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Handheld or consoles, let's discuss gaming accessories

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What is the point of those tumors over the buttons?

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looks like a dildo

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We have analog controls, motion tracking, 3D, even VR

But still no robot buddies :(

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>accessories are atomic purple, except for the GBC

Learn to accessorize, bitch.

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What the fuck was even the point of ROB?

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To market the NES during the video game crash.
Nintendo had to maje it not look like a video game system.

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Show some respect. That robot operating buddy saving gaming for you and me.

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That he did.
And he's a kick ass character in smash too!

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This isn't even my final form!

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To convince toy shops to stock the NES. It was more for Toys R Us' sake than the consumers'.

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It's the color

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I had these pretty much the whole time we had an nes and it spoiled me on comfortable controllers

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The Dreamcast has more options for light guns than light gun games...
I want so desperately to play Rez with a light gun.

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I think he knows what he's doing.

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True, because this is.

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Why does it have a clitoral stimulator coming out the side?

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To give you someone to play with if you didn't have friends, so that you won't want friends ever again after getting him too.

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Could these grapes be any more sour

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What video is this?

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>no turtle light

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this would have changed my life, back in 1986

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Game Sack

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I'm just fucking.

I'm wondering if those accessories even came in different colors.

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What's the point of all this fucking shit

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To maximize your gaming experience


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No. Most accessory manufacturers only provided the color of the most common version of the console. Atomic Purple was the most common, therefore it was the base for most accessories.

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I see. I didn't even know about these accessories. I remember visiting someone that had an accessory for the GBC that was like the one over the screen. But it completely covered over it and not just hang over it. It also magnified the picture.

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Nice channel.

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It looks like a happy frog with boobies.

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It sucks but most consoles had expensive light guns for like 6 games

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There's this.

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I would knit some baller socks with that.

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Thanks doc.

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Sonic socks?

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Is this some kind of 80s rad tubular meme

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that purple thing looks like a flacid penis!

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I ended up with one of those magnifying screens when I bought a gameboy a few years ago. It's dreadful. It's the same technology that was supposed to increase the size of people's TVs in the '50s by putting a big magnifier in front of it. The result is the same, a distorted mess likely to lead to eyestrain.

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well this is one myth I have never head before, last I knew even nintendo was ashamed of ROB, so I doubt this shit is true and just an excuse among nintendo fanboys to say they never did anything wrong during that era, next you will tell me the power glove was part of this oh so clever marketing scheme as well.

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and the shape of those handles, and the circular thing holding electronics inside of them.

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you know, some one needs to check when that add was first printed, I almost suspect it was an april fools joke that no one got.

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Educate yourself.

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Did anyone else here have a Pocketstaion? It never got released outside of Japan but even still there were a handful of English games you could play with it. FF VIII and SaGa Frontier II's were actually pretty fun and got you a lot of useful items for the main game.

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Pocketstation support on FF8 just makes the game even easier, frankly. It's just a tamagotchi knockoff and isn't much fun by itself. FF8 fans who never played it, you really aren't missing anything.

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Yeah, I don't mean to imply we were missing anything big with the pocketstation and it was probably a very wise move not to have to tried to sell them in the west. But it was still a fun little thing and being able to get items and stuff for a console game while I was on the bus or in class and the like felt really cool back then.

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Oh man I remember that thing being showcased in the magazines, but then it just ... never happened.

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What asshole burns money for the sole purpose of turning a Gameboy into Buzz Lightyear?

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>tfw no pocketstation to get yugioh cards in forbidden memories

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God, you're a moron. Plus they don't hate ROB. He's frequently in games

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The most radical

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Absolutely. Two friendly guys who live across the street from each other, have been best friends since the 80s and have this wooden delivery they themselves even make fun of, which sort of grows on you.

They bring out a new video every two weeks and they're usually a good half hour long. All recorded on real consoles. Really nice wee channel.

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Nintendo isn't ashamed of ROB, they're ashamed of Virtual Boy, and even then they still give it semi-frequent cameos in video games.

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Well, it IS true.
Doesn't mean it was successful though.

First paragraph, line 5

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>The Multi-Purpose Arcade Combat Simulator (or M.A.C.S.), was a shooting simulator developed for the U.S. Army as a cheap way to train shooting skills.

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That purple penis!

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fuck this thing

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Shit ALWAYS fell off.

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and it barely illuminated SHIT. all it did was give you a glowing white dot on the screen

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Waaaa? Really? I fucking loved that thing, thought it was amazing and never had trouble keeping it attached. Kept me up till all hours many many nights raising my Pokemon.

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It's real.

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It was much better than those magnifying glass things,i thought it was a pretty cool device and i always used mine but the white dot was very annoying.

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>random cable that plugs one accessory into another

lost it

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I want to start a company that makes retro gaming accessories for modern handhelds.

Who the fuck wouldn't want a magnifying lens for their PSVita?

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The worm light would eventually weaken and fall after they would get shoved into and out of bags and pockets. Similar was the folding clear one. The best 'light only' for the GBC was The Blob

The magnifiers, foldout speakers, and button-covering ones were the absolute worst. Especially for the GBC because they would never attach well and by then companies found out how to make the covered buttons cheap enough to break just outside of the 30 day retail return window.

Fuck those

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Fuck you, m8. That shit was awesome. Everything was fuck huge and bright and the sound was loud enough to piss my brother off at night when he was trying to sleep and I was playing muh gaems.

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Maybe it was just my big hands, but I just couldn't stand contorting to reach over to press the raised buttons or mess with that crap analog stick that made the N64 stick seem good and precise. I've tried one like the thing in OP with the side handles, but couldn't stand it.

Maybe it's just priorities, but I'd rather bend my neck or lean over to keep the screen in the light than make my fingers do the work of dealing with a controller or peripheral.

Regarding keeping siblings up I guess I lucked out because my brother was a wuss who was afraid of the dark so he'd leave the light on and I'd just play games stalling turning off the light and going to sleep.

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When I got a NGPC, there were no lighting accessories. But I found some info on how to mod a GBA Worm Light for use on a NGPC. Basically, get a GBA Worm Light and a NGPC link cable, hack off the plugs, then solder on the NGPC plug onto the Worm Light. It works, but the main issue was that the NGPC port put out less power, so the light isn't as bright as when used on a GBA.

Later on, Nyco made a Worm Light for the NGPC, but to get around the power issue, it came with a battery pack, and the light got its power from that battery pack instead of the port.

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I take that back. It might have a Game Boy version before the GBA.

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The PC version of FF8 actually got the Pocketstation Chocobo game emulated. You were supposed to play it when the game was off, but if you left both running, you could get infinite items.

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I loved my worm light, I used it the whole time I had my GBC. Even when I got one of those shitty first gen dark screened GBAs I still used it just so I could see what was going on in that black void of a screen.

Could you use the Link Cable adapter to use a worm light on a original GB

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When I got my gba sp life looked so much easier

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Holy shit, i thought the thumbnail was this guy

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flacid purple dick!

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Is it May 13th yet?

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Yeah, really. Why didn't they just use bluetooth. lol.

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Looks more like Buzz Lightyear

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I already had my dose today, doc.