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I recently beat donkey kong country and started to play donkey kong country 2. To my surprise they took out my favorite character Winky the Frog. How could they betray Winky like that?

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Winky and Squawks are the only useful animals.

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B-but you got a tarantula with sneakers...

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I still don't get why DK3 took out kick-ass Rambi in favor of this fucking twat. Holy shit I hate this fucker so goddamn much.

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Tarantula is cool, but winky got you through some tough shit and they didnt even just drop him. They replaced him with a snake that has the exact same abilities and that pisses me off

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And replaced it with that fucking snake. almost as bad as >>2244565

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screw you, snakey had a GOAT theme

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Eh, I still prefer the original DKC soundtrack. DKC2 is too dancey, DKC3 sounds so muffled but DKC1 is atmospheric and fits well

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DKC2 is dancey because the game is much faster paced than DKC. So it still suits it perfectly just as the slower, atmospheric music works for the first game.

That said DKC2 still has a lot of atmosphere to spare:


DKC3's music is... well it's not everyone's cup of tea but I think it works pretty well for what it is.

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For the level relevant "blocking by mice" mechanic. They needed an animal friend who in itself could get the "refusal to pass certain points" mechanic- which is the main gimmick of the levels- implemented. Rambi is a badass, him being afraid of sth. would not have been very believable. So they saw the well known "Elephants are afraid of mice" (which is kinda true, though not as strong as her reaction in the game) opportunity and made an elephant character.

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Hey fuck you buddy

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Squitter's the best though. projectiles and way more mobility than anything else in the game

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DKC3 had awesome music, this shit instantly comes to mind when I think DKC music:
Shit, now I want to replay and I got other things to do today..
All that mechanic did was piss me off in the same way as Pac Man did in Pacman 2, but at least I could shoot the shit out of him with the slingshot. I wanted to kill that fucking elephant by the end of it. Oddly DKC3 is my favorite of the trilogy.

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>Posting DKC2 music without Mining Melancholy
Literally the greatest if you own a good pair of speakers to output your snes into.


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Aplologies for shitty version.

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Nigga I'll fight you, I like Rambi but Ellie's more interesting. Rambi is just "you tear the rest of the level a new asshole." Ellie has the mice mechanic, and can also shoot water as projectiles, made for a much more interesting level design than "you kill anything in your way."

I mean, killing everything in your way can be fun, but I won't really miss it if it's replaced by something more interesting.

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Rattly as a whole is more precise. His more defined landing area makes it much more obvious where you were going to land compared to Winky. Such a shame they have largely ignored the animal buddies in Returns and Tropical Freeze.

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It was due to the babyization of the game. They needed a cute and non-threatening animal buddy to go with the fat oaf Kiddy. Someone as badass as Rambi was seen as too aggressive for the new style.

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Nothing beats the spider. You can literally go anywhere with her. It's the GOAT animal buddy of DKC games.

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I'm pretty sure Squitter was a dude.

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Not in my kid head, she wasn't.

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>only posting one of the good songs, one mediocre one and one shit one


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The replacement for Treetop Tumble in the remake was so fucking unfitting for the levels. I still don't know what they were thinking considering that music was used for the giant saw level.

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