need to supply a list of addresses to jump to, and that list may be in ROM organized as a table (if we're lucky), in ROM all over the place, or once again determined by state. Once I finish it I'll post it to vr, but it may take another few weeks to complete.

As a side note, I haven't used DisPel, but I've got the mapping between physical and logical addresses down very well. You have to define your mapping, but that offers great flexibility in how carts are wired up. You can even sensibly shadow a single ROM address to many CPU areas (think how $00:8000 == $80:8000 on the SNES) and a CPU address to many ROM areas (think memory mapper).

>> No.2438069

Not to mention most people won't give a crap about some obscure game that you've hacked.

>> No.2438190

A lot of hacking techniques used on SMW exploited bugs in ZSNES, and will only work on ZSNES as a result. I recall someone saying that ZSNES basically became it's own console seperate to SNES as a result.

If you're going to be playing SMW hacks, it's best to keep a copy of ZSNES around for them.

>> No.2438304

To be fair, no one will care about your indie game either.

>> No.2438404

Only true for older hacks, newer hacks works fine in other emulators and even on real hardware.

>> No.2440837


The latest version appearently works on all major SNES emulators and the real hardware, try it out.

>> No.2442139

Just a heads up, Baddesthacks.net is up and running now. To the guy above who was asking: No, we will not be hosting Ernie and the Muppets Take it All Off or any other Sesame Street porno hacks. The people who own the rights arent privey to seeing thier characters naked. I think you csn get it at I mockery though.

>> No.2443806

Crashed on the first castle for me, and I'm using SNES9X

>> No.2444582

Yeah, I checked it out myself and you are right, it still doesn't work properly on anything but ZSNES.

>> No.2444747


That's nifty as fuck.

>> No.2445173

Brodute release a month ago. An Easier version/sequel of Night of Doom
He is now working on Star Revenge 8 and a new version of Redone

>> No.2445871
File: 1.37 MB, 1023x724, 1424025702594.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I recently discovered the Metroid map/save hack and Phantasy star 2 modernization patchand I will never be able to go back to vanilla. Does anyone have any favorite hacks that make small improvements like this one

>> No.2446561

• Kirby's Dreamland 3 air bullet momentum glitch fix
• Yoshi's Island wah wah remover

>> No.2447682
File: 2 KB, 256x224, Blue Mario Bros. 3 (v.1.0)-0.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Oh, I forgot to tell you guys that the list is now up to date.


By the way, does anyone know any good SMB3 hacks? I've been playing a lot of them recently and I just wonder if I'm missing anything worth playing.

>> No.2447781
File: 3 KB, 256x240, soukessen.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Someone from /m/ translated SD Hero Soukessen. It's a NES platformer.


>> No.2447850

I cannot make IPS patches work at all. They apply just fine I can use the program to put the patch on the ROM but I never get more than a black screen when I load it. Anybody know where I can just download a full ROM of SMWC's vanilla design contests?

>> No.2447862

see >>2408386

>> No.2448713

Sounds like your ROM lacks a header, give it one

>> No.2450646

Wow, awesome. Greatly looking forward to success with this, I tried Baroque on the Saturn and was pretty stumped by the items and systems.

>> No.2452048

>hacks that require a header
absolutely disgusting

>> No.2452050

Lunar magic requires header, if theres none in the rom then it silently adds it.

>> No.2452364

that's pretty dirty

>> No.2452883

Do there exist any Paper Mario romhacks?

>> No.2453136
File: 5 KB, 256x224, Kirbyhack-0.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Hey, J^P, you still working on Kirby's Bizarre Adventure? I remember you posted a demo on /vr/ AGES ago, (almost a year now) that I enjoyed and I'm kinda waiting for the full game.

>> No.2453331
File: 2.86 MB, 256x224, 100.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Basically the rom got corrupted and I lost a lot progress and my motivation went down to zero.

Then I started to work on my SMW hack(webm related) which has been going smoothly, so when I finish this I'll probably go back to finish it, someday.

>> No.2453928

>walljump with SMB3 aesthetics
why though

I can see you're using the SMB3 hud patch even though it just came out. That's pretty neato.

>> No.2453958

>Someone from /m/ translated SD Hero Soukessen. It's a NES platformer.

Submit this to romhacking.net

Yes you can submit other people's work. Just be sure to attribute it. If it's an anonymous anon, then just include a readme that includes that information.

Links on forums die. Romhacking.net lives on.

>> No.2453971


duh, already done


>> No.2454176
File: 2.76 MB, 256x224, 100ss.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I like the walljump, thats all.

>> No.2456647

new thread?

>> No.2457514



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